Descendants of Antone Amerson (Name Change) Ole Olsen at birth


Descendants of



  OLE OLSEN (Name at Birth)


by Karolyn Rae (Amerson) Roberts


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Aulstad:  Norwegian: habitational name from any of several places in Norway named Austad







Christiania/Kristiania [Oslo], Norway

(Oslo is located at the bottom of Norway)


  Picture:  Antone Amerson contributed by Dusti Scheibe


*Norwegian Naming Practices:

The child will usually keep his given last name now. In earlier days it was more normal to use their fathers first name as the child's last name. They then put a -sen (for son) or -datter(for daughter). Ole , son of Olie Andersen, would perhaps have his complete name spelled like this: Anton Olesen.. An example from my family. My ggfather was Nils Fjeldstad, his son (my grandfather) was named Anders Nilsen indicates son of Nils ) Fjeldstad. A daughter would have her name lake this: Rikke Helgesdatter (daughter of Helge) Sanner. A little bit confusing, since not all people used it this way. Some left out the connection to their father, some did not - Helge Sanner, Norway; e-mail to Karolyn Roberts


**(Older Brother) Olsen (could the name be August??) -: Antone used to tell this story: "When my brother was 14 and I was 7, my brother took me and we hid on a ship bound for the U.S. When arriving in the U.S., we both worked for an Irishman which worked us very hard, and we did not get enough to eat, in fact, nearly starved us to death.- We were the Olsen boys and there were too many Olsens here, so we changed our names. My name was Amundson (could be mother's maiden name), and I changed it to Amerson. My brother changed his to a different name.  (Aunt Carrie)


OA1-Ole Anderson - (Marriage Cert. F5 C126, 9/4/1901 of Antone Amerson to Daisy E. (Walsh) Knowles) - states that father of Antone Amerson is Ole Olesen.



  OA2-Antone (Tony) Amerson (Changed name in America from Olesen to Amerson) (son of Olie Anderson) (Birth Certificate of Roy Amersons says Anton Amerson)--b2/26/1860 (another source says 3/11/1864) Christiania, Kristiania [Oslo today], Norway (Roy's Birth Certificate, says Christiana with the missed I written underneath)--d12/24/1939-Tipler,Florence,WI-On the 1900 Census, Antone is 40 years old, married 15 years was logger. (1900 Census, WI,Shawano,Hutchings,Dist. 166, Sheet 12) On the 1910 Census, Antone listed his age as 50 years old. Daisy was listed as 35 years old. Year of Immigration for Antone looks like 1867. Listed his occupation as Farmer. (1910 WI Census) On the 1920 Census, the family is listed as Anton Amerson, Daisy (wife), Anton, Hazel L., Winnie, Roy, Vernon R., Ervin, & Donald L. as a son. Anton is listed as a logger for a sawmill, 58 years old, Emigrated in 1868 and became a citizen in 1872. (1920 Census, WI,Florence Co)-Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Florence,Florence Co.,WI.-- Occupation:- Logger-Ole Amerson (Marraige Record online says Anton Amercion; some records say Ole)m10/25/1884 Waupaca,,WI Cert. #2491171 1Carrie E. Virgin (Daughter of Charles Willard Vergin b10/16/1823-d2/8/1888 Waupaca County,WI; Waupaca Death Records] of Dayton,Waupaca,WI & Julia Amanda Clark Vergin-b1/11/1834--d8/11/1916; Waupaca Death Records) bSept. 1857 (1900 Census) 1858 Green Lake, Waushara,,WI--The family lived at several different residences in and around Mattoon,WI Note: Carrie remarried to Lester Barnes when Harry Amerson was 16 years old. Lester Barnes was previous married to Estella Gregory on 1/1/1886 in Omro,Winnebago,WI. - Burial of Carrie & Lester: Omro,Winnebago,WI(near Oshkosh)-

  (Grave Marker of Julia Amanda Clark, mother of Carrie E. Virgin and Charles Willard Vergin, her father)

Note: 1st marriage he is Ole Amerson on marriage record, 2nd marriage he is Ole on marriage certificate; Antone Amerson other places. m2 9/4/1901 Shawano,,WI Cert. #2202661, v5,p126

   (Grave Marker of Charles Vergin, father of Carrie Virgin)


   (Picture of Antone & Daisy, and their children)


- 1920 U.S. Census for Winnebago County, WI , Town of Omro states that Lester Barnes did shoe repairs from his home address and Carrie was a homemaker. They resided at 124 Elizabeth Street, Omro, WI. Carrie was born in WI, her parents were born in Vermont & NY. Lester's parents were both born in Vermont. Obit of Antone Amerson, The Florence Mining News, Volume LX-No. 4, Page 1, Column 5., Sat. issue, Dec. 30, 1939 (Newspaper of Florence, Florence Co., WI, microfilm in the Florence Library):- Aged Tipler Resident Found Dead at Home, Anton Ammerson (spelling is wrong), 79, was found dead at his home at Tipler Sunday afternoon.- Coroner Peters stated that death was due to natural causes.- Mr. Ammerson was born in Norway, Europe, on March 11, 1860.- He is survived by his widow and six children.- Funeral services were held from Huff's Funeral Home at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.- Rev. O. N. Wickstrom officiated, and burial took place in the Woodlawn Cem.- The pallbearers were:- Alex Meyer, James O'Connor, Andrew Kron, Jr., Anthony Grell, Ferdinand Anderson and L. E. Bergstrom.- (Courtesy of William [Bill] Amerson) Bill says that the Woodlawn Cemetery is in Florence.- Carrie Virgin's Parents Graves: Parfreyville Cem., Dayton Twp., Winnebago County, WI; Charles Willard Vergin b10/16/1823-d2/8/1888 Waupaca County,WI & Julia Amanda Clark b1/11/1834 -d8/11/1916 (Grandparents of Harry Amerson's children)


OA21-Robert (Bob) Amerson bApr1876/1877 WI-23 years old in 1900, white single male, occupation was a day laborer, listed as a step-son to Antone Amerson (1900 Fed WI Census, Shawano Co, Hutchins Twp., Dist. 166, Sheet 12, spelled Emmerson)-In 1920 on the census, Robert was listed as residing at Bowler, and says he was born 1877 and is single. Says he was born in WI and is a day laborer. ( 1920 Census, Shawano Co., Almon Twp., of WI) His step-father Antone is now remarried and living in Florence Co. (1920 Census)-


OA22 -Harley Matthias Amerson b7/02/1885 Waupaca,WI (WI Vital Records)-d12/24/1955 at 72 years of age; m1Pearl E. Gladys (Gladys) Potter b8/27/1892 Vern Co.,WI (Gladys's father, bNY; Mother bCanada of Irish forebears) (1910 Census) Note: Harley was on the construction crew as a carpenter at the hospital at Rice Lake. Note: Harley had a great sense of humor. One time when he came to visit the Harry Amerson family, he just opened the door which was never locked, and just tossed his hat inside and closed the door again.---

   (Picture: Harry, Nellie, & Harley; Brothers with sister)


OA221-Joseph (Joe)- Francis Amerson b4/3/1923 WI (Adopted at age 12 by Harley-m10/9/1973 Rhinelander,Onieda,WI m111/11/1948 Barron,WI Rosalie Marguerite Allram (b7/8/1926 Ladysmith,WI, and was of Prairie Farm,WI, a nurse at Rice Lake) Joe's biological mother left him at the Rice Lake Hospital when he was born. He never knew her name. He attended High School in Milwaukee and Nurses School in Chicago. Note: Joe was a registered nurse for 55 years (1944-12/13/1998), part of the time at the Rice Lake Hospital. He loved nursing and hated to quit. (Information supplied by Joe, telephone conversation on 1/9/1999, #715-568-4655) Note: In 1964 approximately,- Joseph Amerson was working at the hospital at Rice Lake, WI while Donald Wayne Amerson was in school there.

OA2211-Katherine Ann Amerson b10/11/1949 Rice Lake,WI-m5/24/1974 Terrence Bruce Aldrich--Reside in Hibbing,MN (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22111-Richard Aldrich b1/12/1971 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22112-Terra Aldrich b11/28/1971 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22113-Jeremy Aldrich b11/13/1979 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA2212-John Francis Amerson b7/23/1951 Rice Lake,WI-m8/27/1983 Linda Marie Huck--Live in Spooner,WI (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22121-Scott Michael Amerson b3/15/1985 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22122-Matthew John Amerson b4/11/1989 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA2213-Michael Joseph Amerson b12/5/1952-d3/13/1982 Died from pneumonia (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA2214-Judith Ann Amerson b6/26/1954-m4/15/1974 Derald Jon Tanberg-Reside in Rice Lake,WI (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22141-Sasha Marie Tanberg b11/10/1971 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22142-Breum Maeve Tanberg b1/14/1987 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA2215-James Harley Amerson b7/16/1955-Resides at Round Up,MT (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA2216-Mary Veronica Amerson b11/6/1956-d10/17/1974 Car/Train Accident (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA2217-Patrick Leroy Amerson b11/29/1957-Resides in Amarillo,TX (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA2218-George Peter Amerson b11/23/1958-Resides in Amarillo,TX (Records of Dan Amerson)


OA2219-Daniel Paul Amerson b7/7/1960-m12/17/1985 Salt Lake City,UT Ernestina Linda Maya--Reside in Mesa,AR (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22191-Benjamin Fernando Amerson b2/27/1990 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22192-Michael Joseph Amerson b1/13/1993 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA22193-AmyRose Linda Amerson b7/9/1995 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(10)-Theresa Jane Amerson b9/10/1961-m8/13/1988 Bryan John Jaecks--Resided in Worley,ID (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(10)1-Brandon Goeffrey Jaecks b12/18/1988 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(10)2-Michael Norman Jaecks b12/7/1989 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(11)-William Gregory Amerson b7/21/1963-m8/8/1988 Katrina Ann Boursaw--Reside in West Branch,MI (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(11)1-Ashley Amerson b10/27/1989 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(11)2-Moriah Elise Amerson b1/9/1993 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(11)3-Savannah Sierra Amerson b12/23/1995 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(12)-Karen Marie Amerson b4/4/1965-m9/19/1987 Peter Thompson--Div 1996. Resides in Rice Lake,WI (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(12)1-Elizabeth Pearl Thompson b1/21/1988 (Records of Dan Amerson) ·

OA221(12)2-Emily Nicole Thompson b9/15/1989 (Records of Dan Amerson)

OA221(12)3-Ethan Peter Thompson b8/31/1990 (Records of Dan Amerson)

------ OA221-m2Donna Mae Busick (maiden) Skar(divorced) (daughter of John Busick bIowa & ? Church b IA) (Onieda Marriage Record vOp580)-(Second wife of- Joeseph)

OA2211-Melissa Frances Amerson b9/20/1972 Rhinelander,Onieda,WI (Onieda Birth Records v20,p274

(OA22) M8/29/1936 Rice Lake,Barron,WI 2Gladys (Pat) Herold (Patzer, 1st marriage) b1/30/1899-d5/7/1987- Note:- In a letter dated Oct. 22, 1954 to Bertha & Pat Serio:- Aunt Pat said in her part of the letter that seasons seem to be changing and she had heard someone say that in another thousand years northern Wisconsin could be tropical.- She said that of course, she would not be around to see it.- Uncle Harley added to the letter that the rest of us might not be around, but he would!

OA222-Harold Amerson

OA23-Nellie Amerson b5/18/1989 Poy Sippi,Waushara,WI-d1957 Town of Plover,Marathon,WI at home (Antigo Daily Jour., 1957 Obit of Nellie)--m9/12/1906 Mattoon Martin Bossell d3/29/1948- Residence: Plover,Marathon,WI--Nellie moved as a child with her parents to the Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI. After her marriage, they resided in Mattoon before moving to Plover.-Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Antigo Daily Jour., 1957 Obit of Nellie)

OA231-Vivian Bossell d?--mDonald F. Knowles b9/19/1904 Fondulac Co.,WI (WI Vital Records)--d9/1957 (SS Index)--Resided in Green Bay,WI

OA232-Doris Bossell b3/31/1915 Newald,WI--d10/31/2009 Homme Home of- Wittenberg,Shawano,WI -(obit of Doris) -m9/12/1933 Merrill William (Bunny) F. Peasley (Son of Harlow Millard Peasley & Margaret Blood) b4/12/1913 Plover,Marathon,WI-d10/20/1994 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI (Ancestral Records)- Bur: Forest Cem.,Birnamwood,Shawano,WI (Obit of Doris, Antigo Daily Journal)

OA2321 - Beverly Peasley mDon Kreger of Wausau -(obit of Doris)

OA2322 - Bonnie Peasley mLarry Kainz of Wausau -(obit of Doris)

OA2323 - Betty Peasley- mEd Ellefsen of Carthage, MO -(obit of Doris)

OA233-Phyliss Bossell-d7/4/1960 -m8/11/1933 Arnold Uttecht (son of Otto Uttecht) b4/12/1909 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI-d1/1979-Resided at Birnamwood,Shawano,WI (SS Index) Arnold was a dairy farmer. (Antigo Daily Journal Obit of Arnold, 1979)

OA234-Fern Bossell-b7/16/1917-d8/10/1998 (Obit, Antigo Daily Jour. 8/12/1998) -m11/11/1937 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI Marcellaus(Sally) Ziegelbauer(son of George Ziegelbauer) b9/2/1916 ,Marathan,WI-d1982 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI-Sally was a dairy farmer in the Twp. of Plover-Bur: St. Philomena Catholic Church Cem. (Antigo Daily Jour. 1982 Obit of Sally)

OA2341-Janet Ziegelbauer (Antigo Daily Jour. 1982 Obit of Sally)

OA2342-Joan Ziegelbauer (Antigo Daily Jour. 1982 Obit of Sally) OA2343-Joyce Ziegelbauer (Antigo Daily Jour. 1982 Obit of Sally)

OA2344-Jerome Ziegelbauer (Antigo Daily Jour. 1982 Obit of Sally)

OA2345-Gerald Ziegelbauer (Antigo Daily Jour. 1982 Obit of Sally)

OA235-Lawrence R. Bossell--4/16/1910 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (SS Index)(son of Martin Bossell)--d12/30/1972 Langlade Co. Hosp.,Antigo,WI-m11/5/1938 Antigo,Langlade,WI Iris Spurgeon (Daughter of Elton Spurgeon & Lottie Parmer) b4/26/1908 Twp. of Almon,Shawano,WI-d5/1/2000 Eastview Medical & Rehab Center, Antigo,Langlade,WI-Resided in the Twp. of Plover, Marathon Co. since 1948. Resided at Birnamwood; Lawrence was in farming and was a milk hauler. He also had worked for the Hales Lumber Co. in Birnamwood.-Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery,Twp. of Hutchings,Shawano Co.,WI (Antigo Journal Obit 1972)

OA2351-Karen Bossell b1940 (Single)

OA236-Clarendon Bossell d?-mBernice ?- Resides in Cadott,WI (Ancestral Records) 

OA24-Jessie Amerson--m1John Kielman dv-Jessie was 28 years old on the 1920 U.S. Census. John was 31. Resided in Almon Twp., Shawano,WI and John was a farmer. (1920 Census)-m 2Joe Baumgartner- Note: After Jessie died, Joe raised the girls.

OA241-Myra Kielman--1920 Census, 6 years old.

OA242-Evelyn Kielman-1920 Census, 1 year old.



OA25 -  Harry Webb Amerson- (son of Ole/Antone E. Amerson & Carrie Virgin) b9/24/1895 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d3/1967 Resided in Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN after retirement as a farmer. (S.S. 389-20-1947) -. m10/1/1913 Almon Twp,Shawano,WI 1Margie Jane Pollock (v8,#19210/9/1897) (daughter of Albert Verdine Pollock b10/31/1858 Freedom,WI & Bertha Edith Knowles b6/28/1871 Outagamie Co.,WI) b10/9/1897 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- d10/11/1957 Aunt Carrie's house, Antigo,Langlade,WI (Langlade Co., Death Indexes, V.31 p160) (60 yrs & 2 days)- Residence of both parties was Hutchins Twp. Harry was 18 yrs old and Margie was 15 years old (On the 9th, turned 16)-Witnesses were Ethel Pollock & T. Hutchins) & Mrs. H. A. Lorenz-

 (Margie at age 15)

    (Margie at age 15)
   (Margie & Harry given by Karolyn Roberts)
  (family picture, Harry, Margie, Lyle, Harley in back, Stephen, Bertha, Carrie in front) 
  (Family Reunion Pic taken in front of house around 1956 given by Gladys Amerson) 
   (Picture of Harry with his team of horses)
   (Picture of Harry & Margie's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts)
   (Pig Sty location across road from buildings, as it looks today by Karolyn Roberts)

m 2Clara Berg (Antigo Journal 1967 Obit of Harry) At age 10, Harry stayed in a room at Dr. Torpy's residence in Minoqua,WI. He shoveled sidewalks and did other jobs for the doctor. Harry & Margie lived with Aunt Edith & Uncle John Slater in the town of Almon until after Lysle was born; then moved to Town of Hutchins, Shawano, WI Occupation: Farming; had an all Jersey herd for the rich fat content needed at the cheese factory, Plymouth Rock chickens, sheep, horses, & pigs. Also cut blocks of ice out of the lake and sold, made maple syrup. Harry was known as PaPa to his children and Margie as Mamma. Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery,Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-Mamma was a very talented seamstress and made the girls dresses, quilts, and she knit mittens and caps, heavy socks for Papa as well as his liner mittens he wore under his leather ones. In later years, she made crepe paper flowers that were beautiful. She also did a lot of crocheting of doilies, etc. She was a strong believer in God. Family devotions were held each morning where a chapter of the Bible was read and we each knelt by our chairs while Papa and Mamma took turns leading in prayer. Harry Amerson donated the NW corner of his farm for a church to be built for the American Sunday School Union of which the family and several neighbors attended for many years. Margie also had diabetes as many of our family did, Grandma Pollock, Aunt Edith Slater, etc. She had a little pan that she boiled her insulin needle in, so that it could be used over, and Papa would give her a shot while whatever family was around would turn away and close their eyes. She learned to drive the car and sometimes did the cream and butter route of which the cream had been separated through a cream separator and sold by the pint or 1/2 pint. Papa churned the butter and Mamma made it into nice round patties exactly one pound each and wrapped each in waxed paper. She also had buttermilke to sell. She also set out large pans of milk to sour to make cottage cheese for sale as well as for our use. Bread was baked about three times a week. The girls learned how to make bread, cakes, cookies, and pies. In 1955, Margie was told she had cancer and passed away in 1957 from the Cancer two days after her 60th birthday. (Rememories Book) I visited her a week before she passed away, and she said she had been waiting for me because she had something to tell me, but then couldn't remember what it was which disturbed her, and she started to cry. I never saw her again. Karolyn Roberts--- (Above picture of Margie Pollock, age 15)---

   (Picture: Log Cabin House before the block house was built, flooded;
   (House that was later built, taken by Karolyn Roberts)

   Harry Amerson Barn & Grainery)


 Our Home: We lived in a log house and it was located in the town of Hutchins where we owned 160 acres of land with a pond close by and lots of rocks for picking after Papa plowed. Our house had two bedrooms upstairs with four boys sleeping in one bedroom and five girls sleeping in the other. Downstairs was a living room, Papa and Mama's bedroom and a very small kitchen. Our table, which had to seat eleven people, was always open and covered with an oilcloth. We also had a cellar, several steps to go down on a ladder. It had a dirt floor well packed and a bin to store potatoes, etc. There were also shelves to store our home canned goods. (Book of Rememories)


When the children were little and living on the farm, they all had chores to such as dishes, sweeping the floor, helping with hanging clothes on the line, peeling potatoes, etc. (From the Book of Rememories of Bertha Gladys Amerson Serio)-


(Photo of Grandpa Harry Amerson with his team of horses)


Shopping: Our clothing including shoes and stockings in the early years were ordered from the Sears, Roebuck & Co., and Montgomery catalogs. Mother made much of our clothing including our underwear. We went to Mattoon to a grocery combined with a dry goods store. We bought our shoes, boots, jackets, overalls, and lantern supplies there or anything else a farmer needed.-

    (Picture of Margie Pollock Amerson's minature doll furniture she had as a child)


Christmas At Home: I well remember Christmas when I was a child. Papa always went out into our woods and found a very nice evergreen tree. On Christmas morning, it was sitting on top of the closed sewing machine, all decorated with tinsel, glass balls of many colors, and we had real candles on our tree in little metal pincher candle holders, that clipped onto the tree branches. We received Old Maid, Krazy Ikes, Checkers, Dominoes, and later on Chinese Checkers and Flinch, games to be shared by all. We received some books. We played with Mama's doll furniture which is pictured. We would have a special dinner, and, of course, do our chores. (Book of Rememories)

Front Row: Stephen, Bertha, Carrie,& - Back Row: Harry (Father),-Paul Amerson, Lois Amerson Kolenbrander, Rachel Amerson Lohonen, Ruth Amerson Tinsman, Stephen Amerson, Bertha Amerson Serio, Carrie--Amerson Mosher, Harley Amerson, Lysle Amerson, & Margie (Mother)-


 OA251-Lysle Harry Amerson b2/24/1914 WI -d7/27/1985-Grand Rapids,MI--m11/20/1941 Emma Naomi Lewis b11/3/1924 (Carrie Mosher) ,Cass,MN-d2/18/2006 ,GrandRapids,MI (Obit)--Lysle being the oldest, was the caring one and looked out for the younger ones in the family. Lysle & Emma resided in Grand Rapids, MI-Burial: Grand Rapids,MI

OA2511-Dennis James Amerson, I b10/29/1942 Grand Rapids,MI-d10/29/1942 GrandRapids,MI-Burial: Grand Rapids, MI (Online)

OA2512-Dennis James Amerson, II b10/15/1947 Grand Rapids,MI-d12/06/1971 Grand Rapids,MI-Burial: Grand Rapids, MI (Online)

OA2513-Dale Lewis Amerson b5/24/1952 Grand Rapids,MI--m8/30/1976 MI Denise Lyn Baker b8/16/1957

OA25131 - David Lewis Amerson - d3/10/2018 MI I(Obit)


OA2514-Stephen Lee Amerson b3/11/1955 Grand Rapids, MI-d3/12/1955 Grand Rapids, MI-Burial: Grand Rapids, MI (Online)


OA252 - Harley Donald Amerson - b8/24/1915 Hutchins,Shawano,WI -d12/14/1993 Antigo,Langlade,WI (Langlade Co., Death Indexes)--Harley worked in a Lumbering Camp when quite young and also rode the rails some.- He also rode his bicycle from Mattoon to Minneapolis when only 15 years old.-m4/4/1941 Gladys Emmaline Johnson b9/20/1914 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d2/28/1997 Farmington, St.Francois,MO Note: Harley was a cornet player. Harley& Gladys resided mostly in Antigo, WI. Bur: Woodlawn Cem.,Hutchins,Shawano,WI 


   (Harley Donald Amerson)

   (Harley&Gladys Amerson)


  (Photo of the Amerson children: Karolyn, Roger, Glenn, & Donald)-


OA2521-Karolyn Rae Amerson b6/11/1941 Mattoon,Shawano,WI-m5/25/1963 Antigo,Langlade,WI Gerald Lee Roberts b1/6/1939 Effingham,IL - d3/30/2018 Urbana, IL - Burial: Mt. Olive Cem., near Urbana

OA2522-Roger John Amerson b4/5/1943 Antigo,Langlade,WI-m1Eleanor Montijo--m2Kathleen Kumoerer-m3Kathy ?

OA2523-Glenn Leland Amerson b6/1/1946 Antigo,Langlade,WI-m1 4/11/1968 Urbana,Champaign,IL m1Judith Ann Dizmon b4/21/1947 IL-d3/6/1999 St. Louis,,MO-- -- Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Park Hills,MO- 

   Judi (Judith) Amerson Engagement Pic given by Karolyn Roberts)

   (Judi Amerson Tombstone)


Jerry & Karolyn Roberts stood up for them when they got married. Actually, I had introduced Judi to Glenn on one of his visits to Champaign, IL.-Karolyn   -m2Linda Goin


 OA2524 - Donald Wayne Amerson b11/27/1947-Antigo,Langlade,WI-d10/24/2010 Santa Maria Rest Home,Green Bay,WI-m7/15/1972- 1Linda Mae Wanner (div)--m2 - Louanne Torre of Green Bay, WI) (div)- Don worked as a mechanical draftsman, then as a railroad mechanic, and then as a machine maintenance man at a Green Bay Company, Tufco Industries. Because of his disability, they later transferred him into the office as a comptroller.. He went on disability in 1995 with MS. -When our mother was sick, I took care of Donnie a good deal of the time. (Oibt; Karolyn Roberts)--

      (Pictures of Donald Wayne Amerson by Karolyn Roberts)


 OA25242-- Danial Lee Amerson b1/9/1982 Green Bay,WI-d12/28/2011 at his mother's home, Coventry,NY. Resided in Howard (by Green Bay),WI for several years with his Dad, Donald Amerson-U.S. Army, 38th Engineers, 3rd Platoon, one of first units to Iraq, the Fourth Brigade of the Second Infrantry Division., 2007-Received a Medal of Valor. His His veicle was hit by a roadside bomb and he survived to help the injured until help arrived.-Wrote an article “Keeping routes safe with the 38th Engineers- of in The Desert Raider, Sept. 2007-Following service, he worked for several restaurants in the Green Bay area before going to NY to attend school.-Was attending The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY at the time of his death. (Family)

       (Danial Lee Amerson by Karolyn Roberts)


OA253--Carrie Elzora Amerson b11/26/1919 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d5/1/2006 at home of daughter Karolin, Twin Lake, MI-m 1Edward P. Barbee of TX and they resided in Chicago. (Carrie Mosher)--m6/28/1947 Antigo,Langlade,WI 2Alvin G. Mosher (Langlade Co., Marriage Index) b10/06/1919 Antigo,Langlade,WI-d Muskegon,,MI-The Amerson children remember Carrie sitting at a borrowed typewriter and getting her stories ready to mail to publishers. She did write stories for S.S. papers, camping magazine, etc. She always kept a diary too. Carrie worked for awhile in Chicago before she married. Carrie & Al resided mostly in Memphis,TN& Muskegan,MI.-Ed & Carrie lived in CA for awhile. Ed filed for annullment because he found someone else he wanted to marry, and was granted an annullment. He lived in CA with his new wife. I looked for him in 1999 and since for Aunt Carrie, but could find no trace. (Carrie Mosher)-Burial: Laketon Twp. Cem.,

MI(Obit. 5/3/06 Muskegon Chronicle) Al was an X-Ray technician in Memphis, TN for many years before retirement.


   (Picture: Carrie Mosher sitting in the chair made by Albert Verdine Pollock, father of Margie. Sitting on her lap are Sierra & Faith, from the oldest to the youngest, both sent to me by Aunt Carrie)

    (Picture of Carrie's Birthday with siblings, Paul, Ruth, Carrie & Bertha sent to me by Aunt Carrie)


OA2531-Karolin Anne Mosher Birthname was Carolyn, but had a name change b9/29/1954 Memphis,,TN-mMI Timothy Paul Brondyk b2/27/1954

OA254-Bertha Gladys Amerson b7/9/1923 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-m3/29/1943 Chicago,IL Pasquale (Pat) Salvatore Serio b2/19/1917-d9/10/1981 Prospect Heights,IL (Married twice, once at the court house and later in church) Note: When Bertha was 18, she went to Chicago, IL and worked on an assembly line in a factory putting together connectors for airplane parts. Pay was $ .35 an hour and she walked 13 blocks to home. Bertha & Pat resided around the Chicago area all their married lives. Burial of Pat: Memory Gardens Cemetery, Mt. Prospect, IL (Memory of, by Funeral Home)


OA2541-Joanne Julietta Serio b9/21/1944 IL-m10/24/1964 IL Arnold Harvey Green b10/21/1943 - d

OA2542-Janice Margie Serio b7/9/1948 IL-m9/30/1967 IL James Francis O'Brien b3/6/1946

OA2543-Jean Bertha Serio b6/21/1951 IL-m12/11/1975 IL Dr. Jerry Wayne Strickland b8/26/1948 - d

OA2544-Joyce Marie Serio b10/26/1955-m8/17/1974 IL Lawrence Wesley Jones b7/17/1953

OA255-Stephen James Amerson b12/11/1924 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d3/5/1992 Butler,,PA-m3/18/1949 Butler,,PA Sara Lillian Billman b1/13/1926 PA- As children, Stephen& Bertha pumped the water together and watched sheep twice a day and then drove them back into the sheep pen. Stephen worked for a while in Chicago. Stephen also served in the Air Force. Stephen & Sara was in a double wedding ceremony with Sara's sister. Resided at Butler,PA

OA2551-James Daniel Amerson b2/24/1950 Butler,,PA-m1 ? ?--m2 3/16//1974 PA Anita JoAnn Shay b11/27/1972

OA2552-John Thomas Amerson b7/14/1953 Butler,,PA-m1 3/16/1974 PA Alice May Brenneman b1/17/1955-m2 9/30/1982 Rosemary Bielabockie b9/29/1955-m3 7/2/1993 Patricia Ann Gildea b5/1/1948

OA2553-Paul Timothy Amerson b10/21/1955 Butler,,PA-m1 Melinda Rose Smith b6/28/1975-m2 4/5/1986 PA Sheri Sue Hutchison b5/9/1961

OA2554-Stephen David Amerson b11/30/1958 Butler,,PA-m9/21/1985 PA Lucille Margaret Rodgers b9/5/1961

OA256-Ruth Elda Amerson b8/17/1926 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d3/29/2012 Ladysmith,Rusk,WI (of Glen Flora)--m2/24/1945 Amerson Home,Hutchins Twp.,Shawano,WI- Harold Frank Tinsman (son of Raymond Tinsman & Anna Kesson) b11/4/1912 WI-d5/30/1991 WI--Witnesses were Mrs. Edward Egging & Edward Egging.-Harold was listed as farming.- (Marriage Record V.20, p.345 Shawano,WI) -- Note: When Ruth got spankings, Bertha would cry. When Ruth was old enough to go to work, she went to Antigo and worked in the shoe factory and stayed with her brother, Harley & family. Resided in the western central part of WI-Burial: Glen View Cem., Glen Flora,WI (Obit of Nash-Jackan Funeral Home, Ladysmith)- --


    (Picture: Ruth, Rachel, & Lois; Picture of Ruth Elda, Obit)


OA2561-Arthur Harold Tinsman b10/11/1945 WI-m12/29/1967 Caroline Rose Heath b2/7/1949 ·

OA2562-Suzanne Barbara Tinsman b1/16/1947 WI-mJerry Peet

OA2563-Duane Frank Tinsman b3/10/1948-m7/12/1969 1Patricia Ann Beadles--m22/14/1976 Elaine Pearl Berg b6/3/1951

OA2564-Beulah Marjorie Tinsman b4/28/1949

OA2565-Gloria Jane Tinsman b8/6/1950 - m5/16/1970 Duane Kenneth Johnson b8/28/1941

OA2566-Yvonne Ruth Tinsman b1/23/1953-m5/30/1998 1Shaun Robert Voldberg b4/17/1978--- m 2Dan Erickson

OA2567-Roy Harry Tinsman b12/29/1953 WI - d8/17/2017 Glen Flora, WI - m9/29/1973 Sue Colleen Stewart b1/4/1951 - Burial:  Glenview Cem.,Glen Flora, WI

OA2568-Jane Caroline Tinsman b2/17/1955--m6/23/1973 Michael Webster--m 2Kim Mincoff

OA2569-Margie Ann Tinsman b1/20/1958-m4/5/1985 Dale Alan Woellner b12/10/1964

OA256(10)-Irene Elda Tinsman b3/1/1959-m6/6/1981 Dale Thomas Gerberding--m 2Dick Jenness

OA257-Rachel Edith Amerson b2/22/1928 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d2010? MN -m5/18/1946 Twp. Of Hutchins,Shawano, WI Gustave Henry Lohonen- (son of Henry Lohonen) b8/2/1902 Finland- -- d8/24/1967 MN-Witnesses to the marriage were Mr. & Mrs. Harold Tinsman. -- Gustave was listed as a cook in Minneapolis. (Marriage Record, V.21, p50 Shawano,WI)- Gus was saved at a mission in Minneapolis and his conversion story was told in a Mission paper. Resided in the Minneapolis area.

OA2571-Esther Christina Lohonen (Resided in a nursing home, was hit by a car) died 20?? MN (Debbie Lohonen Zophi)

OA2572-Stephen Gustave Lohonen b9/18/1948-m12/26/1992 Marilyn ?b9/15/??

OA2573-Gaius Harry Lohonen b9/13/1949- d3/18/1999 (Debbie Lohonen Zophi) Had been married and had 2 sons. He was divorced.

OA2574-Deborah Helen Lohonen b6/2/1951-m11/1/1974 Rev. Stephen Paul Zopfi b2/25/1949Debbie, now serving as a missionary in Mexico with her husband.-Girls are back in the states.

OA2575-Jesse John Lohonen b2/8/1954-m4/14/1971Mary Ann Schwanz b8/1/1952

OA2576-Candace Margie Lohonen b7/23/1959

OA2577-Nathan Charles Lohonen 12/26/1960-m1/7/1993 Christy Smothers b8/26/??

OA2578-Leah Jane Lohonen b5/18/1964-m11/15/1986 RFev. Brian Robert Heinen b11/10/1962

OA258-Lois Ellen Amerson b9/13/1929 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d2/19/2018 Grant,MI -m9/15/1950  Louis John Kolenbrander (twin to Mary Louise; adopted son of Barney & Mary Kolenbrander) b4/5/1927-d3/19/1991 AR- Lois was a real blond sweetheart and she slept in a crib for a long time, if she cried, one of the other children would pick her up and take her to bed with them. Lois married the twin of Mary Louise Kolenbrander. They had a double wedding. They resided in Sparta, MI and in later years was in Arizona. - She spent her last eight years at the Fountainview Nursing Home.  

OA2581-Louis John Kolenbrander b7/20/1951-d6/7/2011 at home, Lowell,MI (Obit) -m1 2/15/1970 Debra Ann Wendt--m2 10/13/1979 Sherri Lee Lovins

OA2582-Paul Kevin Kolenbrander b7/26/1954-m4/13/1973 Rose Leocardia Zimmerman b5/30/1949

OA2583-Ruth Ellen Kolenbrander b4/17/1956-m6/3/1972 Ronald Edward Erickson b12/07/1952 - m5/22/1976 - 2Chris Jorgensen b10/23/1947

OA25831 Jennifer Lynn Erickson b5/22/1973-mChristopher Bedell b4/22/1972


  (Paul, Louise, with sisters, Carrie & Bertha)

OA259-Paul John Amerson b4/7/1931 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI-d5/8/2001 Grand Rapids,MI -m9/15/1950 Grand Rapids,,MI Mary Louise Kolenbrander (twin to John Lewis Kolenbrander; adopted dau. of Barney & Mary Zigler Kolenbrander; mother of Mary Zigler; Leona May Wells [Mary Louise Amerson]) b4/5/1927-d9/3/2006 Wyoming,MI-Paul as a small child always insisted on sitting at the table with his arm on top of Papa's.- Paul married the sister of John Lewis Kolenbrander. They had a double wedding. Resided in Wyoming, MI-Cemetery: Winchester Cem.,Byron Center,MI (Paul as a child)

 (Picture of Paul, a copy of a pic from Gladys Amerson's album)


OA2591-David Alan Amerson b2/15/1955-mAngela Phelan (obit of Paul Amerson)

OA2592-Diane Ellen Amerson b8/9/1956- d?? - m11/16/1979 Ronald Lee Lutz b11/28/1954-Children are Shawn, Adam, and Dylan Lutz. (Obit of Mary Louise)

OA2593-Daniel John Amerson b9/5/1962-m1 6/22/1984 Deborah Lynne Farkas b9/17/1963-remarried 4/2/1995

OA2594-Barbara Ann Amerson b9/11/1963-m9/6/1985 Robert Louis Kozminski b3/5/1958

OA25(10)-Leah Jane Amerson b4/26/1933 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d4/29/1933 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI--- Note: Only lived three days. A small wooden box with a pink lining was made for her casket. Papa Harry held it up for each of the children to see as tears ran down his face.)

Second family of Antone Amerson--Marriage to Daisy (OA2)WI (File 5 #126) (daughter of Louis Walsh bNY Antone(Tony) Amersonm2 9/4/19012Daisy E. Walsh (daughter of Louis Welsh bNY [1/2 Brothertown Indian]& Hope Moore bNJ [Delaware Indian, her family joined the Stockbridge Indians in Calumet Co.,WI]) b5/27/1875 Stockbridge,Calumet, WI (File 5 #126) Daisy was American Indian, White, and other mixed blood .- d12/1944 (Hazel Carver) Daisy's first marriage was to Remick Knowles (Private in 21st WI Inf, Aug. 11, 1862-Jun 30, 1865, 2 yrs,10mos,20dys of Hutchins, WI, Hse 127,No. 134 [1890 Special Census of Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, & Marines,& Widows, etc]) on 1/29/1891 who was born on 1896 in Warrensville,OH. She was step-grandmother to Margie Pollock who became the wife of Harry Amerson. So this family always called her Aunt Daisy. (Carrie Amerson Mosher) -- On the 1910 Census of the Hutchins sheet for Amerson it says, “Moved to Tipler- -Daisy had a sister called Freelove Walsh.-

(Dusti Scheibe) (Picture: Anton Amerson& Daisy Welsh Pollock Amerson with children, Anton, Jr., Hazel, Winnifred, Roy, Vernon, & Irving Amerson, picture contributed by Dusti Scheibe)


OA26-Anton (Tony) Amerson, Jr. b8/1/1902 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (parents are listed as Robert Amerson and Daisy Welsh Knowles)- d9/23/1967 Langlade Co.,WI (Langlade Co., Death Indexes) Note: (File 8,#336) Father listed as Robert Amerson, mother as Daisy Welsh Knowles- Note: When Tony was 12 years old, the family moved to Tipler,Florence Co.,WI- m 1Gertrude Harvey d1943-m 2Clementine Catherine Sindicic-- b11/25/1914-d8/5/1998 Antigo,Langlade Co.,WI (Obit. 8/6/1998 Antigo Daily Journal)-(Langlade Co., Death Indexes) They resided at Pearson and Tony was a woodsman. Burial:- Pearson Cemetery,Pearson,WI (Obit of Anton)

OA261-Helen Amerson mArthur Williams, Jr.-- Resided in Delavan,WI

OA262-Duane Amerson d3/8/1944 Langlade Co.,WI (Langlade Co., Death Indexes)


OA27-Hazel L. Amerson- (father listed as Anton Amerson)- b3/13/1904 ,,Shawano,WI (WI Births 1820-1907 #2373436 Reel 269;rec.900)--d3/9/1992 Kalkaska,Kalkaska,MI (Death Cert. #015611)--Note: (File 9,#170) Father: Anton Amerson, Mother: Daisy Welsh Knowles -- mRoy Carver-- Resided in St. Clair Shores near Detroit, MI. After retirement, lived at Kalkaska, MI Note: Aunt Hazel said that when she left home, she went as far away as she could get. Residence: Excelsior 


OA271-Donald L. Amerson b4/6/1918 WI (SS Index) (Raised by Grandpa Tony& Aunty Daisy) d12/5/1988 Arkansas (SS Index)- mEdith Mae Daniels b1921-2003 (Walter Daniels, nephew)---Don went to school in Tipler,WI (Michael Anton Amerson) Don is listed on the 1920 Census as living with Anton & Daisy Amerson and is listed as a son.-- Resided in Crossett,Ashley, Arkansas (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA2711-James Louis Amerson b1939-d1945-Killed when hit by a car in Green Bay, WI (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA2712-Arbutus Ann Amerson b1941-m1William Mathew-m2Larry Lin -- m3Richard Kelley-lives today in Phoenix, AZ in 2007 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27121-Cheryl Lynn Mathew b1959 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27122-Dale William Mathew b1969 (Walter Daniels, nephew) OA27123-Bonnie Mathew b1961-mFrank Rivera Ramiriez b1955 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27124-Jenny Sue Mathew b1964 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27125-Lisa Lin b1968 (Walter Daniels, nephew) OA27126-Tina Kelley b1972 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA2713-Richard Amerson b1944-m1Sherry ??-m2Jerry ??-m3Sandy ??-m4Angela Christina -- 2007, lives in Crossett, AR (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27131-Kim Sue Amerson (Walter Daniels, nephew) OA27132-Donald Amerson b1974 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27133-Kenneth Amerson b1975 (Walter Daniels, nephew) OA27134-Richard Amerson b1979 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA2714-Timothy Allen Amerson b1950-d2000 Crossett, AR--mTracy ?? -- (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27141-Nicole Amerson (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27142-Timothy Allen Amerson, Jr.- (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27143-John Amerson (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA2715-Patricia Mae Amerson b1952 -m1James Kelley-m2Telford Norman b1947-2007, lives in Crossett, AR-(Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27151-Wendy Mari Kelley b1972 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA27152-James Don Kelley b1975 (Walter Daniels, nephew)

OA28-Winnifred (Winnie) Amerson b1906 WI (Family History Records, Shawano, WI) -dabt age 23-mAlex Radun

 (Picture: Hazel & Winnifred Amerson, picture contributed by Dusti Scheibe)


OA281- Harley Radun of Las Vegas.

OA282-Marlyn (Buddy) Radunb8/31/1925 WI-d1975 Brooklyn,Kings,NY (SS Index)

OA29-Roy Amerson b3/21/1908 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (Birth Certificate)-mLucille Pollock b1/11/1918 (Nancy Amerson) Manitowoc Co.,WI (3rd Cousin to Harry Amerson children)-d4/29/2002 Racine,WI-Roy would have attended school in Tipler,Florence,WI (Michael Anton Amerson)

(Picture: Front Row: Billy Amerson, Eunice (Dusti)-Amerson, Roy Amerson; Back Row: Daisy Amerson, Erwin & Betty Amerson, picture contributed by Dusti Scheibe)


OA291-William Amerson

OA292-Eunice (Dusti) Amerson m? Scheibe

OA293-Nancy Amerson

OA2(10)-Vernon Ross Amerson b3/2/1913 Hutchins Note: (v11,p275)-d12/13/1985 Muskegon,MI-Father: Anton Amerson, age 53, Farmer- Mother: Daisy Welsh bStockbridge,Calumet,WI Age 37-Number of Children Living: 5 -mFern Evelyn Belland b1/8/1915 WI-d3/7/1972 (daughter of Harvey Belland & Delia Collard) Resided in Laona,Forest,WI-- Resided in Kaukona,WI- Note: At time of death, was living at Muskegan, MI, but previously lived at Ravenna, MI-Halverson Funeral Home,Crandon,WI- Burial: Laona Cemetary (Onieda Death Records vTp243) Note: Aunt Carrie Mosher was visiting a former neighbor at the Brookhaven Nursing Home in Muskegan where she lived, and found Vernon there following a stroke he had. He could hardly speak. She visited him often, probably in 1982 & 1983. Aunt Hazel came down for the funeral in a blizzard and because of the weather Aunt Carrie did not make it.-


(Picture: Vernon Ross Amerson (b1913), Age 3, picture contributed by Dusti Scheibe)


OA2(10)1-Michael Anton Amerson bTipler,Florence,WI (Michael Anton Amerson)

OA2(10)2-Steve Amerson bTipler,Florence,WI-d4/23/2000 (Michael Anton Amerson)

OA2(10)3-Pat Amerson (Michael Anton Amerson)

OA2(10)4-Vernon (Lee) Amerson(Michael Anton Amerson)

OA2(10)5-Susan Amerson (Michael Anton Amerson) OA2(10)6-Judy Amerson (Michael Anton Amerson)

- OA2(11)-Ervin Amerson-Ervin would have went to school in Tipler, WI (Michael Antone Amerson) 


(Picture: Ervin [Age 9], Vernon [Age 11], Donald [Age 6]{Donald raised by Anton & Daisy}, picture contributed by Dusti Scheibe)


OA2(12)--James Amerson(died young)??



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