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    by Karolyn Rae Robert 




 A must see - Edwin Johnson

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Phyllis Close, Darlene Close, Duane Blodgett, Dale Close, Maynard Blodgett

Ed holding Karolyn Amerson, & Geraldine Johnson


  JJ122- Earl Kenneth Johnson (MM1432) b3/4/1907 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d2/18/1981--  m10/22/1932 (Antigo Daily Jour. 12/31/1932) Florence Eileen Larson (MM1214) b5/14/1910 -d6/8/1992 Antigo,Langlade,WI ( V.34,p318,Langlade Co. Death Records) Occupation: Farmer, School Custodian Resided in Town of Hutchins Bur: Woodlawn Cem.,Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- Members of the Nazarene church.- While I was home on vacation one time, my mother & I decided to visit Uncle Earl & Aunt Florence. When we drove up, we spotted them out inside of the fence trying to keep the cows back as they had broke the fence. They were not going to get the job done as some of the cows had already passed by them, and it certainly looked like they could get hurt. I drove the car across the lawn in front of the cows and jumped out and started running towards them flailing my arms and all the while my mother was yelling at me protesting, being sure I was going to get stampeded. However, all of a sudden they turned and went back through the opening and we got it closed off. Uncle Earl expressed amazement at a city girl as he called me, driving his cows back through the fence when they couldn''t control them. That day he decided the cows had to go, he couldn''t handle them anymore.-Karolyn- I have precious memories of Aunt Florence''s sister, Janette Larson McCreary from PA, who would always seek me out to talk. What a gentile lady-Karolyn.



   (Earl & Ethel Johnson)

   (Picture of Earl, & Florence from a copy of Gladys Amerson)

  • - - -  JJ1221- Bernice Johnson b12/20/1934- d4/25/1936 Madison,WI during surgery- Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- My mother would relate this story often. She and her sisters would scoot Bernice across the kitchen table and catch her as she loved this game. Bernice could not walk as she was born with a sac at the base of her neck that filled with fluid that should have went into the spine. She went to Madison to have surgery to correct the problem. My mother bought her a matching coat and hat for the trip. Bernice died in surgery from the ether.-Karolyn
  •     (Picture of Bernice, copy of Gladys Johnson Amerson''s photo;
  •    Picture of tombstones of Bernice, Robert, & Dickie taken by Karolyn)
  • JJ1222- Robert Allen Johnson b10/25/1936 Stillborn- d10/25/1936- Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- Aunt Florences pregnancy lasted 10 months, and Robert reached 11 pounds. He was stillborn. At that time induced labor wasn''t done.-Karolyn
  •  JJ1223- Geraldine Fay Johnson b11/17/1939 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI- d5/24/2009 Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Wausau,Marathon,WI- Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- mJan Tucker- Note:  Geraldine, Lynn Larson, & Karolyn Roberts roomed together in Racine, WI covering the years of 1958- 1963 Geraldine worked as a bookkeeper for the same firm by Lake Michigan for 5 years, Karolyn worked for Western Printing (Whitman) for 4 years, and Lynn worked for Case tract for 3 years.- Geraldine was church organist at the Nazarene Church for many years and also the Mattoon Village Clerk until her death. Uncle Stephen held the post prior to Geraldine.
  •    (H.S. picture of Geraldine given by Karolyn Roberts)
  •    (Geraldine & Jan's Wedding, Geraldine with the bridesmaids by Karolyn Roberts)
  • - - -  JJ1224- Dickie Johnson (Anton Lutzewitz) b3/18/1947 Green Bay,WI- d10/1948 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI at home.- The family was husking corn when they missed Dickie. Babe Larson spotted his shoe sticking out of a rain barrel. He had climbed a ladder to play and fell in. He died on the way to the Mattoon hospital in their arms. Plans were to adopt Dickie shortly.

-  JJ123- Helen Madeline Johnson (MM1433) b6/24/1909 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d8/4/1992 Mattoon,Shawano,WI- - m2/20/1934 Stephen Blodgett (son of Walter Wallace Blodgett & Anna Prunella Mathiason) b6/20/1908 Minneapolis,MN (Death Cert) -d3/19/1993 at home,Mattoon,Shawano,WI- God''s Bible School Occupation: Minister,Veneer Mill Resided at Mattoon,WI--  Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery- Uncle Stephen was the Mattoon Village Clerk for many years. He also sang in a church quartet for many years.- Members of the Nazarene Church. They had a bad car accident at the intersection of Cranberry Road, & Maple Road when the children were small. Duane''s face was cut bad. At that time they lived on Cranberry Rd. (Rena Johnson McAuly)-- One year on a holiday, [I think Mom was in the hospital] I went to spend the day at Aunt Helen''s. All of the relatives had gathered, but I think the men folk had went hunting. Anyway, the ladies decided they needed something from the little gas station at the foot of the hill in Mattoon as she carried a few groceries also. They needed it to make whatever, and I was elected to go as they didn''t have a car there, the men had them. I could take Maynard''s bicycle and I was game. After I left, Aunt Helen remembered the brakes didn''t work and the tire had a bulge in it and could blow. They were scared and didn''t think I would survive the hill, but they had no way of getting to me quick enough. So they waited. Let me tell you, that was some ride! But I kept my balance and came back with the merchandise. They were very happy to see me.-Karolyn Roberts 

(Picture of family (Stephen, Helen, Duane, & Maynard) from Gladys Amerson)

   (Picture of Stephen, from Karolyn Roberts)


   (Picture of Helen & Stephen's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts)

  • - - -  JJ1231- Duane A. Blodgett b11/29/1934 Janesville,WI- d8/13/1948 Uncle Ed''s farm, Langlade,WI- Duane& Uncle Leonard Johnson was baling hay in the morning and when they finished, they took the tractor & baler (Duane driving & Leonard riding the baler) over to the road that heads north towards the farm of Edwin Johnson. This road was just west of Uncle Ed''s house. When they reached County Road D, Duane stopped at the stop sign, stood up on the tractor and leaned forward to be able to see both ways down the road. No one was coming, so he turned right onto D and then left into Uncle Ed''s place. (Ed''s place is located halfway between Antigo and Mattoon on County Road D) Ed asked Leonard to make some adjustments on a piece of machinery, so they could start baling. Leonard asked Ed if his horses were rider safe, could Duane ride one while he was waiting. Ed said no problem, go ahead. So Duane got up on the horse while it stood still and started riding him. He came past where Leonard was working and at that moment the adjustment Leonard was making made a loud squeaking noise, and Duane comment to Leonard as he passed -€œThe horse shied a little.-€ When he got past and out into the filed, the horse started rearing in an effort to get Duane off. Leonard yelled to Duane to jump off. He said Duane acted stunned or had fainted, and didn''t move, and then he fell off, catching his foot in the harness, which dragged him under the horse. George Wolf (waiting to help with the baling) ran out to the field to Duane, and he took his last breath in Uncle George''s arms as he lifted him up. Uncle Leonard said he could not go out to Duane. They had been so very close. The back of Duane''s head was crushed, and his chest was crushed. As related to my by Uncle Leonard, Karolyn. His mother never knew all this.- In the spring, Duane had had pneumonia, and he almost died. Also, when younger the family had had an automobile accident, and Duane had face scars from the glass. The accident happened on a county crossroads SW of Mattoon. My mother had shown me the corner several times. It was thought that he might go blind when he got older.- Harley Amerson took this same horse later out into a nearby woods that he owned on the other side of where Duane had turned onto D to do some logging. The horse tried to pin him against a tree.-- Duane was given permission to try out my Dad''s cornet and I sat down by him on the couch, and I tried to take it from him to try it out too. I ended up putting a dent in it.-Karolyn
  •   (Picture of Duane''s tombstone taken by Karolyn, and
    •  (Picture of Duane, collection of Gladys Johnson Amerson)
    •  JJ232- Maynard LeRoy Blodgett b8/31/1937- d5/26/2010- m3/26/1959 Eva Maria Maus, Germany,Europe Residing in Mattoon, WI Occupation: Army Career 1955-1975,Auto Parts Salesman Note: Lived in Germany, Deerfield, IL, Antigo, Mattoon.
  •    (Picture of Duane & Maynard from collection of Gladys Johnson Amerson)
  •    (Picture of Maynard at Fort Sill, Army from Gladys Johnson Amerson)
  • - - -  JJ2321-Michelle Blodgett b8/31/1960 m8/12/1978 3rd Cous. Gerald Johnson (MM54363) divorced
  • - - -  JJ23211- Nicholas Alan Johnson b12/16/1980- JJ23212-
  • - - -  JJ23212- Ashley Lynn Johnson b10/4/1983-
  • - - -  JJ2322 -(MM543322) -Yvonne Blodgett b8/3/1961- m6/14/1980 Mark Fuller (Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • - - -  - 
  • - - -  JJ23221-- (MM5432221)- Denise Fuller b7/26/1981- m ? Burkhart (Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • - - -  JJ23222- (MM5432222)- Jessica Fuller b1/24/1983 (Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • - - -  JJ23223- (MM5432223)-- Eric Fuller b5/18/1987 (Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • - - -  JJ23221- Jessica Fuller b (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ23222- Erik Blodgett b (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ2323- Denise Blodgett b10/30/1963 Antigo,Langlade,WI- d4/5/1965 17 months old, Great Lakes Naval Hosp.,,Great Lakes,IL Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery (Obit) Note: Denise had been ill since birth with heart complications. The family resided in Deerfield, IL at the time of Denise''s death.
  •   (Picture of Denise Blodgett's tombstone taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  • JJ2324- Maynard Blodgett b5/11/1966- m7/21/1990 Sue Smiley (Rachel Blodgett)- Antigo Daily Journal, Nov. 30, 2011: - Mattoon man alive after plane crash.-  Maynard Blodgett, an emergency medical technician with the Birnamwood fire department, was working as a medic on the Eagle River-based Trans North Aviation flight when it crashed in suburban Chicago, killing three of the five people on board.-  The twin-engine Piper Navajo went down just before 11 p.m. Monday in Riverwoods, about 25 miles northwest of Chicago, just a few miles from its destination at Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling.-  The plane was carrying patient John Bialek, 80, of Streamwood, Ill and his 75-year old wife, Ilomae Bialek, as well as Blodgett and two pilots.-  The Bialeks were both killed in the crash.-  The third victim was William Didier, 58, of Cedar Grove.-  He is believed to have been the pilot.-  It is believed they were having a fuel problem before it crashed.
  • - - -  JJ23241- Rachel Lauren Blodgett b5/10/1991 (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ23242- Ryan Adam Blodgett b5/26/1993 (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ23243- Bailey Blodgett b7/7/1997 (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ2325- Duane Blodgett b8/8/1967- mPaula Henke Divorced (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ23251- Jakob Alan Blodgett b8/31/1990 (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ23252- Samantha Wojnowiakb9/13/1993 (Rachel Blodgett)
  • - - -  JJ233- Gwendolyn Blodgett (Adopted)- mBen Grinhaug Resides in Rochester,MN
  • - - -  JJ234- Leslie Burt-- m? Fredenberg (Foster Daughter) Resided in Green Bay.

JJ124- Fern Lucille Johnson (MM1434) b2/19/1912 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d4/12/1991 Antigo,Langlade,WI- m6/22/1934 (Marriage Cert.) George James Close (son of Charlie Close & Eva Funk) b1/19/1912-d9/16/1989 Antigo,Langlade,WI- Occupation: Wood Factories Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery,Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- Resided in Twp. of Hutchins & Antigo,WI- I remember moving day at George & Fern''s house SW of Mattoon out into the country. My parents weere helping them move into the country of Langlade County. All the adults left the residence packed down tight. Phyllis & I were left to ride with Dale in his car. He packed up and the only space left was for us girls to ride in the truck. One catch, the hinge to the truck lid did not work. You guessed it, we had to hold it up while Dale drove which felt like we were going down those granite roads pretty fast. But we made it to our destination.- - - - 


   (Picture of George & Fern taken by Karolyn Roberts)

   (Picture of George, Fern, Phyllis, Dale, & Darlene)

   (Picture of Fern & Gladys, sisters, 8th grade graduation; The older children taught Gladys to read before she went to school, so she was skipped a grade, and that is why they graduated at the same time)

   (Picture of Fern & George's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts)


JJ1241- Dale Norbert Close (MM1421) b3/25/1935 Mattoon,Shawano,WI- -€“ d6/13/2014 Antigo,Langlade,WI- m6/13/2014 Antigo,Langlade,WI Carol Farrell b-Dale was a member of the U.S. Army from 1955-1958, serving in Korea''s Demiltarized Zone for 18 months.- - Dale worked in auto body repair in Antigo.-  A private graveside service with military honors was held at Elmwood Cem.,Antigo,Langlade, WI.-  (Obit)

   (Dale in Army uniform during his time of service picture by Karolyn Roberts)

   (Dale & Carol taken by Karolyn Roberts)

  • - - -  MM543411-Karen Sue Close b6/3/1960 (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543412-Kathy Lynn Close b10/23/1965 (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543413-Randy Lee Close b11/13/1962 (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543414-Richard Dale Close b2/1/1970 (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  - 
  • - - -  MM54342-Darlene Mae Close b8/2/1936 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,USA- m12/24/1964 Joe Robert Zoern b11/11/1944 Antigo,Langlade,WI,USA Occupation: Owns Joe''s Pest Control, Pest Exterminator (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  - 
  • - - -  MM54323-Phyllis Joanne Close b3/21/1938- m7/5/1967 Bobby Theodore Shumans, Sr. Occupation: Bobby-Iron Worker, Phyllis-Computer Programmer Resides in Indian Head,MD (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  - 
  • - - -  MM543231-Bobby Theodore Shumans, Jr. b12/29/1970-d11/21/1993 Auto Accident Bur: Trinity Memorial Gardens,Indian Head,MD-Bobby was driving, had two friends along, one guy and one girl. He lost control of the car. They had been working late at their church. (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  - 
  • - - -  MM54324-Beverly Karen Close b12/26/1947- m4/6/1968 Jerome Marvin Piper b6/16/1947Occupation: Beverly-Veneer Mill-Mattoon (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543241-Todd Allen Piper b4/29/1966- (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543242- Lynn Louise (Piper) Badles (Adopted) b2/16/1967 Antigo,Langlade,WI- Lynn grew up at Medford,WI (Beverly Piper)
  • - - -  MM543243-Tina Marie Piper b8/15/1968- mCorey Sikora (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM5432431- Corey Lee Sikora (Beverly Piper)
  • - - -  MM5432432-Cari Lynn Sikora (Beverly Piper)
  • - - -  MM5432433- Travis John Sikora (Beverly Piper)
  • - - -  MM543244-Terri Lynn Piper b7/9/1969- (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM5432441-Cody Lee Piper (Beverly Piper)
  • - - -  MM543245-Jerry Marvin Piper b8/31/1977 (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543246-Timmothy (Tim) James Piper b8/8/1979 (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM5432461-Britney Ann Piper (Beverly Piper)
  • - - -  - 
  • - - -  MM54325-Janice Arlene Close b12/11/1951- m6/9/1973 Richard Larry Marvin b8/21/1951 Occupation: Janice-Fish Lures-Sheldon''s of Antigo Dick-Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc. Resides in Antigo,WI (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543251-Melissa Ann Marvin b10/7/1973 (Darlene Zoern)
  • - - -  MM543252-Carrie Lynn Marvin b10/30/1981 (Darlene Zoern)

JJ125- Gladys Emmeline Johnson (MM1435) b9/20/1914 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d2/28/1997 Farmington,St.Francois,MO-m4/4/1941Harley Donald Amersonb8/24/1915 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA- d12/14/1993 Antigo,Langlade,WI (Langlade Co. Deaths, V35,p124) -Occupation: Kraft Foods Cheese Pan Operator- Resided:- Langlade County,WI- Bur: Woodlawn Cem.,Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- When Gladys & her sister Fern were older teens, Gladys had mastoid, and Fern was sick also. The girls were taken to the Shawano Hospital and left for surgeries. There were no phones and no transportation; thus no visits from family. When someone was visiting from the area and the girls were well enough to go home, they rode home with this person. (Karolyn)

  (Picture of Gladys & Harley)

  • - - -  JJ1251- Karolyn Rae Amerson b1941 - mGerald Lee Roberts b1/6/1939 Effingham, IL - d3/30/2018 Urbana, IL  - Burial:  Mt. Olive Cem.,Mayview, IL (near Urbana on Rt. 150)
  •    (Picture of Gerald Roberts)
  • - - -  JJ1252- Roger John Amerson - mEleanor Montijo bChicago, IL
  • - - -  JJ1253- Glenn Leland Amerson- mJudith Ann Dizmon Amerson b4/21/1947- d3/6/1999 St. Louis,MO- m4/27/1968 Urbana,Champaign,IL- Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Park Hills,MO- Jerry& Karolyn Roberts stood up for them when they got married. Actually, I had introduced Judi to Glenn on one ofhis visits to Champaign, IL.-Karolyn- 
  •   (Engagement picture of Judy given by Karolyn Roberts)

JJ1254- Donald Wayne Amerson b11/27/1947- Antigo,Langlade,WI- d10/24/2010 Santa Maria Rest Home,Green Bay,WI- m7/15/1972 Linda Mae Wanner(div) - m2Louanne Devroy (div) -  Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp.ofHutchins, Shawno,WI- Don worked as a mechanical draftsman, then as a railroad mechanic, and then as a machine maintenance man at a Green Bay Company, Tufco Industries. Because of his disability, they later transferred him into the office as a comptroller.. He went on disability in 1995 with MS.-When our mother was sick, I took care of Donnie a good deal of the time. (Oibt; Karolyn Roberts)

      (Pictures of Don given by Karolyn Roberts)

  • JJ12542- Danial Lee Amerson b1/9/1982 Green Bay,WI- - d12/28/2011 at his mother's home, Coventry,NY.-  Resided in Howard (by Green Bay),WI for several years with his Dad, Donald Amerson - U.S. Army, 38th Engineers, 3rd Platoon, one of first units to Iraq, the Fourth Brigade of the Second Infrantry Division., 2007- Received a Medal of Valor.-  His His veicle was hit by a roadside bomb and he survived to help the injured until help arrived.- Wrote an article - "Keeping routes safe with the 38th Engineers" of "in The Desert Raider, Sept. 2007" - Following service, he worked for several restaurants in the Green Bay area before going to NY to attend school.- Was attending The Culinary- Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY- at the time of- his death.-  (Family)- Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins, Shawno,WI
  •        (Pictures of Dan given by Karolyn)

JJ126- Edwin Marvin Johnson (MM1436) b6/11/1917 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI -  d8/17/1998 Antigo,Langlade,WI (Langlade Co. Deaths, V37,p193) - m7/26/1947 Ihone Arvilla Thompson b9/15/1927 Occupation: Farmer,Mattoon Veneer Mill--  Resided in Langlade Co,WI- Served in WWII-

Sent this message on 7/23/1940 on postcard of Fish Creek, Door County, WI to his parents while picking cherries: Dear Folks, Well, were here safe and sound, got down here last night. Didn''t get so many picked today as we had to change orchards. I picked 12 5-quart pails full. I''m sitting in the car writing on a soap box down at Fish Creek. Were only picking a mile and a 1/2 from here. Well, will be home in a week''s time with the beans. If I''m not there, so long. Ed- Bur: Woodlawn Cem.,Twn of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- Ed & Ione owned land around a lake, and they made a nice area by the lake in the woods there for swimmintg, and Ione built a cabin on a hay wagon that was quite neat.-  The relatives spent several holidays there.- Ihone also built several outdoor brick fireplaces as well as a picnic area in their yard.-  Each was more elaborate than the last.-  Her last feat was a minature golf course out behind the barn of which Geraldine and I had a tour.-  (Ed & Karolyn shared the same birthdate)

     (Picture of Ed in the army;    Wedding picture of Ed & Ihone; Leonard Johnson, second from left)

   (Picture of Ed with his neices and nephews) 

   (Ihone with Geraldine Johnson Tucker, servers at the funeral of Gladys Johnson Amerson taken by Karolyn Roberts)

   (Picture of Ed's & Ihone's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts)


JJ1261- Robert (Bob) Johnson

JJ12611- Randy Johnson

JJ1262- Donna Johnson m? Gardner

JJ1263- Gerald (Jerry)- LeRoy Johnson b1/28/1958- m3rd cousin 8/12/1978-  Michelle Blodgett (MM543321) (div. mZeinert) - b8/31/1960- (Ashley Johnson)

  •  JJ12631- Nicholas Alan Johnson b12/16/1980- m2004 ??
  •  JJ12632- Ashley Lynn Johnson b10/4/1983- m6/17/2017 ? Powell (Ashley Johnson)
  •     JJ126321- Braydon Patrick Allen Powell (Ashley Johnson)

JJ127-- Lorene Lillian Johnson (MM1437) b9/5/1919 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- d4/9/2008 Antigo,Langlade,WI- Twin--  m12/24/1942 Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI George H. Wolf (son of Andrew G. Wolf & Martha Kickhafer) (Marr. Cert) b2/22/1912 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA- d11/1/1992 at home, Hutchins Twp.,Shawano,WI- Occupation: Farmer,Mattoon Veneer Mill,Also owned a small Mill- Resided in Town of Hutchins--  Bur: Woodlawn Cem.,Twn of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- George& Lorene let their cows wander through the woods, thus keeping them clean of underbrush.-  We loved playing in those woods and the raspberry bushes were plentiful.-  All of the aunts used to gather and pick berries for canning for their families.-  This went on for a good two weeks, and there were also some blackberry bushes, but not near as plentiful.-  My mother was unable to pick, and so she hired me for 10 cents a quart, and on a good day I made 20 cents.-  Towards the end, Aunt Helen asked me to babysit by the house and she picked my berries for me. Karolyn

   (Picture of George & Lorene taken at the wedding of Randy & Tammy Roberts, Urbana, IL by Karolyn Roberts)

      (Picture of TS of Lorene & George Wolf taken by Karolyn Roberts)


JJ1271- Sandra Wolf

JJ1272- Kenneth Wolf

- JJ128- Laverne Louella Johnson (MM1438) b9/5/1919 At her parents,Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA- Twin to Lorene--  d1/20/2001 Goshen,Elkhart,IN- m3/14/1946 Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-  Wallace LeRoy Blodgett b8/25/1925 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI- d8/22/1988 Kansasville,Racine,WI- --  Bur: Union Grove Cem.,Union Grove,Racine,WI- Occupation: Rubber Factory, dUnion Grove, WI- - I remember this wedding even though I was small.-  The rooms in Grandma''s house connected in such a way, that you could make a complete circle.-  So, I traveled in circles just to pass by the kitchen stove area to say -€œHi-€ to my Grandma Amerson who was attending the event. The house was crowded and I remember a table filled with gifts.- A niece, Geraldine Johnson; took an apartment in Racine, WI in 1958, and niece, Karolyn Amerson joined her in 1959.-  Weekends we spent with the Blodgetts.-  Later, another niece, Darlene Close & husband, Joe Zoern lived in Union Grove, WI and spent time with them also.-  We did many things with their sons.-  I also spent a previous summer babysitting near Kansasville for a friend of Aunt Laverne''s.-Karolyn

     (Wedding picture, &    other pictures  & Wallace in Army uniform, from Coleen Blodgett)

JJ1281- Ronald Blodgett

JJ1282- James Blodgett

JJ1283- John Blodgett


JJ129- Elna Marie Johnson (MM1439) (Stillborn daughter of John & Carrie) b5/22/192?-d5/22/192? Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI--  Buried by Peter & Elna Johnson''s Stone, to the north-  (No marker)- She was buried elsewhere and had to be moved, but the person that did it said there was nothing but a couple of bones and he took some dirt also.-  Grandma begged my mother to go and look at her sister in the casket set up in their living room, but Mother being a child, wouldn''t go.-  Later, she wished she would have gone.-Karolyn


JJ12(10)- Leonard Eugene Johnson (MM143(10)) b12/3/1924 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA- d9/12/2015 at home,Hutchens Twp.,Shawano, WI- m10/20/1973 St. Mary Catholic Church, Antigo, WI Rita Steber- b?- d10/11/2009 at home, Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano, WI- Occupation: Leonard; Dairy Farmer in younger years, Wisconsin Timber & Land Mill.-  Burial, - Woodlawn Cemetery Sexton.--  Rita;Veneer Mill Resides in Town of Hutchins- John Blodgett & Glenn Amerson (nephews)-  officiated at Leonard''s funeral.- - - No children.- Leonard has helped many people over the years with genealogy.-  He received many calls, letteers, & visits from people wanting to visit the cemetery and learn more about their families.-  He enjoyed meeting and talking with all of these people and also helped me so much, supplying me with photos, data, etc..- Karolyn- - - Burial:-  Woodland Cemetery.

(Picture of Leonard  from Gladys Johnson Amerson)

  (Picture of Leonard & Rita)

  (Picture of Leonard's & Rita's home taken by Karolyn Roberts)

   (Picture of woods across the road from Leonards taken by Karolyn Roberts)

   (Picture of tombstone of Leonard & Rita taken by Karolyn Roberts)


JJ13- Walter Alfred Johnson (MM563) b7/27/1890 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d11/26/1965-  (Langlade Co. Deaths, V21,p278) Langlade Mem. Hos.,Antigo,WI - Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit) - (No children)- m1/17/1951 Stevens Point,Rock,WI Bessie O. Wood (Bossell) (dau. of George & Euphrasia (Aldrich) Wood) b8/31/1894 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit)-- d12/22/1981 Antigo,Langlade,WI--  (Obit) (2nd Marriage for Bessie; previously married to Richard Bossell, died in 1942) Resided: AL & WI- Walter was a U.S. Navy Veteran, served in WWI, member of the John Owen American Legion Post at Mattoon, Military graveside rites were conducted. (Obit); ran a potato farm in N. WI in the summer time and one in Alabama during the winter time. (See picture at top of page)-- Letter to Walter from Adolph Swanson in Victoria, TX in 1910 is sent to Potosi& Mattoon, WI. (Potosi is in Grant Co. & Matton in Shawano Co., and yet both were listed on the same card, I guess if not in one place forward it on) Letter from Lillian Swanson in 1915 to Walter at Stratsford, SD of Brown Co., c/o Chas. Hello Kiddo. Will answer your letter in a couple of days. Would of answered the first part of the week but stayed up to Wood''s until Mr. Wood was buried. He died Sun. night. Thrashers will be here tomorrow. Don''t suppose you know who these people are, well guess anyway. (front of postcard) Must ans. Oscar''s letter which I got five week''s ago. As ever. Lillian. One postcard says Potosi, WI, c/o Kratz Brothers.- Walter was as a boarder with Iver & Hilda Mathisen, is age 39 and a farm laborer (Census)---  - - One holiday our family drove up to Grandma Johnson''s, & Darlene & Phyllis came running out telling me to come in and meet Great Aunt Bessie.-  She told us to take one good look at her and we would never forget that map. She was a lot of fun.-Karolyn-

   (Picture of Walter Johnson and ??, MHS [Mattoon High School?] written on both ties, from the collection of Walter Johnson)

   Left: Back Row: Cousins:  John Johnson & Walter Johnson -·-  Front Row: Oscar Johnson & Lawrence Swanson - (Identification by Kathryn Merzouk)

   (Picture of Bullers Camp post card from the collection of Walter A. Johnson, written to Walter from Oscar B. Johnson, - "Guess you know this picture by the looks of the horses.")

   (Picture of a load of lumber on skids from the collection of Walter A. Johnson)

 JJ14- Selma Lucille Johnson (MM164) b9/8/1897 Mattoon,Shawano.WI, -d2/2/1975 Rhinelander,Oneida,WI (S.S. Death Index)- m10/21/1915 Twp. of Almond,Shawano,WI Lloyd Hansen (son of Peter Hanson bDenmark, & Trica Olson bNorway) (Marr. Cert) b11/3/1885-d9/16/1961 Resided at Pine Lake, WI Bur: Forest Home Cemetery,Twp. of Pelican,Rhinelander,WI, Newell Street,1 block south of Lincoln St(Business Hwy 8) Rhinelander T.36N.-R.9E.Sec.5 (Lloyd had a son Claude by his first wife. Her grave is in Woodlawn Cemetery,Hutchins,Shawano,WI Nellie Wilmont.-  Claude lived with his Wilmot grandparents and after they died, he went to Peter and Trine Hansen and lived with them until they passed away.-  He has a daughter Denise)-  (Doris Whitaker Wyss)   (Claude Hansen, son of Lloyd from first marriage)

  (Picture of Selma contributed by Doris Whitaker Wyss;

   Lloyd by Doris Whitaker Wyss)

   (Selma with Darwin)

   (Selma & Lloyd at a lumber camp)

   (Selma probably taken by Gladys Amerson)


-JJ141- Vera Audrey Hansen (MM1641)- b5/27/1916 Mattoon,Shawano,WI- d12/30/2001 Rhinelander,Oneida,WI- m Leon (Jay) Miller b1911- d1992- Resided at Rhinelander,WI- - Burial: Rhinelander,Oneida,WI (Doris Whitaker Wyss)

 (Pictures:-     Vera contributed by Doris Whitaker Wyss,

    Jay & Veras tombstones by Doris Whitaker Wyss)


 JJ1411- Gale Arnold Huempner- b7/14/1941- Rhinelander,Oneida,WI- d6/26/2007- Rhinelander,Oneida,WI- Served in the military- Burial: Northland Memorial Park, Rhinelander,Oneida,WI (Doris Whitaker Wyss)

JJ14111- Robin Gale Huempner- b1965 (Doris Whitaker Wyss)

JJ1412- Roxie A. Miller b8/13/1942 Rhinelander,Oneida,WI--  (Doris Whitaker Wyss)

JJ142- -  Darwin Roy Hansen (MM1642)- - b5/16/1933 Mattoon,Shawano,WI- d12/25/1986 Green Bay,WI- (Doris Whitaker Wyss)- 

   (Picture of Darwin contributed by Doris Whitaker Wyss)


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