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(Jöns Jönsson)
Pronounced Jens Jensson in Sweden

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        by Karolyn Rae Roberts

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 (Picture from the collection of Walter Johnson)

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I will be cross-referencing some names with names in the Mansson files found under Pages (Swansons)  

Johnson - Twp. of Hutchins Platt Map 

 Reason Why You Should Settle Here – Town of Hutchins, Shawano County, WI (Taken From Book of WI Timber & Land Co.)  Because there is no healthier elimate in the world. There are no blizzards, cyclones, malaria or hay fever. The winters are moderate and the summers cool. Because there are plenty of clear streams and lakes abounding with fish. Because there is building stone in abundance, and plenty of lumber close at hand and cheap. Because the soil is clay loam, easily worked and very productive. There is no cheap sand land. Because there are fewer crop failures in this section than anywhere in America. Because there is fine pasture and rich feed, to make rich milk. Because the demand for dairy products is ten times greater than the supply. Because we have good schools, both graded and ungraded. Because we have curches of all the leading denominations. Because we have serveral civic societies and fraternal orders. Because you will have good, law-abiding neighbors, willing to help you get started – as we will. Because the taxes are low. Because the title to you land is perfect. Because our system permits of families being located in groups. We will reserve land for your absent relatives for a certain time, so that when they come, you can all live near each other, or together. Because the progressive town of Mattoon with its 1500 people is near our lands. Because hundreds of prosperous farmers who bought land of us will give you the benefit of their experience. Because there is work for everybody. We employ 300 men in our mills and factories at Mattoon, manufacturing lumber and veneers. Because the railroad is within one to five miles of your farm. Because there is an up-to-date power station supplying current for electric light. Also a fine telephone system. Because there is a fine roomy hospital and the best of medical attendance. Also experienced physicians having independent practices. Because the land is so cheap and so productive that you can make it pay for itself before your last payments are due. What the Land Costs For any portion of 10,000 choice, selected acres, unimproved, we charge from $10 to $20 an acre, according to location. The land is uniform in quality everywhere, its location being the only reason for the variation in price. The excellent roads will make this of little consequence to many. To a young man and his family, we advise the purchase of forty acres at first, this being large enough on which to make a good living. Larger tracts will be sold to those desiring to engage in farming on a bigger scale. We give you time in payment for the land, at a low rate of interest. Remember, that if you buy, your railroad fare is refunded to you. The title is perfect. Printed abstracts of title, with the written opinion of a good lawyer, together with a certificate that all taxes have been paid up to time of purchase are given every buyer. Improved Lands. At our own expense we have put into cultivation in crops about 500 acres, and we are constanty enlarging this tract, knowing that some buyers will want improved lands. If desired we will sell forty and eighty acres of this land to individuals at a price to be agreed upon, depending somewhat on the buildings now standing thereon. We can sell you lands from one to ten miles from the town of Mattoon. When you come to inspect the property you will be taken in hand by the owners, and everything will be done to make you acquainted with the country and its hospitable people. There is a hotel in Mattoon which accommodates 200 guests. The rates are moderate, and should you and several of your neighbors decided to come together, you will find ample accommodations. In cases where the person interested cannot be present, a selection will, if desired, be made for him. He will expect a personal guarantee with the land as we have represented it, and this we are willing to give. To do this for him, we must know what his means are, how much land he wishes to purchase, the size of his family, and whether or not he intends to purchase more land, whether he desires land perfectly level or rolling, and how far he would be willing to locate from town.

JJ – James (Jim) Svenson (Sven’s death cert. says Jim Svenson was born in Norway as well as his mother, name not given) Johnson (Jonsson) bDecember 18, 1821 Sweden – dApril 7, 1898 Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano,WI – Resided: Twp. Of Hutchins, Shawano,WIMarried: Sweden – Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery

   (Picture of James Johnson’s Tombstone, Woodlawn Cemetery, Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co., WI taken by Karolyn)

 JJ1 – Peter C. (Petter,Per) Johnson (Jonsson) b3/6/1847 KvistoftaSkåne,Sweden d2/28/1926 (MM16)-Elna Marie Swanson (Svensdotter) b8/10/1854 Harslöv,Skåne,Sweden-d3/12/1921 Mattoon,Shawano,WI- m10/24/1875 Olstorp,Skäne,Sweden – Death of Elna: Chronic Myocarditis Cardiac Dililation, Dr. Partridge, Mattoon,Shawano,WI (v14-682,Shawano Co. Courthouse) Notes: Elna moved from the family to No. 15 Härslöv in 1870. She moved into the family from Roddinge on August 13, 1875 with moving certificate No. 10. She moved away again on November 13, 1875. This time moved to No. 3 and 10 Hilleshög. The banns were published for her and the farm hand Per Jonsson from No. 1 Olstorp on October 3, 1875 and they were married October 24, 1875 Note: The farm hand Per Jonsson from No. 3 & 10 Hilleshög got a certificate of moving with No. 8, on March 31, 1880 and emigrated to America. According to the household records from the parish of Härslöv 1881-1890, vA I:32,p66, the following family are noted as living at no 11 Härslöv: Elna Svensdotter, Hilda Christina, & Johan Sigfrid. The following three people moved into no 11 Härslöv, and Sven Nilsson from Hilleshög no 3 & 10 on November 4, 1880: Crofter Sven Nilsson, Karna Mattsdotter, son August who moved in from the parish of Kvistofta on October 31, 1882, with moving certificate n22. Lodged wife (their daughter) Elna Svensdotter (Per moved to America), Elna moving from Hilleshög on April or November 4, 1880. Hilda Kristian, and Johan Sigfrid. Note: Elna together with one son and one daughter, got a certificate of moving with No. 28 on October 14, 1881 and emigrated from Härslöv No. 11 to America. Peter & Elna lived in Chicago for a brief time. In 1882, she moved to the town of Hutchins, south of Mattoon. She was one of the first settlers. – On July 10, 1889, Per Johnson bought land in the Twp of Hutchins, Shawano County, WI through the Homestead Act, Land Office at Menasha, WI, and these were signed by President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison. – On the Hutchins Twp., Shawano Co.,WI 1900 Census, Peter was a farmer, and he and his wife Elna, lived together with their children, Hilda, John, Walter, & Selma. -Elna’s funeral was held at the Elim Church of the Luthern Brethern on the corner of County RD D & Wolverine Rd., and the church still stands there (2018)). Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, E Dr., near pump. Comments: Elna Marie Johnson had a stroke. Grandma Carrie Johnson, her daughter-in-law, saved this wheelchair in her attic during her lifetime. It had a foothold to slide your foot in to, and it was used for steering. After Elna’s death, Peter came to live with John & Carrie. Peter & John always talked in Swedish. Peter & Elna had owned the farm on the right side of Wolverine Road behind theElim Church of the Luthern Brethern (farm is no longer) and Charlie Swanson owned the farm across from the Bottomless Lake called Cramberry Lake (Source: 1952 Platt Book). Take Red River Road to the west off of County D past Bakers Lake. A couple miles further west. For some reason of which no one is sure, the two families decided to trade farms. Note: Elna & her sister, Mary, married Peter and his cousin, James. Peter’s son, John, and James son, Charles married sisters, Carrie & Anna Swanson, who were their cousins. Peter loved Gladys’s (my mother) long hair. One day, about the age of 12, she went to town and had her hair cut. When she came home, her Grandpa Peter cried. Note: Elna & her sister, Mary, married cousins, Peter & James. Peter’s son, John, and Jame’s son, Charles, married their cousins who were sisters, Carrie & Anna Swanson. Peter died at the home of his daughter, Hilda Mathisen. 

   (Picture of Peter & Elna;

   picture of Peter and Elna with children, Hilda, John, Walter, & Selma)

JJ11-Hilda Christina Johnson (Jonsson) (MM161) b7/12/1876 Härslöv,Skåne,Sweden-At age 5, Hilda came to Chicago, IL with her parents and settled there for awhile. Then the parents moved to Town of Hutchins.- d1950 (Langlade Co. Death Records, V13,p244) Langlade Co. Mem. Hosp.,Antigo,Langlade,WI – m6/24/1907 Iver I. Mathisen (son of Mathis Mathisen & Caroline Christiansson) (Marriage Cert) b1874 Norway, when 18, came to the U.S.-d1950 Tigerton Hospital after lingering illness.,WI – 1930 U.S. Census, Hutchins Twp.,Shawano,WI states that Iver is a Dairy Farmer, is 55, Hilda C. is 53, & Chester M. is 19 and a Woods Laborer. Walter Johnson is their Boarder, age 39 and working as a farm laborer. – Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery Hilda & Iver were well thought of in the community. (Obit) Hilda was Carrie Johnson’s mentor when Carrie lost her own mother (Hulda Swanson) at 12 years of age, and later her father and baby brother (John & Emil Swanson). Hilda was always there for her. Hilda was a favorite aunt of my mother Gladys. As a child, one Halloween night, myself along with my older girl cousins went Trick-or-Treating to Iver & Hilda’s. We were given a great welcome, and we had to go in and show off our customes (attic clothes). That was my first time going out and I was probably about 10 years old. (Karolyn) Members of the Matton Nazarene Church.

   (Pictures: Iver & Hilda Mathisen;

   (Iver & Hilda Mathisen Headstone at Woodlawn Cemetery which was made from a rock in their yard, doorstoop entrance of the house and you walked acrossed it to enter their door)

(Picture of Iver's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts) (Picture of Hilda's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts) 

   Children Silvia & Chester with their pets)

  • JJ111 – Carl Mathisen (MM1611) b10/21/1905-d10/21/1905 (Legend says the father was one of Mattoon’s two doctors during that period) Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery
  •    (Picture of Baby Carl's tombstone taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  • JJ112 – Silvia Mathisen (MM1612) b1908 mHarold Earl Sutton (son of Alexander Douglas Sutton & Carrie Elisa Hansen; 1930 Census; Birth Records) b10/29/1905 Rhinelander,Oneida,WI – d9/1958 (S.S. Death Index) – Resided in Town of Hutchins
  • JJ113 – Chester M. Mathisen (MM1613) b7/26/1910 (S.S. Death Index) – d6/1985 (S.S. Death Index) – m6/3/1936 Twp. of Hutchings,Shawano,WI Edith Martha Boortz (daughter of Otto Boortz & Clara Mable Galland) 3/1/1911(The Daily News,1/20/2004, Rhinelander,WI) How,Oconto,WI – d1/14/2004 (The Daily News,1/20/2004, Rhinelander,WI) – Occupation: Dairy Farmers SE of Antigo,WI; Resided first in the Town of Hutchins, later in Langlade Co.,WI - Burial:  Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins.
  •   (Picture of Chester & Edith's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  • JJ1131 – Elroy Mathisen – (MM56132) –  m5/25/1963  Fern J. Bruening (dau. of Herman & Helen (Rabe) Bruening) b11/16/1936  – d8/21/2009 Langlade Hosp.,Antigo,Langlade,WI (Obit of Fern) (Obit of Edith) – Fern was formerly married to Glenford Bolen who died, and they had 3 boys, Chris, Tim.  ( Rick. (Obit of Fern)
    • JJ11311 -(MM561321) – Ginanne Mathisen – mWalter Blanc (Obit of Fern)
    • JJ11312 – (MM561322) – Tina Mathisen  mFloyd Brandt (Obit of Fern)
    • JJ11313 – (MM561323) – Penny Mathisen  m(Obit of Fern)
  • JJ1132 – Harvey Mathisen – mEllen? (Obit of Edith)
  • JJ1133 – Merrilee Mathisen (adopted) – mJerome Omernick (Obit of Edith)

JJ12 – John (Johan) Sigfred Johnson (Jonsson) (MM162) b5/21/1878 Härslöv,Skåne,Sweden-d11/20/1949 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA–m10/1/1904 ,Shawano,WI (Marr. Cert) Carrie Alvida Swanson (MM143) b1/3/1888 Lead,Lawrence,SD,USA-d12/3/1959 Hospital at Wausau,Marathan,WI Comments: John came over on the boat with his parents from Sweden when he was two years old. On this trip, he got so sick that he almost died. While playing, he tried to climb out a porthole and was almost all the way through when someone saw him and retrieved him just before he was completely out. Lived in Chicago for two years with his parents, then moved to Town of Hutchins, Shawano Co., WI. On the 1900 Census for Hutchins Twp. of Shawano Co., WI, John is listed as a farmhand and living with his parents and siblings. John was bi-lingual (Swedish-English), but never taught the Swedish language to his children. Occupation: Farmer Cousins (Charlie Johnson, John Johnson) married sisters (Annie & Carrie Swanson), who were also their first cousins. Resided: Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI Bur: Woodlawn Cem. (Block 7, Lot 65)
   (Picture of John Johnson  and son Earl  sawing wood for Walter Johnson)

   (Picture of John & Carrie Johnson;

   John & Carrie’s house on the last farm (the farm we knew as kids),      first farm House, the barn burned down and the depression hit, thus losing the farm, taken by Karolyn Roberts, this spot is now private land and crops are in where this stood, the 2nd house, no picture)

   (John & Carries Barn on the last farm taken by Karolyn Roberts)

   (Picture of John & Carrie's TS taken by Karolyn Roberts)

 JJ121 – Pearl Ethel Johnson (MM1431) b1/11/1905 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d6/27/1971 m6/11/1942 Kenosha,WI, Harry (Roy) Fuller b8/27/1907-d1993 Occupation: Veneer Mill,Mattoon Bur: Woodlawn Cem.

    (Picture of Ethel & Earl; copy from Album of Gladys Amerson)

  (Picture of Roy & Ethel Fuller)

JJ1211 – Phillip Elroy Fuller b4/7/1943 – d5/19/1943 – Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery(P, Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI – Roy was in the service, baby Philip became sick and was taken to Dr. Partridge in Mattoon by Grandma, Grandpa Johnson, & Leonard. Dr. Partridge didn’t think he was very sick and sent him home. He kept on crying, so they took him to Dr. McKenna in Antigo. Dr. McKenna said he couldn’t eat much because his tongue needed to be loosed, so he cut it. He kept on crying, so they took him to Mrs. Schawantz, the Mattoon Hospital where he died. Dr. Partridge felt bad because he didn’t realize the baby was so sick. 

   (Picture of Philip, copy from Gladys Amerson album;

   Picture of Philip’s tombstone taken by Karolyn)

  • MM54312-Bernard Elroy Fuller b1/10/1945- m9/21/1963 Sally Ann Martin b2/8/1947Occupation: Farmer
  • MM543121-Connie Kay Fuller b5/22/64 Twin m2/7/1986Jim Kahl)
  • MM5431211-Aaron Miles Kahl b7/30/1987
  • MM5431212-Michelle Ashley Kahl b9/30/1989
  • MM543122-Carrie Kae Fuller b5/22/64 Twin m3/26/1982Scott Matsche
  • MM5431221-Ryan Scott Matsche b7/13/1982
  • MM5431222-Linda Marie Matsche b4/22/1984
  • MM5431223-Chris Allen Matsche b11/22/1987
  • MM5431224-Kyle James Matsche 9/26/1989
  • MM543123-Stephen Elroy Fuller b1/16/1966 m5/5/1995Marty Wilcom
  • MM5431231-Noah Steven Fuller b7/29/1996
  • MM54313-Barbara Ann Fuller b10/3/1946- m10/26/1973 Stanford Warren Larkin b9/26/1945 Grad School-Nebraska,Minister; divorced
  • MM543131-Michael Raymond Larkin b12/15/1975
  • MM543132-Thomas Christopher Larkin b5/11/1977
  • MM543133-David Bradford Larkin 1/16/1979


 Sources: Agnes Johnson visits, LuDeanna Guenther of Shawano, WI for help into Shawano Records, Nellie Swanson of Shawano, WI for many Obits, Carol Logan, genealogist, of MI for sharing information of Carrie Swanson Rettinger, Dekalb, IL, Marion Rettinger Johnson of Dekalb,IL; John Swanson for all his research, Geraldine Johnson Tucker, & Rena Johnson McAuly


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