Jon Knutsson & Barbro Andersdotter Part II (Family of Hulda Olson Swanson) (married John Swanson)


Jon Knutsson & Barbro Andersdotter (Part 2) 



    By Karolyn Roberts 






May Dahlbeck sitting on the ground where Erikesstuga (first home of Olson-Allen family) wassituated. Erikesstuga was tore down about 1900. (Building in picture was not on the site) 

Wolf is Varmland's Province Animal

"The Star of the Forest," Värmland's Prvince Flower. The name is Skogsstjärna and in Latin it is Trientalis Europaea. It grows in the forest in May & June, much like the May Flowers of Wisconsin

Grandma Carrie Swanson Johnson's Cousins (In Italics) in Sweden - Approx. 1915


Sunday School Class Pictured: Back Row: Karl Bergman, Gottfrid Nilsson (son of Karin), Helge Olsson, Einar Magnusson of Lobacken, David Gustafsson, Berhard Bryngelsson of Tollesbyn; Tendor Nilsson of Tollesbyn, Henning Andersson, Selma Nilsson, Natalia Bergman, Edith Nilsson, Ruth Nilsson, Dagmar Magnusson of Korsbyn,; Agnes Allen (daughter of Nils), Anna Allen (daughter of Olof), Kristina Bryntesdotter, Anna Nilsson, Elin Nilsson, Anna Gustafsson, Maja Allen (daughter of Olof), Elsa Bergman, Åke Wallin, Ville Månsson of Korsbyn, Gösta Gustafsson of Korsbyn, Nils Segolsson of Korsbyn, Harald Segolsson of Korsbyn, & Holger Olsson of Gustäs.

 JK47516 - Karin Olsdotter b4-6-1867 Korsbyn,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Söpple,Järnskog,(S)Jarnskebygda, N.9, Korsbyn) (Söpple,Ägare 1882) . Died 11-12-1939 Söpple,Järnskog,(S). - Vid det häftiga åskvädret blev det överslag från en strömbrytare. Karin träffades och blev förlamad. Hon vårdades av sina barln tills hon avled. - m10/13/1900 Anders Nilsson (Son of Nils Nilsson & Böret Olsdotter) b12-31-1866 Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland, Sweden (Jarnskebygda, N.9, Korsbyn) - d of lung inflammation 2-22-1945 Söpple,Järnskog - Anders hade i ett obevakat ögonblick gett sig ut på en promenad till Södra Lians hållplats. Han blev liggande utomhus, förfrös ena benet och ådrog sig) Anders went to America twice and came home for good in September of 1900 & married Karin. (Sopple, p49, Ovre Näset) PARALYSED BY THE LIGHTNING, DIED LATER ON - During a rough thunderstorm in the summer of 1939, Karin Nilsson, Ovarnäset, age 72, was hit by the lightning in her home. Karin was found by her husband and son, lying on the floor in front of the Oven. She was paralyzed and her children nursed her until she died in November of the same year. (Söpple, p206) - Six years later: THE OLD MAN WENT BAREFOOT ABOUT 3 KM - A tragic occurrence happened this Sunday in Järnskog. Farmer (yeoman) Anders Nilsson, Söpple, who is about 80 years old and he is senile dement. Therefore, he was nursed by his daughter in Norra Lian. He had unobserved, gone outside in the early morning, only dressed in long underpants and a thin nightshirt and an unfastened ski boot on one foot and nothing on the other one. Before anyone had observed him, the old man had trudged through the forest about 3 km and was found on a train stop in Södra Lian. People helped him into a farm house and he was taken good care of. He was brought to the hospital in Ärjäng, where he got high fever. He died at the hospital in Ärjäng on 2/22/1945. (Söpple, p206) (Pictures of Karin Olsdotter Nilsson & Anders Nilsson contributed by May Dahlbeck) (Map of Koppom, Järnskog, Söpple, Korsbyn)(Photo to right [Inset] is of Karin Olsdotter & Anders Nilsson home, previous owners of Övre Näset; Cross tombstone pics donated by May Dahlbeck of Karin & Anders, notice the lanterns in the corners)


 Main Picture Above from May Dahlbeck: Övre Näset, farm of May Dahlbeck today, 2002, Söpple,Koppom Sweden (Karin Olsdotter & Anders Nilsson lived in this house between 1900-1939). 800 meters through the forest, you come to Övre Garse, where Karin lived with her parents before she married Anders Nilsson


Insert: Övre Näset when Karin & Anders Nilsson lived in the house. This house was built in 1846 by Nils Nilsson b11/1/1820, father of Anders. Anders b12/31/1866, lived here between 1866 - 1945, including his childhood.


Photo 2 of House: Taken in 1998 and is another view of the same home sent in by Gunnar Persson; Söpple p4


 JK475161 - Hulda Maria Nilsson b8-6-1901 Söpple,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d10-20-1978 N.Lian,Järnskog - m 1Nils Westlund b1875 N.Lian,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d12-1938 (May Dahlbeck) - m6-22-1946 2Vilhelm Mellquist b9-23-1900 Eda,(S) - d12-16-1974 N.Lian,Järnskog. (Söpple)

  • JK4751611 - Nils Stig Westlund b12-17-1926 Norra Lian,Järnskog - mSaida Gustavsson b12-5-1924 (May Dahlbeck)(Picture: Stig & Saida Westlund renovating furniture bought at an auction, Söpple p155) 
    • JK47516111 - Barbro Agneta Westlund b3/12/1949 - m1 1970 Ingemar Stromberg b1945 - div. 1994 - m2 Stellan Lundh b1/13/1951 (May Dahlbeck)
      • JK475161111 - Jonas Stromberg (Child of Ingenar) b1/25/1971 (May Dahlbeck)
        • JK4751611111 - Ida Stromberg (Mother: Maria Frykblom b10/8/1974) b11/24/2004 (May Dahlbeck)
        • JK4751611112 - Gustaf Stromberg (Mother: Maria Frykblom b10/8/1974)  b12/22/2006 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK475161112 - Anna Stromberg (Child of Ingenar) b2/19/1974 - m2005 Patric Gustafson b10/28/1973 (May Dahlbeck)
            • JK4751611121 - Julia Gustafson b5/23/1999 (May Dahlbeck)
            • JK4751611122 - Simon Gustafson b5/13/2002 (May Dahlbeck)
            • JK4751611123 - Elina Gustafson b6/9/2006 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611123 - Maria Stromberg (Child of Ingenar) b7/9/1980 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611124 - Martin Stromberg (Child of Ingenar) b7/4/1984 (May Dahlbeck)
        • JK475161112 - Anders Westlund b6/25/1956 - mMarita ? - 3/2/1958 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611121 - Henrik Westlund b10/15/1979 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611122 - Kristin Westlund b4/9/1982 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611123 - Helena Westlund b2/11/1987 (May Dahlbeck)
        • JK475161113 - Stefan Westlund b12/22/1959 - mIngela Andersson b10/18/1961 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611131 - Jenny Westlund b6/3/1981 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611132 - Emelie Westlund b10/28/1985 (May Dahlbeck)
        • JK475161114 - Patrik Westlund b7/27/1963 - m2/24/2007 Monica ? b2/5/1968 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611141 - Carolin Westlund (Mother: Lena ? b9/26/1965)  b10/29/1989 (May Dahlbeck)
          • JK4751611142 - Markus Westlund (Mother: Lena ? b9/26/1965) b 10/22/1998 (May Dahlbeck)
        • JK4751612 - Nils Uno Sverker Westlund b5-28-1935 Norra Lian, Järnskog. Worked all his life with agriculture. Sverker retired in 2002 and at 6 cows at this time. He has lived all his life in Torpet, Norra Lian and still does. Single. (May Dahlbeck)

JK475162 - Bror Emil Nilsson b2-3-1904 Söpple,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - d7-5-1906 Söpple,Järnskog (Söpple)

K475163 - Gottfrid Alexis Nilsson b5-9-1907 Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - Blev som åttaåring illa sjuk, men klarade livhanken tack vare operation på Karlstad lasarett.) - d4-6-1985 Järnskog (S) - m5-13-1940 Olga Gjertine Kinn-Hansen (father, Kinn) b8-8-1900 Oslo,Norway (S) - Tandteknicker in Oslo,Norge. Mottog 1969 ur kronprins Carl Gustafs hand en guldmedalj för god mjölkproduktion - d4-14-1983 Söpple,Järnskog (Söpple) When the war started in Norway on 4/9/1940, Olga was then living in Oslo where she worked as a dental mechanic. She escaped into Sweden and after several days of hardship, she reached her fiancé, Gottfrid Nilsson. They married 5/13/1940 and worked with agriculture. Two gold medals for good handling of milk have been awarded to Söpple. In 1969, Olga & Gottfrid Nilsson got the medal from the crown prince Carl-Gustaf. The event took place in the Concert Hall in Stockholm. In 1969, Olga was in Stockholm to receive a medal from the King Carl XVI Gustaf for faultless milk deliveries to dairy during at least 23 years. (Söpple, p50) May now has the medal in her home and lives on the same farm, but today, without cows. (May Dahlbeck) Burial: Järnskog's Church Cem. (Picture: Gottfrid & Olga Nilsson, Odd & May, Söpple p50; Picture of the tombstone of Gottfird & Olga buried in the Järmslpgäs Church Cemetery, Sweden donated by May Dahlbeck; Picture of Gottfrid Nilsson, Royal Navy of Sweden, 1927 donated by May Dahlbeck)

  • JK4751631 - Alf Odd Axel Nilsson b4-3-1941 Söpple,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - m4-3-1969 Siv Barbro Hermansson b5-21-1942 - Lived in Stömne,Klässbol,Stavnäs. (Söpple)(Picture of Odd Nilsson in uniform while in the Swedish Military Service; notice the uniform. Söpple, p210)
    • JK47516311 - Christina Ellinor Louise Nilsson b6-10-1969 Stömne,Stavnäs,Värmland,Sweden - m6-4-1994 Harry Jan-Ola Johansson b5-6-1964 (Söpple) At the time of Christina's & Jan-Ola's wedding, they took the name of Hermansson as their surname after Christina's mother's maiden name. (Christina Hermansson)
      • JK475163111 - Emma Emilia Victoria Hermansson b3-13-1996 Stömne,Stavnäs, Värmland,Sweden (Söpple)
      • JK475163112 -Victor Johan Axel Hermansson b2-16-1999 Stömne,Stavnäs, Värmland,Sweden (Söpple)
    • JK47516312 - Eva Karin Victoria Nilsson b1-12-1979 Stömne,Stavnäs,Värmland,Sweden (Söpple) - m7/22/2006 Christian Olsson b11/1/1979
      • JK475163121 - Albin Bengt Odd Olsson b11/1/2002 - christened in Stavnas Church 1/12/2003 (son of Victoria Nilsson & Christian Olsson)
    • JK4751632 - Mary (May) Gurliann Nilsson b9-4-1947 Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden Radio-Telegrafist. Var i Många år anställd på Broströmkoncernens båtar, som gick till olika hammar i Medelhavet. Lärare in  Koppom,Järnskog - m6-21-1975 Per (Arne) Dahlbeck b2-5-1948 (S) - Lived in Visby (I) - Div: 1994 (Söpple) After studying, May Nilsson worked as a radio officer in the Swedish Merchant Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. She met Arne Dahlbeck and they married. After 23 years away from home, May went back home and got a job as a sub teacher in Hierneskolan, Koppom. May is the 9th generation in the family of Näset. Divorced in 1994.  May works in the Swedish Church office in Arvika and is a freelance writer.  (Söpple, p51, May Dahlbeck) On page 208 under the section of Trollskogen of the Söpple, May has written about mystery happenings in the forest. But, alas, (Our Grampas' neglected to teach us our Swedish!) we shall never know what those mysteries are, since we do not read the language. May has also been looking for the siblings of Hulda Olson in America for some time now. (Picture: May Dahlbeck: Author of the "Söpple", Söpple p208) (Picture below: Marleen, Hans, & Helena Dahlbeck with their mother, May Dahlbeck. Dogs are Buick Elektra and Chester! Söpple p51)
    • JK47516321 - Helena Eva Mary Dahlbeck b8-10-1976 Arjäng,Silbodal, Värmland, Sweden (Söpple) 10th generation in the family of Näset.
    • JK47516322 - Marleen Kerstin Gurliann Dahlbeck b9-10-1981 Gunnarskog, Värmland, Sweden (Söpple) 10th generation in the family of Näset.
    • JK47516323 - Hans Arne Torbjörn Dahlbeck b4-22-1984 Gunnarskog, Värmland,Sweden (Söpple) 10th generation in the family of Näset. JK475163231 - Hans Martin Brink Dahlbeck b11/17/2008 Sweden - Christened in Järnskog's Church 4/4/2009 (May Dahlbeck) - Mother is Hanna Brink of Sweden.  (May Dahlbeck)
    • JK475164 - Jenny Emilia Nilsdotter b9-22-1910 Söpple,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - )- d9-30-1910 Söpple,Järnskog (Söpple)
    • JK47517 - Emil Olsson Allen b4-27-1871 Korsbyn,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Jarnskebygda, N.9, Korsbyn; EM: 1889) - d12/13/1889 Minneapolis, MN,USA - Cause of death, we suspision was Typhoid Fever - Burial:  Family plot (Hillside Cem.) of brothers Gustaf Olsson Allen, & Carl Charles Olson  - Student, in 1888, Emil had finished his commercial school. Some of his study books are still still saved. In spite of Emil's youth, he was a very serious young man. (May Dahlbeck) Moved 4-27-  1889 from Söpple,Järnskog,(S). to Amerika. (Söpple,Ägare 1882) On Emil's eighteenth birthday, he went to the priest for a certificate to America, and left about one month later.   Emil was a very nice and clever young man. In Sweden he had attended commercial school which was unusual at that time in Sweden. I have some of his schoolbooks. He had very beautiful handwriting; he liked to write poetry and he was also a Sunday School Teacher. (May Dahlbeck of Sweden, 2/17/2002; Söpple p172) Emil immigrated to Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN. He sailed from Oslo in Norway via Rollo, May 24, 1889. (May Dahlbeck; Immigration Records) The Rollo (1) was Built in Hull, England at C. & W. Earle Wilson Line, Hull, England. It had one funnel and two masts. Picture: Our picture of Emil Olsson Allen, identification by May Dahlbeck; also in the Söpple p172)
    • JK47518 - Nils Olsson Allén b5-4-1874 Korsbyn,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Jarnskebygda, N.9, Korsbyn) - Lived in Söpple,Järnskog (Söpple,Ägare 1882) . d12-20-1949 - mAnna Nilsdotter (father, Nilsdotter) b1-9-1877 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog. Lived in Söpple,Järnskog,(S) - d9-6-1972 Söpple,Järnskog - At the beginning of 1900, Nils parcelled out 1/3 of his father's property (Övre Garse) and he built a house (Nedre södra Garse) and outbuildings and married Anna Nilsdotter of Södra Lian. (Söpple, p57, Sweden) (Picture of Nedre södra Garse, Nils Olsson Allen Home, Söpple p57) (Pictures of Nils Olsson Allen & Anna Nilsdotter; Söpple p58)(Picture of the tombstone of Nils & Anna Allen taken by May Dahlbeck)   

   JK475181 - Ellen Signhild Allén b12-10-1901 Söpple,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) (Jarnskebygda, N.9, Korsbyn) - d7-8-1976 Karlstad,(S) - m5-26-1928 Karl Henning Tollesby b11-2-1901 Ödskölt(P) - d1-26-1988 Karlstad (S) (Söpple) (Picture of Ellen Allen Tollesby courtesy of May Dahlbeck)

        • JK4751811 - Anna Gunnel Elenor Tollesby b11-14-1929 (S)- Lived in Karlstad(S) - mTore Gerhamn Lived in Karlstad. (Söpple)
          • JK47518111 - Gunnel Marie-Louise Gerhamn b5/21/1958 - mMagnus Lange (Söpple)
          • JK47518112 - Ulf Peter Gerhamn b4/17/1964 - mElisabeth Andersson (Söpple)
        • JK4751812 - Bror Carl-Göran Tollesby b1-25-1934(S) - mGunilla Wallbom - Lived in Karlstad. (Söpple)
          • JK47518121 - Ulrika Kristina Tollesby b8/14/1961 - mHåkan Steen (Söpple)
          • JK47518122 - Maria Charlotte Tollesby b4/14/1966 - mÖivind Lund (Söpple)
      • JK475182 - Agnes Otilia Allén b11-13-1904 Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d5-31-1996 Järnskog, Agnes inherited property and carried on with farming with her son Runar. (S) (Söpple) (Picture of Agnes Allen courtesy of May Dahlbeck)
        • JK4751821 - Nils Runar Ernfrid Allén b10-5-1931 Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S)- Sågverksarbetare in Söpple,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Address: Folkungagatan 22 B, Skövde - d6-28-1982 Skövde (R) - m6-20-1958 Karin Marianne Fridén - Larv. (Söpple)
          • JK47518211 - Eva Bodil Carina Allén b5/2/1959 - mUlf Tomas Reiersson Töreboda (Söpple)
            • JK475182111 - Niclas Emil Reiersson (Söpple)
            • JK475182112 - Linn Emma Reiersson (Söpple)
          • JK47518212 - Eva Marita Anette Allén b1/8/1963 - mDavid Khalaf (Söpple)
            • JK475182121 - Daniel Tobias David Khalaf (Söpple) Skövde (May Dahlbeck)
            • JK475182122 - Christian David Khalaf (Söpple) Skövde (May Dahlbeck)
            • JK475182123 - Sebastian David Khalaf (Söpple) Skövde (May Dahlbeck)
      • JK475183 -Signe Margit Allén b1-10-1919 Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - m12.11.1943 Bengt Jonsson b4-3-1918 -  d9.26.2000 (May Dahlbeck) - Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S).(Söpple) (Picture of Signe Johnsson courtesy of May Dahlbeck; Home of Signe courtesy of May Dahlback)
        • JK4751831 -Johnny Gunnar Jonsson b4-15-1944 Saxebyn,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - mElse May Blomquist born in Finland. (Söpple)
          • JK47518311 -Dan Christian Jonsson b9/13/1974 (Söpple) Västeräs
          • JK47518312 -Petra Mari Alexandra Jonsson b2/9//1977 (Söpple) Västeräs
        • JK4751832 - Lilian Görel Kristina Jonsson b5-7-1946 Saxebyn,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - m8-21-1971 Örebro Sten Ake Lennart Hällzon b1-15-1949 (May Dahlbeck) - Lived in Örebro (Söpple)
          • JK47518321 -Daniel Lennart Hällzon b10/27/1972 Örebro (Söpple)
          • JK47518322 -Görel Catarina Hällzon b3/24/1976 Örebro (Söpple)
        • JK4751833 -Mats Lennart Jonsson b3-26-1955 Saxebyn,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S) - mEva Erlandsson b8-22-1959 Stockholm (May Dahlbeck) - Lived in Gamleby (S) (Söpple)
          • JK47518331 -Marcus Nils Olof Jonsson b12-7-1990 Stockholm (May Dahlbeck) (Söpple)
          • JK47518332 -Emelie Sofia Jonsson b9-24-1994 (May Dahlbeck) (Söpple)
          • JK47518333 -Karl Fredrik Jonsson b6-4-1997 Stockholm (Söpple)
  • JK4752 - Nils Andersson b6-27-1829 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Moved 11-15-1872 from S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) to Amerika (After moving date of 11/15/1872, the S/S ODER on the 11/22/1872 was the next to sail)
  • JK4753 - Märta/Martha Andersdotter b1-1-1832 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Baptized av Svala 1-1-1832 Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden(S) (Vital Records of Sweden) . Lived in Karlanda,(S). Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S).
  • JK4754 - Stina Andersdotter b4-18-1835 S.Lian,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (S). Christening: 4/19/1835 Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden) - Lived in L.Koppom,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S).
    • JK47541 - ? ?
      • JK475411 - Hildegard ? babt 1913 - d5/1/2002 (May Dahlbeck) Hildegard owned letters written from America and one of the letters dated in April of 1925 told of Charles Olson's death.
  • JK4755 - Magnus Andersson b3-13-1837 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Christening: 3/14/1837 Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden) - Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog,(S). Lived after 1860 in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Moved 10-11-1884 from S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) to Amerika. (After moving date of 10/11/1884, the S/S ANGELO on the 10/17/1884 was the next to sail)
  • JK4756 - Kajsa/Cajsa Andersdotter b4-7-1839 Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Christening: 4/8/1939 Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden)

JK476 - Olof Olsson b1805 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Died of rödsot (Dysentery; inflamation of the lining of the intestines) 12-9-1810 S. Lian,Järnskog,(S)


Credits: Gunnar Persson, Örebro,Sweden has contributed many of the pictures as well as sending other data; May Dahlbeck of Sweden (descendant of Karin, Hulda's sister) sent many pictures as well as other information.

Korsbyn (book) there is news about the family as well as pictures.

Sopple (book)




Ancestors of

Marit Gunnarsdotter

Great-Great-Great-Grandmother of Karolyn Rae Roberts



MH - Måans Hansson b1669 - Lived in Gryttved,Köla,(S) - Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog - d4-25-1735 Fjuserud,Järnskog - Buried: 5-4-1735 Järnskog - mBöret Gunnarsdotter b1669 - Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog,(S) - d ålderdomssvaghet 11-8-1751 Fjuserud,Järnskog.

  • MH1 - Brita Månsdotter b2-26-1696 Fjuerud,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d1697 Fjuserud,Järnskog - Buried: 7-2-1697 Järnskog.
  • MH2 - Böret Månsdotter b1702 - Lived 1724 in Fjuserud,Järnskog,(S) - d3-24-1757 Torgilsrud,Köla,(S).
  • MH3 - Hans Månsson b3-11-1715 Fjuserud,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Baptized 3-11-1715 Järnskog. Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog - d slag (stroke) 7-8-1777 Fjuserud,Järnskog - mKerstin Olofsdotter (Daughter of Olof Nilsson & Dordi Andersdotter) b1717 - Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog,(S) - d1-7-1795 Fjuserud,Järnskog,(S)
    • MH31 - Måns Hansson b9-14-1738 Fjuserud,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Baptized 9-15-1738 Järnskog. Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog. Lived in Beted,Järnskog. Klockare in Beted,Järnskog - d tvinsot (TB or Atrophy) 12-14-1805 Beted,Järnskog,(S).
    • MH32 - Ingeborg Hansdotter b2-15-1741 Fjuserud,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt. 2-15-1741 Järnskog - d1-4-1743 Fjuserud,Järnskog.
    • MH33 - Nils Hansson b5-6-1743 Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog,(S) - d Gikt 12-11-1812 Fjuserud,Järnskog - Buried: 12-26-1812 Järnskog.
    • MH34 - Böret Hansdotter b3-6-1745 Fjuserud,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt Örtendahl 3-9-1745 Järnskog - Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog.
    • MH35 - Olof Hansson, I b3-1748 Fjuserud,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d kopporna (smallpox) 12-14-1749 Fjuserud,Järnskog.
    • MH36 - Olof Hansson, II b5-13-1751 Fjuserud,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt 5-14-1751 Järnskog - Lived in Fjuserud,Järnskog - d kolik 3-1-1814 Fjuserud,Järnskog.
    • MH37 - Gunnar Hansson b1754 Fjuerud,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived in Fjserud,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog - d1840 Mosstakan,Järnskog - mMarit Bengtsdotter (Daughter of Bengt Olsson & Karin Andersdotter) b1759 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog - d12-3-1845 Mosstakan,Järnskog.
      • MH371 - Ingeborg Gunnarsdotter b3-11-1781 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog
      • MH372 - Olof Gunnarsson b9-3-1783 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog. Lived after 1810 in S.Lian,Järnskog.
      • MH373 - Kerstin Gunnarsdotter, I b1786 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog - d9-2-1798 Mosstakan,Järnskog,(S).
      • MH374 - Hans Gunnarsson b1-1-1798 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog - d1-16-1861 Mosstakan,Järnskog,(S).
      • MH375 - Karin Gunnarsdotter b1791 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog - d8-27-1871.
      • MH376 - Bengt Gunnarsson b12-4-1793 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog.
      • MH377 - Måns Gunnarsson b1797 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d of feber 2-15-1809 Mosstakan,Järnskog.
      • MH378 - Kerstin Gunnarsdotter, II b1799 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog - d1874.
      • MH379 - Marit Gunnarsdotter b7-20-1803 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Died 4-28-1839 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). mSweden Anders Olsson b3-13-1799 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived before 1811 in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Lived after 1811 in Mosstakan,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S) - Gunnar Persson,Sweden)


Ancestors of

Kerstin Andersdotter

PB - Per Börjesson b1684 Saxebyn,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S) - d5-7-1748 S.Lian,Järnskog - m med 30 lod i morgongåva 6-25-1711 Jårnskog,(S) Karin Larsdotter b1679 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d rödsot 8-11-1750 S.Lian,Järnskog - Buried: Dom. XIII Trin 1750 Järnskog.

  • PB1 - Börje Persson b12-21-1712 Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d kopporna 1-13-1718 S.Lian,Järnskog - Buried: 1-19-1718 Järnskog.
  • PB2 - Torsten Persson b7-27-1716 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 7-29-1716 Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d1-29-1718 S.Lian,Järnskog - BuriedÖ2-9-1718 Järnskog.
  • PB3 - Anders Persson b1718 - Lived in S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d hetsig sjukdom 5-21-1773 S.Lian,Jäarnskog - m6-24-1750 Järnskog,(S) Marit Andersdotter b12-24-1730 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt 12-25-1730 Jäarnskog - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d hetsig sjukdom 6-18-1773 S.Lian,Järnskog - Marit was previous married on 6-25-1721 Järnskog,(S) to Olof Nilsson b1695 Tollesbyn,Järnskog,(S) -Bapt: 6-25-1695 Järnskog - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d11-3-1728.
    • PB31 - Karin Andersdotter b12-10-1751 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt 12-15-1751 Jarnskog - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d1817 S.Lian,Järnskog.
    • PB32 - Olof Andersson b1754 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d tvinsot (TB or Atrophy) 8-6-1777 S.Lian,Järnskog.
    • PB33 - Anne Andersdotter b1757 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d hetsig sjukdom 6-18-1773 S.Lian,Järnskog.
    • PB34 - Per Andersson b1761 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - Går på kryckor - d1832 S.Lian,Järnskog.
    • PB35 - Kerstin Andersdotter ( SeeJK47 above) (daughter of Anders Persson & Marit Andersdotter) b1764 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) - d12-17-1839 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) - mOlof Olsson b1763 Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,(S). Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). - d8-10-1842 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
    • PB36 - Marit Andersdotter b1767 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog.
    • PB3 7 - Karin Andersdotter b1771 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden
  • PB4 - Torsten Persson b4-29-1722 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 4-30-1722 Järnskog - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d obstruktion 7-3-1785 S.Lian,Järnsskog.
  • PB5 - Börje Persson b3-14-1725 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 3-20-1725 Järnskog - Lived in N.Lian,Järnskog - Lived in Söpple,Järnskog - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - Lived before 1788 Saxebyn,Järnskog - Lived between 1788 and 1790 Tollesbyn,Järnskog - Lived after 1790 N.Lian,Järnskog - d vattusot 7-1-1792 S.Lian,Järnskog.
  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


  • Ancestors of

Marit Bengtsdotter



BO - Bengt Olsson Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog,(S) - mKarin Andersdotter b1728 Tömte,Köla,(S) - d ålderdom 10-17-1812 Mosstakan,Järnskog - Buried: 11-8-1812 Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. - Karin remarried to Elof Ersson b9-30-1722 Mosstakan,Järnskog,(S) - Bapt: 10-7-1722 Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d1782 Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden.

  • BO1 - mMarit Bengtsdotter b1759 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog - d12-3-1845 Mosstakan,Järnskog. - mGunnar Hansson b1754 Fjuerud,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Fjserud,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Mosstakan,Järnskog - d1840 Mosstakan,Järnskog
  • BO2 - Olof Bengtsson b1764 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d ca1781 Mosstakan,Järnskog.
  • BO3 - Böret Bengtsdotter b1767 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden
  • BO4 - Bengt Bengtsson b1769 Mosstakan,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden


Ancestors of

Marit Andersdotter



AB - Anders Björnsson b1700 - Lived 1729 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) - d ålderdom 12-18-1772 S.Lian,Järnskog - m12-28-1729 Järnskog Kerstin Simonsdotter b1693 Söpple,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Lived Söpple,Järnskog - Lived 1729 S.Lian,Järnskog - d hetsig feber 2-18-1762 S.Lian,Järnskog.

AB1 - Karin Andersdotter b tvilling 12-24-1730 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 12-25-1730 Järnskog.

AB2 - Marit Andersdotter (See PB3 above) tvilling b12-24-1730 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt 12-25-1730 Jäarnskog - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d hetsig sjukdom 6-18-1773 S.Lian,Järnskog -m 6-25-1721 Järnskog,(S) 1Olof Nilsson b1695 Tollesbyn,Karlstad,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden -Bapt: 6-25-1695 Järnskog - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog - d11-3-1728 - m6-24-1750 Järnskog,(S) 2Anders Persson b1718 - Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) - d hetsig sjukdom 5-21-1773 S.Lian,Jäarnskog. Children of Marit / Olof were are below. For children of Marit & Anders, see PB3 above.

  • AB21 - Torsten Olofsson b6-23-1722 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 6-29-1722 Järnskog - d1-18-1742 Tollesbyn,Järnskog.
  • AB22 - Olof Olofsson b7-12-1725 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 7-18-1725 Järnskog -d7-1-1745 S.Lian,Järnskog.
  • AB23 - Anna Olofsdotter b11-22-1729 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 11-23-1729 Järnskog - d1-19-1742 Tollesbyn,Järnskog.

AB3 - Olof Andersson b4.17.1735 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - Bapt: 4-20-1735 Järnskog - d6-6-1745 S.Lian,Järnsog - Buried: av Cederlöf,Järnskog

AB4 - Karin Andersdotter b1745 S.Lian,,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden - d7-6-1745 S.Lian,Järnskog.


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