Descendants of Matts Anderson & Agda Torstenson (Part V) Swanson Genealogy


   Descendants of




Part V

    by Karolyn Roberts

(from Collection of Leonard Johnson)


MM57 – Peter C. Swanson (Petter Svensson) b6/26/1856 Kvistofta,Skåne,Swed en-d1921Victoria,Victoria,TX – m1886 Kansas City,Jackson,MO Anna Christina Hanson (dau. of Christian Hanson b6/21/1875 Denmark, & Ellen F. Schmidt bGermany) b7/1868 small fishing village near Copenhagen,Denmark (Records of V. E. Swanson, Jr; 1900 Census) Notes: Peter moved to Gothenburg from 11 Härslöv with a certificate of moving No. 95 on October 30, 1878 and moved to Gothenburg. He also obtained a certificate on May 3, 1878 because he had to have a certificate to travel as a journeyman tailor. Peter came to the United States in 1880/81, but the TX family says 1876 at the age of 20. (Possibly when Nels returned, possibly Nels, Elna and two children and Peter traveled together to America) and he lived nine years in Chicago, then moved to Kansas City, MO. He met Anna Hanson and married her in Kansas City, MO and in 1893, they moved to Victoria, TX. Peter was a tailor and had his own shop in Victoria. Peter became a United States citizen on October 15, 1888. – 12th U.S. Census, June 1900, Victoria,Victoria,TX, Dist. 86, Ward 1,Sheet 16, Image 33: Peter is a Tailor, and lists Christina as 32, living at 307 ? St., (Census Taker forgot to put it in) They are listed as having 6 children, 5 living. – 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Peter is listed as a Tailor owning his own shop. Living at his residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St., is his wife, Christina listed as being born in Denmark, Hilda, age 22; Oscar, age 21; Flora, age 19; Arthur, age 17; Elnora, age 13; Lena, age 9; Victor, age 5. – 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: P. Swanson as Head of Household, wife is Anna Christina listed as being born in Sweden. Peter is 62 and listed as a Tailor. His address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX. Living at his house is Mrs. H. D. Whiteman (daughter Hilda), age 32, and her son, Horace Whiteman, 9 years old. Also, living at this same address are the children, Oscar, age 31, single; Arthur, age 26, singe: Ella, age 22 and single; Lena, age 19 and single, Victor, age 15, & Frank, age 13. He had several severe strokes over the years and died on June 15, 1921 at his home. Note s: Anna was born in Denmark in a small fishing village near Copenhagen. She came to the United States with her family in 1882. Her family lived for awhile in Cleveland, OH, and then moved to Kansas City, MO. Both her parents died from Typhoid Fever at about age forty.

            (Peter Swanson donated by Rena Johnson McAuly;

Family Picture:    Top Row: Hilda, Oscar, Flora,Arthur, Peter, Anna holding Frank, Lena, Victor, & Ella;

  (Wedding picture of Peter & Anna in Kansas City donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr.& Cheryl Swanson Wentz)     


    (Pictures of Peter’s Tailor Shop, Oscar and Hilda at work;

Peter & Anna Christina Swanson 1886, donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)    

   storefront more donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)


  (Picture of one of Peter's children)



MM571 – Emil Swanson (died before 1900) Buried in Kansas City (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)

  • MM572 – Hilda Caroline Swanson b7/4/1887 (1900 Census) Kansas City,Jackson,MO -d 1/3/1953 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – mHorace Dyer Whiteman b9/20/1870-d9/16/1946 Victoria,Victoria,TX – Note: Horace (H. D.) was a printer and newspaperman.   He was in bad health for many years with lung problems. – 12th U.S. Census, June 1900, Victoria,Victoria,TX, Dist. 86, Ward 1,Sheet 16, Image 33: Hilda is living with her parents and is 12 years old – 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Hilda is listed as living at her father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. She is age 22;and a seamstress in the tailor shop. – 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Her address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX. Living at house of her father. Age 32, and her son, Horace Whiteman, 9 years old. She is working as a seamstress at a tailoring store.      
  •     (Oscar & Hilda given by V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM5721-Horace S. Whiteman b3/15/1911 Victoria,Victoria,TX,-d1982 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – mVirginia Gains Putman of Cuero,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Horace is listed as living with his mother at his grandparents house at 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX and is 9 years old. He is listed as a student. – Virginia was a school teacher. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57211-John Whiteman b11/131940 – d6/8/1983 Corpus Christi,TX of a heart attack – mCarolyn Campbell of Corpus Christ,TX (Hershal Whiteman) Sold Insurance
  • MM572111-Hershal Whiteman (Hershal Whiteman)
  • MM57212-Mark Whiteman b4/4/1953 – m1987 Annette Kosinski of Newark,DE (V. E. Swanson, Jr.; Hershal Whiteman) Note: Mark was an engineer working for DuPont Chemical Co. At one time he lived in Wilmington, DE.
  • MM572121 – Michael Stasiu Whiteman b1990 (Hershal Whiteman)
  • MM572122 – Emily Miles Whiteman b1997 (Hershal Whiteman)
  • MM5722-Manfred H. Whiteman b2/13/1922 Pleasanton,Atascosa,TX, – d11/26/1997 Victoria,Victoria,TX of a stroke ( (V. E.
  • Swanson, Jr.; Sheri Whiteman Boling) – m1Dot ? Note: Manfred (Whitey) worked for DuPont Chemical Company in Victoria, TX as a lab analyst. He was in the Navy during World War II. – m2Donna B. Wofford – b1/31/1938 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – d12/5/1997 of a heart attack (Sheri Whiteman Boling) – Manfred& Dot had Ronald. Manfred & Donna had Tina & Sherri.
  • MM57221-Ronald S. Whiteman b3/1/1949 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – Retired in NV (Sheri Whiteman Boling) – When a year old, he and his mother Dot moved back to Kansas City. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57222-Tina Marie Whiteman b8/2/1962 Victoria, Victoria,TX,- Living in Austin,TX (Sheri Whiteman Boling)
  • MM57223-Sheri Lynn Whiteman b1/21/1969 Victoria,Victoria,TX, – mGregory Boling – Living in Austin (Sheri Whiteman Boling)
  • MM5723-Anna Whiteman b3/7/1929 Victoria,Victoria,TX – mCharles Gibbons b2/19/1929 Note: Charles worked for Union Carbide for a number of years in the Engineering Department. Then he worked for several years in New Mexico before returning to Victoria where he operated his won air-conditioning business. 
  • MM57231-Charles R. Gibbons, Jr. b7/11/1952 – m1Melaine Ann Holland Note: Charles worked for a number of years as a radio DJ.
  • MM57232-Carrol Gibbons b10/15/1955 Victoria,Victoria,TX,- m1Gene Wayne Fancher – 2Dan Laza (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – Note; Gene (Butch) was an auto mechanic in Victoria, TX.
  • MM572321 – Matthew Wayne3 Fancher (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57233-Nancy Gibbons b8/5/1957 Victoria,Victoria,TX,- mVictor Dwayne Gonzales (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM572331 – Gregory Alexander Gonzales (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM572332 – Amber Elaine Gonzales (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM573- Oscar Frederick Swanson b9/1888 (1900 Census) Kansas City,Jackson,MO (1920 Census says KS) -d1936, Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)m1927 Florence Hill Green b/10/1890 Yoakam,Lavaca,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– 12th U.S. Census, June 1900, Victoria,Victoria,TX, Dist. 86, Ward 1,Sheet 16, Image 33: Oscar is living with his parents and is 11 years old – 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Oscar is listed as a Tailor working in the tailor shop and living at his father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. and is 21. – 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Oscar, age 31, single; and his address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX at his fathers He was working as a mail carrier. Notes: Oscar worked in his father’s tailor shop. After his father died and the depression hit, the shop was closed. Oscar then worked for the post office as a mail carrier. Oscar married a widow, Florence Hill Green, who had three children of her own by a previous marriage. She and Oscar never had children.
  •   (Pictures of Oscar donated by V.E. Swanson, Jr.)
  •   (Picture of Cheryl & Pat Swanson Wentz;
  •       Picture of Oscar standing with his cousin Adolph Swanson sitting, taken in Victoria, TX. Adolph sent this picture postcard to their cousin, Walter A. Johnson, in WI; from the collection of Walter A. Johnson)

MM574 – Flora Mabel Swanson b11/24/1891 (1900 Census) Kansas City, Jackson,MO (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– d6/4/1948 Victoria,Victoria,TX – (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)m1912 Victoria,Victoria,TX William Edward (Ed) Wagner b8/12/1891 Pittsburg,Camp,TX,-d7/25/1981 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)Notes: – 12th U.S. Census, June 1900, Victoria,Victoria,TX, Dist. 86, Ward 1,Sheet 16, Image 33: Flora is living with her parents and is 9 years old – 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Flora is listed as living at her father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. and is 19 and not working. – Flora was called Aunt Bo by all her nieces and nephews. Flora, like her mother and sister Hilda had high blood pressure and died of heart ailments. Note: William Edward (Ed) was a contractor at Victoria, TX. At one time he had the largest Construction Company in South Texas.

  (Picture of Flora Mabel, Ed, Raymond & Edward donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)



MM5741-Edward Wagner b3/28/1913 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– d1926 Victoria,Victoria,TX – Note: Edward was accidentally shot and killed at the age of thirteen while rabbit hunting with his cousin Horace Whiteman.

MM5742- Raymond Allen Wagner b9/2/1915 Victoria,Victoria,TX, (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– d6/2/1956 Victoria,Victoria,Tx (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)mIris Lynn McKamey b9/18/1918 Port Lavaca,TX of Kamey,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– Note: Raymond worked for his father’s construction company as a bookkeeper. When Ed retired, he turned the company over to Raymond. Raymond had diabetes and died of a heart attack at age forty.


     (Picture of Anna Whiteman, Iris Wagner,& Flora Mae Swanson donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)


MM57421-Edwin Allen Wagner b9/17/1938 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– m4/19/1969 ,De Witt,TX Linda Lou Summers b11/131943 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.; TX Marriage Records #039055 Online)

  • MM574211 – Raymond SummersWagner b1979 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM575 – Arthur Melvin Swanson b1220//1892 MO(1900 Census)(1910 Census) – d8/7/1953 Corpus Christi,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)mMargaret Rangnow b12/25/1904 Victoria,Victoria,TX,-d9/12/1942 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)Notes: Arthur was a World War I Veteran. – 12th U.S. Census, June 1900, Victoria,Victoria,TX, Dist. 86, Ward 1,Sheet 16, Image 33: Arthur is living with his parents and is 7 years old – 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Arthur is listed as living at his father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. and is 17 and not working. -14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Arthur, age 26, single; and his address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX at his fathers He is working as a tailor at the tailoring store. – He worked as a tinsmith at Victoria, TX until his death from heart trouble. Margaret died at age thirty-seven of blood poisoning from a shell cut obtained while walking on the beach. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)Their two boys were given to others to rear. Arthur never remarried and never recovered from the loss of his family.   (Picture of Margaret, Arthur, & Charles donated byV. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)
  • MM5751 – Charles Melvin Swanson b1/1935 Victoria,Victoria,TX,-d1956 Note: Charles lived with his mother’s sister, Irene Smith in Baton Rouge, LA after the death of his mother Margaret. Charles had asthma all his life as well as a blood disease when small, and died of a heart attack at age twenty-one. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  •   (Picture of Charles, William, and Arthur donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)
  • MM5752-William (Bill) Web Swanson b10/20/1940 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– mLinda Rae Luciano (dau. of Joseph A. & Mary D. Luciano) b6/27/1943 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)Corpus Christi,Nueces,TX – Note: Billy was adopted by his father’s sister Ella Wagner but left his name as Swanson. Ella and Casper left his surname as Swanson. He grew up in Corpus Christi, TX. Note: Linda’s father, Joe Luciano, had built and operated a large Italian restaurant in Corpus Christi, TX. Linda and Billy bought the restaurant when Joe retired and operated it until sold in the mid-1980’s.
  •    (Bill Swanson family) 
  • MM57521-Suzanne Marie Swanson b7/19/1962 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– m7/30/1988 ,Nueces,TX Brent M. Manning b12/18/1959 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.; TX Marriage Records #098026 Online)
  • MM575211 – Mary Hayden Manning (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM575212 – Emma Kat Manning (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57522-Charles Wagner Swanson b11/25/1963 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– m10/26/1984 ,Nueces,TX Cheryl A. Woodlee b1959/59 (TX Marriage Records #160025 Online)
  • MM575221 – Christan Swanson (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM575222 – Tyler Swanson (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM575223 – Ethan Swanson (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM576 – Elnora (Ella) Matilda Swanson b12/1897 ,Victoria,Victoria,TX (1900 Census) MO (1910 Census) -d1/3/1973 Corpus Christi,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)mFrank (CAS) Casper Wagner b6/11/1894 Ann Arbor,Washtenaw,MI,-d11/11/1979 Corpus Christ,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– 12th U.S. Census, June 1900, Victoria,Victoria,TX, Dist. 86, Ward 1,Sheet 16, Image 33: Ella is living with her parents and is 2 years old – 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Elnora is listed as living at her father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. and is 13. – 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Ella, age 22, single; and her address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX at her fathers She is working as a telephone operator. Note: Casper (Cas) finished high school in Ann Arbor, MI and moved to Terre Haute, IN. Cas’s father was a professor at Rose Polytecnic Institute in Terre Haute, IN. Cas graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and went to work for Central Power and Light Co. He was Plant Manager of the Victoria, TX plant and in 1959 moved to Corpus Christi, TX as Plant Manager there. He retired in 1959 as District Manager. – Adopted Bill Swanson.
  •   (Picture of Ella & Casper Wagner donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)
  • MM577 – Lena Amelia Swanson b12/21/1900 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– d5/10/1980 Corpus Christi,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– m8/12/1919 James Archie Jarratt b5/11/1899 Leeville,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– d3/8/1985Corpus Christi,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Lena is listed as living at her father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. and is 9. – 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Lena, age 19, , single; and her address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX at her fathers No job. Note: James (Jim) was an insurance salesman in Victoria, TX and then lived in Cureo, TX. In 1935, he and Lena moved to Corpus Christi, TX and lived there until they died. Both buried in Victoria,TX.
  •        (Picture of James Jr. &  Lena,  donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr.
  • MM5771 – James A. Jarratt b10/26/1921 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– d8/23/1979 San Francisco,CA (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– mAlberta Brown b5/25/1919 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)Note: James (Jimmy) was in the Navy during World War II. He and Alberta moved to San Francisco, CA when the war was over. Jimmy died from internal bleeding at the San Francisco hospital. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)After son died, Alberta moved back to TX.
  •   (Picture of Jimmy Jarrat, WWII contirbuted by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)
  • MM57711 – James A. Jarratt, Jr. b9/7/1943 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)d4/28/1986 San Francisco,CA (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) James worked for the San Francisco Post Office, had never married but was engaged at the time of his death. Died in his sleep while staying with his mother after selling his home and was in the process of buying another home. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM5772 – Ellanora Joyce Jarratt b4/18/1926 Cuero,De Witt,TX,- m1Joe Zeiger b2/14/1925 Monroe,MO (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)d1957(V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– m2 8/21/1961 -James O. Roberts b1/27/1933 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– Joyce was 9 years old when her family moved to Corpus Christi. Joe and Joyce had 3 children. Joe ran his own business; he died in an auto accident in 1957. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– James was a comerical fisherman at Corpus Christi,TX. James & Joyce never had children. ( E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57721-Deborah A. Zeiger b3/26/1948 Corpus Christi,Nueces,TX,- mTerrance Pack (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM577211-Michael S. Pack b6/22/1967 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57722-Sandra K. Zeiger b1/23/19501950 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)Corpus Christi,Nueces,TX,- mJames Hill
  • MM577221-Cheryl Lynn Hill b8/22/1969 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM577222-Theresa Ann Hill b5/9/1977 Yankeetown,FL,-
  • MM57723-Sheila Jo Zeiger b8/7/1957 Corpus Christi,Nueces,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– City,Marion,MO,-d1957— Sheila was born several months after her father died in a car accident. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM5773-Donald Wilbur Jarratt b10/30/1931Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– m 1Georgia L. Glasken – m1/4/1980 ,Nueces,TX 2Sonja K. Closhen b1937/38 (TX Marriage Records #004624 Online) – Navy during the Korean War. Surveyor by trade. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM578 – Victor Emil Swanson, Sr. b11/21/1904 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– d10/1930/1959 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)mMamie Dena Price b7/26/1913 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)d3/18/1997 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)– 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Victor is listed as living at his father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. and is 5. – 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Victor, age 15, and his address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX at his fathers He is working as a telegraph messenger. – Notes: Victor was a carpenter and worked his whole life for Ed Wagner, Ed being the husband of Victor’s older sister Flora. Victor was divorced in 1936 and never remarried. He died from heart problems. The main valve on his heart started closing off due to scar tissue caused from scarlet fever as a child.  
  •    (Picture donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr.& Cheryl Swanson Wentz)
  • MM5781 – Victor Emil Swanson, Jr. b12/18/1931 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – m1Wanda Fenter Note: Victor grew up in Victoria, TX.    He joined the Navy in December of 1950 during the Korean War and spent four years as a carpenter in the Seabee’s. In 1954 after his time in the service, he attended Midwestern State Univ., Wichita Falls, TX for 2 1/2 years in chemistry, but dropped out to help his father. For the next four years he served on the Wichita Falls, TX Police Force. In 1960, he moved to Lake Jackson, TX where he served on the police department until 1963 when he moved to Victoria, TX.   He went to work as a laboratory analyst for Union Carbide and took course work at Victoria College, Univ. of Houston-Victoria and Texas Univ. He worked for over thirty years at Union Carbide and retired as a laboratory supervisor in a research and development unit in January 1994. Divorced in February 1973. – m9/2/1973 ,Victoria,TX 2Virginia Ann Miller b12/3/1940 Alice,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.; TX Marriage Records #110829 Online) Note: Virginia was a graduate of Texas Lutheran College and taught school for fifteen years in Victoria, TX.
  •   (Picture:  Victor & Virginia Miller Swanson)
  • MM57811 – Patricia Ann Swanson b12/141948 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)mWarren Dub Hawkens (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57812 – Cheryl Ann Swanson b1959 m10/12/1981 Victoria,TX Steven Wentz b6/21/1958 ((V. E. Swanson, ;TX Marriage Records #165897 Online) – Div.
  • MM578121 – Stuart Wentz b10/31/1982 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM578122 – Holly Wentz b12/27/1987 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM5782 – Flora (Flo) Mae Swanson b3/4/
  • 1933 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – d5/11/1998 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – mWichia Falls,TX John Bradshaw – – m 2Tom Wright – div. – Flo was 3 ½ years old when her parents divorded. Lived with her father’s mother until her last year of high school, and then lived with her mother and step-father. Attended Midwestern Univ. For 2 years in Wichita Falls. – Flo never children. She had two triple bypasses, later had a stroke, died from heart problems plus emphysema. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM579 – Frank Alphonse Swanson b1907 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – d1963 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – mElsie Carmen Fimbel b1907Victoria,Victoria,TX,-d1990 – 13th U.S. Census, Apr. 27,Dist. 150, Ward 1,p118,Image 3: Frank is listed as living at his father’s residence in the 200 block of South Liberty St. and is 2. – 14th U.S. Census, Jan. 1920, Dist. 151,Ward3,Image 60: Frank, age 13, and his address is 205 N Washington Street, Victoria Heights, Victoria,Victoria,TX at his fathers He is a student at Central. – Notes: Frank lived in Victoria, TX all his life. He did some ranching and owned several small businesses, as well as working several years on the Victoria Police Department. Frank died of a heart attack at age 56.
  •   (Pictured of Frank & Elsie Swanson donated by V. E. Swanson, Jr. & Cheryl Swanson Wentz)
  • MM5791 – Michael Wayne Swanson b1/11/1946 Victoria,Victoria,TX (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – m Sandra Gail Curlee Note: Mike worked for Victoria Concrete, Victoria, TX much of his life. Had a ranch. (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)
  • MM57911 – Tracie Noel Swanson b12/26/1967 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – m12/9/1986 ,Victoria,TX 1Thomas Wedemeier b1962/63 (TX Marriage Records #179034 Online) m7/11/1992 ,Victoria,TX 2Roy Garza, Jr. b1967/68 (TX Marriage Records #095320 Online)
  • MM57912 – Jason Michael Swanson b3/3/1973 (V. E. Swanson, Jr.) – m5/15/1999 ,Victoria,TX Stephanie G. Brown b1976/77 (TX Marriage Records #055722 Online)
  • MM579121 – Dillon Michael Swanson (V. E. Swanson, Jr.)

MM58 – Charles Gustaf Swanson (Uncle Charlie)(Carl Gustaf Svensson)b2/20/1858 Kvistofta,Skåne,Sweden-d1926 m9/9/1883 Shawano Co.,WI Charsty Nelson (Karsta Nilsdotter) b1847 – d1926 Witnesses for their marriage were Peter & Elna Johnson. Occupation: Farmer Resided in Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI Traded farms with Peter and Elna Johnson. Note: Carl moved to Rosenhäll on (November?) 2, 1874. Note: (Letter written in Swedish translated into English)Carl Swensson on his birthday the 20th of February 1882. As on this day I know you have a birthday, I want to congratulate you as heartily as I can (with all my heart). Live always content and happy for many “good” years, Though times are changing (confusing) it still should be possible. Although far from each other we are, God with his kind eye …?… looks out for us, And …?… protects us from harm, This He does gladly if we ask kindly. Oh you our dear boy and beloved son, You must celebrate with happiness this “special” birthday, Amongst siblings and friends you are happy, And I am sure too that you are, It is your dear mother who wishes you everything, Because the thoughts they rush from morning till sundown?. To you and to my …?… , Oh now if only the Father won’t forget us (all), this is wished for by your humble affectionate mother and father. Swen Nilsson, Karna Nilsson – Homestead Entry on April 5, 1890 at the Menasha, WI Land Office for 160 acres in Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano County, WI issued to Chaly Gustaf Swanson, signed by Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States – Burial: Woodlawn Cem,Hutchins,Shawano,WI (East Drive and on West side, next to drive)

  Charsty Nelson Swanson with ??

  • MM581- Emma Swanson -b&d Mar or May 7, 1884
  • MM582 – Frank Swanson b 6/11/1886? – d6/12/1886?
  • MM583-Lauretta Swanson b1889 (Adopted)- m Shawano,WI Lawrence Swanson (MM531) b1879 Lead,Lawrence,SD, Note: Lawrence was the son of Nels Swanson who was a brother to Charles who lived in Lead,SD, and FL. The two would have been cousins, except that Lauretta was adopted. Lauretta’s people came from the Anitgo area and she spent time with them. (Source: Leonard Johnson, Mattoon,WI)
  • MM584 – George Swanson (Adopted) Resided at Wittenberg,Shawano,WI

MM59 – Andrew G. (Anders) Swanson (Svensson) b8/18/1860 Skåne,Sweden-d7/8/1924 LaBolt,Grant,SD m6/4/1885 Lead, SD by Rev. Murray at the residence of Mr. London. (License issued on 6/6/1885) Lead,SD Botilda (Tilda) Larson (Larsen) b9/5/1866 Liahus,Skåne,Sweden-d3/15/1929 LaBolt,Grant,SD bur: LaBolt,Lead,SD-(Parents of Botilda were Louis (Lars) Swanson & Maria Nelsdotter)—Occupation: Engineer – Homestake Mine, Farmer. Notes: Anders moved to Rosenhäll on December 2, 1873 and moved back to the family from Rosenhäll on September 28, 1874. On November 8, 1875, he moved again to No. 2 Härslöv. Andrew came to the United States in 1881. He worked the Homestake Mine at Lead, SD. Bro. Andrew arrives from Nebraska (Black Hills Daily Times 7/2/1881,p4,c1) – Andrew Swanson married Miss Larson June 4 at Lead. (Black Hills Daily Times, 6/6/1885,p4,c2) – Valparaisio Mining Co. notice of delinquent stock sale. Andrew Swanson,& others. (BH Daily Times, 5/3/1887,p3,c5) – His family lived on Fox St., Lead, of Lawrence County after purchasing the land on 10/24/1886, the street behind White St., in Washington Addition where his brother John Magnus lived. On sept. 26, 1888, he purchased land on Galena St. in Lead. He also farmed between Blunt and Pierre, SD until 1901. In that year he moved to a farm at LaBolt, SD. He died July 8, 1924 from hypertension and a cerebral hemorrhage, which he had 3 1/2 days before his death. Note: Botilda got a certificate of moving, No. 9, on April 1, 1882, for emigration to North America Botilda and Andrew (her husband) were childhood sweethearts. Tilda c ame to the United States when Andrew had a home ready for them. Married by Rev. Murray in Lead, Home of Mr. London. Marriage License Issued: 6/6/1885. She was sick with flu on March 8th., 1929. She died from lobar pneumonia.. Burial: LaBolt Cem.,Lead,Lawrence,SD (John G. Swanson)

     (Picture of Botilda Larson contirubuted by John Garfield Swanson)


  (Picture of Andrew G. Swanson Family is Back Row: Alvin Garfield Swanson, Minnie Caroline Swanson, Alma V. Swanson, Victor Emanuel Swanson. Front Row: Andrew G. Swanson holding Carl Rudolph Swanson, & Botilda Larson Swanson holding Clara Gertrude Swanson. Picture from collection of John G. Swanson)

  • (Picture of the Andrew Swanson Farm 1901-approx. 1925 contributed by John G. Swanson)
  •   (Picture of the Andrew Swanson Farmhouse;
  • Andrew, Botilda, and children [Minnie & Alma missing],
  • Charlie & Charsty Swanson visiting from WI with children, Loretta & George; picture given by John G. Swanson)


(Picture of Botilda with her children L to R: Hilma, Carl Rudolph, Virgil Theodore, Clara Gertrude, Alvin Garfield, Botilda Larson Swanson, David Leonard, Alma V., Minnie Caroline, & Victor Emanuel from John G. Swanson;     


  Picture of Andrew Swanson children taken Aug. 28,1918 donated by Rena Johnson McAuly; Picture of Andrew & Botilda donated by Rena Johnson McAuly

  •    (Picture of the 1965 Andrew Swanson Family Reunion: Left to Right: Mildren Clark, wife of David; David Leonard; Drexel Byron; Kirby Winslow; Maylo Erickson, wife of Victor; Victor Emanuel; & Virgil Theodore Swanson contributed by John G. Swanson;
  •    picture of Minnie, Alvin, & Alma Swanson, children of Andrew & Tilda Swanson donataed by Rena Johnson McAuly; Andrew and Boltilda in 1918)

MM591 – Minnie Caroline Swanson b2/26/1887 Deadwood,Lawrence,SD,-d5/12/1978 mElmer S. Collins b1887 Evansville,Vanderburgh,Indiana,-d1926 mRichard P. Tierney b1891-d1947 Saranac Lake,Essex,NY,-d1947 bur: LaBolt,Grant,SD (John G. Swanson)

  • MM592 – Alma V. Swanson b5/2/1888 Lead,Lawrence,SD, (Birth Records of SD) – mCarl Lindgren b1886 Kandiyohi,Kandiyohi,MN,-d1964 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5921 – Viola Victoria Lingren b1914 Marvin,Grant,SD,- mPhilip Richard Dickie b1914 Fairchild,Eau Claire,WI,- mHarold Francis Scholz b1903 Denmark,IA,-d1994- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59211 – Barbara Jean Dickie b1939 Little Falls,Morrison,MN,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592111 – Richard Allen Dickie b1964 Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI, (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5922 – Gladys Helen Lindgren b1916 Marvin,Grant,SD,- mTrebor Fay Williams b1917Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN-b1991 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59221 – Terrance Trebor Williams b1943 Santa Monica,Los Angles,CA,-d1983 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59222 – Todd Robert Williams b1946 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mIrene Ann Redmond (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592221 – Terea Ann Williams b1977 Brookings,Brookings,SD,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592222 – Jennifer Ann Williams b1993 Brookings,Brookings,SD,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59223 – Victoria Fay Williams b1952 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mHarold Raymond Kranz b1954 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592231 – Angela Suzanne Kranz b1976 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592232 – Jacquelyne Cristine Kranz b1978 Watertown,Codington,SD,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592233 – Stephanie Victoria Kranz b1989 Watertown,Codington,SD,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5923 – Lester Orville Lindgren b1918 LaBolt,Grant,SD,- mThelma Helene Diekhoff b1923 Wessington,Beadle,SD,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59231 – Alan Lester Lindgren b1949 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mCleo ? (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5924 – Virginia Lucille Lindgren b1920 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mSidney Thomas Rund b1918 Thomas,Hamlin,SD,- (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59241 – Dianne Sn Rund b1942 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mEdwin Lee Novak b1943 Rosalie,Thurston,NE, – (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592411 – Todd Alan Novak b1966 Omaha,Douglas,NE (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592412 – Julie Michelle Novak b1968 Denver,Denver,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592413 – Tanya Lyn Novak b1971 Denver,Denver,CO – mRichard Caughron b1936 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59242 – Dennis Alan Rund b1945 Watertown,Coddington,SD – mMedara Kay Purdy b1950 Shelbina,Shelby,MO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592421 – Jeffrey Alan Rund b1973 Findlay,Hancock,OH (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59243 – Dean Joel Rund b1950 Mason City,Cerro Gordo,IA – mJanice Kay Dohm b1952 Kahoka,Clark,MO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59244 – Debra Sue Rund n1954 Sioux City,Woodbury,IA – mMichael J Kappner. b1950 Quincy,Adams,IL (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5925 – Phyllis Mae Lindgren b1922 Watertown,Coddington,SD – mCharles Andrew Pharis Johnson, Jr b1918 Greensboro,Greene,AL (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59251 – Charles Andrew Pharis Johnson, III b1946 Watertown,Coddington,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59252 – Pamela Kay Johnson b1947 Greensboro,Greene,AL (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59253 – Charlene Mae Johnson b1949 Greensboro,Greene,AL (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59254 – Cheryl Ann Johnson b1955 Marion,Perry,AL (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59255 – Beverly Jo Johnson b1958 Marion,Perry,AL (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5926 – Shirley Jean Lindgren b1924 Watertown,Coddington,SD – mEugene Edward Shields b1921 Mountain Grove,Wright,MO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59261 – Cathy Ann Shields b1948 Lincoln,Lancaster,NE (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59262 – Becky Jo Shields b1950 Lincoln,Lancaster,NE(John G. Swanson)
  • MM59263 – Wendy Sue Shields b1952 Nebraska City,Otoe,NE (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59264 – William Scott Shields b1959 Exeter,Tulare,CA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5927 – Doris Arlene Lindgren b1926 Watertown,Coddington,SD – mCharles Edward Kosier b1924 Cherokee,Cherokee,IA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59271 – Timothy Stephen Kosier b1947 Watertown,Coddington,SD, – m1Michele Oviatt – m2Elizabeth Rea (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592711 – Brian Kosier b1982 Brookings,Brookings,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59272 – Jill Kristine Kosier b1952 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mLarry Harris (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59273 – Nancy LuAnn Kosier b1953 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mMark Frederick Flint (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592731 – David Andrew Flint (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592732 – Amanda Kristine Flint (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59274 – Jeff Tyler Kosier b1954 Watertown,Coddington,SD – mJolette Sn Amdahl (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592741 – Angela Kae Amdahl b1970 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592742 – Aimee Sue Amdahl b1973 Milbak,Grant,SD, -d1990 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592743 – Alexia Kosier b1984 Watertown,Codington,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592744 – Josiah Arlie Kosier b1989 Watertown,Codington,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59275 – Heidi Marie Kosier b1961 Watertown,CoddingtonSD – mMyron Namken (div 1991) (Heidi Namken)
  • MM592751 – Gregory Carl Namken b1985 Watertown,Codington,SD (Heidi Namken)
  • MM592752 – Brittany Victoria Namken b2/8/1989 Watertown,Codington, SD (Heidi Namken)
  • MM5928 – Lois Alvina Lindgren b1929 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mJerauld John Roesch b1928Tolstoy,Potter,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59281 – Judith Lynn Roesch b1949 Aberdeen,Brown,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59282 – Sn Kay Roesch b1950 Aberdeen,Brown,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59283 – Joel John Roesch b1952 Superior,Douglas,WI (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59284 – Ricky Carl Roesch b1955 Superior,Douglas,WI (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59285 – Pamela Joan Roesch b1958 Superior,Douglas,WI (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59286 – Sally Ann Roesch b1960 Superior,Douglas,WI (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5929 – Joanne Marie Lindgren b1936 Watertown,Coddington,SD,- mRobert Earl Hubbard b1936Watertown,Coddington,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59291-Steven Ralph Hubbard b1957 Sioux Falls,Minnehaha,SD – mElizabeth Jane Albert b1959 New York City,NY (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59292 – Scott Eric Hubbard b1959 Sioux Falls,Minnehaha,SD – mHelen Margaret Ehrig b1961 Long Beach,Los Angeles,CA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592921 – Nathaniel Robert Hubbard b1985 Wichita,Sedgwick,KS (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592922 – Nicole Margaret Hubbard b1988 Wichita,Sedgwick,KS (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592923 – Madison Joanne Hubbard b1991 Wichita,Sedgwick,KS (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59293 – Christopher Jay Hubbard b1964 Watertown,Coddington,SD – mGail Marie McLendon b1969 Omaha,Douglas,NE (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592931 – Abigail Marie Hubbard b1997 Omaha,Douglas,NE (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59294 – Sn Jane Hubbard b1968 Rapid City,Pennington,SD – mMorris Christian Chaney b1945 Vermillion,Clay,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM592941 – Dawson Joanne Chaney b1997 Overland Park,Johnson,KS (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593 – Alvin Garfield Swanson b1891 Blunt,Hughes,SD -d1928 mAmy Lillian Cesander b1897 Wau, Marathon,WI,-d1994 Note: Alvin moved with his parents to a farm three miles northwest of LaBolt, SD in the spring of 1901. He attended and graduated from Milbank, SD High School in 1911 and taught two terms of country school. Later he attended the Normal School at Valley City, ND graduating from the teacher’s course. In 1916, he joined the army and went to the Mexican border, re-enlisting in 1917 to go overseas. He spent eighteen months with the A.E.F. in the 164th Infantry Regiment, Medical Corps and was discharged on September 17, 1919 with a disability. Soon after returning from France he started farming the home place, but had to give this up in 1921 because of a heart ailment. He entered South Dakota Univ., Vermillion, SD in the fall of 1921, graduating from the Law School with honors in the spring of 1924. After graduation, he and a friend from Law School started a law practice in White, SD. He then found out about an opening for the State’s Attorney in Bennett Co., Martin, SD and went there legalizing his residence and subsequently running and winning that position. With two of his friends he organized the Martin Implement Co. in Martin, SD and was active in its management until illness forced him to give up business in May of 1928. He spent several weeks in the Veteran’s Hospital in Hot Springs, SD. Early in September of 1928 he was taken to the Veteran’s Hospital in Kansas City, MO where his condition at times seemed promising. In addition to his heart ailment he contracted dropsy, but was on his way to recovery even with this added burden when he contracted a severe cough, which drained his strength and resulted in his death early in the evening of December 16, 1928. Note: Amy’s father was the minister of the Swedish Lutheran Church in Wau, WI where she was born. At age two, they moved to Bridgeport, CT. In 1905, they moved to Buffalo, MN until 1909, then moved to Sioux Falls, SD where she graduated from high school. She attended Stout Institute, Menomonie, WI to study a two-year Home Economics course. Following, she stayed with her parents until she got her first Home Economics teaching job in Strandquist, MN in 1918, and where she taught grades 5,6,7, and 8 for $75 a month. The next year she moved to Mohall, ND where she taught 8th grade and Home Economics. She said that was the coldest place she ever lived. For two years she taught upper grades at a two-teacher school at LaBolt, SD and was the principal. In the fall of 1922, she attended the Lutheran Bible School in St. Paul, MN for one semester. January 1923 she went to Buffalo, SD to teach in the high school as well as directed plays. She was married to Alvin Garfield Swanson on June 18, 1923 at the Lutheran Church in Standburg, SD. They went to live in Vermillion where Alvin was a senior law student. After Alvin died, she moved to Sioux Falls, SD as a part-time student at Augustana In 1930, she finished her course work in Home Economics at Brookings, SD. She married Carl V. Eastman, a long-time friend, on October 1, 1944. (John G. Swanson)
  •     (Picture of Amy Lillian Cesander given by John G. Swanson)
  • MM5931 – Stanley Stewart Swanson b1924 Brookings,Brookings,SD,-d1996 Note: Stanley was born in Brookings, SD on July 27, 1924. The family moved to Martin, SD and lived there until Stanley was four when his father died. They moved to Sioux Falls, SD to be close to his mother’s family. Later, they moved back to Brookings where Stanley’s mother went back to school to get her degree in Home Economics from SD State Univ. They then moved to Rapid City, SD where Stanley’s mother began to teach Home Economics at Rapid City High School. During this time Stanley and his brother contracted scarlet fever, which would contribute to Stanley’s growing deafness. They moved to Hot Springs, SD where Stanley graduated from high school in 1943 and enjoyed reading prodigiously, listening to classical music at the same time. When he ran out of books to read he would start on the dictionary and then the encyclopedia. Stanley started work as a clerk-typist at the Army Depot at Igloo, SD which was near Edgemont. He entered SD State Univ. at Brookings, SD. It was at a school function that he met Dora Aarness and asked if he could walk her home. Later, he was drafted and he served in the Army in Europe and was in the Battle of the Bulge. After he was discharged, he went back to Brookings where he and Dora were married on June 6, 1946. They moved to Boulder, CO where Stanley attended the Univ. of Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education in June 1949. After graduating, Stanley taught high school English in Lemmon, SD; Gillette; and Sheridan, WY. During three summers, Stanley worked on a Master’s Degree in Library Science at the Univ. of Mich. After graduating with that degree, Stanley became the Head Librarian for six years at Nebraska State Teachers College in Chadron, NE. But, looking for greater challenges, Stanley applied for librarian positions at a number of state schools on the west coast which brought him to Corvallis, OR in 1962. He worked first in the cataloging department at OSU’s Kerr Library and later was in Bibliographic Selections and Evaluation in Acquisitions. He also had done book reviews on the Oregon State radio station. Stanley and Dora made several trips to England in search of additional books for the library. He retired from OSU in 1988. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June 1996 and he died just three days after his 72nd birthday. (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5932-*John Garfield Swanson b1926 Martin,Bennett,SD – d ?? had remarried )- m4/30/1948 Opal Marie Estelle Moore b4/25/1930 Boulder,Boulder,CO – d6/10/2003 Pueblo West, CO – Burial: Crown Hill Cem., Denver,CO – John was born during a typical South Dakota blizzard. His father had to walk through snow drifts about three feet high to get Dr. Walton whose wife was the nurse. They both came to deliver John. John’s father died just before his third birthday and he moved with his mother and brother, Stanley, to Sioux Falls, SD. (See mother Amy’s notes above) John graduated from Huron, SD High School in January 1944. In March of 1944, John joined the U.S. Army Air Corps and went to Wichita Falls, TX where he took basic training. He was then transferred to Randolph Field, TX where he stayed until discharged in October 1945. In November of 1945, he started college at South School of Mines in Rapid City, SD for one year and transferred to the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO. In the fall of 1946, he entered Black Hills State Teachers College, Spearfish, SD. He went there for one semester and then went back to the Univ. of Colorado, then back to Black Hills State Teachers College, and then back to the Univ. of Colorado and graduated in June of 1949 with a major in accounting. Then John started Grad School but left in August when he took his first job with Arthur J. Dowling, a CPA in Oberlin, Kansas. He has had several since then. John is now a member of a Scandanavian –(John G. Swanson) – John& Opal came to Petersburg, IN to see me in the summer of 2001. John & I have traded genealogy information over the years. He had so much information. (Karolyn)
  • (Picture of John & Opal)
  • MM59321 – Alan Garfield Swanson b11/28/1950 Oberlin,Decatur,KS – m5/21/1982 Rachel Pippengerb1/31/1959 Kansas City, MO – div. – Rachel married Logan James Lucas 3/1/1985 (Records of John Swanson & Rachel Lucas) – Rachel is now involved in devotional ministry for her church. (Rachel Lucas)
  • MM593211-Christopher William Swanson/Christopher Wesley Lucas b10/12/1982 Denver,Denver,CO (Birth Cert.) – d12/12/2009 Denver,Denver,CO at age 27 – was adopted by Logan James Lucas in 1988 and changed his name from Christopher William Swanson to Christopher Wesley Lucas (Records of John Swanson & Rachel Lucas;District Court, County of Jefferson, State of Colorado, #88JA16 ) – Christopher was cremated and then his baby sister, Angela Pearl Opal Marie Lucas (born prematurely) was also cremated and the two together were put in the columbarium. The baby came after Christopher’s death. (Rachel Lucas)
  • MM59322 – Amy Jo Swanson b1953 Bismarck,Burleigh,ND – mMartin Scott Barnhart b1950 Aberdeen,Grays Harbor,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593221 – Derek Scott Barnhart b1973 Richland,Benton,WA – mTheresa Wisdahl (Records of John Swanson)
  • MM5932211 – Damond Edward Scott Barnhart b1996 (Records of John Swanson)
  • MM5932212 – Hogan Lynn Barnhart b2001 (Records of John Swanson)
  • MM593222 – Richard Lee Barnhart b1977 Fremont,Alameda,CA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59323 – David Bruce Swanson b1957 Topeka,Shawnee,KS,- m1977 Littlton,,CO Cary Belinda Clark b1958 Phoniex,,AZ (Cary Belinda Clark Swanson)
  • MM593231 – Emily Marie Swanson b1978 Wheatridge,Jefferson,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593232 – Belinda Kay Swanson b1979 Denver,Denver,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593233 – Audra Michele Swanson b1983 Denver,Denver,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593234 – Kurtis David Swanson b1984 Denver,Denver,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59324 – John Garfield Swanson, II b1959 Topeka,Shawnee,KS, – m1Suzanne Eileen Sattler b1961 Knoxville,Knox,TN, – m2Patricia Ann Chelius b1964 Denver,Denver,CO, – John & Suzanne had Nicole & John. John & Eileen had Jamie. (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593241 – Nicole Suzanne Swanson b1981 Denver,Denver,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593242 – John Garfield Swanson, III b1982 Denver,Denver,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593243 – Jamie Ann Swanson b1988 Aurora,Araphahoe,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59325 – Barbara JoAnn Swanson b1965 Boise,Ada,ID,- mSteve O’Brien Hunt b1966 Ponce de Leon,Holmes,FL (John G. Swanson)
  • MM593251 – Steve O’Brien Hunt, II b1991 Bad hersfeld,Hessen,Germany (John G. Swanson)
  • MM594 – Victor Emanuel Swanson b8/12/1892 Pierre,Hughes,SD – d4/16/1971 mMaylo Alvina Erickson b1898- d1971 Note: Victor was a schoolteacher and later went into the newspaper printing business; he retired in 1965 after fifty years in the business. (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5941 – Drexel Byron Swanson b1918 Leonard,SD – mBetty Aileen Cassel b1921 Chiloquin,Klamath,OR (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59411 – Byron Ralph Swanson b1941 Crescent City,Del Norte,CA,- mSophia Catherine Mullinex b1945 Pendleton,Umatilla,OR (John G. Swanson)
  • MM594111 – Eric Drexel Swanson b1967 Crescent City,DelNorte,CA – mAmy Diane Proctor b1969 Beverly,Essex,MA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5941111 – Beverly Nicole Swanson b1991 HomeAFB,Elmore, ID (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59412 – Karen Louise Swanson b1946 Crescent City,Del Norte,CA – mCarey Dale Cathey b1947 Monticello,Drew,AR (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59413 – Krista Lynn Swanson b1952 Crescent City,Del Norte,CA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5942 – Kirby Winslow Swanson b1919 LaBolt,Grant,SD – mGretchen Ann Pace b1924 Seattle,King,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59421 – Melody Ann Swanson b1953 Seattle,King,WA- mDale Burson (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5943 – Victor Dean Swanson b1922 Fargo,Cass,ND – mHazel Evelyn Hanner b1917 Oakridge,Lane,OR (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5944 – Barbara Hughlene Swanson b1927 Martin,Bennett,SD – mJames Lewis Riddle b1922 Sandpoint,Bonner,ID (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59441 – Roberta Carol Riddle b1946 Bremerton,Kitsap,WA – mJames Allen Carnahan b1939 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM594411 – James Allen Carnahan, Jr. b1964 Bremerton,Kitsap,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM594412 – Teresa Archelle Carnahan b1967 Bremerton,Kitsap,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59442 – Danny Wayne Riddle b1947 Bremerton,Kitsap,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59443 – Shirlee Jean Riddle b1949 Bremerton,Kitsap,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5945 – Wesley Lyle Swanson b1937 Crescent City,DelNorte,CA – mElinor Joyce Howard b1940 Gunnison,Gunnison,CO (John G. Swanson)
  • MM595 – Carl Swanson b9/28/1894-d1896 (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596 – Carl Rudolph Swanson b2/26/1897 Pierre,Hughes,SD – d7/7/1950 Seattle,King,WA – mHilda Selena Johnson b1898Strandburg,Grant,SD – d1950 bur:Yakima,Yakima,WA, Note: Carl lived on a farm but owned and operated a printing shop in Revillo, SD. (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5961 – Arlo Gene Swanson b1925 Watertown,Coddington,SD – m1Elouise Mae Hansen b1927 Parker,Turner,SD – m1987 2Anne Preston Wheeler (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59611 – Arlouise Jean Swanson b1947 Sioux Falls,Minnehaha,SD – mGlenn Papit (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596111 – Garrett Glenn Papit b1976 Richmond,Chesterfield,VA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596112 – Gavin Glenn Papit b1985 Fort Worth,Tarrant,TX (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59612 – Linda Sn Swanson b1949 Yakima,Yakima,WA – mRoy Day, Jr. (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596121 – Jason Whitney Day b1971 Morgantown,Monogalia,WV (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596122 – Rachel Marie Day b1976 Morgantown,Monongalia,WV (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596123-Matthew Benjamin Day b1978 Morgantown,Monongalia,WV (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59613-Rosalie Ann Swanson b1955 Yakima,Yakima,WA,- m1Kenneth Caswell (div) (John G. Swanson) m2Stephen Mark Palmer b1953 (Tavia Palmer)
  • MM596131-Tavia Nicole Caswell (John G. Swanson) – changed to Palmer – b1975 – mAndrew Brown (div)(Tavia Palmer)
  • MM5961311- Joseph Stephen Brown b1994 (Tavia Palmer)
  • MM5961312 – Michael Lee Brown b1995 (Tavia Palmer)
  • MM5961313 – Ellie Ryan Brown b1997 (Tavia Palmer)
  • MM596132 – Christopher Stephen Palmer b1984 Sioux Falls,Minnehaha,SD (Tavia Palmer) – mRachel Stephens (Tavia Palmer)
  • MM59614 – Gregory Paul Swanson b1958 Sioux Falls,Minnehaha,SD,- mElizabeth Ann Lazard (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596141 – Laura Swanson b1984 Richmond,Chesterfield,VA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596142 – Emilie Ann Swanson b1989 Richmond,Chesterfield,VA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596143 – John Paul Swanson b1992 Richmond,Chesterfield,VA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5962 – LaRece Yvonne Swanson b1927 Revillo,Grant,SD – mKermit Gustaf Cervin Nelson b1923 Yakima,Yakima,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59621 – Patricia Ann Cervin Nelson b1951 Yakima,Yakima,WA – mTerry Ira Minnihan (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596211 – Marci M. Minnihan b1977 Lynnwood,Snohomish,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596212 – Melissa L. Minnihan b1979 Seattle,King,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596213 – Matthew R. Minnihan b1982 Yakima,Yakima,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59622 – Philip Carl Fridolf Nelson b1953 Yakima,Yakima,WA – mLaDonna Adams (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596221 – Deric Nelson b1981 Yakima,Yakima,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596222 – Darin R. Nelson b1983 Yakima,Yakima,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596223 – Blake A. Nelson b1986 Yakima,Yakima,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59623 – Paul Douglas Cervin Nelson b1958 Yakima,Yakima,WA- mLynn Miner (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596231 – Eric Paul Nelson b1988 Wenatchee,Douglas,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM596232 – Ann Alise Christine Nelson b1991 Wenatchee,Douglas,WA (John G. Swanson)
  • MM5963 – Charles Richard Swanson b1930 Revillo,Grant,SD – mArlis Jean Sime b1931 Revillo,Grant,SD (John G. Swanson)
  • MM59631 – Jacqueline Lee Swanson b1950 Yakima,Yakima,WA (John G. Swanson)
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