Descendants of Matts Anderson & Agda Torstenson (Part IV) Swanson Genealogy


   Descendants of




Part IV

    by Karolyn Rae Roberts



Peter  Johnson Fishing on Cranberry Lake, the bottomless lake near Bakers Lake


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(A Potato Field at Harvest Time when wooden crates were still used, possibly a picture from a farm in WI or AL where Walter farmed potato farms, from the Collection of Walter A. Johnson)

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  • MM544- Lillian (Lillie) Marie Swanson (signed her name as Lillian on a postcard to Walter Johnson; Carrie, her sister, named her daughter Lorene Lillian) b12/11/1889 Chuluota, Orange [now Seminole],FL – d8/30/1971 Langlade Memorial Hosp.,Antigo,Langlade,WI(Antigo Journal Obit) – m9/27/1916 Mattoon,Hutchins,Shawano,WI Harry Delbert Jersey (Son of Walter Minions Jersey & Mary Elizabeth Dorsey) b12/27/1889 Hutchins,Mattoon,Shawano,WI, (Obit) -d7/27/1972 Auto Accident;Jamestown,ND (Obit) Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery, Block 4, Lot 20. Resided in Town of Hutchins Occupation: Grader Operator for Shawno County Hwy Dept. Note: Triple Wedding: Lillie M. Swanson & Harry D. Jersey; Sibyl Esther Swanson & Adin George MacKay; and Carrie Evelyn Swanson & Joseph Rettinger, Jr. (all cousins) Note: Harry’s sister Ruby married Adolph Swanson MM532. Lilly was the daughter of John Magnus Swanson& Adolph was the son of Nels Swanson who were brothers, making Lilly & Adolph cousins. Members of the Mattoon Methodist Church.
  • (  Wedding Picture of Lillie & Harry 9/27/1916 contributed by Deanna Kaebisch;
  •   Lillie Swanson contributed by Deanna Kaebisch)
  • MM5441- Myrtle Faye Jersey b7/21/1917 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, d1/30/1996 Billings,MT (Aspen Meadows)-m1/13/1938 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Arnold Alvin Klemp b9/1/1918 Rollings,WI, Resided: Ashland,MT bur: Hall Cem., Antigo,Langlade,WI Note: Myrtle was ill for about ten years from complications of diabetes, and had been on dialysis for over nine years. She was in Aspen Meadows Rest Home for the last four months. (Cheryl Klemp)
  • (Picture:   Myrtle, Lucille, & Iris Jersey contributed by Deanna Kaebisch)
  • MM54411- Cheryl Marie Klemp b1948 Antigo,Langlade,WI, (single) (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM54412-Richard Arnold Klemp b1950 Iola,Waupaca,WI – m12/14/1974 Gail Russell b8/20/1953 Haver,MT (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544121–Brady Klemp b1975(Cheryl Klemp)    
  • MM544122–Cody Klemp b1977 (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544123–Avery Klemp b1979 (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544124–Brandi Starr Klemp b9/17/1981 Shelby,MT3/4 d10/19/1984 Shelby,MT – Note: Brandi choked on a hot dog. It got stuck in her throat, and basically she died, but the doctor brought her back to life. Her life from that day on was not a real life. She died about eleven months later in a rest home because of the care she needed. She had a red wagon she liked to ride around the hallways in. (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM54413-Marlene Fay Klemp b1952 Iola,Waupaca,WI (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544131–Christal Lynn Klemp b5/9/1979 – m2/1998 GA Eddie Gray ((Cheryl Klemp)MM54414-Connie Kay Klemp b1955 Sheridan,Sheridan,WY,3/4 – m10/1/1976 Missoula,MT Kenneth Kaline b4/24/1956 MT (Cheryl Klemp) 
  • MM544141 – James Jason Kaline b5/10/1975 (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544142 – Tory Kenneth Kaline b3/31/1979(Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544143 – Heath Kennington Kaline b10/18/1981 ((Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544144 – Amber Kay Kaline b5/16/19833/4 d? Note:Amber Kay was born with many handicaps. She worked hard at the things she accomplished. She was born with her left arm that only went to the elbow as well as other handicaps. (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM5442-Lucille Charlotte Jersey b6/2/1919 Mattoon,Shawano,WI – m9/27/1940 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI Raymond E. Koehler b6/3/1918 Hector,MN- d1/15/1991 Alexandria,MN – Resided: Parkers Prairie,MN bur: Mt. Calvary Cem., Miltona,MN ((Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM54421-James Koehler b1943 – m3/14/1969 Alexandria,MN Georgeann (Ann) Warner b1945 (Children are all adopted) (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544211 – Heidie Koehler b9/11/1971 (Adopted) – m ? Erickson b1967(Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544212 – Steven Erickson b9/27/1991 (Adopted) (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544213 – Christopher Koehler b11/21/1972 (Adopted)(Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544214 – Joshua Koehler b7/27/1977 Korea (Adopted)(Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544215 – Robyn Koehler b3/14/1979 Korea (Adopted)(Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM5442153/4 Danielle Koehler b8/18/1982 Korea (Adopted) (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM54422 – Gary Lee Koehler b1946(Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM54423 – Vicki Rae Koehler b1955 – m9/22/1973 Dallas,MN Bertha Ziegler b12/28/1954 (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM5443 – Iris Hope Jersey b1/31/1924 Mattoon,Shawano,WI – d7/27/2016 Safety Harbor,FL (Deanna Lynn Collamer Kaebisch) - m6/21/1945 Albany,NY Franklin Anthony Collamer, Jr. b11/21/1923 Albany,NY – Resided: West Allis,WI (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM54431-Marie Janice Collamer b19463/4 – m6/22/1968 Milwaukee,WI Richard Arthur Hamann b12/12/1945 (Cheryl Klemp)MM544311 – David Alan Hamann b1/3/19733/4 m7/18/1995 Kristin Noel Anderson b1974 (Cheryl Klemp)MM544312 – Christopher James Hamann b1/4/1976 (Cheryl Klemp)MM544313 – Beth Marie Hamann b10/13/1978 (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM54432 – DeAnna Lynn Collamer b5/20/1957- m12/29/1979 Michael Lee Kaebisch b10/4/1956 (Info from Deanna Kaebisch)
  • MM544321 – Adam Michael Kaebisch b4/8/1983 (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM544322 – Ashley Marie Kaebisch b2/13/1986 (Cheryl Klemp)
  • MM545 –   Sybil Esther Swanson b7/30/1893 (Tombstone) Lead,Lawrence,SD – d7/22/1952 (Tombstone) Sturgeon Bay,WI-m9/27/1916 Mattoon,Shawano,WI – m9/27/1916 Adin George MacKay b4/14/1892 (Tombstone) Mattoon,Shawano,WI (Son of Mr. & Mrs. Edwin MacKay) (Obit) – d4/16/1975 (Tombstone) Sturgeon,Bay,WI. (Obit) Resided: Algoma,Kewaunee Co., N of Green Bay up the peninsula-bur: Woodlawn Cem. Block 4,Lot 17, Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI Note: Triple Wedding: Lilly M. Swanson & Harry D. Jersey; Sibyl Esther Swanson & Adin George MacKay; and Carrie Evelyn Swanson & Joseph Rettinger, Jr. (all cousins) Adin remarried to Merna Otis. ((Antigo Journal Obit of Adin, 1975)

  (Pictures of Sybil Swanson contributed by Deanna Kaebisch) 

  (Wedding Picture of Sybil & Adin from collection of Leonard Johnson)

  •     (Mattoon Hardware Store run by Adin MacKay; picture of Sibyl with apron by Rena Johnson McAuly)
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  • MM5451 – Robert R. Mackay b&d 1918 – Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI(Gravestone; Leonard Johnson)
  • MM5452 – Ihone MacKay b4/3/1919 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, – mEugene VanPrice – Occupation: Greenhouse, Algoma,WI

  (Picture of Ihone MacKay from the collection of Rena Johnson McAuly)

  • MM54521-Karen VanPrice m Paul Race (Ihone MacKay)
  •   (Picture of Karen & Phillip donated by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM545311-Kelly Jean Race (Ihone MacKay)
  • MM54522-Philip Van Price(Ihone MacKay)
  • MM54523-Sibyl VanPrice(Ihone MacKay)

VanPrice Grandchildren

  (Picture of Phillip, Karen, & Sibyl donated by Rena Johnson McAuly)

  • MM5453- Elaine MacKay b4/22/1922 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-mEarl Zieman b1919 Note: Farmers at Beaver Dam,WI
  •          (Picture of Elaine McKay contributed by Deanna Kaebisch)
  • MM54531- Mary Jo Zieman (Ihone MacKay)
  • MM54532- Richard Zieman (Ihone MacKay)
  • MM5454 – Darrel (Bud) Adin MacKay b12/31/1924 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d4/16/1979-mCarol Lee Anderson – Members of the Moravian Church – Burial: Bay Side,Sturgeon Bay,WI (Schaver & Schumacher Funeral Home Memorial) Resided at Green Bay, WI (Telephone Book)
  •   (Picture of Bud MacKay in service uniform contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM5454 – Terry MacKay(Ihone MacKay)           

Terry & Todd MacKay

  •   (Picture of Terry & Todd donated by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM54542 – Todd MacKay (Ihone MacKay)
  • MM5455-Harlan G. MacKay – Resided at Sturgeon Bay,WI (Antigo Journal Obit of Adin, 1975) (Ihone MacKay)
  • MM5456-Benjamin MacKay – Resided at Green Bay,WI (Ihone MacKay)
  • MM546 – Abel Garfield Swanson b4/25/1895 Lead,Lawrence,SD, (SD State File #601497) – d7/30/1972- At Home,Elcho,Langlade,WI (Antigo Journal Obit) – m9/21/1916 Stevens Point,WI Ednamae L. Sutton b3/7/1899 Rhinelander,Oneida,WI,(Daughter of Alexander Douglas Sutton b8/6/1861 Waterford,Racine,WI-d1937 & Carrie (Elisabeth) Hansen b2/12/1866 Brevek,Norway)(obit of Carrie) (Married 50 yrs, Shawano Co. Jour. 7/12/1934) 2nd marriage to Edward Evenson d1946 (obit of Carrie) – 2/6/1959 Antigo,Langlade,WI & burial at Rhinelander) – d2/1/1994 Green Bay,WI – At the age of five, Abel came with his siblings to Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co., WI following the death of his mother in Lead, SD. He moved to Elcho in 1924. – Occupation: Farmer,Logger,Elcho Cemetery Sexton for 18 years – Resided: Hunting River Dr., Elcho – Rural Area-Bur: Elcho Cemetery,Elcho,WI – Note: Abel died the day that his brother-in-law, Harry Jersey, was being viewed at the funeral home. The family was told while they were at the funeral home.
  •     (Picture of Edna & Abel from the collection of Rena Johnson McAuly;
  •   Picture of Abel Swanson as a young man from the collection of Carrie Swanson Johnson) 
  •   (Postcard of a Mattoon Mill sent from Mattoon by Abel to his cousin, Walter A. Johnson at Potosi, Grant County, WI; notice small white circle on stomach of a boy on the balcony, must be Abel)
  •   (Abel Garfield Swanson’s family (adults) donated by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM5461-Grace Emogene Swanson b1917 Hutchins,Shawano,WI, d2003 Brooksville, FL (Annette Smiling) -mRobert Hayes b1912-Resided: Calumet City,IL – d2/2003 (Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM54611 – Michael Hayes
  • MM54612 – Richard Hayes d1973 (Annette Smiling)
  • MM5462 – John Douglas Swanson b1919 Hutchins,Shawano,WI, – mLeone McDowell b1922 Flandreau,Moody,S – Resided: Syracuse,NY
  • MM54621 – Kay Lee Swanson – mPat Burns
  • MM546211 – Scott W. Burns
  • MM546212 – Sn Burns
  • MM546213 – Sandy Burns
  • MM546214 – Steven Patrick Burns
  • MM546215 – Patricia L. Burns
  • MM546216 – Erin Burns
  • MM54622 – Mary Lynn Swanson
  • MM54623 – John Swanson, Jr. – m Judy ?
  • MM54624 – Jerry Swanson b1947 – d1947 – Burial: Elcho Cem., Langlade,WI (Elcho Cem. Records)
  • MM54625 – Sandra Swanson
  • MM54626 – Dona Swanson
  • MM5463 – Florence Elizabeth (Betty) Swanson b1921 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, – m Lee Frederick b1911
  • MM54631 – Virginia Frederick – m James Sanchez Salazar
  • MM54632 – James Frederick
  • MM54633 – Constance Frederick b1947 Chula Vista,San Diego,CA –
  • MM54634 – Lee Frederick, Jr. b1962 Findlay,Hancock,OH,-
  • MM5464 – Dorothy Mae Gwendolyn Swanson b1923 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,- m Dean May b1916 Sturgeon Bay,Door,WI,- d ? (Victoria Olson)
  • MM54641 – Deanna May b1944 Elcho,Langlade,WI,- m Edward Moreaux
  • MM546411 – Edward Moreaux, Jr. b1963
  • MM546412 – Wendy Moreaux b1965 – m Ken Olson (Victoria Olson) – Ft. Myers, FL
  • MM5464121 – Scott Olson b1988 (Victoria Olson)
  • MM5464122 – Victoria Olson b1994 (Victoria Olson)
  • MM54642 – Nancy May b1945 Elcho,Langlade,WI – m Tom Vertz
  • MM546421 – Ricky Vertz b1965 Green Bay,Brown,WI,-
  • MM546422 – Kristine Vertz b1970 Green Bay,Brown,WI – m Donald Tatum (Shayna Weasat)
  • MM5464221 – Amber Tatum (Shayna Weasat)
  • MM5464221 – Taylor Tatum (Shayna Weasat)
  • MM54643 – Judith May b1947 Elcho,Langlade,WI,- m Bill McCartney
  • MM546431 – Sheryl McCartney b1965 Green Bay,Brown,WI – mJay Weast (Shayna Weasat)
  • MM5464311- Shayna Weasat b1987 (Shayna Weasat)
  • MM5464312- Travis Weasat b1990 (Shayna Weasat)
  • MM546432 – Eugene McCartney b1967
  • MM5465 – Luella Jane Swanson b7/2/1925 Elcho,Langlade,WI, (Obit) -d7/3/1992 – m 1946 Frances (Frank) Irwin Hamilton (Records of Annette Smiling) b1919 Chicago,Cook,IL, – d11/23/1976 of a heart attack (Antigo, WI Journal, 1976) – Luella graduated from Elcho HS. They lived in Green Bay,WI, Calumet City,IL,& Ft. Myers, FL. Luella was a teletype operator for the Ft. Myers News Press. She served in the US Army during WW II and she was a member of the Lighthouse Christian Church in Mayo. Luella died in Mayo,FL

Luella Swanson  

  •   (Picture of Luella & Frank Hamilton  in FL given by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM54651 – Roberta Jane Hamilton b1947 Chicago,Cook,IL, – d10/1989 (Records of Annette Smiling) – m? Howlett (Parted)
  • MM546511 – Donald Francis Hamilton b1973 Ft. Myers, FL – m Almeda Hockenberry (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465111 – Mark Allen Hamilton (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465112 – Samantha Louise Hamilton (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465113 – Nichola Hamilton (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465114 – Laura Lynn Hamilton (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465115 – Billy DeWayne Hamilton (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM546512 – Robert William Hamilton b1979 Ft. Myers, FL – has a dau. Hailey Jean Hamilton. (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54652 – Elaine Hamilton b1949 Chicago,Cook,IL,- m ? Drury
  • MM546521 – James Garfield Drury b1971 Ft. Myers,Lee,FL,- (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM546522 – Heather Marie Head b1976 Ft. Myers, FL – m Roger Olson (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465221 – Jimmy Lee Olson b1992 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465222 – Kalvin Grant Olson b1994 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465223 – Starla Marie Olson b1997 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54653 – Annette Lee Hamilton b1957 – m Robert Smiling – Resides in Cocoa,FL (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM546531 – Robert Preston Smiling b1973 Ft. Myers, FL – d1975 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM546532 – Joy Janette Smiling b1974 Ft. Myers, FL – (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465321 – Thalia Jade Morales b1996 Cocoa,FL (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465322 – Jeffrey Paul Hackett b2003 Cocoa Beach, FL (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM546533 – Ristilin Priscilla Smiling b1976 Ft. Myers, FL – m1 Earl Jacob Ryan – m2 David Blumenthal (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465331 – Jacob William Ryan b1995 Cocoa,FL (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5465332 – Brandon David Blumenthal b1999 Cocoa,FL (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5466 – Erma Faye Swanson b1927 Elcho,Langlade,WI – m Florian(Tom) John Tomski (Mrs. David Tomski) b1925 – Resided at Kempster,WI (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • (Picture donated by Rena Johnson McAuly & identified by Mrs. David Tomski & Erna Tomski:  Left to right: John Swanson (son of Abel& Edna Swanson), Edna Swanson, Dean May (husband to Dorothy Swanson), Unknown from Mattoon), & Florian Tomski.  Children: Johnny Swanson (son of John), & Deanna May (daughter of Dean)
  • MM54661 – Carolyn Tomski b1947 m Joseph Irish (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM546611-Tanya Irish b1967 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM546612 – Jeremy Irish b1970 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54662 – David Tomski b1950 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54663 – Patricia Tomski b1953 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54664 – Brian Tomski b1955 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54665 – Lisa Tomski b1962 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54666 – Julie Tomski b1967 (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5467 – Naomi Phyllis Swanson b1931 Elcho,Langlade,WI,- m Dewey White b1929 FL – (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54671 – Mark White b1954 Norfolk,Norfolk,VA (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54672 – Lance White b1955 Chicago,Cook,IL (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54673 – Laurie White b1959 Chicago,Cook,IL (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM5468 – Duane Abel Swanson b1937 Elcho,Langlade,WI, – d12/21/2006 GreenBay,Brown,WI (Obit) – m Rosemary McArdle b1943 Green Bay,Brown,WI (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54681 – Deborah Swanson b1968 Green Bay,Brown,WI (Adopted) (Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM54682 – Jimmy Swanson b1969 (Adopted)(Records of Annette Smiling)
  • MM547 – Emil Logan Swanson b7/16/1897 Lead,Lawrence,SD -2/12/1914 – Burial: Woods Cemetery, WI (Block 4, Lot 18). His gravestone states that he was 16y,7m,16days – Note: Died along with his father, John Magnus Swanson, in a logging accident near their home in Northern WI. His sisters, Lilly & Sybil found them. (Told to me by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM55 – Hanna Svensdotter b3/21/1852 Rosenhäll,Malmohus lan,Skåne,Sweden – d4/11/1855 – Note: Died with the measles when four years old.

MM56 – Elna Marie Swanson (Svensdotter) b8/10/1854 Harslöv,Skåne,Sweden – d3/12/1923 Mattoon,Shawano,WI- m10/24/1875 Olstorp,Skäne,Sweden, Peter C. (Petter,Per) Johnson b3/6/1847 Kvistofta,Skåne,Sweden (Parent was James (Jim) Johnson; Swedish Spelling, Jons Jonsson pronounced Jens Jensson) – d2/28/1926 – Death of Elna: Chronic Myocarditis Cardiac Dililation, Dr. Partridge, Mattoon,Shawano,WI (v14-682,Shawano Co. Courthouse) – Notes: Elna moved from the family to No. 15 Härslöv in 1870. She moved into the family from Roddinge on August 13, 1875 with moving certificate No. 10. She moved away again on November 13, 1875. This time moved to No. 3 and 10 Hilleshög. The banns were published for her and the farm hand Per Jonsson from No. 1 Olstorp on October 3, 1875 and they were married October 24, 1875 Note: The farm hand Per Jonsson from No. 3 & 10 Hilleshög got a certificate of moving with No. 8, on March 31, 1880 and emigrated to America. According to the household records from the parish of Härslöv 1881-1890, vA I:32,p66, the following family are noted as living at no 11 Härslöv: Elna Svensdotter, Hilda Christina, & Johan Sigfrid. The following three people moved into no 11 Härslöv, and Sven Nilsson from Hilleshög no 3 & 10 on November 4, 1880: Crofter Sven Nilsson, Karna Mattsdotter, son August who moved in from the parish of Kvistofta on October 31, 1882, with moving certificate n22. Lodged wife (their daughter) Elna Svensdotter (Per moved to America), Elna moving from Hilleshög on April or November 4, 1880. Hilda Kristian, and Johan Sigfrid. Note: Elna together with one son and one daughter, got a certificate of moving with No. 28 on October 14, 1881 and emigrated from Härslöv No. 11 to America. Peter & Elna lived in Chicago for a brief time. In 1882, she moved to the town of Hutchins, south of Mattoon. She was one of the first settlers. On the 1900 Twp. of Hutchins 1900 Census, Peter & Elna are listed, and Peter is a farmer, all the children, Hilda, John, Walter, & Selma are living at home. John is listed as a farmhand, and Walter is in school. -Elna’s funeral was held at the Elim Church of the Luthern Brethern. Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, E Dr., near pump. Comments: Elna Marie Johnson had a stroke. Grandma Carrie Johnson, her daughter-in-law, saved this wheelchair in her attic during her lifetime. It had a foothold to slide your foot in to, and it was used for steering. After Elna’s death, Peter came to live with John & Carrie. Peter & John always talked in Swedish. Peter & Elna had owned the farm on the right side of Wolverine Road behind theElim Church of the Luthern Brethern (farm is no longer) and Charlie Swanson owned the farm across from the Bottomless Lake called Cramberry Lake (Source: 1952 Platt Book). Take Red River Road to the west off of County D past Bakers Lake. A couple miles further west. For some reason of which no one is sure, the two families decided to trade farms. Note: Elna & her sister, Mary, married Peter and his cousin, James. Peter’s son, John, and James son, Charles married sisters, Carrie & Anna Swanson, who were their cousins. Peter loved Gladys’s (my mother) long hair. One day, about the age of 12, she went to town and had her hair cut. When she came home, her Grandpa Peter cried. Note: Elna & her sister, Mary, married cousins, Peter& James. Peter’s son, John, and Jame’s son, Charles, married their cousins who were sisters, Carrie & Anna Swanson. Peter died at the home of his daughter, Hilda Mathisen. 


  Peter & Elna Johnson;          Elim Church of the Luthern Brethern or known as the Norwegian Church taken by Karolyn Roberts.   Location is on the corner of County Rd D & Wolverine Rd., Town of Hutchins, Shawano Co., WI. The building is still standing in the year 2014, and Randy Roberts is standing at the door a few years earlier.    


     Peter, & Elna, with their children, Hilda, John, Walter, & Selma from Leonard Johnson 


    Thelma, Walter, & Annamae from Rena Johnson McAuly 


MM561 – Hilda Christina Johnson b7/12/1876 Härslöv,Skåne,Sweden- At age 5, Hilda came to Chicago, IL with her parents – d1950 – m1907 Mattoon,Shawno,WI (Obit of Iver) Iver I. Mathisen (Son of Matheas Iversen b10/11/1853& Karen Loype; grandson of Iver Nilsen b4/8/1820 of whom he was very attached)(Kåre Nustadhaugen of Lillehammer, Norway) b8/4/1876 Norway, when 18, came to the U.S (obit) – d6/6/1950 Tigerton,,WI (obit) – Hilda & Iver were well thought of in the community and Iver was a farmer in the Twp. of Hutchins. Hilda was Carrie Johnson’s mentor when Carrie lost her own mother (Hulda Swanson) at 12 years of age, and later her father and baby brother (John & Emil Swanson). Hilda was always there for her. Hilda was a favorite aunt of my mother Gladys. – As a child, one Halloween night, myself along with my older girl cousins went Trick-or-Treating to Iver & Hilda’s. We were given a great welcome, and we had to go in and show off our customes (attic clothes). That was my first time going out and I was probably about 10 years old. Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery (Karolyn Roberts)

  (Wedding Picture of Iver & Hilda; contributed by Kåre Nustadhaugen of Lillehammer, Norway)        (Picture of Iver & Hilda later in life)

     (Picture of Tombstone of Iver & Hilda which was their doorstep for years at the front door of their house)


 MM5611 – Carl Mathisen b10/21/1905-d10/21/1905 (Legend says the father was one of Mattoon’s two doctors during that period and that Hilda was taken advantage of)

MM5612 – Silvia Mathisen b1908 m Harold Sutton    

  •   Silvia & Chester with their pet sheep.
  • MM5613 – Chester Mathisen b1910 – d6/21/1985 – m6/3/1936 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Edith Boortz (dau. of Otto Boortz & Clara Galland) b3/1/1911 Suring,WI – d1/14/2004 Antigo,Langlade,WI – Occupation: Dairy Farmers near Mattoon until 1950, and then in the Antigo-Polar area. – Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Rhinelander Daily News Obit of Edith)
  • MM56131 – Harvey Mathisen – m Ellen ? (Obit of Edith)
  • MM56132 – Elroy Mathisen – m5/25/1963  Fern J. Bruening (dau. of Herman & Helen (Rabe) Bruening) b11/16/1936  – d8/21/2009 Langlade Hosp.,Antigo,Langlade,WI (Obit of Fern) (Obit of Edith) – Fern was formerly married to Glenford Bolen who died, and they had 3 boys, Chris, Tim.  ( Rick. (Obit of Fern)
    • MM561321 – Ginanne Mathisen – mWalter Blanc (Obit of Fern)
    • MM561322 – Tina Mathisen  mFloyd Brandt (Obit of Fern)
    • MM561323 – Penny Mathisen  m(Obit of Fern)
  • MM56133 – Merrilee Mathisen – m Jerome Omernick (Obit of Edith)
  • MM562 – John Sigfred Johnson b5/21/1878 Härslöv,Skåne,Sweden – d11/20/1949 – m Carrie A. Swanson (MM543) b1/3/1888 Lead,Lawrence,SD – d12/3/1959 Hospital at Wausau,Marathan,WI – Resided: Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI – Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery (W drive)
  • (See MM543 for Children)
  •       Picture of John Johnson, and son Earl, & ?, sawing wood for Walter Johnson, from Leonard Johnson and  identified by Leonard
  •        (Picture of a load of lumber on skids from the collection of Walter A. Johnson)
  • MM563 – Walter Alfred Johnson b7/27/1890 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI-d11/26/1965 Memorial Hosp.,Antigo,Langlade,WI – m1/17/1951 Stevens Point, WI Bessie O. Wood (Bossell) (dau. of George & Euphrasia (Aldrich) Wood) b8/31/1894 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit) – d12/22/1981 Antigo,Langlade,WI (Obit) (2nd Marriage for Bessie; previously married to Richard Bossell, died in 1942) – Resided: AL & WI – Walter was a U.S. Navy Veteran, served in WWI; ran a potato farm in N. WI in the summer time and one in Alabama during the winter time. (See picture at top of page) – Letter to Walter from Adolph Swanson in Victoria, TX in 1910 is sent to Potosi & Mattoon, WI. (Potosi is in Grant Co. & Matton in Shawano Co., and yet both were listed on the same card, I guess if not in one place forward it on) – Letter from Lillian Swanson in 1915 to Walter at Stratsford, SD of Brown Co., c/o Chas. Hello Kiddo. Will answer your letter in a couple of days. Would of answered the first part of the week but stayed up to Wood’s until Mr. Wood was buried. He died Sun. night. Thrashers will be here tomorrow. Don’t suppose you know who these people are, well guess anyway. (front of postcard) – Must ans. Oscar’s letter which I got five week’s ago. As ever. Lillian. One postcard says Potosi, WI, c/o Kratz Brothers. – (No children) – Burial: Woodlawn Cem.
  •   (Picture of Walter Johnson and ??, Walter is standing, looks like a HS Grad picture)


  •   (Back Row: John Johnson & Walter Johnson
  • Front Row: Oscar Johnson & Lawrence Swanson 
  • (Picture of Walter standing with ? sitting by Rena Johnson McAuly)    
  •      (Picture of Bullers Camp from the collection of Walter Johnson)
  •   (Another picture from the Walter Johnson collection)
  • MM564 – Selma L Lucelle Johnson b9/8/1897 Mattoon,Shawano, (Antigo J ournal Obit, 1975 ) – d2/2/1975- m1915 Lloyd Hansen b11/3/1885-d9/16/1961 Resided at Rte 3 of Pine Lake, WI Bur: Forest Home Cemetery, Rhinelander,WI area (Lloyd had a son Claude by his first wife. Her grave is in Woodlawn Cemetery,Hutchins,Shawano,WI – Nellie Wilmont)

Johnson Children, Selma, Hilma, Walter

     (What Logging Camp is this?)   Selma & Lloyd Hansen with children, Claud & Vera from the collection of Leonard Johnson)

  •     (Picture of Selma & Darwin given by Leonard Johnson)
  • MM5641 – Vera Hansen b5/27/1916 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (obit) – d12/30/2001 St. Mary’s Hosp.,Rhinelander,WI (obit) – m6/29/1935 Leon (Jay) Miller d8/24/1992 (obit of Vera) – Resided at Rhinelander,WI (Obit of Selma) – Burial: Northland Mem. Park Cem, Rhinelander (obit of Vera)
  • MM56411 – Lewellyn J. (Bing) Miller (Info on High School Graduation Picture; (obit of Vera)) – m Joyce ? (obit of Vera) Reside in Mesa,AZ
  •   (HS Grad picture of Lewellyn found in collection of Leonard Johnson)
  • MM56412-Gale (Roxie) Miller – m? Huempfner of Rhinelander
  • MM5642 – Claude Hansen – Resided at Monico, WI (Obit of Selma)
  • MM5643-Darwin Hansen Resided at Rhinelander,WI (Obit of Selma) 
  •   (Picture of Darwin with his mother Selma from collection of Leonard Johnson)


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