Descendants of Matts Anderson & Agda Torstenson (Part III) Swanson Genealogy


   Descendants of




Part III

    by Karolyn Rae Roberts




(Elim Church on corner of Wolverine Rd and County Rd D, Twp. of Hutchins)

 Attended by many relatives many, many years ago

Taken by Karolyn Roberts many years after as an empty building


MM53 – Nels (Nils) Olaf Swanson (Nils Olof Svensson) 4/4/1847 Säbyholm,Skåne,Sweden d1921Chuluota,Seminole,FL m1878 Chicago,Cook,IL Charlotta Anderson-Notes: Nels moved to Helsingborg in 1864. Nels and his brother John were blacksmiths. They learned their trade in Sweden by working five years without pay. Nels l

eft for America in 1869 and worked in Philadelphia for Bladwin Locomotive; then in Chicago for Pullman Car. Nels invented and patented the “Self-Car Coupler” used on railcars to this day. The family had his wooden patterns, but a fire at a later date destroyed them. Nels and his brother John went to Wisconsin and did smith work for the Green Bay and Western Railroad. They also worked for the Union Pacific, tunneling through the mountains to Bakersfield, CA. [I am sure that this must be what is now known as the Tehachapi Grade. (John Garfield Swanson of CO)] Nels returned to Sweden briefly and possibly was accompanied by Peter, Mary, and Elna. Nels then returned to the US, and with John worked for the Homestake Mine in Lead, SD. (V. E. Swanson, Jr. of Victoria, TX) After his marriage to Charllota Anderson in Chicago, they returned to Lead where their son Lawrence was born. – A deed was made 1/31/1881 for property sold to N. O. Swanson from Harman Carl which measured about 50 x 100 feet with a tiny house on it between West Terraville and Central City. The Minlerina lode claim was sold from John G. Miller to N. O. Swanson on 1/11/1881 for $1,000. This was located to the east of Lead off of Hwy 85, between Hwy 85 and the Whitewood Creek to the south. – Incoming Freight from Bismarck for N.O. Swanson (Black Hills Daily Pioneer 12/27/1878,p1,c3) – Mrs. N. O. Swanson leaves Deadwood (BH Daily Times 10/19/1882,p3,c5) – Arrival from Sidney, N.O. Swanson (BH Daily Times,1/1/1884,p3,c3) – Lawrence County Treasurer Advertises Delinquent Tax for Terraville, Nels Swanson & many others(BH Daily Times, 9/5/1885,p3,c1) – For health reasons he then moved to Chuluota, FL. He set out orange trees. Son Adolph was born there. In 1895, a big freeze destroyed the orange trees and Nels returned to Lead and the mines. In 1902, he is listed in the Sherman’s Belt Cities Directory of Lead as being a blacksmith at the Homestake Mine and residing at 524 Miners Avenue in Lead. His son, Lawrence is listed in the same directory as a Blacksmith’s Helper and residing at the same address. In the early 1900’s, he moved to Bayate, Oriente Province, Cuba, which was near Santiago. In 1912, they returned to Chuluota and lived there until his death. (The families in the north lost tract of Nils and Peter of TX for awhile, until a lawyer tracted them down)


Invention: Car Brake and Coupling, No. 258,264, patented May 23, 1882 under Nils Olof Swenson of Terraville, Dakota Territory. Application filed March 9, 1882. Total of five schematics with written descriptions.
Invention: Water Tuyere for Forges No. 261,784, patented July 25, 1882, witnessed by August Hanson and Oley Matson(cousin). One schematic with written description. Invention: Tuyere for Forges, No. 283,435, patented August 21, 1883 to Nils O. Swenson of Lead City, Dakota Territory, August 21, 1883, one schematic with written description Invention: Tuyere, No. 285,367, patented September 18, 1883 by Nils Olof Swenson of Chicago, IL. Witnesses: Sven Otto Wester and Peter Swanson (brother). Two schematics with written description. (Possibly one more invention) (Research done on patents by Randy, Tammy, & Karolyn Roberts, Springfield, IL, May 1, 1998) Note: The Green Bay and Western ran until about four years ago and then merged with another to become Wisconsin Central. When I worked for Chicago & Northwestern Railroad in Green Bay, I pulled many a pin from those couplers. I watched a program on trains on the history channel, and they were talking about the development of that coupler. (Donald Amerson, 1998)

  (Picture of Nils at approx. 17 taken in Helsingborg from Rena Johnson McAuly)(Picture from Rena Johnson McAuly of Nils, Charlotta, & Lawrence)       



  (Picture donated by Rena Johnson McAuly, postcard which was wrote to the John Swanson family in  SD.  Talked of the oranges being a very important crop as the cost of living was going up, picture of the Nels Swanson property in FL) 

  (Oscar Swanson visiting Fl and helping pick oranges, donated by Rena Johnson McAuly)

  • Nels had invented the train car connector, then worked in the gold mine in Lead, SD as a blacksmith along with John Swanson. Due to bad health he moved his family to FL and had a orange orchard, but suffered frost damage to his crop and ended up in Cuba. His son Adolph sent this postcard to Charlie Johnson & family saying, “Dear Charlie and family, Just getting anxious, that is all, so thought I’d give this reminder. This picture is of our lake and portion of the front. I took this picture about a month ago. When father came this was a mess of jungle and now it is a paradise. Built a boat for a party the other day. Bye-bye, Love to all, Cousin Adolph)

MM531- Lawrence Swanson b8/10/1879 Lead,Lawrence,SD – d Note: 1917-1918 Civilian Draft Registration, WWI, Seminole Co., FL (did not show birth location) Lead,Lawrence,SD,USA mLauretta Swanson (MM581) b1889 WI (adoped by a Swanson) – In 1902, Lawrence is listed in the Sherman’s Belt Cities Directory of Lead as being a blacksmith’s helper and residing at 524 Miners Avenue in Lead, same address as his father and his father was listed as a blacksmith at the Homestake Mine.       

  •                (Picture of Lawrence donated by Rena Johnson McAuly)    

    Lawrence Swanson Children


MM5311 – Tempe N. Swanson b



(Postcard donaated by Rena Johnson McAuly of Tempe & Virgil sent to Eveleen and the rest.)



MM5312 – Virgil D. Swanson b1/21/1912 Brandon,Hillsborough,FL

  • MM5313 – Ethel M. Swanson bFL
  • MM5314 – Gladys E. Swanson b1921
  • ·  MM532 – Adolph Swanson b9/20/1889 Shuluota,Seminole,FL,USA d2/1968 (SSDI Index) – mRuby C. Jersey b6/1/1892 Hutchins,Shawano,WI3/4 d2/18/1956 Safety Harbor,FL (Sister of Harry Jersey who married Lilly Swanson MM544) Walter wrote a postcard on Tuesday 3/16/1910 from Victoria, TX to his cousin, Walter Johnson at Mattoon, WI saying: Dear cousin, Your card sent to Cuba came to hand some days ago and forget if I answered it so am sending this one. Myself sitting down and our cousin Oscar standing up. Address me: Selah, Washington, c/o N. Wittman. – Last residence: 33572 Apollo Beach, Hillsborough,FL (SSDI Index)
  •      (Wedding Picture of Adolph Swanson & Ruby Jersey from the collection of Leonard Johnson)
  •   (Picture of Adolph addressed to his cousin Walter Johnson at Potosi, WI, & Mattoon, WI from collection of Walter A. Johnson)
  • Letter to Walter from Adolph Swanson in Victoria, TX in 1910 is sent to Potosi & Mattoon, WI. (Potosi is in Grant Co. & Matton in Shawano Co., and yet both were listed on the same card, I guess if not in one place forward it on)

Lead, SD: High above the Black Hills, surrounded by ponderosa pine forests, meandering trout streams and magnificient mountain meadows, stands one of South Dakota’s most memorable communities. Founded with the great gold rush of 1876 and sustained by one of the richest veins ever unearthed. (Lead Area Chamber of Commerce Phamplet)


MM54- John (Johan) Magnus Swanson (Svenson) b11/25/1849 Säbyholm,Skåne,Sweden d2/12/1914 Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,Wi – Burial of John & Emil side by side, Woodlawn Cemetery Block 4, Lot 17 Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA – John lived in Philadephia with his brother Nels, and then Chicago, and then they moved onto Lead, SD and they both were blacksmiths. (V. E. Swanson of Victoria, TX) – John is listed as having a 10 year old adopted son called, Emil Syverson, white male born in Norway, and attending school. John is listed as 30 years old and single, a blacksmith. He also had a housekeeper by the name of Olive Thomson, and also attending school. (1880 Dakota Territorial Fed.Cen., Lawrence Co., p25, Emuneration 117, line 41, #281283) – Is nicely fixed in his new quarters at Lead. (Black Hills Daily Times, 6/17/1881,p1,c5) – m10/1/1884 Sioux City,IA – Hulda Olson (For further information on Hulda’s family see: (JK47512) -Karin & Olofsson files in the Index. b1/2/1858 (Korsbyn,Varmland,Sweden and Hulda & twin Abel were Christened on 1/3/1858 (daughter of Olaf Anderson (Olof Andersson) b6/13/1832 Skillingmarks,Vaarmland,Karlstad,Sweden& Anna Andersdotter/Andersson, b1836 Vaarmland,Karlstad,Sweden )(IGI Record of Sweden). (Parents of Olof Andersson were Anders Andersson babt1810 Skillingmarks,Varmland,Sweden, married abt 1830 Skillingmarks,Varmland,Sweden to Kersti Olsdotter babt 1810 Skillingmarks,Varmland,Sweden) (Book of Söpple) – d1/16/1900 Lead,Lawrence,SD of Typhoid Pneumonia. Bur: West Lead Cemetery  Sec. M, Block 1, Lot 2  (Old Masonic Cemetery) Lead,SD  – Hulda’s twin Abel Oleson, is buried in Sec. M, Block 1, very close to Hulda.  He died of typhoid Fever.

Hulda Olson/Olsdotter (Olofsson,IGI Record of Sweden) (Twin to Abel), Lived in Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Moved 2-22-1884 from Söpple,Järnskog,(S) to Amerika – Sioux City, IA (Book of Söpple,Sweden,Ägare 1882) – Hulda boarded the ship s/s Hero on March 14, 1884 from Christiania, Norway to Hull, Great Britian. Her ticket was #1208:462. Destination: Sioux City,IA (Source: EM.reg.,Karlstad)


  Wedding of John & Hulda, Sioux City, IA contributed by May Dahlbeck; 
  Children’s picture taken right before Hulda passed away.  She knew she was ill, and sewed by hand each of the children’s outfits.  Taken in 1899?, baby Emil, Annie,  Sybil,  Abel, Lilly, Carrie donated by Leonard Johnson)

    Casket Picture of Hulda with family donated by Judy Karpf; left, Annie, Sybil,, Lilly;     right  is John holding Emil, Carrie, & Abel)    

(2 different poses of Hulda’s Tombstone, Mason’s Cemetery, Lead, SD; her twin, Abel is buried a few feet away from her)

       (John & Hulda Swanson taken in Lead,SD, a large picture of this was always on my grandmother Carrie’s living room wall)

         (Map of Lead, SD)


John’s Occupation: 
Blacksmith, sharpened miner’s tools for the Gold State Mine,Lead,SD., Logger in WI- John and his brother Nels were blacksmiths. They learned their trade in Sweden by working five years without pay as apprentices. – Nels left for America in 1869 and worked in Philadelphia for Bladwin Locomotive (and John?). John and his brother Nels went to Wisconsin and did smith work for the Green Bay and Western Railroad. They also worked for the Union Pacific, tunneling through the mountains to Bakersfield, CA. I am sure that this must be what is now known as the Tehachapi Grade. (John Swanson) Home Address: 338 White St., Lead, SD Lot 9-Block 4 of Washington Addition, Purchased: 7/14/1883 Recorded: 5/15/1897 in Deed Index Grantee #4, p.174. (Also see Lead Book 107, p. 535) located at City Hall, Deadwood. Present Owner: Fletch Calvert, 10113 Carefree Dr., Santee, CA 92071 Seller of Property: Frans O. & Emma Johnson of Lead – Quit Claim Deed #60123 on 2/21/1893 Henry A. Gilchrist to John M. Swanson (Register of Deeds, O. W. Matson, cousin of John’s) on property 50 X 75 feet with a building of 14 X 20 ft located on it, Lot #7, Block #6, Town of Lead City in Gold Run Addition. – On March 23, 1899, a Swedish gospel meeting will be held at the house of John Swanson, 16 E. Fox St., Washington, at 8 o’clock tonight. Scandinavians are cordially invoted to attend. A. A. Anderson – Cemetery Comments: Bur: West Lead Cemetery  Sec. M, Block 1, Lot 2  (Old Masonic Cemetery) Lead,SD (Mason’s Grave Ledger)

– Hulda’s twin brother, Abel Oleson is buried by Hulda. Baby Carrie buried by Hulda. Cemetery located in Lead, SD, across from Lead High School, Junction of Hwys 14A & 85. Graves lie across drive and to left of figure of woman dropping flowers. –


   (Homestake Mining Co. payroll for the month of 10/31/1879? which was in the  Wage Ledger page at the Homstake Mine Museum contributed by Deanna Kaebisch; J. M. Swenson & Chars. Swenson in records for prior years also)(Picture of the Blacksmith Shop, Gold State Mine, Lead, SD, John Swanson is on the far right; contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly)

The community of Washington increased by arrival of a little girl, presented to Mrs. John Swanson. (Black Hills Daily Times, 5/2/1885,p4,c2) – Mrs. John Swanson of Lead is confined to her room with a severe cold that may result in pneumonia. (Black Hills Daily Times, 3/12/1887,p2,c3) Mrs. John Swanson of Lead is seriously ill with pneumonia. (Black Hills Daily Times, 3/27/1888,p4,c3) John Swanson of Lead, is the papa of a 15 pound boy. (Black Hills Daily Times, 6/17/1886,p2,c4) Hulda was in bad health while she was expecting Lilly, she took the children and spent the remainder of her pregnancy in FL at the home of Nils Swanson; thus, Lilly was born in FL. Hulda knew she was not going to live before Christmas in 1899. She sewed by hand each child his or her clothes worn in the picture below. She then had their picture taken together and each one individually.(The picture below)

Note: After sending the children to WI, John stayed on for a couple of years in Lead, but got so lonesome that he quit his job and went to WI to be with his family. He built the farm pictured below. Later, he and Emil went logging. Lillie and Abel missed them and went looking for them. They found them both crushed beneath the same tree, something about one tree getting hung up in another. Every bone in John’s body was crushed. John was a very good friend of the local undertaker. The undertaker was so shook up at the awful condition of John’s body, the he drank a lot of coffee before he got up the nerve to work on the body. – John was on the Town Board of the Town of Hutchins Twp. And also the head of the Board of the Lake May School. He held local offices even though not a naturalized citizen. –

Obit of Hulda, Evening Call, 1/17/1900 Lead, SD: A Mother Taken, Once more the hand of death has entered one of our most happy homes and taken from it the precious soul of a mother and wife. Deceased. is Hulda, Wife of John M. Swanson, of Washington Addition, and the cause of death was typhoid fever. She was 42 years and 14 days old, and besides her husband, leaves six small children, who are as follows: Anna, 14 years, Carrie 12, Lilly 10, Sibyl 6, Abel 4, & Emil 2. Mr. Swanson came to the Hills in 1877, and married in 1880. Mrs. Swanson came to the Hills from Sioux City, where she has two brothers who have been telegraphed for and will probably be present to attend the funeral. No permanent arrangements can be made until her brothers have been heard from, but the remains will no doubt be laid to rest in the Masonic Cemetery, and under the auspices of that order, of which Mr. Swanson has been a member since 1884. In the death of this lovely and estimable woman many hearts have been burdened with grief and sympathy for the stricken husband, and the pitiful little angels that have been deprived of the dearest and sweetest consolation that can ever be theirs through life, are heard on every hand. As a woman, Mrs. Swanson was loved by all who knew her, and as a wife was ever kind, true, & faithful, at all times bearing the burdens of life with the grace and patience of a devout christian, while as a mother she was a ministering angel, sacrificing every comfort to the little lives that she loved with the richness and fulness known only to the heart of a fond & loving mother.         (Picture of the Masonic Cemetery where Hulda, twin brother Abel, and John & Hulda's baby daughter Carrie is burried.  The stones can be seen in the picture)

  •    (John Swanson farm built after Hulda died in the Town of Hutchins Twp., Shawano Co., WI  by Leonard  Johnson; May School pupils (Swansons & Johnsons included) & John Swanson as clerk)
  • MM541 – Annie Olivia Swanson b5/1/1885 Lead,Lawrence,SD,USA-d10/21/1965 Mattoon,Shawano,WI m3/2/1903 Charles Hendrick Johnson (MM522) b9/27/1878 Härslöv,Malmohus lan,Skåne,Sweden-d7/1/1947 –
  • (Pictures: Postcard sent to Annie’s grandmother in Sweden says, “Presented to Mormor” (Grandma), by Annie Olivia Swanson;
  •     Pic 1 is the front side and you can see the handwriting, and pic 2 is the back side of the same postcard. Grandma was Anna Anderson of which Annie’s girls had told me that Anna did write to her grandmother, donated by May Dahlbeck;
  •     Picture of baby Anna with parents donated by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • (See MM522 for Children & Pictures) 

MM542-Carrie A.  Swanson b6/1886 Lead,Lawrence,SD,USA-d3/24/1887 Lead,Lawrence,SD,USA Died of inflamation of Lungs, age 9 m.8d. Burial: Bur: West Lead Cemetery  Sec. M, Block 1,by mother  (Old Masonic Cemetery) Lead,SD –  Lead,Lawrence,SD,USA inscription) (Birth Cert. Issued on (Tombstone 6/17/1886, 3-7 days after birth) – Note inserted under “Up-Gulch” from Black Hills Times: Friday Morning, 3/25/1887: The young child of Mr. Swanson is very sick. Same newspaper on Saturday 3/26/1887: Died at Lead City, on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m., Carrie (they have Clara), the nine months old daughter of John Swanson. Death resulted from pneumonia. today at 2 The funeral will take place p.m., from the residence in Lead, Washington.   The remains will be interred in the Masonic Cemetery at      Rev. Bilsey will officiate.

  (Picture of Baby Carrie’s tombstone contributed by Deanna Kaebisch)

  • MM543- Carrie Alvida Swanson (named after her sister)  b1/3/1888 Lead,Lawrence,SD,USA-d12/3/1959 Wausau (Hospital) ,Marathan,WI m10/1/1904 Hutchins,Shawno,WI John Sigfred Johnson (MM562) b5/21/1878 Härslöv,Malmohus lan,Skåne, Sweden-d11/20/1949 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USABur: Woodlawn Cem. (Block 7, Lot 65) Comments: John came over on the boat with his parents from Sweden when he was three years old. On this trip, he got so sick that he almost died. While playing, he tried to climb out a porthole and was almost all the way through when someone saw him and retrieved him just before he was completely out. Lived in Chicago for two years with his parents, then moved to Town of Hutchins, Shawano Co., WI. John was bi-lingual (Swedish-English), but never taught the Swedish language to his children. On the 1900 Twp. of Hutchins 1900 Census, John is listed as living with his parents and working as a farmhand. Occupation: Farmer – Cousins (Charlie Johnson, John Johnson) married sisters (Annie & Carrie Swanson), who were also their first cousins. Note: Carrie learned how to play the guitar at the Salvation Army and played in their band on the streets of Lead, SD at the age of the picture above until her mother died. (Source: As told to me (Karolyn) by Grandma Carrie)
  •     (Picture of Carrie Swanson when she was 12 years old, her mother sewed the dress by hand right before she died as she did for each of the children;              
      (Picture of the John & Carrie Johnson farm on Cherry Rd., Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co.., WI)
  •   (Picture of John & Carrie Johnson)  
  • MM5431- Pearl Ethel Johnson b1/11/1905 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d6/27/1971 Shawano Hospital,Shawano,Shawano,WI – m6/11/1942 Kenosha,WI, Harry (Roy) Fuller (Obit) b8/27/1907-d1993 Ethel attended Lake May Grade School, Town of Hutchins with her brothers and sisters. (Lake May Grade School 1912 Souvenir) Occupation: Veneer Mill,Mattoon Members of the Mattoon Nazarene Church. Bur: Woodlawn Cem.
  •     (Picture of Ethel & Roy Fuller)                                                                               (Brother &Sister, Earl & Ethel Johnson as children from the collection of Leonard Johnson)
  • MM54311-Phillip Elroy Fuller b4/7/1943-d5/19/1943 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (Obit) – Note: While Roy was in the service; baby Phillip got sick and he was taken to Dr. Partridge in Mattoon by his mother, Grandma & Grandpa Johnson, & Leonard Johnson. Dr. Partridge didn’t think he was very sick and sent him home. He kept on crying, so they took him to Dr. McKenna in Antigo. Dr. McKenna said he couldn’t eat much because his tongue needed to be loosed, so he cut it. He kept on crying, so they took him to Mrs. Schawantz at the Mattoon Hospital where he died. Dr. Partridge felt bad because he didn’t realize the baby was so sick (Source: Leonard Johnson) Bur: Woodlawn Cem.          

  (Philip in casket, picture by Gladys Amerson)

  (Philip’s tombstone, taken by Karolyn Roberts) 

  • MM54312-Bernard Elroy Fuller b1/10/1945- m9/21/1963 Sally Ann Martin b2/8/1947Occupation: Farmer
  • MM543121-Connie Kay Fuller b5/22/64 Twin m2/7/1986Jim Kahl)
  • MM5431211-Aaron Miles Kahl b7/30/1987
  • MM5431212-Michelle Ashley Kahl b9/30/1989
  • MM543122-Carrie Kae Fuller b5/22/64 Twin m3/26/1982Scott Matsche
  • MM5431221-Ryan Scott Matsche b7/13/1982
  • MM5431222-Linda Marie Matsche b4/22/1984
  • MM5431223-Chris Allen Matsche b11/22/1987
  • MM5431224-Kyle James Matsche 9/26/1989
  • MM543123-Stephen Elroy Fuller b1/16/1966 m5/5/1995Marty Wilcom
  • MM5431231-Noah Steven Fuller b7/29/1996
  • MM54313-Barbara Ann Fuller b10/3/1946- m10/26/1973 Stanford Warren Larkin b9/26/1945 Grad School-Nebraska,Minister; divorced
  • MM543131-Michael Raymond Larkin b12/15/1975
  • MM543132-Thomas Christopher Larkin b5/11/1977
  • MM543133-David Bradford Larkin 1/16/1979
  • MM5432- Earl Kenneth Johnson b3/4/1907 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d2/18/1981 m10/22/1932 (Antigo Daily Jour., 12/31/1932) Florence Eileen Larson (MM5234) b5/14/1910-d6/8/1992 Occupation: Farmer,School Custodian Resided in Town of Hutchins Bur: Woodlawn Cem.
  •   (Picture of Earl & Florence)
  •      MM54321 - Bernice Johnson 
  • (See MM5234) for other children)
  • MM5433-Helen Madeline Johnson b6/24/1909 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA – d8/4/1992 – m2/20/1934 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI     Stephen Blodgett (son of Walter W. Blodgett & Anna Pahr Mathiason) b6/20/1908 Minneapolis,MN – (Son of Walter Blodgett & Anna Pahr Mathiason?) (Obit) d3/19/1993 at home,Mattoon,Shawano,WI – God’s Bible School Occupation: Minister in IL & Janesville, WI. They lived in Janesville, WI until Duane was eight months old, and at that time they moved to Mattoon, WI. WI Timber & Land ,Mattoon,Village Clerk of Mattoon for 13 years. Resided at Mattoon,WI Members of the Mattoon Nazarene Church. Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery 
  •     (Maynard, Stephen, Helen, & Duane Blodgett by Gladys Johnson Amerson) 
  •   (GBS Quartet) Stephen was a member of another group)
  • MM54331-Duane A. Blodgett b11/29/1934 Janesville,WI – d8/13/1948 Janesville, WI,USA Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery Comments: Duane Blodgett& Leonard Johnson was baling hay in the morning and when they finished, they took the tractor & baler (Duane driving & Leonard on the baler) over to Road and headed north towards the farm of Edwin Johnson. When they reached County Road D, Duane stopped at the stop sign, stood up on the tractor and leaned forward to be able to see both ways down the road. No one was coming, so he turned right onto D and then left into Uncle Ed’s place. Ed asked Leonard to make some adjustments on a piece of machinery, so they could start baling. Leonard asked Ed if his horses were rider safe, if Duane could ride one while he was waiting. Ed said no problem, go ahead. So Duane got up on the horse while it stood still and started riding him. He came past Leonard where he was working, at that moment the adjustment Leonard was making made a loud squeaking noise, and Duane commented to Leonard as he passed “The horse shied a little.” When he got past and out into the field, the horse started rearing in an effort to get Duane off. Leonard yelled to Duane to jump off. He said Duane acted stunned or had fainted, and didn’t move, and then he fell off, catching his foot in the harness, which dragged him under the horse. George Wolf runs out to the field to Duane, and he took his last breath. Leonard would not go out to Duane. They had been very close. The back of Duane’s head was crushed, and his chest was crushed. In the spring, Duane had had pneumonia, and he almost died. (Source: Leonard Johnson) Also, when younger the family had had an automobile accident, and Duane had face scars from the glass. The accident happened on a county crossroads. It was thought that Duane would eventually go blind from that accident. (Source: Gladys Amerson) Member of the Mattoon Nazarene Church. Completed the 8th grade at the Mattoon Grade School. (Obit)
  •       (Picture of Duane & Maynard;       Duane Blodgett by Gladys Johnson Amerson)
  • MM54332 – Maynard LeRoy b8/31/1937- m3/26/1959 Eva Maria Maus, Germany,Europe Residing in Mattoon, WI Occupation: Army Career 1955-1975,Auto Parts Salesman Note: Lived in Germany, Deerfield, IL, Antigo, Mattoon.
  • MM543321-Michelle Blodgett b8/31/1960 m1 8/12/1978 3rd Cous. Gerald (Jerry) LeRoy Johnson (MM54363) b1/28/1958- – div.  – m2 ? Zeinert (Ashley Johnson)
  • MM5433211-Nicholas Alan Johnson b12/16/1980- m2004 ??
  • MM5433212-Ashley Lynn Johnson b10/4/1983- m6/17/2017 ? Powell (Ashley Johnson)
  • MM5433212 – Braydon Patrick Allen Powell (Ashley Johnson)
  • MM543322-Yvonne Blodgett b8/3/1961- m6/14/1980 Mark Fuller (Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • MM5432221 – Denise Fuller b7/26/1981 – m Burkhart(Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • MM5432222 – Jessica Fuller b1/24/1983 (Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • MM5432223 – Eric Fuller b5/18/1987 (Yvonne Blodgett Fuller)
  • MM543323-Denise Blodgett b10/30/1963 Antigo,Langlade,WI – d4/5/1965 17 months old, Great Lakes Naval ,,Great Lakes,IL Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery (Obit) Note: Denise had been ill since birth with heart complications. The family resided in Deerfield, IL at the time of Denise’s death.
  • MM543324-Maynard Blodgett b5/11/1966- m7/21/1990 Sue Smiley
  • MM543325-Duane Blodgett b8/8/1967- mPaula Henke Divorced
  • MM54332 – Gwendolyn Blodgett (Adopted) – mBen Grinhaug Resides in Rochester,MN
  • MM54333 – Leslie Burt – m? Fredenberg (Foster Daughter) Resided in Green Bay.
  • MM5434- Fern Lucille Johnson b2/19/1912 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d4/12/1991 m6/27/1934 Mattoon,Shawano,WI George James Close (son of Charles Close)(Antigo Daily Jour. 9/16/1989 Obit of George)b1/19/1912-d9/16/1989 Antigo,Langlade,WI – Occupation: Wood Factories Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery Resided in Antigo,WI (Darlene Zoern) Worked for Zelazoski Wood Products. (Antigo Daily Jour. 9/16/1989 Obit of George)
  •   (Picture of George & Fern Close Family  taken by Karolyn Roberts)    
  • (Picture:     Fern & Gladys Johnson–8th Grade Graduation from Lake Mae School. Gladys graduated a year early due to starting school in the second grade as she could already read because the older children taught her at home)
  • MM54341– Dale Norbert Close (JJ1241) b3/25/1935 Mattoon,Shawano,WI– d6/13/2014 Antigo,Langlade,WI – m6/13/2014 Antigo,Langlade,WI Carol Jean Farrell (dau. of Norman Farrell & Dorothy (Betts) Forsberg)  b6/15/1940 Antigo,Langlade,WI – d10/26/2014 Oakwood Manor Assisted Living, Oshkosh,WI (Obit of Carol Close) -Dale was a member of the U.S. Army from 1955-1958, serving in Korea’s Demiltarized Zone for 18 months.  – Dale worked in auto body repair in Antigo.  A private graveside service with military honors was held at Elmwood ,Antigo,Langlade, WI.  (Obit)
  •       (Pictures of Dale in the Army;  & Dale & Carol)
  • MM543411-Karen Sue Close b6/3/1960 – mJohn Flatten (Darlene Zoern)
    • MM5434111 –  Caleb Flatten (Obit of Carol Close)
    • MM5434112 – Joshua Flatten (Obit of Carol Close)
  • MM543412-Kathy Lynn Close b10/23/1965 (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543413-Randy Lee Close b11/13/1962 – mAngie ? (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543414-Richard Dale Close b2/1/1970 – mCara ? (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM54342-Darlene Mae Close b8/2/1936 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,USA- m12/24/1964 Joe Robert Zoern b11/11/1944 Antigo,Langlade,WI,USA Occupation: Owns Joe’s Pest Control, Pest Exterminator (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM54323-Phyllis Joanne Close b3/21/1938- m7/5/1967 Bobby Theodore Shumans, Sr. - d2017 - FL - Burial:  VA -  Occupation: Bobby-Iron Worker, Phyllis-Computer Programmer Resides in Indian Head,MD (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543231-Bobby Theodore Shumans, Jr. b12/29/1970-d11/21/1993 Auto Accident Bur: Trinity Memorial Gardens,Indian Head,MD-Bobby was driving, had two friends along, one guy and one girl. He lost control of the car. They had been working late at their church. (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM54324-Beverly Karen Close b12/26/1947- m4/6/1968 Jerome Marvin Piper b6/16/1947Occupation: Beverly-Veneer Mill-Mattoon (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543241-Todd Allen Piper b4/29/1966- (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543242 – Lynn Louise (Piper) Badles (Adopted) b2/16/1967 Antigo,Langlade,WI – Lynn grew up at Medford,WI (Beverly Piper)
  • MM543243-Tina Marie Piper b8/15/1968- mCorey Sikora (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM5432431 – Corey Lee Sikora (Beverly Piper)
  • MM5432432 –Cari Lynn Sikora (Beverly Piper)
  • MM5432433 – Travis John Sikora (Beverly Piper)
  • MM543244-Terri Lynn Piper b7/9/1969- (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM5432441 –Cody Lee Piper (Beverly Piper)
  • MM543245-Jerry Marvin Piper b8/31/1977 (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543246-Timmothy (Tim) James Piper b8/8/1979 (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM5432461-Britney Ann Piper (Beverly Piper)
  • MM54325-Janice Arlene Close b12/11/1951- m6/9/1973 Richard Larry Marvin b8/21/1951 Occupation: Janice-Fish Lures-Sheldon’s of Antigo Dick-Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc. Resides in Antigo,WI (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543251-Melissa Ann Marvin b10/7/1973 (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM543252-Carrie Lynn Marvin b10/30/1981 (Darlene Zoern)
  • MM5435-Gladys Emmeline Johnson b9/20/1914 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d2/28/1997 Farmington,St.Francois,MO of Bone & Cartilage Cancer (had melanoma cancer earlier; also rhematic heart condition which left her a semi-invalid for years) – -m4/4/1941Harley Donald Amerson b8/24/1915-Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d12/14/1993 Antigo,Langlade,WI-Occupation: Kraft Cheese Pan Operator Resided: Antigo,WI Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery
  •      (Gladys & Harley Amerson by Karolyn Roberts)
  • MM54351-Karolyn Rae Amerson (Biol. Father’s Name: Minor Samuel Yoder) b6/11/1941-Mattoon,Shawano,WI,USA Parkland College & U of I m5/25/1963 Gerald Lee Roberts b1/6/1939 Effingham,IL,USA- Nat. Radio Inst. Occupation: Jerry:Assistant Electronics Engineer Karolyn:Univ.ofIL-Word Processor&Editor,Grad Sec, Teach. Assist:Grades K-6,Teach. Assist: HS Train. Ment. Handicapp, Univ. of IL Secretarial and editing, Bank,Church – Ran the Remediation for Grades 1 -3 at Otwell Elem. School, IN, and loved it. Worked with the children individually to access where they were at of those behind and brought them up the the skill level they should be at. Very rewarding work. – Resided: Champaign-Urbana,IL&Jasper,IN Written book “Mom Chose Life”, and had a book signing in Jasper, 6/17/2000 – Nursing Home Devotions Circuit at Washington, Huntingburg, Petersburg, & Jasper, IN. 
  • MM543511-Randy Lee Roberts b10/28/1964 Urbana,Champaign,IL,USA- of IL m6/11/1988 Tammy Louise Eunice b11/7/1964 Parkland College Occupation: Randy-HS Teacher,Owner of Roof Doctors Tammy-Executive Secretary-Accountant
  • MM5435111-Benjamin Wesley Roberts b11/11/1997 Champaign,Champaign,IL
  • MM5435112 – Nathaniel Thomas Roberts b3/28/2000
  • MM5435113 – Brianna Lauren Roberts b1/9/2002
  • MM543512-Ronald Gary Roberts b4/10/1967 Urbana,Champaign,IL,USA- Grad of Univ. of IL
  • MM54352-Roger John Amerson b4/5/1943 Antigo,Langlade,WI,USA- m12/24/1964 WI 1Eleanor Montijo 10/30/1940 Chicago,IL,USA – divorced – Roger was an Insurance Adjuster, and later a truck Driver for Jacko Car Transport. Resides in Beloit,WI m2Kathleen Kumerer m3Kathy ?
  • MM543521-Lisa Marie Amerson b11/4/1967 Janesville,WI,USA- Tech School m5/25/1991 Peter Bridges Resides in Garland,TX – Divorced.
  • MM543522-Kristy Elaine Amerson b8/30/1971- m9/26/1997 Michael Kenneth Nundahl (2nd Marriage, has children)
  • MM5435221 – Zachary Michael Nundahl – b11/5/1999
  • MM5435222 – Alyssa Nicole Nundahl – b5/20/2003
  • MM54353-Glenn Leland Amerson b6/1/1946 Antigo,Langlade,WI,USA- Olivet Nazarene College Grad. 6/1/1981 m4/11/1968 Urbana,Champaign,IL 1Judith (Judi) Ann Dizmon b4/21/1947 Urbana,Champaign,IL- d3/6/1999 bur: Woodlawn Cem. Park Hills, MO Occupation: Nazarene Minister Resided in WI,IL,MI,IA,MO – m6/10/2000 Owensboro,KY 2Linda Ruth Freels Goins b9/24/47 Owensboro,Davies,KY (has children & grandchildren) Optometrist’s Office Manager, Owensborro,KY; Manager for Dr. DuMontier’s Office, Farmington,MO (Angie Amerson Alexander)  
  •     (Picture of Judy Amerson, an engagement picture by Karolyn Roberts)
  • MM543531-Angela (Angie) Kaye Amerson b5/11/1969 Janesville,WI – Attended Olivet & College m1/23/1988 1Bruce Yates b4/18/1965 Urb ana,Champaign,IL – m3/17/1995 2David Steven Alexander b8/2/1951 Malden,Dunklin,MO (has children,grandchildren) – Angie attended Olivet Nazarene College, Metro Business College, Education Direct (Online): Medical Secretary; Computer Technician & Manager Altco Tool Rental (Angie Amerson Alexander)
  • MM5435311- Royal Andrew Yates b10/18//1988 Decatur,,IL (Angie Amerson Alexander)
  • MM543532-Rebecca (Becki) Lee Amerson b8/7/1973 Marshfield,WI at the Marshfield Clinc. Parents of Marinette,WI-Menominee,MI,USA – m8/19/2000 Farmington,MO Darrell Joseph Miller b8/23/1972 Kileen,,TX (has 1 child) Becky: of St. Louis Univ. ASCP Cert. Clinical Lab Sci. – Lab Tech – Darrell: carpentry, Gold Cert. Master Mechanic (Angie Amerson Alexander)
  • MM54354-Donald Wayne Amerson – JJ1254 in Mansson files –   b11/27/1947 Antigo,Langlade,WI,USA- d10/24/2010 SantaMariaRestHome, Green Bay,WI – Burial: Woodlawn, Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano,WI – Univ. of WI-Rice Lake,WI m 7/15/1972 Green Bay,WI – Occupation: Mechanical Drawing,Machinery Maintanance After having MS-Office-Factory Supply Ordering – Donald & Linda had Damon. Donald & Louanne had Danial.– – m7/15/1972 Linda Mae Wanner(div) m2Louanne Devroy (div)– Burial: Woodlawn Cem., ofHutchins, Shawno,WI – Don worked as a mechanical draftsman, then as a railroad mechanic, and then as a machine maintenance man at a Green Bay Company, Tufco Industries. Because of his disability, they later transferred him into the office as a comptroller.. He went on disability in 1995 with MS. –When our mother was sick, I took care of Donnie a lot.
  •                  (Pictures of Donald given by Karolyn Roberts)
  • MM543541 – Damon James Amerson b Green Bay,WI,USA – mJenny ? (Donald Amerson)
  • MM5435411 – Bailey Marie Amerson (Donald Amerson)
  • MM543542-Danial Lee Amerson -b1/9/1982 Green Bay,WI –  d12/29/2011 at his mother’s home, Coventry,NY – Burial:  Woodlawn Cem., Twp of Hutchins, Shwano, WI – Never married, no children.  b1/9/1982 Green Bay,WI – d12/28/2011 at his mother’s home, Coventry,NY. Resided in Howard (by Green Bay),WI for several years with his Dad, Donald Amerson – U.S. Army, 38th Engineers, 3rd Platoon, one of first units to Iraq, the Fourth Brigade of the Second Infrantry, 2007 – Received a Medal of Valor. His His veicle was hit by a roadside bomb and he survived to help the injured until help arrived. – Wrote an article “Keeping routes safe with the 38th Engineers” of in The Desert Raider, Sept. 2007 – Following service, he worked for several restaurants in the Green Bay area before going to NY to attend school. – Was attending The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY at the time of his death. (Family) – Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins, Shawno,WI

      (Pictures of Danial by Karolyn Roberts)


MM5436-Edwin Marvin Johnson b6/11/1917 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA3/4 d8/17/1998 Antigo,Langlade,WI3/4 m7/26/1947 Ihone Arvilla Thompson b9/15/1927 Occupation: Farmer,Veneer Mill Resides in Langlade Co,WI – Served in WWII – Sent this message on 7/23/1940 on postcard of Fish Creek, Door County, WI to his parents while picking cherries: Dear Folks, Well, were here safe and sound, got down here last night. Didn’t get so many picked today as we had to change orchards. I picked 12 5-quart pails full. I’m sitting in the car writing on a soap box down at Fish Creek. Were only picking a mile and a 1/2 from here. Well, will be home in a week’s time with the beans. If I’m not there, so long. Ed – Bur: Woodlawn Cem.,Twn of Hutchins,Shawano,WI

  •    (Picture of Ed during WWII and the Insignia of the Spearhead Division, and picture of
    Ed with his nieces and nephews, Dale in back, Phyllis, Darlene, Duane, Maynard, &   Geraldine, Ed is holding Karolyn (me), from the collection of  Ed Johnson)
  • MM54361-Robert John (Bob) Johnson b7/30/1948- m11/17/1973 Joyce Marie Bors b6/15/1954Occupation: Owns Business of Wood Ornament Cut-Outs to businesses Resides in Denmark,WI
  • MM543611-Randy Allen Johnson b10/26/1977
  • MM54362-Donna Marie Johnson b3/17/1951- m11/18/1972 Glenn David Gardner b5/5/19? Occupation: Jeweler Resides close to Madison,WI
  • MM543621-Tracy Lynn Gardner b4/3/1973
  • MM543622-Laurie Ann Gardner b3/12/1976
  • MM543623-David John Gardner b9/4/1978
  • MM54363-Gerald LeRoy (Jerry) Johnson b1/28/1958- m8/12/1978 3rd Cous. Michelle Blodgett (MM543321)
  • (See MM543321 for Children)
  • MM5437-Lorene Lillian Johnson (twin to LaVerne) b9/5/1919 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA-d4/9/2008 Antigo,Langlade,WI – m12/24/1942 George Wolf b2/22/1912 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA (St. John’s Luth. Ch.,Mattoon,WI) – Bap. 4/21/1912 (St. John’s Luth. Ch.,Mattoon,WI) – d11/1/1992 Occupation: Farmer,Veneer Mill,Also owned a small Mill Resided in Town of Hutchins. Note: George in Lorene caught a 15 pound Northern at Turtle Lake. He was 37 1/2″ long. They had their picture taken with the fish in the paper. (Newspaper Article) Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery
  •   (George & Lorene at Randy & Tammy’s Wedding, Urbana, IL taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  • MM54371-Sandra (Sandy) Lee Wolf b4/10/1944 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,USA- m8/29/1964 Duane Dale Hanke b6/3/1942 Occupation: Duane,Electrical Wiring on Fire Trucks,Lightharnesses-Clintonville,WI Sandy,Bank Teller&Computer Operator Resides in Town of Hutchins
  • MM543711-Todd Alan Hanke b8/23/1966 Occupation: Printer
  • MM543712-Timothy Duane Hanke b12/26/1968 ofWI
  • MM543713-Travis Adam Hanke b11/19/1977
  • MM54372-Kenneth Robert Wolf b9/21/1946 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,USA- m2/1/1969 Linda Lou Bierman b6/27/1948 Occupation: Assembles Dashpanels on FWD Fire Trucks Resides in Town of Hutchins
  • MM543721-Daniel Wolf b3/29/1969 m4/5/1997 Jennifer Woods
  • MM543722-Nathan Wolf b3/1/1974 m8/18/1995 Stephanie Sorgent
  • MM5437221-Kyle Paul Wolf b10/8/1994
  • MM5438-LaVerne Louella Johnson b9/5/1919 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA – (Twin to Lorene) – d1/20/2001 Wengerd’s Home Care,Goshen,Elkhart,IN – m3/14/1946 Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Home of the Bride) Wallace LeRoy Blodgett (Son of Walter W. Blodgett & Anna Pahr Mathiason) b8/25/1915 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA- d8/22/1988 – Wallace was a WW II Vet, a sergeant in the U.S. Army and served in Normandy, Northern France, & Rhineland Campaign. Occupation: Both were employed bny the American Roller Co. in Union Grove. Resided at Kansasville,WIBur: Union Grove ,Union Grove,WI (Antigo Daily Journal 8/22/1988 obit of Wallace) (Laverne Blodgett) 
  •          (Wedding of LaVerne & Wallace by Gladys Johnson Amerson;
  • Wallace while in service,  
  •   Wallace & LaVerne byColleen Blodgett)
  • MM54381-Ronald Wallace Blodgett b11/14/1946 m7/1/1967 Kathleen (Kathy) Anderson b4/10/1948 Occupation: Ron, Rubber plant Kathy,Secretary Resides in Union Grove,WI (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543811-Michael Scot Blodgett b6/17/1969 Resides at Union Grove, WI (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543812-Robert Alan Blodgett b7/25/1974 mSandee James, GA (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM5438121-Taylor Christian Blodgett b6/17/1997 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM54382-James Alan Blodgett b5/10/1948 m8/16/1969 Barbara (Barb) Ann Wolf (George Wolf’s Neice) Occupation: Rubber Plant Resides in Union Grove,WI (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543821-Jeremy James Blodgett b1/15/1972 mAlma Rodriquez (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM5438211-Zachery James Blodgett b5/21/1993 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM5438212-Merissa Ann Blodgett b3/19/1997 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543822-Kevin Joseph Blodgett b1/21/1973 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543823-Kimberly Blodgett b6/25/1974-d6/25/1974 (9hrs) bur: Union Grove Cem (Lung tissue too thick) (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543824-Carrie Ann Blodgett b7/17/1976 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM5438241-David Allen Blodgett b2/13/1993 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543825-Jill Marie Blodgett b3/16/1978 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM543826-Sarah Elizabeth Blodgett b3/14/1983 (Laverne Blodgett)
  • MM54383-Pastor John Eugene Blodgett b9/8/1952 m5/19/1973 Colleen Beth Schutter b1/23/1953 John & Colleen: Grand Rapids Bible School Occupation: G.A.R.B. Baptist Minister of Baptist First, Elkhart,IN (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM543831-Rebecca Jean Blodgett b7/26/1975 m3/16/1996 Anthony (Tony) Tice b2/24/1971 – Tony is singles’ pastor at Woodside Bible Church, Troy,MI (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM5438311 – Kaylee Rose Tice b12/11/1997 PA(Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM5438312 – Tyler Jordan Tice b3/9/2000 (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM5438313 – Austin Joshua Tice b10/14/2001 (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM5438314 – Hallie Noelle Tice b9/3/2003 (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM543832-Andrew John Blodgett b9/30/1977 – m6/10/2000 Jenni Sigg b11/1/1978 – Andrew: Indiana Law School; Attorney in Traverse City, MI.(Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM5438321- Carter Andrew Blodgett b4/16/2005 (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM543833-Peter Jay Blodgett b6/5/1980 – Inner-City Missionary with Sunshine Gospel Ministries in Chicago. (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM543834-Philip Joel Blodgett b10/14/1983Attending Cedarville Univ., OH (Colleen Schutter Blodgett)
  • MM5439-Elna Marie Johnson (Stillborn) b5/22/192?-d5/22/192? Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA Buried by (N of GP’s Peter & Elna Johnson’s Stone (No mark(er)
  • MM543a- (JJ12(10)) – Leonard Eugene Johnson (MM143(10)) b12/3/1924 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI,USA – d9/12/2015 at home,Hutchens ,Shawano, WI – m10/20/1973 St. Mary Catholic Church, Antigo, WI Rita Steber (dau. of Michael & Agnes (Noskowiakk) Steber) b2/22/1926 Antigo,Langlade,WI – d10/11/2009 at home,Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI – Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI  – Occupation: Leonard; Dairy Farmer in younger years, Wisconsin Timber & Land Mill.  Burial,  Woodlawn Cemetery Sexton. –  Rita;Veneer Mill Resides in Town of Hutchins – John Blodgett & Glenn Amerson (nephews)  officiated at Leonard’s funeral.  –  No children. – Leonard has helped many people over the years with genealogy.  He received many calls, letteers, & visits from people wanting to visit the cemetery and learn more about their families.  He enjoyed meeting and talking with all of these people and also helped me so much, supplying me with photos, data, etc.. – Karolyn   – Burial:  Woodland Cemetery.         
  •   Leonard Johnson given by Leonard Johnson,      Leonard & Rita given by Gladys Johnson Amerson

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