Descendants of Matts Anderson & Agda Torstenson (Part II) Swanson Genealogy


   Descendants of


Part II

    by Karolyn Rae Roberts     

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(Postcard of Lillian Swanson with two others in 1915 from the collection of Walter Johnson)



Wolf in Sweden


MM3-BENGTA MÅNSSON (MATTSDOTTER)-b11/23/1820 Smedstorp,Skåne,Sweden (Twin of Mans) Note: According to the household records from the parish of Härslöv 1840-1844, vol. A 1:24, Bengta with her parents and siblings are noted as living at Härslöv 1 7/8 Brösarp.

  • MM4-MONS F. MANSSON (MÅNS MATTSSON,MATTIASSON) (IGI Records) b11/23/1820 Tunby,Smedstorp,Skåne,Sweden – Christening: Nov. 25,1820 Tunby,Skåne,Sweden (IGI Record) -d5/28/1912 Spring City,Sanpete,UT (Twin of Bengta) m12-26-1845 Harslöv,Skåne,Sweden 1Maria Perdotter –b1/26/1822 Oldstrop,,Sweden – d6/15/1881 Mt. Pleasant,Sanpete,UT – Burial: 6/21/1881 Mt. Pleasant, SanPete,UT – m9-22-1881 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake,UT2 Hannah Mortensen Burial: Mt. Pleasant,Sanpete,UT (LSD Record) Note: According to the household records from the parish of Härslöv 1840-1844, vol. A 1:24, Måns with his parents and siblings are noted as living at Härslöv 1 7/8 Brösarp.
  • MM41 – Christina Matson b5/13/1846 Härslöv ,Skäne,,Sweden – d1/23/1921 (Ancestral Records)
  • MM42 – Kjersti Matson b4/16/1849HärslövSkäne,Sweden – d4/21/1849 (Ancestral Records)
  • MM43 – Peter (Per) Matson b3/3/1851 Härslöv ,Skäne,Sweden – Christening: 3/9/1851 Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden – d3/11/1919 Mt. Pleasant,Sanpete,UT – m12/27/1877 Härslöv,Skäne,,Sweden 1Mary Maria Roseland – m2Mathilda Lilje Dahl (Ancestral Records)
  • MM44 – Kjersti Matson b1/31/1854 Härslöv ,Skäne,Sweden – d10/1867 (Ancestral Records)
  • MM45 – Maria (Mary) Matson b7/20/1856 Saby,Skäne,Sweden – d6/2/1940 Spring City,Sanpete,UT – m11/20/1879 Old Endow House,Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT 1Marinus Knudsen – m2? Mortensen – Burial: Spring City Cemetery,Sandpete,UT – Children of Maria & Marinus were: Marinus Nephi Mortensen, Mabel Christina Mortensen, Emil Otto Mortensen, Joseph Knud Mortensen, Olga Mathilda Mortensen, Wilford Mortensen, Neve Mortensen, Harold Welge Mortensen, Evan Erastus Mortensen, Olive Mortensen, & Elva Mortensen. (Ancestral Records)
  • MM46 – Nils Matson b4/30/1859 Saby,Skäne,Sweden – d5/7/1914 – mJosephine Anderson (Ancestral Records)
  • MM47 – Peter Matson b2/21/1862 Saby,Skäne,Sweden (Ancestral Records)
  • MM47 – Otto Peter Matson b4/15/1863 Saby,Skäne,Sweden – d4/8/1896 – mAmelia Bunt (Ancestral Records)
  • MM5 – Carrie Mattsson (Karna Mathsdotter) (IGI Records) (Karna (Carrie) Swanson, U.S. ) –b7/7/1823 Smedstorp,Skåne,Sweden d5/19/1904 Hutchins,Shawano,WI of fatty degeneration of the heart) (9 days after their son August died) (death cert. #438-223) – m 9/3/1843 Härslöv,Skäne,Sweden Swen Nelson (Sven Nilsson) (Swan Nelson, U.S.) b5/15/1818 Fjärestad,Skåne, Sweden d5/11/1885 Twp.Hutchins,Shawano,WI – Note: Karna had moved away to Landskrona in 1842 but moved back again from Landskron in 1843. Notes: According to the marriage records from the parish of Härslöv, the farm hand Sven Nilsson and the maid Karna Mattsdotter, who both lived in Brorstrop or No. 1 Härslöv, married on September 3, 1843. The banns were published for the first time on July 2, 1843 according to a document made up in Härslöv on June 30, 1843. Her father, the farm hand at No. 1 Härslöv, Matts Månsson , left his permission to the marriage. According to the household records from the parish Härslöv 1840-1844, Vol. A 1:24, p. 3, Sven and Harna are noted as living at No. 1, 7/8 Bro(r)storp. Sven had moved in from Landskrona in 1843 and Karna had moved in from her family in 1843. Sven and Karna are noted as living at Säbyholm, at p. 62 according to the household records from the parish of Säby 1842-1847, vol. A 1:6
  •   (Wedding picture of Sven & Karna drawn by artist in Sweden given by Karolyn Roberts) 
  • The family of 5, Sven, Karna, daughter Maria and sons Nils Olof and Johan Magnus moved from Säbyholm, in the parish of Säby, to Rosenhäll, in the parish of Härslöv, in 1850. The family is noted as living at Rosenhäll, No. 1,4,5,7,9 at p. 13, in the household records from Härslöv 1849-1854, vol. A 1:26. The family moved from Rosenhäll to Hilleshög No. 3 & 10, within the same parish, in 1852. The family is noted as living at No’s 3 & 10 Hilleshög in the parish of Härslöv from 1852, when they moved in from Rosehall, until 1854, when they all moved to Olstorp. According to the moving records from the parish of Härslöv, the farm hand Sven Nilsson and his family moved from Hilleshög No. 3 to Ostorp, with the certificate of moving No. 91, in 1854. According to the moving records from the parish of Kvistofta, Kvistofta B:3, the farm hand Sven Nilsson and his wife and children moved in from Härslöv to Olstrop No.’s 1 & 3 in 1854, with moving certificates No.’s 25-31. The family is noted as living at the village of Olstrop No.’s 1 & 3 in the household records from Kvistofta 1853-1855, vol. A 1:25. According to the moving records from the parish Kvistofta, the married farm hand Sven Nilsson and his wife, together with 4 sons and 2 daughters, got a certificate of moving, with No. 70 on October 24, 1858 and moved from No. 1 Olstorp to the parish of Härslöv. According to the moving in records from the parish of Härslöv, the family moved in from Kvistofta to Hilleshög No. 2, with moving in certificate No. 66 in 1858. The family is noted as living at No. 2 Hilleshög, at p. 94 in the household records from Härslöv 1854-1860, vol. A 1:27. According to the moving records from the parish of Härslöv, the crofter Sven Nilsson and his family got a certificate of moving, with No. 78, and moved from No. 2 Hilleshög to the parish of Sireköpinge in 1860. According to the moving in records from Sireköpinge, vol. Halmstad Skåne B:3, the farm hand Sven Nilsson and his family, moved in to Spargott from the parish of Härslöv on October 24, 1860, with moving in No. 78. The family is noted as living at “Spargodt” at p. 166 in the household records from Sireköpinge 1853-1862, vol. A 1:8, from 1860 until 1861 when they moved back to Härslöv. On October 22, 1861, the farm hand Sven Nilsson and his family got a certificate of moving, with No. 43, and moved from Spargott to Härslöv, according to the moving records from the parish of Sireköpinge. The family is noted as living at No. 11 Härslöv, at p. 38, in the household records from Härslöv 1861-1866, vol. A 1:28 from 1861, when they moved in from Sireköpinge. The family of Sven Nilsson is noted as living at No. 11 Härslöv, at p. 37, in the household records from Härslöv 1866-1870, vol. A 1:29. It is noted that Sven Nilsson got a certificate to Ramlosa on June 2, 1873. He did not move to Ramlosa. It is supposed that it could have been a working certificate (permit) telling how old he was and where he was born. In the household records from the parish of Härslöv 1876-1880, vA I:31, the crofter Sven Nilsson and his family are noted as living at no 11 Härslöv, at p48. The crofter Sven Nilsson and his wife got a certificate of moving with No. 6 on March 13, 1883 and immigrated to America. (Härslöv is the mother-parish & Säby is the annex-parish to Härslöv) Burial: WoodsCem., Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano, WI
  • Picture: (Old Tombstone by Charles & Charsty, Unreadable, stands slim and perhaps 3 1/2 feet tall; Karolyn Roberts, only Sven’s name is on the tombstone today   )
  • They lived in Chicago for a very short time and then moved to the Twp. of Hutchens, near Mattoon, WI. (from the records of V. E. Swanson, Jr., of Victoria, TX) 
  •   (Picture:  Karna Nilsson with Mary Nilsson Johnson, her daughter given by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  •   (Picture of Sven Nilsson taken in Landskrona at about the age of 17 given by Rena Johnson McAuly)

  MM51-Pernilla Svensdotter-b12/22/1843-d12/22/1843 Säbyholm,Skåne,Sweden Note: Was baptised and died the same day.

This Platt Map shows the farms of John Johnson (first & last locations), Earl Johnson, George Wolf, Paul Lierman, Tom McAuly, Oliver  Hjlmer (Bill) Larson, Marvin Nichols, & Harry Amerson all south of Mattoon, WI with County D running through the middle of the map.  (To see the Platt Map, Look for the following under Documents)

Johnson - Twp. of Hutchins Platt Map  


Shawano Co., WI

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MM52 – Mary (Maria) Swanson (Svensdotter) b2/18/1845 (Tombstone) Säbyholm,Skåne,Sweden- d8/10/1912 (Tombstone) Mattoon,Shawano,WI -m8/5/1877 Olstorp,Sweden (DDSS Swedish Archives, 31137) James (Jim) Johnson b2/6/1856 Sweden (Parent of James was Sven Johnson) – d4/12/1922 death: Gastric ?, Dr. Partridge,Mattoon,WI (v13-59,Shawano Co. Courthouse) Resided Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI as a farmer. Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery, Block 4, Lot 18. Notes: Mary moved to the parish of Asmundtorp in 1860. Mary moved in from Hilleshög No. 19 in 1864 and moved away to Kvistofta in 1865. Mary and her husband, James, came to the U.S. in 1881. Note: Mary & her sister, Elna, married brothers, James & Peter. Note: James was the son of Swen Johnson. In the 1900 Census, Jim & Mary are living in the Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co., WI. Jim is a farmer. Hilda Olson Swanson just died in January, and Jim & Mary have taken in the children to stay with them at this time. They are on the census as Annie Swanson, Carrie Swanson, Lilly Swanson, Sibyl Swanson, Abel Swanson,& Emil Swanson. It is funny, because Annie is listed as their niece, and then the census taker must have filled the rest out later, And since Swanson was a new entry, he put Carrie as the wife, and the other children as sons & daughters. WOW! What an error.                


  (Picture: Hilma, Ida, Charles, & Oscar with their parents, Mary & James contributed by Laurel Larson Collins from the collection of Marlin Nichols;

  Mary & James  Wedding Picture donated by Kathy Mezourk;

  Picture of Mary donated by Rena McAuly)  

  (Picture of Mary and daughter Ida donated by Rena McAuly)

  (Picture of the TS of Mary Swanson Johnson)


MM521 – Ida Pauline Johnson (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk) b11/1876 Sweden-d1949 mLewis Milton Peterson (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk)(son of Andrew B. Peterson [Anders Pederson Berge; Berge was the name of the farm in Norway] & Isabelle/Elizabeth Knudsen [Ingebjorg Knudsdatter Hefte {Hefte farm} born in Norway; (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk)) b8/2/1864 Manitowoc Co., WI -d1932 at home of his son, Floyd, in Antigo,Langlade,WI At age 16, Louis moved to Mattoon. his son, Floyd, in Antigo,Langlade,WI At age 16, Louis moved to Mattoon. They resided in Antigo. Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery (Obit)                           

    (Ida Johnson & Cousins by Rena)      


  (Picture of Ida and Charlie Johnson donated by Rena Johnson McAuly;


   Picture of Ida at age 55 donated by Kathy Mezourk)  

  • MM5211-Elvwyn H. Peterson b4/1894 (1920 Census) – d8/26/1955 m5/29/1913 St. John’s Church, Mattoon, WI (St. John’s Luth. ,Mattoon,WI; Elowin Peterson/Florence Hanson) Florence Elizabeth Hansen b12/2/1890 Mattoon,Hutchins,Shawano,WI (daughter of Peter [Peder] Hansen & Trine Olesen of Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co.,WI (Anna Cathrine Olsen) (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk) of Waupaca & later Mattoon, WI) (Obit) -d9/12/1983 Homme Home in Wittenberg, Shawano,WI Florence attended Teachers College at Rhinelander & taught school in the Mattoon countryside and had up to 50 pupils at a time. Florence was also an artist and listed in the Rural Aritsts of WI Directory and helped start the Wittenberg Art Club. When Alvwyn and Florence married, Alvwyn was a butter, cheese and ice cream maker, and his business was at Gass’ Corner, A. H. Peterson Creamery Co. Later he owned the filling station and garage at Wittenberg. Florence operated a restaurant at Minocqua for awhile. They had resided in Starks, Fairchild, Wittenberg, & Meadowlands, MN. (Obit) Note: Elvwyn was killed in Alaska during a severe storm while on a business trip there. (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk) Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit)
  •   (Picture of the Peterson Creamery at Gass’ Corner, 1 mile from Mattoon,WI)(Ad below out of the WI Land & Timber Co. of Mattoon,WI)    

·        The first thing you do, be sure and look through the fine Creamery of the A. H. PETERSON CREAMERY COMPANY You will find a picture of it on page 15. Here you can either buy the finest butter and cheese to be found in Wisconsin, or sell them all the milk and cream you can raise. It will pay you to consult the Peterson people if you are going into the dairy business. A. H. Peterson Creamery Company. Manufacturers of Pure Creamery Butter MATTOON, WIS.

MM52111 – Evelyn Marie Peterson b&d6/20/1914 (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk) MM52112 – Robert J. Peterson b9/19/1916 – d1931 – When Robert died, his parents were farming in the present location of the Frito Lay Potato testing farm in Starks, WI. Robert was a studious young men with poor eyesight. His greatest passion was reading, and his mother said that he would devour books. He was eternally patient with his younger brother Jim who was a real pest (what brother isn’t) and a loving and kind son. One day, he and his best friend decided to take their horses and go out shooting rabbits. Jim, and Robert’s friend’s brother were the same age, and followed behind. Jim and the other boy were pretending they were squires, and that the older boys were knights, acting out something from the book “Ivanhoe.” Jim was unclear about what happened, whether a rabbit startled the horse of Robert’s friend or what, but the friend did not have his rifle cocked as he should have and wound up shooting Robert in the left side of his chest. Jim took off for the nearest residence and brought back a man with a truck to pick up Robert. Jim rode in the back. They took Robert to the Rhinelander hospital and someone called the parents who rushed there immediately. Jim was sitting in the hallway when his parents rushed in – Robert turned and said “Mother!” and died. Although the shot was with a 22 and had hit no vital organs, probably the jostling in the truck and the shock were what killed him. Robert’s ambition was to be a Methodist preacher. His mother never got over his death. (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk)

MM52113 – James Matthew Peterson 12/5/1919 at 5:00 a.m. Mattoon,Shawano,WI – d10/30/1996 10 p.m. – mMargaret Valerie Heath b5/18/1927 – d7/5/1992 (Kathryn Peterson Merzouk) Resided in DePere,WI

MM5212 – Myrna Peterson b – d – mDonald Mader Resided in Weyauwega,WI (Obit of Florence Peterson)

      (Pictures contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly of Donald Mader family & of Myrna Peterson)   

MM5213 – Floyd Peterson b7/1895 (1920 Census) -d m1927Milwaukee,WI, Laverne Reynolds b7/25/03 Note; Resided in Antigo, WI & Jacksonville, FL (Obit of  Florence Peterson)    

(Picture of Floyd & Laverne Peterson by Rena Johnson McAuly)  


 MM5214 – Elsie Peterson b11/2/1905 (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera) – d5/5/1996 ( (Vicki Seitz McRoberts; Stephanie McRoberts Herrera) mFrank Seitz, Sr. Resided in Milwaukee, WI (Obit of Florence Peterson)              

    (Picture contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly of Elsie & Frank Sietz Wedding Picture)  

  • MM52141 – Frank Seitz b12/23/1928 ( (Vicki Seitz McRoberts; Stephanie McRoberts Herrera) – mDoreen Paetsch b7/1928 – d12/7/1991 – Resided in Menomonee Falls, WI. ( (Vicki Seitz McRoberts; Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM521411- Patricia Seitz (kept maiden name)m ? (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM521412 – Jeffrey Frank Seitz b2/1955 – d8/28/1969 at age 14 ( (Vicki Seitz McRoberts; Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM521413 – Vicki Seitz b12/31/58 – mRobert McRoberts, Sr. b1/28/1955 – d12/19/1998 of lung cancer ( (Vicki Seitz McRoberts; Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM5214131 – Stephanie McRoberts b12/18/1978 (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM5214132 – Robert McRoberts, Jr. b5/5/1983 (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM52141321 – Jadon McRoberts b11/2003 (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM521414 – Mark Seitz b7/1961 (Vicki Seitz McRoberts) – m ? (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM5214141 – Matthew Seitz b (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)
  • MM5214142 – Michael Seitz b (Stephanie McRoberts Herrera)

MM522 –    Charles Hendrick Johnson b9/27/1878 Härslöv,Skåne,Sweden-d7/1/1947 Mattoon,Shawano,WI m3/2/1903Hutchins,Shawano,WI Anna (Annie) O. Swanson (MM541) b5/1/1885 Lead,Lawrence,SD,-d10/21/1965. Farmed in Town of Hutchins, Shawano, WI Cousins Charles & John married sisters, Anna & Carrie. The men were First Cousins to the ladies. Charlie came to America with his parents at age 2, 1880-1883. They resided in Chicago for two years then moved to Town of Hutchins, WI where his parents homesteaded a farm. On the 1900 Census, Charles is living at home and working as a farmhand. When Anna was departing this world, her girls were around her bedside, and they reported that Annie lifted up her arms and said, “Come Jesus” and then she was gone. She was a wonderful little person.  Bur: Woodlawn Cem., (Block 4, Lot 18)                                              

  (Picture is of Charlie & Annie with Baby Evelyn, from collection of Leonard Johnson;      Picture of Annie with girls, Eveleen, Vera, & Agnes from Rena Johnson McAuly & Leonard Johnson; Picture at a later date with all the girls)  

(Pictures of the card that Annie sent to her grandmother Anna Anderson in Sweden as a child living in SD and the card has been sent back to me from May Dahlbeck of Sweden) 

  (Picture of Charlie with the family buggy)   


MM5221- Hulda Eveleen Johnson (Eveleen) b12/03/1903 Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit) – d12/17/1973 Shawano,Shawano,WI (Obit)– m10/15/1941 Lawrence Lane b1905-bur: Woodlawn Cemetery,Town of Hutchins,WI Block 6, Lot 39 Resided in the Mattoon area and then moved to Shawano, WI in 1961. (No children)  

  (Picture of Lawrence & Eveleen contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly)

Eveleen Johnson/Nellie Swanson

(Lake May School 8th Grade graduation of Eveleen Johnson & Nellie Swanson given by Rena Johnson McAuly)  

  • MM5222-Irene M. Johnson b5/25/1906 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, -d10/13/1906 Irene only lived for five months. Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Block 4, Lot 18 along side Agnes Johnson

Charlie Johnson girls    

  •   (Irene would be the baby and Eveleen the older sister given by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM5223-Agnes Irene Johnson b10/24/1907 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, -d1998or99 Burial: Woodlawn ,Hutchins,Shawano,WI Block 4, Lot 18
  • MM5224-Verna E. Johnson b 2/10/1911 (Tombstone) Mattoon,Shawano,WI – d1/20/1983 (Tombstone) Antigo,Langlade,WI (Obit) – bur. Woodlawn Cem., Town of Hutchins,WI (Block 4, Lot 18)-m8/2/1940 St. Ambrose Episcopal Church John W. Nichols b7/26 /1906 (Tombstone) Ogdensburg,WI (Son of Moses Nichols & Maude Tunks) -d9/14/1982 (Tombstone) Occupation: John was a Shoemaker for 28 years at the Weinbrenner Shoe Factory. Verna worked at the Weinbrenner Shoe Factory. (Antigo Daily Jour. 1983 obit of Verna) Resided: Antigo,WI. She was a member of St. Ambrose Episcopal Church – John was previously married 3/11/1927 Esther McKammet, they had a son Robert – div. 3/29/1929 Rhinelander,WI. – (marriage cert.), Burial: Woodlawn Cem. (Soman & Strasser Funerl Home Obit for John)(Antigo Daily Jour. 9/1982 obit of John)
  • MM52241-Judy Nichols b7/24/1935 Green Bay,WI -birth father was (I forget) – d9/10/2012 Bohlman Manor,Birnamwood,Shawano,WI – mKeith Karpf, Sr. (div) – Judy was valedictorian of 1953 class at Mattoon High School. – Proof reader for Antigo Daily Journal; case worker for the Langlade Co. Dept. of Social Serevice, City of Antigo General Relief, retired as an Economic Support Specialist. Currently serving on the Langlade Co. Board of Supervisors. A director of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Langlade Co., and a supporter of the Humane Society. Flower gardening. – Bur.: Woodlawn Cem., Twp.Hutchins,Shawano,WI  (Obit. of Judy)

MM522411-Keith Karpf, Jr. b1954 Antigo,Langlade,WI,US-mKathy Lee Tyrell

  • MM5224111- Kelly Jo Karpf b1975 Antigo,Langlade,WI,- m9/28/00 Michael Zaves (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5224112-Kristiana Ann Karpf b1977 Antigo,Langlade,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM52241121-Kyle William Esterly b1995 Antigo,Langlade,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522412-Cindy Michelle Karpf b1956 Antigo,Langlade,WI,-m1Mark Steven Koszarek b1961 Antigo,Langlade,WI, – m2Richard Eric Kainz b1957 Wau,Marathon,WI,- Cindy & Mark had Savannah & Shantel. (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5224121-Savannah Rose Koszarek b1986 Wau,Marathon,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5224122-Shantel Rae Koszarek b1989 Wau,Marathon,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522413-Timothy John Karpf b1958 Antigo,Langlade,WI,-mPhyllis Rae Gallenburg b1958 Antigo,Langlade,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5224131-Timothy John Karpf b1979 Wau,Marathon,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5224132-Travis Lee Karpf b1981 Wau,Marathon,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5224133-Thomas William Karpf b1982 Wau,Marathon,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5225-Ann Caroline Johnson b 3/09/1917 Hutchins Twp.,Shawano,WI,-d4/21/2009 Antigo,Langlade,WI – m4/28/1939 Paul Fredrick Lierman b 7/29/1907-d4/24/1995 (Judy Karpf)(Obit of Ann)
  • MM52251-Laverne (Lois) Lierman b1940 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,- mRalph Otto England Occupation: Nazarene Minister (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522511-Bruce Edward England b1965 Kankakee,Kankakee,IL,-mDoreen Vroman Note: In the spring of 1988, Bruce Edward England had his name changed officially to Talon James Wolfe. Wolfe is on the birth certificate of the two children Shannon and Paul. Their names were officially changed back to England in August 1994. Bruce and Doreen were divorced in 1995. (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5225111-Shannon Marie England b1988 SantaCruz,SantaCruz,CA,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5225112-Paul William England b1990 Sterling,Whiteside,IL,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522512-David Dwight England b1970 Charles,St.Charles,MO,-mJoelle Johnson (Judy Karpf)
  • MM52252-Linton (Bud) Lane (Bud) Lierman b1943 -m3/6/1965 3rd Cous., Mattoon,WI Lynnette Larson (MM52392) b4/25/1943-Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d12/31/1979 (Judy Karpf)
  •  (Picture of the TS of Lynn Larson Lierman taken by Karolyn Roberts
  • MM522521-Carlyn Joy Lierman b12/17/1965 Antigo,Langlade,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522522-Pamela Sue Lierman b10/15/1967 Antigo,Langlade,WI,-m1986 Mitchell Kent Landwehr b1964 (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5225221-Jevic Josiah Landwehr b7/23/1991 (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5225222-Andrea Karalynn Landwehr b12/5/1992 (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522523-Debby Lee Lierman b10/25/1968 Antigo,Langlade,WI,-m1989 Kent Allen Miller b1963 (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522524-Kris Allen Lierman b12/7/1969 Antigo,Langlade,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522525-Jody Michael Lierman b12/26/1978 Antigo,Langlade,WI,- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM52253-Paul Leslie (Leslie) Lierman b 1947 Antigo,Langlade,WI,-mMary Frances b1947 Occupation: Missionary-American Indians (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5226-Rena Hope Johnson – (JJ326 Johnson) b10/09/1921 Mattoon,Shawano,W d12/15/2012 Eastview Rest Home,Antigo,Wi, Hutchins,Shawano, WI Obit by (Obit) – , – m6/20/1940 Thomas Phillip McAuly b12/22/1917 Campbellsport (Son of Flora Phillips McAuly Baker & Lester McAuly)(Obit of Thomas)(Newspaper Account of Five Generations) – d2/3/2005 Eastview Med. Center,Antigo,WI (Obit of Thomas) – Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Twp.ofHutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit of Thomas) (Judy Karpf)   d12/15/2012 Eastview Rest Home,Antigo,Wi, Twp.Hutchins,Shawano, WI Obit by (Obit) – Worked at WI Timber & Land Veneer Mill, Mattoon,WI. Waste Disposal Custodian for the Twp. of Hutchins, operated a dairy & beef farm. Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Twp.ofHutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit of Thomas) – Rena will be remembered for her greaat faith and her sense of humor, and for praying for otthers says the obit, and that is the person I knew her to be. Karolyn, She also loved her flowers and vegtable gardens. She was active in the Nazarene Church. – Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins.
  •    (Picture of Rena Johnson McAuly donated by Carole Knowles)
  • MM52261-Marie L. McAuly b1941 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-m1Donald C. Johnson b1935-d1964 – m2Ralph Robinson – Marie & Donald had Mark, Gregory, & Terry. (Judy Karpf)
  •    (Picture of Marie McAuly Robinson contributed by Carole McAuly Knowles)
  • MM522611-Mark A. Johnson b1961 (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522612-Gregory S. Johnson b1962 (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522613-Terry L. Johnson b1964- (Judy Karpf)
  • MM52262-Carole A. McAuly b1942 Mattoon,Shawano,W – m7/23/1960 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Harold Knowles (MM52323)b11/26/1934 (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522621-Craig Anthony Knowles b11/12/1961 Antigo,Langlade,WI – d 12/16/2006 U of WI Hosp., Madison, WI – mDiann ? – Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Antigo Daily Journal 12/18/2006)  Lived in Waterloo, WI (Obit)
  •    (Picture of Craig Knowles donated by Carole McAuly Knowles)
  • MM5226211 – Nathan Knowles (Newspaper Acct of Five Generations) (Judy Karpf)
  • MM5226212 – Aimee Knowles (Judy Karpf)
  • MM522622-Kip Michael Knowles b5/29/1963 – d12/2007 WI – mKathleen ? (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226221 – Tyler Knowles (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226222 – Rachel Knowles (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226223 – Kory Knowles (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522623-Kelly David Knowles b4/14/1966 – mKathy ? (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226231 – Grace Knowles (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226232 – Sara Knowles (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522624-Renae Lynn Knowles b9/9/1967 mTony Depina( Note: Renae graduated from Antigo HS. Tony is a brother of John Depina, husband of Tammy Tucker (MM523432). (Source: Geraldine Tucker of Mattoon, WI)
  • MM52263-Theodore (Ted) McAuly b1946 Mattoon,Shawano,W- Occupation: Schoolteacher,Farmer-mPatricia Hutchins b1946 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522631 – JamieMcAuly (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522632 – JasonMcAuly (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522633 – JeremyMcAuly (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522634 – ThomasMcAuly (Ryan Jones)
  • MM52264-Krystal E. McAuly b7/20/1952 Antigo,Langlade,,WI (Obit) – d1/17/2007 HommeHome,Wittenberg,Shawano,WI (Obit) – m9/27/1986 Overland Park,KS (Obit) Carl Kitchin (Obit of Thomas McAuly) – Bur: Woodlawn Cem., Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit)    
  •   (Picture of Krystal McAuly Kitchin from her Obit)
  • MM52265-Melodye J. McAuly b1954 Mattoon,Shawano,WI-mWilliam (Bill) Jones (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522651-Sara Marie Jones b6/28/1978 -mJohn Uttecht (U-tec) (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226511 – Olivia Rena Uttecht (Sara Jones Uttecht)
  • MM5226512 – Jackson William Thomas Uttecht (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226513 – Gracyn Rena Uttecht (Ryan Jones)
  • MM522652 – Ryan Jones b9/21/1982 – m9/10/2005 Racine,Racine,WI Lynnsey Elizabeth Doucette b12/19/1980 (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226521 – Cayden McAuly Jones (Ryan Jones)
  • MM5226522 – Finn Janvincent Jones (Ryan Jones)
  • MM523 – Hilma Johnson b9/21/1880( (The Larson Clan)Skåne,Sweden (Obit Antigo Daily Journal,1/8/1940 year as 1877) Came to America in 1881 with her parents – d1/6/1940 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI, of a stroke (Obit) – m1903 Mattoon,Shawano,WI(Obit) Oliver Larson b7/14/1877 Norway-d1/4/1958 (Son of Inger Claudine Halvorsen & James (Jens Larsen in Norway) Larson b8/11/1845 Bamle,Telemark, Norway- d2/12/1892 lost at sea; Jens & son Lars Laurensius Larsen (b5/24/1875) were fishermen by trade in Norway. James & Lars were out fishing northeast of Kragerø when a storm came up and his wife caught sight of the boat, then a big wave came up and the boat disappeared never to be seen again; told to me by my Grandmother Carrie, the Larson descendants, & Nils Petter Næsset of Norway, a descendant of Kirsten Andrea Larsdatter, sister to Jens; Karolyn) (Oliver m1950 Lena Bossell) Occupation: Farmer – Hilma came to America at age 1. Two years later settled with parents near Mattoon. On the 1900 Census, Hilma is still living at home.
  •   (Picture of Annie Swanson & Hilma Johnson; Annie and her siblings stayed with Hilma’s parents after mother’s death; picture from the collection of Leonard Johnson;
  • (Picture of Annie & Oliver Larson [twins] from the collection of Rena McAuly         
  • MM5231- Martha Corrine Larson b11/29/1905 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d m1930 John Kuether b1895-d Resided at Neenah, WI (The Larson Clan)
  •    (Picture of Corrine Larson Kuether contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly)
  • MM52311-John Lewis Kuether b2/27/1925 m1946 Judy Ann Luzzie(The Larson Clan)
  • MM523111-Judith Ann Kuether b1/26/1953 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52312-Lavila Corrine Kuether b4/13/1933 m1953 Edward Fritz Reiss (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523121-Deborah Corrine Reiss (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523122-Rebakah JoAnn Reiss (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52313-JoAnn Carole Kuether b3/27/1938- m1964 David Medved b -d1980 m1984Gordon Cochrane (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5232 Edna Bernice Larson b 5/09/1907 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d3/11/1942 Madison General ,Madison,WI (Obit) – m10/1/1927 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Howard Arthur Knowles (Obit) b7/29/1896 (Son of Don D. Knowles) Twp of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit) – d3/30/1962 Out of Town Hospital (Obit) – Resided at Mattoon, WI. Howard m1946Marie Pierce. Note: Edna died after a three month illness in the Madison Hospital. The children were ages 12, 10, & 7. She was a member of the Mattoon Nazarene Church and was treasurer of the Missionary Society. The trio of Everett Plisch, Thomas McAuly, & Stephen Blodgett sang at her funeral. Howard worked at the WI Timber & Land Co., Mattoon, WI. Bur. Woodlawn Cem.
  • MM52321-Dorothy Mae Knowles b1/22/1930 Mattoon,Shawano,WI - d2/24/2018 Wittenberg,WShawano,WI - m1952 Waukegan,IL Donald Gardner (son of Rev/ C/ L. & Erma Gardner) b1929 - d3/20/1993 - Resided near Chicago, IL (The Larson Clan)  Dorothy was residing in Birnamwood WI before her death
  •     (Picture of Dorothy Gardner)
  • MM523211-Toni Lou Gardner b8/29/1954 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523212-Todd Gardner b9/1/1955-d1974 bur. Woodlawn Cemetery (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523213-Teri Lynn Gardner b12/15/1956 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523214- Trent Gardner b10/10/1958-d1991 bur. Woodlawn Cemetery (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523215-Traci Lee Gardner b8/29/1960 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523216-Thersa Marie Gardner b5/16/1964 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52322-Ronald (Ronnie) Howard Knowles b12/17/1931 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d7/31/1965 Vet of Korean War,US Navy, Lincoln Co. Normal College, Merrill; WI State Univ., School Teacher & Principal Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery m10/23/1952Jane A. Spinler b1933 Antigo,Langlade,WI, (The Larson Clan) – resided in Antigo&Mattoon.
  •  (Picture of Ronald Knowles from Geraldine Johnson Tucker)   
    • Note: When Ronnie and Jane visited the Antigo Nazarene church while they were living in Neenah, they would show me Howard Ronald, their first baby and tell me that was a cousin of mine. Shortly after he died from an existing heart problem. Later they moved to Antigo and Sharlyn was born. I held Sharlyn many a time when she was a baby. Ronnie & Jane were good singers and they sang with Ronnie playing his quitar. Ronnie also led the congregational singing. Everyone loved Ronnie wherever he went. If any of the teenage girls dated, he would demand to know all about the date, each one having to meet his approval including the person I married. (Source: Karolyn Roberts) Ronnie had two open-heart surgeries several years apart. When he woke up from his second operation he was completely paralyzed. Jane asked if he could understand her, if so to blink his eyes, he did, and tears rolled down his cheeks. He passed away a few hours later. We sure missed him. He was a teacher and principal of a rural school between Antigo and Wausau.
  •    (Picture of Ronald Knowles TS taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  • MM523221-Howard Ronald Knowles b11/22/1954 Neenah,WI – d1/6/1955 Neenah Hospital,Neenah,WI (Obit) – bur. Woodlawn Cemetery (The Larson Clan). Note: Died from heart problems he had at birth.
  • MM523222-Sharlyn Patrice Knowles b9/17/1955 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523223-Mark Allen Knowles b10/7/1960 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523224-Timothy James Knowles b6/29/1964 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523225-Lori Renee Knowles b3/22/1966 (born after Ronnie died) (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52323-Harold Arthur Knowles b11/26/1934 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-m1960 Carol Ann McAuly (MM52262) b1942 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, (The Larson Clan)
  • (See MM52262 for children)
  • MM52324-Howard LeRoy Knowles b1/7/1938 Mattoon,Shawano,WI – d4/1938 at home, Mattoon,Shawano,WI – bur: Woodlawn Cemetery. Note: He died of a heart ailment he had since birth. (Obit)
  • MM5233Janetta (Janette) Oliva Larson b 9/26/1908 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d7/12/1987m6/18/1936 Claude W. McCreary (son of Ralph McCreary of Greensboro,NC) b10/23/1906-d8/6/1970 Resided in Schellsburg,PA (The Larson Clan) – Janette attended God’s Bible School from 1928 – 1933 (God’s Bible School Revivalist Archives) After marriage they made their frist home in MD. (Wedding,6/18/1936 Antigo Daily Journal,WI)
  • MM52331-Norman Carl McCreary b8/8/1937- m1958 Janet Mae Bowen b1941 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523311-Terry Lee McCreary b11/24/1958 (Married) (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52332-Stephen Allen McCreary b3/9/1939 m1962 Ruth Arlene Otto b1946 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523321-Gina Rae McCreary b2/18/1963 m1983 Zackery Dowlin (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523322-Mindy Sue McCreary b8/22/1971 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52333-Elizabeth Marie McCreary b8/6/1940 m1959 Nelson Eugene Miller b1931 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52334-Joseph James McCreary b11/21/1943 m1964 Margaret Louise Wertz b1944 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523341-Mary Elizabeth McCreary b11/11/1966- m1987 Paul Shaffer -d1987 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523342-Amy Jo McCreary b3/2/1971- m1992 Robert Paul Roose (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523343-Sheri McCreary b5/24/1978- (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5234 Florence Eileen Larson b 5/14/1910 Mattoon,Shawano,WI – d6/8/1992 (The Larson Clan) – m10/221932 (Antigo Daily Journal 12/31/1932) Earl Johnson (MM5432) b3/4/1907 Hutchins,Shawano,WI -d2/18/1981,1st Cousins at Mattoon,WI Mattoon,Shawano,WI – bur: Woodlawn Cem.
  • MM52341-Bernice Johnson b12/20/1934 Mattoon,Shawano,WI – d4/1936 Hospital at Madison,WI (Antigo Daily Journal, 4/27/1936, p7) (during surgery) bur: Woodlawn Cem. She had lived with her parents in Antigo at the time of death. The funeral services were held at her grandparents, the Oliver Larson home and at the church. bur: Woodlawn Cem.
  • MM52342-Robert Allen Johnson b10/25/1936 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, -10/25/1936 (Stillborn) Bur. Woodlawn Cem.
  • MM52343-JJ1223 – Geraldine Fay Johnson b11/17/1939 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI – d5/24/2009 Aspirus Wau Hospital, Wau,Marathon,WI – Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI – mJan Tucker – Geraldine, Lynn Larson, & Karolyn Roberts roomed together in Racine, WI covering the years of 1958 – 1963 Geraldine worked as a bookkeeper for the same firm by Lake Michigan for 5 years, Karolyn worked for Western Printing (Whitman) for 4 years, and Lynn worked for Case tTractor for 3 years. – Geraldine was church organist at the Nazarene Church for many years and also the Mattoon Village Clerk until her death. Uncle Stephen held the post prior to Geraldine. – John Blodgett held the funeral service for Geraldine, as he is a first cousin and while working at Racine, spent many hours at the Blodgett residence. 
  •   (Picture of Geraldine of HS Graduation from the collection of Karolyn Roberts)
  •   (Picture of Geraldine & her bridesmaids, Lynn Larson, Karolyn Amerson Roberts, & Jean Johnson, and flowergirl)
  •  (Picture of Jan & Geraldine's wedding, greeting guests)
  • MM523431-Rodney Allen Tucker 11/29/1965 Antigo,Langlade,WI (My Scrapbook)
  • MM523432-Tamra Lou Tucker b8/4/1967 Antigo,Langlade,WI- m1990 John DePina Boston,MA (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5234321-Brandon John DePina b5/14/1992 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5234322-Derek James DePina b10/29/1993 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5234323-Jordan Anthony DePina b5/15/1996 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523433-Audra Lynn Tucker b1/25/1971 Antigo,Langlade,WI,3/4 m10/10/1998 Thomas Edward Stauss (married 1 ) (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52344-Dickie (Anton Lutzewitz) Johnson b3/18/1947-d1948 Mattoon, WI (ob it) – Note: Dickie drowned in a rain barrel by the house when he was 19 months old. Note: Was to be adopted soon by the Earl Johnson’s. – bur: Woodlawn Cem.
  • MM52345-Jean Ann Johnson (Adopted) m11973 Harley Branson m2? (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5235 – Irma Isobell Larson b2/15/1912 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d11/13/1974 Washington D.C. (Deaths: Herald of Holiness, Church of the Nazarene) -God’s Bible School-m11/Thanksgiving Day/? William Paul Wilhoyte (son of Mr. & Mrs. William Wilhoyte of Sherman, KY) b8/12/1908 -d11/05/1990 (The Larson Clan) -Grad. of Asbury College, KY, & God’s Bible School, Cincinnati, OH [1929-1933 Christian Workers’ Course Diploma, from Prospect, KY (God’s Bible School Revivalist Archives)]. Occupation: Minister – Was minister at the Mattoon Nazarene Church, WI at the time of their marriage. Resided in Winona, MN – Burial: Louisville,KY (Deaths: Herald of Holiness, Church of the Nazarene)
  •   (Picture of Irma & Bill contributed by Geraldine Johnson Tucker)
  •   (Picture of one of GBS Quartets summer of 1930, Bill is on the far right; God’s Revivalist and Bible Advocate, April 2003, Archives p16)
  • MM52351-Ruth Joann Wilhoyte b3/8/1936- m1959 Ronald Angles b1934 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523511-Ronald Mark Angles b12/27/1963- m1992 Maureen Miller (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523512-Julie Marie Angles b12/14/1965 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523513-Kent William Angles b9/23/1970 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52352-Mary Jean Wilhoyte b3/10/1938- mRay Albert Meister b1938-d.5/5/91 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523521-Ray Albert Meister Jr. b10/7/1966 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523522-Michelle Rae Meister b1/29/1970 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523523-Marie Elizabeth Meister b9/30/1975 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52353-William Paul Wilhoyte b10/10/1940- m1965 Cheryl Ann Hiers b1945 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523514-Wendy Beth Wilhoyte b10/23/1970 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5236 Claudine (Connie) Lorraine Larson b1/30/1914 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d1/23/1983 m1937 .Stanley Edward Lewis b5/22/1910-d11/20/1990 (The Larson Clan) – Resided at Eagle River, WI bur: Eagle River Cemetery Occupation: Nazarene Minister
  • MM52361-Patrica Mae Lewis b10/22/1939- m1961 Paul Chism b1937- div.
  • MM523611-Rebecca Dawn Chism b12/13/1963- m1985 Todd Freeman (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52362-Constance Alma Lewis b7/20/1946- m1965 Jesse Collins b1940- div. (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523621-Mark Allen Collins b4/10/1966- m1987 Toni Burbacker (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523622-Timothy L. Collins b11/30/1967- (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523623-Jesse Collins b1/14/1970 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523624-Joshua James Collins b3/5/1976 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52363-Paul Lewis b11/29/1949- m1971 Bonnie Brown (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523631-Gage William Lewis b10/10/1973- m1994 Joan Flemming (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523632-Spring Marie Lewis b4/26/1977- (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52364-Marilyn Elizabeth Lewis b9/3/1954- m1986 James Will (The Larson Clan) – Paul, Constance, and Marilyn (Vocalists) recorded a record in 1968 called “His Name is Wonderful.” Connie later played organ for a music company on a local radio station.
  • MM5237 Orval James Larson (Jim) b12/09/1915 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,- d3/22/2000 Birnamwood,Shawano,WI (Geraldine Tucker of Mattoon,WI) – m1938 Katherine (Babe) Nettee Hayes b4/4/1922 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, (The Larson Clan) – Jim served in the U.S. Army during WW II – Resided at Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI Occupation: Mattoon Veneer Mill – Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery
  • MM52371-Rebecca Dawn Larson b3/25/1939- m1959 Ottmar Landwehr b1933 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523711-Curtis Brent Landwehr b3/9/1960- m1985 Sally Zeinert (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523712-Dawn LynelleLandwehr b6/15/1961(The Larson Clan)
  • MM523713-Mitchell Kent Landwehr b9/12/1964- m1986 Pamela Sue Lierman (MM522522) b10/15/1967 (The Larson Clan)
  • (See MM522522 for children)
  • MM523714-Jenna Katherine Landwehr b4/7/1977 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52372-Monte Lee Larson b6/16/1940- m1962 Lois Agnes Schmidt b1942 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523721-Lisa Marie Larson b11/29/1963- m1989 Rory Vanesky (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523722-Kevin James Larson b2/1/1965 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523723-Melissa Lynn Larson b12/27/1967- m1990 Lance Clough (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52373-Dennis Mickey Larson b1/7/1948- m1968 Elaine Janette Kile b1950 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523731-Thea Katrina Marie Larson b12/1/1980 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523732-David Michael Larson b4/7/1983 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52374-Trudie Annette Larson b8/24/1951- m1971 Richard Gouge (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523741-Joshua Mark Gouge b6/30/1977 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523742-Alison Joy Gouge b8/10/1979 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523743-Jacob Richard Gouge b12/7/1981 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52375-Roxanne Joi Larson b2/14/1959 WI – m 6/30/1979 Mattoon,Shawano,WI 1William Jay Malliet (son of Benjamin Malliet & Marie Larson) b4/14/1956 Appleton,Outgamie,WI(Marie Malliet) – m1985 2Richard Smith (The Larson Clan) – m3Daniel Grachanin??
  • MM523751-Erin Elizabeth Smith b2/3/1986 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523752-Richard Timothy Vernon Smith b10/4/1987 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5238 Norman Carl Larson b5/31/1917 Mattoon,Shawano,WI-d8/12/1933 Woodlawn Cem. (The Larson Clan)
  • MM5239 Oliver  (Bill) Hilmer Larson (Bill) b 5/05/1919 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d12/4/1996 m10/8/1940 Alice May McAuly (dau. of Lester & Flora McAuly) b10/8/19Tigerton,?,WI- d10/3/2014 (Obit of Alice) Resided in Town of Hutchins Occupation: Farmer Bur: Woodlawn Cemetery (The Larson Clan)
  •    (Picture of Alice McAuly Larson given by Carole McAuly Knowles)
  •    (Picture of TS of Bill & Alice Larson taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  • MM52391-Larry Leonard Larson b6/21/1941- m1962 Carol Jean Hansen b1944 (The Larson Clan)(dau. of Ralph Hansen & Toini (Gertie) Karpinnen) – Farmer, Town of Hutchins,WI (Lives on the second John Johnson Farm built by a Larson)
  • MM523911-Jesse Allen Larson b5/29/1963- m1991 Wanda James (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523912-Cynthia Jean Larson b5/27/1965 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523913-Randall Kent Larson b4/13/1968 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523914-Cristi Lynae Larson b1/5/1972- m1994 Devon Caplinger (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52392-Lynnette Mae Larson b4/25/1943 Mattoon,Shawano,WI -d12/31/1979 Antigo Langlade,WI – m3/6/1965 3rd Cous. Linton (Bud) Lierman (MM52252) b1943- (The Larson Clan)
  • (SeeMM52252 for Children)
  • MM52393-Leanne Rae Larson b3/29/1946- m1972 James Matthew Mews (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523931-Eric James Mews b11/11/1973 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52394-Laurel Larson b4/4/1949- m1973 1Brock James Frye (The Larson Clan) m2Jesse Collins
  • MM523941-Brock James Frye, Jr. b12/18/1976 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM52395-Laverne (Bill)  William Larson b1/18/1953- m1978  Darlene ? (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523951-Tiffany Lynn Larson b5/9/1988 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523(10) Walter Eugene Larson b 7/27/1923 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-d3/22/1941 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523(11) – Grace Emogene Larson b 6/21/1926 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,-m6/1/1948 Richard Eldone Schwab b4/27/1925- Resided in WI,Winona, MN (The Larson Clan) (Picture of Grace donated by Rena McAuly)
  • MM523(11)1-Sn Kay Schwab b12/18/1956- m1982 Gene Allen Grotjohn (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523(11)2-Jeffrey Allen Schwab b9/9/1959- m1984 Kimberly Rae (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523(11)21-Kyle Derrick Schwab b9/8/1984 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM523(11)22-Sara Katherine Schwab b3/20/1987 (The Larson Clan)
  • MM524 – Oscar B. Johnson b2/07/1883 (Tombstone) Chicago,Cook,IL, (Obit, Antigo Journal, 1/7/1944,p5) -d1/7/1944 (Tombstone) at home, Mattoon,WI (Obit, Antigo Journal, 1/7/1944,p5) – m1913 Inga Larson (Obit, Antigo Journal, 1/7/1944,p5) b5/18/1887(Daughter of Claudine Halvorsen (b11/21/1854 Bravig,Norway)& James Larsen) (2nd marriage for Inga, being previously married to a Plisch. ) Norway-d2/11/1964 – Oscar moved to Mattoon as a child. On the 1900 Census, Oscar is living at home and working as a farmhand. Occupation: Cook of Logging Camps,Farmer Bur: Woodlawn Cem. (Obit, Antigo Journal, 1//1944,p5)
  • MM5241-Marcella M. Johnson b9/24/1913 Mattoon,Shawano,WI, (Obit, Antigo Daily Journal, 1/31/2003,p3) – d1/31/03 Eastview Nursing Home,Antigo,Langlade, WI – m9/26/1935 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Mervin A. Nichols b3/15/1905 Waupon,WI (WI Vital Records) -d9/11/1989 Marcella attended Lake May Grade School in the Town of Hutchins. – Burial: Woodlawn Cem.
  • MM52411 – Marlin Nichols b6/30/1936 ofHutchins, Shawano,WI – d1/6/2014 Langlade Mem. Hosp., Antigo,Langlade, WI – m7/2/1960 Wausau,Marathan,WI Alice Anderson – Marlin joined the U.S. National Guard and served in the Berlin Crisis of 1961.  Employed at the WI Veneer & Plywood, Mattoon, WI.  Was of member of the Men’s Trio and Song Leader at church.  Taught S.S. for many years.  Enjoyed gardening, flowers, photography, & fishing.  Burial: Woodlawn Cem., Mattoon, WI (Obit) 
  •   (Picture of Marlin posted by him on Facebook a few days before he died)  
  • MM524111-Jack Nichols b1961
  • MM524112-Jeffrey  Nichols b1963 – mLori ? (Obit of Marlin)
  • MM524113- Joel Nichols b1964 of Weston, OH
  • MM524114 – Jon Nichols b
  • MM52412 – Lee Nichols b1939- mDonna Fry b1942-
  • MM524121-Jerry Nichols b1963
  • MM524122-Rhonda Nichols b1965
  • MM524123-Lee C. Nichols b1967
  • MM52413 – Carmin Joyce Nichols b12/1957 Antigo,Langlade,WI – d12/1957 Langlade County Memorial ,Antigo,Langlade,WI – Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery,Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit)
  • MM5242-Cleo Johnson b9/2/1917 – d1992 – m5/24/1946 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Emil W. Warnke d12/2/1978- Cleo worked for the Salvation Army of Wau,WI – Bur: Woodlawn Cem., No Stone (Antigo Daily Jour. 1992 obit Cleo)

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