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  Saucon Meetinghouse, still original building in 1999

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    by Karolyn Rae Roberts



Joders in Switzerland  

The surname of Yoder is derived from the Alemannic given name of Theodor which comes from a Greek word meaning "man of God." The first known bishop in Switzerland was Saint Theodorus and he died around 393 A.D. Later his name became Saint Joder. As far back as the forth and fifth centuries, the Joders settled on the right shore of the Emme River in an area that became known as "Joder Hubel," or "Joder Hill" and the elevation is 9,870 feet at this site. This hill was made into a walled stronghold to protect the Joder clans down through the years. In the village of Huttwil, a Ulli Joder and his son, Heini Joder, are recorded as the highest taxed families. In about 1385, a Heini Joder moved to Steffisburg, Switzerland, which is in the southern part of the Emmental. These Yoders lived here approximately eleven generations before they joined the Widertufer (Anabaptists) and then were forced to leave their homeland in search of religious freedom. The Steffisburg Joders were mostly farmers, but also involved in a variety of trades. Some were also in civil administration offices. In 1848, a Jost Joder served as governor at Laueren near Thun. Some Yoders migrated to the Alsace or to the Pfalz and later they sailed for America. (Information: Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIV,n2, European Yoder Research by Lois Ann Mast)


The next bridge to cross is linking our line back to some of these earlier generations, which could take some doing.HYPOTHESIS:- Yoder Newsletter, April 2010.- Scheidgasse, , court at Steffisburg, Switzerland Records show a Hans Joder born in 1677 to Caspar Joder and Anna Zaugg, had gone to some foreign land and was out of touch with his family from a point before 1724.- Hans of Great Swamp matches the approximate age, and his migration time also matches.- It is the best information we have to date.


Yoders in America
[1785-  The shutters and the iron hinges for the Saucon Meetinghouse were made and donated by John Bachman, Casper Young, Jacob Yoder, John Geissinger, Samuel Meyer, and Abraham Meyer.]  (Picture:  Randy Roberts holding son Benjamin Roberts [descendants of these Yoders), is pointing to the iron hinges on the Saucon Meetinghouse taken around 1999) 


*Saucon and Swamp Churches of Coopersburg Area, Milford Twp., of Bucks Co., PA


**Yoder Swiss Heritage

***Tombstone Locations in Saucon Cemetery


Mennonite Yoders  
It seems to be that the earliest record of Hans of The Great Swamp for a land purchase is January of 1720. Here is some information found from different sources. Bucks-Lehigh County Yoders-As early as 1734, one John and Anna Yoder came to "Penn's Woods" and took land during the reign of King George II of England. The land was part of a land grant of William Penn. Later, the Mennonites petitioned for and were granted township for the area that became Milford Township in Bucks County and Upper Saucon in Lehigh County. (Source: The History of Saucon Mennonite Meetinghouse and Church) Hans purchased a tract of 99 acres in Lower Milford Township, Bucks Co., PA (then known only as "The Great Swamp") from Joseph Growden of Trevose, PA on January 17, 1720 for fifteen pounds current silver money. - Hans of Great Swamp LAND RECORD says "11/22/1724, Minute Book "I" John Nich. Sentz & Hans Yoder request the grant of 100 acres of land at Sawcany." p726, Early PA Land Records edited by William Henry Egle. (Yoder Newsletter,n40,Oct.2002; Donald Honeywell) Montgomery County also soon came to be home for some of the descendants of this line. These Yoders were the only ones in America to use the name Casper, found so frequently among the Steffisburg Joder records. A John Yoder is known to have married Anna Bachman, but it is not clear whether this was the senior immigrant or John Jr. Although there is still some confusion as to the generations, this branch may be the next to establish a demonstrable connection to the Joders of Steffisburg.

YB13 Abraham Yoder    & Maria Schell Sell   (Pics)



YB-Hans (John Sr.) Yoder of Great Swamp-b ca1680 Europe - d1753 Lower Milford Twp., Bucks Co., Pa-- mAnna_______ d1753 or soon after,Milford Twp.,Bucks Co.,PA (or was it Barbara Berger???) Hans/John Yoder Sr. was born in either Switzerland or Germany around 1680. He died in Lower Milford Township, Bucks County, PA, but his death date is unknown. (Ancestry Com #10478) He married Anna ____ (maiden name, birth and death dates unknown). He purchased a tract of 99 acres in Lower Milford Township, Bucks Co., PA (then known only as "The Great Swamp") from Joseph Growden of Trevose, PA on January 17, 1720 for fifteen pounds current silver money. Hans of Great Swamp LAND RECORD says "11/22/1724, Minute Book "I" John Nich. Sentz& Hans Yoder request the grant of 100 acres of land at Sawcany." p726, Early PA Land Records edited by William Henry Egle. (Yoder Newsletter,n40,Oct.2002; Donald Honeywell) Pennsylvania Land Warrants and Patents has a record of purchase of 100 acres and another entry for 51 acres with no dates. (PA Land Warrants and Patents:v1). Then on Janunary 4, 1737, is a record of purchase for 250 acres.


The "Great Swamp" region of Bucks Co., PA is located in the Northwestern corner of the county and includes the Townships of Milford and Richland and extends north into LeHigh County and west into Montgomery County. The early settlers found the land to be very rich and very suitable for growing crops. The land became more valuable after the timber was cut down and the swampy land was drained. Many wild animals roamed this land and rattlesnakes were in abundance. Many farmers were bitten by these unwanted creatures and, to combat them, the men wrapped their legs in grass to ward off the dealy bites of the rattlers. There were Indians in this area until 1770, mostly living in small groups along the Swamp Creek.

Milford Township (Upper Bucks), was settled by Mennonites about 1715, so named from Menno Simon, a prominent reformer of Friesland, Germany, born 1492, and died in Holland, 1559. They were mostly from the Palatinate, whither religious persecution had driven them from Switzerland and    Alsace. They were poor, but industrious and frugal, and soon provided homes for themselves and their families. There are few indigent among them, and no one in good standing will accept public alms. The first minister in the county of this denomination, was Valentine Clemmer, as early as 1717, and attended the first Mennonite conference in America, held at Skippack or Franconia in 1724. He represented the church at the "Great Swamp" (History of Bucks Co., p434). The earliest services were held in private houses, the first church building not being erected until 1735, built on the land of William Allen. September of 1730 "Hans of Great Swamp" signed a petition calling for a road to be built from the new Meeting House to Montgomery Road. (YNL). In 1771, a second building was erected for the Swamp church, a mile east of the original one. In 1847, the Mennonites became divided and were known as the Old and New Schools. The Mennonites landed at the port of Philadelphia, PA. They worked their way up the Perkiomen Valley of Montgomery Co. and settled in the "Great Swamp." Hans Yoder, Sr. was one of the early settlers.

A petition was presented to the Assembly in 1734 from the "Inhabitants of Bucks Co.," stating the petitioners were from Germany, and having purchased lands, they desired naturalization that they may hold the same and transmit them to their children. John Yoder, Sr. and his son, John Yoder Jr., names were on the petition (Bucks Co. Pioneers of the 18th Century, Westchester Library; Bucks Co. History, p425,426). John Yoder, Sr.'s name was on the first plat of survey returned to the Court September/October 1734 for Milford Twp. On the back of the draft, it is endorsed "Bulla," the name the petitioners desired their township to be called (History of Bucks Co., p429). In 1747, Hans was a co-executor of Samuel Shoup's will, but signed a letter of renunciation stating that he was ancient and not fit to travel in ye winter season. In 1748, he was one of the three people who took inventory for the estate of John Landis (his friend & neighbor), a Mennonite farmer of Lower Milford Twp.

Hans Yoder was one the the signers for the last Will and Testament of Jacob Clemmer of Lower Milford Twp. It was probated on 11/11/1751. He signed his name: John Joder Sinior (Sr).

Out of the diary of David Schultze, a surveyor from Montgomery Co., PA-Nov. 20, 1750: Went to Great Swamp and surveyed for Herwick Ackerman, Zwiewitz, & Hamsel Yoder in Saucon Twp. (YNL, Issue 16, Oct. 1990)

On 12/8/1750, Hans and Anna sold their farm to their son, Casper, for twenty pounds current money. The Bucks and Philadelphia, PA court houses have been searched to locate the will of Hans, but one cannot be found.

Out of the diary of David Schultze, a surveyor from Montgomery Co., PA-July 1782: Old Hansel Yoder on Upper Saucon, died earlier this year, in March or April. (YNL, Issue 16, Oct. 1990)

Hans and Anna were Mennonites and donated tghe land for the Saucon Mennonite Meeting House. (YNL, Issue 37,p8 Yothers Family)

Note: Mennonites-The Mennonites established their first congregation in Bucks Co. in 1735 in the northwestern part of the county, known as the Swamp Church of Milford. Later a meeting house was built in Bedminster. In 1746, a church was given to the followers at the Deep Run settlement. In 1752, a log building was erected for worship in the northwestern part of New Britain. The Perkasie or Milltown meeting house was built in 1753, Gehman's in Rockhill in 1773 and in Springfield ca 1753/1765. There are no known records of birth, marriage, or death.



YB1-John (Hans) Jr. Yoder/Joeder (both found on documents) S-b ca 1708 died Mar or Apr 1782 near Coopersburg, Upper Saucon Twp.,PA - mAnna Maria Bachman Originally settled in Milford Twp. John Yoder, Jr. bought several tracts of land in Northampton Co. (now Lehigh Co.)(3 tracts of land from his father Hans [John]) and later sold them to his three sons. According to the PA Land Warrants and Patents, John Yoder on October 24, 1738 bought 175 acres (Patent Index A and AA:v19? A1p231); on January 29, 1739 bought 199 acres (vA9p450); on July 11, 1741 bought 50 acres (v9p450; and on March 14, 1743 bought 105 acres (vA11p175). One of the tracts was next to the Saucon Mennonite Church. All his land was in Upper Saucon Twp. Near the present town of Coopersburg. John and his wife were members of the Saucon Mennonite Church. The Will of Casper Yoder was probated in Northampton Co., PA on October 5, of 1798. (YNL). Bur: Saucon Mennonite Cemetery (supposed). - Executor John Joeder of Will: L:182,14 6 1756, 24 10 1758 Michael Shelly, Lower Milford, Co. of Bucks,PA Yeoman. June 14, 1756. Oct. 24, 1758. Wife: Barbara. Child, John. Brother, John. Father-in-Law, John Joeder. Exec: John Joeder, John Shelly. (Philadelphia Co.,PA Wills 1682-1819)


YB11-Casper Bachman Yoder Sabt1745 Uper Saucon Twp., Bucks Co., PA-d9/1798 PA (Ancestral Records) - m1763 Veronica (Fronica) Sell S (daughter of Hendrick Van Sintern Sell [old country, Sellen]- & Mary Schell) b10/23/1734 PA - d8/22/1831 PA ] (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) -- Casper bought his father's farm of 99 acres in Milford Twp. And 10 acres in Richland Twp. That his father had purchased from John Lester. He sold half of his farm to his son-in-law, Jacob Landis, and the other half to his son-in-law, Samuel Slotter. Both transactions occurred in 1831.- [On April 13, 1768, he bought three tracts of land in Upper Saucon Township, Northampton Co., PA totaling 202 acres. He bought these tracts of land from his father for the sum of 175 pounds. This property was near the Saucon Mennonite Church.- He and his wife were members of the Saucon Mennonite Church and are buried there.] (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)-- In June of 1778, he was among those imprisoned at Easton for refusing to swear an oath required by the recently passed Test-Act. On July 5, 1778, he was one of the twelve non-associators named in an unsuccessful petition to the Supreme Executive Council of PA., presented by his friends and neighbors. In 1782 and 1783, he was included in the general muster rolls of the fourth and second Battalions, respectively, of the Northampton County Militia. His position was class fourth, in company two, under Capt. Christopher Johnson. This does not mean that he served. Casper in 1785 was one of the six members that contributed to new shutters for the Saucon Mennonite Meetinghouse. (YNL, Issue #12, Oct, 1988) The will of Casper Yoder, Jr. was probated in Northhampton Co.,Easton, PA on October 5, 1798. : proved Vol 3 page 143 Casper Yotter (of Saucon) wife Fronica; sons John, Jacob; 5 dau: Anna m Jacob Moyer; Molly m ? Christian Shamie (?); Susanna on the 27th May next following the last; Fronia; Barbara. Exec. Abraham Yoder. (YNL) Bur: Saucon Mennonite Cemetery (Fronica is buried north side of the church by Barbara Yoder, Karolyn & Tammy Roberts)


YB111- Anna Sell Yoder b1764 - d1843 - mJacob Meyer (son of Rev. Jacob Meyer) b11/8/1757 - d2/17/1830 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) - Burial: Springfield Men. Cem.


YB112- Maria Sell (Molly) Yoder b1/3/1769-d1828 mChristian Shimmel b1762-d1829 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) Bur: Springfield- Men. Cem.


YB113-Johannes (John) Sell Yoder b10/16/1771-d11/2/1839 -- mSusanna Meyer/Moyer b12/23/1774 - d5/4/1815 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) -Buried: Saucon Men. Cem. (Karolyn Roberts) Johannes was a Revolutionary War Veteran (PA Roots Gen.)

Registry of Wills, Lehigh Co, microfilm file #1531- dated 19 Dec 1836- John (YB113) 1839 bequeath to son John, Joseph, Peter& Jacob, dau Elizabeth married to John Stauffer- no wife mentioned. Upper Saucon Twp.


- YB1131-John Meyer Yoder Sb8/29/1805-d1/22/1892 at 86 years,4 month,23 days-mCatherine Moyer Sb3/?/1811 - d11/9/1888 Aged 77 years. Bur: Saucon Cemetery (Both buried about 8 rows NW of Church, Karolyn, Randy, & Tammy Roberts, [flag by tombstone]) (Reg. of Wills,Lehigh Co., #7663 Micro File #14135)John Yoder- died 22 Jan 1892- unto my dau Mary Gehman. 4 grandchilren: Rosy Jane Landis; Morris Gehman, Frank & Emma Gehman.

YB11311-Mary Moyer Yoder b1835-d1914-m1842 Bucks,PA Charles S. Gehman (Ancestral Records) 1850 Federal Census PAS6a1163605, Milford Twp.,Bucks Co., PA Charles Gehman. Children of Mary & Charles were Morris Gehman, Frank Gehman,& Emma Gehman. (Reg. of Wills,Lehigh Co., Micro File #14135)

YB11312-Johanes M. Yoder Sb12/10/1837-d7/7/1862 (single) Aged 24 years Bur: Saucon Cemetery (buried by parents, John & Catharine, NW of church approx. 8 rows over, Karolyn, Randy, & Tammy Roberts, 8/1998)

YB1132 - Joseph Meyer Yoder b1806 (Ancestral Records) PA - d1/9/1868 age 61y5m23d Medina Co.,OH - Elizabeth Heistand b6/3/1814 PA - d7/28/1900 (age 86y0m25d Clay City,IN. Burial: Wadsworth Mennonite Cem.,Medina Co.,OH (Non-Amish Index #2) Buried at Wadsworth. (Ancestral Records) - CENSUS YR:1870 STATE:OH COUNTY:Medina DIVISION:Guilford Twp. REEL NO:M593-1241 REFERENCE, p.255b, Line 31, Elizabeth Yoder, age 55, keeping house, widowed, born PA and daughter Susanna is living with her.-- YB11321 - Massey Yoder (daughter) bc1832 PA (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB11322 - Abraham Heistand Yoder b2/8/1837 ,Harrison,PA- m1/19/1861 Medina Co.,OH Lydia Oberholtzer (Medina,OH County Marriages, VC,p306) b11/30/1839 OH (1900 Fed. Census,Clay,IN (Parents both born in PA, 1880 Census) - d1/11/1925- Note: Resided in Clay Co.,IN (Non-Amish Index #2)(Clay,IN 1880, Ken Wm Yoder Cht -87, Jacob Oberholtzer Book) (1880 Fed. Census, Harrison,Clay,IN states John, Mary, Joseph, Jacob, Elizabeth, Solamon, Susan,& William all living at home) - Biography Directory History Politics Religion of Clay Co., IN Listing: A. Yoder, Clay City Post Office, Acres Owned 29, Born Harrison, PA 1837-1872, Farmer. - 1870 Fed. Census, Guilford, Medina,OH lists Abraham, Lydia, John F., Mary, Joseph H., Jacob R. living at the same residence.

YB113221 - John Franklin Yoder b1/11/1862 OH - d12/2/1907 - maprox 1882 Martha Ann Buzzard b4/1865 - d? (Non-Amish Index #2) Note: John & Martha was renting a house in Harrison Twp., Clay Co.,IN. John was a coal miner. In the 1900 Census they listed having 5 children, 2 of whom had died. (1900 U.S. Census, Harrison Twp.,Clay Co.,IN) - Notes from Beech United Brethern Church of Owen Co., IN located by the line, and Clay Co. people attended. On the membership list: John Yoder 1883-1906, & Martha Buzzard Yoder, 1879-1906. (Also listed is a Iva Foxworthy Yoder, & Mary.)

YB1132211 - Belle Yoder b7/20/1883 Clay Co.,IN (Clay Co.,IN Index to Birth Records 1882-1920) - d3/14/1899 age 15y7m22days (Tombstone) - Bur: Beech Cem., MarionTwp.,Owen,IN

YB1132212 - Carl O. Yoder b1885 - d2/8/1886 at age 3m15days (Tombstone) - Bur: Beech Cem.,MarionTwp.,Owen, IN, Sect. 1 - Other names for Section One are BURGER or DENMARK Cemetery. Sections One and Two are located just east of the Beech E.U.B. Church. Owner of Section one is Marion Township and is the main burying place of the Dunkard Church formerly located at Denmark. Owner of Sections 2 and 3 is the Beech Cemetery Association.

YB1132213 - Earl O. Yoder bFeb,1887 IN(1900 U.S. Census, Harrison Twp.,Clay Co.,IN)

YB1132214 - John Lloyd Yoder bSept.,1889 IN(1900 U.S. Census, Harrison Twp.,Clay Co.,IN) - mZella Broman

YB1132215 - Bessie Yoder bJan/31/1896 IN(1900 U.S. Census, Harrison Twp.,Clay Co.,IN) ·- YB113222 - Mary Bracilla Yoder b10/24/1864 OH - d3/5/1922 - m1884 Kansas David Mathias Nice (Non-Amish Index #2) (Son of Valentine C. Nice & Sarah Elizabeth Miller) b4/14/1854 OH (1900 Census,Clay,IN) - d4/29/1912 - 1900 Census lists Nelson W., Leo V., & Lydia A. as children.-

YB113223 - Joseph Henry Yoder b4/14/1866 OH - d2/20/1883 (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB113224 - Jacob Kent Yoder b2/26/1868 OH - 2/6/1923 (Non-Amish Index #2) - 1900 Fed Census,Clay,IN, Jacob is living with his parents. ·- YB113225 - Elizabeth Catherine Yoder b3/11/1871 OH - d10/7/1910 - mDaniel Dickey (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB113226 - Solamon Elisha Yoder b3/18/1873 IN - d11/10/1957 age 84 - mEva Catherine Furry b- d1906 IN (Non-Amish Index #2) - Notes from Beech United Brethern Church of Owen Co., IN located by the line, and Clay Co. people attended. On the membership list: Eva Furry Yoder 1895-1901. - Obit. of Mrs. Eva Catherine Yoder, age 52, 8/24/06 Tribune of Owen County.

YB1132261 - William Yoder b3//1898 (1900 Fed. Census,, Clay,IN)

YB113227 - Index #2)Susan Rachel Yoder b3/5/1876 IN - mHomer V. Brother (Non-Amish

YB113228 - Infant Yoder bIN(Non-Amish Index #2)

YB113229 - William Abraham Yoder b1/19/1880 IN (Non-Amish Index #2) - 1900 Fed Census,Clay,IN, William is living with his parents.--

YB11322(10) - Infant Yoder (Non-Amish Index #2)-

YB11323 - Henry Yoder b1839 PA - d5/18/1857 age 18y2m24d (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB11324 E- Elizabeth Yoder b5/30or31/1841 PA - d6/5/1874 Elkhart,IN - m3/10/1867 Medina Co.,OH (Medina Co,OH Marriages VD,p141) Jacob T. Rohrer (Son of Isaac Rohrer & Elizabeth (Magdalena) Troxell) Resided at Elkhart, IN (Non-Amish Index #2) (Son of Isaac Rohrer & Elizabeth "Magdalena" Troxell) (Ancestral Records) b1/11/1841 , Seneca,OH (Ob it) - d2/5/1921 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN (Obit) - After Elizabeth died, Jacob married Adeline Longnecker on 1/5/1879 (Ancestral Records) - On the fifth of June, in Elkhart co., of Consumption, Sister ELIZABETH ROHRER, aged 33 years, and 5 days. Her maiden name was Yoder; formerly of Medina,OH. She leaves a mourning husband and several children. A few weeks before her departure she desired to partake once more of the Lord's Supper, and we have reason to believe that she has only gone before, to the rest which remaineth for the people of God. What a comfort to those who mourn for their friends, when they can feel that they have peace with God. (Herald of Truth, July 1874,p120,127) - Jacob T. Rohrer was born Jan. 11, 1841, in Seneca Co., Ohio; died in Wakarusa, Ind., Feb. 5, 1921; aged 80 y. 24 d. He was united in marriage to Elizabeth Yoder and to this union were born four sons (Harvey, Henry, Ora and Grant). Elizabeth Rohrer died June 5, 1874. On Jan. 5, 1879, he was married to Adeline Longenecker. He was a member of the Mennonite Church, died in the faith, and prayed in behalf of his children and grandchildren for the saving of their souls. He leaves wife, 4 sons, 3 brothers, one sister, and a host of other relatives and friends. He was a great sufferer for many years, hence he was longing to depart and be with Christ. The funeral at the Olive church conducted by H. M. Schwalm and Silas Weldy. Text, Psa. 116:15. (Gospel Herald, V.XIII,N.53,3/31/1921,p1043)

YB11325 - A. Yoder (male, per 1850 Census) bc1844 (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB11326 - Anna (Annie) Yoder b6/9or10/1844 PA - d2/7/1875 Mahoning,OH - m12/1/1867 Medina Co.,OH (Medina,OH Co. Marriages, VD,p179) Henry M. Koppes (Son of Abraham Koppes & Barbara means) (Ancestral Records) Had two children (Non-Amish Index #2) After Anna died, Henry married Nancy Killmer. - Feb 7th, in Mahoning Co., OH, of Consumption, ANNA KOPPES, wife of Henry Koppes, aged 30 years, 7 months and 28 days. She leaves a husband and two children to mourn their loss. Services by Isaac Good, H. Beery and E. Hunsberger, from 1 Cor. 15:56.(Herald of Truth March 1875,p46,47)

YB11327 - William Yoder bc1847 - d1868 (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB11328 - Susanna Yoder b1850 Chester Co.,PA - d10/25/1883 Wadsworth,Medina,OH 33y7m16d of dropsy. (Non-Amish Index #2)(Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Death Records v2,#2827) - 1870 Census,Medina,OH says she is living with her mother who is widowed.-

YB11329 - Rev. Joseph H. Yoder b2/1/1853 PA - d3/18/1903d Medina,OH - m3/15/1874 Wayne Co.,OH Maryette Zigler (Was Sigler, father changed it at birth) b10/2/1856 Sterling - d7/11/1939 Rittman,OH - Maryette was married to Henry Welker before Joseph. (Ancestral Records) Joseph was a Mennonite minister. Note: 11 children of whom 2 died young. (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB113291 - Henry Sylvester Yoder b7/8/1877 Guilford,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p77) - mArtie Meske

YB113292 -Frances (Melinda) Yoder b9/25/1879 OH - d11/30/1962 Rittman,Wayne,OH - m5/23/1904 Charles Henry Gammell b7/5/1867 - d5/23/1904 - 1900 Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists Melinda Yoder as living with a Daniels Family as Domestic Help.-

YB113293 -Elizabeth Jane Yoder b12/9/1881 Guilford,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p119) d1939 - mAmiel/Amos (Amiel is french for Amos) (Ed) Joseph Sinley (Son of Joseph & Catherine Sinley) b10/24/1879 - Children of Elizabeth & Amos were Clarie May Sinley, Joseph Wilson Sinley, Amos George Sinley, Edward Arthur Sinley, and others. (Ancestral Records)

YB113294 - Emma Loverna Yoder b3/4/1884 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p119) - mHenry Rock

YB113295 - Charles F. Yoder b7/1/1886 - d11/11/1962 - m10/8/1914 by J.P. O.O. VanDeusen Ida Lemming (Medina Co.,OH Marriages vK,p374) - b7/17/1886 (Ancestral Records)

YB113296 - Viola C. Yoder b3/17/1889 - m8/26/1909 Earl Charles Sigler ·- YB113297 -Lydia A. Yoder b1/10/1894 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V2,#10975) - mErnest Swade

YB113298 - George M. Yoder b4/24/1896 - d8/1939 - mAgnes Berger

YB113299 - Lodema Yoder b8/1/1898 - mGeorge Wheeler

YB11329a - William H. Yoder b10/8/1875 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p65) - Died in infancy.

YB11329b - Joseph Yoder b10/7/1879? Guilford,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p100) - Died in infancy.-


YB1132a - Lovinia Yoder b1857- d1/20/1866 8y5m1d (Non-Amish Index #2)


YB1133 - Peter Meyer Yoder (Registry of Wills, Lehigh Co) b1/7/1808 ,Lehigh,PA - d2/11/1888 of gravel disease at age 74, Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Deaths, V1,p60) - m12/1836 Wadsworth,Medina,OH Susannah Bechtel (Daughter of John & Elizabeth Bechtel) b12/18/1805 Berks,PA - d8/18/1893 - Burial of Susannah is the Wadsworth Cem.,Medina,OH (Medina C.H. & Obit) - Peter was a farmer. Burial: Maple Hill Cem (aka First Mennonite Cem) (Yoder Newsletter) PETER YODER, of Medina Co., Ohio, whose death we briefly noticed last week, was born in Lehigh Co., Pa., Jan. 7th, 1808, and came to this neighborhood twenty-eight years ago, and for several years lived on the farm now owned by John Smoyer, and then moved to the farm on which he died. He was married to his surviving widow 46 years ago, and 11 children - 7 sons and 4 daughters - were born to them, all of whom are living and all were present at the funeral. He became a member of the Mennonite Church early in life, and remained a faithful and devoted member, and for many years was a deacon in that body. He stood high in the estimation of the community. Was a devoted husband, a kind father, and beloved by all. He was sick for several months of pneumonia and other troubles and died Feb. 11th, aged 74 years, 1 month and 4 days. The funeral was largely attended on the 14th. Services by E. Hunsberger, assisted by M. Leatherman. - Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio, Paper. (Herald of Truth 3/15/1882, p93,94) [Estate, M 7589, O 8151] - 1970 Census,Wadsworth,Medina,OH states Peter is 60, Susannah is 53, Franklin, William, David, & Edward are all at home. A Maria Campbell, age 19 is with them.


YB11331 - Lovina B. Yoder b2/12/1838 PA - d6/25/1923 - m3/4/1865 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Marriages, VD,p20) Charles F. Zeigler bc1832 Gy-- Burial: Woodlawn Cem. Mausoleum,Wadsworth,OH (Yoder Newsletter)

YB11332 - John B. Yoder b7/28/1839 PA - d3/21/1911 - m12/16/1866 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Marriages) Anna (Annie) Gehman b11/28/1845 PA- d12/26/1881 Wadsworth,Medina,OH at age 36 of Typhoid Fever (Medina Co.,OH. Deaths V1,p60) Burial: Wadsworth Men. Cem. (Maple Hill) (Yoder Newsletter) 1900 Census for Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists J.B. as widowed and daughter Clara is living with him; J.B. is working as Secty W. Mill Co.

YB113321 - Harry Yoder b1/30/1868 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - d12/17/1914 - (Yoder Newsletter) - YODER, Harry, born January 30, 1868 at Wadsworth, died December 17,1914, 46 years old, worked in Cuba in government service, survived by 1 brother, John of California and a sister Clara of Massilon. (Wadsworth Banner Press, 12/24/1914)

YB113322 - Clara (Clarey) Yoder b6/2/1869 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p8) - 1900 Census for Wadsworth,Medina,OH Clara living with her father.

YB113323 - John Wallace Yoder b1/27/1878 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p8) Of CA-

YB11333 - Henry B. Yoder b12/1/1840 - 1900 - m12/20/1868 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Marriages, VD,p237) Sarah Godshall Krupp/Koppes b6/27/1846 Bucks Co.,PA (Ancestral Records) - d1902 - Burial: S Cem., Fulton,OH (Yoder Newsletter) Resided in Mendon,MI as a farmer. - 1970 Census lists Henry, Sarah, and Emira at one residence.

YB113331 - Elmira Yoder b9/19/1869 ,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p32)

YB113332 - Oswin Yoder b5/1/1872 ,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p7)

YB113333 - Daughter Yoder b4/9/1874 ,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p43)

YB113334 - Elmore Yoder b7/29/1878 ,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V1,p82)

YB113335 - Susie Yoder b9/15/1883

YB113336 - Ines Yoder b12/2915/1886

YB11334 - Elizabeth Yoder b9/1/1842 - d1932 - m3/8/1863 Medina,OH (Medina Co. Marrages, VC,p406) Samuel Nash bc1836 (Yoder Newsletter) Children born to Elizabeth & Samuel Nash were William Henry Nash, Edward F. Nash, John E. Nash, David P. Nash, & Sebina Nash. (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908)

YB11335 - Susannah Yoder b5/15/1844 PA - d5/14/1928 - m9/21/1867 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Marriages, VD,p165) Benjamin Gunsaulis (Son of David G. Gunsaulis& Sarah Long) b1840 - d7/15/1882 (Yoder Newsletter)

YB11336 - Catharine Yoder b6/1/1846 - d3/8/1923 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Wadsworth Banner Press Obit,3/15/1923) - m8/29/1868 Wadsworth by Rev. Ephraim Hunsberger (Medina,OH Co. Marriages, VD,p217) Isaac Rickert Laux b7/20/1843 Hilltown,Bucks,PA - d10/16/1907 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Wadsworth Banner Press Obit,10/24/1907) - Burial: Sec. 12,Woodlawn Cem [s/o Enos F. Laux & Annie Rickert) (Yoder Newsletter) Children of Catharine & Isaac were David Franklin Laux, Cora Laux, Charley Laux, Susie Laux, & Isadora Laux. (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908)

YB11337 - Peter B. Yoder b9/3/1848 PA - d8/15/1913 Wadsworth,OH Burial: Woodlawn Mausoleum - m4/17/1873 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.OH Marriages) Charlotte R. Miller b2/19/1856 Loyal Oak (Summit),) OH - d3/4/1926 Wadsworth,OH - Burial: Wadsworth Men. Cem. [Woodlawn Cem] (Yoder Newsletter) Charlotte later married after Peter's death, Charles A. Holloway. (Medina Co., OH Marriages 1818-Present, VL,p469) - 1900 Census Wadsworth,Medina,OH states Peter, Charlotte, Estella, Venna, Katie, & Raymond at residence; Peter is a Miller.

YB113371 - Estella D. Yoder b11/1874 OH (1900 Census) - d1957

YB113372 - Charles J. Yoder d1903 Spanish American War, Wadsworth Cem. (Wadsworth Banner Press 5/19/1910)

YB113373 - Verna (Vinnie) Essie Yoder b3/22/1884 Loyal Oak, Summit,OH - m6/1/1904 Medina Co.,OH William Harrison Overholt Yoder

YB113374 - Catharine (Katie) M. Yoder b6/22/1885 Summit,OH - m6/24/1903 Medina Co.,OH Carl W. Morgan of Loyal Oak (Medina Co. Courthouse Marriages VI,p431)

YB113375 - Hattie M. Yoder b8/25/1891 - d8/1976 (SSDI) - Buried: Woodlawn Cem.,Wadsworth,OH

YB113376 - Raymond Allyn Yoder b2/27/1892 Wadsworth,Medina,OH [(Medina Co. Births, V2,#10204 names baby as Agustus; V1F #21249 corrected to Raymond Allyn] - m2/27/1920 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Marriages, VL,p480) Hazel Mong 1896 - Buried: Woodlawn Cem. Mausoleum,Wadsworth,OH

YB1133761 - Donald A. Yoder b4/27/1922 - d11/13/1943 - Buried: Woodlawn Cem. Mausoleum,Wadsworth,Medina,OH


YB11338 - Franklin Yoder b3/11/1851 Bucks Co.,PA - d5/25/1926 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. - m10/4/1874 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Marriages, VC,p523) Ada J. Shaffer (Daughter of Henry & Mary Shaffer) b4/5/1855 Western Star,OH - d7/31/1943 GulifordTwp.,Medina,OH (Yoder Newsletter) - YODER, Frank, born March 11, 1851 in Bucks County, PA, died May 25, 1926, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, son of Peter and Susanna YODER, married October 4, 1874 to Ada J. SHAFFER, daughter of Henry and Mary Shaffer. Survived by his wife, 1 daughter and 2 sons, 2 sisters and 1 brother Dave of Butler, Okla. (Wadsworth Banner Press, 5/27/1926, p1) - 1900 Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists Frank, Ada, and Ruth at one residence; Frank is a Cigar Manufacturer.


YB113381 - Fred B. Yoder b11/26/1875 Medina Co.,OH - d1951 - Buried: Woodlawn Cem.,Wadsworth,OH - mSylvia M. Way b8/1874 - d1950

YB113382 - George F. Yoder b1/18/1881 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,v1,p112) - mMaude Eva Baughman b4/11/1882 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - d4/15/1959 Wadsworth,Medina,OH

YB1133821 - Esther Yoder b2/17/1908 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - m1Perry Brounton - m6/20/1905 2Herbert H. Hutchinson b6/21/1900 - d9/28/1977

YB1133822 - Mildred Yoder b3/8/1911 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - m9/25/1937 Wadsworth,Medina,OH Leonard Frase (Son of Earl Frase& Minnie Etling) b3/1/1913 Rittman,Wayne,OH - d1960 - Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Wadsworth,Medina,OH

YB113383 -Ruth Letella Yoder b8/27/1889 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908),v2,#9487) - d11/26/1954 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - Buried: Lakewood Park Cem.,Cayahoga Co.,OH - m11/1910 1Franklin Palmer Houser b1884 - d1924 - m 2William F. McCaslin d1/1950

YB11339 - William Harrison B. Yoder b7/24/1853 PA - d3/19/1925 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - m9/27/1877 Summitt,OH Sarah Ellen (Ella) Shaw b3/10/1857 OH (1900 Census) - d2/25/1936 - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. Mausoleum,Wadsworth,OH (Yoder Newsletter) - YODER, Ellen, died Tuesday in Wadsworth, age 80, interred in the Wadsworth Mausoleum, widow William YODER, survived by 1 daughter, Hattie and 1 son, H. D. (Wadsworth Banner Press, February 27, 1936) - 1900 Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists W.B., Ella, Howard D. & Hattie living at the same residence; W.B. is a grocer.

YB113391 - Ernest William Yoder b9/1878 Wadsworth,Medina,OH - d10/17/1878 at age of 1 month of Brain Fever, Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Deaths, V1,p44) - Burial: First Men. Ch.,Old Diagonal Rd.,Medina,Wadsworth,OH (Yoder Newsletter)

YB113392 - Howard D. Yoder b7/10/1882 OH (Yoder Newsletter/1900 Census) - mEtta Luke b1884 - Resided in MI & FL (Yoder Newsletter) - 1900 Census says Howard is a Grocery Clerk, his father a grocer.

YB113393 - Hattie May Yoder b8/25/1892 OH (Yoder Newsletter/1900 Census) - d8/21/1976 - Resided at Wadsworth,OH - Hattie was a bookkeeper. (Yoder Newsletter)

YB1133a David Yoder b5/7/1856 - Resided Butler,OK in 1926. (Yoder Newsletter)

YB1133b Edwin B. Yoder b10/4/1859 OH - d1/11/1915 of a broken neck, TX - m12/29/1881 Medina,OH (Medina Co. Marriages, 1818-Present,VF,p60) Nancy C. Barrett (Yoder Newsletter) b6/1863 OH (1900 Census) - YODER, Edward B., born October 4, 1859, died before January 12, 1915 in Texas of a broken neck. Survived by wife Nancy, son Arthur and 1 grandchild, 3 brothers, David, Frank and William, 4 sisters, Mrs.Susan Gunsaulis, Mrs. C. B. Ziegler, Mrs. K. Laux and Mrs. Nash Wadsworth (Banner Press, January 21, 1915) - 1900 Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists Edwin, Nancy, & Arthur living at the same residence


-YB1133b1 - Arthur B. Yoder b11/7/1884 OH(1900 Census) - m8/27/1904 Clara F. Rasor b8/27/1904 (Medina Co. Marriages, 1818-Present,V1,p528) ·- YB1134-Jacob Meyer Yoder Sb5/10/1813-d12/21/1884 71years,7months,11days (Karolyn& Tammy Roberts, 7/1998)-m1Elizabeth Geissinger b2/21/1821-d /24/1852 (Tombstone,Karolyn& Tammy Roberts) m9/28/1865 by Rev. Joshua Yeager of the Evangelical Luthern Church, Bethlehem,PA 2Barbara Newcomer b1812-d12/1/1879 (Tombstone,Karolyn& Tammy Roberts) 1860 Lehigh Co.,PA Upper Saucon Twp., 1880 LHUS) ·- (Records of the Rev. Joshua Yeager- Evangelical Luthern 1832-1888 Bethlehem, PA) Marriages: 142 9/28/1865 Jacob Yoder/Barbara Newkommer

YB11341 - William. Yoder - mEmaline ?

YB113411 - Anna Yoder

YB113412 - Rose Yoder

YB1135 - Elizabeth Yoder - mJohn Stauffer (Registry of Wills, Lehigh Co) They had only 1 child named William, who on 12/25/1866 married Maria Moyer, dau of Henry & Anna Moyer of Springfield. Members of the Mennonite Church. (PA Roots Gen) ·- LEHIGH County, PA Records- Some from Northampton Co., PA Recorder of Deeds- Misc Docket 3-291 release 6 feb 1840 - John, Joseph, Peter and Jacob Yodder to John Stauffer. To all of whom there presents shall come, John Yodder, Joseph & wife Elizabeth Yodder, Peter Yodder& Jacob Yodder son and heir at law of John Yodder, late of twp of Upper Saucon in Co of Lehigh. Whereas John Yodder in his last will 19 Dec 1836 did bequeath unto Elizabeth Yodder daughter & heir at law of said deceased intermarried with John Stauffer. John Yodder, Joseph Y, Peter Y.,& Jacob Y. ·-

YB114-Susanna Sell Yoder Sb10/13/1774 - d5/11/1861 (PA Roots.Gen.) mJacob Wersch (son of Peter Werst buried in same cenetery) b1767 - d1830- -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) bur: Saucon Men. Church Cemetery, Coopersburg,PA

YB115-Veronica Sell Yoder Sb2/12/1778 - d2/12/1858 - -mDaniel Geissinger b1778-d1853 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) bur: Saucon Men. Church

YB116-Barbara Sell Yoder Sb9/29/1780 - d9/23/1852 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) 71 years,9months,24days (single) bur: Saucon Men Cem. (north side of church, long stone laying down, Karolyn & Tammy Roberts 7/1998) ·- Registry of Wills, Lehigh Co, microfilm file #2434 Barbara (YB116)- filed Oct.29, 1852- Bond on estate- John Yoder, Jacob Yoder, Jacob M Landis, David Yoder- no relationship mentioned. Upper Saucon.

YB117-Jacob Sell Yoder b3/29/1784- - d1844 -- mElizabeth Geissinger b11/15/1785 - d6/23/1859 - Registry of Wills, Lehigh Co, microfilm file #1818- Jacob Sr (YB117)- 1844- no will- only inventory- items to Daniel Yodder, Peter Yodder and others. Upper Saucon.-

YB1171 - Eva Yoder b1815 - mSamuel Geissinger - d1864

YB1172 - Daniel Yoder b11/3/1818 - mSusanna Moyer

YB1173 - Sarah Yoder b1823 - mAbraham Stauffer d1905

YB12 - Jacob Bachman Yoder - Sb10/1734 Upper Saucon Twp.,Bucks,PA - d2/8/1807 -- mEva M. Landis S (Daughter of Johannes Landis & Anna Musselman) -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) b1736 - d1809 - (Jacob served 3 months in the War of 1772) On December 5, 1766, Jacob bought 40 acres in Bucks Co. (later known as Northampton Co.) (PA Land Patent Index A and AA:v7p158) [ On April 11, 1768, he bought 178 acres of land from his father, in Upper Saucon Twp., Northampton Co., PA.- He bought this land from his father. In 1773, he was executor of the Will of John Musselman of Upper Saucon Twp.- Jacob and his wife were- members of the Saucon Mennonite Church and are buried there. -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) Bur: Saucon Mennonite Cemetery (North side of Saucon Church.:Tombstone Inscription: Jacob Joder/war gebohren 1734/im october u ni ge/frorben lm jahr 1807/28? February Sein Al/fer war 72 jahr und/3monar[read by Karolyn & Tammy Roberts,8/1998])-

YB121-Anna L. Yoder b11/29/1768 - d1843 -- mAbraham Meyer b1766 - d1831 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)--

YB122-Eva L. Yoder b1/44/1773 - d6/8/1858 -- mAbraham Geissinger b1771 - d1860 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)

YB13 - Abraham Bachman Yoder - Sb12/12/1747 Upper Saucon Twp.,Bucks,PA - d12/30/1820 - mMaria (Mary) Sell (Daughter of Hendrick Van Sintern Sell & Maria Schell) b4/09/1750 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) of Germantown,Philadelphia,PA or Saucon Twp.,Northampton,PA - d10/27/1827 PA -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) Age: 77 years -- On Apr. 12, 1768 he bought 203 acres of land in Upper Saucon Twp from his father for the sum of 40 pounds.- In 1791, he was one of the executors of the will of his nephew, Michael Shelly.- In 1794, he was one of the executors of the will of his brother-in-law, Valentine Noldt.- In 1798, he was one of the executors of the will of his brother, Casper.- He and his wife were members of the Saucon Mennonite Church and are buried there.-- -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)

Karolyn:-- Henry Sell was son of Peter Derick Sellen of Skippack or Montgomery, or York Co.,PA-&Adriana Van Sintern.- Peter was the son of Jacob Zellen of Krefeld,Germany. (Ancestral Files) On April 12, 1768, Abraham bought 203 acres of land in Upper Saucon Twp. From his father for the sum of 40 pounds. In 1791, he was one of the executors of the Will of his nephew, Michael Shelly. In 1794, he was one of the executors of the Will of his brother-in-law, Valentine Nold. In 1798, he was one of the executors of the Will of his brother, Casper. He and his wife were members of the Saucon Mennonite Church. bur: Saucon Men. Cem. (Row 1, east side of Saucon Church, Karolyn & Tammy Roberts) -

Registry of Wills, Lehigh Co, microfilm file #378-dated 25 Aug 1817-Abraham (YB13), Co of Lehigh, wife Mary, sons Abraham, Peter, John, Henry, Jacob, and those children of my son Henry (deceased) Abraham & Samuel; Anna, Susanna, Maria, Barbara Joder married Jacob Landis, Anna married Wm Moyer. Upper Saucon Twp.

Deed Book 5-87 2 Aug 1817 Ab. Yoder of Upper Saucon & Maria his wife of the one part and Jacob Yoder of the same place. Containing 69 acres 15 perches. same ab. bought 30 Jan 1799 from Philip Gerfringer & Barbar wife, Co of Northampton. Book E Vol ? Page 505

·- YB131 - Anna Sell Yoder - b4/22/1771 Springfield,Bucks,PA - d7/15/1862 -- m1793 Springfield,Bucks,PA William Moyer (Gen. Pool Records)(Son of Jonathan Alfred Moyer & Sarah Dreisbach)- - b10/18/1763 Knedersville,PA (Gen. Pool Records) - d1831- -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) -- Bur: Springfield Mennonite Cemetery - Son was Abraham Moyer b10/3/1796 - Bucks Co.,PA - d1/30/1886 Columbiana,OH (AFN:1HGV-SDP) - mSusanna Lehman (See HL168 at the Lehman Files) Susanna Lehman is the daughter of John Lehman and Gertrude Hoover (Huber).b3/16/1812 - d1/22/1886 Columbiana,OH - MOYER - On the 22d of Jan., at the house of her son-in-law, Peter Metzler, in Columbiana Co., Ohio, Susanna, wife of Abram Moyer, aged 73 years, 10 months and 6 days. She was buried on the 24th at Nold Mennonites's graveyard, where services were held by Joseph Bixler and Jacob Stauffer from Rom. 6:16. She was a member of the Mennonite Church, and leaves a husband, now in his 90th year, five children and many friends to mourn her death. (Herald of Truth Feb. 15, 1886, p62) MOYER - On the 30th of Jan., in Columbiana Co., Ohio, at the residence of his son-in-law Peter Metzler, of the infirmities of old age, Abraham Moyer, aged 89 years, 3 months and 27 days. He was buried on the 2d of Feb. at Nold Mennonite's Meeting-house, where many friends and relatives were present. Services by Jacob Stauffer and Peter Basinger from John 14. Deceased was for many years a member of the Mennonite Church. His wife, Susanna, was buried just six days before he died at which time he was up and around, but suffering from a bad cough and loss of appetite. He kept growing worse until death came on Saturday evening of the above date. (Herald of Truth Feb. 15, 1886, p63) Other children were Christian Moyer and Samuel Moyer.


YB132 - Henry Sell Yoder - b 1774 - d1816 -- mElizabeth Meyer --(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)

YB1321 - Abraham Meyer Yoder b12/6/1801 ¾d2/6/1865-mAnna Bechtel b8/7/1794-d10/4/1868

YB1322 - Samuel Yoder Sb1/19/1805 - d2/12/1845 40 years Bur: Saucon Mennonite Cem. (1st row, east side of Saucon Church, Tammy & Karolyn Roberts, 8/1998)

YB1323 - Henry Yoder b1810 - Remained single

YB1324 - Susanna Yoder b1810

YB133 - Susanna Sell Yoder - b4/27/1776 - d7/11/1861 - mJacob O. Stauffer -b1786 - d7/11/1839- -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) -- bur: Upper Milford Men. Cem.-- In the 1850 Census for Milford Twp., Bucks Co.,PA, Jacob O. Stauffer is listed. ·- Upper Milford Mennonite Cemetery: Susanna Joder wife of Jacob Stauffer 4/27/1776 - 7/11/1861

YB134 - John Sell Yoder - Nb6/11/1777 PA - d7/11 or 8/11/1866 - m Anna Geisinger Kauffman -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) -(Daughter of Rudolph Kauffman & Elizabeth Geisinger) b3/16/1776 - d6/9/1843 -(Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) -Fairfield Twp.,Columbiana,OH -Burial: Row3,S-N,n12; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) - Bought land near Letonia,Salem Twp., Columbiana Co.,OH in 1817 and farmed. In 1850, his farm was worth $5100.

YB1341-Abraham Kaufman Yoder-N-b1/26/1802-d8/26/1826-Burial: Row3,S-N,n11; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) m12/9/1825 Catherine Wirick, Columbiana Co.,OH Bur: Nold Men. Cem.

YB1342-Samuel Kaufman Yoder-Eb6/19/1804 PA - d11/1/1835 Columbiana Co.,OH - Burial: Row3,S-N,n10; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) - m11/1827 Columbiana Co.,OH (Ancestral Records) Margaret Holdeman-N (Daughter of Christian Holdeman & Christina Godshalk Buzzard) b11/17/1810(The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p73) New Britain Twp.,Bucks,PA -d3/30/1887 Elkhart Co.,IN - Burial: Olive Cem., near Wakarusa, Elkhart,IN - Note: Margaret m11/10/1836 Wayne Co.Oh 2Rev. Jacob Freed, Jr. (Non-Amish Index)b1796 VA - d1868. Note: Jacob Freed made the trip to Elkhart in the spring with the Weldy families in order to invest in land and then returned to OH to bring the entire families to this community. Jacob Freed was the first resident minister of the Holdeman Church. He had been ordained in Holmes Co.,OH about 1837, married as his second wife the widow of Samuel Yoder, Margaret Holdeman Yoder. In 1851, settled on a farm of 240 acres 1 1/2 miles south of Salem. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p73)


YB13421 - John H. YoderEb9/6/1828 Columbiana Co.,OH - d9/10/1902 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Deaths, H-14) - m12/13/1849 Columbiana Co.,OH Mary Shaum (Daughter of Rev. John Shaum& Sarah Buzzard) b5/15/1832 Chester Twp.,Wayne,OH - d4/13/1889 Elkhart Co.,IN (Ancestral Records) (Elkhart Co.,IN Deaths, H-12) - On the 13th of April, in Elkhart county, Ind., very suddenly of heart disease, Sister Mary, wife of Bro. John Yoder, aged 56 years, 10 months and 28 days. She was buried on the 16th at the Olive burying ground in the presence of probably the largest concourse of people that had ever gathered at that place. Funeral services by J.F. Funk and J.S. Coffman. Deceased was a daughter of the last minister Bro. John Shaum of Wayne county, Ohio. She was for many years an earnest sister and faithful worker in the church, and a bright example of faithfulness where duty placed in her hands something to do for the sake of Jesus, or for the welfare and happiness of God's children. She was deeply interested in the salvation of her children, especially in the last months of her life. But, suddenly, without an hour's warning she was called to her reward. May her children and friends imitate her virtues and trust as fervently in Jesus. - 14 children (Non-Amish Index) Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20: On Feb. 22nd, in Elkhart Co., Ind., John, aged 3 yrs., 10 mos. and 8 days. Funeral sermon preached by Bro. Daniel Brundage from I Peter, 1: 24, 25. On March 4th, William Henry, aged 1 year and 20 days. Funeral sermon preached in the English language by brother Daniel Brenneman, from Matt. 18:3. On March 10th, Almyra, aged 13 yrs., 3 mos. and 8 days. Funeral sermon preached by bro. Daniel Brundage, in English and German, from John 5: 25-30. All of scarlet fever, and all children of John and Mary Yoder. As will be seen, they died within a space of three weeks and were buried, one on each of three consecutive sabbaths. Out of a family of nine children, (two of whom Isaiah and Samuel, died in Jan. 1857, and one, Abba, Sept. 9th 1862,) are thus left, three daughters to comfort and cheer the hearts of the afflicted and bereaved parents. The hand of the Lord sometimes seems to fall heavily upon his children; but "whom the Lord loveth be chasteneth." Heb. 12: 6. And with the afflicted Job may we also be able to say: "The Lord gave, the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." Job 1: 21. C. S. - Leetonia Reporter, 9/17/1902 -John Yoder born and reared at Midway, for many years now a resident of Elkhart, Indiana died at his home in Wakarusa recently.


YB134211 - Elmyra Yoder b12/2/1850 - d3/10/1864 Elkart Co., IN (Non-Amish Index) Died of Scarlet Fever. Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20: On March 10th, Almyra, aged 13 yrs., 3 mos. and 8 days. Funeral sermon preached by bro. Daniel Brundage, in English and German, from John 5: 25-30. Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20

YB134212 - Mary Elizabeth Yoder Eb4/19/1852 or 8/27/1893 d8/21/1885-mElkhart,IN 2/12/1878 (Elkhart Co.,IN Marrisages 1850-1920, 6-361) Isaac Christophel (Non-Amish Index)

YB134213 - Isaiah Yoder b1/9/1854 - d4/13/1857 (Non-Amish Index)

YB134214 - Sarah Yoder Eb4/24/1855 Elkhart Co.,IN - d11/11/1927 - m11/8/1873 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 4-130) Dea. Jonas A. Brubaker b1850-d1932 (Jonas came from Juniata Co.,PA in 1872 (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p89-90; Non-Amish Index #2) Note: They had four children. Jonas was ordained as a deacon which he filled for 46 years. His sister Anna was the mother of India missionary, Dr. William B. Page. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p89-90)·- Gospel Herald Obits; Dec. 15, 1927 - V XX, No.37 - p 814, 815, Brubaker, Sarah, daughter of John and Mary Yoder, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., April 24, 1855. She was united in marriage to Jonas Brubaker Nov. 6, 1873. To this union were born two sons (William and John) and two daughters ( Mary Ann, who died in infancy, and Mrs. Harvey Cook). She united with the Mennonite Church in early life and remained faithful until death. She was found at the House of God whenever opportunity afforded. On OCt. 9, she was last privileged to attend worship and was then a participant of communion at the Olive church. Her husband was called to the office of deacon in 1886 and she faithfully performed her part in that service.The week following her last attendance at services she was taken bedfast and departed this life Nov. 11; aged 72 y. 6 m. 7 d. Ske leaves three children (Will and John and Mrs. Harvey Cook), five grandchildren, one great grandchild, one sister (Mrs. Salome Gougwer), and many other relatives and friends. Funeral services held at the Olive Church conducted by C. A. Shank and D. A. Yoder.


YB134215 - Samuel Yoder b7/30/1856 - d1/3/1857 (Non-Amish Index)

YB134216 - Samantha Yoder b3/31/1858 - d9/10/1883 - m12/9/1875 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 4-400) Emanuel Heruly) (Non-Amish Index)

YB134217 - John Yoder b4/18/1860 - d2/22/1864 Elkart Co.,IN of Scarlet Fever. - Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20: On Feb. 22nd, in Elkhart Co., Ind., John, aged 3 yrs., 10 mos. and 8 days. Funeral sermon preached by Bro. Daniel Brundage from I Peter, 1: 24, 25. Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20

YB134218 - Abbie Yoder b10/17/1861 - 9/9/1862 (Non-Amish Index)Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20:

YB134219 - William Henry Yoder b2/13/1863 - 3/4/1864 Elkhart Co.,IN of Scarlet Fever. (Obit of William Yoder) Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20: On March 4th, William Henry, aged 1 year and 20 days. Funeral sermon preached in the English language by brother Daniel Brenneman, from Matt. 18:3. Herald of Truth,V I, N 4. Apr. 1864P 20

YB13421a - Margaret Salome Yoder b6/6/1864 (Non-Amish Index)

YB13421b - Nancy Ann Yoder Eb10/22/1865 Chester Twp.,Wayne,OH - d5/10/1899 - m2/28/1885 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 6-481) Cornelius O. Ehret (Non-Amish Index)

YB13421c - (Infant Boy) Yoder - b10/3/1867 - d10/3/1867 (Non-Amish Index)

YB13421d - Adam Yoder - b11/2/1868 Elkhart,IN - d2/14/1918 (Non-Amish Index) - m11/16/1889 Mary A. Shutts - YODER. - Adam. Son of John and Mary Yoder was born Nov. 2, 1868, in Elkhart Co., Ind. He spent most of his life in this vicinity. He was married to Mary A. Shutts Nov. 16, 1889, to which union were born two children (Charles C. and William M.). He was in the employ of the U. S. Government in Washington, D.C., Feb. 14, 1918; aged 49y. 3m. 12d. Six brothers and five sisters preceded him in death. He leaves to mourn his departure two sons, their mother, three grandchildren, two sisters, and many relatives and friends. His sickness was pneumonia and of only 48 hours duration. Funeral conducted at the Olive Church by D.A. Yoder. Interment in the adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald 3/28/1918,p954-955)

YB13421d1 - Charles C. Yoder (Obit of Adam Yoder) b3/1892 - mFlossie Miller

YB13421d2 - William McKinley Yoder (Obit of Adam Yoder) b11/1893 - mNatalia Lymangrow

YB13421e - (Infant Boy) Yoder - b8/2/1874 - d8/2/1874 (Non-Amish Index)


YB13422 - Elizabeth Yoder Eb2/27/1830 Columbiana Co.,OH - d10/21/1914 at home, Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN (Non-Amish Index) - m11/6/1851Elkhart Co.,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920,1-526) Henry Smeltzer b11/17/1825 Manor Twp.,Lancaster,PA(Ancestral Records. - d11/2/1895 (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p70)(Henry came from Richland Co.,OH in 1849 with parents, Michael Smeltzer & Susan Rhodes, thus, being one of the early settlers [p22]) ·- Gospel Herald Obits - November 5, 1914, page 519, 520 - Smeltzer.-Elizabeth Yoder Smeltzer was born in Homes Co., Ohio, Feb. 27, 1830; died at her home one mile north of Wakarusa, Ind., Oct. 21, 1914; aged 84 y. 7 m. 24 d. She grew to maturity at the place of her birth, and about 1848 came to Indiana. On Nov. 6, 1851, she was married to Henry Smeltzer (who preceded her to the spirit world Nov. 2, 1895) and moved on the farm where she always resided until the time of her death. To this union were born 5 girls and 7 boys, 3 children having died when quite young. In the year 1852 she with her companion united with the Mennonite Church where she remained a consecrated member all her life. Those left to mourn her departure are 9 children (Jacob and Levi of Elkhart, Ind., Samuel, David, Anna Leatherman, and Lovina Johnson of Wakarusa, Ind., Saloma Locher of South Bend, Ind., Aaron and Ella Parcell of Nappanee, Ind. Moriah Brandon of Elkhart, who when a child was taken in the home where she grew to womanhood), 40 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 1 brother (Samuel Yoder of Elkhart), 2 sisters (Nancy Weldy and Christiana Landis of Wakarusa), and a large number of relatives and friends. The funeral services were conducted by the brethren, David Yoder and Silas Weldy (text, Psa. 116:15), at the Olive Church, where many were gathered together to pay tribute unto one they loved. Burial in the cemetery adjoining. Mother is gone but not forgotten. Peace to her ashes.

YB13423 - Jacob H. Yoder Eb6/4/1832 Columbiana Co.,OH (Ancestral Records) - d9/25/1910 Harrison Twp.,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart,IN Deaths, H-17)- m6/27/1852 1Anna Shriner (Ancestral Files) - m4/10/1861 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850-1920,1-586) 2Barbara Shriner (Non-Amish Index) m3/14/1886 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850-1920, 7-40) 3Elizabeth Christophel (Ancestral Records) Yoder.--Bro. Jacob Yoder died Sept. 25, 1910; aged 78 y. 3 m. 21 d. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life, of which body he remained a faithful member until death. Services at the Olive Church (near Wakarusa, Ind.) by the brethren J. F. Funk, Geo. Lambert and David Yoder. Text, Eccl. 12:7, 13, 14. He leaves a sorrowing wife, three sons and three daughters to mourn his departure. (Gospel Herald, October 20, 1910, p463-464)

YB134231 - Susan Yoder b1854 IN

YB134232 - Lydia Ann Yoder bIN m11/1/1885 ElkhartCo.,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 6-568) John Hygema

YB134233 - Benjamin Yoder bIN - m8/17/1884 Elkhart Co., IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850-1920,6-406) Lenah Teeter

YB134234 - Eliza Ann Yoder bIN - m? Elkhart Co., IN James B. Wogaman

YB134235 - John Yoder bIN - m? Kanaga

YB134236 - Barbara E. Yoder bIN


YB13424 - Nancy Anna Yoder Eb6/4/1832 Columbiana Co.,OH - d3/2/1919 at the home of Samuel Madlem. (Non-Amish Index) -m6/21/1849 Holmes Co., OH Abraham Weldy (Son of John Weldy & Anna Kitch)(Ancestral Records) b1827 - d1/29/1909 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN (Ancestral Records) - Note: In the spring 1851, Abraham, Nancy, and one child left Holmes Co.,OH for Elkhart Co.,IN. Besides them, they were accompanied by his father John Weldy& family, and his wife's sister Elizabeth. During November of this year, Elizabeth married Henry. During this year, the John Weldy family located in St. Joseph Co. In the Fall of 1851, the David S. Holdeman and the Jacob Freed families also joined the westward migration of the Mennonites, coming from Wayne Co.,OH, to Elkhart Co.,IN. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p70) ·- Gospel Herald, Apr. 3, 1919 - p 14, 15, 16, Weldy. - Sister Nancy (Yoder) Weldy was born June 4, 1832, in Columbiana Co., Ohio. She was united in marriage with Abraham Weldy June 21, 1849. Soon after this they united with the Mennonite Church of which she remained a faithful member. In 1851 they moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., on the farm now owned by their son Amos. Being pioneers in the settlement of this country, they passed through many hardships, but remained on the same farm for 48 years. They moved to Wakarusa, and here her husband died Jan. 29, 1909. After his death she made her home with her daughter, Anna Hartman. She died Mar. 2, 1919 at the home of her son-in-law, Samuel Madlem. Her death was the result of a fall just two weeks before. She was the mother of 13 children, 92 grandchildren, 148 great-grandchildren. Of these remain to mourn her departure, 8 children (Anna Hartman, Emma Madlem, Jacob, John, Henry, Joseph, Levi, and Amos), 73 grandchildren, 134 great-grandchildren; also one brother, Pre. Samuel Yoder of Elkhart. She had. a great desire and expressed many a wish that her descendants should accept Christ, and that the kingdom of God be advanced. Services at North Union, conducted by J. S. Hartzler. Buried in the adjoining cemetery. Amos Weldy.----


YB13425 -Preacher Samuel Yoder Eb5/2/1835 Starke Co.,OH - d3/12/1925 - Elkhart,Elkhart,IN (Non-Amish Index) - m4/22/1858 Grandy Co.,IL 1Elizabeth Woods b12/1/1840 OH - d11/16/1903 ,Elkhart,IN at age 62 (Elkhart Co.,IN Deaths, H-14) Note: Yoder had been ordained for the small congregation in the Mikesell Schoolhouse, Warren Twp., St. Joseph Co. six miles SW of South Bend in 1867 and stayed until 1885. . He and his family moved to Elkhart in 1885 after the 1879 murder of his son in St. Joseph Co. A splitoff congregation, being anti-Funk, of the Praire Street Congregation worshiped in the Elkhart Institute Building across the street from the meeting house, and Ministers Samuel Yoder and J. S. Hartzler ministered to them. In 1902, they reunited with the Praire Street group. He preached for forty years until 1925 here. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p192) The Prairie Street Cemetary had been part of Rev. Samuel Yoder's estate and was given to Elkhart to be used as a cemetary. Samuel previously had been the pastor of the Crumstown Mennonite Church. - m9/27/1905 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 14-180) 2Susan (Susy) Alsbaugh Lehman (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records])b3/19/1837 near Canal Winchester,OH - d4/24/1921 (Ancestral Records) Yoder. - Susan Olspaugh Yoder was born near Canal Winchester, Ohio, March 19, 1837; died Apr. 24, 1921; aged 83 y. 10 m. 15 d. She leaves (by a former marriage) two sons (Samuel W., M. D., and Lewis J. Lehman) and their families; also one sister, living in Ohio. In the autumn of 1904 she was married to Pre. Samuel Yoder of Elkhart, Ind., who also survives her, together with a number of other relatives and friends. In the earlier years of her life she united with the German Reformed Church, and later united with the Mennonite Church, where she remained a faithful member to the time of her death, which came very peacefully, as she said, "I will soon fall asleep in the arms of Jesus." She was a good mother to her family, and a faithful companion to her husband. Funeral services on Apr. 6 at the residence of her son, Lewis J. Lehman, by P. Unzicker, and at the Prairie St. Mennonite Church by John F. Funk, A. B. Yoder, and George Lambert. Text, Rev. 14:13. Interment in the Prairie St. Mennonite cemetery.(Gospel Herald April 21, 1921,p63)


YB134251 - Alexander Yoder b1859 - d9/21/1879 20-7-16 St. Joseph Co.,IN - The family had purchased a farm in Crumstown,IN. A parcel of the land contained a field of freshly planted potatoes. The transaction included the crop of potatoes, the new owner, the father Samuel and family would be allowed to harvest the crop. In the fall, Alexander was sent to the field to dig the potatoes. One of the sons of the former land owner came along, and not knowing the particulars of the sale, began an argument that he was the rightful owner of the crop. The young man left and Alexander kept harvesting. The young man returned with a shot gun and shot Alexander in the stomach. Alexander died a day later. In the midst of all of her grief,Elizabeth Woods Yoder began making pies to give to the young man who had shot Alexander, and to his family. She was sure the young man would be feeling as bad about the incident as she was.(YNL Site)

YB134252 - Tabitha Yoder b1862 - d1/1864

YB134253 - Elmer Yoder b9/13/1864 - d1941 Shadynook Farm, Greene,South Bend,St.Joeseph,IN - mMary Catherine Larumadie b1869 - d1945 South Bend,IN - I Church of the Brethren - Burial: Sumption Prairie Cem.,Greene,St.Joseph,South Bend,IN

YB1342541 - Bernice Yoder b1894 - d1996 Nappanee,IN - mCharles Byers - Burial: Sumption Prairie Cem.,Greene,St.Joseph,South Bend,IN - Bernice & Charles had Jackson Greene Byers & George Eldon Byers and are also buried in the same cemetery.

YB1342542 - Raymond W. Yoder b1909 - d1991 St.Joseph,Green,IN (Yoder Listserver Archive Files)

YB1342542 - Charles E. Yoder b1938 - St. Joseph.,Green,IN (Yoder Listserver Archive Files)

YB134254 -Elmyra Myra) Yoder b1866 - d1931 - mWilliam Baker

YB134255 - Mary Jane Yoder b1868 - mGeorge Feerar - Resided at Williamsport, PA & CA.

YB134256 -George Yoder b1869 - mMamie Owen - Resided in CA

YB134257 - Anna Elizabeth Yoder b1871 - d1968 - Operated a girl's school in Italy. Professor in an IA college.

YB134258 - Della Yoder b1876 - d6/1894

YB1343-Susan Kaufman Yoder-b10/1/1805-d11/15/1845-mJacob Slotter

YB1344-Mary(Molly)Kaufman Yoder-b4/8/1807-mAndrew Zeigler



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