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Northern Wales.  TRAWSFYNYDD, a parish in the hundred of Ardudwy, county Merioneth, 12 miles N of Dolgelly, and 9 from Harlech.  Carnarvon is its post town.  It is situated on the Sarn Helen Way, and on the river Maw, which here forms several cascades, called Pistylt-y-Cain and Mawddach falls, the former 150 feet and the latter 60 feet descent.  There are several lakes, the largest of which is Rathlyn Lake, abounding in trout.  The parish comprises near 100 square miles.  The land is chiefly in barren sheep-walks.  Copper and lead exist.  In the vicinity numerous relics of antiquity have been discovered, including Castel Pryor, a British or Roman fort, and an inscribed stone at Bedd Porus bearing date 1275.  The living is a rectory in the diocese of Bangor, value £179, in the patronage of the bishop.  The church is dedicated to St. Madryn.  Bishop Lloyd was born here in 1600.  There are schools for both sexes, one of which has a small endowment.  The Calvinistic Methodists have a chapel.[From The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003]


TRAWSVYNYDD, of North Wales, containing 1450 inhabitants. This parish, the village of which is situated on an eminence in an exposed and open mountainous district, on the turnpike road from Tan y bwlch to Dolgelley, is more than ten miles in length and eight in breadth, and more than one-half, consisting of barren hills, is uncultivated, affording on scanty pasturage for sheep and young cattle.  The surrounding country is strikingly varied, presenting in some parts the dreary wildness of rugged mountain scenery, in others the softer features of rural beauty, combined with objects of picturesque and romantic grandeur.  The lake called Llyn Rathlyn is a fine sheet of water, noted for a peculiar species of perch, having the lower extremity of the back bone strangely distorted:  the interesting waterfalls of Pistyll Cain and Pistyll Mawddach, in this parish, have been described in the article on Dolgelley.  Fairs, which are in general well attended, are held here on April 23rd and September 29th, for horses, cattle; and pedlery; and at Penystryd, in this parish, others are held on August 17th and September 21st.  The living is a discharged rectory, in the archdeaconry of Merioneth, and diocese of Bangor, rated in the king's books at £ 8. 12. 1., and in the patronage of the Bishop of Bangor.  The church, dedicated to St. Madryn, is an ancient structure, in the early style of English architecture.  There are places of worship for Independents and Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodists, with Sunday Schools attached to each.  David Lloyd, in 1686, bequeathed £20 to the poor; Robert Roberts (a relative), in 1756, gave £ 12 to be distributed in bread; and Mrs. Jones, near Corwen, and her daughter-in-law, bequeathed £ 180, directing that the interest should be appropriated to the annual distribution of £4, in sums of five shillings each, to sixteen poor women, and the remaining £ 4. 10. to the apprenticing of a poor boy once in two years.  There are some remains of an ancient fortress called Castell Prysor, the name of which implies its hasty erection: it is of small extent, and occupied a situation in a pass between the hills on the left of the road from Trawsvynydd to Bala.  The origin of this fortress, which is built of stone without any cement, is not precisely known:  but, from the discovery of several urns and coins near the site, it is supposed to have been either built or occupied by the Romans; and part of a Roman road, now called the Sarn Helen.which is still visible at no great distance, in some degree corroborates this opinion.  On a farm in this parish, called Llech Idris, is Bedd Porus, or the grave of Porus,over which is a flat stone with the inscription Porus hic in tumulo jacit, homo-pianus fuit.The word pianus has been thought to have been originally Christianus; but although the letter p has by some been considered an r, it does not appear ever to have been read t, and the interval between it and homo is insufficient for the five preceding letters.  Near this spot is an upright stone, called Llech Idris, from which the farm takes its name, and concerning which there is a legend stating it to have derived that appellation from a giant named Idris; but it appears to be simply one of those monumental stones so frequently found in this county.  Near the Sarn Helen are several tumuli, in one of which were found five urns, and several fragments of bricks, which had been placed round them to protect them from injury:  there is also a tumulus on a farm called Gwynionydd. Humphrey Lloyd, Bishop of Bangor, was born at Bodyvudda, in this parish, about the year 1600; and Sion and Rhys Cain, both eminent bards, were also natives of this parish.  The average annual expenditure for the support of the poor amounts to £552.  [Taken from A Topographical Dictionary of Wales by Samuel Lewis, 1833)


1841 Trawsfynydd Census HO107/1427/18 Book 13 Page 1:  Ty'n drain: William Roberts, age 35, Male, Farmer: Catherine Roberts, 30, F; Roberts, 4 3/4, M; Gwen, 3, F; James, 1 3/4, M; Lowry (Laura), 6 wks, F.  Aalso, Ellen Thomas age 15, listed at same address with F S listed as occupation.  Probably a family servant.      


WR1-William W. Roberts b7/13/1804 Trawsfynydl,Meroneth-shire,Wales-d6/4/1877 Courtland,Columbia,WI (WI Deaths, 1820-1907, P. 0026, Reel 011, Image 1157) -m6/7/1836 Wales  Catherine Williams (4/19/1811 Tfestiniog,Wales, daughter of Robert & Laura Williams of Wales) For nine years they lived in Wales. William worked in the slate quarries. He lost the sight of one eye in an explosion. The other eye became affected and for many years he was blind. In July of 1845, [Catherine's father and her father's brothers and sisters and several others set out with Grandfather William Roberts and Family across the Atlantic. It took them seven weeks to sail across the Atlantic. Some times they would get blown off course. They reached New York on August 26, 1845. Laura Williams (mother of Catherine) was too sick to travel further, so her husband, Robert Williams, and their daughter Jane remained with her while the rest pushed on eager to reach their new homes in Wisconsin. Laura died soon after. Robert and Jane then followed the others to Racine where they spent the winter. In the spring, Robert Williams and children William, Jane,& Ann? Settled in Courtland, Columbian Co., WI, near Cambria. His other children came later it appears. They were among the earliest settlers in Courtland and they soon organized a little church on Welsh Prairie(Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church, were quite strick and started in Wales with a doctrine of their own, in which Robert Williams was a faithful worker until his death in 1853. This little church became quite a center for musical enterprises. Musicians and speakers of importance met here. (Marge Kukuwich) There were no railroads in those days so the eary settlers were obliged to drive acorss the country over rough roads and Indian trails. Many traveled in covered wagons drawn by oxen driving their cattle with them. It took about eight days to travel from Racine to Portage. At first, they lived on the bluff in Caledonia Co. (History of Columbia Co., WI?) ]

William was called Nian by the grandchildren which meant Grandfather, and Catharine was called Tiad meaning Grandmother. They are Welsh words. 1880 WI, Columbia County Census states that William is 75 years old, and the household consists of Catherine his wife, daughter Gwen, a son Cadwalader, and granddaughter Katie J. Roberts.

1880 US Federal Census:  William Roberts age 75, Home at Caledonia, Columbia, WI, married to Catharine Roberts, Occupation is farmer, Catharine is 69, Gwen E. is 40, Cadwealader is 27d, and Katie J. Roberts is 5.


Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church: Several families from Wales had settled around Racine, WI for a short time and then moved on to the Caledonia area. The families worshiped together and held prayer services in different homes. In the summer of 1848, a log building was erected 1/2 mile west of the present cemetery, where church services were held and also used as a school house. The church society was organized on May 30, 1848. It was known as the Rock Hill Church. (In 1853, Robert Williams died) In 1856 with the increased membership, the log building became too small and the congregation voted to build a church. They had worshiped in this log church for nine years. In the fall of 1856, rough timbers and stones for the basement had been hauled ready for building the church in the spring of 1857. The church was completed in the late summer. The building was plain, of medium height, painted white, and built over a basement of stone. It was Incorporated,as it was a law of the land. Time and labor had been donated by the neighborhood as is gladly done by country folks. The church had two aisles and three rows of seats with several seats on each side of the pulpit. The cemetery was laid out in 1856. For some time in the early years no one had a wagon. They had low log sleds drawn by oxen. One man made a low wagon from the ends of a large stump and he also made the wheels. It was all wood with a rough box and seat drawn by oxen. Grease was scarce in those days and the squeaking could be heard a long way. They attended religous services regularly the best way they could. The church had (SciatĀ) Class Meeting regularly. In the summers at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the children stood together and said their verses of scripture, questioned and catechized on their verses and the older people would speak of their religious experiences. The Communion Service was held once a month and was a blessed, helpful service. There was nearly as large a Sunday School as church service. The teachers taught the fundamentals of religion and how to live it. At the age of 2 1/2 years the small children sat on a bench without a back that was pulled out from under the regular bench for one whole hour, and were taught the Welsh alphabet and small Welsh words, would repeat their verse and put a penny in the collection to be sent each year for the black children of India. There we were taught to love and give to Missions. When Sunday School was over, that bench was pushed under the regular seat. The church had good singing and was a great part of the Welsh Church. With Mrs. Phillips soprano and Thomas Williams bass, often times there was a Hwylor a go to the singing, repeating and repeating the song. On January, 1860 the Welsh Bible Society of Caledonia was organized. It was an Auxilliary of the American Bible Society of New York. The Bible Society furnished Bibles and Testaments for the families of the neighborhood. It gave Bibles and Testaments for use in the Sunday School. The records show that German and Bohemian Bibles were given. The Bible Society did much in placing God's word in every home and to all persons desiring one. In 1860 a blessed revival came to the Caledonian Church. A bigger church was built later and when it closed, money was received from the sale of the church to the Cemetery Association for the care of the cemetery. The remaining money was used for a memorial to the church to commemorate the religious life of the Welsh people of Caledonia, WI. The Gospel of Jesus Christ had been preached to its people since 1848 when the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church was organized in the log church building 1/2 mile west of present cemetery. We have much to commemorate in these three churches. Those faithful servants of God, so earnestly telling us of the Way of Life and the Way of Death. The fervent, uplifting prayers of the fathers of the church, praying for the church and their children, and the wonderful singing of the Welsh hymns by the congregation. We thank God for these Welsh churches and the Christian community of yesterday and the bygone years. The committee selected a large gray granite stone and on it placed a history of the Welsh Churches of Caledonia, WI. It was erected in 1938 on the spot of two of the churches that had stood there. About it lies buried its deacons, its ministers, some of its children and some members of each church and congregation.

As the breezes gently blow over their resting place, We think we hear them softly singing together, Spirit with spirit those old hymns of the church As they sang them in the long ago. We said farewell, to the friends so dear, For a short time we must part We shall meet, those loved ones gone And lost, awhile ˜just gone before.'

  •         WR11 John William Roberts b2/27/1859 Caledonia ,Columbia,WI (Marge Kukuwich Fam. Hist.) d9/7/1917 Portage,Columbia,WI- (Margaret Watling's Fam. Hist.) m7/4/1877 Caledonia,Columbia,WI Iva (Ivie) Eulillie (Lilly) Johnson (Margaret Watling's Fam. Hist.)(Daughter of Benajah Johnson and Sophia Rowley) b2/27/1859 Calendonia,,Columbia,WI (Margaret Watling's Fam. Hist.) -d4/1914 at the family home, 616 Hamilton St.,Portage,Columbia,WI (Margaret Watling's Fam. Hist.) Extended illness of heart trouble, etc. (Obit of Iva Roberts) -m7/4/1877 Occupation: Masonery-Brick and Stone, Portage Area. The following notes are taken from the Excelsior Diary for 1873 written by Ivie Eulillie Johnson: Ivie& John were school mates and Ivie made reference to John from time to time in her Excelsior Diary at 14 years of age and when she is 17, she mentions giving him a tract and praying for his salvation. In January of 1873, Ivie suffered with diphtheria. On Easter Sunday of the same year, Ivie went out to feed the hens and found different colored eggs in the nests. She guessed it was her Uncle John Rowley and Eddie Lavigne that had done it. Some times the Johnson family had Sunday School and prayer meetings at their house and some times it was held at Grandma Rowley's or the stone school house as there was no church nearby and Sophia Rowley led these services many times. On occassion, they visited the Scotch Church. They memorized many scripture verses for Sunday School. Some times their family attended camp meeting. Canoe rides was one of their fun times. Ivie some times made currant dumplings for the family at age 14, and also did baking for the family. This same year, there was a barn raising at Benajah Johnson's, Ivie's grandfather. Ivie helped the haymakers at times, and some times the thrashers came to their house and then they would prepare dinner for them, as high as 22 people for dinner, and also as a girl, she helped her Grandma Johnson pick currants and she picked raspberries and then made jelly & preserves. She also helped with milking. Some times she stayed home while her mother was out and kept house. At this age, she started to think about whether she was a christian or not. In July, Ivie suffered with lobelia. Some times their families could hear the wolves at night. In August, Grandma Johnson started suffering at the beginning of August with erysipilas and stayed very sick throughout August and September of which family members took turns of going over and staying and helping with the duties of the home. Ivie loved to ride horse back as a young girl; she would trot and gallop the horse. Her mother did the business end of trying to locate a minister for their area. Ivie made a quilt and cut out aprons and dresses at a young age and basted them, but she went over to Mr. Dockham to have him stitch them. Hops were raised in the area, and Ivie helped pick these hops for money. Spelling Bees were held in school of which Ivie was a regular participant. For Christmas in 1873, Ivie received mittens, cloth, peanuts, candy and a lead pencil. She was sick that day. The last day of the year, Ivie records that she had spent that year badly enough and prays to do better the next year. In a Memoranda she notes: Profane swearing is abominable, vulgar language is disgusting, loud laughter is impolite, slander is devilish, laziness is harmful, inquisitiveness is offensive, tattling is mean, and telling lies is mean. Avoid these vices and aim at usefulness. This is the road in which to be respected. Walk in it. And in another Memoranda: My motto is to do to others as I would that they should do to me. Help me Jesus is my prayer. These things she will do: Serve my Saviour and love him above all things; Pray three times a day; Never be ashamed of my religion; Always speak the truth; Watch carefully the meaning of all I say; Do nothing which I should object to their doing to me; Never do any thing that I can not think the Lord would be pleased; Be a good girl and help my mother; and Study the Bible every day. (Ivie was a quiet but very earnest person about her Christian life according to her daughter Margaret Watling.) In March of 1875, Grandpa Rowley passed away after being sick for a while. Ivie mentions going up on The Turtle Rockand viewing the scenery. John Robers was the last child to leave the Roberts home, which left his brother, Cadwallader, to run the farm for the parents. John wrote church news articles of the local church for The Free Methodist paper in 1900. Note: A testamony article was written by Iva of her personal experience for The Free Methodist issue of October 12, 1887, p7 of how God had changed her life. All her children were at her bedside when she died. (Obit) Bur: Welsh Cem.,Portage,WI (Picture: John & Iva Roberts; Excelsior Diary of Ivie Johnson)



Free Methodist Church Some time in the middle of Summer, 1875, a church by the name of Free Methodistorganized and dedicated in Portage. The family went and was pleased with the church and within a few months united with them. The congregation had bought the church that was built by the Lutherans of which they used for about 40 years. Thus was the beginning for the Johnsons & Robertses in the Free Methodist Church. (Excelsior Diary for 1873 written by Ivie Eulillie Johnson)

Testimony by Ivie Roberts in the Free Methodist, October 12, 1887 (Part of It) I. E. Roberts, Caledonia, WI, Sept. 30 For a long time I have been in the fog, under condemnation. I was impatient, suspicious, and hard feeling got into my heart toward those I thought did not use me as they ought. I believe hard feelings in any one's heart, no matter how great the cause, will drive the Holy Spirit away quickly and farther than many other sins that are considered very bad. I went to the camp meeting at Marshall but received little conviction, but alone with my little babes in the silence of the night, Jesus came and talked to me, and showed me that in the condition I was in I would be lost. He invited me by his Holy Spirit to cast my every burden upon him, to consecrate all to him. Then came a peacerest. My faith laid hold of God's promises, and I was purified, cleansed, and sanctified. Praise his holy name for victory! I was freed from these inward corruptions on Sept. 4, 1887. He filled my heart and mouth full of his praises. I have had trials since, but praise Jesus for victory! Please pray that I may be true to Jesus and do the work he has given me well, and that I may live worthy of Jesus my Saviour.

  •         WR111-William Benajah Roberts b5/5/1878 Caldonia ,Columbia,WI (Margaret Watling's Fam. Hist.; Laura Everill's Diary) d1927 Portage,Columbia,WI (Margaret Watling's Fam. Hist.) Bur: Welsh Cem.,Portage,WI William worked as a mason.
  •         WR112-Cathrina Sophia Roberts b10/26/1879 Caldonia ,Columbia,WI (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) d4/29/1944 Portage,Columbia,WI -m1/1/1900 Caledonia,Columbia,WI William Meredith Roberts (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling; Fam. Hist. Of Marge Kukuwich) b2/11/1864 Caledonia Twp., Columbia,WI (Source: Columbia Co., WI v4 p0475; Fam. Hist. By Margaret Watling; Fam. Hist. By Marge Kukuwich) William was son of Pioneer Parents of the Town of Caledonia, Hugh Roberts b2/7/1838-Oneida Co.,NY d1869 & Margaret Jones (daughter of John Jones who settled in Caledonia in 1848)d5/2/1925 The couples children were: John; Gwen (Winnie); William; Sarah; Edward; David; 3 died; Roger; Hugh; Unnamed. (Fam. Hist of Margaret Watling & Bios in Caledonia) William was converted in a revivial meeting under the ministry of Rev. Miss Celecia Jenkyn, became an active & zealous worker in the cause of Christ. He was a member of the Free Methodist Church of Caledonia. He was known as a loyal citizen, true friend and kind neighbor. (Obit. of William Meredith Roberts) Cathrina& William were married by Rev. R. N. Hawley. Farmed. Cathrina was an active member of the Caledonia Neighborhood Club. Note: Cathrina died at daughter's home, Elizabeth Smith, at 6:50 a.m. Cathrina died of cancer. Bur: Silver Lake Cem., Portage,WI (A Brief History of 4 Generations by Sarah Roberts, 1933)
  •         WR1121-Gladys Laverna Roberts b10/6/1900 Portage,Caledonia ,Columbia,WI at home (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling; Fam. Hist. Of Marge Kukuwich) -d2/11/1990 (SS Death Benefit Records on CD) Columbian Manor in Wyocena,WI m1/2/1926 Arlington,WI Arthur W. Lanzendorf (Fam. Hist. By Margaret Watling; Fam. Hist. By Marge Kukuwich) (Son of Lewis Lanzendorf & Sophia Peeper) b7/22/1901 (Family Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Arlington,WI d2/1922 Madison,WI
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m10/27/1973 Dekorra Lutheran,Columbia,WI 2Maida Ruth Cimino (Daughter of Michael Cimino & Margaret O'Brien) b6/16/1950

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  •         WR1123511 Joshua Dale Radawan
  •         WR1123512 Jacob Henry Radawan
  •         WR112352-Corina Mae Radewan b7/1/1962 Portage,Columbia,WI (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) -m7/26/1986 Dekorra Lutheran Church,Columbia,WI David Saley b7/16/1958
  •         WR1123521 Katlyn Suzanne Saley
  •         WR1123522 Alisha May Saley
  •         WR112353-Robert Wallace Radewan b3/3/1966 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Columbia,WI (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) m12/5/1987 Dekorra Lutheran Church,Columbia,WI Dawn Maurice Steinhofer b9/20/1965
  •         WR1123531 Danielle Katrina Radewan
  •         WR1123532 Zachary Robert James Radawan
  •         WR112354-Katrina Bernice Radewan b3/28/1973 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Columbia,WI-m9/4/1993 Dekorra Lutheran Church,Columbia,WI Brian Keith Doherty b4/15/1966
  •         WR1123541 Dylan Dale Doherty
  •         WR11236-Margo Rae Schutz b3/21/1943 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Columbia,WI-m8/11/1962 Peace Lutheran Church,Sun Prairie,Dane,WI Peter Lawrence Holzman (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) b5/13/1941 (Son of Lawrence Holzman and Gertrude) b5/13/1941
  •         WR112361-Joel William Holzman
  •         WR112362-Mark Allen Holzman (Adopted)-m8/14/1993 Shawn Nicolle Brower
  •         WR1123621 Ashton Mark Holzman
  •         WR112363-Jodie Rae Holzman
  •         WR112364-Angela Holzman
  •         WR1124-Selwyn (Soldier) Meredith Roberts b1/3/1909 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Caldonia ,Columbia,WI- d6/7/1984 Portage,Columbia,WI (SS Death Benefit Records on CD) -m5/29/1934 in United Methodist Church of Portage,WI Ethel Davis (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) (Daughter of John Davis & Lillian Kilmer) b1/11/1914(Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling)
  •         WR11241-Danny Dean Roberts b1/18/1937 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Columbia,WI Divine Saviors Hospital,Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI-d5/15/1938 Portage,Caledonia Twp.,Columbia,WI Age: 1y3m27d (Obit of Danny Dean Roberts)
  •         WR11242-Lawrence Wayne Roberts b3/26/1939 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI-m10/7/1967 Joanna Gale Best (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling 11/19/1944 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling)
  •         WR112423-Kathryn Roberts b3/1971 Fort Wayne,IN (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) d3/1971 Fort Wayne,IN (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling
  •         WR112424-Elizabeth Roberts b3/1971 Fort Wayne,IN (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling d3/1971 Fort Wayne,IN (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling
  •         WR112421-Julie Nell Roberts
  •         WR112422-Amy Hope Roberts b11/29/1973 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling Milwaukee Co.,WI-d3/1974 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling Milwaukee ,WI
  •         WR112425-Daniel Lawrence Roberts
  •         WR11243-David John Roberts b12/7/1947 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI-m6/2/1973 Grafton,WI Christine May Fank (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watlingb8/2/1949 (Daughter of August Fank & Florence Schmidt) b8/2/1949
  •         WR112431-Elizabeth Marie Roberts
  •         WR1125-Sarah Janet Roberts b5/4/1910 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Caledonia ,Columbia,WI at home d7/13/1978 Portage,Columbia,WI (SS Death Benefit Records on CD) m12/23/1940 Portage,Columbia,WI Harold Kroncke (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) b8/13/1906 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) d3/6/1974 Portage,WI (SS Death Benefit Records on CD) Sarah Janet was in the 1928 Portage High School yearbook.
  •         WR11251-Harold Meredith Kroncke b2/17/1943 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI-m3/13/1962 Presbyterian Church,Portage,Columbia,WI Sharon Winkler (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) b12/11/1942(Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Daughter of Louis Winkler & Evelyn Allen.
  •         WR112511-Shelly Marie Kroncke b9/8/1962 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Divine Saviors Hospital,Portage,Columbia,WI-m9/19/1992 Presbyterian Church,Portage,Columbia,WI David Rausch b5/3/1955
  •         WR1125111 Nicole Rausch
  •         WR1125112 Nathan Rausch
  •         WR112512-Sherry Lynn Kroncke b10/13/1963 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Columbia,WI-m9/18/1993 St. Mary's Catholic Church,Portage,Columbia,WI Thomas O'Rourke b12/3/1962
  •         WR1125121 Connor Thomas O'Rourke
  •         WR1125122 Briana Rose O'Rourke
  •         WR112513-Sheila Ann Kroncke b1/14/1966 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Portage,Columbia,WI-m8/10/1991 Presbyterian Church,Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI Richard McFarlane
  •         WR1125131 Caley Jo McFarlane
  •         WR1126-Gwen (Elizabeth) Roberts b4/1/1916 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Caledonia ,Columbia,WI- d6/18/1977 Portage,WI (SS Death Benefit Records on CD) Divine Saviors Hospital,Portage,WI-m11/7/1936 in St. John's Lutheran Church, Portage,WI Wallace Arthur Elmer Smith (SS Death Benefits Records on CD) (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling)(Son of Charles Smith & Emma Koehn) b5/17/1913(Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) d1/4/1968 Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI (SS Death Benefits Records on CD) Elizabeth is listed in the 1926-1934 PHS yearbook as Roberts, Elizabeth 1936.
  •         WR11261-Marjorie Karyn Smith b6/3/1939Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) -m4/25/1959 St. Oswald Lutheran Church,Milwaukee,WI John Alan Kukuwich (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) b9/8/1933 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling)
  •         WR112611-Karyn Elizabeth Kukuwich b12/9/1959 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI-m925/1977 St. Andrews Lutheran,Milwaukee,WI Micheal Kenneth Conklin b6/15/1959
  •         WR1126111 Michelle Lee Conklin
  •         WR1126112 Michael John Conklin
  •         WR1126113 Kristyn Elizabeth Conklin
  •         WR112612-Connie Kay Kukuwich b10/6/1961 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Lukes Hospital,Milwaukee,WI-m11/22/1993 Hales Corners Lutheran Church,Hales Corners,WI Timothy John Moriarty b7/7/1959
  •         WR112613 Alex Elizabeth Moriaty
  •         WR112614 Ryan Victoria Moriarty
  •         WR112613-Kathleen Hattie Kukuwich b12/12/1964 (Fam. Hist. Of Margaret Watling) Lukes Hospital,Milwaukee,WI-m4/16/1987 Pensocola,FL Navy Chapel Thomas Neil Tabbert b1/30/1962
  •         WR1126131 Glenn Harvey Tabbert
  •         WR1126132 Kyle Benajah Tabbert
  •         WR1126133 Ross Thomas Tabbert
  •         WR113-Margaret Matilda Roberts b10/8/1881 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) d3/17/1945 Columbia,WI-m12/2/1906 Portage,Columbia,WI George Henry Watling (Info from Harley Haskin)(Son of George Watling & Josephine White) b9/8/1878 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) d1962 Margaret died of bone cancer. Resided at 616 Hamilton ,Portage,WI in 1927. Bur: Oak Grove Cem,Portage,WI
  •         WR1131-Jeannette (Janet, another spelling of Jeannette she used) Catherine Watling b3/3/1912 Portage,Columbia,WI (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) m7/12/1944 Portage,Columbia,WI1Kenneth Wakershauser b9/29/1917-d1/16/1962 (Records of Janice Oakley) (Son of Edwin & Mamie [Schultz] Wakershauser; Edwin's parents were John & Augusta [Koenig] Wakershauser who had immigrated from Bohemia; & John's parents were Johann Wakershauser & Elnora John from Pilgram,Bohemia)-(Source: Records of Nancy Kreiers, WI) m8/11/1972 Portage,Columbia,WI 2Edward (Ned) Raymond Brunt b11/27/1909 (Ned had children from previous marriage) Note: Jeanette Catherine was in the 1930 Portage High School yearbook. (Portage Co. Website)
  •         WR1132-Iva Eullilie Watling b8/19/1916 Columbia,WI (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) -d6/1/1979 Portage,WI-m in Marquarette,WI Leslie Elwin Gay b4/24/1911 d7/4/1987 Note: Iva Watling was in the 1934 yearbook of the Portage High School (Portage Co. Web Site)
  •         WR11321-Leslie Kenneth Gay b10/18/1957 Portage,Columbia,WI-m4/25/1981 First United Methodist Church,Portage,WI Vicki Arlene Albright b4/6/1956
  •         WR113211-James Edward O'Neill, IVb11/16/1973 Harvard,IL (Stepchild)
  •         WR113212-Brandi Lourene O'Neill b3/12/1975 Harvard,IL (Stepchild)-m4/30/1992 Cory James Janisch
  •         WR1133-Eleanor M. Watling b6/21/1921 Portage,Columbia,WI (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) d2/27/2000 WI Dells Health & Rehab ,WI Dells, Columbia,WI m5/11/1946 Briggsville Methodist Church,Marquarette,WI Merlin Schall Eleanor worked for the Weyenberg Shoe Factory in Portage. She was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Carl E. Grabman American Legion Post #329, Briggsville. Member of the Briggsville United Methodist Church. (Obit of Eleanor M. Schall)
  •         WR11331-Kerry Arlen Schall (Male)
  •         WR114-Laura May Roberts b8/3/1883 Caldonia ,Columbia,WI (Info-Harley Haskin) d7/27/1946 Woodstock,IL-m7/26/1903 Freeport,McHenry,IL Royal Burdette Everill (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary & Mary Youngblut; Info from Harley Haskin) (Son of Abraham Everill and Mary Beard) b8/3/1883 d10/14/1938- Laura died of an anerism in the abdomen.
  •         WR1141-Royal Burdette Everill b10/3/1904 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary)Monroe,Green,WI -d4/24/1969 Beloit,Rock,WI (SS Death Benefit CD) m1927 Alice Mildred Grenawalt b10/3/1905 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) Beloit,WI d8/27/1969
  •         WR11411-Phyllis Marie Everill 11/5/1932 Beloit,Rock,WI-m6/21/1953 Albert Lee Winegar b4/23/1931
  •         WR114111-Bradford Charles Winegar b4/27/1955 Fort Hood,TX-mStacy Jones
  •         WR114112-Steven Michael Winegar b12/18/1957 Anaheim,Orange,CA-m6/6/1981 Patti Schaffer
  •         WR114113-Kathleen Winegar b2/29/1960 Anaheim,Orange,CA-mCharles Keith Johnson
  •         WR114114-Kristine Winegar b2/29/1960 Anaheim,Orange,CA-mJohn Blair Young, III
  •         WR11412-Royal Burdette (Buddy) Everill, Jr. b9/4/1939 Beloit,Rock,WI-d4/14/1994 IL-mSandra Jeanne Solem b9/27/1940
  •         WR114121-Holly Ann Everill
  •         WR114122-Jeanne Marie Everill
  •         WR114123-Susan Elizabeth Everill
  •         WR11413-Charles Henry (Chuck) Everill b3/25/1943 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) Beloit,Rock,WI-mMartha Ann (Marty) Brownell b12/25/1942
  •         WR114131-Charles Henry Everill
  •         WR114132-Sarah Elaine Everill
  •         WR1142-Haven George Everill b9/18/1906 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) Monroe,Green,WI-d3/20/1981 Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH (SS Death Benefit Records CD) m8/10/1929 Lula (Lula Jane) Freida Miller (Daughter of John Miller & Ida Poff) b6/3/1901 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) d5/18/1984 Cincinnati,OH (SS Death Benefit Records on CD)
  •         WR11421-Haven Lloyd Everill b10/12/1930 Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) d1/31/1973 Marion,Marion,OH (Info of daughter) m3/29/1952 Pleasant Ridge,Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH Mary Ann Catherine Thomas (Daughter of Herbert Thomas& Helen Pabst)(Info of daughter) b10/31/1930 Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH (Info of Daughter)
  •         WR114211-Barbara Ann (Barb) Everill b6/27/1953 Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH (Sister) m12/14/1974 Kettering,Montgomery,OH David Lynn Rasor (Sister) b7/1/1953 Lima,Allen,OH (Sister-in-law)
  •         WR1142111 Matthew David Rasor
  •         WR1142112 Joel Haven Rasor
  •         WR1142113 Aaron Robert Rasor
  •         WR114212-Mary Kathryn (Mary Kay) Everill b7/20/1955 Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH (Mary Kathryn) m5/16/1981 Lima,Allen,OH Edwin (Ed) Graham Mabe (Mary Kathryn)b1/31/1955 Wytheville,Wythe,VA (Wife)
  •         WR1142121 Isaac Graham Mabe
  •         WR1142122 Sarah Kathryn Mabe
  •         WR1143-Melvin Charles Everill b8/8/1912 (SS Death Benefit Records CD) Monroe,Green,WI-d11/9/1984 Dixon,Lee,IL (SS Death Benefit Records CD) mMarguerite Imo Smith Naperville,IL (Daughter of Lillian ?) b7/7/1911 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) Naperville,IL
  •         WR11431-Grace Marcelene Everill b10/17/1937 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) mMichael Kalafut
  •         WR11432-Richard (Dickie) Melvin Everill b8/2/1940 (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary)
  •         WR11433-Lynne Everill b2/13/1948 -mHerminio (Herb) Ramos
  •         WR115-Royal Wellington Roberts b5/12/1885 Caldonia ,Columbia,WI (Info-Harley Haskin) -d7/27/1896 Madison,Dane,WI Drowned at age 12 Bur: Welsh Cem. on Hwy 33 in Caledonia.
  •         WR116-Benjamin Titus Roberts b8/23/1886 Portage,Columbia,WI (Laura Roberts Everill's Diary) (Named after the Free Methodist Church Founder)-d1/19/1959 Jacksonville,Duval,FL-m7/19/1909 Pardeville,WI (Source: Columbia Co., Wi v11 p424 remark 331) 1Lillian Koberstein-divorced-m2Bessie Petty. -Resided in Jacksonville,FL during the 1930's& 1940's. On death record at ? Cemetery, three step sons are listed. Stone erected by Marge Kukuwich and her husband to his memory.
  •         WR117 CADWALLADER WESLEY ROBERTS b8/24/1889 Caledonia,Columbia,WI,USA (Certificate of Death) -d5/9/1970 Battle Creek,Calhoun,MI (Certificate of Death) m4/2/1915 Monroe,Green,WI DOROTHY AMANDA ZINKE (Marriage Certification #3391, Green Co.,V.9,p.1261) b4/2/1895 Portage,Columbia,WI,USA (,Effingham Daily News,7/19/1967) (Witnesses were Eulilla Roberts and Miriam Melrose)-d7/19/1967 Effingham,Effingham,IL Resided in Evanston,IL S. Oak St., Effingham,IL 1939-1942, Park Ave., Effingham 1942-1944& Summit Twp.,RR #2,Effingham,IL 1944-1970. bur: Arborcrest Mem. Park,Summit Twp. Accountant in Chicago,IL;Carpenter in Effingham,IL Mortgage Release, vol. 161 of Mortgages page 439. Note: Real Estate. SW quarter (S.W.1/4), of the SE quarter (S.E.1/4), and also five (5) acres in the SW corner of the SE1/4 of the SE1/4, all in Section No. Thirty-five (35), Town No. Eight (8) North, Range No. Five (5), E of the Third P.m., in the County of Effingham. Dated: 11/20/1940 Known as the C.W. Roberts Farm. On March 26, 1970, he sold the farm to Lloyd L. Kyle and Nancy L. Kyle. Cadwallader died in a MI hospital while staying with his daughter Dorothy in Battle Creek,MI. (Picture: Cad & Dorothy Roberts-Engagement;Cad & Dorothy Roberts; Wedding-1913 both from the Roberts photo album)

Lois, Jerry, Lloyd, & Dorothy

  •          WR1171-Dorothy Leona Roberts b4/9/1916 WI -d6/12/1993 Battle Creek,Cauhoun,MI (SS Death Benefit Records) m1 IL Gile Rodgers div Note: Gile was known as a chicken thief. (Info from C.W. & Dorothy Roberts) m5/1/1948 Battle Creek,Cauhoun,MI 2Darrell William Bell b3/19/1919 Cornland,IL (son of William R. Bell & Ada Danks) d8/15/2002 at home,Battle Creek,Cauhoun,,MI Attended Coyne Electrical School following High School at Williamsville, IL where his sister Eva was his teacher. Served in WWII, 1943-1945 as an Army Signal Corpsman- Worked for Kellogg Cereal Co. of Battle Creek. Burial: Floral Lawn Mem. Gardens, Battle Creek,MI. (Battle Creek Enquirer 8/18/2002,Obit)
  •         WR11711 Kenneth L. Bell (Darrell's son from his first marriage) mMarsha Styer
  •         WR11712 Frances L Bell (Darrell's daughter from his first marriage) m? Cutler Reside in Fort Wayne,IN (Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •         WR11713 Darrell Lane Bell b12/6/1949-m10/20/1973 1Dianna Marie Linhart b3/24/1954 (divorced) m 2Sandy ? (Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •         WR117131 Gary Mathew Bell b3/31/1976-d1996 First day on the job by a piece of equipment.
  •         WR117132 Steven Michael Bell b12/29/1977 mMartha ? (Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •         WR11714 Lois Elaine Bell b3/4/1952-m8/9/1969 Dennie Lee Howard 8/7/1975
  •         WR11715 Thomas Edward Bell b10/10/1953-m8/25/1973 Peggy Lynn Reed
  •         WR117131 Lisa Marie Bell
  •         WR117132 Daniel Bell (Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •         WR117133 Tommy Bell (Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •         WR1172 Lloyd Harold Roberts b7/29/1917 WI (CA Health Services Office of Health Inf. & Research Vital Stat. Section) d 5/18/1992 Los Angeles,CA(CA Health Services Office of Health Inf. & Research Vital Stat. Section) m1Jeannie ? Resided in Washington,USA (Source: C.W. Roberts) m2Marcella J. Richards b10/23/1932 Resided at 972 Vernon Ave., Venice,CA (Source: Dorothy Bell) (Picture: Lloyd with his first family, Jeannie, Lloyd, Donnie & Gregory, family album)
  •         Note: Later, after divorcing Marcie, Lloyd resided in Santa Monica, CA on Ocean Blvd. Occupation: Storeskeeper at McDonald-Douglas Aircraft Corp. of Santa Monica on Ocean Park Blvd.
  •         ·  ·  ·  WR11721-Donnie Roberts (mother was Jeannie) (Source: C.W. Roberts)
  •         WR11722-Gregory Roberts (mother was Jeannie) (Source: C.W. Roberts)
  •         WR11723-Kenneth Alan Roberts b5/11/1953 ,Los Angeles,CA (CA State Birth Records)
  •         WR11724-Ronald Lee Roberts b10/27/1954 ,Los Angeles,CA (CA State Birth Records)
  •         WR11725-Roberta A. Roberts b12/15/1957 ,Los Angeles,CA (CA State Birth Records)
  •         WR1173-Lois Elaine Roberts b5/5/1921 Footville,Rock,WI-d10/17/1990 Wellington,Lorain,OH m12/23/1939 St. Louis,MO John (Jack) Charles Oakley, Sr. (John was the son of Francis Warren Oakley & Mary Ellen Berry) b8/4/1922 Woodbury,Cumberland,IL-d12/18/1997 Wellington,Lorain,OH-bur: Greenwood Cem,Wellington,OH (All Info: Janice Oakley) John's service flag was presented to David Oakley. John spent 35 years in management in the steel industry,Plant Manager at Former Armco Steel ,Wellington,OH Resided :in Wellington,OH & Ashland,KY
  •         WR11731-Lola Elaine (Elaine) Oakley b1/17/1941 Effingham,Effingham,IL-m 6/17/1960 Wellington,Lorain,OH 1William (Bill) Wells Brumfield b1/27/1940 Lorain,Lorain,OH4/1980
  •         WR117311-Patricia (Pati) Elaine Brumfield mTroy Elliot
  •         ·  WR1173111 Zack Brumfield Elliot
  •         WR1173112 Molly Rose Brumfield
  •         WR117312-William Robert Brumfield

m2 3/2/1986 Ocoee,FL Philip Roy Jones b3/16/1962 Wooster,OH

  •         WR11732-John Charles Oakley, Jr. b2/28/1942 Mattoon,Coles,IL-m6/20/1964 Wellington,Lorain,OH Janice Elaine Kert b11/18/1942 Oberlin,Lorain,OH
  •         WR117321-John William Oakley b11/6/1965
  •         WR117322-Cathy Elaine Oakley b10/12/1966 mTony James Pulizzi, Jr.
  •         WR117323-David Warren Oakley b4/5/1970
  •         WR117324-Seth Daniel Oakley b7/28/1979
  •         WR11733-Barbara Jo Oakley b7/13/1952 Mason City,Cerro Gorda,IA m1971 Ashland,KY 1Paul Borders
  •         WR117331- Paul (Spunky) Borders, Jr. b2/7/1972

m2 7/19/1974 Wellington,OH Thomas Martin Gray b9/21/1952 Oberlin,Lorain,OH

  •         WR117332-Meredith Anne Gray
  •         WR117333-Michelle Kay Gray
  •         WR1174 Cadwallader Wesley Roberts b (baby) bur: Memorial ,Evanston,IL
  •         WR1175 GERALD LEE ROBERTS b1/6/1939 Effingham,Effingham,IL,USA (Birth Certificate) -m5/25/1963  KAROLYN RAE AMERSON (Marriage Certificate)b6/11/1941 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,USA (Birth Certificate) Jerry: Ewington School, RR #2, Effinham High School-1956. Gerald's first job was with DeLong Mobile Communications Service of Effingham, IL. Jerry was a graduate of National Radio Institute, Washington, DC. August of 1960. Did three years in eighteen months. Later followed with more course work. (His picture with blurp Advertisement for the schoolwas carried in the school brochure, as well as various electronic magazines for many years, etc.) FCC License w/Ship Radar Endorsement. First job was with the Coordinated Science Laboratory of the Univ. of IL. Engaged in basic and applications research in physics and electrical engineering, sponsored by the military service, NASA, and National Science Foundation. Was responsible for layout, Simple design and construction of experimental Electronic chassis for high-precision navigational instruments. Helped supervise grad students on research projects. Cross-country trips to Wallops Island, VA for the purpose of being on location for the lauching of CSL's first rocket at NASA in a series of experiments probing the ionoshpere. Was busy with construction, maintenance, and operation of the mass of electronic equipment necessary for such a complex program housed in a trailer at the site. Following was involved with the data processing of the abundant supply of matgnetic telemetry tape recordings from the rocket shots. Later, Jerry worked the the Computer Research Lab at the Univ. of IL where he worked on
  •         WR11751-RANDY LEE ROBERTS b10/28/1964 Urbana,Champaign,IL,USA-m6/11/1988 TAMMY LOUISE EUNICE b11/7/1964 ,GA,USA
  •         WR117511-BENJAMIN WESLEY ROBERTS b11/11/1997
  •         WR117512 NATHANIEL THOMAS ROBERTS b3/28/2000
  •         WR117513 BRIANNA LOREN ROBERTS b1/9/2002
  •         WR11752 RONALD GARY ROBERTS b5/10/1967 Urbana,Champaign,IL
  •         WR118 John Floyd Roberts b6/11/1892 Caledonia ,Columbia,WI (Source: Harley Haskin) -d6/5/1909 Portage,Columbia,WI (Source: Harley Haskin) John fell out of high chair onto his head, and became mentally deficient. Bur: Welsh Cem. on Hwy 33 in Caledonia.
  •         WR119 James Oliver Roberts b2/17/1876 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Harley Haskin) d9/11/1896 Madison,Dane,WI James died young, he drowned. Bur: Cem., Madison,WI (Margaret Watling's Hist.)
  •         WR11(10) Euillia Idella Roberts b1/22/1897 Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Columbia,WI v2-C p12, v41 p396)-d12/17/1947 Hospital in Duluth,MN-m9/30/1916 Portage,Columbia,WI Daniel Julius Simonson (Source: Columbia,WI v14, p28, remark 152)b11/5/1893 d11/1974 (Daniel was the son of Simon Simonson & Patrica Derode) b11/5/1893 d11/1974 Eulillia died of an anerism in the head.
  •         WR11(10)1 Robert Simonson b4/11/1917 Duluth, St. Louis,MN-d12/25/1985 Duluth,St. Louis,MN-mViolet Johnson b1916 Duluth,St.Louis,MN d1990
  •         WR11(10)2 Daniel Julius Simonson, Jr. b3/31/1931 Duluth,St. Louis Co.,MN-m3/30/1951 Duluth,St. Louis,MN Marlene Shirley Hagberg b6/25/1931 (Marlene was the daughter of Fred Hagberg & Lillian Leslie) b6/25/1931
  •         WR11(10)21 Dianne Lynne Simonson b1/2/1952 Decones,Duluth,St.Louis,MN-m1 7/21/1971 Duluth,St. Louis,MN David Micheal Grimm, SR.
  •         WR11(10)211 David Micheal Grimm, Jr. b11/8/1971 Forest Lake,MN
  •         WR11(10)212 Teresia Michelle Grimm b10/17/1972 Bemidji,Bel Trami,MN-d11/17/1972 Bemidji,Bel Trami,MN
  •         WR11(10)213 Regina Kae Grimm b6/22/1975 Bemidji, Bel Trami,MN
  •         WR11(10)214 Rebecca Anne Grimm b11/1/1977 Bemidji,Bel Trami,MN
  •         WR11(10)215 Benjamin John Grimm b3/28/1980 Duluth,St. Louis,MN
  •         WR11(10)12 Mark Allen Simonson b6/6/1955

WR11(10)13-Michael Daniel Simonson b9/10/1957-mJenifer ?

WR11(10)14-Bonnie Kae Simonson b12/16/1958 Duluth,St.Louis,MN-d9/16/1972 Duluth,St.Louis,MN

WR12-Robert W. Roberts 8/14/1836 Wales-d2/10/1904 Lived in WI with parents and then went to around 1860. Wymore,Gage,Nebraska-mAnn ? b2/7/1845 Note: In 1900, Robert and his family were in Gage County, Barneston Twp., Nebraska. It appeared that he moved to Gage County sometime between 1880 and 1883.

  •         (All Children's names and birth dates from a letter of Kate Jane Roberts, below, dated 7/9/1884)
  •         WR121-Kate (Katie) Jane Roberts b10/26/1866- m12/3/1887 Gage ,NE John T. Janes
  •         WR122-William Willie) Henry Roberts b2/2/1868-Worked in Kansas. mRose Blaker b2/3/1905 Gage ,NE
  •         WR123-Johnnie Roberts b12/29/1870
  •         WR124-Elias Roberts b1/23/1872
  •         WR125-Elizabeth (Lizzie) Roberts b2/20/1874-Lived with Auntie Lizzie in Colorado for awhile. m? Smith
  •         WR125-Anna (Annie) LeaniaRoberts b5/10/1876- m1/26/1898 Gage ,NE Harry H. Longquest
  •         WR126-Etta (Ettie) Roberts b7/15/1878- m7/28/1897 Gage ,NE Henry B. Campbell
  •         WR127-James Ellsworth Roberts b10/24/1880 Iowa
  •         WR128-Elmer (Elmes) Roberts b2/9/1883 Nebraska
  •         WR129-Humphrey Roberts b3/1887 NE
  •         WR12(10)-Winnie Roberts b6/1888 Nebraska m ? Hilder

WR13-Gwen (Elizabeth) Roberts b1840 Wales (Records of Marguerite Flower) d6/6/1911 616 Hamilton St.,Portage,WI of apoplexy. Came with her parents to WI after the Civil War, Gwen worked many years in Portage at her trade in the Tailor Shop. Funeral held at the Welsh Church in Caledonia. Burial: Caledonia Welsh Cem. on Hwy 33 in Caledonia(Obit of Elizabeth Roberts) 1850 Census states she is living with her parents in Dist. 8, Town of Dekorra,Columbia Co., WI. 1880 WI Census states that Gwen is living at the residence of her parents, William & Catherine Roberts. Elizabeth Roberts died at at 616 Hamilton Street of Portage,WI, the home of her brother, J. W. Roberts. (Obit of Elizabeth Roberts,Portage Paper) Her death certificate states she was a nurse.

  •         WR131-Katherine (Katie) Jane Roberts (daughter of William Buckley;[Marriage License of Katherine]) b1875 (Records of Marguerite Flower) m9/14/1897 Porteus A. Flower (Source: Columbia, WI v9 p248 remark 163) Resided at Lawrenceville,IL (Obit of Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts) Porteus was a Methodist minister, perhaps Free Methodist minister. (Records of Marguerite Flower) 1880 Columbia County, WI Census states that Katie was living with grandparents, William & Catherine Roberts.

WR14-James W. Roberts b9/10/1840 Meirsonyhd Shire,Wales-d3/13/1915 Columbia,WI (Source: Columbia Co., Wivol 8 p554)-m12/31/1873 Cambria,town of Courtland Mary Jane Jones (Source: Columbia Co.,Wivol 5 p172 remark 515) In 1862, James went to the Civil War. After marriage, James and Mary moved to Chicago. Resided later at 616 Hamilton Street of Portage,WI. At the time of Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts death she died at this address (Obit of Elizabeth Roberts,Portage Paper); later was the residence of Janet and Kenneth Wakerhauser, and later the home of Janet & Ned Brunt (Marge Kukuwich)

WR15-Laura Roberts b abt 1841 Wales-m12/26/1872 Cook Co.,IL Hugh Hughes (Source: Mary Kay Mabe,Web Site)Came to WI with her parents from Wales. Laura went with Jane to Chicago to work and afterwards married. Laura & Hugh resided in Chicago (1880 Columbia Co. Hist. Book)

  •         WR151-Hugh Fred Hughes
  •         WR152-Nellie Mae Hughes m10/14/1885 Cook ,IL John H. Hinkley (IL Marriage Info Online) (Margaret Roberts-Watling Diary)
  •         WR1521 Daughter Hinkley b2/14/1902 (Margaret Roberts-Watling Diary)

WR16-William W. Roberts, Jr. b1844 Wales-d1/10/1875 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Columbia Co.,Wivol 1 p20 remark 58) of Lung Fever. (Excelsior Diary of Ivie Johnson) Will moved to Racine, WI from the old country with other his mother and father and other family members. Will and family remained near Racine for three years on a farm where Margaret and Amy were born. James & Mary Roberts came from a distance to his funeral. His sister, Lizzie, took his death very hard. (Excelsior Diary of Ivie Johnson)

  •         ·  WR161 Margaret Roberts
  •         WR162 Amy Roberts

WR17-Margaret M. (Maggie) Roberts b1845 Wales-d1862 Columbia,WI

WR18-Jane (Jennie) Roberts b abt 1848 WI-m1/9/1875 Cook Co.,IL Griffith Owens (Mary Kay Mabe: Web Site)Jane with her sister, Laura, went to Chicago to work and later married.

  •         ·  WR181-Catherine Owen mUnknown Griffith
  •         WR182-James Owen
  •         WR183-Elizabeth Owen

WR19-Elias W. Roberts b1849 WI-d1863 Caldonia Twp.,Columbia,WI

WR20-Cadwallader W. Roberts b10/18/1853 Portage,Caledonia,Columbia,WI d4/21/1929-m12/31/1885 Randolph,Columbia,WI Mary Ann Hughes (Source: WI Marriage recd pre 1907 col. Co. v3 p0213 Columbia,WI v8 p230 remark 259) Cadwallader was a carpenter, he and his wife lived 40 years in Cook County, residence of 1148 North Mayfield Avenue, Chicago,Cook,IL. Died of chronic myocarditis, angina pectoris, and also had artery sclerosis. Burial: Elmlawn, Addison Twp.,DuPage Co.,IL (Death Cert. 18585 Cook Co.,Chicago,IL)

Credits: Records of C.W. Roberts, Jerry Roberts, Janet Brunt, Janice Oakley, Dorothy Bell, Marge Kukuwich, Harley Haskin, Margaret Watling, Mary Kay Mabe, Karolyn Roberts, Nancy Kreiers, & Marguerite Flower



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