William Hoskins & Edith ?? (Roberts Family)







    by Karolyn Roberts


WH - WILLIAM HOSKINS babt1524 England - dabt1591 Beaminister,Dorset,England - mEDITH ? babt1528 England

WH1 -ROBERT HOSKINS b Beaminster,Dorset,Canterbury,England (Online) - d Beaminister,Dorset,Canterbury,England (Online) - mMARGARETT ? (Ancestry.com File G ) b Beaminster,Dorset,Canterbury,England (Online) - d Beaminister,Dorset,Canterbury,England (Online)

WH11-MARGARET HOSKINS - b1570 Beaminster,Dorset,Canterbury,England (Online) - d 4/15/1665 Beaminister, Dorset, Canterbury,England (Online) - m11/15/1602 at St. Mary's,Beaminster,Dorset,Canterbury prov., ENG WILLIAM PARSONS bapr1570 Great Torrington,Devonshire,CanterburyProv.,ENG-d2/19/1653or54 Beaminster,Dorset,CanterburyProv.,ENG-bur:St. Mary 's of Beaminster,Dorset,Canterbury Prov.,ENG (Online)

  • WH111-William Parsons b1604 Canterbury,England - d1655 (Online) WH112-Thomas Parsons - b1608 Canterbury, England - d1661 Windsor,CT - m1641 Windsor,CT Lydia Brown (Online)
  • WH1121 - William Parsons b1641 Windsor,CT (Online)
  • WH1122 - Bethia Parsons b1642 Windsor,CT - d1708 Simsbury,CT - m1John Williams - m21660 Windsor,CT Thomas Maskell b1638 England - d1671 Windsor,CT - Children of Bethia & Thomas were: Bethia Maskell, Abigail Maskell, Thomas Maskell, John Maskell, & Elizabeth Maskell. (Online) (Was to receive a share of Samuel Parsons will)
  • WH1123 - Abigail Parsons b1643 Windsor,CT - d1659 Windsor,CT (Online)
  • WH1124 - Thomas Parsons b1645 Windsor,CT - d1680 (Online)
  • WH1125 - John Parsons b1647 Windsor,CT - d1694 Windsor,CT (Online)
  • WH1126 - Mary Parsons b1655 - Windsor, CT (Online) To received a share of Samuel Parson's will (Will of Samuel Parsons)
  • WH1127 - Ebenezer Parsons b1655 Windsor,CT (Online) Resided at Cull (Will of Samuel Parsons)
  • Samuel Parsons b1657 Windsor,CT - d1708 (Online) Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1700-29 A DIGEST OF THE EARLY CONNECTICUT PROBATE RECORDS. 1700 to 1710, P208-9 Samuel Parsons, late of Simsbury Invt. Å“36-03-02. Taken September, 1708, by Joseph Hopkins, Samuel Peck, Samuel Hubbard, James Handerson and Josiah Clarke. The nuncupative last will and testament of Samuel Parsons, late of Simsbury, and lately residing at Hartford, deceased, as followeth: Sarah Bull and Mary Clark, both of sufficient age, testify and say that on the 11th day of August, 1708, they being both together with Samuel Parsons, late of Hartford, deceased, did ask him how he would have his estate disposed of after his death. And that thereupon the sd. Parsons (being then of sound mind and understanding, as these deponents observed) did say that he would have all his just debts paid out of the same, and that his brother at Cull should have his land, and his two sisters the rest of his estate equally between them. Taken upon oath before the Court of Probates at Hartford, September 13th, 1708.Test: Caleb Stanly, Court Record, Page 117-13 September, 1708: Will and invt. exhibited by Ebenezer Williams, with testimony of the abovesd. witnesses. Robert Westland and Proven. And this Court grant letters of Adms. unto Robert Westland and Ebenezer Williams with the will annexed.
  • WH114 - MARIA (Mary) PARSONS b1617 Beaminster,Dorset,England - d1/2/1669 (Online) - m 11/7/1670 1Nicholas Evans d8/29/1689 Simsbury,CT - mbef 9/1701 2 ROBERT WESTLAND-b Windsor,Hartford,CT (Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer, Online) - d4/15/1728 (Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer, Online)
  • WH113 - Samuel Parsons (Online)

A DIGEST OF THE EARLY CONNECTICUT PROBATE RECORDS. - 1687 to 1695. - P 48-9 Name: Nicholas Evans Location: Simsbury - Died 29 August, 1689. Invt. Å“110-10-00. Taken 3 March, 1689-90, by John Higley and Joshua Holcomb. The children: Mercy age 16 years, Samuel 14, Nicholas 12, Hannah 10, Joseph 8, Thomas 5, Abigail 3, Benonie 17 weeks. Court Record, Page 10-6 March, 1689-90: Adms. to the Widow, and appoynt Mr. John Higley, Benajah Holcomb & John Williams to be Overseers. Page 17-(Vol. VII) 4 September, 1701: Robert Westland of Windsor, and his wife Mary, formerly wife of Nicholas Evans late of Simsbury Decd, moves this Court for a Dist. of sd. Estate. Mary the Widow, now wife of Robert Westland, was Adms. This Court appoint Capt. Higley, Ensign Samuel Humphries and Sergt. Willcoxson Distributors.

  • Mercy Evans
  • Samuel Evans
  • Nicholas Evans
  • Hannah Evans
  • Joseph Evans
  • Thomas Evans
  • Abigail Evans
  • Benonie Evans
  • (See Mary Ann Alderman above for their children)
  • WH115 - Joseph (Cornet) Parsons babt 1620 Beaminster,Dorset,Canterbury,England (Online) - d10/9/1683 Springfield,Hampden ,MA - m11/26/1646 Hartford,Hartford,CT Mary Bliss (Online) (Daughter of Thomas Bless& Margaret Hullins) (Online) bGloucestershire,Canterbury,England - d1/29/1711/1712 Springfield,Hampshire Co.,MA (Online)
  • WH1151 - Joseph Parsons b11/1/1647 Springfield,Hampden,MA - d11/29/1729 Northampton,Hampden,MA - m3/17/1668/69 Northampton,Hampshire,MA Elizabeth Strong (Daughter of John Strong & Abigail Ford) b2/24/1648 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d5/11/1736 Northampton,Hampton,MA - (Online)
  • WH116 - Deacon Benjamin Parsons b5/1/1625 St. Mary's Church,Beaminister,Dorsetshire,Canterbury,England - d8/24/1689 Springfield,Hampden,MA - m10/6/1653 Windsor,Hartford,CT 1Sarah Vore (Daughter of Richard & Ann Vore/Voare) b10/6/1635 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d1/1/1675 Springfield,Hampden,MA - m2/21/1677 Springfield,MA 2Sarah (Heald) Leonard d11/23/1711 Springfield,MA (Online)
  • WH1141-ROBERT WESTLAND babt1703 Windsor,Hartford,CT -m5/17/1721 (Colonial families of the United States of America: V1,ISSUE XI) Of Simsbury,Hartford,CT - m5/17/1721 Simsbury,CT THANKFUL ADAMS [JP11321(11)] (Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer, Online) (Daughter of Daniel Adams & Mary Phelps) b4/10/1703 Simsbury,Hartford,CT (Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer, Online)
  • WH11411-Amos Westland b7/30/1723 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d12/1810 - mMarey ? (Gene Pool Ind. Records) babt1728 Of Windsor,Hartford,CT - d2/28/1807 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Ancestral Records)
  • WH114111 - Amos Westland 8/19/1749 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d8/19/1823 Windsor,Hartford,CT - mMary Brown b1744 Of Windsor,Hartford,CT - d2/17/1816 Windsor,Hartford,CT - Burial: Windsor,Hartford,CT (Ancestral Records)
  • WH11411111 - Elizabeth Westland b9/4/1779 Windsor,Hartford,CT
  • WH11411112 - Mary Westland b4/15/1782 Windsor,Hartford,CT
  • WH11411113 - Hannah Westland b6/26/1784 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d10/10/1799 - m10/10/1799 John Alderman (Son of ElWW624ah & Deborah Alderman) b6/19/1768 Simsbury,Hartford,CT - d10/1/1856 (Ancestral Records)
  • WH114111131 - Mary Ann Alderman b4/11/1811 Of Poolville,,NY - d2/22/1900 - Burial: Palisado Cem., Windsor,Hartford,CT - m11/9/1834 William D. Westland [WH114111141] (Son of Austin Westland& Rebecca Sheldon) babt1811 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d2/5/1876 Windsor,Hartford,CT - Burial: Palisado Cem., Windosr,Hartford,CT - Mary Ann marries her cousin William. (Ancestral Records)
  • WH1141111311 - Julia Ann Westland b7/16/1843 Hartford,Hartford,CT - d7/4/1916 Hartford,Hartford,CT - m10/27/1862 1Andrew F. Marsh (Son of Edwards Marsh & Mary Ann Eggleston) b1836 Hartford,Hartford,CT - d9/14/1865 - Hartford,Hartford,CT - Burial: Old North Cem., Hartford,Hartford,CT - m 2George Charter babt1839 - Hartford,Hartford,CT - m 3John Williams babt1839 Hartford,Hartford,CT (Ancestral Records)
  • WH11411113111 - Grace Ella Marsh b2/24/1864 Hartford,Hartford,CT - d11/16/1942 Daytona Beach,Volusia,FL - Burial: Cedar Hill Cem., Hartford,Hartford,CT - m10/2/1884 Hartford,Hartford,CT 1Leslie Henry Willson (Son of Henry M Willson & Susan Clayton Perkins) b11/19/1862 Suffield,Hartford,CT - d4/21/1944 Ormond Beach,Volusia,FL - Burial: Hartford,Hartford,CT (Ancestral Records)
  • WH11411114 - Austin Westland b5/20/1787 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d1/7/1826 Windsor, Hartford,CT - mRebecca Sheldon (Daughter of Selah Sheldon & Amy Drake) b1787 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d11/6/1856 Windsor,Hartford,CT - Burial: Palisado Cem., Windsor,Hartford,CT (Ancestral Records)
  • WH114111141 - William D. Westland babt 1811 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d2/5/1876 Windsor,Hartford,CT - Burial: Palisado Cem., Windsor,Hartford,CT - m11/9/1834 Mary Ann Alderman [WH114111131] - (Daughter of John Alderman& Hannah Westland) b4/11/1811 Of Poolville,,NY - d2/22/1900 - Burial: Palisado Cem., Windsor,Hartford,CT - William marries his cousin Mary Ann. (Ancestral Records)
  • WH11412-Deborah Westland b2/24/1725 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Ancestral Records) WH11413-Lydia Westland b12/12/1729 Windsor,Hartford,CT-m2/21/1758 Windsor,Hartford,CT Noah Cook Windsor (Son of Theophilus Cook & Mindwell Holcomb) b Windsor,Hartford,CT - Children of Lydia & Noah were: Lydia Cook, Noah Cook, Margaret Cook, Ruth Cook, Chloe Cook, & Asa (Ancestral Records)
  • WH11414-ROBERT WESTLAND b9/15/1731 Windsor,Hartford,CT -d12/23/1809 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer, Online)-m1755 Hartford,CT (Ancestral Records) UNKNOWN babt1734 Windsor,Hartford,CT -d9/7/1809 Windsor,Hartford,CT
  • WH114141-Robert Westland, Jr. b1758 Windsor,Hartford,CT - d7/1820-m9/19/1785 Windsor,Hartford,CT Lydia/Chloe Cook - Robert Westland, Private, Hartford Co., Pension Date of 4/17/1818, Age 60 (CT Pensioners, 1835)
  • WH114142-Lucy Westland b1760 Windsor,Hartford,CT-d3/22/1812-m1/5/1783 Shubael Cook WH114143-Joseph Westland b8/2/1763 Windsor,Hartford,CT-d3/22/1812-m1/5/1786 Windsor,Hartford,CT Lucina Rowley - Joseph Westland (1763-1812) served, 1783, as private in Capt. Richard Douglas' company, 5th Connecticut regiment. He died in Windsor, Conn. (The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution V77,p310
  • WH1141431 - Candice Westland b1798 - mCanfield Hayden - Candice& Canfield had a son named Samuel Hayden who married Martha E. Tucker. (The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution V57,p295)
  • WH114144-Deborah Westland b7/12/1763 Windsor,Hartford,CT-d11/8/1842 - m3/1/1790/91 Josiah Lyman (Online)
  • WH114145-ROXANNA WESTLAND b 1767 Windsor, Hartford,Conn. - d2/20/1827 Richmond,,MA - m1789 (Gen Pool) 1JOHN ROWLEY (Son of John Rowley and Mary Steele) b9/14/1768 Windsor, Hartford, CT (Ancestral Records) - d12/20/1838 Findley Lake,Chautauqua,NY - m2 Solomon Merrill - Children of Roxanna & John were: Timothy & Henry Allyn Rowley (Twins); Polly Rowley, Nathaniel Steel Rowley, Son Rowley, Jehiel Rowley, John Rowley, & Jerusha Jane Rowley.
  • WH114146 - Jerusha Westland ABT 1769 - Windsor, Hartford, Conn (Ancestral Records)
  • WH114147 - Tryphena Westland ABT 1771 - Windsor, Hartford, Conn (Ancestral Records)
  • WH114148 - Oliver Westland babt1772 Windsor,Hartford,CT - m5/26/1793 Lovisa Clement
  • WH11415 - Marcy Westland b6/15/1734 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Ind. Records)
  • WH11511 - Joseph Parsons b1/11/1672 Northampton,Hampshire,MA - d3/13/1740 Salisbury Beach,Newburyport, - mElizabeth Thompson (Online) b11/14/1684 Braintree,Boston,MA - dabt 1774 Kenginton,Rockingham,NH (Online)
  • WH115111 - Aaron Parsons - mMary ? (Online)

Connecticut Puritan Settlers, 1633-1845 - First Settlers of the Colony. - Vere, Voare or Vose, Richard, came to Windsor with the first settlers as early as 1636. He came from Cambridge with Mr. Wolcott-and was the ancestor of some of the Parsons' family. The name is spelt various ways, but more generally Vere, upon the record. He died in 1683. Wife Ann-children, Abigail, wife of Timothy Buckland-wife of Nathaniel Cook, Mary, wife of Thomas Alvord, Sarah Parsons, wife of Benjamin Parsons, of Springfield. His name is spelt Vere by himself in his signature to his will. Benjamin Parsons above was the ancestor of Major Gen. Parsons so much distinguished in the Revolutionary War.

  • WH1161 Abigail Parsons b1/6/1662 Springfield,Hampden,MA - d6/27/1689 Springfield,Hampden,MA - m12/23/1680 Springfield,Hampden,MA John Munn (Son of Benjamin Munn & Abigail Burt) b2/8/1652 Springfield,Hampden,MA - d9/16/1684 Westfield,Hampden,MA - Burial: 1684 Westfield,Hampden,MA (Online)
  • WH11611 - Benjamin Munn b8/29/1684 Westfield,Hampden,MA - d2/5/1774 Northfield,Franklin,MA (Online)
  • WH2-James Hoskins WH3-Avid Hoskins

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