Robert St. Vining & Mary Reade, Part IV (England)


Descendants of



of Wincanton, Somerset, England


Part IV


by Karolyn Rae Roberts


RV171228  - Daniel Vining b5/11/1791 Chesterfield,MA - d1861/71 Ontario,Canada or MI - mLydia ?(The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b3/13/1784,MA - d1959/60 Ontario Listed in 1820 U.S. Census as living in Sweden Twp.,Genesee Co.(Monroe Co.),NY. Wash chosen as one of two deacons in the Baptist Church of Ellicottville,NY on 6/18/1831. In 1843 Daniel with his brothers Jared & Daniel, and his sister Abigail moved to W. Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,Ontario,Canada. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Daniel only remained a short time in Canada and then moved to New York and then onto Michigan. Three members of his family stayed in Canada, Rev. Joseph E. Vining, Mrs. Mabel Conley, & Mrs. J. C. Yule who was a well-known writer of poetry and prose in Canada. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)

  •   RV1712281 - Cornelius W. Vining b1817 VT - d2/4/1883 Liberty Twp.,Jackson,MI - m5/9/1838 Zipporah Clarke (Daughter of Archibald Clarke) b3/29/1818 Newstead Twp.,Erie,NY - d1892 - Cornelius & Zipporah had 7 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •    RV17122811 - Thaddeus Subsesquie Vining b8/4/1841 ,,Jackson,MI - d4/18/1921 Grand Rapids,Kent,MI - m1Hattie Lewis - Thaddeus & Hattie had 1 child.- m2Anna Green - Thaddeus & Anna had 2 children. Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •    RV171228111 - Clarence Vining b1867 MI - Both mother & son died. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228112 - Irene Vining - m? Schram (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228113 - George Vining - d1922 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122812 - Devere Vining b1843 Jackson,MI (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17122813 - Robert Emmett Vining b1845 Jackson,MI - d4/28/1863 Civil War Louisville,KY - Died of disease. Burial: National Cem., Grave #2016 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122814 - Frank Clarke Vining b1847 Jackson,MI - mMary Scuttle - Frank & Mary moved to Seattle,WA in 1875. They had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228141 - Hattie Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228142 - Nellie Vining b1879 Seattle,King,WA (FamilySearch)- mSeattle,King,WA George E. Carey (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228143 - Frank Vining, Jr. b1881 Seattle,King,WA (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •    RV17122851 - Charles Fournier Vining b12/25/1849 Jackson,MI - d1924 Columbia,Jackson,MI - m12/17/1873 Napoleon,Jackson,MI 1Nancy Ophelia Preston (Daughter of Othaniel Preston & Polly Hall ) b7/4/1853 Waterloo,Jac,son,MI - d11/26/1951 Brooklyn,Jackson,MI - Charles& Nancy had 8 children. Burial: Clarks Lake Cem., Clarkslake,Jackson,MI (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) m2 Mary Connell (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV171228511 - Clear Seeing Vining b4/8/1875 - d1956 - m1/16/1897 NY 1Flora E. Miller - Divorced her in 1917 - Clear & Flora had one Child. - m1/6/1908 Atlanta,GA 2Mary R. Cornell - bAuborn,NY - d2/11/1909 Grand Rapids,Kent,MI (Rootsweb) Divorced her. Clear & Mary had 1 child. - m1/51/1920 Isabelle Hinkly He divorced Isabelle in 1926 - m11/20/1927 4 Barr - Clear& Mrs. Barr had 1 daughter. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285111 - Emmett Devere Vining b12/20/1896 - 6/1968 FL - mMildred Ann Harger b8/28/1897 - Emmett & Mildred had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122851111 - Elizabeth Ann Vining b2/1918 - mArthur Elliot - They had 3 children: Arthur Elliot, Thomas Harger Elliot, & David Cable Elliot. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122851112 - Dorothy Harger Vining mTheodore Richardson - They had 2 children: Peter V. Richarson & Ann Dallas Richardson (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122851113 - Sally Vining b1/10/1922 - m? Whalton - They had 4 children: Susan Barker Whalton, Joseph Charles Whalton, John Devere Walton, & Michael Whalton (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285112 - Vivian Lucille Vining b2/6/1909 Grand Rapids,Kent,MI (Rootsweb)
  •   RV1712285113 - Mary Lucille Vining d1/6/1918 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285114 - Nan Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228512 - Day Preston Vining b1/7/1877 Columbia,Jackson,MI (SSDI Index) - d10/16/1928 Daytona Beach, FL (SSDI Index) - m7/17/1901 Irene McVey - Day& Irene had 6 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285121 - Angela Evelyn Vining b6/8/1902 Jackson,MI - d3/11/1907 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285122 - Bernice Marjorie Vining b5/5/1908 - m1938 Wallace Willson (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285123 - Victor Paul Vining b4/13/1910 - d9/1965- m1949 Florence Swerdin - They lived in Chicago,IL (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285124 - Hubert Lawrence Vining b8/28/1912 - d1/1/2001 (SSDI Index) -m1Helen Riggs - divorced her in 1937 and married her sister 2Frances Riggs - They had five children.(The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Resided in Ypsilanti,Washtenaw,MI(SSDI Index)
  •   RV1712285125 - Charles Franklin Vining b8/11/1951 - m11/27/1948 Elizabeth Kline b7/29/1918 Jackson,MI - d8/1979 FL - They had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285126 - Robert Eugene Vining b12/16/1920 - 1972 - m1/23/1943 Josephine Patters b4/7/1921 - They had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228513 - Colonel Emmett Vining b1/24/1878 Columbia,Jackson,MI - d3/18/1951 - m12/25/1900 Columbia,Jackson,MI Mary C. Gates b6/30/1880 - They had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285131 - Francis Lucille Vining b9/29/1901 - m at Cowellsville,NY George Stangrover - They had 4 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285132 - Lillian Adelle Vining b2/3/1903 - mArthur Willard of Cowellsville,NY - They had 2 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285133 - Grace Pauline Vining b6/3/1909 - mJohn Martle of Attica,NY - They had 2 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228514 - Cecil Leo Vining b7/12/1881Columbia,Jackson,MI - d7/17/1949 - m6/3/1903 NY Myra E. Beach - Cecil & Myra had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) WWI Civilian Draft Reg is Volusia, FL
  •   RV1712285141 - Wesley Keith Vining b12/8/1905 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - d2/8/1984 Tarrant Co.,TX - SS issued in FL (SSDI Index)
  •   RV1712285142 - Hester M. Vining b9/13/1910 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - d10/22/1991 Volusia,FL (SSDI)
  •   RV1712285143 - Philip Beach Vining b12/18/1919 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - d8/1957 Volusia,FL (SSDI)
  •   RV171228515 - Cornelius Wright Vining b2/8/1883 Columbia,Jackson,MI - d1961 Daytona Beach,FL - mJackson,MI Genevieve Jenkins Cornelius& Genevieve had 4 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285151 - Damaine C. Vining b1910 Jacksonville,FL (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285152 - Jerome L. Vining 9/5/1911 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285153 - Genevieve Succor Vining 10/9/1913 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285154 - Beulah May Vining b3/8/1919 - mJenson Ross - Lived at West Palm Beach,FL (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228516 - Beulah Franc Vining b11/2/1885 Columbia,Jackson,MI - m1905 1Grover Harris divorced him - m10/28/1912 2Wilbur Austin - d5/20/1943 - m9/2/1947 3Jack Frankburger - d12/16/1955 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228517 - Forest Devere Vining b8/30/1887 NY- d9/21/1899 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228518 - Charles Elton Vining b2/2/1893 Columbia,Jackson,MI - m8/17/1912 NY Marie Pearl Breyton b1/51/1895 - Charles & Marie had 1 child. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712285181 - Josephine Vining b6/11/1913 - m1Whetey Tarbell divorced him - They had 3 children - m2Elton Carter of IA - Resided with Elton in New Syrma Beach, FL
  •   RV17122816 - Alice Cecelia Vining b1851 ,Jackson,MI - m12/21/1871 Columbia,Jackson,MI Thomas F. Seeman/Seaman - Alice & Thomas had 5 children: Mattie, Lizzie, Mercy, & Allie Seeman who all died in their teens; and Daniel Seeman (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122817 - Thomas Payne Vining b6/25/1857 Jackson,MI - d8/9/1951 Clarkslake,Jackson,MI - Burial: East Liberty,Liberty Twp.,Jackson,MI - m12/31/1878 ,,Jackson,MI Viola Adora Redner b5/7/1863 - d3/18/1940 - After the death of Thomas, Viola married his brother Charles. Thomas & Viola had 8 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Thomas resided at Liberty Mills of Jackson Co., 1988 Directory, a farmer.
  •   RV171228171 - Nina May Vining b5/7/1880 Liberty Twp.,Jackson,MI - d7/5/1965 Jackson,Jackson,MI - m12/11/1900 MI George Henry Loomis b9/21/1879 Columbia Twp.,Jackson,MI - They had 5 children: Clavin Loomis, Cecil H. Loomis, Burpm Claude Loomis, Leland Loomis, & George Carroll Loomis (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228172 - Tina Vining b1/1/1882 MI - d3/8/1882 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228173 - Leola Vining b4/30/1883 MI - d5/16/1920 - m8/1/1901 Almaram Hatt 11/20/1878 - d4/19/1950 - They had 4 children: Marion Hatt, Robert Hatt (b&d same day), Richard Hatt, & Vivian Hatt (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228174 - Francie Norine Vining b10/20/1887 MI - d10/19/1889 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228175 - Vera N. Vining b5/5/1890 MI - d6/19/1980 - m1/6/1912 Charles Davis b8/26/1888 - They had one daughter, Norene Eborn Davis (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228176 - Edith Marie Vining b1/30/1895 MI of Clarks Lake,MI - d9/1943 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) m10/26/1910 Windsor Martin Kelly of Cement? City, MI (Son of John S. Kelly (farmer) & Caroline Misch) (Marriage Records of Essex Co. #009953-10) - Martin was a farmer.
  •   RV171228177 - Kenneth R. Vining b2/14/1902 MI - d11/24/1971 Traverse City,Grand Traverse,MI (MI Death Records) - Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Jackson,Jackson,MI (Online) - mVirginia Alena Palmer (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) (daughter of Harry Clifton Palmer & Nellie Bolton) b3/21/1951 - d12/22/1993 Traverse City,Grand Traverse,MI - Burial: Ironwood,MI (Online)
  •   RV1712281771 - Charles Gordon Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b6/11/1938 - d7/5/1995 Traverse City,Grand Traverse,MI (Online)
  •   RV171228178 - Geraldine Vining b10/28/1904 - d7/2/1989 - Burial: East Liberty,Liberty Twp.,Jackson,MI - m1919 1Kendall Robinson - They had one son Gordon Robinson - divorced Kendall - m 2Walter Morton - Gordon, her son, took the name of Morton - Geraldine then divorced Walter and mWilbert Norring d7/16/1963 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122817 - Joseph Easton Vining b4/9/1859 Liberty Twp.,Jackson,MI - d5/27/1929 Brooklyn,Jackson,MI -m9/27/1882 Columbia,Jackson,MI Alwilda (Wilda) Russell (Daughter of Harmon Russell & Lydia Van Nortwick of Jackson Co.,MI) b818/1862 Napoleon,Jackson,MI - d8/25/1940 Burial: Napoleon,MI - Joseph & Alwilda had 4 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228171 - Fern Vining b10/24/1888 Napoleon,Jackson,MI (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228172 - Neva Belle Vining b9/5/1891 Napoleon,Jackson,MI - d1957 - m1Robert Hoag of Wooster,MA - d1918 in WWI - m2Irwin Rinder of Chicago,IL (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228173 - Wilbur Dale Vining b12/13/1893 Napoleon,Jackson,MI - d6/24/1976 Jackson,Jackson,MI - mMI Minnie Gray -d1939 - Wilbur & Minnie had 1 child. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228174 - Marion Vining b9/24/1919 - m1/7/1942 MIWayne Garrison - No children. Wayne€™s second wife was Dorothy Chamberlain (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171228175 - Glenn Russell Vining b2/11/1898 Jackson Co.,MI - d2/24/1990 Port Huron Twp., Saint Clair,MI - mLucille Eagle (Daughter of Rev. Irving Eagle of Lake City,MI) b1898 - d1/1927 and buried at Pioneer,OH - They had 1 child. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712281751 - Phyllis Elaine Vining b4/10/1922 - m1945 Muskogee,OK Edmund Cichoracki - They had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712282 - Joseph Eason Vining b6/12/1820 Chesterfield,MA - d8/5/1876 - m6/12/1848 Talbot Dist.,Norfolk,Ontario (FamilySearch) Eliza Clipperton - Resided in Canada (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122821 - Daniel Devere Vining b12/25/1839 NY- d5/20/1863 Daniel attended Woodstock College from 1860 - 1862. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122822 - Charlotte Vining bNY - Attended Woodstock College from 1864 - 1865. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122823 - Ida Jane Vining babt 1846 NY(Online)
  •   RV1712283 - Lydia Vining b1822 Chesterfield,MA - d3/6/1897 m Birch Birtch (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1712284 - Pamelia Sarah JeanetteVining b3/6/1826 Chesterfield,MA - d4/10/1826 (Online)
  •   RV1712285 - Pamela Sarah Vining b4/10/1828 NY - d3/6/1897 Southard,Ontario - m9/51/1867 Victoria,Ontario James Colton Yule b1839 - d1876 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) James was a Woodstock College professor of a Canada Literary Institute. Pamela had moved to Ontario, Canada and registered into Albion College of Albion,MI from Thamesford, Ontario 1855-56 and received her masters degree in art & literature. She was on the college facuty there from 1857 to 1860. Then she accepted a position at the Woodstock College of Woodstock, Ontario to teach English, Art & Literature. Pamela wrote several poems: Heart & Home; Sowing & Reaping; The Beechnut Gatherer; Patience, some of which appear in €œThe Oxford Book of Canadian Verse€. She wrote a greeting card hymn for the Alumni of Albion College. It was sung at her last reunion of June 1881. Pamela & James had no children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) James was a Professor of New Testament Interpretation. ((Online)
  •   RV1712286 - Mabel Vining b1832 Chesterfield,Hampshire,MA - d5/16/1899 - mNY Alexander Conley (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Resided in Canada. Mabel & Alexander had James Conley, Lydia Conley, Pamelia Conley, Vining Conley, Thomas Conley, Mabel Conley, Maria Conley, & George Conley. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV171229 - Mary Vining b5/16/1793 Chesterfield,Hampshire,MA - dWinfield,,NY - mRoyal Tyler Bryant after her sister Lydia€™s death who had been married to Royal. They lived in Warsaw,NY and Winfield ,NY and then went to Burlington, IA. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) They lived in Townsend Twp abt 1830 to 1840, and they were in IA by 1850.
  •   RV17122(10) - Mabel Vining b10/30/1795 Chesterfield,Hampshire,MA - d7/25/1803 Bridgewater,NY (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11) - Salmon (Elder) Vining, Sr. b9/17/1797 Chesterfield,Hampshire,MA - d4/28/1879 West Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m3/31/1819 Sweden,Monroe,NY Mariah Bodwell (daughter of Eliphalet Bodwell & Hannah Marker,FamilySearch) b9/10/1799 NY,NY - d4/25/1855 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Sweden,Monroe,NY (FamilySearch) - Removed to Canada in 1821. Charter members of the West Nissouri Baptist Church (Regular Baptists from a Marriage File) organized in the 1820€™s. Salmon was ordained €œElder Vining€ as its first minister. A church building was erected in 1863 on land donated by him, cor conc 5, W. Nissouri and Thorndale sideroad. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Burial: Vining Cemetery (Patricia Faulkner)
  •   RV17122(11)1 - Glidden Bodwell Vining b1/24/1820 Sweden,Monroe,NY - d7/28/1881 Marlette Twp.,Sanilac,MI - m1/1845 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT Rebecca Gleason b1830 Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,ONT - d11/6/1879 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Marlette,Sanilac,MI - Shortly after their marriage, they moved to Marlette Twp. in MI. Glidden was reported to be a wealthy man and owned many properties in and around Marlette, MI. Salmon Vining, Jr., his brother, was appointed by the probate Court of Sanilac Co., MI to be administrator of his estate. Glidden& Rebecca had 11 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)11 - Lois Vining b8/1/1859 West NissouriTwp.,Middlesex,Ontario - d1935 MI - m12/14/1880 Sanilac,MI John Kelly b4/28/1853 Ontario - d1941 John was a farmer in Marlette, MI. Lois & John had 12 children: Aden Elmer Kelly, Glidden Bowden Kelly, Ernest Joseph Kelly, Noble Clare Kelly, Vining Gleason Kelly, Edna Leah Kelly, Lydia Jane Kelly, John Henry Kelly, Midget Jean Kelly, Archie C. Kelly, & Ida Mae Kelly. . (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)12 - Tirzah Vining b10/1862 West Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,ONT - d11/1947 - m12/14/1880 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT Archie Kelly (FamilySearch) - Tirzah& Archie had 13 children: Ray Kelly, Mabel Kelly, Milton Kelly, Mettie Kelly, Floyd Kelly, Ethel Kelly, Blance Kelly, Bernice Kelly, Byron Kelly, Faye kelly, Harold Kelly, Neil Kelly, & Glenn Kelly. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)13 - Cordelia Vining b1869 West Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,ONT - d12/19/1869 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)14 - Edward Vining (Twin) b10/26/1870 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)West Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,ONT (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)51 - Edgar (Dutch) Vining (Twin) b10/26/1870 West Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex ,ONT - d12/14/1939 - m7/1/1891 MI Mary Kelly bMI - dMI - Dutch & Mary had 12 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)511 - Jean Vining b1891 MI (FamilySearch) Died as an infant (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)512 - Nettie Vining Unmarried (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b7/23/1894 MI - d3/1983 Madison Heights,Oakland,MI(FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)513 - Mabel Vining b5/11/1896 Detroit,MI - dMI - mMI Floyd Bunyard - They had 2 children: Mary Louise Bunyard, & Joanne Bunyard (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)514 - Elizabeth Irvine Vining b4/20/1898 MI - dMI (FamilySearch) - mFrank Putman - They had 2 children: Donavan Putman, & Thedore Putman (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)515 - Norman Vining, Sr. b1896 Marlette,MI? - d1962 (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining) - d1948 Traverse City,MI (FamilySearch) - mSanta Ana,Orange,CA 1Clara Windoft d1978 (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining) div 1948 (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining) -m2Mary ? Norman & Clara had 2 children. Clara was remarried to Otto Smallwood. (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining) Both Norman & Clara lived in Detroit, MI. Norman was an employee of the Detroit School district.
  •   RV17122(11)5151 - Colonel Norman Vining, Jr. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3;Rev. Norman Tracy Vining) b12/28/1922 MI - d11/19/1961 Lufkin,TX, accidental gunshot while hunting. (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining) - m1945 Los Angeles,CA Julia Ann Billings (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining) Norman was a career officer and fighter pilot in the U.S. Marine Corp which he joined in 1943.
  •   RV17122(11)51511 - Norman Tracy Vining b6/5/1946 - m2/17/1975 Tustin,CA Kathryn Jo Sommer (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)515111 - Travis Andrew Vining b9/20/1977 San Jose,CA(Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)515112 - Todd Franklin Vining b9/30/1980 San Diego,CA (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)515113 - Kierstyn Sommer Vining b12/21/1983 San Diego,CA (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)51512 - Bruce Andrew Vining b3/5/1948 - mNannette Ferrer
  •   RV17122(11)515121 - LeAnn Vining d10/1999 (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)51513 - Marcia Gale Vining b9/25/1950 - mRobert Allen - Children are John Allen & Laurel Allen. (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)51514 - Karen Sue Vining b11/25/1956 - m1Jeff Smith - div. - Karen & Jeff had one child, Austyn Smith. - m2Peter Linker (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)515141 - Nathan Tyler Vining (Rev. Norman Tracy Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)5152 - Shirley Helen Vining - mMI Yoland Gaskin - They had 2 children: Andrea Gaskin & Brian Gaskin (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)516 - Edith Vining b12/2/1902 MI (FamilySearch) - mFL Stanley Hart - They had 2 children: Genineene Hart & Keith Hart (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)517 - Charolotte Vining - mMI Elmer Campbell - They had 2 children: Ruth Campbell & Thomas Campbell (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)518 - Donavon Vining b5/7/1906 - d6/1980 ,,Snanilac,MI - mIva Travis Donavon & Iva had 7 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)5181 - Robert Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)5182 - Max Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)5183 - Doris Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)5184 - Ronald Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)5185 - Marry Anne Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)5186 - Clarence Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)5187 - Donna Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)519 - Arthur Vining b1908 MI (FamilySearch)- d5/1911 MI (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)51(10) - Helen Vining - mGrover Ulysses (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)51(11) - Merle Vining - mNorma Wooley - Merle& Norma had 2 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)51(11)1 - Helene Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)51(11)2 - Kathryn Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)16 - Eona Vining b1875 West Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT (FamilySearch) - d4/1/1882 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)17 - Jail Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) bWest Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)18 - George Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) bWest Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT
  •   RV17122(11)19 - Whale Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) West Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)1(10) - Murray Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b4/8/1868 West Nissouri, Middlesex,ONT (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)1(11) - Fred Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b7/19/1864 West Nissouri, Middlesex,ONT (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)2 - Melinda Vining b1/51/1822 Deerham Twp.,Oxford,Ontario (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3 - DeaconAlonzo V. Vining b1/26/1824 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d5/23/1895 Thorndale,Ontario,Canada (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Burial: Vining Cemetery (Canadian Baptist 1913) - m10/1/1845 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT Jane McNee (Daughter of Colin McNee, Esquire of Nissouri Twp., who came from Scotland) - b12/14/1826 Twp. of E Nissouri,Oxford,ONT (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - d1/26/1913 West Nissouri; Burial: Vining Cemetery - Jane died at the home of her daughter, Pamela Vining Brown, 8th Concession of East Nissouri Twp, 87 years old. Alonzo & Jane had 12 children and they lived on a homestead in West Nissouri. Alonzo lived his whole life in West Nissouri and was a respected pioneer. When 13 years of age, he professed a faith in Christ, he was baptized by his father into membership of the West Nissouri Baptist Church and remained a member until death. The last 30 year, he was a deacon. He retired from farming and lived in Thorndale. This was a distance from the Church, and so he acted as a Sunday School Superintendent and Bible Class Teacher in the Methodist Church where they appreciated his labors.

Jane was converted at the age of 51 and baptized into membership of the West Nissouri Baptist Church by Elder Salmon Vining. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)- From an article pirnted written by Jane in the Canadian Baptist in 1913: €œIn the early days, the members of the Baptist Church were scattered all over the Twp., North, and East, & South, the Vining settlement being the most Central. They met oftener in those days. They had what they called €œConvenant Meetings,€ every fourth Saturday in the month at one o€™clock. The one, of which I am to speak, was held in the South Appointment, on the Ninth Concession in the McNee neighborhood. It was in the month of October and the weather was beautiful and there was a good attendance. Father and mother brought a goodly number home with them to stay over for the Sunday Service. The evening was spent in singing and talking and they did seem so happy! I thought to myself, €œHow they love one another,€ but my heart was sad. I could not enjoy it as they did. I thought, €œIf there is so much in this religion, why do they not say something to me about it?€ But they did not, and as the evening was pretty well advanced, they had prayer after which, €œUncle Jared,€ as we called Deacon Vining, the dear old man said, €œwe will sing the evening hymn,€ which I will try to reproduce: €œThe Day is past and gonel. The evening shades appear. O may we all remember well The night of death draws near.€ €œWe lay our garments by And on our beds to rest So death will soon disrobe us all. Of what we here possess.€ €œLord keep us safe this night Secure from every care. May Angels guard us while we sleep Till morning light appear.€ I stole away to my room but not to sleep or rest. I tossed and moaned until the clock struck tgwo in the morning. I said, €œWhat shall I do?€ and it seemed as if a voice said to me, €œBelieve on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.€ From that moment peace and joy came to me and the burden was removed. I was very timid and different in those days. I did not mention my experience in the home but thought I would tell my schoolmates about the joy I had found and the love I felt for others. On Monday when I went to school, I began telling them what an experience I had and how happy I felt. I said, €œI know my sins are all forgiven.€ They just laughed at me, and my young man said, €œOh she would like to get youse under the water.€ You can imagine my feelings! However, I summoned courage to offer myself to the church for baptism, was received and on a Sunday in Nov., I with two others, was baptized in the river Thames on the 11th C oncession of East Nissouri. The day was not propitious, it rained and snowed, but our hearts were warm, and we came home rejoicing.October 1, 1845, I was married to the late Alonzo Vining. Together we shared the joys and sorrows of this life for nearly fifty years. On May 10, 1895 he was taken suddenly ill, and on the 23rd passed away. His funeral on the 25th was from the old home church to the Vining Cemetery. There we laid him beside the loved ones who had gone before, to await the resurrection morn, when we shall see as we are seen, and know even as we are known. To us were given numerous children and fourteen great-grandchildren at the time of writing. I am passed the 79th milestone on life€™s journey and inetered my 80th year, not knowing when the message may come, €œThe Master has come and calleth for thee.€ I am, as it were, standing on the margin of the river, and looking across the sea, where mansions are prepared for me.€ I feel no dread of the crossing over. Jesus passed through death€™s dark portals before me and the lamp of his love will be my guide through the gloom. €œAll the gift of infinite grace.€Jane€™s eldest daughter, Pamela, died two days before Jane died. Jane had had pneumonia and looked like she would recover, but the shock of Pamela€™s death weaked her.

  •   RV17122(11)31 - Andrew Vining b8/7/1844 - d9/14/1847 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)32 - Pamela M. Vining b1848 Nissouri,Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - d1/21/1913 East Nissouri,Oxford,ONT(FamilySearch) (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m1870 Oxford,ONT Lorenzo Dow Brown (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)(son of Rev. Thomas Brush Brown & Amanda Harris) b1844 Nissouri,Oxford,ONT - d1/24/1938 Berwyn,IL - Burial: St. Mary€™s,Oxford,ONT - Pamela & Lozenzo had 7 children: Drs. Fred & James Brown of Oklahoma, Evelyn Brown of Chicago, Amanda Eugenia Brown Showers of Brown Corners, Lois Brown Walker of Oklahome, Charlotte Brown Davidson of Cayuga, & Clara Rebecca Brown McIntyre who was a nurse in Chicago. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)33 - Sabrina Vining b6/11/1849 Nissouri,Oxford,ONT - d5/12/1923 ONT - mMiddlesex,ONT John Johnstone (Middlesex Co. Marriages #013413-05) b6/4/1846 Middlesex,ONT - d2/18/1917 Middlesex,ONT - Resided at Thorndale. Sabrina & John had 7 children: Mary Jane (Jennie) Johnstone Vining (Married William Carey Vining, son of Salmon Vining, Jr. & Esther Gourlay), Alonzo Vining Johnstone, John L. Johnstone, Laura E. M. Johnstone, Joseph Edwin Johnstone, Henry (Harry) Johnstone, Wilber Johnstone (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)34 - Annie Jane Vining b3/12/1853 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - d5/5/1937 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - m1875 Oxford,ONT Thomas J. Harrisb1836 Oxford,ONT - d1920 Oxford,ONT - Resided at St. Marys, Ontario Annie & Thomas had 4 children: Stanley Harris, Mary Annetta Harris, Mattie Emily Harris, Frederic Gordon Harris (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)35 - Charlotte Vining b2/2/1855 Oxford,ONT - d1932 ONT (FamilySearch)- m1877 ONT Frederick Oliver bONT - dONT - Resided in Toronto. Charlotte & Fred had 4 children: Louise (Lulu) Vining Oliver, Elsie Oliver, Frederick Norman Roy (Roy) Oliver, & Gertrude Oliver (FamilySearch)(The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)36 - Joseph Alonzo Vining b6/12//1857 Oxford,ONT - d4/4/1927 ONT - m11/28/1886 1Mary Emma Lindley (Daughter of William Lindley & Harriet Dry) b1863 ONT - d1911ONT - m9/5/1914 2Eliza Lindley Agur (Widow) (Mary Emma€™s sister) bNorwich, resident of Ingersoll (Daughter of William Lindley & Harriet Dry)(Ontario Marriages #017829-14, Oxford Co.) Resided on the homestead at Thorndale. Joseph and Mary had 8 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Joseph was a farmer. (Marriage Inf)
  •   RV17122(11)361 - Roy Lindley Vining b12/14/1887 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - d12/19/1918 Oxford,ONT - died at 31 years of age. Obit: Lieut. Roy L. Vining, B.S.A., Lecturer in animal husbandry and specialist in dairy cattle at the O.A.C., died in the Guelph General Hospital following a shrot illness with pneumonia, contracted while attending the Winter Fair last week. One of the most popular members of the College Staff, he was born in Thorndale 31 years ago and graduated from the O.C.C. in 1914. Going overseas witgh the 129th Wentworth Battalion, he was wounded at Passchendale and returned to Canada last summer. He was appointed to the O.C.C. staff under Prof. Toole two months ago. He is survived by his father, Joseph Vining of Ingersoll, who was here when he died. The remains will be sent to Throndale for interment. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)362 - Gordon James Vining b11/16/1889 Oxford,ONT - d3/4/1965 Oxford,ONT - m12/25/1951 Oxford,ONT Elizabeth Duffin b2/2/1893 Oxford,ONT - d1979 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - James & Elizabeth had 2 children.
  •   RV17122(11)369 - Winnifred (Wynne) Vining b10/22/1920 Oxford,ONT - d7/18/2005 (Obit, The Globe and Mail,12/6/2005) m5/11/1946 Paul E. Giguere - (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - Wynne trained at the London Normal School in teaching. She taught in one-room schools until 1942. Her and sister Jean enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force Women€™s Division. They both served in the secret world of the Operations Room. She completed her service with the rank of Flight Officer. She met flyer Officer Paul Giguere, a wartime Lancaster bomber pilot in 1945. After service they were married. They lived in Quebec, and then his work took them to Mississwauga, Ontario. They had 6 children, John, Susan, Diane, Michael, Julie and Lisa. After beng a home maker, she finished her education at the Univ. of Toronto. She became a teacher in both elementary and secondary schools with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District, and then Dept. Head. She also took a trip to England to research the Vinings. (Obit, The Globe and Mail,12/6/2005 contributed by ??)
  •   RV17122(11)36(10) - Elizabeth (Jean) Vining b5/17/1922 Oxford,ONT - m9/21/1943 Donald Shapter - They had 1 child. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)363 - Alonzo Moulton Vining b1/4/1891 Oxford,ONT - d9/3/1935 Oxford,ONT - mNellie Vance b1/3/1898 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - d1979 ONT (FamilySearch)- Alonzo & Nellie had 2 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3631 - ? Vining
  •   RV17122(11)3632 - ? Vining
  •   RV17122(11)364 - Eva Gertrude Vining b5/14/1893 Oxford,ONT - d2/19/1978 Casper,WY (FamilySearch)- mClare Perkins b&d ONT - They lived in Casper,WY. Eva & Clare had 2 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) One child was Edward Roy Duffin. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)365 - Harriet Jean Vining b7/12/1895 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - dPort Perry,ONT - mFreeman J. Duffin - They had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)366 - William Henry Vining b2/24/1898 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - d4/7/1971 Niagara Fallsy,,NY - m1923 ONT (FamilySearch) Edith Tuttle - No children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)367 - Alice Beatrice Vining b6/19/1900 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - dONT - mNelson Corbett d11/6/1970 Mt. Elgin,Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - They lived at Mt. Elgin, Ontario. They had 4 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) One child was Edward Moulton Corbett. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(11)368 - Charlotte Irene Vining b10/51/1902 Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - d12/12/1964 Oxford,ONT - Unmarried. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)37 - James G. Vining b1858 Nissouri,Oxford,ONT (FamilySearch) - d12/18/1877 TX (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)38 - Emily M. Vining b5/28/1860 ONT - d1/8/1923 ONT - m4/21/1880 Duncan D. McArthur bMiddlesex,ONT - Resided at Manitoba. Emily & Duncan had 14 children: Daniel Alonzo McArthur, Edwin Arthur McArthur, Carrie Bower McArthur, Gordon Vining McArthur, Jeanie (Jean) McArthur, Martha (Mattie) McArthur, John Chalmers McArthur, Mary Emily McArthur, Alice May McArthur, Bessie Lucile McArthur, Myrtle Victoria McArthur, Elmore Lyle McArthur, Earl Everett McArthur, & Clifford Campbell McArthur (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)39 - John Paul Vining b1863 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d1949 - m2/29/1888 Middlesex,ONT Zilpha Gleason b1863 Middlesex,ONT - d1940 - John & Zilpha had 4 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)391 - Clara Vining b7/51/1891 St. Mary€™s,Perth,ONT (FamilySearch) - d4/51/1970 St.Mary€™s,Perth,ONT (FamilySearch) - m3/21/1917 Perth,ONT Wesley Richardson b,,Perth,ONT - Clara & Wesley had 4 children: Vivian Richardson, William Reid Richardson, Eric Richardson, & Eldon Richardson. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)392 - John Gleason Vining b5/18/1894 Oxford,ONT - dAllen Park,MI (FamilySearch) - mOxford,ONT Maude Borland dAllen Park,MI (FamilySearch) - John & Maude had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3921 - Stewart Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3922 - Lyrena Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3923 - Shirley Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)393 - Jared Alonzo Vining 5/30/1903 St. Marys,Perth,ONT - d8/19/1979 - m1Edith J. Smibert d1959 - m11/1962 2Rose Murray (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)394 - Emily Jane Vining b1/12/1893 Perth,ONT - d9/20/1893 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3(10) - Mattie C. Vining b1866 MIddletown,Nissouri,ONT - d2/19/1887 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3(11) - Edwin L. Vining b1870 ONT - d3/7/1877 ONT (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)3(12) - Hannah Vining b1874 West Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d1/18/1899 25 years old. Unmarried. Obit from ? and printed in the Vining Families, Chap. 3: Death loves a shining mark. Thorndale has sustained a severe gthe choir andon the platform. God€™s ways are not our ways, else why should she, who was loved by all, the center of a large social circle, the comfort of her mother, be taken from our midst. She was the light of home, a consecrated Christina, a loving daughter and sister, a true friend, always genial and ready to oblige. Her sweet trained voice will no longer lead the choir or thrill the audience with beautiful solos. Her helpful presence will long be missed from the church and Bible Class. During her last hours she was surrounded by her mother, brothers, and sisters to whom she bid an affectionate farewell. Loving friends placed flowers around her and draped the Church in white. The Church and Sabbath School, as a tribute to their high regard, presented a beautiful floral harp. The funeral was held in the Methodist Church. The Rev. McKay, Baptist Minister of St. Marys, conducted the services, after which the precious form of our loved one was taken to the cemetery and laid on the family plot. The funeral procession numbered over eighty carriages, filled with sorrowing friends. The sun shone brightly and the heavens seemed to smile. We know that she had joined the Angelic choir and though she cannot return to us, we can go to her.
  •   RV17122(11)4 - Hannah V. Vining b11/26/1825 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d11/25/1903 East Nissouri,Oxford,ONT - mJoseph Gleason (Son of Reuben Gleason & Elizabeth [Betsey] Brown) b11/5/1819 Nissouri,Oxford,ONT - d1/26/1878 Medina,Oxford,ONT - Hannah & Joseph had 10 children: Betsey Elizabeth Gleason, Jane Gleason, Reuben Gleason, Vining Gleason, Galeson Lydia Gleason, Maria Malvina Gleason, Heman Gleason, Abigail Gleason, are only listed. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Other children: Frances (Frank) Gleason, Peter Gleason. Burial: Lakeside Cem.,Lakeside,Oxford,ONT (RootsWeb)
  •   RV17122(11)5 - Maria/Mariah Vining b1/31/1828 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d 1813 at age 55 years, 6mos,51ds - Dennis Hossman - Maria& Dennis had 6 children: Sarah Hossman, Henry Hossman, Edward Hossman, Joseph Hossman, Andrew J. Hossman, & John Hossman. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)6 - Elizabeth M. Vining b6/16/1830 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d4/24/1879 ,,Oxford,ONT - m? (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)7 - Euseba Vining b2/28/1832 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d12/3/1916 Detroit,MI - m James Oliphant bOxford,ONT - They had 1 child named Mary Olipahnt. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)8 - Emily Vining b3/29/1834 - mSamuel Truman - Emily & Samuel had 4 children: Irwin Truman, Ella Truman, Emma Truman, & Bertha Truman. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)9 - Salmon Vining, Jr. b5/28/1836 Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d10/8/1917 Oxford Co.,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - m10/13/1861 Oxford Co.,Ontario Esther Gourlay b1840 Oxford Co.,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d1922 Middlesex Co.,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) Salmon & Esther had 9 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Buried: W. Nissouri Twp.
  •   RV17122(11)91 - Andrew Joseph Vining b10/21/1862 Nissouri,Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d1/16/1949 Mt. Pleasant City,Toronto,Ontario,Canada(Rootsweb) - m12/17/1890 ,,Middlesex,ONT Agnes Lucinda McLaren b1869 ONT - d8/1952 Toronto,Ontario,Canada in her 83rd year. - Andrew attended Woodstock College in 1881 - 1885 and graduated from McMaster Univ. in 1890. He was ordained in May 1890 in his first church at Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada. He served as Superintendent of Missions of the Baptist Home Mission Board in Winnipeg, Manitoba as well as holding many important posts in the Baptist Ministry in Ontario. Andrew & Joseph Vining had 4 children. Burial is at Mt. Pleasant Cem.,Toronto,Ontario,Canada. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)911 - Jean Gourlay Vining b11/9/1891ONT - d9/29/1963 London,England while on holiday - m8/22/1919 ONT George Raymore Scott of Peterborough. Jean & George had 2 children: Barbara Vining Scott, & William Andrew Scott. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)912 - Dorothy Esther Agnes Vining (Twin) b9/4/1897 Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada - d5/1898 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)913 - Charles Arthur McLaren Vining (Twin) b9/4/1897 Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada - d7/25/1974 London,Middlesex,ONT - m11/28/1925 London,Middlesex,ONT Doris McLean Belton of London,Ontario,Canada. No children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)914 - Margaret McLaren Vining b3/17/1908 - m9/1934 Lloyd Denham Dingle of Burlington,Ontario,Canada. Margaret & Lloyd had 2 children: Denham Vining Dingle, & Alison Vining Dingle. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)92 - Anna Margaret Vining b9/3/1864 Ontario - d3/7/1938 Ontario - m12/31/1891 Henry Gibson b12/20/1858. Anna & Henry had 2 children: Margaret Gibson, & Andrew Gibson. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)93 - Lizzie Maria Vining b10/17/1866 Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d1944 Vining City,Thorndale,ONT (WorldConnect) - Unmarried. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)94 - William Carey Vining b8/17/1868 Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d6/8/1959 Vining City,Thorndale,ONT (WorldConnect) - m3/8/1905 W Nissouri Mary Jane (Jennie) Johnstone (Daughter of John Johnstone & Sabrina Vining) b7/27/1873 bW Nissouri,Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Marriages of Middlesex Co.#013413-05) - d10/20/1945. Witnesses for their wedding were Harry Johnstone& Lizzie ViningNo children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) William was a farmer at W. Nissouri. William & Mary Jane were cousins. (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17122(11)95 - Ebenezer Vining b10/8/1870 West Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,Ontario (Ancestoral Records) - d12/51/1953 Vining City,Thorndale,ONT (Ancestoral Records) - m1/2/1905 St. Marys,ONT Clara Beatrice Delmage (daughter of James Delmage & Mary Jane Rutherford) b9/29/1869 St. Marys,ONT - d5/26/1952 St. Marys,ONT (WorldConnect) - Ebenezer & Clara had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Burial: Vining City,Thorndale,ONT (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17122(11)951 - Dorothea Esther Rutherford Vining b1/13/1906 - d10/7/1997 St. Marys,ONT (WorldConnect) - m8/10/1940 Middlesex,ONT (William) Lee Barnes (Rootsweb) b1910 Shoal Lake,,Manitoba - d4/18/1978 St. Marys,Perth,ONT (Rootsweb)- They had 1 child named Bruce Barnes. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Dorothea was a High School Teacher. (World Connect) Dorothea Vining Barnes is the author of €œThe Vining Families€ (Carrie Vining Kasurak) of which I make reference to many times.
  •   RV17122(11)952 - Judson Rutherford Vining b9/5/1908 Thorndale,ONT - d8/27/1972 Potsdam,NY - m5/19/1931 Bellingham,WA (WorldConnect)Helen Kathleen Southwell (daughter of ? Nichols & Kathleen Pearson) b1/26/1907 - d4/1/1997 (WorldConnect) - They had 2 children. Judson was an Instructor in the Dept. of Pathology & Bactereology, Univ. of Western Ontario in 1932. He was Coroner of Frankford, Ontario, a member of the St. Lawrence Co. Medical Soc., N.Y. State Medical Soc., A.M.A., Vice President of First national Bank of Hermon, Deacon of the First Baptist Church of Hermon, 1960. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) (Burial: Vining City,Throndale,ONT (WorldConnect) Kathleen was married before.
  •   RV17122(11)9521 - Joan Vining b1932 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - mDick Farrar (obit of Aileen Vining)
  •   RV17122(11)9522 - William Carey Vining b1935 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - d5/17/2000 Hermon,NY - mMargaret ? - Burial: Vining Family Cem., Thorndale,Ont., Canada (Carrie Vining Kasurak)
  •   RV17122(11)953 - L. Aileen Beatrice Vining, F.R.C.S. (Medical Missionary) b3/20/1910 Thorndale,ONT- d10/4/1993 St. Marys,ONT - Graduated from the Univ. of Western Ontario cmbined B.A., M.D. degree - Spent 40 years on mission service in India under the auspices of the Baptist Women€™s Missionary Society. ; 38 of those in Pithapuram, East Godavari District, South India; medical superintendant as well as business manager, surgeon, obstetrician, pediatrician, leprosy, and public health programs. She trainined nurses. (Obit of Aileen Vining from the reoords of Carrie Vining Kasurak) Buried: Vining Cem.,Thorndale,ONT (Obit) - Unmarried. Second woman in Canada to be awarded a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. Doctor€™s Degree and a Medical Missionary in India. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)96 - Mary Esther Vining b12/6/1873 Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d11/6/1957 Vining City,Thorndale,ONT (WorldConnect) - Unmarried. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Her occupation was a teacher. (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17122(11)97 - Arthur Wellesley Vining b9/7/1876 Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d2/12/1945 Ocean City,Vancouver,B.C. (WorldConnect) - mAbigail (Abbie) Helmer (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Arthur was a teacher. (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17122(11)98 - Albert George Vining b6/1/1880 Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d1956 Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - mHazel May Betts bMiddlesex,ONT - dMiddlesex,ONT (FamilySearch) - They had a stepson, Edward Rupert. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)981 - Audrey Grace Vining b11/21/1960 Middlesex,ONT - d12/30/1996 London,Middlesex,ONT - Audrey did marry. (Rootsweb)
  •   RV17122(11)99 - Glidden Bodwell Vining b8/12/1887 Middlesex,Ontario,Canada (Ancestoral Records) - d10/3/1946 Vining City,Thorndale,ONT (WorldConnect) - mEthel Pearl Timpany b1888 - d1956 - They had 1 daughter. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)991 - Marjorie Vining b1919 - Unmarried. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)(10) - Joseph Vining b9/29/1838 West Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT (FamilySearch) - d3/28/1855 ,,Middlesex,ONT - 16yrs,6mos - Died of Typhoid Fever. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)(11) - Abigail Vining b4/25/1842 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d1/2/1922 Detroit,MI - Unmarried. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(11)(12) - Charlotte Vining b9/11/1847 Nissouri,Middlesex,ONT - d1918,,Essex,ONT - m7/6/1869 W. Nissouri,Oxford,ONT John Watt (son of John & Catherine Watt) b1845 ONT - d1917 ,,Essex,ONT (FamilySearch) - There were at least 7 children: Ethelind May Charlotte Watt, Catherine Evangeline Beatrice Watt, Maude Maria Elizabeth Watt, Margery Winnifred Watt, Grace Watt, John Thomas Watt, & James Garnet Wellington Watt. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)(FamilySearch) (vol 2 pg 216 (Oxford Co): John WATT, 24, bank clerk, Ontario, Fergus, s/o John & Catherine, married Charlotte VINING, 21, Ontario, Fergus, d/o Solomon & Maria, witn: Alonzo VINING of W. Nissouri& Dennis HORESMAN of E. Nissouri, 6 July 1869 at W. Nissouri) Burial: Amberstburg,Essex,ONT (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17122(12) - Abigail Vining b12/17/1800 Chesterfield,Hampshire,MA - d12/13/1883 Mt. Elgin,Oxford,Ontario,Canada . Burial: Mt. Elgin Cem. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m1819 Sweden,NY James W. Bodwell, Jr.(FamilySearch) (son of James Bodwell& Mariah Glidden)(FamilySearch) b1795 Methune,MA - d12/4/1874 Mt. Elgin,Ontario,Canada - Removed to West Nissouri Twp.,Middlesex,Ontario,Canada in 1821 and were charter members of W. Nissouri Baptist Church. Abigail with her brothers Jared, Salmon & Daniel moved to Canada. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - Abigail & James removed to Mt. Elgin,Ontario about 1850 and built there the large Bodwell home €œElgin Hall€ still standing almost 510 years later. Abigail& James had 12 children: James Vining Bodwell, Abigail Euseba Bodwell, Hiram Alfonso Bodwell, Charlotte Matilda Bodwell, Tryphena Bodwell, Hannah Agnes Bodwell, Eliphalet Atholston Bodwell, Mary Bodwell, Jared Bodwell, Ebenezer Vining Bodwell, Andrew Bodwell, & Maria Bodwell. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17122(13) - Daughter Vining (Infant) b&d2/22/1807 Bridgewater,NY (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Died same day. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17123 - Josiah Vining, Jr. b7/21/1759 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Norton,Bristol,MA (WorldConnect) - m9/25/1787 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (Vital Records of Sarah Porter (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b1/23/1760 Abington,Plymouth,MA Abington)
  •   RV17124 - John Randall Vining b7/26/1761 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Norton,Bristol,MA (WorldConnect) - dMA
  •   RV17125 - Sylvia Vining b3/4/1764 Norton,Bristol,MA (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17126 - Abigail Vining b1/2/1776 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Norton,Bristol,MA (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1713 - Hannah Vining b11/10/1731 - Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) d11/51/1803 MA - m8/2/1748 1Ebenezer Whitmarsh - m ints on 9?20/1753 2Isaac Joy/Jones - Children of Hannah & Ebenezer were Levi Whitmarsh, Rebeckah Whitmarsh, Hannah Whitmarsh, Lydia Whitmarsh, Lot (1) Whitmarsh, Ebenezer (1) Whitmarsh, Ebenezer (2) Whitmarsh, Lot (2) Whitmarsh, & Charity Whitmarsh. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1714 - Mercy Vining b4/5/1734 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) - d1776 MA - m3/18/1758 Weymouth,MA 1John Loud/Loude (son of Francis (Loude) Loud & Onner Prince) b2/23/1737 Weymouth,MA - d1776 of drowning. (Family Search) Children of Mercy & John were Sylvanus Loud, James Loud, Mary (Polly) Loud, Betsey Loud, John Randell Loud, & Asa Loud. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1715 - John Randall Vining, VIII b7/4/1736 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - d1756 - Died during the war. (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain)
  •   RV1716 - Benjamin Vining, Sr. b11/16/1738 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (The Vining Family by Chamberlain) - d8/2/1812 Durham,Cumberland,ME (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) I- m10/22/1761 Abington,Plymouth,MA 1Mehitable Brooks (Early MA marriages, Plymouth Co.) - d4/9/1774 ME leaving him with 5 children. - (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) m8/20/1776 Freeport,Cumberland,ME 2Lydia Turner of Hingham,MA - Benjamin& Lydia had 5 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m1789 MA 3Bathsheba Davis of Portland,MA (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - dME - PS CS MA (DAR Patriot Index) On Benjamin€™s 17th birthday, he was apprenticed to Samuel Jackson of Abington, MA for 4 yrs & 8 months. He was living in Falmouth which is next to the North Yarmouth line and near the bay in 1763. About 1775 he moved to Royalsborough and on 12/13/1776 he bouth Lot #71 on the Co. Rd about a mile from the river from Belcher Noyes. He carried on his trade here along with farming. He was a Justice of the Peace, a Deacon in the Congregational Church, and Town Clerk of Royalsborough from 1778-86. He was spoken of as a worthy and useful citizen. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV17161 - John Vining, Sr. b9/5/1762 (Lori Vining) Reading,ME - d10/27/1837 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham,Cumberland,ME Records of Births & Deaths) - m11/30/1786 MA Mary Goodwin b4/11/1765 (Durham Births & Deaths) - d11/14/1839 ME(Durham Births & Deaths)
  •   RV171611 - Susanna Vining b8/24/1787 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) Royalsborough (Durham),ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - m4/21/1811 ME 1Samuel Tracey (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m12/24/1818 ME James Newell (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) (son of Ebenezer Newell & Elizabeth Jackson) b1/12/1790 (
  •   RV171612 - John Vining I, Jr. b4/27/1789 Durham,ME (Durham Births& Deaths) - d3/24/1791 Durham,ME (The Vining Families, Chap. ; Durham Births & Deaths)
  •   RV171613 - Molly Vining b8/21/1791Durham,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d10/7/1793 Durham,ME (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) (Durham Births & Deaths)
  •   RV171614 - Benjamin Vining b8/23/1793 Durham,ME (Durham Births& Deaths) - d9/9/1883 - m4/15/1819 ME 1Hannah Merrill (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m int. 2/5/1856 2 Rhoda Barnes
  •   RV171651 - Samuel Vining b5/26/1795 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d7/26/1842 Troy,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - m5/25/1795 Lisbon,ME Mary (Polly) Smith (FamilySearch) of Lisdon (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV171616 - John Vining, II, Jr. b1/27/1798 Durham,ME (Durham Births& Deaths) - lost at sea 2/1838 - m1825 ME Martha C. Ross - They had 3 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) 3 children. Martha A. Vining b7/27/1834 ME
  •   RV171617 - Reuben Vining b7/20/1799 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d8/6/1857 Durham,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - m Durham,Cumberland,ME 1Mercy Lunt - m 2Flora Hutchinson - They lived on the homestead Lot #75. They had 4 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - Burial: Vining Cem.,Durham,ME
  •   RV1716171 - Edwin R. Vining b2/22/1850 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham,Androscoggin,ME Records of Births & Deaths) - d5/17/1929 Auburn,ME - m1/1/1873 Bangor,ME Ada L. Morse b1/22/1853 Bangor,ME (Durham,Androscoggin,ME Records of Births & Deaths) - d2/22/1904 - m11/9/1906 Flora Hutchinson
  •   RV17161711 - John Albion Vining b12/7/1873 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d3/23/1923 - m11/22/1899 1Minnie Louise Vining? - m11/24/1904 2Augusta Eva Pike
  •   RV17161712 - Everett L. Vining b12/10/1874 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d12/1/1954 Lewiston,ME - m8/17/1899 Ida May Thompson - Burial: Auburn,ME
  •   RV17161713 - Willis Josiah Vining b7/17/1877 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d10/2/1963 St.John,NewBrunswick - m6/23/1909 Helen Sawyer Fraine - Burial: St. Peter€™s Church Cem., Woodman€™s Pt,New Brunswick.
  •   RV17161714 - Emory Warren Vining b1/6/1880 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d3/20/1881 Durham,Cumberland,ME
  •   RV17161715 - Hiram Murray Vining b10/12/1882 Durham,Cumberland,ME (Durham Births & Deaths) - d7/29/1905
  •   RV17161716 - Addie Pride Vining b9/29/1885 Durham,Cumberland,ME - mFrank Moore
  •   RV17161717 - Merton L. Vining b1/10/1888 Durham,Cumberland,ME - d3/19/1985 Lewiston,ME - m6/5/1912 Margaret E. Wilson
  •   RV17161718 - Albert Edwin Vining b5/31/1892 Durham,Cumberland,ME - d11/4/1943 East Concord,VT - m5/24/1928 Lewiston,ME Nora Gertrude Stevens - Burial: Auburn,ME
  •   RV17161719 - Baby Vining b1/22/1898 - d1/22/1898
  •   RV1716171a - Mildred Louise Vining b11/9/1899 Auburn,ME - m12/25/1920 1Ralph Warren Webster - m3/29/1952 Percy Morrison
  •   RV171618 - David Vining b4/8/1801 Durham,ME (Durham Births& Deaths) - d9/3/1867 Lewiston,ME - m6/1833 Betsey Smith - Burial: Lisbon Cem., Lisbon,ME
  •   RV171619 - Jonathan Vining b4/8/1801 Durham,ME (Durham Births& Deaths) - d12/12/1820 (Durham Births & Deaths) - Burial: Vining Cem., Durham,ME
  •   RV17161a - Betsey Vining b4/20/1803 Durham,ME (Durham Births& Deaths) - d11/12/1805 Durham,ME (Durham Births & Deaths)
  •   RV17161b - Ammi Vining b9/4/1805/6 Durham,ME (Durham Births& Deaths) - d5/1/1868 Durham,ME - m6/3/1832 Susanna (Susan) Gerrish - Burial: Vining Cem., Durham,ME
  •   RV17161c - Sally Vining b6/3/1807 (Durham Births & Deaths) - d12/10/1892 - Burial: Vining Cem., Durham,ME
  •   RV17162 - Benjamin Brooks Vining, Jr. b8/3/1764(Lori Vining) New Casco,Cumberland,ME - d9/9/1833 age 69 years Avon,,MN (Lori Vining) - m3/23/1797 ME Sarah (Sally) Ring bME - d1/26/1868 at ge 89 yrs, 8 mo. ME (Pease-Thompson Cem. Records of Avon,ME)
  •   RV171621 -Batchelder Ring Vining b2/17/1798 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV171622 -Benjamin Brooks Vining b3/20/1799 (WorldConnect) mLydia ? b6/6/1801 (Avon, ME Vital Records)
  •   RV1716221 - Lucy Vining b1831 ME (Avon, ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171623 -Thomas Vining b3/31/1800 (WorldConnect) Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) - d8/11/1877 77y 4m (Tombstone) - m11/30/1826 Avon,Franklin,ME Jemima Haines - d3/10/1874 65y8m (Tombstone) - Buried: Avon, MN, Mt. Blue Rd, Vining Hill (Thomas F. Vining) - 1870 Avon,Franklin,ME Census lists Thomas & Jemima living with their son Frederick and Thomas is working as a farm laborer. He is 70 and Jemima is 62.
  •   RV1716231 - Seward Vining, II b1827 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) - d1/11/1895 67y9m RV17162(10)4 - - Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records) - m6/18/1850 Roxanna F. Purrington b1831 (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages) - d6/6/1915 age 84y1m - 1850 Avon, Maine (Franklin County) Seward Vining and Roxanna F. Purrington were married before the 1850 census but were living in the household of his parents, Thomas Vining and Jemima Haines.- 1870 Census, Seward is listed as a farmer and is 43, his wife Roxanna is 39, Lizzie is 19, Abba E. is 12, Francis L. is 7, and an infant is one month old, which should be Albert. Burial: Village Cem., Strong,ME
  •   RV17162311 - Lizzie A. Vining b1851? - 1860 Cesus is age 9.
  •   RV17162312 - Abbie Evelyn Vining b1858? - Age 2 on the 1860 Census - m1/20/1878 Marcus F. Will
  •   RV17162313 - Frances Lillian Vining b1863 - Age 7 on the 1870 Census - m11/6/1881 Samuel H. Huff
  •   RV17162314 - Albert Nelson Vining b5/20/1870 Avon,ME - d6/24/1946 - m1910 Saco,ME Helen Louise Meserve - Burial: Pine Grove Cem., Falmouth Foreside,ME
  •   RV17162315 - Leslie Alvin Vining b4/1/1872 - d1956 - m6/24/1893 1Della McKenney - m 212/25/1909 Ella A. Winter - Burial: Village Cem. Strong, ME
  •   RV17162316 - Ella A. Vining d1956 - Burial: Village Cem., Strong, ME
  •   RV17162317 - Winfield Vining Vining b1875? - Is five on the 1880 Census.
  •   RV1716232 - Jemima H. Vining b1833 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1716233 - Thomas Vining b5/19/1835 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) - d12/13/1918 Eustis,Maine - mReleaf S. Walker (dau. of Chandler Walker & Meribah C. (Mary) Smith) b2/22/1839 Freeman,ME - d1/6/1921 E ustis,ME - Burial: Evergreen Cem.,Phillips,ME (Online) On the 1870 Avon,Franklin,ME Census Thomas was a farmer, and Relief was a housewife.
  •   RV17162331 - Stella Vining  - b - d3/5/1867. 1 yr & 2ds - Bur: Vining Hill Cem., Avon,Maine (Thomas Vining, Viningfamilies .htm)
  •   RV17162332 - Arthur L. Vining b10/22/1867 Maine - d(Oneida Co., NY Death Cert. #641) -d6/3/1931 Utica,NY of Acute Nephritis (Oneida Co., NY Death Cert. #641) - mAgnes (Addie) J. Webster (Oneida Co., NY Death Cert. #641) - He was a Master Mechanic at a paper mill. - Burial: Waterford,NY (Oneida Co., NY Death Cert. #641) On the death cert. it states that his father is Arthur and mother unknown. However, the 1870 & 1880 Avon,Franklin,ME Census states his parents as Thomas & Releaf Vining.  - Bur: Waterford, NY (Thomas Vining, Viningfamilies .htm)
  •   RV171623321 - Delmar T. Vining of Springfield, MASS (Oneida Co., NY Death Cert. #641)
  •   RV17162333 - Elmer Chandler Vining b1/16/1871 Avon,ME (1880 Census age 9; 1900 Census; age 27) - d11/6/1940 Corinna,Maine - Burial: Evergreen Cem., Phillips,ME - m6/4/1908 Corinna,ME (ME Marriage Cert.) Lelia Madge Day (dau. of Frank Edward Day & Mercy Ann McCard) b1/11/1889 Corinna,ME - d7/13/1983 Biddeford,ME (Thomas Vining,Viningfamilies.htm)
  •   RV171623331 - Mildred Enid Vining b5/4/1912 - d3/2/1997 - m6/25/1933 Boothbay Harbor,ME Charles Elucippe Bolduc - Burial: Waterville,ME
  •   RV171623332 - Elmer Chandler Vining b1/9/1920 - m6/1/1946 Saco,ME Phyllis May Boothby
  •   RV17162334 - Lula Belle Vining (1880 Census; age 2) 9 November 1877 - d9/18/1952 - mSamuel B. Johnson €” bur. Evergreen Cemetery Phillips, Maine (Thomas Vining,Viningfamilies.htm)
  •   RV17162335 - Eva E. Vining (1900 Census; age 19)  b. June 1880 Maine - d11/26//1960 Eustis,Maine - m. 4 December 1907 Llewellyn Knowles - (Thomas Vining,Viningfamilies.htm)
  •   RV1716234 - Sarah R. Vining b1838 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1716235 - Frederick Augustus Vining b1843 Avon,Franklin,ME -d1917 - m7/23/1865 Civil,Phillips,Franklin,ME Eliza A. Sampson (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages) b1843 - d1912 - Burial: Evergreen Cem., Phillis,ME - 1870 Avon,Franklin,ME Census lists Frederick as 27 years old and a farmer, Eliza as 26, Herbert W. as 3, Carrie Isabel as 3 months - 1880 Census for the same place lists Frederick as 37, Eliza as 36, Herber as 13, Carrie as 10, and Ada as 5.
  •   RV17162351 - Herbert W. Vining b1866 - d1937 - Burial: Evergreen Cem., Phillips,ME - 1900 Census lists Herbert as 33 and still living with his parents.
  •   RV17162352 - Carrie Isabel Vining b1870 (1880 Census) - d1958 - m12/11/1892 Chester E. Hight - Burial: Evergreen Cem., Phillips,ME
  •   RV17162353 - Ada Vining (1880 Census, age 5) 1900 Census lists Ada as 25 and still living with her parents.
  •   RV1716236 - Roxanna Vining b
  •   RV171624 -David Vining b1/51/1802 (WorldConnect) Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) - d6/29/1852 50y6m - m10/22/1829 Jane C. Thomas of Strong,Franklin,ME (FamilySEarch) d7/8/1884 76 y (Village Cem. Records,Strong,ME) - Burial: Village Cem., Strong,ME - 1850 Strong, Franklin,ME Census, David is 48, Jane is 41, Charles H., is 19, Munzies R. is 18, Nancy T. is 15, Sarah J. is dead, Frances Ellen is 12, S. Adelade is dead, & Millard F. is 2.
  •   RV1716241 - Charles H. Vining b1831? - (1850 Census, age 19) - m 1Carolyn Humter of Strong, ME - m 2Ella J. Hunter - m 3 Anne J. Learned
  •   RV1716242 - Munzie R. Vining b1832? (1850 Census, age 18)
  •   RV1716243 - Nancy T. Vining b1832? (1850 Census, age 18) - mPlementon Dagget, Jr.
  •   RV1716244 - Sarah J. Vining b10/13/1834(Calculator) - d4/28/1835 age 6m15d - Burial: Village Cem., Strong, ME (Village Cem. Records,Strong,ME)
  •   RV1716244 - Frances Ellen Vining b7/10/1838 - d11/1/1897 - m10/21/1865 Albert Elisha Jones
  •   RV1716242 - Adelade Vining b9/7/1840(Calculator) - d4/7/1844 3y7m - Burial: Village Cem., Strong, ME (Village Cem. Records,Strong,ME)
  •   RV1716242 - Millard F. Vining b1848? (1850 Census, age 2) - m10/16/1869 Emma A. Gilkey of Strong,ME
  •   RV171625 -Page Vining b3/29/1803 (WorldConnect) Avon,Franklin,ME - m1827 Franklin,ME Margaret Ring (FamilySearch)
  •   RV171626 -Seward Porter Vining b2/8/1805 (WorldConnect) - d2/4/1894 age 89 yrs.- m10/1/1833 (Franklin Co. Marriage Records) Martha Clark Thomas of Strong,ME - b3/2/1815(Calculator) - d6/2/1884 at 69yrs & 3 mos. (Mt. Blue Cem. Records,Avon,ME) - Burial: Evergreen Cem., Phillips, ME - Avon,Franklin,ME 1850 Census states that Seward is 45, his wife Martha C. is 35, Harriet A. (Hattie) is 14, Henry C. is 12, Hannibal H. is 10, Albion L. is 8, Ephraim B. is 6, Martha J. is 4, Frank William is 3, Nelson Eugene is 11 months,
  •   RV1716261 - Harriet(Hattie) Ellen Vining b1/28/1836 of Avon - m8/22/1858 Civil,Mexico,Oxford,ME Jabez Sawyer (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages) of Mexico - Harriet is 14 years old on the 1850 Census.
  •   RV1716262 - Henry C. Vining b1838? - Age 12 on the 1850 Census - d1917 - mElla M. Vining - Burial: Strong,ME
  •   RV1716263 - Hannibal H. Vining b1839 of Phillips - d1917 - m7/4/1868 Maria D. Gould of New Vineyard,ME (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages) - Is 10 on the 1850 Census - Burial: Evergreen Cem.,Phillips,ME
  •   RV1716264 - Albion L. Vining b1842? - Age 8 on the 1850 Census
  •   RV1716265 - Ephraim Bernard Vining b1844 - 6 years on the 1850 Census - m 1Ann ? - m 2? ?
  •   RV1716266 - Amanda Martha Vining b7/31/1845 - d3/24/1933 - m11/15/1866 Weld,ME 1Stanwood W. Philley of Weld,ME - m 2Charles Sawyer - Martha is 4 years on the 1850 Census - Burial: Evergreen Cem.,Phillips,ME
  •   RV1716267 - Frank William Vining b2/27/1857(Calculator) - d12/01/1862 age 15y9m2d (Mt. Blue Cem. Records,Avon,ME) - Burial: Vining Hill Cem., Avon,ME - Age 3 on the 1850 Census.
  •   RV1716268 -Nelson Eugene Vining b8/1849 - d1913 - m 1Alice C. Preston - m 2Almira (Myra) Cook - Is 11 months on the 1850 Census. - Burial: Evergreen Cem., Phillips,ME
  •   RV1716269 -Addie Vining mJohn McKnight of Boston,MA
  •   RV171626a -Sarah W. Vining b1852? - Age 8 on the 1860 Census
  •   RV171626b -Allie Helena Vining b1853? - mGeorge O. Osgood of Waltham,MA
  •   RV171626c -Fremont Seward Vining b6/18/1855 - d1922 - m6/25/1888 Ada F. Willard of Acton,MA - Burial: Evergreen Cem.,Phillips,ME
  •   RV171626e -Fred E. Vining b1862? - Age 8 on the 1860 Census.
  •   RV171627 -Converse Wing Vining b2/7/1807 (WorldConnect) of Avon,Franklin,ME - d4/12/1887 - m6/27/1835 1Esther H. Worthley (Franklin County,ME Marriages) d10/20/1875 64y (Town Line Cem. Records, Strong,ME) (1850 Census) m5/6/1877 Franklin Co.,ME 2 Phebe Durgin/Durger of Avon. (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages)(Misc. Women of ME)
  •   RV1716271 - Heman Vining - b1836? - 1850 Census is 15 years old.
  •   RV1716272 - Timothy W. Vining b1838? - d5/8/1885 age 47y - Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records) m10/18/1864 Tryphena C. Dow (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages)(dau. of Joshua Dow & Elizabeth Haines) b5/25/1845 Avon,Franklin,ME - d5/8/1906 Auborn,ME - Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records) - 1870 Avon, Franklin,Maine Census, Timothy was listed as a farmer, and 32 years old. Tryphena was 25, and Harry was 1. Also living with the family was Elbridge W. Vining, age 15. - On the 1880 Avon,Franklin,ME Timothy was 42, Tryphena C. (Dow) was 35, Harry G. 11, Blanche M. 7, & Minnie Louise was 2.
  •   RV17162721 - Harry G. Vining b5/15/1869 - d5/29/1933 m1/21/1896 Ella Mae Conant
  •   RV17162722 - Blanche M. Vining b10/8/1872(Calculator) - d4/8/1891 age 18y6m Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records)
  •   RV17162723 - Minnie Louise Vining b5/12/1878 - m11/22/1899 ? ?
  •   RV17162724 - John Albion Vining d3/5/1902
  •   RV17162725 - Ardine Vining b9/5/1880(Calculator) - d10/5/1888 age 8y1m Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records)
  •   RV17162726 - William H. Vining b3/51/1888 - d8/26/1962 Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records) - mFlora B. ? b3/12/1894 - d6/5/1919 Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records)
  •   RV171627231 - Hiram W. Vining b9/3/1912 - d10/1987 Buried: Village Cemetery,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records
  •   RV1716273 - Rachel Augusta Vining b1842? - 8 years old on the 1850 Census. - m5/10/1868 Christophus Kinney
  •   RV1716274 - Lewis Vining b1844? - Is 6 years on the 1850 Census.
  •   RV1716275 - Addie Julia Vining b1851? - Is 9 years on the 1860 Census - mSpaulding Hardy
  •   RV171628 - Edward Vining, Sr. b5/17/1809 (WorldConnect)Avon,Franklin,ME - d10/19/1891 - m12/6/1832 ME Catherine Hanes/Haines (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages) bAvon,ME - Land was bought in Marcellon,WI. The family Bible was handed down to daughter Mary A. Vining Hamilton, to son Irving H. Hamilton, to son Manuel A. Hamilton. (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716281 - & Capt. Edward Kent Vining, Jr. b5/30/1838 Franklin Co.,ME (WorldConnect) - d2/7/1914 Portage,WI - m12/14/858 1Nancy O. Blachley b1839 - m1/20/1895 2Mattie Stinson - Edward served as a Lieut. in the Civil War and was promoted to Captain, the war ended before his promotion was received. - Children of Edward and Nancy were Willard & Jane. (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17162811 - Willard Vining b8/6/1860 Scott,WI - d8/16/1928 - m1/12/1886 New Lisbon,Juneau,WI Josephine Brownell - Willard took up a land claim after the Civil War in Clark Co.,SD (WorldConnect)
  •   RV171628111 - Wilford Benjamin Vining b9/19/1888 Clark,WI - d1/1916 of Cancer - mEdna Peters d1972 Mayville,WI - Wilford was a barber. (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716281111 - Wilford Jesse Vining b10/27/1951 Pardeeville,WI - d6/14/1994 Brownsville,Cameron,TX - m 1? Grunow - m 2? Cooper - Wilford worked for the WI Bell Telephone Co., and was Mayor of Mayville,WI. Military Service: Scabee with the 113th Battalion in the South Pacific during WWII. (WorldConnect)
  •   RV171628112 - Eva Muriel Vining b3/28/1887 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV171628113 - Philemon Vining b11/16/1889 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV171628114 - Verne/Vern Terrence Vining b2/6/1891 (WorldConnect) WI - d11/1977 ,,Adams,CO (FamilySearch)
  •   RV171628151 - Celestia Perrisade Vining b1/4/1894 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17162812 - Jane Parrisade Vining b3/26/1862 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716282 - Henry C. Vining b5/29/1834 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716283 - Eliza Jane Vining b4/14/1836 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716284 - William Harrison Vining b5/21/1840 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716285 - Ben H. Vining (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716286 - Celinda Vining b3/2/1845 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1716287 - Thomas Vining b11/10/1849 (WorldConnect) WI
  •   RV1716288 - Mary E. Vining b6/26/1853 (WorldConnect) WI
  •   RV171629 -John Vining (WorldConnect) b5/2/1811 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) - d3/13/1889 78 years - m4/2/1835 Avon,Franklin,ME1Mary Haines b6/11/1817 - d10/4/1869 - m 2Louisa ? b1830? (50 years old on 1880 Census) - d3/13/1889 - Burial: Vining Hill Cem., Avon, ME - 1850 Avon,Franklin,ME Census lists John as 39, Mary as 31, James Towle as 10, Alonzo Haines as 6, Hiram as 3, and William as 1.1860 Census lists Ellerby as 5, and Mary as 1. 1870 Census lists wife Mary as dead, William & Elsadana as dead. 1880, wife Louisa is 50 years old, and Mary is 21.
  •   RV1716291 -James Towle Vining b2/2/1840 - mNancy M. Richardson
  •   RV1716292 -Alonzo Haines Vining b6/19/1843
  •   RV1716293 -Hiram Vining b8/19/1846
  •   RV1716294 - William Bates Vining b10/8/1848 Avon,Franklin,ME - d2/6/1870 21y4m (Mt. Blue Cem. Records,Avon,ME) Burial:
  •   RV1716295 - Elsadana Vining b1852 Avon,Franklin,ME - d11/12/1869 age18y4m (Mt. Blue Cem. Records,Avon,ME)
  •   RV1716296 - Ellerby Vining b1855? - Age 5 on 1860 Census.
  •   RV1716297 - Mary Vining b1859? - Age 1 on the 1860 Census
  •   RV17162a -Nathaniel Vining (WorldConnect) b1813 - d1878 - mLouisa J. ? b1818 - d1896 - Both are Buried: Village Cem.,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME)
  •   RV17162a1 - Ostinello Vining b1843 - d1864 - Served in the 2nd ME Batt. Buried: Village Cem.,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME)
  •   RV17162a2 - Sarah Vining b1845 - d1939 - Buried: Village Cem.,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME) - m? A. Gardner Cates b1844 - d1920 Buried: Village Cem.,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME)
  •   RV17162a3 - Sophronia L. Vining of Avon - m8/30/1862 Civil,Strong,Franklin,ME John A. Will (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages) of Avon. Son of Sophronia & John was Ostinello Will, d3/23/1864 20y8m51d (flag) 2nd ME Batt. died in Wash. D.C. (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME)
  •   RV17162a4 - Aroline K. Vining b1847 - d4/28/1865 17y4m17d - Buried: Village Cem.,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME))
  •   RV17162a5 - Sally Vining
  •   RV17162a6 - Roxanna W. Vining 1857 - d1926 Buried: Village Cem.,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME) - mJames E. Hunter b1857 - d1926 Buried: Village Cem.,Strong,ME (Village Cem. Records, Strong,ME)
  •   RV17162b - Sally Vining (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17162c - Keziah Vining (WorldConnect) m3/23/1841 Jeremiah R. Norton (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages)
  •   RV17162d - Israel Vining (WorldConnect) b1818 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) - m8/31/1844 Franklin,ME Elvira Thomas (Franklin Co.,ME Marriages)
  •   RV17162d1 - David Vining d10/10/1857 age 3y10m21d (Mt. Blue Cem. Records, Avon,ME)
  •   RV17162e - Hiram Vining (WorldConnect) b1820 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) - m5/18/1848 Avon,Franklin,ME Emeline Heath b1822 Of Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch) mNellie Hane (Misc. Women of ME)
  •   RV17162e1 - George E. Vining b1849 Avon,Franklin,ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17162e2 - Sally Vining
  •   RV17162e3 - Benjamin Vining
  •   RV17162e4 - John J. Vining - d6/21/1855 age 1y10m (Pease-Thompson Cem. Records of Avon,ME)
  •   RV17162e5 - Mary Vining
  •   RV17162e6 - Francis James Vining
  •   RV17162e7 - Alonzo Vining
  •   RV17162e8 - Henry Vining
  •   RV17162e9 - William B. Vining
  •   RV17163 - Bela Vining b11/12/1766 (Lori Vining) New Casco,Cumberland,ME - d2/17/1846 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (FamilySearch) - m7/15/1790 Thankful Millbanks [page 275 Durham (Me) History](daughter of Philip Millbanks & Lucy Dyer) b1/1772 Lewiston,Andoscoggin,ME - d8/1864 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (FamilySearch) - Burial: Sawyer Cem., Durham, ME
  •   RV171631 - William Vining b7/20/1791 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - d12/26/1863 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - mNancy Ragoon b5/15/1800 St. Stephens (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171631 - Mary J. Vining b11/25/1818 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171632 - Caroline Vining b11/17/1820 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171633 - Elizabeth A. Vining b12/4/1824 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171634 - Emily Vining b11/13/1826 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171635 - Bela A. Vining b6/18/1828 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171636 - James E. Vining b6/27/1830 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - d4/20/1849 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - Burial: Sawyer Cem., Durham,Andoscoggin,ME
  •   RV171637 - Fannie A. Vining b4/14/1832 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171638 - Sarah D. Vining b5/12/1839 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - d2/14//1840 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - Burial: Sawyer Cem., Durham,Andoscoggin,ME
  •   RV171639 - Sarah Vining b6/16/1841 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171632 - Hannah Vining b3/19/1793 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - mAsa Dyer
  •   RV171633 - Ammi Vining b4/3/1795 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - m9/21/1817 Betsey Strout
  •   RV171634 - Lucy Vining b5/6/1798 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - m11/30/1820 John Newell
  •   RV171635 - Bela Vining, Jr. b4/30/1800 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - d8/19/1821 Havannah,de Cuba (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171636 - Samuel Vining b4/30/1802 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV171637 - Sarah Vining b10/17/1805 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - m10/13/1826 Joseph Davis
  •   RV171638 - Sewall Vining b1/29/1808 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - m1831 1Hepzibah D. Blanchard - m 2 Randall
  •   RV171639 - Mary Millbanks Vining b5/4/1810 Durham,Andoscoggin,ME (Durham, Androscoggin,ME Vital Records) - m10/14/1832 William H. L. Blanchard
  •   RV17164 - Lucinda Vining b3/11/1769 (Lori Vining) ME - d1812 ME (FamilySearch) - m3/17/1789 ME Thomas Mitchell bME - dME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17165 - Hannah Vining b6/10/1771 (Lori Vining) ME - d5/3/1774 ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17166 - Mehitabel Vining (II) b2/17/1778 (Lori Vining) Royalsborough,Cumberland,ME - d1812 ME - m12/6/1792 ME Henry McKenney b7d ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17167 - Sarah Vining ((II) b12/22/1779 Royalsborough,Cumberland,,ME (Child of Benjamin & Lydia) - d2/25/1863 Auburn,Androscoggin,ME (FamilySearch) - m11/9/1797 Durham,Cumberland,ME Jonathan Strout (Son of Joshua Strout, Jr. & Betsey Cobb) b4/28/1779 Royalsborough,Cumberland,ME - d8/6/1867 Auburn,Androssoggin,ME - Children of Sarah & Jonathan are: Betsey Strout, Thirza Strout, George Washington Strout, Harriet B. Strout, David B. Strout, DDS; Sewall Strout, Nelson Strout, Harrison B. Strout, & Mary Ellen Strout. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17168 - Reuben Vining b5/2/1782 (Lori Vining)Royalsborough,Cumberland,ME - d1/21/1783 ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV171681 - David Vining b4/8/1801 - d9/1869 - mME Betsy Smith of Lisdon - David was a tinsmith & farmer. David& Betsy had 4 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716811 - James Vining b5/19/1834 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716812 - Mahala S. Vining (Twin) b4/1836 - m10/24/1854 ME Edward Goold of Westbrook (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716813 - Maria Conant Vining (Twin) b4/1836 - m10/24/1856 Luther Lewis Perley Harrison,Cumberland,ME (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)(FamilySearch)
  •   RV1716814 - David Vining b5/13/1843 - m5/5/1868 ME Libby ? of Lewiston (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
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  •   RV1716(12) - Jonathan Vining b4/8/1801 - d11/12/1820 - Unmarried (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13) - Betsy Vining b 4/20/1803 - d11/12/1820 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(14) - Ammi Vining b9/4/1806 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - d5/1/1868 Durham - m6/3/1832 Durham, Androsoggin,ME Susanna (Susan) Gerrish b4/12/1811 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - He was a farmer. Ammi & Susanna had 7 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(11)1 - Mary V. Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b3/22/1834 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records)
  •   RV1716(11)2 - Benjamin Franklin Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b4/2/1836 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - d3/22/1886 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - Burial: Ceder Grove Cem.,Durham,ME - m3/1867 Sarah Jane Richards (daughter of Ira Bradford Richards & Sally Gerrish) b3/6/1842 New Gloucester,Cumberland,ME - d4/13/1928 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Joan Evelyn Vining)
  •   RV1716(11)21 - Eugene Conrad Vining b7/27/1874 Durham,Androscoggin,ME - d7/7/1953 Billerica,Middlesex,MA - Burial: Lot #340-C N.C. - m8/10/1903 Ellen Blanchard Ewell (daughter of John Ewell & Irene Rebecca Blanchard) b1/21/1872 Marshfield,Plymouth,MA - d1955 Billerica,Middlesex,MA (Joan Evelyn Vining)
  •   RV1716(11)211 - Blanchard Richards Vining b7/3/1910 Boston,Suffolk,MA - d2/12/1974 Sarasota,Sarasota,FL - Cremated - m5/18/1935 Portland,Cumberland,ME Eleanor Frances Brown b2/14/1915 Portland,Cumberland,ME - d3/13/1990 Sarasota,Sarasota,FL - Cremated (Joan Evelyn Vining)
  •   RV1716(11)3 - Matilda G. Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b7/17/1839 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - mJoseph W. Thomas
  •   RV1716(11)4 - Laura P. Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - b7/17/1839 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - d11/17/1871 Lisbon Falls,ME - mLafayette E. Dennison
  •   RV1716(11)5 - Israetta P. Viningb6/29/1851 Durham,Androscoggin,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - d8/27/1880 Lewiston,ME - Burial: Vining Cem.,Durham, ME
  •   RV1716(11)6 - Emma E. Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b9/9/1855 Durham,ME (Town of Durham,Androscoggin Co.,ME Vital Records) - d3/2/1863 Durham, ME - Burial: Vining Cem.,Durham,ME
  •   RV1716(12) - Sally Vining b6/3/1807 - d12/10/1892 (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13) - Dala Vining b11/12/1766 - d2/17/1846 - m7/51/1790 ME Thankful Millbanks of Lewiston. Dala & Thankful had 9 children. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)1 - William Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)2 - Hannah Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)3 - Amme Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)4 - Lucy Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)5 - Bela Vining, Jr. (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)6 - Samuel Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)7 - Sarah Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)8 - Sewell Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1716(13)9 - Mary Millbanks Vining (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1717 - Sarah Vining b11/9/1741 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA - d3/19/1813 MA (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) m1761 Jonathon Hunt (I 355 Vol. III DAR Patriot Index) (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m9/7/1779 Abington,Plymouth,MA John Totman (Early MA Marriages of Plymouth Co.) bMA - dMA - Sarah & John Totman had Vining Thomas Totham. (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718 - Jonah Vining b3/17/1744 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) - m9/4/1765 MA (FamilySearch) Olive Leavitt b4/14/1745 Hingham,MA(Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17181 - Olive Vining b5/17/1766 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - dMA - m9/10/1792 MA (FamilySearch) Asa Andrews (Ancestral Records) b&d MA
  •   RV17182 - Huldah Vining b3/28/1768 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - dMA
  •   RV17183 - Leavitt A. Vining b1771 Pownalborough,ME -- m4/10/1794 ME 2 Lucy Andrews b11/30/1769 Pownalborough,ME - d8/20/1829 Wiscasset,MN - The second spouse of Lucy was Ignatius Harradin. Children of Leavitt & Lucy were Sophie, Nathan, Eliza, Almira, Riscey, Eunice, & Drusilla. Children of Leavitt & Hannah were Leavitt, Harriet, Unknown, Samuel, & Warren. (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV171831 - Leavitt Vining b10/1794 Wiscasset,ME (Ancestral Records) m1 Hannah ? b1785 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718311 - Nathan Vining, Sr. b1813 - mElizabeth Huntley babt 9/1821 East Machias,Washington,ME - d3/13/1904 Cooper,Washington,ME(Ancestral Records)

FROM -Thomas Creamer has lately bought the saw mill and shingle mill at Cooper, of Wm. Creamer, and now owns and operats both mills. Nathan Vining, Jr. and Frederic Vining, sons of Nathan Vining, have bought the Cooper farm of Wm. Creamer; the latter having sold out in Cooper and removed to Baring. The Messrs Vining are young, industrious men and they will soon re-juvenate the old farm. The lot contains about 500 acres, wood, timber, pasture and tillage. The buildings can be put in good condition at small cost. There is quite an apple orchard on the farm. Mrs Jans Sawyer, the aged and well known former landlady, is in poor health; suffering from paralysis. She is unable to walk except by aid. Mrs. Sawyer, widow of the late Asaph Sawyer continues to keep the hotel, much to the convenience and accommodation of travelers.(Creamers and Sawyers of this article, could they be related to Jabez Sawyer & Edith Creamer??)

  •   RV17183111 - Nathan Vining, Jr. - mAlice A. Averill Ancestral Records) Nathan with brother Frederic bought 500 acres, and will re-juvenate the farm. 5/10/1881 Machias Union)
  •   RV171831119 - George B. Vining b4/20/1863 - d6/29/1931 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718312 - Eliza Vining b1851 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718313 - Almira Vining b1816 - m7/29/1838 Cooper,Washington, ME John Cooper Munson (Son of Stephen Munson & Lydia Averill) b2/28/1851 Cooper,Washington,ME - d11/6/1890 Crookville,CO - Children were John C. Munson, Leavitt Munson, Nathan Munson, Abram H. Munson, Almira Munson, Hollis Munson, Henrietta Munson, Lydia Hannah Munson, Josephine Munson, Luther Munson, & Agnes Munson.(Ancestral Records) - 1870 El Paso, Colorado Territory Census, John C. Munson, 31, worker at flour mill Maine, Francis Munson, 19 ill, John Munson 3 1/2, Colorado, and Lida Muson, 15, Maine. (Sharon Shaw)
  •   RV1718314 - Riscey Vining b1817 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718351 - Eunice Vining b1819 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718316 - Drusilla Vining b1821 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV171832 - Harriet Viningbabt1796 Wiscasset,ME - d6/25/1816 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV171833 - Unknown Vining babt1798 Wiscasset,ME (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV171834 - Samuel Viningbabt1800 Wiscasset,ME (Ancestral Records
  •   RV171835 - Warren Vining babt1802 Wiscasset,ME (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV171836 - Sophie Vining b1804 (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17184 - Lucia Vining b1774 Pawnalborough,ME - dME - m1/17/1793 ME Jacob Rowell (Ancestral Records) b&d ME
  •   RV17185 - Sarah Vining b1776 Pawnalborough,ME (Ancestral Records) dME - mJohn Parker b&d ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17186 - David Vining b1778 Pawnalborough,ME - m4/18/1798 (FamilySearch) Jane Gurnell (Had been married to John Gurnell and had a daughter Jane)(Ancestral Records) - mDolly Grant b&dME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17187 - Eliza (Betty) Vining b1780 Pawnalborough,ME - dbef1819 (Ancestral Records) - m1/4/1797 Durham,ME James M. Parker, Jr. (Methodist Minister & Circuit Rider of ME, OH, & MN) (Son of James Parker & Johanna Mitchell of Cumberland,ME) b9/5/1775 North Yarmouth,Cumberlan, ME - d3/27/1860 Parker€™s Lake,Plymouth Twp.,Hennepin City,MN - Burial: 1860 grave moved to Parkers Lake Cem., possibly oldest and largest monument is on his grave site. Children of Eliza & James were James M. Parker, Daniel Curtis Parker, Alfred Parker, Charles D. Parker, Mark Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Jane Parker,& Israel Small Parker. James remarried in 1819 after Eliza died to Deborah Elizabeth Small in ME. (World Connect)
  •   The Pioneering Parkers from the chapter in the book by Ellen Wilson Meyer-TALES FROM TONKA-Stories of people Around Lake Minnetonka. Published by the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, 1993-Pages 48-49-50. The next time you drive by Parker€™s Lake Babtist Church , on county road 6 in Plymouth, try to imagine the highway gone and in its place a Indian trail skirting the north shore of the lake. Imagine, too, the excitement of four brothers staking out their claims and building their log cabins on the little gem of a lake that would bear their name. The four Parker brothers were so enthusiastic over €œtheir lake€ and the new frontier territory that they sent word back to Maine for a fifth brother, Daniel C. Parker, to bring his family and their parents to this new land of opportunity. In 1855, Daniel came by rail to Galena and by steamer to St. Paul with his wife, their small daughter and his parents. His mother, one of many taken ill on the boat, died of cholera on arrival and was buried €œin the deep forest of what is now Hoag Avenue in North Minneapolis,€ not far from the intersection of todays Olson Memorial Highway and North Seventh Street. After the burial, Daniel undertook the rough and rugged journey from St. Anthony to his brother€™s claims on the lake named for them. With his pregnant wife, small daughter and 80-year-old father riding in a buggy, Daniel had to proceed on foot, leading the horse through the wilderness of trees and underbrush. It was enough to discourage a prospective settler, but the brothers persuaded Daniel to stay and stake his claim near theirs on Parkers€™s Lake. (Daniel€™s; 120 acres on Section 28 included property that later became the site of the old Parker€™s Lake Church and its cemetery, where you can still see numerous Parker gravestones.) With the help of his brothers and other settlers from miles around, Daniel had his log cabin up in record time-only two days before his wife gave birth to €œthe first white boy born in Plymouth Township.€ Unfortunately, baby Forrest, named for the deep woods, was born prematurely. When he died, the sorrowing father took a short log, hollowed it out for a casket, and lined it with cloth brought from Maine. They buried the baby €œoutside the cabin window,€ after a service conducted by the baby€™s grandfather, James Parker, who had been a Methodist minister and circuit rider back East. The Reverend Parker, father of the five Parker sons and two daughters, died five years later at the age of 85 and was buried (for the lack of a cemetery) at a chosen spot in Daniels€™s field. Hoping to reclaim their mothers€™s body and place it beside that of her husband, the brothers went to look for her grave in St. Anthony. But even in 1860, the forest was so dense in what is now North Minneapolis;is that it hid the site, and the brothers searched in vain. There was a heavy woods around Parkers€™s Lake, too, which caused settlers to worry when they feared Indians were skulking nearby. Although none of the Parkers had ever been molested, there was always that dark cloud of anxiety. A favorite Indian story among family members concerns Daniels€™s wife, Hester, and her future sister-in-law, Sarah. The two women were sewing one afternoon, when a Chippewa warrior, in feathered headdress and hideous war paint, rushed into the cabin carrying a knife dripping with blood. He grasped Hester by her arm and pulled her toward the door. Hester grabbed desperately for Sarah, who was also dragged along, fearing the worst for both of them. The Indian led them outdoors to a freshly killed deer that had been skinned and dressed. By his gesture, Hester began to realize he meant the venison as a gift and that he wanted to know where he should put it for her. He seemed in great haste, yet he took time to move the carcass onto some clean shingles he placed on the floor of Hester€™s pantry Then he disappeared silently into the woods, never to be seen again. No sooner had the Chippewa gone than a party of Sioux warriors appeared, pursuing their enemy on galloping horses. They dismounted and searched the barn and farmyard. Then, on entering the cabin, they spied the pumpkin pies Hester had set to cool on the kitchen table. Without asking permission, they devoured the pies quickly, grunted approval and left, apparently satisfied that the enemy was not concealed on the premises. By the time Daniel arrived home, Hester and Sarah had recovered from their fright enough to laugh over the incident. €œno pies for supper tonight, Dan.€ Hester said jauntily. €œBut we€™ll have venison steak-all you can eat!.€ There was real cause for anxiety in the Lake Area when news came of the Sioux uprising the began near New Ulm and was spreading like wildfire. Settlers panicked, thinking the Indians would burst through the woods any minute to continue murdering, mutilating, looting and burning. Many families fled from Lake Minnetonka to St. Anthony or Fort Snelling. Others stayed to protect their homes and defend themselves as best they could€¦€¦€¦.The various Parker families had gathered at James Parker€™s home,preparing to leave for safer quarters, when Daniel and Hester realized they had forgotten to take clothing for the children. Hand in hand they walked back to their cabin in the dark woods, not talking and hardly daring to breathe for fear an Indian would hear them and pounce from behind a tree. But the rampaging Sioux were not as close as they feared. In fact, the nearest atrocities took place in€63 near, Howard Lake, nearly twenty miles from Minnetonka. And the following year, pioneer settlers rejoiced that the Indian trouble had been squelched. From HISTORY OF HENNEPIN COUNTY(1895) Rev. James Parker moved west to Kentucky(date not indicated), €œremaining there one year, and left on account of hostile Indians, removing to Cincinnati, Ohio where€¦..Rev James Parker was€¦engaged in shipbuilding. He remained there until 1836 when (the family) they returned to Maine.€ Rev Parker moved to Minnesota with other members of his family in 1855. Rev Parker was also appointed the first Justice of the Peace for Parkers Lake in1856. FTW cd #51 Tree 893 indicates possible First wife= Betty Vining and Deborah Small was wife # two€¦. I have no proof of a marriage by James Parker to Betty Vining€¦.only the info from the FTW, CD51, Tree#893.
  •   RV17188 - Jonathan Vining b1783 Pawnalborough,ME (Ancestral Records) - d11/22/1855 Windsor,ME (FamilySearch) - Jane (Jennie) Gurnell b&d ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17189 - Olivia Vining bPownalborough,ME (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718a - Benjamin Leavitt Vining b12/10/1786 Pownalborough,ME - d12/20/1814 Winthrop,ME (FamilySearch) - m1/1/1811 ME (FamilySearch) Elizabeth Clough (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1718b - Nathan Vining b1788 Ballstown,ME (Ancestral Records) - mJane Smith b&d ME (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1718c - Daniel Vining b2/11/1790 (Early Families of Chesterville,ME) Pownalborough,ME - d9/11/1846 ME - m9/10/1812 Malta,,ME (FamilySearch) Deborah Waters (Ancestral Records) b5/2/1790 ME (Early Families of Chesterville,ME) 1850 Salem,Franklin,ME Census states Hannah is 59, her husband is dead, and Hannah 21, Ezra A. 19, & Deborah Augusta 12, is living at home.
  •   RV1718c1 - Moses P. Vining b1/21/1810 Malta,(now Windsor)ME (Early Families of Chesterville,ME)
  •   RV1718c2 - Daniel W. Vining b12/9/1814 Malta,ME (now Windsor)
  •   RV1718c3 - Emeline Carleton Vining b7/27/1817 (Early Families of Chesterville,ME)
  •   RV1718c4 - David W. Vining b4/17/1819 Salem,ME - mCaroline Wood/Weed
  •   RV1718c5 - Thomas W. Vining b5/26/1821 Salem,ME - mMartha ?
  •   RV1718c6 - Florence H. Vining b10/1825? Salem,ME
  •   RV1718c7 - Jonathan Vining b10/1825?
  •   RV1718c8 - John Blake Vining b10/1825?
  •   RV1718c9 - Hannah Vining b1829? (1850 Census)
  •   RV1718ca - Ezra A. Vining b1831? (1850 Census)
  •   RV1718cb - Deborah Augusta Vining b1838? (1850 Census)
  •   RV1719 - Elizabeth Vining b9/21/1746 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) d MA - m11/4/1766 Abington,Plymouth,MA William Ladd b9/30/1743 Hanover,Plymouth,MA (WorldConnect) - dDuanesburg,,NY - Children of Elizabeth & William are Betsey Ladd, Sally Ladd, Mehitable Ladd, Hannah Ladd, Polly Ladd, Susan Ladd, Levi Ladd, John Ladd, Lemuel Ladd, William Ladd, Lemuel Ladd, & Thomas Ladd. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV171(10) - Silence Vining b3/16/1748 Abingdon,Plymouth,MA (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) dMA - m5/24/1770 MA John Cushing babt1744 MA - dMA - Children of Silence & John were James Cushing, John Cushing, Jr., Silence Cusing, Avis Cushing, & Adam Cushing. (FamilySearch)
  •   RV171(11) - Mary Vining b5/13/1752 Abington,Plymouth, MA (Vital Records of Abington)(The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m4/10/1776 John Farrer (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain)
  •   RV172 - Elisha Vining b1714 Weymouth,Norfolk,,MA (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) - d1799 MA (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) - m12/3/1741 Hingham,MA Mary Leavitt (Daughter of Israel Leavitt & Mary Bates (Online) ) b6/24/1722 Hingham,Plymouth,MA (The Vining Families, Chap. 3)
  •   RV1721 - Elisha Vining, Jr. (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) b1742 Abington,Plymouth,MA - d3/11/1822 MA (Ancestral Records) - m5/2/1764 Abington,Plymouth,MA Deborah Fullington (Early MA Marriages of Plymouth Co.) bMA - d12/21/1822 MA - Elisha of Abington, Private, Captain Edward Cobb€™s Co. of Militia, Col. Edward Mitchell€™s Regiment which marched April 20, 1775 in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775 from Abington and Bridgewater to Marshfield; service: 3 days. (Prominent American Descendants of Dorothea Vining Barnes)
  •   RV17211 - Deborah Vining b8/7/1766 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - dMA (Ancestoral Records)
  •   RV172111 - Laura Vining b8/28/1802 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV1722 - Mary Vining I b8/23/1744 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - d2/14/1752 Abington,Plymouth,MA (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1723 - David Vining I b11/7/1746 Abington,Plymouth,MA - d3/10/1752 MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1724 - Israel Vining I b12/14/1748 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Reords of Abington) - d2/23/1752 MA (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV1725 - Ebed Vining I b12/14/1749 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - d2/4/1752 MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1726 - David Vining, II (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) b1/14/1753 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Reocrds of Abington) - d1795 Coxsackie,Green,NY (Ancestral Records) - m2/12/1774 MA Ester Corthel bMA - dNY (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17261 - ? Vining b1775Abington,MA - d10/51/1778 MA (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17262 - Esther Vining b1/8/1776 Abington,,MA - dMA (FamilySearch)
  •   RV17263 - David Vining, III b1780 MA - d5/19/1840 - mMA Hannah (Files of Darleen Vining) Husted bMA - dMA (FamilySearch)
  •   RV172631 - David Vining, IV b1814 - d1894 - mRocksey (Files of Darleen Vining) Edwards b1819 - d1874 (Online)
  •   RV1726311 - Edward Milton Vining b1841 Palmyra,Wayne,PA - d10/3/1904 McHenry,ND - m12/25/1866 Adelia D. Garity - b5/13/1842/1 - d1918 - Buried: LakewoodCem.,LakeCity,MN (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263111 - Anna Gerard Vining b11/16/1868 Florence,Goodhue,MN - d10/8/1951 Leal,ND - m12/30/1890 William Halliday Thomson b7/30/1866 - 11/18/1945 - Burial: LealCity,Leal,ND - Children of Anna & William were Harry Franklin Thomson, Blanche Marie Thomson, Myrtle Irene Thomson, and Baby Boy Thomson. - Moved to ND in 1892. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263112 - Ella Vining b11/16/1869 - d9/7/1872 - Burial: LakewoodCem.,LakeCity,MN (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263113 - Ernest L. Vining b4/5/1871 Florence,Goodhue,MN - d5/16/1919 McCleod,ND - m10/10/1900 Hattie Schoessow b1/20/1883 - d12/8/1913 (Daughter of Heinrich Schoessow & Amellia Voigt) (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631131 - Clifford Vining b3/6/1901 ,Cass,ND 0 d1/10/1909 WatsonCity,Watson, Cass,ND - Buried: WatsonCem.,Watson,Cass,ND (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631132 - Lenley Loren Vining b5/29/1903 Walburg,,Cass,ND - d5/7/1993 WatsonCity, Watson,Cass,ND - m12/28/1926 Moorhead,MN Marion O€™Bleness b11/3/1900 - d2/17/1983 Buried: WatsonCem.,Watso,Cass,ND (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311321 - William M. L.Vining 2.1927 ,Fargo,ND - m5/24/1952 Casselton,ND Naomi Graepp b10/6/1928 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311322 - John Keith Vining b8/30/1928 ,Fargo,ND - m5/11/1954 Eva Hromick b7/30/1936(Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311323 - Clifford Ray Vining b8/3/1929 ,Fargo,ND - m6/21/1957 Goshen Church,Rural Durbin,ND Darleen Lou Schimming b12/51/1935 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631133- Delia E. Vining b3/26/1905 ,,Cass,ND - d6/11/1974 ,Milwaukee,WI - mWilliam Pontel - Buried: WatsonCem.,Watson,Cass,ND (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631134 Earl Viining b12/3/1906 Walburg,Cass,ND - d4/1/1984 ,Fargo,ND - m7/27/1929 Moorhead,MN Frances O€™Bleness b11/28/1907 - Buried: CasseltonCem.,Casselton,ND (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311341 -Lorry Viining b3/3/1930 ,Fargo,ND - m12/13/1953 Vasselton,ND Harriet Priewe 13.1936 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311342 - Roger John Viining b7/6/1936 ,Fargo,ND - m2/25/1961 ,Canaan, RuralDavenport,ND Beatrice Hoffman b11/7/1943 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631135 - Altha E. Vining b5/21/1908 Walburg,Cass,ND - d7/24/1969 ,Fargo,ND - m6/19/1928 St. Peter€™sChurch,Rural Leonard,ND August Reinold Marschke b10/10/1901 - d2/20/1982 - Buried: WatsonCem.,Watson,Cass,ND - Children of Altha & August are Darleen Marschke, Dale A. Marschke, & Emelie Delia Marschke. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631136 - Cecil Frank Vining b5/12/1910 Walburg,Cass,ND - d8/23/1965 Oroville,WA - m5/16/1953 Fairview,OR Luvetta Howe b7/51/1923 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631137 - Clair Vining b3/30/1912 ,Cass,ND - d2/20/1991 ,WA - mBarbara d8/8/2000 - Buried: WatsonCem.,Watson,Cass,ND (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631138 - Melvin Fredreck Vining b9/17/1913 ,Cass,ND - d6/11/1914 ,Cass,ND - Buried: WatsonCem.,Watson,Cass,ND - Buried: WatsonCity,Watso,Cass,ND (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263114 - Iona Bertha Vining b3/16/1872 - d1874 - Burial: LakewoodCem.,LakeCity,MN (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263151 - Effie Vining b2/6/1873 Florence,Goodhue,MN - d4/27/1951 - m3/19/1904 Hans Werner - Burial: BethlehemCem.,McHenry,ND - Children of Effie & Hans were Christina Werner& Frederick Werner. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263116 - David Hewitt Vining b11/30/1873 Florence,Goodhue,MN - d2/23/1935 - m2/20/1902 Frontenac,MN - mJohanna Johnson-Mork b4/3/1874 - d5/12/1980 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631161 - Florence Vining b2/23/1903 ,McHenry,ND - m7/18/1925 Aubrey Short b10/20/1903 - d3/30/1943 - Children of Florence & Aubrey are Marilyn Florence, Donald Aubrey, Particia Loraine Short, & Bonita Ruth Short. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631162 - Mabel Vining b3/27/1905 - d1951 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631163 - Girl Vining b1907 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631164 - Deana Vining b2/7/1909 ,McHenry,ND - d1/8/2002 - m11/17/1927 Rutherford Short b1/20/1899 - d11/29/1981 - Children of Deana & Rutherford are Kendall David Short, Maxine Short, Roberta Short, Terrence Rutherford Short, David Jennings Short, Rutherford Douglas Short, Brian Jerome Short, Lindfa Sylvia Short, Melvin Aubrey Short, Judith Martha Short, Ruth Harriet Short, Jonathan Dewey Short, & Timothy Cordell Short. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631165 - Dick Vining b1/1/1912 ,McHenry,ND - d12/31/1987 ,McHenry,ND - m2/7/1935 Carrington,ND Mildred Syverson b6/12/1918 - d11/27/1998 - Burial: BethlehemCem.,McHenry,ND Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311651 - Winnifred Mildred Vining b2/27/1935 ,Courtney,ND - m6/1/1956 Alfred Borah, Jr. b8/13/1932 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311652 - Darrel Harley Vining b10/24/1936 Courtney,ND - d2/21/1993 Jamestown,ND ,Courtney,ND - m6/4/1958 Kensal,ND Marlys Holm b (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311653 -Elaine Joyce Vining b8/51/1938 Courtney,ND - m7/12/1957 Ray Willows b1/31/1935 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311654 - David LaVerne Vining b6/8/1940 ,Courtney,ND - m6/30/1962 Joann McGuire b12/6/1944 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311655 -Lois Ann Vining b1/9/1943 ,Courtney,ND - m11/16/1963 James Heyen b3/30/1935 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311656 - Marie June Vining b6/29/1952 ,Kensal,ND - m8/25/1972 Jerry Topp b7/5/1952 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631166 - Lawrence Vining b11/2/1914 ,McHenry,ND - d1991 - m1/17/1940 Martha Heilscher b8/26/1914 Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311661 -Paul Vining b3/6/1941 ,LakeCity,MN - 5/7/1960 Kathleen Hoops b(Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311662 - Shirley Lucille Vining b8/21/1942 ,LakeCity,MN - m11/18/1961 Edward Dick b (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311663 - John Davis Vining b10/51/1944 ,LakeCity,MN - 12/18/1965 Linda Myers b(Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV172631167 - Ruth Vining b6/26/1919 ,McHenry,ND - m3/1/1943 Vernon C. Sowden b6/23/1912 - d4/5/1986 - Children of Ruth & Vernon were Dennis Carlyle Sowden, Jeanette Marie Dowden, & Lynette Sue Dowden. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263117 - Beatrice Vining b2/13/1876 Florence,Goodhue,MN - mWilliam Murray - Children of Beatrice & William were Claude Murray, Beatrice Murray, & Allace Murray. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263118 - Dorothy Grace Vining b3/26/1877 Florence,Goodhue,MN - d2/21/1966 - mHarry Norton - Children of Dorothy & Harry were Ada Norton, Grant Norton, & Hazel Norton. (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV17263119 - Eddie Vining b5/29/1879 - d2/10/1880 (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311(10) - Paul Vining b1881 - d12/21/1961 - Burial: LakewoodCem.,LakeCity,MN (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726311(11) - Claude D. Vining b1884 - d8/11/1904 - Burial:LakewoodCem.,LakeCity,MN (Files of Darleen Vining)
  •   RV1726312 - Horace Vining b1847 - d1885 - mMartha Harrison b1846 - d1920 (Online)
  •   RV17263121 - Jesse Vining mWinefre Chapman - Jesse & Winefre had Herbert Chapman. (Online)
  •   RV17264 - Jonathan Vining babt1792 Abington,,MA - d12/1836 Cairo,Greene,NY (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1727- Mary Vining II (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) b9/14/1755 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - dNY - m3/24/1784 Hingham,,MA Levi Garner babt1751 MA - dMA (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1728 - Celia Vining bScituate,Plymouth,MA - m1/27/1781 or 5/13/1781 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Early MA Marriages of Plymouth Co., spelling is Selah and Ceta in another) Obadiah Stodder/Stoddard (I 651 Vol. III DAR Patriot Index)(The Vining Families, Chap. 3)(son of Hezekiah Stodder & Abigail Whiton) b7/4/1760 Scituate,Plymouth,MA - (FamilySearch)
  •   RV1729 - Israel Vining II (The Vining Families, Chap. 3) b1760 Abington,Plymouth,MA - d4/51/1840 Windsor,Berkshire,MA - Burial: Windsor,MA (Ancestral Records) - m2/4/1782 Abington,Plymouth,MA Abia Dunbar bAbington,Plymouth,MA - dMA (Ancestoral Records) - Israel served, 1776-77, as a private in Capt. Isaac Thayer€™s company, Col. Thomas Marshall€™s Massachusetts regiment. He was born in Weymouth; died in Windsor, Mass. (Daughters of the American Revolution)
  •   RV17291 - Leavitt Vining b7/1/1783 MA - bap 7/3/1808 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (Congregational Church Records) - d1860 MA - m5/14/1807 Windsor,MA Orphrona/Orpha Swift b1789 Charlesmont,MA - d1862 MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV172911 - Aletha Vining bap7/3/1808 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (Congregational Church Records) - mLoriston Waite (son of Obadiah Waite & Salome Swift) b12/13/1805 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV172912 - Alden Dunbar Vining b10/14/1810 (WorldConnect)
  •   RV172913 - Sabra Vining mGeorge Willsey (Daughters of the American Revolution)
  •   RV17292 - Polly Vining b2/17/1785 MA - d3/20/1820 MA - m9/18/1812 Windsor,Berkshire,MA James Moses, Jr. bGoshen,MA - dMA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17293 - Jacob Vining b7/19/1787 MA - d1/30/1789 MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17294 - Ansel Vining I b4/6/1789 MA - d11/1/1795 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17295 - Eunice Vining b3/5/1793 Windsor,Berkshire,MA - bap7/3/1808 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (Vital Records of Abington) (Congregational Church Records) d8/13/1864 Ravenna Twp.,Portage,OH - Buried: Ravenna Twp.,Portage,OH - m2/9/1819 Ravenna Twp.,Portage,OH Daniel Dawley (Son of Perry Greene Dawley & Dorcas Wilcox) b6/22/1787 Mount Holly,Rutland,VT - d1/28/1871 Ravenna Twp.,Portage,OH. Children of Eunice & Daniel are Darius Vining Dawley, Cornellia M. Dawley, Perry Percival Dawley, & Albert Greene Dawley. (Ancestral Records)
  •   Charlestown 1810-1850 of Ohio - Charlestown is thirty-six miles southeast of Cleveland and five miles east of Ravenna. It lies between two through railroads from east to west. The Erie passes through the northwest part of the township and the P. & W. the south part. The Mahoning River crosses it from west to east in the south part. The center road, leading from Warren to Ravenna, passes over three ridges. From these eminencies magnificent views are obtained of the surrounding country. It is a rural district, but characterized by the intelligence of its people. After 1810 new families were arriving each year, almost entirely from Massachusetts and Connecticut, a good class of citizens to found a new community. The different companies had their common experiences in their six weeks€™ journey over corduroy roads, through swamps and bridgeless streams, while each had special events to remember and relate to the grandchildren. €œPolly JAMES and Irena JAMES, with their husbands and five children, and Eunice VINING, who afterward married Daniel DAWLEY, of Ravenna, came to Charlestown in 1817. The journey was made in November. One of the men drove the ox team, while the other cut the roads which became so bad the women decided to walk. They would carry some of the children ahead, set them down, and go back for the others. When they came to a stream of water, they would take off their shoes and stockings and wade through. Irena JAMES and Eunice VINING walked the entire distance from Buffalo, N.Y., to Ravenna. They averaged about ten miles a day.€ A large company of these true, brave women worthy of mention are looking out of the past. The descendants of these pioneer women have reason to be proud of their achievements. The €œnew woman€ of today is the woman of early days, with her energies and abilities directed to new fields to cultivate, because the old fields of pioneer life have been subdued. May they prove worthy daughters of the grand fore-mothers of our country. Sophia BROWN MORRIS Chairman and Historian Charlestown Committee - Mrs. Leonard THOMPSON, Mrs. Fannie B. HALL, Mrs. Rosa WOLCOTT
  •   RV17296 - Elisha Vining b6/25/1794 MA - d10/22/1795 MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17297 - Joseph Vining b4/19/1797 Windsor,Berkshire,MA - bap. 7/3/1808 (Congreagational Church Records) - d9/30/1865 Cummington,Hampshire,MA - mElizabeth (Betsey) Quance Clark (daughter of Joshua Quance of England& Sylvia Cole) b9/7/1796 Chesterfield,Hampshire,MA - d12/21/1870 Cummington,Hampshire,MA of dropsy at 74 years of age. ( Betsey was married before 1796 to a Mr. Clark. (Howe& Heath Family History)
  •   RV172971 - Leman Vining b12/21/1823 Plainfield,Hampshire,MA (Vital Records of Windsor)
  •   RV172972 - Joseph Riley Vining b10/4/1825 Savoy,Berkshire,MA (Vital Records of Windsor) m11/24/1852 Amherst,Hampshire,MA Abby E. King (WorldConnect)
  •   RV172973 - Cordelia Vining b10/8/1830 SavoyBerkshire,MA (Vital Records of Windsor) - d4/29/1892 Cummington,Hampshire,MA of disease of the heart & kidneys - Burial: Harlow Cem.,Cummington,Hampshire,MA - mLevi Prutt/Pratt bHatfield,MA - m9/14/1865 Windsor,Berkshire,MA Charles H. Standish (son of Joshua Standish & Rue) (WorldConnect) b2/29/1832 Great Barringtonr,Berkshire,MA (WorldConnect) - Children of Cordelia & Levi were Emory Purtt, & Eugene Purtt. Children of Cordelia & Charles were John Standish, Frank (Franklin) Byron Standish, Charles F. Standish, & Effie Almedia Standish.
  •   RV172974 - Abigail Vining b10/9/1832 Savoy,Berkshire,MA (Vital Records of Windsor) - m9/26/1849 Plainfield,Hampshire,MA Edward Colb Thayer (Births,Marriages, & Intentions of Plainfield,MA)
  •   RV172975 - Child Vining b1/12/1835 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (Vital Records of Windsor) - d4/28/1835 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (WorldConnect)
  •   RV17298 - Israel Vining I b1/21/1799 MA - d3/23/1799 MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV17299 - Ansel Vining II b1/23/1800 Windsor,Berkshire,MA - d11/22/1873 MA - mMA Clarissa ? b3/10/1807 Plainfield,Hampshire,MA (Windsor Bush Cementery Gravestone) - dMA (Ancestral Records) Ansel was a farmer. (Vital Records of Windsor)
  •   RV172991 - Daughter Vining b11/24/1832 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (Vital Reocrds of Windsor)- Died the same day.
  •   RV172992 - Clarrisa Mirriam Vining b2/8/1835 WindsorBerkshire,MA (Vital Records of Windsor)
  •   RV172992 - Ansel Emerson Vining b5/26/1837 Windsor,Berkshire,MA (Vital Records of Windsor) - Vining, Ansel, Private 24 Aug. 30, 1861 3 yrs Discharged June 24, 1862, on Surgeon€™s certificate of disability. (War Records)
  •   RV1729(10) - Israel Royal Vining II b4/12/1802 Windsor,Berkshire,MA - bap 7/3/1808 - d5/23/1866 MA - m6/9/1821 MA Commington,Wndsor,MA Mary/Maria Tirrell (Windsor Congregational Church Record) bMA - dMA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV1729(11) - Cullen Vining b3/31/1804 Plainfield,,MA - bap. 7/3/1808 Windosr,MA (Congregational Church Record) - d8/24/1856 MA (FamilySearch) m7/5/1819 Cummington,Hampshire,MA Hannah Latham/Luther (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1729(11)1 - Rodolphus Vining - m5/6/1852 Cummington,Hampshire,MA Martha R. Mason (WorldConnect)
  •   RV1729(12) - Mariah/Maria Vining b7/2/1806 Windsor,Berkshire,MA bap. 7/3/1808 (Congregational Church Records) - d10/16/1874 MA - m10/13/1825 Ezra W. Haskins (Windsor Marriages to the year 1850)bPlainfield,MA - dMA (Ancestoral Files)
  •   RV172(10) - Ebed/Ebild Vining II (History of Weymouth,MA, The Vining Family by Chamberlain) b1762 Abington,Plymouth,MA - d10/31/1844 MA - m10/29/1785 MA Abigail (Nabby) Curtis (Early MA Marriages of Plymouth Co.)(daughter of Capt. Simeon Curtis & Asenath Sprague[A Historical Sketch of the Twon of Hanover, MA by Barry & Stetson]) bMA - d1/26/1831 MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   RV172(10)1 - Nabby Vining I b10/3/1786 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington ) - d10/3/1792 MA (Ancestoral Files)
  •   RV172(10)2 - Ebed Vining, Jr. b8/3/1788 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - dMA - m10/30/1811 MA Sarah Hobart (daughter of Elijah Hobart & Martha Stoddard) b6/6/1794 Abington,Plymouth,MA - dMA (Ancestoral Files)
  •   RV172(10)21 - Abigal Vining b4/19/1812 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV172(10)22 - Sarah Vining I b11/22/1814 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV172(10)23 - Elbridge Vining b10/28/1816 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV172(10)24 - Elmira Vining b9/21/1821/6 - mGustavus Mann (Son of John Mann & Harriet Turner) b4/9/1828 - Lived in E. Abington. (A Historical Sketch of the Town of Hanover, MA by Barry & Stetson)
  •   RV172(10)25 - Sarah Vining II b5/18/1821 Abington,Plymouth,MA - m11/26/1840 Abington,Plymouth,MA (FamilySearch) Elijah Crocker (Grave Record)
  •   RV172(10)26 - Mary Vining (Twin) b2/28/1824 Abington,Plymouth,MA - m4/18/1842 Abington,Plymouth,MA ( Josephus Tilson Thompson (Gravestone Record, Maplewood Cem., Webster St., Rockland) (Children of Mary & Josephus were Josephus Vining Thpomson, George Andrew Thompson, & John Elbra Thompson. (
  •   RV172(10)27 - Martha Vining (Twin) b2/28/1824 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV172(10)27 - John Vining b3/26/1829 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV172(10)28 - Ebed Vining b7/24/1832 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) Gravestone Records says 1831. Maplewood Cemetery on Webster Street, Rockland. (Vital Records of Abington)
  •   RV172(10)3 - Sally Vining b9/21/1790 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - dMA (Ancestoral Files)
  •   RV172(10)4 - Nabby Vining II b4/20/1793 MA - d4/51/1797 MA (Ancestoral Files)
  •   RV172(10)5 - David Vining, Sr. b12/27/1797 Abington,Plymouth,MA (Vital Records of Abington) - d9/11/1859 MA - m10/21/1859 MA 1Mary C. Curtis (daughter of Abner Curtis & Lydia Bowker[A Historical Sketch of the Twon of Hanover, MA by Barry & Stetson]) b11/8/1821MA - d2/18/1826 MA (Ancestoral Files) David was from Hanover. - m5/4/1828 MA 2Martha Briggs - David was a shoemaker. (Making of American Books)
  •   RV172(10)51 - Mary S. Vining b7/29/1822 - m11/1/1846 Abington,Plymouth,MA Charles Thomas (Son of Charles & Martha) b11/1821(Making of American Books)
  •   RV172(10)52 - David Vining, Jr. b4/7/1824 - mCynthia Cobb - Lived in Middleton. (Making of American Books)
  •   RV172(10)53 - Martha A. Vining b2/23/1829 (Making of American Books)
  •   RV172(10)54 - Israel L. Vining b10/8/1830 - m11/12/1851 Nancy L. Matthews (Making of American Books)
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    •   RV1718311181 - ? Vining (WorldConnect)
    •   RV1718311182 - Carl Vining - Burial: Cooper,Washington,ME (WorldConnect)
    •   RV1718311183 - Wilfred Vining b1/10/1906 - d4/29/1910 Cooper,ME (WorldConnect)
      - THE LOST CHILD - 
      (Author - ??) (Contributed by Maurice Vining)
A sad event occurred of late       And there on high and rugged bluff
That every heartstring shocks.      What a blow to hearts it dwelt,
Tis little Wilfred Vining€™s fate     The first sad trophy of the search
Among the rugged rocks.       The baby€™s little belt.
You€™ll seek for sadder things in vain   With lines close drawn they hurried on
Than what I now relate.        For this was certain ground.
In chronicles of Eastern Maine      And in a score of minutes more
Of any day or date.       The little child was found.
€˜Twas Friday April Twenty-ninth   Age found only part of him
A day we all bewail       The crude material part.
That Wyman Vining left his home     Berefit of the light ot the glowing soul
To get his daily mail.        And the throb of pulsing heart.
His little son of four short years    They took him to his stricken home
Trudged by him blithe as may      He€™d sought with spirit brave.
Until they passed some men who clear   The pressed their kisses on his lips
Brush from the country way.     And laid him in the grave.
Being well acquainted with the men  But what he suffered, what he feared
Young Wilfred stopped to play.     No man may ever say
His father thinking it so well     Until we hear the trumpet call
Went on and let him stay.       On the great judgment day.
And when returning from the post    He wandered through the birchen wood,
Inquiring for his child      He wandered past the lake.
He found had started home alone     All cold and hungry and alone
Across the lonely wild.        O God, for pity€™s sake!
But when the father reached his home      Still on and on over cliff and crag
And did not find his son,         Though strength was falling fast
Great anguish rent the parents€™ hearts    The little hero met his fate
And the great search begun        And fought it to the last.
They searched the woods from Vining€™s pond  At last his little bleeding limbs
The rocky Cathance shore.         No longer bear his weight.
They searcher the woods and pastureland  He stumbles, falls and yields at last
And searched them o€™er and o€™er     To cruel pitiles fate.
The neighbors joined, the search went on   He wandered on till darkness fell
Till the sun had sank from sight,    Seeking for home in vain.
And then with lanterns flashing wide  They laid him down in a rocky dell
Went shouting through the night.   Never to rise again.
But that he€™d strayed beyond the pond   The young moon pale and slender
Was that none would believe.     Looked down upon the scene.
His little limbs were far to week    The stars they shown in splendor
But children€™s limbs deceive.     All nature was serene.
O what a tiny speck to find       He drew his cap down o€™er his eyes
In the mighty woods of Maine!      O mercy let us weep!
For six long day€™s A hundred men     In the darkness alone
Made search, but searched in vain.    While the cold winds moan
On the seventh day,         The baby fell asleep.
The sixth of May,         No line of anguish on his brow,
The search was carried beyond     No tear upon his cheek.
The little lake where the ledges break   He yielded up to Holy God
To the south of Vining pond.     His spirit fair and meek.
Where seamed and scarred were ledges bared Be comforted, O ye bereaved
By the sweep of the mighty flow     Through you were sorely tried
In its grinding roll from the frozen pole  Your little son is now with God.
In the ages long ago.         He stands by Jesus€™ side.
And there revealed a primal field      He died all pure and innocent.
Where rocks rent shivered and flung    He yielded up his soul.
Gave full attest to the fierce unrest       As pure and spotless as the snow
In the heart of the Earth when young.     That covers the friged soul.
Nineteen hundred years and ten
Have passed in ceaseless flow
Since Jesus gave his life for men
And left this world of woe.
And many years shall join the past
Ere we forget this child
For the town of Cooper€™s
Plunged in grief
For the baby lost in the wild.

The Night the Owl Screamed  by William Hatfield

The year was 1910. The little community of Cooper, nestled in the forested landscape among the hills, lakes, and streams of Washington County, Maine had just emerged from a long cold winter. Men had returned from the lumber camps and river drives and in a few weeks would begin to till the ground for the spring planting.

There were no paved roads, no modern conveniences such as electricity, indoor plumbing or running water. Water was carried from a hand-dug wall in a bucket, homes were heated with a wood stove or fireplace and cooking was done on a wood-burning kitchen range. Gardens were plowed with a team of horses and each homestead kept cows for milk, butter, and beef. Hunting, fishing, and trapping supplied food and helped subsidize the meager, income. Taxes were often paid by working on the town roads or supplying firewood for one of the three one room school houses.

The little town of Cooper was a close knit community. Schools were often made up of several families, usually related to one another. All eight grades shared a single classroom and were taught by one teacher. The curriculum consisted of reading, writing arithmetic, spelling, and penmanship. Discipline was handled by the teacher and if you got in trouble at school, you would be in trouble when you got home.

Little did anyone know that tragedy was about to strike such a blow to this community that would linger in the hearts and minds for years to come.

It all began in such an innocent manner on April 28th as Wyman Vining left his home to get the mail. Beside him trudged his little son Wilfred of four short years. Down the road, through the valley and up the big hill, they had walked this way many times before, but today things would be different. Several an from the community were clearing brush from the sides of the road. Mr. Vining stopped to pass the time of day with his neighbors. As he continued on to the post office, little Wilfred stayed to watch the men at work. When Wyman returned ho discovered his son had left and gone home alone. Wyman was shocked when he arrived home and the child was nowhere to be found.

A quick search found no sign of the child, neighbors were summoned and searched the area near the home without a trace. The search party grew in size. All night the search went on as men carrying kerosene lanterns scoured the landscape, calling the child€™s name. By morning the search party had swelled to over one hundred strong, as they swept the area between Cathance Lake and Vining Pond. None could believe a four year old could travel beyond this area, but Henry Keen was not so sure. (Henry€™s wife was a cousin to little Wilfred) Henry and his close friend Horace Creamer had set bear traps beyond the pond and they rushed to the area to spring those traps Lest the child should wander such a distance.

Beyond Vining Pond lay a barren area of ledges, boulders, wild blueberry bushes, and scattered trees. The second night of the search Mr. Keen returned to this place. The night was clear and cool, stars sparkled in their brightness, and voices of the searchers could be beard from beyond the pond. Henry would stand for periods of time and listen, hoping to hear the child€™s cry, then move some distance and listen again. The hooting of the great horned owl and the screech owl would break the silence. As the evening went on, more owls congregated in the area, more than Henry had ever heard before or ever again. There seemed to be an excitement among these wild birds. At one time he thought he heard the faint cry of the child at then the owls would screech and carry on and he could not he sure. Throughout the night he changed his post several timer but every so often the owls would put up such a ruckus that he could not hear the child.

On May 6th the seventh day of the search, the party began to go beyond the south end of the pond and into the barren landscape.  It was here that the first sign of little Wilfred was found as one of the searchers discovered the child€™s belt. The searchers closed their ranks nearly shoulder to shoulder and anxiously pressed on.  In a few minutes the body of the little child was found curled up in a fetal position under an overhanging ledge.

During the days and nights of the search, people kept their windows open, hoping they might hear the child. At one point, the authorities were concerned that Wilfred€™s mother did not show enough grief and were considering arresting her.

My grandfather, Henry Keen, often spoke of the tragedy and Harold vining, a brother to Wilfred, told me of his father€™s description of the place where the child was found. Harold said he asked his father on numerous occasions to take him to that location, but the haunting memories were too painful and the trip was never taken. My grandfather always believed the owls screamed because they could hear the child€™s crying and this made it impossible for the searchers to locate him. Henry had been within a few hundred yards of where the child was found.

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RV51122 - Elizabeth Ann Vining (Calendar of Kent Co. Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800) - bKent (Rootsweb Online) - mDr. William Moleston, Physician - William€™s Will: 9/26/1790 (Calendar of Kent Co. Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800)RV51123 - Mary Vining (Calendar of Kent Co. Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800) bKent,DE (Rootsweb)

  •   RV5113 - Mary Vining - b1756 - Dover,Kent,DE - d1821at the €œWillows€ in Wilmington. Burial: Unmarked grave at Old Swedes Church. (Following Article) Brother John of above was brilliant; but a dissipated wastrel who went through his money and Mary€™s, his sister. In the Ridgeley House in Dover, Del., there is on view the tea set given to Mary by her fiance before he went west to fight the Indians, where he died on the field. - (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) €œMary Vining, Belle of the American Revolutionary period€ listed in the burials in €œThe History of Old Swede Church.€

Mary Vining €œBelle of Delaware€ Because of her renowned beauty, wit and charm, Mary Vining was famous near and far as the €œBelle of Delaware€ during the Revolutionary era. When Thomas Jefferson visited French Queen Marie Antoinette, one of the first questions she asked him was whether Miss Vining of Delaware was really as lovely as she was said to be.As a child, Mary lived in a mansion facing Dover€™s Green, where the Supreme Court building now stands. Her father, Chief Justice Vining, died when Mary was 14, leaving her and her brother John (nicknamed €œthe Pet of Delaware€ and later a member of Congress and the U.S. Senate) a very substantial fortune. Mary Vining was said to have been well educated, speaking both English and impeccable French, and her voice was €œas sweet as music.€ During the Revolution she won the admiration not only of Lafayette and many on Washington€™s staff, but also of General Howe€™s British officers quartered in Philadelphia in the winter of 1777, where Mary spent much of her time. Mary Vining. A written offer of marriage of Caesar Rodney is existence. (Amer. Hist. Register, July 1895, No. II, p. 1190.) Ultimately it was €œMad Anthony Wayne,€ one of Washington€™s closest and most trusted advisers, who would win Mary€™s heart. After Wayne€™s invalid wife had died, and Mary Vining was nearly 40, she became engaged to the General, who presented her with a tea set-still preserved at the Ridgely House in Dover-to commemorate the occasion. The wedding date was set for January, when General Wayne would return from a mission to make peace with the Maumee Indians. Tragically, on New Year€™s Day, Mary received word that her fiancé had died of appendicitis at Presque Isle on Lake Erie. She immediately went into mourning, and until her death wore black dress and a widow€™s cap. A friend in 1797 wrote of her romance with Wayne: €œThat he was brave is undoubted, but such a weather-beaten vulgar affected old soldier I should have thought would not have suited her refinement.€ Her brother having squandered her immense fortune, Mary Vining was obliged to sell her coach and horses, and to dismiss her staff of servants. In 1821 she died in a little cottage called €œThe Willows,€ where the DuPont Building now stands in Wilmington, and is buried in an unmarked grave at Old Swedes Church.(Photo: Senator John Middleton Vining 1758-1802) RV5114 - Senator John Middleton Vining, II - b12/23/1758 Dover,Kent,DE - d2/2/1802 Dover,Kent,DE - Burial: Christ Church Cem. of Dover - (Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers,v4,p374) - m11/24/1790 NY,NY,NY Trinty Church Parish Anna Marie/Maria Seton (daughter of William Seton, Esq.) bDover,Kent,DE (FamilySearch) of NY state. Political Party: Pro-Administration;Federalist - Representative in Congress from State of Deleware early under the new Constitution. (Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers,v4,p374) a Delegate Continental Congress 1784 - 1786.- (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes , a Representative, and a Senator from Delaware; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1782 and commenced practice in New Castle County; Member of the Continental Congress 1784-1786; member of the State house of representatives in 1787 and 1788; elected to the First and Second Congresses (March 4, 1789-March 3, 1793); was not a candidate for renomination in 1792; member of the State senate in 1793; elected to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1793, to January 19, 1798, when he resigned; interment in Episcopal Cemetery. (Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949; BiographiesV,page 1957) He was a delegate to the Continental congress, 1784-86, and was a representative in the 1st and 2d U.S. congresses, 1789-93. He was elected a U.S. senator from Delaware in 1793, resigning in February, 1798, when he was succeeded by Joshua Clayton, who died in the came year, and William Hill Wells completed the term. (The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume XV Vinton, Alexander Hamilton) On August 25, the Senate received seventeen House-passed amendments. By combining separate amendments, the Senate consolidated these to twelve. For instance, they combined the idea of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press into a single amendment, which we now honor as the First Amendment. After the Senate returned the amendments with changes, the House called for a conference committee and appointed James Madison, Roger Sherman, and John Vining as its conferees. The Senate appointed Oliver Ellsworth, Charles Carroll, and William Paterson; thus, four of the six conferees had been delegates to the Constitutional Convention. The Senate conferees reported back on September 24, and the following day the Senate voted to send the twelve amendments to the states. The states adopted ten of these; the two which were rejected would have fixed the size of the House of Representatives and prevented any congressional salary increase from taking place during the Congress in which it was passed. (Historical Almanac of the U.S. Senate by Robert J. Dole Final Day of the Senate€™s First Session ) John was present at the Inaugeration of George Washington. (Prominent American Descendants)Second Amendment Series: (Part of Document) Down to the Last Second (Amendment) Tim Winward, February 23, 2000 €” Participants in the various debates on firearms, crime, and constitutional law may have noticed that not all versions of the Second Amendment being quoted by the antagonists are the same. The two main transcriptions differ in punctuation- specifically, in the number of commas used to separate those twenty-seven words. But which is the correct one? The answer to this question must be found in official records from the early days of the republic. Therefore, a look into the progression of this declaratory and restrictive clause from its inception to its final form is in order. Before beginning, one must note that common nouns, like €œstate€ and €œpeople,€ were often capitalized in official and unofficial documents of the era. Also, the letter €œf€ was at times used in place of the letter €œs€ in both print and manuscript. For example, €œCongress€ is sometimes spelled as €œCongrefs,€ as is the case in the parchment copy of the Bill of Rights displayed by the National Archives. The quotations listed here are accurate. With the exception of the omission of quotations marks, versions of what is now known as the Second Amendment in black boldface appear with the exact spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as the cited originals. During ratification debates on the Constitution in the state conventions, several states proposed amendments to that charter. Anti-Federalist opposition to ratification was particularly strong in the key states of New York and Virginia, and one of their main grievances w as that the Constitution lacked a declaration of rights. During the ratification process, Federalist James Madison became a champion of such a declaration, and so it fell to him, as a member of the 1st Congress, to write one. On June 8, 1789, Madison introduced his declaration of rights on the floor of the House. One of its articles read: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person. On July 21, John Vining of Delaware was appointed to chair a select committee of eleven to review, and make a report on, the subject of amendments to the Constitution. Each committeeman represented one of the eleven states (Rhode Island and North Carolina had not ratified the Constitution at that time), with James Madison representing Virginia. Unfortunately, no record of the committee€™s proceedings is known to exist. Seven days later, Vining duly issued the report, one of the amendments reading: A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringe d, but no person religiously scrupulous shall be compelled to bear arms.·   RV51141 - John Seton Vining b11/21/1791 - (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) Christened 12/4/1791 Trinity Church Parish,NY,NY,NY (FamilySearch)   Seton, Samuel Waddington, Edward Augustus Seton, Barbara Cecilia Seton, Anna Maria Seton, William Seton, Richard Bayley Seton, Catharine Charlton Seton, Rebecca Seton, John Seton Vining, William Henry Vining, Benjamin Checo(?)(Chloe?) Vining, Charles Ridgley Vining, William Seton Maitland, Benjamin Maitland, Eliza Maitland, John Wilkes Maitland and Rebecca Seton Maitland, infants under the age of 21 years by James Seton their guardian and James Seton, John Carson Seton, Henry Seton, Martin Hoffman and Maria Frances his wife, Gouverneur Ogden and Charlotte Carson his wife and Harriet Seton to Stephen N. Bayard of the City of NY to sd. Honore Chaurand, now of Coxackie in the State of NY, formerly of Hantz in the kingdom of France of which he was a native born subject arrived in the City of NY some time in the year of our Lord 1793 with an intention to settle and become an inhabitant and citizen of the said state of the US of America. That sometime in the year 1794, he agree to purchase from Samuel Sackett lot 29 in the town of Fabius containing 600 acres for $750 which he paid out of his own proper monies. That then being an alien and having great confidence in the integrity of and honor of William Seton then of the said City of NY, Esq. but now deceased he the sd. Honore Chaurand then applied to the sd. William Seton to take a conveyance of the said lot to him and his heirs in fee in trust for the said Honore Chaurand and his heirs which he accordingly did as will appear by a letter dated March 1, 1794 written by William M. Seton the son and partner in trade of the sd. William Seton for himself and his father by ref. to the sd. letter contained in and making a part of the sd. Bill of Complaint on file in the clerk€™s office of sd. Court. That the sd. Samuel Sackett together with Elizabeth his wife by deed dated March 5, 1794 conveyed to the sd. William Seton and to his heirs and assigns forever the sd. lot of land€¦that some time in the year 1809 the sd. Honore Chaurand sold the above mentioned lot of Stephen N. Bayard€¦that the said William Seton departed this life some time about the month of June, 1798 and that the defendants are his children and grandchildren and heirs at law€¦March 28, 1802. In 1851, Honore Chaurand was granted land at Coxackie, Green Co., 333 acres& at Coeymans, Green Co. 1816 (S,257) lot 29(Property Sales by Date of Recording, Town of Fabius: 1790-1819)· RV511142 - Charles Ridgley Vining - (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) babt1784 Dover,Kent,DE (FamilySearch)· RV51143 - Benjamin C. Vining - (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) babt1788 Dover,Kent,DE (FamilySearch)· RV51144 - William Henry Vining Christened 11/23/1794 Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church,Wilmington,New Castle,DE (FamilySearch) - removed to Waddington, N. Y.; studied law, and in 1821 was elected to assembly but sailed to the W. I., and d. at St. Croix, in 1822; evinced exalted talent and had a brief but brilliant career. (Hough€™ s Hist. St. Law. and Ft. Cos. N. Y., p. 611)RV5115 - Abraham Vining (Calendar of Kent Co. Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800) b12/5/1762 (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) RV192 - Benjamin Vining (Records of Lori Vining) b8/13/1731 - died at age 7 and buried in his father€™s grave in church. (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) RV193 - Mary Vining (Records of Lori Vining) b1733 - d10/13/1764 at the birth of the twins - m2/1764 Rev.Charles Inglis, D.D. b1734 Ireland of Christ Church, Dover. (Son of Bishop Archibald Inglis) Later, Charles was first bishop of Nova Scotia. The twins were born and one died at birth and the other 29 days later, apparently premature. (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) €œ €œCharles Inglis, the first Colonial Bishop of the British Empire, who was born in 1734, and about 1756 came to America to teach in the Free School at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 1758, at the hands of the Right Rev. Thomas Hayter, Bishop of London, he was ordained deacon and priest, and from 1759 to 1765 was in charge of the mission of Dover, Delaware, his field comprising the whole County of Kent. From England, after €œa long and dangerous voyage,€ he came directly to his mission, and on the first of July, 1759, began his work there. On a salary of fifty pounds a year he laboured in Delaware for five years, but on the 28th of August, 1764, the vestry of Trinity Church, New York City, resolved to call him as assistant to the Rev. Samuel Auchmuty, who was also at this date elected to the rectorship of the church. €œBesides what might be raised for him by subscription,€ and with a sufficient sum being given him for the expense of his removal from Delaware, Mr. Inglis was promised by the church a salary of two hundred pounds per annum, currency. In February, 1764, he married at Dover, Mary, daughter of Captain Benjamin and Mary Vining, born in 1733, but on the 13th of October of 1764, the young wife died in childbirth; they had been married only 8 months.€ (Book: Bishop Charles Inglis & His Descendants, 1908)RV6 - Sarah Vining babt1645 - (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) - m1670 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA Thomas Porter (The Vining Family by Dorothea Vining Barnes) (son of Richard & Ruth Porter from England) b1641 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA - d12/17/1672 Weymouth,Norfolk,MA (Ancestoral File) Children were: Thomas Porter & Thomas Porter (Ancestoral Records)RV7 - James Vining/Dyer b1648 Wincanton Parish,Somerset,England (Source: Rootsweb Files) (alias Dier/Dyer). He was the grandson of John Vining, his father€™s father. It is assumed that the namesake of James is Sir James Dier 1512 - 1582, father of his mother.RV8 - Elinor/Ellinor Vining b1650 Wincanton Parish,Somerset,England (Source: Rootsweb Files)RV9 - George Vining b1655 Wincanton Parish,Somerset,England (Source: Rootsweb Files)Note: County Courthouse Records: Plymouth,IN, Births & Deaths 1882-1973, not recorded before 1882, and not always after.Historical Society Library, 123 Michigan,Plymouth,IN 46563 (219-936-2306) Area Newspapers of the Period: Bourbon Mirror, News MirrorCredits: Karolyn Roberts, Cynthia Dean, Charles A. Vining, Judie McCafferty, Kathy Burden Shaffer, David C. Crankshaw, Deb Ferris, Carolyn Good, Jimmie McDaniel, Sarah Risdahl, Sandy Lockman, Lori Vining, Stephen Vining, Gary Norton Bullinger of Warrenville,IL, Darleen Vining, Barbara Sullivan, Coralee Griswold of the Griswold Family Association, Elko, NV , Thomas F. Vining of Bowdoin, ME and his Vining site with various records and pictures, Debra Brock Bateman, Pictures of Gail Martin, Rev. Norman Tracy Vining of Cambria,CA, & Catherine Jump


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