Thomas Rowley & Mary Denslow (Roberts Ancestry)


Thomas Rowley & Mary Denslow (Roberts Ancestry)


Descendants of



Mary Denslow


    by Karolyn Rae Roberts


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Iva Eulillie Johnson (Daughter of Sophia Rowley & Benajah Johnson)

Note: In Windsor, Connecticut, there appeared a man named Thomas Rowley. Some records show his name at times entered as Thomas Rowell. There is also data to show that he was an immigrant, probably in the mid-1600’s. This is considered Branch Two of which there are over “twenty” branches of Rowleys. Perhaps with research, someday some of these may be joined. (T.W. Rowley)


Note: Many birthdates in the following are taken from baptismal records as the birthdate; but baptisms were sometimes a few days after the birth. This has to be taken into consideration.


TR1-THOMAS ROWLEY-OF WINDSOR, HARTFORD CO., CTbabt1647 Of,Windsor Locks,Hartford,CT–d5/4/1708 Windsor,Hartford,CT- m5/5/1669 Of,Windsor Locks,Hartford,CT by Rev. Wolcott MARY DENSLOW (Marriage Records bef 1699) b8/10/1651 Windsor Locks,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) (daughter of Henry Denslow b8/10/1651-d6/14/1739 Windsor & Susannah ?)d6/12/1739 Windsor,Hartford,CT The inventroy of his estate was taken on May 1, 1708 in Windsor,Hartford,CT (Note: Data Collected by Alda (Teachout) Rowley from the “OLD CHURCH” records p667-669 “ANCIENT WINDSOR,CT” for parents and children.) Thomas served in the Colonial Wars. He was on the list of those who gave to the poor. Occupation: “Cordwaine”, worked with leather & sometimes was a shoemaker in Windsor, CT

Henry Denslow [Father of Mary Denslow] (A Digest of the Early CT probate Records 1663-1677; Hartford,CT Probate Records 1635-50) Taken 17 August 1676 by Jacob Drake, Thomas Bissell. Children: Samuel, 17 years of age, and 7 daughters: Susanna, wife of John Hodges; Mary, wife of Thomas Rowley, Ruth, wife of Thomas Copler. Those unmarried: Abigail, 20 years of age, Deborah 18 (lame and sickly), Hannah 14, Elizabeth 10 years of age. Court Records, p157-11 Sept. 1676: Adms. to the widow, Lt. Fyler & Ensign Maudsley to be Overseers. P159-6 Dec. 1676 – Order to Dist. Estate: To Samuel æ50, to each of the 7 daughters æ20, including what some have already received, Deborah to have an additional æ10 on account of her lameness. The parcel of Land 50 rods by the River, running back 80 rods from the River unto the road westward, which was given by Henry Denslow to the wife of John Hodge & her children, though not recorded, shall be and remain to her and to her children, and the sd. Hodge shall have no power to alienate the sd. Land.


Thomas Rowley (A Digest of the Early CT Probate Records 1700-1710; Hartford,CT Probate Records 1700-29) Location: Windsor, Cordwainer, Invt. æ164-09-00. Taken 1st May, 1708 by Eleazer Hill, Daniel Loomis & Timothy Loomis. Court Recrod, P114-5 July, 1708: This Court grant letters of Adms. unto Thomas Rowley & Mary Rowley, widow.


Thomas Rowley (Son) & Mary Rowley (Widow) (A Digest of the Early CT Probate Records 1700-1710, P16 (Vol. VIII); Hartford,CT Probate Records 1700-29) 3 July, 1710: Thomas & Mary Rowley, Adms., exhibit an account of their Adms. Order to dist. the estate: æ s d. To Mary Rowley, widow, 4-08-03; To Thomas Rowley, son 38-12-06; To Mary, 16-00-03; To Deborah, 5-11-04; To Martha, 20-16-03; To Grace, 20-16-03; To Elizabeth, 5-06-03; To Abigail, 18-03-07. And appoint Daniel Loomis, Thomas Marshall & Eleazer Hill, of Windsor, distributors. P27 (Vol. XI) 1st Sept. 1730: Mary Rowell, Adms., exhibited a dist. in Court, which is accepted and ordered to be kept on file. Note: In the dist. on file, 1710, the name “Rowley” is written “Rowell” but recorded “Rowley.”


Thomas Rowley (A Digest of the Early CT Probate Records 1700-1710, P345; Hartford,CT Probate Records 1700-29) Location: Colchester. Invt. æ69-01-02. Taken by Thomas Robinson& Ebenezer Dibble. Court Record, P114 – 1st Dec. 1719; Adms. granted to Mary Rowley, widow of the decd. P144 – 7 Feb. 1720: Mary Rowley, Adms., exhibits an account of her Adms., which this Court accepts, orders recorded and kept on file. And this Court doth grant Mary Rowley a Quietus Est.


TR11- Mary Rowley b4/16/1670 Wintonbury,Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)(Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer) – d4/3/1735 Middletown,CT (United Ancestries CD #100) (Pedigree of Roger Lowell Ballard – m12/25/1696 Middletown, CT Thomas Miller (United Ancestries CD #100)

  • TR111 – Patience Miller

TR12 – THOMAS ROWLEY b10/1671 Windsor,Hartford,CT(Gene Pool Individual Records) – d10/28/1741 Windsor,,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – m3/16/1698/99 Windsor,Hartford,CT VIOLET STEDMAN (Desc. Of T. Rowley) (daughter of John Stedman b4/5/1651 Hartford,Hartford,CT-d11/25/1734 Wethersfield,Hartford,CT & Violet Shepard b1658 Cambridge,Middlesex,MA-d8/14/1682 Wethersfield,Hartford,CT-married 8/10/1678 Wethersfield,Hartford,CT) b1/11/1680/81 Wethersfield,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – d4/1/1751 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – Thomas was a currier. (A Digest of the Early CT Probate Records 1700-1710, P114; Hartford,CT Probate Records 1700-29)

TR121- Hannah S. Rowley b7/5/1700 (Descendants of Thomas Rowley Book) Windsor,Hartford,CT- d8/17/1719 (Gene Pool Individual Records)

TR122- Anne Rowley b9/24/1703 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records)

TR123- Thomas Rowley b12/5/1705 (Desc. of T. Rowley Book) Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – m12/7/1743 Windsor,Hartford,CT Hannah Elmer (Desc. of T. Rowley) b11/3/1700 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley Book)

TR124- Sarah Rowley b9/17/1708
Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records)

TR125- Samuel Rowley b3/11/1709/10(Desc. of T. Rowley) Winsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – d12/6/1811 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) – mElizabeth ?

  • TR1251- Samuel Rowley b5/29/1746 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)– d6/19/1816 Torrington,Litchfield,CT- (Desc. of T. Rowley) m6/9/1771 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) Catherine Fyler babt 1746- d6/19/1816 Torrington,Litchfield,CT
  • TR12511- Samuel Rowley b5/22/1772 Winchester,Litchfield,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) – m2/24/1801 Mary Merrill
  • TR125111 – Calvin Rowley
  • TR125112 – Eliza Rowley mOrrin Freeman
  • TR125113 – Lucia F. Rowley b abt1869
  • TR125114 – Edward Rowley
  • TR125115- Edwin Rowley b1811- m10/3/1843 Elinor Bentley b1823- d1920
  • TR1251151-Waldo Nathan Rowley b3/30/1851-d8/3/1920mElizabeth Mary Reilly b11/22/1851-d4/16/1950
  • TR12511511 – Waldo Bently Rowley b5/7/1881-d8/1/1937
  • TR12511512 – Joseph Anthony Rowley b4/23/1883 – mMargaret O’Neill
  • TR12511513 – John Alford Rowley b7/23/1885
  • TR12511514 – Samuel Eugene Rowley b12/9/1887 mWaity May Ball
  • TR12511515 – Mary Elizabeth Rowley b2/5/1890
  • TR12511516 – Florence Rowley b4/15/1892
  • TR12511517 – Edwin James Rowley b11/16/1879
  • TR12511518 – Thomas Francis Rowley b1/21/1896
  • TR12511519 – Janet Rowley

TR125116 – Mary Rowley (twin to Mariah) m? Miller

TR125117 – Mariah Rowley (twin to Mary) mDarwin Smith

TR12512- James Rowley b4/9/1774 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d8/30/1847 Winchester,Litchfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR12513- Linda Rowley b11/11/1775 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d3/31/1842 SaratogaCo.,NY- m1Daniel Allcott b4/13/1781- d5/13/1806

M2John Crawford b1/16/1766 Poundridge,Saratoga,NY- d11/26/1831 Saratoga,NY

TR12514- Rachel Rowley b12/14/1777 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR12515- Stephen Rowley b4/30/1780 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley is bap 4/30/1780)– d5/9/1856 Winchester,Litchfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – mRoxy ? b1785 – d6/16/1874 Winchester,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR12516- Sabra Rowley b8/25/1782 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR12517- Amelia Rowley b8/29/1784 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR12518 – Nathan Rowley b7/2/1786 (The Rowell Family of New England by Wm. Haslett Jones; date of baptism)

TR1252- Elizabeth Rowley b3/20/1747/48 (Desc. of T. Rowley) – m11/18/1790 Theophile Moore (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR1253- Job Rowley b4/15/1752 Simsbury,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d2/24/1823 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – mRuth Loomis (daughter of Ephraim Loomis) b3/11/1763 Torrington,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d2/5/1816 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

  • TR12531- Job Rowley b8/11/1787 Simsbury,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d8/18/1857 Hartford,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – m Enfield,Middlesex,CT Ruth Hale b6/8/1797 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d1886 Hartford,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)
  • TR125311- Edward Warren Rowley b2/6/1818 Smithville,Chenango,NY- d11/1/1892 Windsor,Hartford,CT- m9/9/1840 Julia Drake (daughter of David Drake & Olive ?)
  • TR1253111- Edward Warren Rowley b1/28/1845 New Haven,New Haven,CT- m1Lillian Graham
  • TR12531111- Phil Warren Rowley b5/3/1899 Windsor,Hartford,CT

M2 10/26/1870 Mather

TR125312- Clarissa H. Rowley b9/28/1820 Smithville,Chenango,NY- d10/24/1861

TR125313- Mary Ann Rowley b8/5/1822 Smithville,Chenango,NY- d9/18/1823 Smithville,Chenango,NY Age: 1 year

TR125314- Mary Ann Rowley b8/5/1824 Smithville,Chenango,NY- m6/15/1847 Aaron Parsons

  • TR1253141- Frank Parsons b3/5/1849

TR1253142- Kate Parsons 9/26/1850

TR1253143- Clara Julia Parsons b2/24/1858

TR1253144- Cora Bailey Parsons b11/27/1860- d7/11/1861

  • TR1253145- Mary E. Parsons b6/5

TR125315- Chauncey Rowley b9/28/1829 Smithville,Chenango,NY- d3/30/1831 Smithville,Chenango,NY

TR125316- Warren Rowley b 1829 Hartford,Hartford,CT

TR12532- Naomi Rowley b bet 1788/1792 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d2/21/1791 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR12533- Ruth Rowley b1/4/1789 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d3/19/1840 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – mHooker Clark

TR12534- Amy Rowley b5/30/1791 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d1796 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR12535- Bildad Rowley b8/17/1795 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d6/12/1884 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Latimer Hill Cem.- m1 10/12/1818 Bloomfield,CT 1Clarissa Latimer Shepard (Desc. of T. Rowley) (daughter of Hezekiah Latimer & Rebecca Thrall) b1801 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d9/11/1834 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Latimer Hill Cem. – m4/11/1837 Bloomfield,CT 2Nancy Wells Desc. of T. Rowley)b1803 (Desc. of T. Rowley) – d8/20/1871 Bloomfield,CTBloomfield,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) – Bildad Rowley, 1 Regt (Brainerd’s), CT Militia (War of 1812 Muster Rolls)

  • TR125351- Hezekiah Latimer Rowley b2/20/1819 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- m10/14/1841 Hartford,Hartford,CT Jane Loomis b1818- d1888
  • TR1253511- James Loomis Rowley b3/18/1846 Hartford,Hartford,CT- m12/6/1885 Harriet Viets (daughter of Judah Viets & Caroline Rowley)
  • TR12535111- Herman Jay Rowley b10/31/1886 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- mElveda Kelly (daughter of Albert Kelly & Carrie Morse)
  • TR125351111- Howard Duane Rowley b6/5/1910- m4/20 Rebecca Leet Bloomfield,Hartford,CT – No children.

TR125351112- Carolyn Morse Rowley b9/12/1915 – d9/12/1970 Waterbury,NewHaven,CT Residing in South Bay,NewHaven (Ct Death Index at – m12/26/1941 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT John B. Haraburda (son of John & Josephine Haraburda; 1920 /1930 Bloomfield/Hartford, Ct Census at  b8/20/1907  CT – d6/15/1978 Great Barrington,Bershire,MA – Residing in Azle,Tarrant, TX; (S.S. Death Index) – U.S. Army  (Records of Sharon Liebler)

TR1253511121- Doris Anne Haraburda b6/22/1946 Hartford,Hartford,CT

TR1253511122- John J. (Jack) Haraburda b6/11/1948 (twin to Jannette)

TR1253511123- Jannette (Jill)Haraburda b6/11/1948 (twin to John)

TR125351113- Phyllis Viets (Billy) Rowley b3/10/1917 – d6/30/2001- m9/21/1940 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Clarence Liebler (son of Charles F. Liebler & Thelma Leist) – div. 1968 (Hartford Superior Court) – OBIT:  Lieber, Phylis V. “Billy” – 84, of Alexandria Manor Convalescent Home, Bloomfield, died on Saturday (June 30, 2001).  Born and raised in Bloomfield, she remained a resident of the town all of her life.  She was born on March 10, 1917, the daughter of Herman Rowley and Elveda (Kelly) Rowley.  She graduated from Bloomfield High School, Class of 1935.  She married in 1940 to Clarence S. Lieber.  She was a past member of Tunxis Grange #13 for many years.  She will be remembered for her smiling, good nature and a lover of the arts, music, and all of mankind.  She is survived by a daughter Sharon L. Gautreau of Malborough, four sons, Rchard R. Lieber and his wife Maureen of Reston, VA, Charles H. Lieber and his wife Carolyn of South Windsor, Frederick C. Lieber of Santa Fe, NM, and Robert E. Lieber of West Suffield; six grandchildren, Sharyne E. Gautreau, Michael Lieber, James Lieber, Richard Lieber, Robert Lieber Jr., and Rob Mills; a sister-in-law, Rebecca Rowley of Goffstown, NH; and nieces and a nephew.  She was predeceased by a brother, Duane Rowley, and sister, Caroline (should be Carolyn) Haraburda.  Calling hours will be held Tuesday, July 3, 6-8 pm, at the Taylor and Modeen Funeral Home, 136 South Main St., West Hartford.  Funeral service will be held on the Thursday, July 5, at 11 a.m. at the funeral home.  Burial will follow at Mountain View Cemetery, Bloomfield. (Records of Sharon Liebler)

  • TR1253511131- Richard Rowley b11/23/1941 Hartford,Hartford,CT
  • TR1253511132- Charles Liebler b11/18/1944 Hartford,Hartford,CT

TR1253511133- Frederick Liebler b10/10/1947 Hartford,Hartford,CT

TR1253511134- Robert Liebler b3/20/1949 Hartford,Hartford,CT

TR1253511135- Sharon Liebler b2/20/1954 Hartford,Hartford,CT

TR125351114- William Thurston Rowley b abt 1899 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d aft 1956

M2- 9/22/1928 West Hartford,Hartford,CT Alice Carpenter Scott (daughter of Dunbar D. Scott & Alice Williams) b abt 1906

M3- 9/17/1956 Newton,Middlesex,MA Corrinne Beckwith (daughter of Oliver R. Beckwith & Sarah Upton Goodrich) b abt 1914

  • TR125351115- David Scott Rowley b6/23/1929 Hartford,Hartford,CT- m7/11/1953 Crosswicks,Burlington,NJ Isabelle Brearley b8/14/1930 Crosswicks,Burlington,NJ
  • TR1253511151- Duncan Lenox Rowley b3/14/1956

TR1253511152- Katherine Alice Rowley b2/2/1957

TR1253511153- Howard Scott Rowley b11/15/1960

TR125351116- Graham Thurston Rowley b6/29/1932 Hartford,Hartford,CT

  • TR1253512- Mary Clarissa Rowley b2/8/1849 Hartford,Hartford,CT- mAlbert A. Viets b9/27/1868

TR125352- George Washington Rowley b9/12/1821 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d4/13/1873 bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Latimer Hill Cem.- m1 3/19/1845 Rebecca Latimer babt 1826- d8/23/1876- bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Latimer Hill Cem. – No children.

M2 11/4/1837 Nancy Wells b1803 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d8/20/1871 bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Bur: Latimer Hill Cem.

TR125353- Henry Wells Rowley b2/28/1839- d7/29/1890- bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Mt. View Cem.- m9/1/1861 Harriet Flavia Adams d7/17/1909 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Mt. View Cem.

  • TR1253531- William Henry Rowley b4/15/1863 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d1/1939 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Mt. View Cem.- m1 10/11/1888 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Lucia Bidwell b1/25/1865 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d7/23/1890 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT
  • TR12535311- Lucian Bidwell Rowley (son)b1/18/1890 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d3/24/1891Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Age 1

M2- 10/14/1897 Sarah Katherine Thurston b abt 1872- d7/1959 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Mt. View Cem.

  • TR12535312- William Thurston Rowley babt1899-daft1956 -m1Alice Carpenter Scott-babt1906
  • TR125353121 – David Scott Rowley b6/23/1929 -mIsabelle Brearley b8/14/1930
  • TR1253531211 – Duncan Lenox Rowley b3/14/1956

TR1253531212 – Katherine Alice Rowley b2/2/1957

TR1253531213 – Howard Scott Rowley b11/15/1960

TR125353122 – Graham Thurston Rowley 6/29/1932

M2Corrinne Beckwith babt1914

TR12535313- Jean Brintnall Rowley b12/24/1902

TR1253532- George Adams Rowley b9/29/1864 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d4/24/1880 bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Mt. View Cem.

TR1253533- Andrew Scott Rowley b1/20/1868 or 1/19/1866 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d9/22/1868 bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Mt. View Cem.

TR1253534- Arthur Malcomb Rowley b7/6/1870 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d9/1959 Simsbury,Hartford,CT- bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Mt. View Cem.- mGertrude May Peck (daughter of Lucius J. Peck & Ellen E. Blackman)b1/1874- d9/2/1957- bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Mt. View Cem.

  • TR12535341- Margery Frances Rowley b9/30/1904- m2/1929 Hartford,Hartford,CT Jay S. Wooters (son of William Wooters)
  • TR12535342- Ann Wooters b11/1929- mJames C. Haywood, Jr.

TR12535342- Russell Arthur Rowley b1/12/1912- m9/1940 Binghamton,Broome,NY Margaret Knoth

  • TR12535343- Marjorie Rowley b11/1/1943 LaFayette,Contra Costa,CA

TR12535344- Barbara Rowley b7/1947 LaFayette,Contra Costa,CA

TR12535343- Dorothy Ellen Rowley b11/5/1913- m6/8/1940 W. Hartford,Hartford,CT Victor Blanthin (son of Sven Blanthin & Clara Clark)

  • TR125353431- Malcom Blanthin b1/25/1943

TR125353432- Robert Clark Blanthin b3/10/1947

TR1253535- Clayton Wells Rowley b7/23/1874 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d11/7/1953- m12/9/1914 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Lottie May Capen b3/24/1876 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT

  • TR12535351- Burton Capen Rowley b5/3/1919 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT

TR1253536- Bertha Mae Rowley b7/15/1877 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d4/14/1913 bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Mt. View Cem.

TR1253537- Robert Lee Rowley b8/15/1879 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- m1911 Clara McLean

  • TR12535371- Harriet A. Rowley – m10/11/1935 Norman W. Spencer ((son of Norman C. Spencer & Georgianna Wells)

TR1253538- Hattie Adams Rowley b11/1/1880 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d8/14/1881 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Mt. View Cem.

TR125354- Edward Bunce Rowley b7/28/1841 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d7/3/1891. Never married. Bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Latimer Hill Cem.

TR12536- Loomis Rowley b4/13/1797 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d1/23/1882 Woodbury,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – m 3/2/1825 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT Rachel McNeil (Desc. of T. Rowley) b2/16/1804 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d1/29/1866 Woodbury,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

  • TR125361- Ruth Belinda Rowley b9/21/1826- d12/6/1833 Age 7

TR125362- Orien (Orton) Loomis Rowley b8/20/1829 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT- d8/31/1830 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT Age 1

TR125363- Orien (Orton) Loomis Rowley b4/24/1831 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT- m5/5/1854 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT Nancy or Mary Todd b3/13/1834

  • TR1253631- ? Rowley b7/29/1858- d8/6/1858

TR1253632- Charles Ellsworth Rowley b1/20/1862- d10/23/1865 Age 3

TR1253633- Esther Amanda Rowley b7/2/1864- mWilliam C. Beach

TR1253634- Warren Edward Rowley b8/20/1866

TR1253635- Clara Eliza Rowley b2/20/1869

TR1253636- Frederick Henry Rowley b1/2/1872

TR1253637- Jane Wilhemena Rowley

TR125364- Rachel Eliza Rowley b11/4/1833 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT- m8/20/1862 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT Charles Ellsworth

TR125365- Ann Belinda Rowley b12/4/1835- d8/1/1853 Age 17

TR125366- May (Mary) Abigail Rowley b7/25/1838 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT- d7/25/1838 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT

TR125367- Charles McNeil Rowley b5/14/1840- d10/4/1919- m1 18/13/1862 Litchfield,Litchfield,CT 1Margaret S. Mansfield b1840- d1893

  • TR1253671- James M. Rowley b9/2/1865- d6/2/1866 A baby

TR1253672- LeGrand Rowley b9/3/1868- d aft 1943- bur: Woodbury,Litchfield,CT,North Cem.- mWoodbury,Litchfield,CT Nellie B. Smith b1877- d8/17/1934

TR1253673- Loomis Mansfield Rowley b12/30/1871- d8/7/1872 A baby

TR1253674- Eliza Rachel Rowley b12/22/1877- d1898 – mPhoebe Marie Andrews b1848-d1908

(TR125367)m2- aft 1893 Phoebe Marie Andrews b1848- d1908

TR12537- Emma Rowley b bef 7/20/1800 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (baptised on 7/20/1800)

TR12538- Warren Rowley b7/11/1802 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d2/5/1809 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR1254- Stephen Rowley b3/21/1755 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d4/30/1778 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

TR1255- Silas Rowley b12/2/1759 Simsbury,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d aft 9/6/1854 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – mChristian ? b1761 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d1/26/1840 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

  • TR12551- Silas Rowley b11/19/1785 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d2/22/1872 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Latimer Hill Cem.- m3/23/1821 Abigail Holcomb (Desc. of T. Rowley)b1789 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d4/3/1875 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Latimer Hill Cem.
  • TR125511- Ann B. Rowley b1826 (Descendants Of T. Rowley)
  • TR12552- Cressa Rowley b10/4/1787 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d9/18/1788 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)
  • TR12553- Cressa Rowley b9/11/1789 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)
  • TR12554- Betsy Rowley b8/15/1792 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d8/15/1867 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)
  • TR12555- Abigail (Nabby) King ?????? b1/22/1804 Simsbury,Hartford,CT- d5/2/1798
  • TR12556- Hiram Rowley b10/19/1795 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d4/25/1799 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – mAbigail (Nabby) King b1/22/1804 (Date of Baptism) (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d5/2/1804

TR1256- Lucina Rowley b3/10/1762 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – m1/5/1786 Windsor,Hartford,CT Joseph Westland (Gen. & Bios. Of Ancient Windsor) (son of Robert Westland, brother to Roxana [12613] who married John Rowley)b8/2/1763 Windsor,Hartford,CT (LDS Records; Westland Chart by Donald Jacobs; Sketch of Westland Families by Alice Gay; Gen. & Bios. Of Ancient Windsor; DAR Patriot Index) – d3/22/1812 Windsor,Hartford,CT (DAR Patriot Index) – Joseph was in the Revolutionary War as a private from CT. Joseph was in the 1810 Windsor,Hartford,CT Census.

  • TR12561 – Aimee Westland bapt 8/11/1791 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios of Ancient Windsor)

TR12564 – Sally Westland b11/25/1787 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios. Of Ancient Windsor) bapt. 8/11/1791

TR12563 – Harvey Westland bapt 6/15/1800 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios of Ancient Windsor)

TR12564 – Catherine Westland b2/8/1790 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios of Ancient Windsor) bapt 7/23/1791

TR12565 – Grove Westland b6/2/1793 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios of Ancient Windsor)

TR12566 –William B. Westland b8/22/1795 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios of Ancient Windsor) bapt. 7/29/1796 – m11/9/1834 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios of Ancient Windsor) Mary Ann Alderman

TR12567 – Candice Westland b2/13/1798 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gen.& Bios of Ancient Windsor) bapt 7/22/1798 – d1869 – mCanfield Hayden d1878

TR12568 – Josiah Westland b1803 (DAR Records, v57,77,87,108) – mSallie M. Crooks b1804 (DAR Records, v57,77,87,&108)

  • TR125681 – Minerva E. Westland b1804 (DAR Records, v57,77,87,108) – d1899 (DAR Records, v57,77,87,108) – mBernard Chesner b1819 (DAR Records, v57,77,87,108) -d1902 (DAR Records, v57,77,87,108)

TR1257- Katherine (Cate) Rowley b12/9/1766 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – m aft 1773 Timothy Filley

TR1258- William Rowley b9/1771 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d10/28/1772 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)


TR1259 – Orma Rowley b6/15/1784

TR126- JOHN ROWLEY b4/4/1714 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d5/24/1776 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- (Desc. Of T. Rowley) m1/4/1743/44 Windsor,,Hartford,CT MARY FILLEY (Desc. Of T. Rowley) (daughter of Josiah Filley & Esther Eggleston {see Filley& Eggleston}) b9/28/1725 Windsor,Hartford,CT- d12/7/1785 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) Bur: Old Bloomfield Cem.,Bloomfield,Hartford,CT

  • TR1261- JOHN L. ROWLEY b2/20/1744/45 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) – d11/9/1805 CT- (Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) m11/16/1766 Windsor,West Hartford,CT 1MARY STEELE (daughter of Samuel Steele & Martha ?) b4/26/1749 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) – d9/8/1795 Wintonbury,Bloomfield,Hartford,CT — m2Anna Raymond (Source: CONC WFT 17-286) Note: Son Jekiel born in 1799 would be Anna’s
  • TR12611- Mary Rowley b abt 1760

TR12612- Reuben Rowley b6/26/1764 Windsor,Hartford,CT

TR12613-JOHN ROWLEYb9/4/1768 West Hartford,Hartford,CT – d12/20/1838 Findley Lake,Chautauqua,NY- probably married before Revolutionary War- mabt 1789 ROXANNA WESTLAND b1767 Windsor, Hartford,Conn. (Daughter of Robert Westland, and sister to Joseph who married Lucine Rowley [TR1256]) Roxana was baptized 7/25/1790 as an adult (Wesland Chart by Donald Jacobs; Sketch of Westland Families by Alice Gay) -d12/20/1838 Findley Lake,Chautauqua,NY (Source: Tombstone) John is listed in the 1835 NY State Census. [Jeheil John Rowley could be his proper name]

  • TR126131-Henry Allen Rowley (Twin to Timothy) baptized on 7/25/1790 Windsor,Hartford,CT

TR126132-Timothy Rowley (Twin to Henry) baptized on 7/25/1790 Windsor,Hartford,CT

TR126133 – Mary (Polly) Rowley baptized on 11/18/1792 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) – mCalvin Hill Resided in Salford,Ontario,Canada

  • TR1261331 – Eliza Hill m? Fell bUSA (1871 Census has a William) In a March 1864 letter, they lived in Salford,Ontario,Canada and had 4 girls and 1 boy.

TR1261332 – Lida Roseina Hill (Liddy) – m?Fell In a letter of March 1864, Liddy was living in Salford, Ontario,Canada and had 3 daughters. She probably married a brother to Eliza’s husband.

TR1261333 – Sarah Hill ? Gregory In a letter of March 1864, Sarah was living in Salford,Ontario,Canada and had 4 boys and 2 daughters or vice-versa.. In a letter of June 1865, she has moved to Van Buren Co.,MI

TR1261334 – Peter Reuben Hill In a letter of March 1864, Peter was living in Salford,Ontario,Canada, married and had a boy and a girl.

TR1261335 – Benjamin Hill In a letter of March 1864, Ben was living in Salford,Ontario,Canada, married and had a girl and 2 boys.

TR1261336 – John Calvin Hill In a letter of March 1864 from brother Daniel, he said that Calvin had a daughter, but the daughter died.

TR1261337 – Fanny Hill – m? Duncumbe In a letter of March 1864, Fanny was living in Salford,Ontario,Canada and had 1 boy and 1 girl. (See p57 of Book of Letters)

TR1261338 –Alvin Hill In a March 1864 letter, Alvin was married, and no children. In the Census of Ontario,Canada Alvin Hill listed, age 29, born Ontario

TR1261339 – Daniel Hill A letter of March 1864 says Daniel is not married.

TR126133(10) – Maryette Hill Letter of March 1864, Maryette has one daughter.

TR126133(11) – Hannah Hill babt 1848 (see Letter of March 1864)

TR126133(12) – Stephen Jacob Hill b8/31/1851 (see Letter of March 1864)

TR126134-Nathaniel Steele Rowley b9/3/1794 Windsor,Hartford,CT baptized on 9/7/1794 Windsor,Hartford,CT – (Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) d3/2/1873 Rolfe,,IA,USA – m4/20/1820 Ripley,Chautauqua,NY Olive Evans babt1810-aft1888 -dIA Note: Nathaniel served War of 1812-Settled in Oxford,WI. -1854-Moved to IA- Note: Their children moved to Seattle,WA

  • TR1261341 – Emily O. Rowley b1/7/1822 – mDavid Bishop

TR1261342 – George Washington Rowley b10/29/1824-d2/8/1905 Burlington,WA – m4/6/1849 Crawford Co., PA Esther Marie Ackerman (Desc. Of George by Mrs. H.N. Barnes) b2/12/1828

  • TR12613421 – Mathew W. Rowley b2/27/1849 -dbef 6/2/1895

TR12613422 – Norman L. Rowley b10/11/1850

TR12613423 – Altemont Sherman Rowley b9/20/1852 – mIsabella McClelland

  • TR126134231 – Laura Belle Rowley –b3/7/1885

TR126134232 – Charles Altamont Rowley b1/6/1888

TR126134233 – Robert Sherman Rowley b3/8/1890

TR126134234 – James Wesley Rowley b7/31/1892

TR126134235 – Delia Esther Rowley b6/15/1894

TR126134236 – Gladys May Rowley b4/8/1896

TR126134237 – Oliver Edsel Rowley b1/5/1898 – mNancy Jane McClelland

TR126134238 – William Sanuel Rowley b12/21/1875

TR12613424 – Martha E. Rowley b7/8/1854-dbef 6/2/1895

TR12613425 – Ella Jane Rowley b6/1/1856 prob WI – d4/12/1937 Mt. Vernon, WA (Desc. of George by Mrs. H. N. Barnes) – m3/28/1883 William Thomas (Desc. of Ella by Mrs. H.N. Barnes)

TR12613426 – Ida M. Rowley b2/18/1859

TR12613427 – Georgiana Rowley b4/18/1862

TR12613428 – Robert Grant Rowley b5/18/1868

TR12613429 – Florence E. Rowley b3/26/1871-dbef 6/2/1895 – mMartha Marley b2/1847

TR1261343 – Mary Ann Rowley – mSamuel Umberger

  • TR12613431 – Clarence Umberger

TR12613432 – Harleton Umberger

TR12613433 – Carlton Umberger

TR1261344 – Julia A. Rowley babt 1834 – m5/1864 Orron Marsh

  • TR12613441 – George Marsh

TR1261345 – Jerusha Rowley – mMr. Ackerman

  • TR12613451 – Mary Ackerman

TR1261346 – Edwin Rowley Moved to WI and mysteriously disappeared.

TR1261347 – John Rowley

TR1261348 – Henry? Rowley (female) mLuther Inman

TR126135 – Cason Rowley b9/3/1797 Windsor,Hartford,CT

TR126136- Jehiel John (Gen Individual Records Pool) Rowley b7/14/1798 Windsor,Hartford,CT (1850& 1860 Census of Mina,Chautauqua Co., NY;Desc. Of T. Rowley Book)-d9/8/1891 Findley Lake,Chautauqua,NY (Source: Tombstone) -mMary (Polly C)? b1798 PA (Source: 1850 Census of Chautauqua Co., NY) – 6/9/1874 Findley lake, Chautauqua,NY (Source: Tombstone)

  • TR1261361 – Jane Rowley b abt 1794 (bap. 9/6/1794 Sharon,Litchfield,CT)

TR1261362 – Mary P. Rowley b1834 NY (1850 Chautauqua Co.,NY Census)

TR1261363 – John Rowley b1837 NY (Chautauqua Co.,NY Census)


TR126137 – JOHN ROWLEY, Sr. b10/15/1799 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Date of Baptism, Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) -d3/4/1874 Caledonia,Columbia Co.,WI (Columbia Co. WI in 1880) – m10/28/1824 Chautauqua Co.,NY (Columbia Co. WI in 1880) SOPHIA ELLITHORPE (Source: Bible) (daughter of Henry Samuel Ellithorpe & Rhoda Owen) b12/11/1807 Onondago Co.,NY-(Source: Ellithorpe Gen. By H. F. and Vera Ellithorpe, Topeka, KS; Columbia Co. WI in 1880) d6/8/1886 Caledonia,Columbia.,WI (Source: Tombstone) John moved with his parents to Chautauqua Co., NY when he was a boy.Farmed in Chautauqua Co. till 1838 and moved to Caldwell Co., MO where lived one year. Moved To Hane Co.,IL, lived three years. Moved to Hancock Co.,IL for five years. Had been Mormon. Moved to WI July 1847 on a Caledonia Co. farm, Section 26. Note: (Obit. Of Sophia; The Free Methodist, Chicago, June 29, 1887 contributed by Mariett E. Haskin) Died at 79 years, 5 months, and 22 days. She had been cared for by her daughter Sophia Johnson in their home during her illness. The funeral service was preached in a grove near Benajah & Sophia Johnson’s, by the Rev. Mr. Whitney of Portage from II Tim. 9:7,8. John Rowley was listed as an early settler in the town of Caledonia (Columbia Co.,WI in 1880 by Richard D. Jenkins)

  • TR1261371- Celestina Rowley b2/11/1826 Mina,Chautauqua Co.,NY (Source: Bible & Margaret Waltling’s Family History )-d9/19/1910 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,,Mexico -m4/7/1846 Nauvoo,Hancock,IL Samuel (Harvey) Marble (Margaret Watling’s Family History) b10/6/1822 Phelps,Ontario Co.,NY (Mormons) (Margaret Watling’s Family History) d3/16/1914 Stanley,AR – Soon after Celestina & Samuel married, they went to Salt Lake City, being in the first group of Mormons to settle there. Later, they moved to Sanpete Co., UT probably as early as 1850, and then on to Juab Co. In about 1879, they moved to Apache Co.,AR where they lived the rest of their lives. In the summer of 1910 they went to Mexico to visit their daughter and while there, Celestina was taken sick and died.
  • TR12613711- Celestina Ann Marble b3/9/1849 Salt Lake City,UT (Margaret Watling’s Family History) – d8/21/1927 – m3/10/1868 Salt Lake City,UT 1Albert Nathan Lewis b1839 Hancock Co.,IL (Margaret Lewis)
  • TR126137111- Albert Nathan Lewis b2/10/1866-mMary Ann Norton b10/11/1868 Nephi,Juab,UT – – d10/11/1868 Nephi,Juab Co.,UT

M2 3/10/1868 Salt Lake City,UT Jacob Wesley Norton b11/14/1833 Limestone Co.,AL-d9/5/1901 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico

  • TR126137112 – Dorothy Jane Norton b8/26/1869 Nephi,Juab Co.,UT – d8/26/1969 Nephi,Juab Co.,UT

TR126137113 – Martha Celestina Norton b9/1/1870 Nephi,Juab Co.,UT – d5/12/1950 – m12/8/1885 Almon N. Holden

TR126137114 – Wesley Nathaniel Norton b1/22/1873 Nephi,Juab Co.,UT – d3/4/1894

TR126137115 – John Harvey Norton b8/22/1875 Nephi,Juab Co.,UT – d9/10/1944 – mLucie May Jones

TR126137116 – Caroline Marinda Norton b11/20/1877 Nephi,Juab Co.,UT – d4/9/1906 – mHeber Charles Rowley

TR126137117 – Emily May Norton b1/13/1881 Amity,Apache Co.,AR – d3/5/1881

TR126137118 – Rachel Norton b12/23/1882 Amity,Apache Co.,AR – d12/23/1882 Amity,Apache,AR

TR126137119 – George Rowley Norton b12/7/1883 Amity,Apache,AR – d3/25/1926

TR12613711(10) – Aaron Sylvester Norton b4/3/1885 Amity,Apache,AR – d5/16/1916

TR12613711(11) – Grace Norton b5/5/1888 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico – d9/3/1888

TR12613711(12) – Luie Arvenia Norton (male)b8/10/1890 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico – d9/30/1891

TR12613711(13) – Eliza Roxie Norton b8/20/1891 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico – mJoseph Hill Johnson

TR12613712- Samuel Harvey Marble b7/2/1851 Salt Lake City,UT (Margaret Watling’s Family History) -d3/29/1864 (Margaret Watling’s Family History)

TR12613713 – Nathaniel Elbert Marbleb3/13/1852 Manti,Sanpeto Co.,UT (Margaret Watling’s Family History) -d7/1/1930-m12/22/1872 Mittee Mariah Holden 11/11/1855 Pottawattamie Co.,IA (Margaret Watling’s Family History)

  • TR126137131 – Elmira Marble

TR126137132 – Mary Marble

TR126137133 – Miltie Marble

TR126137134 – Nahum Marble

TR126137135 – Arthania Marble

TR126137136 – John Marble

TR126137137 – Olive Marble

TR12613714 – Mary Sophia Marble b6/2/1854 Manti,Sanpete,UT-d6/8/1881 – m9/13/1869 John Alford Norton b12/18/1842 Faulkner,Tippah,Mississippi – d3/8/.1930l

  • TR126137141 – Dorothy Celestina Norton

TR126137142 – Mary Ann Norton

TR12613715 – Lucy Jane Marble b3/8/1856 Manti,Sanpete,UT (Margaret Watling’s Family History) -d10/18/1911 Phoenix,Maricopa,AR – m10/20/1869 Jacob Wesley Norton b11/14/1833 Limestone Co.,AL – d9/5/1901 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico

  • TR126127151 – Jacob Norton b1/30/1872 Nephi,Juab,UT

TR126127152 – Isaac Norton b1/5/1873 Nephi,Juab,UT – d1/5/1873 Nephi,Juab,UT

TR126127153 – Lucy Alvina Norton b5/1/1874 Nephi,Juab,UT – d10/7/1918 – m5/25/1896 Jessie Noah Rowley b2/18/1874 Nephi,Juab,UT

  • TR1261271531 – Emily Vernell Rowley b9/21/1897 Colonia Diaz,Mexico – d6/4/1956

TR1261271532 – Edwin Jesse Rowley b7/12/1899 Colonia Diaz,Mexico – d2/28/1935 Phoenix,AR

TR1261271533 – Veda Alvina Rowley b11/30/1902 Colonia Diaz,Mexico

TR1261271534 – Loretta Rowley b6/18/1908 Colonia Diaz,Mexico – d5/19/1959 Phoenix,AR

TR126127154 – James Henry Norton b3/20/1876 Nephi,Juab,UT – d3/20/1876 Nephi,Juab,UT

TR126127155 – Samuel Joseph Norton b5/29/1877 Nephi,Juab,UT – d 5/29/1877 Nephi,Juab,UT

TR126127156 – Sophronia Rosetta Norton b3/26/1879 Nephi,Juab,UT – d4/21/1966 Casper,Natrona,WY – m12/24/1896 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico Franklin Scott b2/24/1871 Provo,UT – d7/25/1906 Los Vardos,Mexico

TR126127157 – General Herber Norton b4/22/1881 Nephi,Juab,UT – d6/20/1881 Nephi,Juab,UT

TR126127158 – Susan Matilda Norton b7/17/1882 Nephi,Juab,UT

TR126127159 – Hyrum Benjamin Norton b8/17/1884 Amity,Apache,AR-d12/18/1945 – m1/19/1916Grace Fisher McDonald

TR12612715(10) – Lillian Flayvillie Norton b7/26/1887 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico-d4/1/1962 Compton,Los Angeles,CA – m8/2/1910 El Paso,TX 1Charles Richard Scott b9/19/1879 Provo,UT – d2/10/1927 Tucson,AR – m2Lorenz Hortnagl

TR12612715(11) – Lois Sarilda Norton b7/20/1890 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico – d10/11/1891

TR12612715(12) – Wilford Russel Norton b12/19/1891 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico – d3/3/1892

TR12612715(13) – Jennie Gertrude Norton b10/20/1893 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico – d8/3/1894

TR12612715(14) – Jeaneva Norton b6/6/1896 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico – d6/6/1896 Colonia Diaz,Chihuahua,Mexico

TR12613716 – John Rowley Marble b2/10/1858 Manti,Sanpete,UT (Margaret Watling’s Family History) – d9/25/1946

TR12613717 – Emily Marble b1/17/1862 Manti,Sanpete,UT (Margaret Watling’s Family History) – d4/8/1865 (Margaret Watling’s Family History)

TR1261372 – James Rowley b10/5/1828 Chautauqua Co., NY (Source: Bible) -d12/20/1834 Mina,NY – James died of Scarlet Fever.

TR1261373 – Asa Rowley b10/12/1830 Chautauqua Co.,NY (Source: Bible & LDS Records) -dMonta Vista,Santa Clara Co.,CA 1/9/1907-m10/14/1856 Caledonia.Columbia,WI Hutchinson (Elizabeth) Smith (Source: Bible & Margaret Watling’s Family History) b1/1/1835 Scotland (Margaret Watling’s Family History) -dMonta Vista,Santa Clara Co.,CA1904 (Margaret Watling’s Family History) First lived near Friendship,Adams Co.,WI – Asa and his family first lived near Friendship,Adams Co.,WI. They moved to near Austin,MN in 1863 and lived there about 20 years. They then moved to Monta Vista, CA where he was a rancher.

  • TR12613731 – Quentin John Rowley b11/22/1857 Quincy,Adams,WI (Margaret Watling’s Family History) – m6/1887 San Bernadina,CA 1Mattie C. Browning (History of CA, Historical & Biographical Record v1) bAL d 10/30/1898 – d10/30/1898 Practiced medicine in Los Angles,CA – Graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City in March of 1884. Practiced medicine in Downey, CA and later in Los Angeles,CA.
  • TR126137311 – Gladys Rowley b abt 1881 (Apparently Mattie’s child from previous marriage)

TR126137312 – Earl Rowley b abt 1883 (Apparently Mattie’s child from previous marriage)

TR126137313 – Mattie Rowley b abt 1891

M2 6/25/1903 Los Angeles,CA Lida Ardis Crawford (A Hist. Of CA Hist. & Bio Record, v1)

TR12613732 – Loren T. Rowley b6/3/1860 Caledonia,Columbia Co.,WI (Margaret Watling’s Family History) – 5/31/1942 Los Angeles,CA Loren moved to CA in 1882. He established the first general store in Sunland-Tujunga Valley (originally called Monta Vista Valley) and was the first postmaster, and the first forest ranger in the 1890’s.

  • TR126127321 – Robert Rowley b1898

TR12613733 – Mary Grace Rowley b6/12/1863 Caledonia Co.,WI (Margaret Watling’s Family History) -mThomas Allgire CA

  • TR126137331 – George Allgire b4/9/1894- d6/1969 Topeka,Sharonee,KS

TR12613734 – Cornelia Rowley b1866 MN-d 1884 CA (Margaret Watling’s Family History) at age 18

TR1261374 – Loren Rowley b5/23/1832 Chautauqua Co.,NY (Source: Bible)-d1/22/1856 Caledonia,Columbia,WI mVirginia F. d1938 Glendale,CA – Loren died of Scarlet Fever

  • TR12613741 – ? Rowley

TR12613742 – ? Rowley

TR12613743 – ? Rowley

TR12613744 – ? Rowley

TR1261375 – Cyrus Rowley b2/22/1834 Chautauqua Co.,Onandago, NY (Source: Bible) – d12/26/1834 NY – Cyrus died of Scarlet Fever before the Rowley family left for the West. (Margaret Watling)

TR1261376 – SOPHIA ROWLEY b12/3/1835 Mina,Chautauqua,NY-d9/12/1908 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Tombstone)– m4/1/1858 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Bible) BENAJAH JOHNSON (Source:Mable Johnson’s Bible) (son of Orrin Johnson & b9/6/1832 Catskill,Green,NY-d11/21/1906 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Tombstone) Benajah was 5′ 10″ tall, blue eyes, dark hair. He first settled in Prairie du Chien, then Portage. Benajah came to WI in 1858 – The Rowley family had Sunday School and prayer meetings at their house every other week, and the Johnson’s had it at their house the other Sundays as there was no church nearby. On occassion, they visited the Scotch Church. Some times the families attended camp meetings. Sophia did weaving and knitting with at get togethers with other ladies. She started suffering at the beginning of August in 1873 with Erysipilas and stayed very sick throughout August & September of which family members took turns of coming over to her house and staying and helping with the duties of the home. (Excelsior Diary for 1873 by Ivie Johnson) Funeral was held in the Welsh Church in Caledonia,WI, Rev. Meikle officiating. Bur: Welsh Cem. (Source: Obit) Death certificate says he died of apoplexy.    


    (Picture 1: Sophia’s & Benajah’s Home)   

(Picture 2:   Sophia with her baby Iva Eulillia (Lilly) Johnson)

(Picture 3:    Grandma Sophia Johnson)


Benajah of the Union Army – Benajah was a soldier of the Union Army for four years during the Civil War, passing part of the time in the notorious rebel military prisons. He went to war on 9/15/1861 with Company A, Fourth WI Infantry leaving pretty Sophia and baby Flora. He became very homesick. The men had to lay shivering in the wet trenches, dodging shells. The camp grounds were mosquito-ridden, had long hot marches, chilling sentry duty, skirmish, battle and siege. The war was in Louisanna. For three weeks his regiment, a part of the army under Gen. Banks, crept up the Red River.and near the end of four years he was put into Company H. 11th WI Volunteers under Captain Lawrence. They met the Confederates in force at Sabine Crossroads, and that night the Union Army was in retreat, with many thousands of men missing. Benajah and his friend, Royal Randall, were missing. Swept from the field of battle with others, they had been captured and were being rushed towards the Texas line. Royal broke from the ranks and sped for the protection of the timber. Shots rang out and they left him for dead. He had tripped at a hole in the ground and was not hurt and got away. Benajah marched on with the rest and was confined at the last stockade at Camp Ford, Tyler,TX. The stockade was crowded and the Confederacy, always poor, was tottering on the verge of collapse and could not afford to be liberal with her enemies. Dry corn meal, with an occasional taste of slat pork were the rations at first. Dry corn meal alone, a little later. Dry corn meal without salt, mixed with water in the corner of a rubber blanket and cooked on a hot stone or a chip. Dry corn meal, but not enough of that to satisfy their hunger. Men hid their dead comrades, that they might draw double rations. The water was polluted. Starvation, scurvy and typhoid, war’s triple horrors, walked hand in hand, openly through the camp. There was not even sufficient brush at hand to build shelters. In the glare of the pitiless sun or living in pits in the ground, men sickened and died by the hundreds. Man after man had been shot down for even approaching the dead line. Others had tunneled out only to be brought back and stood against the wall for execution. A few of the prisoners were exchanged, but Benajah was not among them. The war drew to a close. Men started returning home but the prisoners were not freed until 13 months later to start towards home. No one was expecting him when he arrived and Sophia saw him and saw something familiar in the gaunt, hulking figure, and set her flying breathless to meet him. “O Benjy,” she gasped, as he caught her in his arms, ‘How long you’ve been in coming.” He hugged little Flora and tried to kiss a bashful toddler of five – baby Lilly, of whom he had never seen. (rewritten from notes by me) [On 4/10/1864 he became a prisoner at Pleasant Hill, LA and was sent to Camp Ford near Tyler, TX. In July of 1865 he was released from prison]


  (Map of the Benajah Johnson place south of the Wisconsin River)


  • Free Methodist Church – Some time in the middle of Summer 1875, a church by the name of “Free Methodist” organized and dedicated in Portage. The family visited and was pleased with the church and within a few months united with them. The congregation had bought the church that was built by the Luterans of which they used for about 40 years. Thus was the beginning for the Johnsons & Robertses in the Free Methodist Church. (Excelsior Diary for 1873 written by Ivie Eulillie Johnson)
  • TR12613761 – IVA EULILLIA (LILLY) JOHNSON b2/27/1859 Calendonia,,Columbia,WI -d4/1914 Portage,WI-m7/4/1877 Caledonia,Columbia,WI JOHN WILLIAM ROBERTS (Source: Margaret Watling’s Family History)(son of William Roberts and Catherine Williams) b6/12/1854 Calendonia,,Columbia,WI – d9/7/1917 Portage,Columbia,WI – Occupation: Masonery-Brick and Stone, Portage Area – John W. wrote of his holiness experience in “The Free Methodist” which was the old publication of the Free Methodist Church. We do not know the year, and only have half of the article. But he states in it, that his father was a member of the Church of England, and his mother was a Calvinistic Methodist. Bur: Welsh Cem.,Portage,WI. He also wrote up the Portage church reports for this paper. (Karolyn Roberts)
  • For descendants of Iva Johnson & John Roberts see:

TR12613762 – Eunice Floraettie Johnson b6/9/1862 Caledonia,Columbia,WI -d8/22/1941 Clawson,MI -m9/9/1879 CaledoniaHugh G. Jones (Harley Haskin) b6/30/1856 Caledonia,Columbia,WI – d5/1/1940Resided in Gallatin,TN at the time of Eunice’s father’s death. Note: Hugh died in a car/train accident, & Eunice died of dropsy (Source: Harley Haskin, all info)

  • TR126137621 – H11111457621-Jane (Jennie) Sophia Jones b8/1/1880 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Info. From Harley Haskin) – m1/31/1911 St. Louis,MO Frank H. Winke b9/25/1877 Columbia Co.,WI (WI Birth Records)

TR126137622 – David Hugh Jones b4/13/1883 (Harley Haskin) Columbia Co.,WI (WI Birth Records)

TR126137623 – Eunice Ellen Jones Alias: Nellie Jones) b11/15/1883 (Harley Haskin) Columbia Co.,WI (WI Birth Records) – m8/11/1904 William Milton Northam (Harley Haskin)b11/14/1874 (Harley Haskin)

TR126137624 – Griffeth Benajah Jones b11/10/1885 (Harley Haskin) – m12/19/1906 Gallatin,TN Bessie Plater Snow (Harley Haskin)

TR126137625 – Lillie Ann Jones b6/3/1888 – m1 12/27/1906 Gallatin,TN John Wells (Harley Haskin) – m2 ? Washburn

TR126137626 – Pearl Jones b11/5/1892 -d11/6/1892 (Harley Haskin)

TR126137627 – John Jones b1/26/1895 – 2/5/1895 (Harley Haskin)

TR126137628 – Harold Henry Jones (twin to Ruth ) b6/3/1897 – d2/20/1905 Gallatin,TN (Harley Haskin)

TR126137629 – Ruth Esther Jones (twin to Harold) b6/3/1897 – mGonsay ?

  • TR1261376291 – Wanda Gonsay?

TR1261377 – John Quinton Rowley, Jr. b4/28/1841 Batevia,Kane,IL (Source: Bible) -d3/24/1919 San Jose,Santa Clara,CA (San Jose Mercury Herald,p14,Wed.,March 26/1919)-m5/7/1879 Sauk Co.,WI Martha Ann Farnsworth (Source: Bible) b7/12/1848 PA-d6/9/1921 San Jose,Santa ClaraCA (San Jose Mercury Herald,p14,June 11,1921 & Margaret Watling’s Family History) Ivie Johnson said in 1873 in her diary that Uncle John is not married yet and no signs as I see either. He is director in our school district. – Lived on the homestead for awhile after marrying (Source: Columbia Co.,WI in 1880) bur: Oak hill Cem.

  • TR12613771 – Josiah Arthur Rowley b6/25/1880 WI (Harley Haskin) – Resided in MN

TR12613772 – Alice Emily Rowley b7/28/1882 Santa Clara Co.,CA-d1/18/1941-m3/30/1910 Santa Clara Co.,CA Jared Jay Hanson b2/3/1882 IA-d3/14/1975 San Jose,Santa Clara,CA (CA Death Index & SS Death Benefit Records on CD) – Note: Jared remarried to a lady with the first initial of F.

TR12613773 – Sophia Elisabeth Rowley b7/7/1884 WI (Harley Haskin) -m9/7/1907 Santa Clara Co.,CA John R. Mansfeld Resided in San Jose,CA

TR12613774 – Ray John Rowley b10/7/1886 Columbia Co.,WI (WI Birth Records) -d4/23/1932-mSarah Ruth Troda b9/2/1888 Resided in San Jose,CA

TR12613775 – Ruth Rhoda Rowley b9/2/1888 Columbia Co.,WI (WI Birth Records) – d3/14/1964 Santa Cruz Co.,CA

TR12613776 – Lavilla Addie Rowley b7/8/1890 WI (Harley Haskin) – d10/16/1965 Kings Co.,CA mWilliam Prouty b11/1/1890 KY Resided in WA SS Death Benefit Records on CD & CA Death Index) – d10/13/1972 Kettleman City,Kings,CA (SS Death Benefit Records on CD)

TR12613777 – Olive Ethel Rowley b1/21/1894 WI – d4/29/1953 Merced Co.,CA – mValentine G. Preston b2/14/1891 – d4/25/1964 Merced Co.,CA

TR1261378 – Emily Amelia Rowley b12/25/1843 Nauvoo,IL (Source: Bible) -d3/6/1924 Lebanon,Linn. Co.,OR- (Harley Haskin) m8/5/1868 Sauk Co.,WI Harley Theodore Haskin (Source: Bible & Margaret Watling’s Fam. Hist.) b9/9/1844 Bradford Co.,PA (Harley Haskin) -d7/21/1894 (Harley Haskin)

  • TR12613781 – Vinnie Amelia Haskin b10/18/1869 Caledonia,Columbia,WI -d8/11/1870

TR12613782 – Emilie Inez Haskin b12/11/1870 Sauk Co.,WI (Margaret Watling’s Family History) – d1948 – m6/22/1907 Linn. Co.,OR Henry S. Fort (Margaret Watling’s Family History) b1/21/1880 Honey Creek,WI 1/21/1880 (Margaret Watling’s Family History)

  • TR126137821 – Arthur Wesley Fort b5/19/1909 Linn. Co.,OR-m6/1932 Linn.Co.,OR Alline Shanke b12/31/1913 TX
  • TR1261378211 – Helen Joyce Fort b3/29/1933

TR126137822 – Alice Eileen Fort b9/4/1914 Sauk Co. (Adopted in Sauk Co.,WI)-m10/1934 Claude Lukinbeal

TR12613783 – Orpha Myra Haskin b4/5/1872 Sauk Co.,WI-d2/24/1968 – m11/27/1897 Sauk Co.,WI Charles O. Presnall (Margaret Watling’s Family History) b10/19/1872 Sauk Co.,WI – d12/26/1965 Coles Point, VA

  • TR126137831 – Clifford Charles Presnall b12/8/1898 Dubuque,IA-mRuby Davis
  • TR1261378311 – Jack David Presnall b7/28/1932 Yomite,CA

TR126137832 – Alice Dorothy Presnall b6/27/1900 Sauk Co.,WI – d2/1983 Newport,OR -m1/18/1931Osmund Clarence Rice b2/2/1902 – d5/1/1987 Newport,OR

  • TR1261378321 – Mary Elizabeth Rice b10/1932

TR1261378322 – Charles Albert Rice b5/1934

TR1261378323 – Donald Clarence Rice b4/4/1936 – m12/5/1963 Luella Dawn Stafford b2/23/1937

TR126137833 – Louis Fletcher Presnall b10/4/1912 Salem,OR

  • TR1261378331 – Lance Presnall

TR12613784 – Alice Ermina Haskin b2/12/1874 Sauk Co.,WI (Margaret Watling’s Family History) -d9/12/1891 Sauk Co.,WI (Margaret Watling’s Family History)

TR12613785 – Erwin Oliver Haskin b12/27/1875 Sauk Co.,WI

TR12613786 – Ruby Constance Haskin b12/30/1877 Sauk Co.,WI (Margaret Watling’s Family History) -d7/21/1934 Linn. Co.,OR

TR12613787 – Lorin Leslie Haskin b3/9/1882 Sauk Co.,WI – d6/29/1949 -m12/31/1919 Linn Co.,OR Lilian Grace Hoy d11/6/1963

TR12613788 – Virgil Theodore Haskin b3/30/1884 – d3/30/1884

TR12613789 – Alma Viola Haskin -m10/25/1917 Howard Parrish b7/15/1872 Linn. Co.,OR

  • TR126137891 – Jesse Edward Parrish b2/28/1920

TR126137892 – Mathida Alma Parrish b6/25/1931-d6/30/1931-m? Fell

  • TR1261378921 – ? Fell

TR1261378(10) – Harley Earnest Haskin b4/12/1888 Sauk Co.,WI – d2/9/1938 -m5/1/1902 Lydia Amelia Weirich b11/30/1875

  • TR1261378(10)1 – Mabel Violet Haskin 5/11/1903 Sauk Co.,WI-m8/22/1930 Joseph E. Brown
  • TR1261378(10)11 – Fredrick Earnest Brown b12/7/1932

TR1261378(10)12 – Evylin Joyce Brown b9/11/1934

TR1261378(10)2 – Walter Ernest Haskin b10/22/1904 Sauk Co.,WI

TR1261378(10)3 – Harley Theodore Haskin b3/22/1909 Saik Co.,WI -m7/20/1933 Linn Co., OR Helen Powell

  • TR1261378(10)31 – June Annette Haskin b5/25/1934

TR1261378(10)4 – Esther Dora Haskin b4/12/1911 Sauk Co., WI – d1/18/1990 OR-m8/24/1931 OR Joseph H. Williams

  • TR1261378(10)41 – Joseph Harley Williams b6/4/1932

TR1261378(10)42 – Joy-Belle Williams b6/26/1933

TR1261379 – Henry Longdom Rowley b2/5/1847 Nauvoo,Hancock,IL-d11/16/1908 CA – He is almost a giant and he has long hair. He says he will never die. He some times brings us water, four pails at a time (Probably used a wooden yoke worn over the shoulders to carry that many at a time). He had suffered a nervous breakdown. (Excelsior Diary for 1873 by Evie Eulillie Johnson & Records of Margaret Watling)

TR126137(10) – George Washington Rowley b2/19/1858 Columbia Co.,WI (WI Birth Records) -dLos Angeles,CA Attended school in Chicago in 1873. Wrote letters to Ivie Johnson when she was a teenager. Said there was quite a revival going on at Ada Street Church in Chicago, IL. (Excelsior Diary for 1873 by Evie Eulillie Johnson) Owned 200 acres in Section 26 (Columbia Co., WI in 1880)

TR126138 – Eliza Rowley b abt. 1801 – d1868 in ,Kane,IL (Source: Letter of 6/28/1868) mabt1831John Gordon Acres babt1797

  • TR1261381 – Charles Hendrick Acres mMarion ? Note: In a letter from John Acres to John Rowley in Dekorra,WI in ca. 1851, Charles Hendrick is called Kendrich. It says he is studying to be a doctor.

TR1261382 – Permelia Acres (Twin to Asuba) – MHarvey McNair Note: Permelia must have died young and her husband, Harvey McNair then married her sister Mary.

TR1261383 – Asuba Acres (Twin to Permelia)

TR1261384 – Melinda Acres b7/12/1839 Blackberry Twp.,IL – d3/25/1922 – m3/3/1862 Fuller A. Bowdish b9/6/1832 Otsego Co.,NY – d10/17/1917 Auburn,IL

  • TR12613841 – Gordon Acres Bowdish b12/19/1862 IL – d4/28/1955 Aurora,IL – m1/4/1899 Alice Sharp

TR12613842 – Elbridge Stanley Bowdish b11/29/1864 IL – d3/1/1934 St. Petersburg, FL

TR1261385 – Mary Acres (Twin to Martha) mHarvey McNair (Harvey must have died young, as Mary and her son, Jed, moved to CA alone)

  • TR12613851 – Mary McNair (died young)

TR12613852 –Jed McNair (Moved to CA with his mother)

TR1261386 – Martha Acres (Twin to Mary) – m? Shelton

TR1261387 – John Acres – mMary ??? Note: Was in the Civil War and may have died there.

TR1261388 – Lydia Acres b1848 – d1867 – mMelville Sherwood Bowdish b3/7/1837 Cooperstown,Otsego Co.,NY – d10/3/1914 Los Gatos,CA

  • TR12613881 – Albert B. Bowdish b1/6/1867

TR126139 – Jerusha Jane Rowley b6/30/1804 Schenectady,Schenectady,NY (CD 100 Fam. Ped.: United Ancestries) – d9/25/1850 Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT m1821 Mina,Stockwell,Chautauqua,NY Adolphus Babcock (WFT 1 #2002) (Son of Daniel Babcock) (Online) b2/23/1800 Middlefield,Hampshire,MA – d3/15/1872 Spanish Fork,Utah,UT (Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer; Online)

  • TR1261391 – Lorenzo Babcock b12/22/1823 Mina,Chautauqua,NY-d12/16/1906 Mona,Juab,UT – m1844 Navvoo,Hancock,IL Amy Ann Marble (Daughter of Nathaniel Marble & Mary or Polly King) b2/14/1826 Huntsburg,Geauga,OH – d1862
  • (Picture:   Lorenzo Babcock, Son of Adolphus Babcock and Jerusha Jane Rowley. Came to Utah with Co. C.Mormon Battalion. Settlement Guard in Indian Wars. (Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah—1847, Fourteenth Ten, Privates)
  • TR12613911 – Mary Ann Babcock b8/20/1856 Manti,Sanpete,UT (WFT 1 #2002) – d11/13/1927 Price,Carbon,UT (Fullner Gen.) m9/6/1872 UTJames Dicken Fullmer (Fullmer Gen.) –b4/30/1849 Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT (Fullmer Gen.) – d2/6/1909 Spring Glen,Carbon,UT (Records of Kelly Jean Fullmer Online)

TR1261392 – Lucy Babcock b11/301833 Mina,Chautauqua,NY-d12/6/1863 Minersville,UT – m3/4/1849 William Wood (Pioneers of 1847) b2/2/1823 Lugwardine,Hereford,England (WFT 1 #2002) d9/18/1900 Minersville,UT (WFT 1 #2002)

  • TR12613921 – Lucy Ann Wood b12/15/1849 Provo,UT (WFT 1 #2002) – d3/4/1922 Minersville,UT – mBenjamin Eyre

TR12613922 – William B. Wood b5/18/1851 Centerville,UT (WFT 1 #2002)

TR12613923 – Alice Sophronia Wood b3/5/1858 Washington,UT (WFT 1 #2002) – d8/7/1929 Minersville,UT – mSamuel Bradshaw

TR1261393 – George Babcock b2/7/1831 Mina,NY (Pioneers of 1847) – d2/11/1902 – mMary Easton

TR1261394 – Eliza Babcock (WFT 17-286) – mBrigham Young

TR1261395 – Sophronia Babcock

TR1261396 – Permelia Babcock b10/6/1837 Caldwell,Missouri (WFT 17-286;Pioners of 1847) – d7/5/1916 Lehi,UT (WFT 17-286;Pioners of 1847) – m3/10/1853Johnson Branch Bryant Younglove

TR1261397 – Albert Babcock b1/28/1840 Adams Co.,IL (Pioneers of 1847) – d2/11/1917 Lost River,ID (WFT 17-286) – m5/12/1881 Salt Lake City,UT 1Mary Conover (WFT 17-286) m2Judith Hannah King b12/13/1843 Nauvoo,Hancock,IL (Pioneers of 1847)

TR1261398 – John Willard (Online) Babcock b12/13/1843 Nauvoo,Hancock Co.,IL (Pioneers of 1847; WFT 17-286) – d4/24/1888 Spanish Fort,UT – mHarriet Persis McKee (WFT 17-286) Kelly Jean Fullmer; Online)

  • TR12613981 – Harriet Pursis Babcock (Online)

TR1261399 – William Henry Babcock b7/15/1848 Salt Lake City,UT (WFT 1 #2002) -d3/17/1927 Springville,UT (WFT 17-286) – m12/21/1868 Salt Lake City,UT 1Mary Jane Parson (WFT 17-286 & WFT 1 #2002) – m2Margaret Groves (WFT 17-286)

(Picture:    William Henry Babcock, Son of Adolphus Babcock, who came to Utah 1847, and Jerusha Jane Rowley., Born July 15, 1848, Salt Lake City. Black Hawk Indian War Veteran. (Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah—1847, Fourteenth Ten, Privates)


TR12612991 – Lydia Jane Babcock b4/26/1881 (WFT 1 #2002)

TR12614 – Martin Steele Rowley b8/2/1772 Windsor,Hartford,CT (baptized 8/2/1772 Windsor,Hartford,CT)(Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) –d8/6/1836 No. Madison,OH-mSarah Lois Fuller b7/31/1774 (CT Gen.) Windsor, CT-d8/6/1836 No. Madison,OH

  • TR126141 – Sally Rowley b2/5/1800 Madison,CT-d2/28/1865 Chicago,IL-m5/4/1834Elkanah Corbett

TR126142 – Truman Rowley b6/10/1810 Madison, CT-d9/28/1887 No. Madison,OH-m10/10/1833 Mary Talcott b? Bristol,OH-d1/12/1889 No. Madison,OH

  • TR1261421 – Martha Rowley b5/1/1834 Madison,OH-d1899 Saybrook,OH

TR1261422 – Philo M. Rowley b1/6/1837 Madison,OH-d4/20/1919 Dorset,OH-m8/7/1867 Springfireld,PA Anna Francis Pearson b1/13/1850-d11/20/1828 – Note: Philo M. Rowley was not only a veteran of the Civil War in which he served two years, but of 60 days in the Mexican-American War. He enlisted August 13, 1863 and was discharged August 23, 1865.

  • TR12614221 – John W. Rowley b7/12/1868 (dead by 6/4/1898)

TR12614222 – Mary Abby Rowley b8/23/1870

TR12614223 – Charlie Walker Rowley b1/19/1873

TR12614224 – Robert Pearson Rowley b4/10/1875 (dead by 6/4/1898)

TR12614225 – Harry Lincoln Rowley b6/3/1878

TR12614226 – Frank Blair Rowley b6/3/1881(twin to Fred)

TR12614227 – Fred Garfield Rowley b6/3/1881 (twin to Frank)

TR12614228 – Mabel Francis Rowley b9/20/1884

TR1261423 – Marie Rowley b12/10/1839 Madison,OH-d1845 Madison,OH

TR1261424 – James F. Rowley b10/10/1842 Madison,OH-d5/19/1919 Dorset,OH-m9/18/1866 Mariett Starkweather b? Dorset,OH-d?

  • TR12614241 – Flora B. Rowley b12/23/1869 -d?-m1919 George Munger

TR12614242 – Lafayette Rowley b4/13/1846 Madison,OH-d?

TR12614243 – Walter Rowley b10/19/1848 Madison,OH-d?

TR12614244 – Joseph Rowley b9/16/1850 Saybrook,OH-d4/3/1900 Saybrook,OH-m11/28/1883 Saybrook,OH Nancy Sandover b9/2/1846 Kirtland,OH-d6/28/1923 Cleveland,OH

  • TR126142441 – Alda Louise Rowley b8/14/1886 Saybrook,OH-d? -m9/12/1906-Albert R. Teachout

TR12642441 – Joseph F. Rowley b2/28/1889 Ashtabula,OH-d12/29/1892

TR12642442 – Lovina Rowley b6/8/1853 Saybrook,OH-d11/19/1921Geneva,OH

TR12642443 – Samuel Rowley b9/6/1857 Saybrook,OH-d1/1928 Cherry Valley,OH

TR12642444 – Philo M. Rowley b -d1919 -m8/7/1867 Ripley,NY Anna Pearson b1/13/1850 Buffalo,NY-dJ/20/1928 Dorset,OH – Philo died of the Influenze epidemic of 1919.

  • TR126424441 – John W. Rowley b7/12/1868 (never married)

TR126424442 – Mary Abby Rowle b8/23/1870-d1957 Kent,OH-m12/30/1896 Clarence Eldridge

TR126424443 – Charles Walker Rowley b1/19/1873 Madison,OH-d12/13/1913 Greenwich,OH-m9/19/1901Lillian Mells b10/18/1872 Clinton Co.,MI-d4/22/1950 Ashtabula,OH

  • TR1264244431 – Philo Mells Rowley b8/24/1902 Ashtabula,OH-d6/1/1974 Cleveland,OH-m10/18/1928 Conneaut,OH Hazel Elvira Miller b8/28/1902 Buffalo,NY
  • TR12642444311 – Robert Richard Rowley b6/29/1930-m6/7/1952 San Diego,CA Betty Lou Schaefer b8/30/1928 Cleveland,OH

TR12642444312 – David George Rowley (twin to Donald) b8/21/1938 Cleveland,OH-m2/13/1965 Phyllis Ann Sees b11/27/1943 Parkersburg,WV

TR12642444313 – Donald Mells Rowley (twin to David) b8/21/1938 Cleveland,OH-m9/10/1966 Nancy Peek b1/19/1944 Cleveland,OH

TR1264244432 – Charles Wendell Rowley b6/24/1904 Ashtabula,OH-d8/7/1964 Celina,OH-m12/25/1946 San Francisco,CA Iris Donna Baer b8/30/1921 Coldwater,OH

  • TR12642444321 – Sue Ellen Rowley b3/18/1949 Celina,OH

TR126424444 – Robert Pearson Rowley b4/10/1875-m12/7/1898 Lillian M. Bissell b11/15/1858-d

  • TR1264244441 – Loris Rowley b9/20/1900-d ?

TR1264244442 – Ruth Rowley b11/14/1910-d ?

TR1264244443 – Frank Blair Rowley (twin) b6/3/1881-d1968 Goshen,NY-m3/4/1904 Tryphenea Paden b2/17/1882-d7/29/1907

  • TR12642444431 – Leah A. E. Rowley b5/19/1905-d?-m8/29/1931 Lawrence H. Marsh – Leah was legally adopted and raised by George & Mattie St. Johns, Barberton,OH. Date of adoption was 12/16/1911.

TR1264244444 – Anna F. Rowley (twin to Evelyne) b7/28/1907 (never married)

TR1264244445 – Evelyne L. Rowley (twin to Anna) b7/28/1907-m6/3/1932 Charles Ira Carter

TR1264244444 – Fred Garfield Rowley (twin to Frank) b6/3/1881-d?-m4/6/1904 Sarah E. Bailey b12/23/1884-d5/2/1950 Youngstown,OH

  • TR12642444441 – Theodore Rowley b2/14/1907-d1912

TR12642444442 – Howard Rowley b? d?

TR12642444443 – Harry Lincoln Rowley b6/3/1878-Disappeared 1932-m6/19/1901 Lena M. Smith (no children)

TR12642444444 – Mabel Francis Rowley b9/20/1884 Dorset,OH-d4/16/1917 Dorset,OH-m12/23/1903 Herbert Mellinger

TR126143 – Eliza Rowley b11/30/1811 Madison,CT-d9/23/1873 No. Madison,OH-m10/28/1830 Danial Norton

TR126144 – Rowsell Rowley (died young)

TR126145 – James Rowley (moved to IN)

TR12615 – Simeon Rowley b7/16/1780 Windsor, Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley Book) (baptized 7/16/1790 Desc. Of T. Rowley) Bloomfield,Hartford,CT– d 1843 – m1Elizabeth Griswold – m7/27/1836 Farmington,Hartford,CT 2Marinda Brunson (Desc. of T. Rowley) b1795-d abt 1851 Note: Simeon signed a will in 1843.

  • TR126151 – Simeon A. Rowley b1810 prob. Farmington,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) – m9/19/1830 (Desc. of T. Rowley) Farmington,Hartford,CT Eliza Woodruff b1809 Farmington,Hartford,CT – (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR12616 – Jekiel Rowley b7/11/1799 (bapt. 7/14/1799 Note: Would be John & Anna’s child.

TR1262 – Reuben Rowley b10/11/1746 Windsor,Hartford,CT, Date of Baptism: 10/22/1746 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d7/11/1764 – Drowned in the Little Windsor River

TR1263 – Martin Rowley b8/18/1748 Windsor,Hartford,CT – Date of Baptism: 8/21/1748 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – m11/23/1780 Ruth Barber (Desc. of T. Rowley Book)

TR1264 – Roger Rowley b8/26/1750 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d2/11/1822 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – m5/31/1778 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT 1Anna Bunce (Desc. of T. Rowley) b1752 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d6/24/1800 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – M2Anna Moore b4/24/1752 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d5/2/1821 Bloomfield,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

  • TR12641 – Jerusha Rowley b1779 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m1/9/1797 (Desc. of T. Rowley) Willoughby,CT David Filley b11/4/1777 Windsor,Hartford,CT – d7/8/1835 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT
  • TR126411 – Jerusha Pamelia Filley b1/19/1797 Windsor,Hartford,CT – d Bloomfield,Hartford,CT – m Bloomfield,Hartford,CT John Nelson

TR126412 – Diantha Filley b11/17/1798 Windsor,Hartford,CT – d Windsor,Hartford,CT – m11/23/1816 Lyman Allic d Windsor,Hartford,CT

TR126413 – Mary Ann Filley b2/1800 Willoughby,CT – d1866 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT

TR126414 – William H. Filley b1808 Suffolk,NY – m2/16/1832 Abigail Reynolds b1814 OH or CT

TR126415 – Nathan Gilbert Filley b7/23/1809 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT – d abt 1877 near Martinsburg,NE? – m1Bloomfield,Hartford,CT 1Flora Alderman

M2Lucina (Laura) Wentland

TR126416 – Israel D. Filley b6/1/1814 NY – d10/16/1852 Cameron,Clinton,MO – m1/15/1836 Marion,Marion,OH Permelia (Amelia) Hall b1817 OH – d9/5/1867 Cameron, Clinton,MO

TR126417 – David Haskell Filley b1817 – m3/15/1828 Nancy Loomis

TR12642 – Roger Rowley b1782 Bloomfield,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d1/8/1844 Bennington,Wyoming,NY (Descendants Of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Old Bennington Cem. – m1 11/8/1801 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Rebecca Latimer b9/24/1782 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d1/22/1828 Bennington,Wyoming,NY (Descendants Of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Old Bennington Cem. – Roger and Rebecca had seven children. m2/8/1829 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Mahala Latimer (Desc. of T. Rowley) baft 1782 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT,Old Bennington Cem.

  • TR126421 – Deacon Roger Edward Rowley b12/21/1802 Bennington,Wyoming,NY – d11/12/1870 Bennington,Wyoming,NY – m1 1/3/1828 Hannah Sargent Osgood b3/17/1810Worcester,Worcester,MA – dbef1853 Bennington,Wyoming,NY
  • TR1264211 – Abigail Rebecca Rowley b11/6/1828- m5/6/1851 Gardner Leland Grant b1/24/1827- d6/5/1901 Rockville,Tolland,CT
  • TR12642111 – Emma L. Grant babt 1854- d4/4/1855 Baby

TR12642112 – Edward C. Grant b abt 1858- d6/4/1861 Young Child

TR1264212 – Edward Rolland Rowley b7/12/1830 Bennington,Wyoming,NY- d4/14/1898 Lorain,Lorain,OH – m2/1857 Emma Rilla Osgood b6/29/1838- d7/20/1900 Lorain,Lorain,OH

  • TR12642121 – Nellie Melvina Rowley b1/25/1850- m6/29/1881 Henry A. Snider b5/13/1854- d1/26/1931
  • TR126421211 – Laura Louise Snider b10/22/1868- d3/16/1910 Lorain,Lorain,OH- mEdwin Forest Kaneen

TR126421212 – Edward Snider(died young)

TR126421213 – Carrie Snider(died young)

TR126421214 – Ethlyn Gertrude Grant Snider b11/19/1882- mGeorge Damon b10/27/1882

TR1264213 – Hector G. Rowley b6/16/1833- d7/21/1833 Baby

TR1264214 – Hiram Edward Rowley b10/28/1837 Bennington,Wyoming,NY- d10/7/1911 Windsorville,Hartford,CT- bur: Windsorville,Hartford,CT- m11/8/1864 Anna Mott Watts b11/27/1845 Naseby,England – d2/24/1916 Pawtucket,Providence,RI

  • TR12642141 – Frank Grant Rowley b12/31/1866 Bennington,Wyoming,NY- d6/25/1928 Pawtucket,Providence,RI- m1 10/20/1891 Norwich,New London,CT Adelaide Cross (daughter of Rev. Samuel Cross & Harriet Emerson) b5/10/1868- d6/23/1953 Warwick,RI- bur: Putnam,Windham,CT
  • TR12642141 – Van Cross Rowley b7/22/1892 Brockton,Plymouth,MA- d4/16/1951 Fort Lauderdate,Broward,FL- bur: Kingstown,RI- m6/22/1915 Laura Brightman Hohler (daughter of Albert E. Hohler & Laura Barton) b11/12/1892 Pawtucket,Providence,RI

TR126421411 – Natalie Brightman Rowley b7/5/1921 Providence,Providence,RI- m11/17/1945 Cranston,Providence,RI William Rodney Arnold (son of Clifton Rice Arnold & Charlotte Hall Williams)

  • TR1264214111 – David Rice Arnold b9/10/1946-d9/10/1946

TR1264214112 – Nancy Barton Arnold b10/9/1951

TR1264214113 – Richard Van Cross Arnold b4/27/1954-mLelia J. Purdy b8/1951

M2 – 4/7/1910 Pawtucket,Providence,RI Lelia J. Purdy d8/1951- bur: 9/9/1951 Pawtucket,Providence,RI

  • TR12642142 – Frank Grant Rowley b4/12/1911 Pawtucket,Providence,RI- m6/15/1935 Pasadena,Los Angeles,CA Mattie Lou Frest b4/15/1910 Olustee,Jackson,OK
  • TR126421421 – Charles Purdy Rowley b8/30/1936 Glendale,Los Angeles,CA

TR126421422 – Ann Rowley b1/19/1948 Orange,Orange,CA

TR12642143 – Charles Purdy Rowley b7/28/1912 Pawtucket,Providence,RI- m7/6/1939 Ruth E. Eicher (daughter of Harry G. Eicher & Jessie L. Rodecker) b3/12/1915 Sidney,Shelby,OH

  • TR126421431 – Richard G. Rowley b2/4/1941 Altadena,Los Angeles,CA

TR126421432 – Lorraine Rowley b8/29/1947 Oceanside,San Diego,CA

TR12642144 – Jane Rowley b1/19/1919 Pawtucket,Providence,RI- m1/19/1940 CA George T. Miller (son of John S. Miller & Maye Christy) b3/3/1914 Valparaiso,Porter,IN

  • TR126421441 – Michael T. Miller b6/19/1941 Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA

TR126421442 – Pamela Miller b10/13/1943 Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA

TR126421443 – Peter Miller b10/13/1943 Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA

TR12642142 – Chester Jefferson Rowley b3/12/1868 Bennington,Wyoming,NY- d5/28/1921 Pawtucket,Providence,RI – bur: Pawtucket,Providence,RI,Oak Grove Cem.- m1 12/25/1891 Raynham Center,Bristol,MA Grace Witherell Hathaway (daughter of William H. Hathaway & Mary E. Gammons) b1/21/1873- d11/7/1946

  • TR126421421 – Mildred Gertrude Rowley b9/19/1892 Brockton,Plymouth,MA- m1 2/17/1917 New York,New York,NYPaul D. Hecker Note: No children M2 10/28/1940 Charles William Crankshaw, M.D.

(TR12642142)M2 – 1/26/1921 Blanche Elizabeth (Dunn) – d4/13/1949

TR12642143 – Harry Rowley b1870- d1872 Baby

TR12642144 – Grace Emily Rowley b12/1/1872 Lorain,Lorain,OH- d9/2/1939 San Diego,San Diego,CA bur: Windsorville,Hartford,CT (Never married)

TR12642145 – Gertrude Elizabeth Rowley b5/17/1875 Lorain,Lorain,OH- m8/31/1898 Windsorville,Hartford,CT Dallas Sproul

TR12642146 – Emma Rilla Rowley b1/13/1878 Lorain,Lorain,OH- d7/20/1952- bur: Warner,Merrimack,NH, Sutton Cem.- m10/15/1914 Jesse Mott Read

TR12642147 – Clifford Hiram Rowley b10/26/1881 Lorain,Lorain,OH- d3/6/1931 Prescott,Yavapai,AZ- bur: Prescott,Yavapai,AZ- m12/30/1909 Pawtucket,Providence,RI Irene Gardner (daughter of Henry L. Gardner & Alice Haymen) b7/4/1888 Waterville,MA

  • TR126421471 – Henry Gardner Rowley, I b10/7/1912 Pawtucket,Providence,RI- m3/14/1940 Ruth Marie Yowell (daughter of John Everett Yowell & Ruth Marie Openshaw) b11/18/1919 Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT
  • TR1264214711 – Ruth Anne Rowley b2/5/1941 Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT

TR1264214712 – Henry Gardner Rowley II b10/24/1942 Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT (Michelle Rowley) – d3/17/1996 (Michelle Rowley) – m1 ?? – m2Sheila Francis Bethancourt b9/5/1955 (Michelle Rowley) – Henry had no children in his first marriage. (Michelle Rowley)

  • TR12642147121 – Jennifer Renae Rowley b9/18/1977 (Michelle Rowley) – mDaivd Francyk (Michelle Rowley) Jennifer and David have a son named Braedon Francyk. (Michelle Rowley)
  • TR12642147122 – Michelle Kristen Rowley b5/28/1980 (Michelle Rowley) – mChrios6topher Robert Henderson (Michelle Rowley)
  • TR12642147123 – Kristen Ryan Rowley b4/6/1982 (Michelle Rowley)

TR1264214713 – John Roger Rowley b10/18/1947 Spokane,WA (Michelle Rowley)

TR1264215 – Chester M. Rowley b12/13/1840- d2/22/1862- m1

M2 2/6/1843 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Caroline E. ? d2/24/1899 Bennington,Wyoming,NY

  • TR1264216 –

TR126422 – Henry Latimer Rowley b1805 (Desc. of T. Rowley) – d10/26/1864 (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR126423 – Justice F. Rowley

TR126424 – Hiram K. Rowley

TR126425 – Emily Rowley – mHenry Sargent

TR126426 – Laura M. Rowley– mIsaac Pierce, Jr.

TR126427 – Chester W. Rowley b1819 (Desc. of T. Rowley) – d11/15/1839 Bennington,Wyoming,NY (Desc. of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT, Old Bennington Cem.-

TR12643 – Justis Rowley b1790 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) dBennington,NY?- m1/6/1817 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) Almira Riley

  • TR126431- Julia Rowley d9/10/1847 Bennington,Wyoming,NY (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12644 – Squires Curtis Rowley mUnknown

  • TR126441- Squires Harlow Rowley b11/29/1802 Windsor,Hartford,CT (bap. 11/29/1802 Windsor,Hartford,CT) (Descendants Of T. Rowley) mAnna Moore b4/24/1752-d5/2/1821

TR1265 – Thomas Rowley b12/24/1753 Date of Baptism (Descendants Of T. Rowley) Bloomfield,Hartford,CT- d10/7/1843 Southampton,Hampshire,MA- m11/4/1779 (Desc. of T. Rowley) Wintonbury,Hartford,CT Mary Haze (Hayes) b1761- d1852

  • TR12651- Thomas Rowley b2/11/1781 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) (bap. 2/11/1781)-d2/23/1865- m1806 Susannah Clapp b1785- d9/6/1855
  • TR126511- Rufus Clapp Rowley b9/14/1811 Southampton,Hampshire,MA- d1876- m12/21/1832 Clarissa Streeter (Daughter of Charles Streeter & Rhoda Rice) b8/29/1811 Rowe,Franklin,MA- d4/15/1873
  • TR1265111 – Henry Rufus Rowley b4/30/1842 Southampton,Hampshire,MA- d3/21/1904 Springfield,Hampden,MA- m11/28/1867 Northampton,Hampshire,MA Lucy Eldora Kellogg (daughter of Oliver Kellogg & Abigail Minerva Sumner) b7/21/1845 Lee,Bershire,MA- d6/19/1926 Springfield,Hampden,MA
  • TR12651111- Robert Harding Rowley b12/27/1873 Florence,Hampshire,MA- d6/25/1944 Northampton,Hampshire,MA- m2/18/1896 Eunice Elizabeth Springer (daughter of David Springer & Anna Gertrude Andruss) b2/19/1876 Germany- d3/10/1946 Chicopee,Hampden,MA
  • TR126511111 – Ruth Anna Rowley b9/13/1898 Springfield,Hampden,MA- m9/6/1919 Springfield,Hampden,MA Raymond Hyde Colburn b1/21/1896 Stafford,Tolland,CT- d7/8/1978 Holyoke,Hampshire,MA
  • TR1265111111 – Victor Rowley Colburn b12/1/1920

TR1265111112 – Barbara May Colburn b5/9/1922

TR1265111113 – Dorothy Ruth Colburn b8/30/1923

TR126511112 – Eunice Elizabeth Rowley b7/11/1900

TR12652 – Roxanna Rowley b3/25/1783 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12653 – Horace (Horatio) Rowley b8/13/1786 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) (bap. 8/13/1786) -mAbigail ?

  • TR126531 – Abiram (Albion) Rowley b8/31/1822-d6/19/1873 – mMaria S. Converse babt1823-d10/24/1901

TR12654 – Allyn Rowley d1790 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12655 – Justin Rowley b6/17/1792 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) (bap 6/17/1792)

TR12656 – Polly Rowley b8/23/1795 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) (bap 8/23/1795)

TR1266 – Philander Rowley b12/20/1755 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Source: Pension Records) (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d1/25/1835 Wintonbury, CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m1/5/1775 Bloomfield,CT Joanna Haze (Hayes) (The Rowell Family of New England by Wm. Haslett Jones) b6/5/1755 Salmon Brook,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d12/24/1828 (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

  • TR12661 – Philander Rowley b10/19/1775 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) – d8/5/1818 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) mZulima ??? b1770 (Desc. of T. Rowley) – d9/16/1814 Bloomfield,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) bur: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Old Cem.

TR12662 – Jesse Rowley b10/4/1777 (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12663 – Levi Rowley b3/24/1780 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) Windsor,Hartford,CT – m1/19/1804 Hartford,CT Abigail Center (Desc. of T. Rowley) babt 1785 CT

  • TR126631 – Benjamin Rowley

TR126632- David Rowley

TR126633- Mary Rowley -mHiram W. Bostwick

TR126634 – Pamela Rowley

TR126635- Levi Rowley b1822 Albany,Albany,NY- d3/7/1875 Canandaigua,Ontario,NY- m9/14 1853 Elbridge,Onandaga,NY Emily Farnham b1826 Onandaga Co.,NY- d3/29/1911

  • TR1266351 – Adele Rowley b4/8/1856 Marcellus,Onondaga,NY

TR126636- Salmon Bostwick Rowley b7/1827 Albany,Albany,NY- d5/5/1905 Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA- bur: 5/9/1905 Vineland,Cumberland,NJ, Siloam Cem.- mabt 1851/52 Anna J. ? b1827 Onandago Co.,NY

  • TR1266361 – Catherine (Katie) Rowley babt1854

TR12664 – Susannah Rowley b2/20/1782 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m1/16/1800 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Elisha Cook (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR12665 – Charlotte Rowley b3/20/1785 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) d1862 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m abt 1810 Windsor,Hartford,CT John Loomis d1862

  • TR126651 – Mahala Loomis b1820 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – mBloomfield,CT Daniels (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR126652 – Joel Loomis b1822 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m1 3/24/1850 Fanny E. Alderman (Desc. of T. Rowley)

M2 Hartford,CT Sarah H. Tefft (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR126653 – Fanny Loomis b abt 1824 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – mDaniels

TR12666 – Odadoman Rowley b8/29/1790 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12667 – Gurdon Rowley b8/13/1792 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12668 – Solomon Rowley b3/5/1796 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12669 – Byron Rowley b9/28/1797 (The Rowell Family of New England by William Haslett Jones)

TR1266(10) – Fanny Rowley b7/10/1801 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley; The Rowell Family of New England by William Haslett Jones) – m8/7/1828 Lemuel Prunwell (The Rowell Fam. Of New England by Wm. Haslett Jones)

TR1267 – Mary Rowley b10/27/1760 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) Windsor,Hartford,CT – m11/21/1781 John (Jonah) Holliday (Halladay) (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR1268 – Reuben Rowley b6/26/1764 West Hartford,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)Date of Baptism: b7/15/1764 – m10/20/1787 (Desc. of T. Rowley) West Hartford,Hartford,CT Jannet Miller babt1766

TR127 – Daniel Rowleyb10/11/1717 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d3/18/1798 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m6/25/1736 Windsor,Hartford,CT Eunice Brown b5/16/1715 (Desc. Of T. Rowley) – d9/1/1800 (Desc. Of T. Rowley)

  • TR1271 – Daniel Rowley b4/25/1737 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d10/20/1741 Windosr,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR1272 – David Rowley b4/6/1741 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d10/28/1741 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR1273 – Eunice Rowley b9/7/1742 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m3/10/1773 Isaac Burr (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR1274 – Ann Rowley b3/17/1744/45 Windsor,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d11/27/1822 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT- m1 abt 1763 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT Amos Burr – Ann and Amos had eight children. Ann and Thomas Shepard had eight children.

  • TR12741-Amos Burr b4/17/1764 Farmington,Hartford,CT- d4/28/1828 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT

(TR1274)M2 – abt 1776 – Thomas Shepard b1/4/1730 West Hartford,Hartford,CT- d5/22/1819 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT

  • TR12749 – Aaron Shepard b11/20/1777 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT

TR1274(10) – Levi Shepard b4/25/1779 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT

TR1274(11) – Anna Shepard b4/2/1781 Wintonbury,Hartford,CT

TR1275 – Olive Rowley b1/1/1748/49 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m4/29/1772 Simsbury,Hartford,CT Isaac Bartlett (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR1276 – Daniel Rowley
b3/10/1750/51 Bloomfield,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d8/5/1818 Bloomfield,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) m1/23/1775 Phoebe Spencer (Desc. of T. Rowley)

  • TR12761 – Justice (or Justine) Rowley (bap 6/30/1775) Wintonbury,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) The Rowell Family of New England by Wm. Haslett Jones says this is Justine, a female) – d aft 1820 – Was listed in 1820 Windsor,CT Census

TR12762 – Daniel Rowley b2/1777 (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – d8/23/1777 Wintonbury,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR12763 – Chloe Rowley b10/18/1778 Wintonbury,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley; bap 10/18/1778)

TR12764 – Susannah Rowley b10/17/1784 Wintonbury,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley; bap 10/17/1784)

TR12765 – Eunice Rowley b bef 10/17/1784 Wintonbury,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley)

TR1277 – Hannah Rowley b4/9/1758 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Descendants Of T. Rowley) – m1/20/1780 Noadiah Burr (Desc. of T. Rowley)

TR128 – Hannah Rowley b2/11/1721 Windsor,Hartford,CT(Gene Pool Individual Records) -d9/23/1801

TR13 – Elizabeth Rowley b3/1672/3 (Desc. of T. Rowley) Windsor,Hartford,CT- dMiddletown,Middlesex,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – m7/15/1695 Windsor,CT William Lucas (Desc. of T. Rowley Book) b4/26/1667 Middletown,CT (Gen. Dictionary of 1st Settlers by Savage) – d1759 Middletown,CT

  • TR131 – Elizabeth Lucas b8/1697

TR132 – Martha Lucas b3/1699 Middlesex,CT

TR133 – William Lucas b1703

TR134 – Ebenezer Lucas

TR 135 – Gideon Lucas

TR136 – Samuel Lucas

TR137 – Deborah Lucas

TR138 – Hannah Lucas

TR14 – Infant Rowley d5/27/1676

TR15 – Martha Rowley b5/13/1677 (Desc. of T. Rowley) Windsor,Hartford,CT- m1700 (Gene Pool Individual Records) Samuel Fitch babt 1674 – Martha married at age 77, Samuel at age 80 and was the first marriage for both.

TR16 – John Rowley b10/27/1679 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – d11/10/1679 Windsor,Hartford,CT

TR17 – Deborah Rowley b1/5/1682/83 Simsbury,Hartford,CT (WFT File #2002 & #2003) – d6/5/1781 Simsbury,Hartford,CT (WFT File #2002 & 2003) – mabt 1702 Cornelius Gillett (New England Marriages Prior to 1700)b12/15/1665 Windsor,CT (New England Marriages Prior to 1700 is incorrect; WFT File #2002 & 2003)

  • TR171 – Samuel Gillett b3/19/1702/3 (WFT File #2003)

TR172 – Thomas Gillett b8/1/1705 (WFT File #2003)

TR173 – Elizabeth Gillett b5/31/1707 (WFT File #2003)

TR174 – Deborah Gillett b2/28/1707/8 (WFT File #2003)

TR175 – Stephen Gillett b6/30/1713 (WFT File #2003) – mAnn Loomis b2/20/1709/10

TR176 – Jonathan Gillett b7/5/1716 Lebanon,CT (WFT File #2002) – m4/26/1759 Rachel Gillett (WFT File # 2002)b3/9/1736/37 (WFT File # 2002) – d8/11/1798 (WFT File # 2002)

  • TR1761 – Rachel Gillett b11/29/1761 (WFT File #2002) [Twin to Ruth]

TR1762 – Ruth Gillett b11/29/1761 (WFT File #2002) [Twin to Rachel]

TR1763 – Elizabeth Gillett b2/26/1764 (WFT File #2002)

TR1764 – Deborah Gillett b5/18/1766 (WFT File #2002)

TR1765 – Lucy Gillett b7/10/1768 (WFT File #2002)

TR1766 – Wealthy Ann Gillett b8/26/1770 (WFT File # 2002)

TR1767 – Mary Gillett b5/2/1773 (WFT File # 2002)

TR1768 – Jonathan Gillett b7/27/1777 (WFT File # 2002) – mThirza Clark

TR1769 – David Gillett b10/10/1779 (WFT File # 2002)

TR176(10) – Jacob Gillett b8/28/1785 (WFT File # 2002)

TR18 – Samuel Rowley b6/16/1683 Simsbury,Hartford,CT(Gene Pool Individual Records) – 8/11/1697 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records)

TR19 – Abigail Rowley b2/10/1686 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Gene Pool Individual Records) – m1/3/1709 Windsor,Hartford,CT (Desc. of T. Rowley) Samuel Bone

TR1(10) – Grace Rowley b8/5/1692 Windsor,Hartford,CT(Gene Pool Individual Records) – d5/18/1765 (Gene Pool Individual Records) – Grace taught school 1708-1735.


Grace Rowley (A Digest of the Early CT Probate Records 1700-1710; Hartford,CT Probate Records 1700-29) P114 – 2 Aug. 1708: Grace Rowley, 16 years of age, daughter of Thomas Rowley, deceased, chose her brother Thomas Rowley of Windosr, currier, to be her guardian.


Credits: Janet Brunt, Janice Oakley, Marge Kukuwich, Thomas Rowley, Many pictures & maps donated by Marge Kukuwich