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    by Karolyn Rae Roberts


YB1345 - John H. Yoder, Jr.-N -b10/1/1808 Greene Twp.,Franklin,PA (1870 Census, Richmond,Berksx,PA, Roll: M593_1308; P265A.) - d7/13/1860 age 51y 9m 12d Burial: Row3,S-N,n7; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) - mabt1830 Magdalena Hoover (Huber) (Daughter of David L. Huber & Esther Lehman) (HL1(12)2 Lehman html) b3/21/1809 Greene Twp.,Franklin Co.,PA - d2/21/1882 Columbiana Co.,OH of bronchitis & dropsy, age 72 yrs, 28d - Burial: Row3,S-N,n8; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) - John & Magdalena moved to OH in 1818 (YNL) and farmed in Fairfield Twp., Columbiana Co., Oh and the farm was worth $6000. Farmed in Fairfield Twp.,Columbiana Co.,OH in 1850, the farm was worth $5700 at that time. (Note: Magdalena€™s sister, Mary Hoover 1808-1860, married the young minister Jacob Wisler 1808-1889 (Burial: YC East Cemetery, p107), who moved with six children from Mahoning Co.,OH; and Magdalena's sister, Anna (Anny) Hoover 1823-1888, who was the wife of Preacher Christian Christophel 1820-1883, with four-year old Katie, and one month old David (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p39). These two families traveled with the Preacher Jacob Christophel (Burial: 1868 YC East Cemetery, p107) & his wife Barbara Bare to IN and were the first settlers of 1848. Christian Christophel was ordained preacher at YC on March 25, 1872, and lived one mile from the Meeting House. He served 11 years until his death of a stroke. Meetings were held in houses and barns until the first meetinghouse could be put up in the summer of 1849, [Source: The Yellow Creek Mennonites; p20] The first congregation whcih was the Yellow Creek Church, the second church being the Holdeman Congregation. They followed Sun Time, which is 30 minutes ahead of Standard time. p25 (See Lehman,Hoover,Wisler,Christophel families at Lehman Files and see how they fit into the Yoder Family) Note: Magdalena's brother, Daniel (1821-1884) who married Rebecca Shank, was ordained as a deacon at YC, and was father of Deacon Noah S. Hoover. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p41) YODER.- On the 21st of Feb., in Columbiana Co., Ohio, of bronchitis and dropsy, Sister Magdalena Yoder, widow of the late John Yoder, aged 72 years and 28 days. She was buried on the 22nd at Nold Men's Meeting-house, where appropriate services were held by Henry Beery of Medina county. She leaves three sons, three daughters and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss. (Herald of Truth March 15, 1882 - page 93, 94) - An agreement was signed on January 6, 1849 by John Yoder,Jr.of Fairfield Twp.,Columbiana Co.,OH whereby he agrees to sell land to the OH and PA Railroad Co. (An early company that later became the Pennsylvania Railroad Co.) He also agrees to sell stone on either side of the land at a fair price. (Ebay Item)


  The First Place of Worship - Holdeman Congregation:   The first place of worship for the above people was later called the €œHoldeman Congregation and they met in the home of George & Anna (Eicher) Holdeman, sw of the village known as Salem (later changed to Wakarusa). By 1851, the Mennonite families there decided to erect a log meetinghouse. It was built se of the present Holdeman Meetinghouse in Olive Twp. The 1851 meetinghouse had two windows at the east and west ends, and three along each side; the measurements were bout 24 x 34 feet in size. The pulpit was a crude table at the east end supported by wooden legs which were set into holes bored into the plank. The simple seats were also without backs, slabs of wood into which holes were bored for the supporting legs. The congregation worshiped in this primitive building for the first quarter-century. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p73)


The Holdeman members were usually buried in the Shaum (Olive) Cemetery. After Deacon Holdeman was no longer active, the Holdeman Meeting ordained Daniel Freed (1830-1897), the maternal grandfather of Bishop Ray F. Yoder of Salem. Freed had joined the Mennonite Church in Columbiana Co., OH in 1849, and then married Annie Nusbaum in 1852. They moved to Kosciusko Co., IN and two years later to Elkhart Co. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p74,75,76)


YB13451-David Yoder-N -b1/17/1833 OH -d3/9/1837 OH - Burial: Row3,S-N,n9; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH; Old Stone is now gone. (Cemetery Records)


YB13452-Nancy Yoder-N-b10/17/1836 OH-d11/22/1908 OH - single Burial: Row3,S-N,n4; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) · Gospel Herald Obits., Dec. 12, 1908- V I, No.37 - p 590, 591, - Nancy Yoder died Nov. 22, 1908, and was buried Nov. 24. Funeral services were conducted at the Leetonia Church by Jacob Tyson and Jacob Weaver. She was in her 73rd year and was a member of the (Wisler) Mennonite church for many years.


YB13453-Samuel J. Yoder - Eb4/16/1839 Columbiana Co.,OH-d10/24/1893 Elkhart Co., IN of Typhoid Fever. (Herald of Truth, Nov. 15, 1893, p358) -m10/6/1864-Elkhart Co.,IN(Index to Marriage Record Elkhart Co. 1850-1920 Inclusive Vol. V, Letters u-Z Inclusive 2:248)

Mary Catherine Stull/Stoll

(daughter of George Stull born in Germany, 1880 Cenus says living with Samuel, Single, and died in either OH or IN; parents born in Germany;

Mary's Death Cert.; 1900 Census for Mary Yoder) - b7/5/1842 ,Ashland Co.,OH (Obit) Ashland County was formed in 1846; in 1842 at the time of Mary's birth, it would have been a different county; Ashland was made from several counties. There were other Stulls in Orange Twp., Richland County which later became Orange Twp. of Ashland County)

- d2/4/1903 Leetonia,Columbiana Co.,OH (Columbiana Co., OH deaths 1893-1908) at the home of her sister-in-laws (Obit)- Settled in Union Twp.,Elkart Co.,IN - bur: Yellow Creek Cem.,Harrison Twp.,Elkhart Co,IN (Intersection of CR38 &CR11, west side of CR11. 4th row, plots 16 & 17 from the N. Roads: Take Hwy 119 S out of Goshen,IN towards Nappanee,IN. Turn Right at the settlement of Southwest on CR11 to the North approx. 2 miles)


Note:   The original town of Foraker was named after Senator Joseph B. Foraker of Harding Co., Ohio and located on the land of Samuel Yoder, which was located 1 mile east and 1 mile south of the present Foraker. The Chicago and Canada Southern Railway bought land from Samuel Yoder & Jonas Kauffman (Burial: East Yellow Creek) in 1872. Work was started on the Wabash Railroad in 1891. In 1893, Samuel and Jonas died, never seeing a train come through. The railroad did not want to put the station in at Foraker, but a mile west and north, so it was decided to move the town. The new town of Foraker was also built on land of Samuel Yoder once inhabited with frogs the greater portion of the summer season. The old Foraker consisted of one store, which was built and operated by Noah Yoder, son of Samuel Yoder. In the spring of 1893, Noah moved his store on a pair of skids and with the use of horses from Old Foraker to the new Foraker and Noah Kauffman then took charge of the store and run it for quite awhile.  (d1880 Census; Union, Elkhart, IN; Roll: 275; Family Hist. Film: 1254275. Page 356A; Enumeration District: 035, Image. 0533)


     YODER - On the 24th of October 1893, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of typhoid fever, Bro. Samuel J. Yoder, aged 54 years, 6 months and 8 days. Buried on the 26th at Yellow Creek. Funeral services by D. Burkholder, J.S. Lehman and J.S. Coffman. Bro. Yoder was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, was married to sister Mary Stoll, with whom he had three children. He was an earnest, devoted Christian and will be sadly missed. His sickness was of but a few days duration. He died triumphant in the faith. May God comfort the bereaved sister and her family in their great affliction. (Herald of Truth - November 15, 1893 - Page 358, 359) 

  (Pictures of the tombstones of Samuel with Karolyn kneeling  & Mary,   Yellowcreek Cem.,Elkhart,IN taken by Karoln Roberts)

(Source: The Foraker Truth, May 1,1925) - 2/2/1903 - Mrs. Mary Yoder of Nappanee, Ind.., widow of the late Samuel Yoder is lying in a low state of health at the home of the Yoder sisters with brain trouble. Since this went to type we received word that Mrs. Yoder has died. (Leetonia Reporter of OH contri. by Sam Detwiler) - 2/18/1903 John H. Yoder (YB13455) returned from Nappanee, Ind. last Thursday where he had accompanied the remains of Mrs.. Yoder, mention of whose sickness and death was made here last week. (Leetonia Reporter) - The 1900 Fed. Census for Union,Elkhart,IN lists Mary as living with her daughter, Gertrude (Mary) Anglemeyer and family.

This is the sign to the present Foraker. On April 27, 1893, the first freight train ran over the Wabash. It was a west bound freight No. 97; it had only a few cars, old hand brakes, link and pin couplers, and a small engine. (See Mansson Genealogy Nels Swanson for the inventor of the coupler that is still used today; my gg-uncle) On May 30, 1893 the first passenger train was run, eastbound, No. 54. The Foraker Station was opened for business this same year. The year 1893 was the boom year for Foraker. Buildings began to pop up every place, as is only natural for a new town. Noah Yoder erected a new store building on the corner now owned by H. Weaver. The store has changed hands many times during the history of Foraker. Noah operated a general merchandise store for a while, then Frank Archbolt put in a drug store, later Anthony Meyers had a grocery store, he sold it to P. B. Bolinger, who later sold out to H. S. Weaver. Next to the building; (You can see where they share the same wall in the picture below) Jacob Pletcher put up a store building in about 1895. He put in a stock of shoes, but did not stay in business long. Finally Noah Yoder took possession of this building, enlarging his store by cutting a large door through the walls between the buildings and throwing both rooms into one store. When Yoder sold out, the doorway was again closed up and Wm. Hollar put in a grocery store. (Source: The Foraker Truth, May 1,1925) E


Mr. Miller and Mr. Yoder were the main stays at Foraker in its early history. Miller had a harness shop in the old building that sheltered the first store in Foraker. Miller and Yoder erected a building just south of the little old harness shop and after its completion, put in a stock of buggies and wagons. This building was later remodeled into a church as you can see below. (Source: The Foraker Truth, May 1,1925) E  


Going back to about 1894 or 1895, we find the first blacksmith shop just north of the railroad tracks on the west side of Main Street owned by John Detwiler, Sr. (b8/23/1897). Detwiler also put up one of the first dwelling houses on the east and west street, third house from the depot east. Detwiler and John O. Blenis put a cider mill next to the blacksmith shop and both did enormous business. Later, Detwiler sold out to Noah Yoder, who run the cider mill two seasons and then sold out to George Werntz, who moved the mill up to where it now stands. (Source: The Foraker Truth, May 1,1925) E


  Picture taken in 1937 when it was the George Werntz Cider Mill. Norris's 1928 Model A Ford Roadster stands by the Mill. Sam & Norris Hunsberger at the cider barrels. In 1937, 28,390 gallons of cider was made.

(Source: Photo and Info of Charlotte Hess)E


Mr. Detwiler, Sr. moved to Kempster, WI with his family, also Noah & Susie Yoder, Emmanuel Kime, Lorento Kime, Earl& Sadie Elizabeth (Detwiler) Mishler (wife was daughter of John Detwiler, Sr.)(Antigo Daily Journal Obit, 12/22/1976), and Clarence Mishler. Also, Elmyra Detwiler (daughter to John Detwiler, Sr.) moved to WI, her husband being George Irish.   (Noah & Susie Yoder, my grandparents; Earl & Sadie Detwiler Mishler; George Irish, & Mr. Detwiler & Helen, Jr. were all church friends of where I attended, Grandpa Noah Yoder also attended but Susie had already passed away; written by Karolyn Roberts)


YB134531 - Alpheus Yoder - Eb5/19/1867 OH -d1/18/1949 (Goshen Newspapers 1913-6:303)-m9/17/1893 Elkhart,IN (EL Co. IN Marriages 1862-1957 Book9p301,307) Barbara Pletcher (Dau. of H.P. Pletcher) b3/7/1866 Wood Co.,OH -d7/23/1913 (Elkhart Co. Deaths, H-17) New Paris, IN - Barbara came with her aprents from OH in 1882. Resided by Foraker, IN bur: Yellow Creek Cem.,Harrison Twp.,Elkhart Co.,IN - Gospel Herald - Aug. 7, 1913 - p 303, Yoder. - Sister Barbara Yoder, wife of Bro. Alpheus Yoder, died at the home of her parents, Bro and Sister H. P. Pletcher, five miles west of New Paris, Ind., July 23, 1913. She was born in Wood Co., Ohio, March [sic] 7, 1866. She came with her parents to Elkhart Co., Ind., in 1882, where she united with the Mennonite Church in 1891 and lived true to her Christian faith to the close of her earthly life. In 1893 she was united in marriage with Bro. Alpheus Yoder. To this union were born 4 children-two of whom have preceded her in death. She leaves her husband, 2 children, Eva and Glen, father, mother, 4 sisters and 2 brothers to mourn their loss. Funeral was held on the afternoon of July 25, conducted by Bro. John Bare at the home and Bro. Paul E. Whitmer at the Yellow Creek Church. - Yoder, Alpheus, son of Samuel and Mary (Stull) Yoder, was born in Columbiana Co., OH, May 19, 1866; passed away at the home of his son on Jan. 18, 1949; aged 82 y. 7 m. 29 d. In the spring of 1869 he moved to IN with his parents, locating in Elkhart Co., and lived in the Foraker vicinity the rest of his life. On Sept. 17, 1893, he was united in marriage to Barbara Pletcher, who preceded him in death August, 1913. Surviving are one son Glenn, Elkhart, IN, one daughter Eva-Mrs. Blosser, Foraker, IN, 4 grandchildren, 2 brothers Cornelius, Wakarusa, Ind.; and Noah, Antigo, WI, and other relatives and friends. In young manhood he united with the Salem Mennonite Church, in which faith he died. Funeral services were in charge of F. E. Freed and R. F. Yoder. {Gospel Herald Obit, 3/1949}

  (Picture of Alpheus & Barbara's tombstone, Yellowcreek Cem., Elkhart, IN taken by Karolyn Roberts)


YB1345311 - Gracie Yoder Eb3/9/1894 - d5/27/1895 Elkhart Co.,IN - Aged 8months & 24 days (Burial by parents) YODER. ­ On the 27th of May, 1895, in Elkhart Co., Ind., Gracie, daughter of Alpheus and Barbara Pletcher Yoder, aged 8 m., 24 d. Buried at Yellow Creek on the 29th. Funeral services by Noah Metzler and J. S. Coffman. Text, €œOf such is the kingdom of heaven. (Herald of Truth 6/15/1895, p190,191) 

  (Picture of Gracie & Auther's tombstones, Yellowcreek Cem., Elkhart,IN taken by Karolyn Roberts)


YB1345312 - Auther/Arthur Yoder Eb4/9/1897 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Births, Book 5p77)- d5/1/1898 Aged 1 yr & 21 days (Tombstone says Auther; Burial by parents) Note: Both Gracie€™s & Auther's stones were broken and leaning against the parents stone. Have photo.

 YODER.-At the residence of brother Henry Pletcher, in Union Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of brain fever, on the 1st of May 1898, Arthur, only son of Alpheus and Barbara Pletcher Yoder, aged 1 year and 21 days. Buried at Yellow Creek on the 3rd of May. Services by N. Metzler and J. F. funk, from Matt. 6:21. €œGo to thy rest, fair child! Go to thy dreamless bed, While yet so gentle, undefiled, With blessings on thy head. Shall love, with weak embrace,Thy upward wing detain? No! gentle angel seek thy place, Amid the cherub band. (Herald of Truth 5/15/1898, p156, 157)

YB1345313 - Eva Yoder E - mManford Blosser (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records]) of Foraker, IN

YB1345314 - Glen Yoder E of Elkhart, IN


YB134532 - Noah Yoder-Eb1/20/1868 Columbiana Co.,OH - d10/3/1953 Antigo,Langlade,WI-(Resided in Foraker, IN and was postmaster as well as building and operating the local Department Store) Following this: m10/12/1902 Marshall Co.,IN Susianna (Susie) Vining(daughter of Minor S. Vining & Rebecca Catharine Stooksberry) b6/17/1876 - d9/14/1942 Kempster,Langlade,WI - bur: Elmwood,Antigo,Langlade,WI Note: Owned

& operated a farm, Loggers. Kempster,Langlade,WI-bur: Elmwood Cemetery,Antigo,WI (E on Forrest Ave. (S end of Town) off of Hwy 45 approx. 2 miles, S side of road.

Note: Noah built and operated the only store, a   General Store, in the old town of Foraker. After the railroad decided to build the train station a mile north and a mile west, it was decided that Foraker should be moved to the new site. Noah moved his store on a pair of skids and with the use of horses from Old Foraker to New Foraker. Noah Kauffman then took charge of the store. Work trains began showing up. On April 27, 1893, the first freight train ran over the Wabash-a west bound freight No. 97, had a few cars, old hand brakes, link and pin couplers, and a small engine. (My great-great uncle Nils Svenson invented the car coupler that is still used today, see Mansson Genealogy) On May 30, 1893, the first passenger train was run, going eastbound No. 54. Foraker Station was opened this same year. In 1893, buildings began to pop up every where. Noah Yoder erected a new store building on the southwest corner of the junction. Noah operated a general merchandise store for awhile as well as was postmaster in the same building. Another building was erected against his store, and later on Noah took possession of this building also, enlarged his store by cutting a large door through the walls between the buildings and throwing both rooms into one store. When Yoder sold out, the door was blocked up and became two stores again. There were living quarters above the store. We don't know if Noah ever lived there. Solomon Miller and Noah Yoder were the main stays at Foraker in its early history. Solomon and Noah erected a building just south of the little old harness shop and after its completion, put in a stock of buggies and wagons. Later, the building was made into a church. Another friend of Noah's, John Detwiler had a blacksmith shop just north of the railroad tracks on the west side of Main Street. Detwiler also put up the first dwelling house, ended up being the 3rd house east of the depot. Detwiler and John Blenis put up a cider mill next to the blacksmith shop and did an enormous business. Later, they sold the business to Noah Yoder who run the cider mill two seasons and then sold out to George Wernitz, who moved the mill. Noah Yoder, John Detwiler, Emmanuel Kime, Lorento Kime, Earl Mishler, and Clarence Mishler then moved to Kempster, Wisconsin. (Sources: The Foraker Truth, v1,nII, May 1, 1925, & April 3, 1925, both issues found under the linoleum of an old house in good condition, only papers left of The Foraker Truth) 

  (Picture of the tombstone of Noah & Susie Vining Yoder, Elmwood Cem.,Antigo,Langlade,WI taken by Karolyn Roberts)

YB1345321 - Male Yoder - b9/16/1904 ,Langlade,WI - d9/16/1904 ,Langlade,WI at a few hours old with convulsions. (Langlade Co. Death Records, V2,p155) RH Factor. - Burial: Kempster Cem.

YB1345322 - Infant Yoder - b - d - RH factor

YB1345323 - Minor S. Yoder- b8/9/1909 ,Langlade,WI (Death Cert) - d7/7/1979 Antigo,Langlade,WI (Death Cert) - m Jessie ?·  - (Pictures of Minor from the Northwoods Academy in WI during HS)  








YB13453231 - Karolyn Rae Roberts-b6/11/1941 Type O Neg, RH baby (Adopted by Harley Amerson)- Granddaughter of Noah Yoder (I knew my grandfather, we attended church together) · mGerald Lee Roberts

Randy Lee Roberts-b10/28/1964 Urbana,Champaign,IL-mTammy Louise Euniceb11/7/1963 GA ·

Benjamin Wesley Roberts b11/11/1997

Nathaniel Thomas Roberts b3/28/2000


Ronald Gary Roberts-b4/10/1967 Urbana,Champaign,IL


YB134533 - Cornelius S. Yoder-Eb6/11/1870 IN - d3/9/1953-m1/17/1895 Elkhart,IN (Book10,p39) 1Anna Weldy b11/2/1873 St. Joseph Co.,IN -d5/9/1921 Nappanee,Elkhart,IN - Anna contributed to the 1875 building fund for the Holdeman congregation where a variety of congregations contributed.  - m9/9/1923 2Ella Rohrer b1/17/1896-d3/9/1953 -

Yoder, Cornelius S., son of Samuel and Mary (Stull) Yoder,was born near Foraker, Ind., June 11, 1870. He had not been so well for the past six months and passed away on March 8, 1953; aged 82 y. 8 m. 27 d. He we converted in early years and was a member of the Salem Mennonite Church, at the time of his death. On Jan. 17, 1893, he married Anna Weldy, who preceded him in death in 1921. One son (Elmer), and an infant daughter also preceded him. On Sept. 9, 1923, he married Ella Rohrer, who survives. Also surviving are a brother (Noah, Antigo, WI), 2 sons (Noah, Wakarusa, Ind., and Harold, South Bend, Ind.), 11 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the North Main Street Church, Nappanee, Ind., conducted by Manford Freed, Homer North, and D. A. Yoder, with burial in the South Union Cemetery. (Gospel Herald, 4/28/1953, p405,406) ·


Yoder. - Sister Anna Weldy, wife of Bro. C. S. Yoder, was born in St. Joseph county, Ind., Nov. 2, 1873; died at her home in Nappanee, Ind., May 9, 1921; aged 47 y. 5 m. 13 d. On Sunday, May 8, Sister Yoder attended Sunday school and church services and took her part as teacher of her class. On the following Monday she went about her work in her usual health when at about 8 o'clock she had a sudden stroke of paralysis which rendered her unconscious. At about 11:30 she expired without regaining consciousness. Her sudden demise was a great shock to all the relatives and friends in the community. She leaves a husband, 3 children (Martha, Noah and Harold) an aged father, and one brother and sister, besides many relatives and friends. Her motherly counsel and care in the home will be greatly missed. Sister Yoder became a member of the Mennonite Church at about 20 years of age and remained faithful to the end. She was always a ready worker in the Church, always finding her place among its various activities. Funeral services were held May 11, from the N. Main St. Mennonite Church, conducted by E. S. Mullet. Text, Matt. 24:44. It was the most largely attended funeral of any held in Nappanee for some time. Interment in the South Union Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - June 2, 1921 - page 174, 175)

YB1345331 - Elmer Jacob Yoder (HL6(12)2331 of Lehman Files) b7/8/1896 (Elkhart Co.,IN Births v5,p71) - d4/20/1918 Nappanee,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Deaths, 3-12) - m7/21/1917 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850-1920, 26-550) Florence Ruth Holderman of Wakarusa,IN -

Yoder. Elmer, son of C. S. Yoder, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., July 8, 1896; died April 20, 1918; aged 21 y. 9 m. 12 d. Bro. Yoder took ill on Wednesday and although the best of medical aid was secured, he continued to fail until his demise the following Saturday. He united with the Mennonite Church at Nappanee, Ind., at about the age of 12 years, to which faith he remained faithful till death. He was always a willing worker in the Church in whatever capacity he could serve. On July 21, 1917, he was united in marriage to Sister Florence Holdeman of Wakarusa, Ind. Besides his companion, he leaves to mourn a father and mother, one sister, and two brothers. Funeral services at the N. Main St. Mennonite Church, Nappanee, Ind., and in charge of Brethren E. S. Mullet and S. L. Weldy. It was one of the largest funerals held in Nappanee for some time. May the Lord bless the bereaved relatives and friends. (Gospel Herald, 5/9/1918, p111,112)·

YB13453311 - Elmer Jacob Yoder b4/24/1918 Elkhart Co.,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Births v9,p55)

YB1345332 - Martha Ellen Yoder b7/8/1896 Elkhart,IN or b2/8/1899 ,,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Births, Book 5p97)- dabt 1990 Em12/8/1917 IN(The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p84) John Ohlen Smeltzer (H V1 p134) babt 1900 IN - dabt 1985 - J. Ohlen was drafted during World War I and spent time in prison as a C.O. -  John was given a rough time in camp, and served time at Ft. Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p94)


YB1345333-Noah C. Yoder Em1/10/1920 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 29-30) Ruth I. Enders b10/11/1900

YB13453331 - John C. Yoder

YB1345334-Harold E. Yoder b abt1904 IN -  EmElla Flory

YB13453341 - Evelyn Yoder

YB1345335-Viola Yoder 2/8/1899 ,,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Births, Book 5p97)E

YB134534-John S. Yoder-Eb12/8/1872 Union Twp.,Elkhart Co.,IN-d12/24/1872 ) bur: East Yellow Creek Cem. East side of CR11. Row 13, 9th plot from N end. (Inscription: John, son of S. & M. C. Yoder, D. Dec. 24, 1872, age 16d) (Record of The Old Yellow Creek Cemetery, Entry 286) - Obit - December 24th, in Elkhart county, Ind., JOHN S, son of Samuel and Mary YODER, aged 16 days. Services by C. and J. M. Christophel. (Herald of Truth, Mar.1873,p62)  (  Baby John was buried in the old cemetery, and sheep had grazed in the cemetery knocking several stones down, and I uncovered his stone under the sod and the caretaker reset the stone for me in cement, Karolyn Roberts)

YB134535-Gertrude Mary Yoder (Adopted) -Eb5/5/1878 IN (Census) - d6/8/1907 Union Twp.,Elkhart,IN of Consumption - m10/14/1897 Oliver S. Anglemeyer (Son of Franklin & Susannah Angelmeyer) b8/17/1871 Elkhart,IN - d3/6/1916 at age 44 at home - After Gerturde€™s death, Oliver married Mrs. Amanda Shaum. - (Gospel Herald Obits 4/6/1916, p13,14,15,16) -

Gertrude Anglemoyer Obit-On the 8th of June, 1907, in Union Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of consumption, Sister Gertrude M. Anglemoyer, adopted daughter of Samuel J. and Mary C. Yoder and wife of Oliver Anglemoyer. She was the mother of five children, four of whom preceded her to the spirit world. Her sorrowing husband and infant child survive to mourn her early death. Sister Anglemoyer was converted and united with the Mennonite church some years ago, and lived a consistent Christian life. May the Lord console the bereaved husband and relatives, and grant them a blessed reunion in the rest which remaineth for the people of God. Services were conducted by George Lambert. (Herald of Truth, Oct. 17, 1907, p 388)


YB13454 - Jacob H. Yoder-N - b8/30/1841 OH - d2/5 /1905 Columbiana,OH at home Burial: Row3,S-N,n5; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) -m2/14/1867 Mahoning Co.,OH Elizabeth Lesher b9/30/1842 Franklin Co. PA - d11/15/1927 at the home of her son Levi near Leetonia,OH - by Pre. Reinhart- Burial: Row3,S-N,n5; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) - Yoder.-On Feb. 5, 1905, at his home in Columbiana, O., Jacob H. Yoder; aged 63 Y., 5 M., 6 D. Bro. Yoder was afflicted with diabetes during the summer, but was able to be about his work until almost December, when a complication of diseases set in and his condition grew worse. On New Year Day he met with us in Sunday school and church services for the last time. He gradually grew weaker until the end came. Bro. Yoder was a faithful member of the Leetonia congregation for many years and his seat in God's house was seldom vacant. He was also actively engaged in Sunday school work and was, with one exception, the oldest teacher in the congregation. He will be greatly missed in the church as well as in the home. He is survived by his wife, a son, a brother, three sisters and many friends. Funeral at the Leetonia M. H., on Feb. 7th, conducted by D. S. Lehman from Acts 9:36, 37, and Allen Rickert from John 14:1, 2. The house was filled to overflowing by those who came to pay the last tribute of respect to one they loved. The friends have the sympathy of their many friends in this sad hour of bereavement. (Herald of Truth 2/16/1905, p56) · Yoder.-Elizabeth Lesher Yoder was born in Franklin Co., Pa., Sept. 30, 1842; died at her late home with her son Levi, near Leetonia, Ohio, Nov. 15, 1927; aged 85 y. 1 m. 15 d. She was the fourth in a family of twelve children, all of whom preceded her in death, excepting Christian and Joseph Lesher. When she was yet quite young, her father and mother with their family moved from Franklin Co., Pa., to the home now occupied by Christ and Harman Lesher, where she grew to womanhood. On Feb. 14, 1867, she was united in marriage to Jacob H. Yoder. In this capacity Sister Yoder proved herself a sympathetic and helpful companion, cheerfully sharing the many sacrifices for the best interests of home, community and church. Two sons were born to this union; namely, Levi (with whom she was living) and Daniel who at the age of 5 preceded her in death. Since the death of her husband, which occurred 22 years ago, she lived in widowhood. Sister Yoder with her husband united with the Mennonite Church many years ago, both remaining faithful till bidden by the death messenger to go to their eternal home. Sister Yoder comes from a sturdy Pennsylvania family. She held a vital interest in the church and community. Her memory which served her remarkably well to the last, enabled her to intelligently converse with those whose good fortune it was to come in contact with her. She was ready to go, and was looking for the evening star to appear. Brief funeral services were held at the home and at the Leetonia, Ohio, Mennonite Church in charge of A. J. Steiner, I. B. Witmer, and David Lehman. Text, Jno. 11:25, 26. Burial in the Leetonia Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 12/8/1927, p799,800)


YB134541 - Levi Yoder b8/13/1870 near Leetonia,OH - d at the home of his brother-in-law, Bishop A. J. Steiner - Burial: Midway Church Cem. - m6/1/1915 Mary Eva Witmer b8/16/1872 near North Lima,OH - d4/22/1922 North Lima,OH (no children) They were married only seven years when Mary died. Mary was buried in the Midway Church Cemetery, OH - Leetonia Reporter, 3/21/1905 Levi Yoder of Midway, sold a fine draft horse to S.S. Groner in Leetonia. - 6/25/1907 William Howe is a helper on the Levi Yoder farm. - 6/25/1907 Levi Yoder is having his barn painted red by Henry Oehrle. - 7/2/1907 A large corn crib has been built on the Levi Yoder farm. Henry Oehrle is the carpenter, William Howell the boss architect and Levi Yoder the assistant architect. (I think this was an attempt at humor; Sam Detwiler)

Yoder.-Levi, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Lesher) Yoder, was born near Leetonia, 0., Aug. 13, 1870; died at the home of his brother-in-law, Bishop A. J. Steiner, following a few days illness from heart trouble and other complications; aged 66 y. 6 m. 5 d. He was the only surviving member of the family, his father preceding him in death Feb. 5, 1905, his mother, Nov. 5, 1927, andone brother (Daniel), Oct. 5, 1874. He was united in marriage to Mary Whitmer of North Lima, 0., June 1, 1915, who also preceded him in death April 22, 1922. He united with the Mennonite Church when a young man, with which church he held his membership till death. He had a very tender conscience and a sincere desire to be true to the Lord in every endeavour for right. He served the Leetonia Mennonite Church as a trustee for many years and contributed freely to all enterprises of Church work, especially in lines of missions and charities. In the morning of the day he died he conversed cheerfully with those who were caring for him, saying that the doctor had told him some time ago that in one of these heart attacks he is liable to go,but smilingly remarked, "That does not worry me. He appeared ready to go. In a few hours he drifted into unconsciousness and shortly after midnight he passed on to his eternal reward, It may bea point of interest to his many friends to hear that he, through a will, remembered the three Mennonite churches locally with a liberal donation, as well as the General Mission Board, Goshen College, and Orphans Home at West Liberty, 0.  - Funeral services were held at the Midway Church Feb. 21, 1937, with Brethren S. A. Yoder, I. B. Witmer, and David Lehman in charge. Burial in adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald 4/1/1937 V.XXX no1,p14,15) ·

Obit- Yoder.-Mary Eva Yoder, nee Whitmer, was born Aug. 16, 1872, near North Lima Ohio; died near the same place April 22, 1922; aged 49 y. 8 m. 6 d. In June 1915, she was married to Levi Yoder of Leetonia, Ohio. In a little less than seven years this union was broken by her death. She is survived by her husband, mother-in-law, aged father, one brother (Paul E. Whitmer) and one sister (Mrs. A. J. Steiner) and five nephews, besides many other friends and relatives. Mary was a constant sufferer for more than a year but was able to care for herself most of the time until a few days before her death. During this long period of suffering she found her Savior increasingly precious to her and the source of her strength and hope, who alone made her suffering bearable. She was fully resigned to her Master's will relative to her sickness and death. She took a great interest in every one, especially her family, friends and relatives including her five nephews. Funeral at the Midway Church, Brethren I. W. Royer and I. B. Witmer officiating. Text, Psa. 34:19. Interment in the adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald,11 May 1922, p 127 )


YB134542 - Daniel Yoder - d10/5/1874/1, died at the age of 5y 7m 11d.. (Obits of Elizabeth Lesher Yoder & Levi Yoder) Burial: Row3,S-N,n13; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records)


YB13455 -   John H. Yoder-N -b4/21/1844 Columbiana Co.,OH-d11/12/1921 at the home of Wm. Compton of the same area, age 77 single-bur: R3,s-N,n2;Burial: Row3,S-N,n3; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp., Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records) - Leetonia Reporter Articles of OH on John H. Yoder (YB13455) - 4/27/1900 JHY has employed Abram Hall for the summer. - 5/11/1900 JHY was at Greenford(Ohio) Tuesday. 9/7/1900 - JHY is building a new house. - 1/18/1901 Carpenters are now finishing JHY€™s new house. - 3/8/1901 Warner & Warner are moving their sawmill to the farm of JHY, to saw lumber for a new barn. - 4/5/1901 Warner & Warner finished sawing lumber for JHY's barn. - 4/5/1901 JHY sold his fat cattle to E.H.Ziegler. - 4or5/10/1901 G.W. Armstrong, of Lisbon is raising the barn for JHY today. - 5/17/1901 JHY bought a horse from C.W.Lodge. - 7/31/1901 JHY is the owner of a new Milburn wagon - 7/31/1901 George Kridler has been the assistant carpenter at JHY new barn the past week. - 8/14/1901 JHY€™s barn is being built by John H. Heckler. There were more mentions of JHY visiting people and traveling on business. - 2/3/1904 JHY broke his leg hauling logs. - 10/5/1904The oil well drilled on JHY's farm is a duster (no good). - 10/5/1904 George Bush is enlarging JHY's straw shed. - 2/12/1907 John H Yoder and sisters went to New Springfield to visit their cousin, Mrs.. Shearer - 5/22/1907 A company has been prosecting the sand of the Gilbert farm and has secured the right of way through John H. Yoder's farm for the switch to the PFW&C RR. - 4/22/1908 The Natural Gas Company is pulling the drive pipe from the well on John H. Yoder's farm. The well is some 4 years old. - 5/13/1908 John H. Yoder and Jacob L. Weaver left yesterday for a weeks visit to Elkhart, Ind. - Gospel Herald, Jan. 26, 1922, p 846, 847, Yoder - John Yoder was born in Columbiana Co., O., May 21, 1844; died at the home of Wm. Compton, near the same place, Nov. 12, 1921; aged 77 y. 5 m. 21 d. Two brothers and 2 sisters preceded him in death and 1 sister (Mary) remains to mourn his departure. He was afflicted with blindness about six years, but enjoyed reasonable health until the last. Death came suddenly caused by heart trouble. He was a member of the Wisler Mennonite Church. He was very charitable, ready to help those in need. Funeral services at the Leetonia Church in charge of Brethren Daniel Martin, I. B. Witmer and Jacob Burkhart. Text, Luke, 19:10. Interment in nearby cemetery.


YB13456 - Sarah Yoder-N -b7/13/1846 OH-d4/16/1916 single - Burial: Row3,S-N,n3; Nold Men. Cem.,FairfieldTwp.,Columbiana,OH (Cemetery Records)

YB13457 - Mary Yoder-N -b5/10/1849 OH-d9/1925- Row 3, S-N 1st Nold Men. Cem.,OH

YB1346-Nancy (Anna)Yoder - b2/11/1812-d9/2/1882 ,,Wayne,OH - mAmos Holdeman-of Wayne Co., OH - d12/29/1888 ,,Jasper,MO - HOLDEMAN.-On the 2nd of Sept. 1882, in Wayne Co., Ohio, Nancy, wife of Amos Holdeman, aged 70 years, 6 months and 21 days. She lived a married life over 53 years, and was the mother of 9 children. She was buried at the Mennonite burying ground where funeral services were held by Henry Beery, Isaac Good and others. She suffered much bodily affliction for many years, and had many severe spiritual trials, but through them all, and notwithstanding the strong efforts that were made to lead her to deny the faith she had covenanted to abide in, she remained faithful in the religion of her fathers unto the end of her life, He that is faithful unto death shall obtain a crown of life. (Herald of Truth, January 1883 p12,13) - HOLDEMAN - On the 29th of December, in Jasper county, Mo., of paralysis, Amos Holdeman, formerly of Wayne county, Ohio, aged nearly 81 years. He was buried on the afternoon of the 30th. Services by Henry Herr, ? Frank and Amos Seider. (Herald of Truth January 15,1889,p30,31)


YB1347 - Peter K. Yoder-b11/10/1813-PA Moved to Salem Twp.,Columbiana Co.,OH in 1826 (YNL). Lived near parents and brothers - mMary Knapp/Knopp

YB13471 - Solomon Yoder

YB13472 - Joel (Joseph) Yoder

YB13473 - Jacob (David) Yoder b4/15/1850 Mahoning Co.,OH - d10/11/1919 Falls City,NE - Lovina Lesher - Moved to Richardson Co.,NE

YB134731 - Frances Yoder b2/9/1873 OH - d11/3/1888 in a farm accident

YB134732 - Euphema Yoder bOH

YB134733 - Willis Yoder b9/1879 NE

YB134734 - Lottie Yoder b1/1881 NE

YB134735 - Dallas Yoder b8/1882 Falls City,NE - d1941 Falls City,NE - mGoldie Pearl Cook b12/13/1886 - 9/2/1970

YB134736 - Vera Yoder b8/1894

YB13474 - Rebecca Yoder

YB1348-Jacob Yoder-b10/29/1816 PA- d3/25/1900 Leetonia,OH m4/26/1846 Columbiana Co.,OH Elizabeth Lehman b12/1/1819 - d2/29/1892 PA - A farmer in Salem Twp.,Columbiana Co.,OH in 1850. His farm was worth $6800 in 1860. (OH 1860 Census, p411)

YB13481 - Mary Yoder-bOH

YB13482 - Anna Yoder-bOH - m12/17/1874 Mahoning Co.,OH John Blosser

YB13483 - Barbara Yoder-bOH - mAl Otto

YB13484 - John L. Yoder- b9/1/1855 OH - d4/2/1940 - m12/30/1886 Columbiana Co.,OH Mary Nold Men. - Leetonia Reporter, 2/19/1902- John L. Yoder family is quarantined with scarlet fever.

YB134841 - Ada Yoder - Leetonia Reporter, 2/6/1912 Miss Ada Yoder from north of Columbiana is helping Mrs John L. Wisler during her illness.

YB13485 - Elizabeth Yoder - bOH

YB13486 - Sarah Yoder

YB13487 - Jacob Yoder b7/18/1865 Columbiana,OH - d8/25/1837 Columbiana,OH - mKatie Basinger

YB135 - Abraham Sell Yoder (Joder)S - b10/20/1780 - d9/9/1834 at 53 years (read Tombstone,Tammy & Karolyn Roberts)- mEva Gehman (dau. of Abraham Gehman & Franey ? of Lower Milford Twp.)(Abstract File #5398? Bk10/p371 Abraham Gehman) b6/20/1791 - d9/3/1834 (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) - Bur: Saucon Cemetery (Non-Amish Index #2)


YB1351 - David G. Yoder b2/26/1822 Lehigh,PA - d4/11/1901 Lehigh Co.,PA - mSusanna Kauffman b8/11/1825 - d9/11/1901(Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13511 - Samuel K. YoderE b1847 - d1917 near Elkhart,IN - m12/2/1872 Bridget O€™Harrow (Non-Amish Index #2) b12/11/1849 - d4/12/1907 Bristol,Elkhart,IN at age 57 (Elkhart Co. Deaths, H-15)Yoder.-Bridget O'Hara Yoder, wife of Samuel K. Yoder, was born Dec. 11, 1849; died April 12, 1907; aged 57 Y., 4 M., 1 D. She was married to S. K. Yoder, Dec. 2, 1872, who, with four children, survives her. About three years ago they moved from Coopersburg, Pa., to Elkhart Co., Ind., and made their home with their daughter. She was a child who never knew the care of father or mother, but was reared in a good Christian home, that of Pre. Abel Straun of Coopersburg, Pa., where the writer also was partly brought up from childhood to manhood, and we were considered as brother and sister and members of one family. She always had the best record as an honest and honorable woman. In early life she sought the Lord and was a constant attendant at church services. (Herald of Truth, August 15, 1907, page 298, 299)


YB135111 -Lillie Yoder b1874

YB135112 - John O. Yoder b1876 - mSusan Dice b1886

YB135113 - Frank O. Yoder b1879 - mLavilla Z. Eisenhard b1882 - d1941

YB135114 - David O. Yoder b1881 - mAddie E. Eichelberger b1900

YB13512 - Anna Elizabeth Yoder b1851 - dApr.1860 (Non-Amish Index #2)


YB13513 - Henry K. Yoder b8/12/1853 Lehigh Co.,PA - d7/23/1940 Lehigh,PA (Non-Amish Index #2) - m1876 Eliza Ann Boehm (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records]) b12/1/1853 - d9/6/1931 Lehigh Co. - Burial: Springfield Church of Brethren

YB135131 - Martha J. Yoder b8/1880 - d1962 - m1901 Howard E. Breisch b3/1876 - d1972

YB135132 - Mathilda Yoder b4/1886 - d12/1946 - mLeo Weider b1877 - d1972

YB135133 - Susan Yoder (died young)

YB135134 - William Henry Yoder b6/27/1892 Lehigh Co. - d12/27/1968 Lehigh Co. - m12/7/1912 Lehigh,PA Emma E. Moatz b8/14/1895 - d11/11/1988

YB13514 - Matilda K. Yoder b1858 - d1903 - mJohn H. Ackerman (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13515 - Mary Ann Yoder b1/11/1862 - mQuintus Musselman (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13516 - Emma K. Yoder b1864 - d1954 - mHenry M. Landis (YB1353) (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13517 - William Yoder b1868 - mJennie Musselman (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB1352 - Susanna Yoder b - mEphriam Zuck - Moved to IN

YB1353 - Abraham G. Yoder Eb5/27/1831 - d4/12/1884 - m4/13/1854 Mahoning Co.,OH Nancy B. Yoder (YB1377) b4/24/1825 PA - d4/12/1884 - Moved to IN. Burial: Olive Cemetery,Elkhart,IN - Moved from Mahoning Co.,OH to Locke Twp.,Elkhart Co.,IN in 1865. · YB13531 - Nathan Yoder bOH (died young)

YB13532 - Malinda Yoder b6/8/1857 OH - d10/12/1929 - m9/6/1885 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 6-547) Abraham Lincoln Nittero b5/3/1861 - d8/1/1950

YB13533 - Elizabeth Yoder b4/9/1859 OH - d7/1949 - m11/14/1880 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850-1920, 5-453) Isaac Moyers b1859 - d1940

YB13534 - Amos Yoder b1869 - d8/28/1890 - mNancy ?

YB13515 - Infants Yoder (Several infants buried at Midway,Mahoning,OH)

YB136 - Maria Sell Yoder - b12/2/1783 - d1849 - mMichael Landis -b 1767- d1839 (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)

YB137 - Peter Sell Yoder - b7/16/1786 Northhampton,Northampton,PA  - d1/15/1861 Midway,Mahoning,OH - mElizabeth Brunner b4/28/1793 - d3/21/1867 (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) - Arrived in OH in 1826. On the 20th of March, in Beaver Township, Mahoning Co., Ohio, of typhoid fever, MALINDA, widow of John H. BIXLER. On the following morning, near the same place, at the residence of her son, ELIZABETH YODER, Grandmother of the above, and widow of Peter Yoder, dec'd. aged 73 years, 10 months, and 24 days. She was long a member of the Mennonite Church, and for more than five years constantly confined to her bed, and seldom able to speak audibly. Often, when hearing of a death, she expressed ardent desire to be released also; yet she bore her severe affliction with patience and resignation. They were both buried on the 22nd, the former immediately after the latter. Funeral services were delivered by the brethren Jacab Culp and Samuel Good, from Rev., 21:1-8. John H. Yoder. (Herald of Truth May 1867, p79) ·


YB1371 - Lewis B. Yoder - b11/9/1814 Oversaucon Twp.,Lehigh,PA- d12/10/1906 Midway,Beaver Twp.,Mahoning,OH at 92 years - m12/7/1837 by Preacher Sonnedecker Sarah Detwiler (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records]) bc1818 - d1900 - Burial: Midway Meetinghouse Cem. -Leetonia Reporter, 11/20/1901-At the public sale of Lewis Yoder(YB1371) an ancient clock, more then 100 years old, sold for $101.50 to A.R. Grove. - Leetonia Reporter, 1/8/1902 - Leetonia Reporter, 12/19/1906 The funeral for Lewis Yoder was last Friday at Midway Mennonite Church. Several families from here (Greenford) attended. - Sarah(Detwiler) Yoder died Thursday, she was 85 years old. - Leetonia Reporter, 12/16/1903 - Lewis Yoder is sick with pneumonia. He is in his 90th year. Yoder.-Lewis Yoder was born Nov. 9, 1814, in Oversaucon Twp., Lehigh Co., Pa.; died Dec. 10, 1906, in Beaver Twp., Mahoning Co., Ohio; aged 92 Y., 1 M., 1 D. When twelve years of age he moved with his parents to Beaver township, of which he was a resident until death. On Dec. 7, 1837, he was married to Sarah Detwiler by Pre. Sonnedecker, to which union were born three daughters and six sons. After sixty-four years of married life his wife died. Two daughters (Mary and Elizabeth), four sons (Peter Thomas, Manassa and Fremont) preceded him in death. Of the three remaining children, two (Henry D. Yoder and Hannah Martin) reside in Mahoning Co., Ohio, and Joseph D. in Newton, Kan. Eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren are living. Early in married life he and wife united with the Mennonite church, to which they remained faithful until death. His seat in church was seldom vacant when able to attend. One of his grandchildren, Minnie Reichard, with her husband, is a missionary in India, in the United Brethren church. He was confined to his bed in a sitting posture since March 6, 1906. While the body was gradually growing weaker he never complained, but expressed his desire that the Lord should take him home. His memory was remarkably good for one of his age. Buried at Midway Meetinghouse, Dec. 14, where funeral services were conducted by David S. Lehman and Allen Richert, Text, Gen. 25:8. (Herald of Truth, Jan. 3, 1907, p 9 )

YB13711 - Mary Yoder - (died young)

YB13712 - Peter D. Yoder - m? ? - died at age 24· YB137121 - Alice Yoder - m? Steiner

YB13713 - Joseph D. Yoder b5/29/1842 Mahoning,OH - d12/19/1915 Kiowa Co.,CO . m4/9/1865 Mahoning,OH Lydia Mellinger b5/31/1841 OH - d2/17/1915 Kiowa Co.,CO- resided at Newton,KS

YB137131 - Willis Yoder b1806 OH (died as an infant)

YB137132 - Edwin Yoder b1/26/1867 OH - d1945 Santa Anna,Orange,CA - Single ·

YB137133 - Franklin Yoder b1869 OH - d1892 Reading,Shasta Co.,CA - Single

YB137134 - Missionary Mary Jane Yoder b8/31/1871 Beaver Falls,Beaver,PA - d3/19/1943 Pasadena,CA - m1/8/1903 Canton,McPherson,KS Missionary Norman Reichard - Missionaries in India

YB137135 - Clarence Theodore Yoder b11/17/1873 Beaver Falls,Beaver,PA - d8/9/1964 Rocky Ford,Otero,CO - mOtero,CO Lorena D. Jones

YB137136 - Oliver Yoder b10/24/1877 Mahoning Co.,OH - d3/28/1908 Harvey Co.,KS - Single - Buried: Newton,KS

YB137137 - Francis R. Yoder b8/31/1879 Mahoning Co.,OH - d3/30/1951 Santa Anna,CA - mOskaloosa,IA Mabel Nicholson

YB137138 - Harvey A. Yoder b3/19/1880 Mahoning Co.,OH - d10/1900 McPherson Co.,KS - Buried: Spring Valley Twp - Single

YB137139 - Ira J. Yoder b8/27/1881 Mahoning Co.,OH - d10/1900 McPherson Co.,KS - Single - Reports are that Harvey & Ira died together in a farm accident and were buried at the same time.

YB13713a - Sarah Melissa Yoder b8/22/1885 Hesston,Harvey,KS - d4/29/1970 CA - Buried: Inglewood,CA - m1/16/1912 Hesston,Harvey,KS Thomas H. Dunlavy, Jr.

YB13714 - Elizabeth Yoder - m? - No children.

YB13715 -Hannah Yoder - mSolomon Martin - Resided in Mahoning Co.,OH in 1906

YB13716 -Henry D. Yoder - b9/27/1856 - d10/6/1916 - mEva Blower - Resided in Mahoning Co.,OH in 1906

YB13717 - Fremont Yoder - (died at age 3)

YB13718 - Manassas Yoder - (died young)

YB13719 - Thomas D. Yoder - (stayed single)

YB1372 - Abraham Yoder - b7/3/1819 PA - mElizabeth Nold Men. (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records])

YB13721 - Katharin Yoder - b9/14/1844 - d8/28/1912 Midway,Lewiston,OH - m4/20/1869 Isaac Flohr

YB13722 - Ann Yoder - b7/20/1846 - d3/3/1858 Lewiston,OH

YB13723 - William (Abraham) Yoder - b6/3/1848 - d12/21/1928 Falls City,NE - m6/10/1869 Mahoning,OH Harriet Grove - Burial: Falls City,NE

YB137231 - Irvin Yoder - bOH

YB137232 - George Yoder - bOH

YB137233 - Noah Yoder - bOH - mRose Baker

YB137234 - Henry Alpheus Yoder - bOH - m 1Della Foos - m 2??

YB137235 - Homer Yoder - bOH - mNellie Wheeler

YB137236 - Abraham Yoder - mMabel Everett

YB137237 - Alice Yoder - mLloyd Sweargin


YB13724 - Noah Nold Men. Yoder b1/11/1850 North Lima,OH - d4/7/1915 Wadsworth,OH of heart trouble - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. - m4/11/1875 Susannah Markly Overhold (Medina Co.,OH Births 1867-1908,V1,p70) - b2/3/1852 - YODER, Noah N., born January 11 1850 in North Lima, the son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Nold Men. ) YODER, a retired farmer, resided 322 College St., Died April 7, 1915 of heart trouble, age 65, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, married April 11, 1875 to Susannah Markly OVERHOLT, wife and 5 children survive. (Wadsworth Banner Press, 4/4&15/1915) - 1900 Medina,OH Census lists Noah & Susan, with Enos, Lizzie, and Harry living at home.

YB137241 - Dr. Isaac (Ivan) Yoder - b12/30/1875 River Styx,Guilford,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Births 1867-1908,V1,p70) - d7/12/1934 Clevelanda,OH - Burial: Lakewood Menn. Cem. - m 1Flora Herr d1911 m 2Bertha Zigler of Seville - YODER, Dr. Ivan I., born in River Styx, Died in Cleveland Thursday, age 58, buried Lakewood Memorial Cemetery, son of Mrs. Susan YODER, survived by his widow, Bertha Zigler YODER, a former Seville girl, his mother, 3 brothers, 1 sister. (Wadsworth Banner Press, 7/19/1934, p8)

YB137242 - Harvey O. Yoder - b11/6/1877 Guilford,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Births 1867-1908,V1,p87) mMayme Robinson

YB137243 - Enos Uncr Yoder - b3/17/1881 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Births 1867-1908,V1,p109) - mMargaret Lila Kindig

YB137243? - Wayne Noah Yoder - b8/25/1915 - d3/29/2015 at his home, River Styx/Wadsworth,OH (Yoder Newsletter, Issue 66)

YB137244 - Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Yoder - b1/2/1882 Guilford,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Births 1867-1908,V1,p119) - mGilbert Holzer

YB137245 - Henry Harrison (Harry) Yoder - b10/1888 /Guilford,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Births 1867-1908,V2,#9060) - d8/1/1964 Concord,OH - m4/8/1917 Wadsworth,OH Margaret Eliza Dannley b 5/9/1892 - d7/31/1978

YB1372451 - Robert Nold Yoder b2/16/1921 Brecksville,OH - d4/27/2017 Naples,FL (Yoder Nsltr Issue #70, Oct. 2017)

YB13725 - Jacob N. Yoder - b4-30-1852 - d12-11-1925 Los Angeles,CA - m5/5/1887 Columbiana,OH Jennie Holloway b

YB137251 - Ray Yoder - b1888 - mHelen Cooper

YB137252 - Arthur Yoder - b1889 - d1939

YB13726 - Owen N. Yoder - b4/7/1854 N. Lima,OH + d11-11-1886 E. Lewiston,OH - m2-21-1874/8 N. Lima,OH Sevilla Mentor/Muster b12/9/1847 - d1943

YB137261 - Manford H. Yoder - b6/24/1879 Wadsworth Twp.,Medina ,OH - m b9/9/1902 Clara Belle Smith b8/23/1877 OH (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB1372611 - Marion Lucille Yoder - b10/9/1906 Warren,Trumbull,OH - d4/21/1994 Westlake,CuyahogaCo.,OH (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB1372612 - Martha Jean Yoder - b1/5/1914 Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH - d10/5/2001 Westerville,DelawareCo.,OH (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB137262 - Clinton Yoder b8/5/1880 WadsworthTwp.,Medina,OH - 3/6/1903 - m2/18/1903 Mertie Ella Jones b12/19/1877 (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB137263 - Pearl May Yoder b4/4/1882 WadsworthTwp.,Medina,OH - d6/12/1918 - m11/9/1901 Harry C. Stainfield b5/7/1875 OH - d6/2/1960 Ashtabtabula,OH Children are: Elmer James Stainfield, Alice Pearl Stainfield, Hazel May Stainfield,& Erma Luella Stainfield. (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB137264 - Carl Minter Yoder - b7/4/1885 WadsworthTwp.,Medina,OH - d9/28/1944 Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH - m10/17/1907 Salem,OH Bertha Leoara Cobbs b10/8/1886 OH - d9/12/1948 Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH - Founded the Yoder Co. In Cleveland in 1910 (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB1372641 - Mildred Lucille Yoder - b9/28/1912 Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH - d4/30/1980 Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH - m4/25/1942 Lakewood,OH Edmund Herbert Kanzenbach b12/24/1915 Portage,Columbia,WI - d10/1/1979 Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB1372642 - Doulgas Owen Yoder -b3/18/1918 Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH - d12/18/1992 Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH - m2/15/1947 Ruth Georgia Reuter b8/5/1922 Lakewood,Cuyahoga.OH - d6/9/2004 Apache Junction,,AZ (Raye Kanzenbach)

YB13727 - Abraham N. Yoder b7/8/1856 - d8/6/1911 E Palestine,OH - m1897 1Harriet Legro Libby - m1902 2Lillian Alice Greiner - 6/25/1907- Mr. & Mrs. A. N. Yoder of Butte City, MT are visiting friend and relatives in East Palestine and Beaver township.

YB13728 - Peter N. Yoder b12/7/1858 - d4/22/1952 - m12/14/1882 Medina Co.,OH Mary M. (Marion) Smith - b7/1858 OH (1900 Census) Buried: Spring Grove Cem.,Medina,OH (Medina C.H. & Obit Records) - 1900 Census, Medina,OH lists Peter, Mary, Emma, Hallie, Homer, & Helen; Peter is a Shoe Merchant.

YB137281 - Emma May Yoder b2/1/1884 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V2,#6621) - mHarry J. Ludwig

YB137282 - Halcyon (Hallie) Alma Yoder b6/4/1886 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V2,#8254) - Single

YB137283 - Dr. Homer P. Yoder b1/20/1889 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V2,#9062) - mCatherine Dunn - Resided at Cleveland,OH - Homer was a dentist.

YB137284 - Helen Elizabeth Yoder b3/18/1893 Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908,V2,#10623)

YB13729 - Enos Yoder - b1/5/1861 N. Lima,OH - d12/2/1944 E. Palestine,OH - m10/26/1892 Rose Ann Greiner - b11/7/1863 Unity,OH - d6/5/1958 E. Palestine,OH - Resided in E. Palestine,OH

YB137291 - Helen Yoder - b1893

YB137292 - George Clayton Yoder - b1894 - d1895

YB137293 - Leonard G. Yoder - b6/25/1896 E. Palestine,OH - d7/16/1977 E. Palestine,OH - m11/7/1942 Macon,GA Dorothy Rivers b10/11/1917

YB137294 - Lester L. Yoder - b1900 - mEleanor Jury - Lawyer in Cleveland,OH

YB1372a - Sarah Yoder - b1/30/1863 - m1888 Eli Blosser - Resided in E. Palestine,OH

YB1372b - John Yoder - b7/9/1865 - m1889 Jennie Maria Arner - Resided at North Lima,OH

YB1372b1 - Leonard A. Yoder - b1895 - d1952 - mEdythe Bollinger

YB1373 - John B. Yoder - b12/7/1821 PA - d3/11/1865 or 66 - m10/14/1846 Columbiana,OH Susan B. Wisler b1829 OH - d5/6/1865 Occupation: Blacksmith. Burial: Midway,OH (Non-Amish Index #2)


YB13731 - Anthony Yoder - b1848 (Non-Amish Index #2) - Leetonia Reporter, 10/9/1900 - Jonas Hoover, a hardware merchant of Nappanee, IN, Mr. and Mrs. A Yoder(YB13731) of Foraker, IN, Mr. and Mrs.. Jacob Myers of Nappanee,IN, and Mr. and Mrs. Eli Yoder(YB13733) of Wakarusa, IN, were visitors in Midway, OH the past week.

YB13732 - Sevilla Yoder - b5/3/1854 - d1/31/1897- m12/28/1879 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 5-832) Joseph N. Freed (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13733 - Eli Yoder - Eb3/31/1859 - d2/2/1952 - m1/6/1883 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850 - 1920, 6-192) Elizabeth (Lizzie) Freed/Freer Elkhart Co;IN (Non-Amish Index #2) - Resided in Wakarusa, IN. - Leetonia Reporter, 8/27/1906 Eli Yoder and daughter Orpha (YB137332) of Nappanee Ind. are visiting the area. The girl is deaf and goes to school in Chicago.

YB137331 - Orville Lloyd Yoder b12/23/1886 Elkhart Co.,IN (Elkhart Co. Births, Book3,p29) - d1965 - m1/11/1908 Elkhart Co.,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 18-108) Elsie W. Good b7/25/1886 - d12/31/1921 - Leetonia Reporter, 1/17/1907 Lloyd Yoder of Nappanee Ind. is visiting the area. - 2/1/1907 J.M.Knopp and family accompanied Lloyd Yoder to see the sites in Salem Saturday,including the potteries.

YB137332 - Orpha Blanche Yoder b10/8/1890 Elkhart Co.,IN (Elkhart Co. Births, Book5, p25) d1/28/1962 - m8/25/1917 (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 26-605) Roy O. Chambers - Orpha went to school in Chicago, School for her hearing impairment.


YB137333 -  Rev. Ray Freed Yoder Eb2/21/1893 IN - d1/13/1963 IN - m2/20/1913 Clara Elnora Smeltzer (daughter of Deacon Samuel Smeltzer& Saloma Burkey, b1857-d1933 of the Holdeman Congregation) b11/8/1891 ,,Elkhart,IN - d5/4/1960 Goshen,IN - They had nine children. Ray first united with the Holdeman Church where his wife was a member, but late in 1914, he transferred to the Salem Congregation. There he was ordained as a preacher on Feb. 6, 1918 by Bishop D. A. Yoder, a distant cousin, upon recommendation of the Conference Executive Committee and with Congregational approval. He was ordained Bishop of the district at the Yellow Creek Meetinghouse on July 4, 1937 by D.D. Troyer of Clinton Frame. (Ray tended to be rather conservative in his discipline). He was a strong leader in the Iniana-Michigan Conference, and served on the Executive Committee, 1931-42, and as Moderator, 1948-50. He served as Bishop at Yellow Creek until 1954. During his service, he ordained Peter B. Wiebe as a minister and a bishop. He also ordained Abram Hartman. Burial: Yellow Creek North Cemetery (Source: The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger) · Note: Salem Church was part of the Yellow Creek District (Salem being made up from the former congregations of the Christophels Church [mostly French Mennonite],& the Blossers Church [made up of the Swiss Mennonites]. Ray's daughter gave the old Christophel diaries and documents to the Mennonite Seminary and they in turn sent them to the Netherlands. (Source: The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger) - Yoder, Clara Elnora, daughter of Samuel and Saloma (Burkey) Smeltzer, was born Nov. 8, 1891, in Elkhart Co., Ind.; died of cancer May 4, 1960, at the home of her daughter, Marie, Goshen, Ind.; aged 68 y. 5 m. 26 d. She was married on Feb. 20, 1913, to Ray F. Yoder, who survives. She faithfully fulfilled her duties as a minister€™s wife and the mother of 9 children. Surviving are their 9 children (Marie A., Goshen, Ind.; Pauline-Mrs. Myron Amstutz, Toledo, Ohio; Robert Truman, Swanton, Ohio; Sanford R., Benton, Ind.; John Mark, Chicago, Ill.; Clayton, Phoenix, Ariz.; Martha-Mrs. Lester Miller, Toledo, Ohio; Lenore-Mrs. Richard Snodey, Washington, D.C.; and Wayne C., Goshen, Ind.), 16 grandchildren, 5 brothers, and 2 sisters. She was a member of the Salem congregation, New Paris, Ind. Funeral services were held May 6 at the Yellow Creek Church in charge of Harold Myers and Ray Keim; interment in Yellow Creek Cemetery. (Gospel Herald Obits 5/31/1960, V.LIII,N22,p502-503)


YB1374 - Peter B. Yoder - b6/13/1823 PA - d9/7/1908 - m8/27/1854 Mahoning,OH Leah Stauffer b12/7/1828 - d2/24/1906 - Peter was a carpenter. - Leetonia Reporter, 4/29/1904 - Mrs. Peter B. Yoder of East Lewistown is quite poorly with dropsy.

YB13741 - Mary Yoder - b1856 OH

YB13742 - Isaac Yoder - bOH - m(No Children)

YB13743 -Sarah Yoder - bOH - m ? Ruppert

YB13744 - Unknown Yoder - b

YB13745 - Unknown Yoder - b

YB1375 - Tobias B. Yoder - b2/5/1827 OH - mMary Mellinger - d2/6/1854 Midway

YB1376 - Polly Yoder - Eb ? - mPeter Lehman (son of Jacob & Marie Lehman) Bur: Yellow Creek Cemetery,Elkhart,IN

YB1377 - Nancy B. Yoder - b4/24/1825 PA - m4/13/1854 Mahoning,OH Abraham G. Yoder (YB1353) - d9/6/1885or1883

YB1378 - Henry B. Yoder - Eb6/6/1829 Mahoning Co.,OH-d3/18/1899 near Wakarusha, IN - m9/26/1852 Elizabeth Byxler b8/30/1833 Mercer Co.,PA- d12/24/1889 (Source: South Bend Weekly Trib., near Wakarusha,IN) (Non-Amish Index #2) Burial: Yellow Creek Cem. Born in Mahoning Co., OH, moved to Owen Co., IN and was a part of the Bower Congregation. Then moved to Elkhart Co., in 1865 into the Holdeman Congregation. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p189) Moved back to Mahoning Co. 1856 from Elkhart Co. and then back to Elkhart Co. c1866. (  Picture from the Yoder Newsletter, N43, Apr 2004 of Henry B. Yoder Family: Left to right; Nicholas B., Susannah B., Peter B., Henry B., Anthony B., Elizabeth B., Abraham B.)


YB13781 - Peter B. Yoder Eb9/17/1855 Clay City,Owen,IN - d5/1/1943 Elkhart,IN and buried at Olive Cem. - m9/25/1881 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 5-580) 1Mary Fretz b7/3/1864 - d2/24/1886 St. Joseph Co.,IN -

YODER - On the 24th of Feb., in St. Joseph county, Ind., Mary, wife of Peter Yoder, aged 21 years, 7 months and 22 days. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church and the kindest of companions and mothers. She leaves a sorrowing husband and two children to mourn their loss, which we hope, is her eternal gain. She was buried on the 26th, in the South Union graveyard, Nappanee, where a large concourse of friends and relatives assembled to pay their last tribute of respect to the deceased sister. Funeral services were conducted by J. A. Bentler, Noah Metzler and David Burkholder, from 1 Peter 1:24.(Herald of Truth, March 15, 1886, p94, 95) - m7/19/1888 2Emma Huber b2/20/1867 Ft. Jennings,Putnam,IN - d10/20/1926, burial: Olive Cem. (Non-Amish Index #2) Note: Probably as early as 1853, a sizable congregation of Mennonites gradually developed in Clay & Owen Counties, IN and completely disappeared by the 1920's. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites,p17)

Note: In 1942, Peter B. told emphatically that the first Sunday School was started at Holdeman in 1866, was stopped, and was resumed later. If so, Holdeman was the pioneer Mennonite congregation in northern IN for a Sunday School. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p82) Moved to Elkhart Co. from the Bower Congregation in Owen Co. (p90)

YB137811 - William Henry Yoder b10/8/1882 - d2/17/1882 - Burial: S. Union Cem., Nappanee,IN

YB137812 -   David Abraham Yoder (known as D.A.) Eb10/14/1883 ,Elkhart,IN - d1/27/1980 ,Elkhart,IN - m3/17/1906 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850-1920, 15-125) Frances T. Ferguson b2/20/1886-d10/14/1958. Note: In the early years of this century (1900's) there was a promising young man named David A. Yoder in the Holdeman Congregation, a high school graduate & a schoolteacher , commonly known in his mature years as "D.A. Bishop Burkholder ordained him as a preacher when age 23 on July 14, 1907 at Holdeman, with the understanding that he would go wherever he was needed as a minister. There were three young men in the lot. D.A.'s father, Peter B. Yoder (1955-1943) was one of them, who was born in Owen Co,IN and the maiden name of D.A.'s mother was Mary Fretz. D.A.'s wife was Frances Ferguson (1886-1958). D.A. Yoder was given charge of the Olive Congregation of about 50 members in 1908 & continued that charge for over 40 years, and was ordained bishop in the historic Yellow Creek (frame) Meetinghouse (now Wisler) on September 1, 1910 by Bishop Burkholder. . He was chosen by lot, the usual Mennonite practice for centuries. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p77&90)

At the 1945 Centennial, D.A. Yoder, area bishop for a whole generation over Olive, Holdeman, & various other congregations, was one of the speakers. At his death, he had been a minister for over 72 years and a bishop for over 69 years, an all-time record for the Mennonites. The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p44) In 1949, there was an abrupt change of leadership in the Olive Church and D.A. Yoder & Clarence Shank were retired as active leaders. (p91) D.A. was a member of the Board of Education for about 40 years, half of that time as president, and following that as a life member. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p91) Burial: East Olive Cem. (p91)·


YB1378121 - Dale F. Yoder b8/24/1909 Elkhart Co.,IN (Elkhart Co. Births, Book 7,p108)

YB1378122 - Lowell L. Yoder - b1912 - d1989 (Yoder Listserver Archive Files)

YB13781221 - Keith E. Yoder - 1936 - (Yoder Listserver Archive Files)

YB137812? - Lois Yoder - Em6/20/1939 Ivan K. Weaver b1915 - On Nov. 20, 1949, Ivan was ordained preacher by D.A. at Yellow Creek for service at Petoskey, MI; and bishop at Petoskey Aug. 17, 1951 by R. F. Yoder. They moved into the Olive congregation later and was asked to assume the oversight of the Church there and he served until 1975. They had six children. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites) Note: Ivan had a brother, Virgil C. Weaver, 1907- , who was ordained and married to Mary Hoover of Harrison Twp., grandaughter of Deacon N. S. Hoover, and was rated as one of the best Gurnsey dairymen in the state. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p43)

YB13781223 - Kenneth W. Yoder (Mail Manager for Yoder Newsletter) (Yoder Newsletter, Issue #65)

YB137813 - John Leander Yoder b2/6/1886 IN - d6/19/1959 - m2/16/1907 ,Elkhart,IN Nellie Lopp b9/25/1886 - d10/14/1952 - Burial: Olive Cem.,Elkhart,IN

YB137814 - Harvey Nicholas Yoder b5/5/1889 St. Joeseph,IN - d2/21/1976 - m11/23/1910 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 21-158) Eliza Newcomer b12/17/1888 - d9/20/1958 - Burial: Olive Cem.,Elkhart,IN

YB1378141 - Merrill J. Yoder - d119/2017, age 101 - Mishawaka,IN (Yoder Newsletter Issue 71,April 2018)

YB1378142 - David W. Yoder d19/24/2017 Elkhart,IN - age 97 (Yoder Newsletter Issue 71,April 2018)

YB137815 - Jacob Oscar Yoder b11/22/1890 - d1/2/1891 St. Joe Co,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Deaths, H-12)

YB137816 - Anna Elizabeth Yoder b11/17/1891 - d4/26/1892 Mad Twp.,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Deaths, H-12)

YB137817 - George Vernon Yoder b8/12/1893 IN - d2/1/1922 - m11/17/1914 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 24-245) Florence M. Enders b8/14/1896 - d4/26/1972

YB137818 - Forrest Anson Yoder b10/3/1895 IN - d10/27/1968 - m2/27/1919 Florence Bollinger b8/30/1899 - d7/22/1985

YB137819 - Clarence Earl Yoder b11/21/1897 IN - d4/24/1973 - m3/4/1937 Medford,OR Alma Brown/Bain b9/14/1911 - d10/1984

YB13781a - Mary Naomi Yoder b10/24/1900 - d12/19/1979 - m10/4/1928 Clarence Smeltzer b11/25/1891 - d2/8/1966

YB13781b - Huber Austin Yoder b7/14/1903 - d2/25/1959 - Burial: Prairie St. Cem.,Elkhart,Elkhart,IN - m8/20/1925 Laura Edith Thompson b8/24/1903 - d5/30/1986

YB13782 - Susannah B. Yoder b10/19/1857 - d8/1929 - m12/10/1874 Francis Marion Ritzman (Non-Amish Index #2) b7/27/1850 - d1/30/1886 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN - RITZMAN - On the 30th of Jan., near Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., of consumption, Francis Marion Ritzman, aged 35 years, 6 months and 3 days. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his early death. He was buried on Feb. 1st, on which occasion services were held by John Metzler and Henry Shaum from Rev. 14:13, and 2 Cor. 5:1. He desired to have peace with all men, and gave good evidence that he was at peace with God. (Herald of Truth Feb. 15, 1886, p62)

YB13783 - Elizabeth B. (Lizzie) Yoder b1/1/1860 - m9/8/1894 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 9-488) Amos Lechlitner (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13784 - William Henry Yoder b3/25/1862 - d10/10/1864 (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13785 - Nicholas B. Yoder b3/12/1864 - d4/24/1929 - m3/25/1892 Clara A. Longenecker b2/13/1869 IN - d7/26/1945 - Hardware Store (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB137851 - Wave Yoder b11/2/1893 - 8/5/1895

YB137852 - Merl A. Yoder b5/8/1895 IN - d5/3/1970 IN - m6/2/1923 Marie Stealy b6/14/1898 - Worked as overseer of Public Works in Cincinnati, then moved to Tipton,IN.

YB137853 - Worth N. Yoder b4/7/1899 IN - d7/1972 - m6/4/1931 Eva May Merrill b10/8/1900 - Resided in MI

YB137854 - Harriet (Hattie) Yoder b2/23/1903 - d9/4/1975 - m12/2/1925 Mark LaVerne Monteith b4/17/1901 - d3/29/1984 Elkhart,IN

YB137855 - Fern A. Yoder b1/16/1905 - d9/13/1906 Wakarshara,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co., IN Deaths - H-15)

YB13786 - Samuel B. Yoder b7/31/1866 - d1/29/1967 (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13787 - Rev. Abraham B. Yoder (A.B.) - Eb12/24/1867 - d3/1953 - m8/31/1889 Elkhart Co.,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920) - Mary M. Meyersb2/12/1869 ,Elkhart,IN - d2/21/1944 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN (Non-Amish Index #2) Note: Minister at the Menn. Br. Christ Church (Missionary Church now) (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p90) presiding elder of the district. (Bio. Hist. of Elkhart Co., IN

YB137871 - Ray O. Yoder b11/20/1893 IN - d12/1944 - m9/4/1915 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Marriages 1850-1920, 25-67) Mary Zolla Freed b1/30/1897 - d4/5/1980 (Non-Amish Index #2)

YB13788 - Anthony B. Yoder b3/2/1870 IN - d7/19/1943 - m9/18/1895 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850 - 1920,10-174) Clara Ehret b1/8/1871 IN - d6/24/1943 (Non-Amish Index #2) - d7/19/1943 - Businessman in Wakarusa,IN

YB137881 -Joy Oma Yoder b5/23/1898 IN - d11/15/1982 - m6/4/1915 Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Marriages 1850-1920, 25-479) Edgar Freed b6/9/1891 - d12/24/1964

YB137882 - Gale Yoder (boy) b6/22/1905 ,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co. Births, Book 18, p4) - d9/3/1908 Waka,Elkhart,IN (Elkhart Co.,IN Deaths, H-19)

YB137883 - Thomas Ford Yoder b12/24/1910 ,Elkhart,IN - d9/7/1949 - m6/25/1933 Dorothy Jane Hoover b4/15/1912 - d1/8/1986

YB13789 - Joseph B. Yoder b3/13/1874 - d8/31/1876 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN- Aug 31 st., near Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., JOSEPH, son of Henry and Elizabeth YODER, aged 1 year 5 months and 16 days. Buried at Yellow Creek grave-yard. Services by Henry Shaum and J.M. Culbertson. (Herald of Truth, OCTOBER 1876, page 175)

YB1379 - Maria Yoder - b6/6/1817 or 1816 -dage44 c1860 - m12/3/1835 Columbiana,OH Jacob Lehman - dage44 c1860 14 children, first in 1836, res. Beaver Twp,Mahoning,OH - Note: 14 children, first one born in 1836. Resided in Beaver Twp.,Mahoning,OH (Non-Amish Index #2)

John Lehman b ? - d9/25/1859 Age 19y 10m 2d. (An uncle to Mrs. Rueben Martin) (Source: Record of the Old Yellow Creek Cemetery, Entry 294)

YB138 - Barbara Sell Yoder - b1790 - d2/3/1862  - mJacob W. Landis - b1790 - d1869 (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) or d2/3/1862 (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records])

YB139 - Jacob Sell Yoder - Sb10/201792 Upper Saucon,Lehigh,PA - d12/3/1865 Coopersburg,Lehigh,PA  - mElizabeth L. Meyer b3/18/1797 - d7/19/1858 (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) - bur: Saucon Cemetery (Row 1,east side of church) - Recorded 8/9/1861-The we David Young and Barbara his wife, late Barbara Yoder, Esther Moyer, wife of Joseph O Moyer, late Esther Yoder, Levi Yoder, Henry Leatherman & Elizabeth (late) his wife, & Aaron Yoder, children & heirs at law of Jacob Yoder, late of Washington Twp., Berks Co, deceased, died intestate, have received of & from Rueben Yoder & Joseph O. Moyer, Adm. of the estate. (Misc. Grantee/Grantor in Reg. of Deeds-Berks Co.,PA N14-656) In the year of 1860, Jacob resided with daughter Hetty, the Joseph Moyer family. - Burial: Coopersburg Cem.,PA

YB1391 - Barbara Yoder b2/26/1819 - d1/25/1895 - mDavid Young - Burial: Coopersburg Cem.,PA

YB1392 - Abraham Yoder b3/27/1820 - d1/29/1862 - mSusan H. Young

YB13921 - Peter Yoder b8/21/1843 PA - d10/22/1903 - m 1Mary Ann Moyer - m 2Barbara Hunsicker - Burial: Blooming Glenn Menn. Cem., Bucks Co.,PA

YB139211 - Hannah M. Yoder b4/8/1872 - d8/21/1891 - Burial: Blooming Glen. Cem.

YB139212 - Samuel M. Yoder b8/29/1876 - d3/20/1951 - m1899 Ida S. Frantz - Resided at Milford Square,PA - Burial: St. Andrew's UCC, E Walnut St.,Perkasie,Bucks,PA

YB1392121 - Robert Frantz Yoder b12/3/1899 - d1953 - m1922 Mable Viola Wisler - Burial: St. Andrew's UCC,Bucks,PA

YB13922 - Samuel Yoder b12/23/1846 - d8/22/1922 - mEmeline Yoder Landis - Burial: Blooming Glen Menn. Cem., Bucks Co.,P

YB139221 - Abraham L. Yoder b11/27/1870 - d1/21/1899 Philadephia,PA - mRose M. Moyer - Abraham worked at or operated a grocery store (owned?) in Philadephia, was shot at the store and died.

YB139222 - Eliza L. Yoder b

YB139223 - Ida L. Yoder b

YB139224 - Annie L. Yoder b1884 - m1/3/1903 Plumstead Twp.,Bucks,PA Irwin M. Meyers

YB139225 - Erwin L. Yoder b1886 - d1891 - Burial: Blooming Glen Menn. Cem.,Bucks,PA

YB139226 -Susie L. Yoder b · YB139227 - Mable L. Yoder b

YB13923 - Jacob Yoder b3/1849 - mKatie Moyer

YB139231 - Florence Yoder b1/28/1878 Silverdale,Bucks,PA - mHenry L. Seidel

YB139232 - Daughter Yoder b - mRichard Sterner

YB139233 - Theodore M. Yoder b ·

B139234 - Harvey M. Yoder b1874

YB13924 - Elizabeth Yoder b

YB13925 - Mary Yoder b

YB13926 - Annie Yoder b

YB1393 - Reuben Yoder b2/24/1825 - d10/6/1895 - m 1Maria Ackerman b10/27/1821 - d1862 - m 2Anna M. Moyer

YB13931 - Elizabeth Yoder b1852 - d1905 - mZach Shelly b1852 - d1911

YB13932 - Johannes Yoder b1856 - d1862

YB13933 - Jacob Yoder b9/7/1854 - d3/7/1921 - m1880 Annie Detweiler b11/13/1860 - d5/20/1930

YB139331 - Oscar Yoder b

YB139332 - William D. Yoder b7/28/1883 - d3/23/1960 - m1/14/1905 Annie Angeny Detweiler - Resided at Hatfield,PA ·

B139333 - John D. Yoder b9/1885 - mEstella M. Baum

YB139334 - Mayme D. Yoder b9/1886 - mHoward H. Moyer

YB139335 - Warren D. Yoder b12/5/1890 - d4/11/1969 - m6/14/1913 Edith Alderfer b12/17/1890 - d2/5/1976

YB139336 -Rev. Abram D. Yoder b8/17/1893 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks - d1/4/1961 Telford,Mong,PA - m6/9/1915 Perkasie,Bucks Laura N. Stoudt b1/11/1896 - d2/24/1992

YB139337 - Leah D. Yoder b11/26/1897 - d5/31/1971 - m6/11/1916 Henry H. Benner b7/16/1892 - d1/9/1969

YB139338 -Ida Yoder b2/9/1901 - d7/26/1959 - m4/8/1924 William A. Alderfer b2/5/1902 - d1/22/1986

YB13934 - Amanda Yoder b - d1933 - Single

YB13935 - Reuben A. Yoder, Jr. b9/27/1860 - d4/1/1930 - mEmeline Ecker Bergery b3/1864 - Reuben buried: St. Peter€™s UCC Tohickon Ch. Cem.,Old Bethlehem Rd.,Perkasie,PA (1900 Bucks Co., Silverdaleboro)

YB139351 -Howard B. Yoder b5/2/1886 - d11/16/1937 - mEmma J. Gulick Allebach

YB139352 -Linford B. Yoder b3/12/1891 - d6/4/1919 - Buried: St. Peter's Ch. Cem.,Perkasie,PA

YB139353 -Reuben B. Yoder b1898 - d1972 - mSusan H. - Buried: St. Peter's Ch. Cem.,Perkasie,PA

YB139354 -Elenore A. Yoder b5/10/1901 - d6/8/1901 - Buried: St. Peter's Ch. Cem.,Perkasie,PA

YB13936 - Susanna Yoder mAbram Fretz

YB1394 - Levi Yoder b7/27/1827 Dublin,PA - d9/11/1910 Dublin,PA - m1852 1Sarah B. Detweiler b3/10/1834 - d1/14/1874 Dublin,PA - m 2Leah Fretz b1829 - d1907·

B13941 - William D. Yoder b1853 - d1875 - mAddie Albright b1857 - d1918 - No children.

YB13942 - Joseph Detweiler Yoder b1/6/1855 Bucks Co.,PA - dSilverdale,PA - m 1Mary Emma Hunsberger b1858 - d1876 - mSilverdale,PA 2Rebecca E. Espenship b12/18/1858 - d9/8/1896 - m 3Mary Treffinger b1872 - d1922 (Yoder Listserver Archives

YB139421 - Infant Yoder b1876 - d1876

YB139422 - Levi E. Yoder mTressie Meyers

YB139423 - Henry E. Yoder b1882 - mCaroline Kulp b1881

YB139424 - Anna E. Yoder b8/1885 - mMorris Freed - lived in PA, one child's name was Harold Yoder Freed 1915-1989. (YNL Tit for Tat,Issue #45)

YB139425 - Charles E. Yoder b1887 - d1901

YB139426 - Sallie E. Yoder b8/1889 - mLinford Moyer

YB139427 - Franklin E. Yoder b7/1893 - mEthel Duncan

YB139428 - Howard E. Yoder b1893 - d1895

YB139429 - Clayton S. Yoder b1895 - d1895

YB13942a -Leah S. Yoder b9/1898 - mWilson Heckler

YB13942b - Joseph S. Detweiler Yoder b1909

YB13943 - Anna D. Yoder b1859 - mEnos B. Loux b1858 (No adult children)

YB13944 - Levi D. Yoder b1863 - mSallie E. Detweiler b1863 (Nochildren)

YB1395 - Christian Yoder b11/2/1829 - d9/21/1854 - m7/6/1851 Catherine Brinker- Both of Coopersburg,PA

YB13951 - Jacob Yoder b8/27/1851

YB13952 - Henry B. Yoder b9/5/1852 - d1930 - m 1Mary Zetty Landes b1848 - d1909 - m 2Barbara ? b1853- d1927 - Burial: Swamp Menn. Ch. Cem., Kesise & Rosedale Rd.,Quakertown,PA

YB139521 - Daniel L. Yoder b1/16/1877 - d10/15/1942 - mKatie Moyer Geissinger - Burial: Swamp Menn. Ch. Cem.,Quakertown,PA

YB1395211 - Elmer G. Yoder b1899 - d1983 - mSarah Moyer - Burial: Swamp Ch. Cem.,Quakertown,PA

YB1395212 - Harvey G. Yoder b5/23/1901 - 5/1/1929 - mAnn Mary Delp - Burial: Swamp Menn. Ch. Cem.,Quakertown,PA

YB139522 - Henry L. Yoder b10/19/1878 - d4/6/1944 - mElla Gehman - Buried: Swamp Menn. Ch. Cem.,Quakertown,PA

YB13953 - Christian Brinker Yoder b2/25/1855 Springfield Twp.,Bucks,PA - d8/23/1914 - m12/29/1877 Sellersville,Bucks,PA 1Sarah Anna Groman b9/16/1857 Milford Twp.,Bucks,PA - d11/24/1879 (died in childbirth) - m4/2/1881 Sellersville,Bucks,PA 2Susanna Nash Moyer (dau. of Samuel H. Moyer and Anna ?) Bucks Co. Orphans Court Records, Moyer, Samuel H.) b3/15/1859 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA - d1/20/1938

YB139531 - Sarah Ann Yoder b11/24/1879 Bedminister Twp.,Bucks,PA

YB139532 - Emma Jane Yoder b1/28/1882 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA + mWilloughby Brensinger

YB139533 - Amanda Moyer Yoder b1-29-1884

YB139534 - Levi Moyer Yoder b7-4-1885 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA - d7/13/1958 - m9/16/1909 Sadie Clymer Moyer b10/15/1888 - d6/6/1973

YB1395341 - Irene Yoder b2/3/1918 - d9/23/1994 - mLouis F. Frisch - Burial: Cedar Hill Mem. Park,Allentown,Lehigh,PA (Cedar Hill Mem. Pk Cem. Records)

YB139535 - Henry Moyer Yoder b2/24/1888 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA - d1945 - mLizzie S. Letherman b1881 - d1919

YB139536 - Christian Moyer Yoder b2/7/1890 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA - mKatie Snyder

YB139537 - Willis Moyer Yoder b6/29/1893 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA - d9/28/1915 - mAnna Rosenberger

YB139538 - Elmer Moyer Yoder b9/12/1895 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA - d9/28/1972 Lansdale,Montomery,PA - mCarrie Mae Umstead b2/9/1900 Perkasie,Bucks,PA - d4/27/1984 Lansdale,Montgomery,PA

YB139539 - Samuel Moyer Yoder b6/30/1898 Hilltown Twp.,Bucks,PA

YB1396 - Jacob Yoder b8/27/1831 - d1852

YB1397 - Elizabeth Yoder b1832 - d1896 - mHenry L. Leatherman

YB1398 - George J. Yoder b · YB1399 - Rev. Aaron Yoder b7/4/1837 Lehigh,PA - d9/17/1908 Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA (1900 Census) - m8/6/1859 Fiana Crauthamel b2/2/1839 Susquehana Co.,PA - d3/3/1913 Kulpsville,PA - Burial: St. Luke Lutheran Ch.,Dublin,PA

YB13991 - William H. Yoder b5/15/1860 Line Lexington,PA - d2/12/1939 - m7/4/1880 Saloma F. Gehman b3/7/1865 - d1/21/1955 - Burial: Tinicium Cem.,Bucks,PA

YB139911 - Ella Nora G. Yoder b11/22/1880 - d8/10/1923

YB139912 - Estella G. Yoder b12/8/1882 - d7/19/1972 - mAaron Longacre

YB139913 -Bertha G. Yoder b4/12/1885 - d7/20/1974 - m1907 Harold Stever

YB139914 - Walter G. Yoder b7/21/1887 - d7/1974 PA - mEstella Beer b1898 - d1967 - Burial: Tinicum Cem.

YB1399141 - Harold Yoder bPipersville,PA - d7/1/2002 Conway,SC (Yoder Newsletter n40,Oct 2002, p8)

YB139915 - George Henry Yoder, Sr. b12/22/1889 - d1/3/1950 - m11/10/1910 Hattie Steltzer b1/2/1892 - d9/1/1964 - Resided in Pipersville,PA

YB139916 - Russell G. Yoder b3/26/1892 - d8/27/1953 - m 1Mabel Cressman b8/19/1898 - d11/30/1930 - m 2Evelyn Milburn

YB139917 - Elizabeth G. Yoder b6/21/1894 - d7/14/1992 - mReuben S. Brittin b12/27/1893 - d12/23/1968

YB139918 - Fianna (Nan) G. Yoder b10/24/1896 - d11/22/1994 - m4/23/1921 C. Rodney Morris b12/9/1898 - d3/17/1953

YB139919 - William G. Yoder b3/3/1904 - mIrene Walton - Resided in Horsham,PA

YB13991a - Raymond Seymour Yoder b7/14/1907 - m1932 Eleanor Graeff - Resided at Philadelphia,PA

YB13992 - Ellis C. Yoder b7/19/1863 Bedminster,PA - d10/14/1931 - mSallie Charles b12/1860

YB139921 - Mamie C. Yoder b8/1883 - m 1Harvey Six - m 2Allen R. Heist

YB139922 - Leslie Yoder b1/1888 - mHazel Mushart

YB139923 - Bethsada Yoder b

YB13993 - Esther Ellen Yoder b2/2/1865 Bedminister,PA - d1956 - mGeorge Ehrie

YB13994 - Edwin Stanton Yoder b8/22/1867PA - dSharon of Pittsburgh,PA - mMinnie Cochran b1/24/1869 - d1941 McKeesport,PA - Aaaron was a Congregational minister. (Yoder Listserver Archive Files)

YB139941 - Sarah Rudolph Yoder b4/10/1896 - d9/28/1985 Pittsburgh,PA - m1920 1Thomas Clark - m 2Alfred Guyer

YB139942 - Homer Yoder b1/1898

YB139943 - Wallace Roscoe Yoder b8/3/1900 Philadephia,PA - d7/1969 Liberty Boro.,Allegheny,PA - m10/22/1930 Duquense,PA 1Mabel Elizabeth Dell b11/11/1895 - d12/22/1941 Duquense,PA - m7/24/1943 Duqnense,PA 2Zella Mary Furlong b3/10/1900 Duquense,PA - d6/15/1996 Pittsburgh,PA

YB139943? - Anna Belle Yoder b1932 - (Yoder Listserver Archive Files)

YB139944 - Edwin Stanton Yoder b4/13/1908 Philadelphia,PA - d7/13/1981 McKeesport,PA - m11/26/1937 Margaret Catherine Weber b4/29/1915 Pittsburgh,PA - d5/31/1965 Homestead,PA

YB1399441 - Robert R. Yoder - d11/12/2017 Age 79 - Duquesne,PA (Yoder Newsletter Issue 71, April 2018)

YB13995 - Ulysses Grant Yoder b4/23/1870 Bedminster,PA - d6/1944 - m 1Ella Willaver b3/1871 - m 2Ida ArNold Men.

YB139951 - Grace A. Yoder b

YB139952 - Warren R. Yoder b

YB139953 - Norman W. Yoder mRachel D. Moyer

YB13996 - Israel C. Yoder b6/20/1876 PA

YB13997 - Anna Catherine Yoder b1/20/1882 - d12/1968 - m6/30/1905 Burtine F. Patterson b8/31/1880 - d5/30/1952

YB139a - Esther (Hetty) Yoder b12/28/1822 - d1/9/1881 - mJoseph Moyer

YB139b - Henry Yoder b1840

YB14 - Barbara Bachman Yoder - bUpper Saucon Twp.,Bucks,PA - m1 Michael Shelly d9/1758 - m2 1759 Valentine Noldt b1727 Germany - d2/1/1794 Lower Milford Twp.,Bucks,PA. The estate of Valentine Noldt was sold to Jacob, son of Valentine Noldt in 1794 (Noldt History 1941 by May Mathis-Watson) Children of Barbara were: John Y. Shelly; Michael Y. Shelly b1790 - mElizabeth Musselman; Anna Y. Shelly; Elizabeth Y. Shelly; Maria Y. Noldt b1761-d1761; Eve Y. Noldt b1762-d1797; Jacob Y. Noldt b1765 - d1834 - mSusanna Scheel; and Maria Y. Noldt 1767 - 1775 (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co.,PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)

YB2-Casper Sr. Yoder - b ca1720 - d1781 Milford Twp.,Bucks,PA m ca1740 Barbara ________. On December 8, 1750, he bought his father€™s farm of 99 acres. On April 2, 1753, he bought 70 acres of land in Richland Twp., Bucks Co., PA from John Lester. In 1759, he was a witness to the renunciation of Barbara Clymer as administratrix to her husband€™s Will. He signed his name Kasber Joder. Between 1767 and 1772, he bought a farm of 131 acres located in New Brittian Twp., Bucks Co., PA from John Stephens for the sum 660 pounds. He bought this farm for his oldest son, Jacob, who lived there till his death in 1828. In 1778, he was taxed for six pounds ten shillings. In 1779, he was taxed on 169 acres, four horses and five cattle. He wrote his Will on January 5, 1781. His inventory was taken on April 9, 1781. He and his wife were members of the Swamp Mennonite Church and are buried there. He sold his 99 acre farm in Milford and ten of the 70 acre tract of land in Richland Twp. To his son, Casper Yoder, Jr. He sold the remaining 60 acres of the 70 acre tract that he bought in 1753 from John Lester to his son, John. The conditions of the sale of these three tracts of land are shown in his Last Will and Testament. (Last Will and Testament: Westchester, p340)


YB21 - Jacob Yothers (Yoder) b1742 - d4/29/1828 - m ca1767 1Catharine O. Kulp (daughter of David Kulp and Ann Overholt; grandparents Henry and Barabra Kulp & Jacob & Barbara Oberholtzer) d1773. Catharine is buried next to her grandmother, Barbara Kulp, at the Deep Run Old Mennonite Church, Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., PA. (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) - m ca1774 2Barbara Fretz b1747 Tinicum Twp., Bucks Co., PA - d5/13/1830 (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984). Jacob and Barbara were members of the Doylestown Mennonite Church, Doylestown, PA and are buried there. (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)

Jacob owned a farm of 131 acres in New Brittian Twp., Bucks,PA. Jacob's father bought this farm from John Stephens between 1767 and 1772 for 660 pounds. At the time of his father's death in 1781, Jacob had paid his father 250 pounds and was directed to pay 217 pounds more, making the price he paid at 467 pounds or about 3/4th the price that his father had paid for the property. (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984)

Jacob bought 74 acres of land with a house, barn, and other buildings from John Dungan on

April 11, 1809. He sold 50 acres of the 74 acre tract along with the farm house and all the buildings to his son, Jacob, on July 25, 1815. (Descendants of Jacob Yothers, Bucks Co., PA by Richard J. Yothers, 1984) In 1778, he was taxed 5 pounds; in 1779 he was taxed on 130 acres, 4 horses, and 9 cattle; in 1781, he was taxed on 130 acres, 3 horses and 5 cattle; in 1782, he was taxed on 131 acres, 2 horses and 5 cattle; in 1783, he was taxed 2 pounds, 13 shillings and 9 pence; in 1784, he was taxed on 130 acres, 1 dwelling house, 1 outbuilding, 6 whites and 0 blacks; in 1785, he was taxed on 130 acres, 2 horses and 4 cattle; in 1786, he was taxed 19 pounds; in 1787, he was taxed 18 pounds; in 1824, he was taxed on 154 acres, 2 horses and 4 cattle. Jacob died intestate on April 29, 1828 and his personal property inventory was taken on May 15 by Jacob Kephart and John _____. His property was appraised at $5,086.07. Today, the land that Jacob farmed, is covered with many homes. The house today is a very well kept two-story structure. Bur: Doylestown Mennonite Cemetery All Yothers in Bucks County are descendants of Jacob & Barbara Yothers.


YB214952 - Cambell Yothers (Yoder Newsletter, Issue 66)

YB214952? - Leander Yothers - mWinona Largen  (Yoder Newsletter, Issue 66)

YB214952?? - Winona Yothers - d3/17/2015 (Yoder Newsletter, Issue 66)

YB215-Jacob F. Yothers, Jr. b10/18/1778-d2/24/1844, 65 years,4months,6days, Bur: Doylestown Men. Cem. (Karolyn & Tammy Roberts, 8/1998. read tombstone)m ca1814 Barbara S. Meyer b10/24/1791-d4/22/1875 bur. Deep Run Old Men. Cem) Doylestown Men. Cem. by Doylestown Mennonite Church, 590 N Broadway, Doylestown, PA: back of church close to the building, Row 3, Grave 1) (Source: Karolyn Roberts)


YB2151 - Isaac M. Yother d5/5/1899 - s m10/8/1840 Susannah S. Overholt b1/31/1813 - d10/9/1884 - Buried: Deep Run Old Men. Cem. - Residence was near Wismer,Plumstead Twp.

YB2152 - Jacob M. Yother, III b9/25/1820 - d12/18/1893 mCatherine Margaret Kulp - No Children - Burial: Doylestown Menn. Church Cem.

YB216 - Abraham F. Yothers d6/8/1857 - m6/20/1811 Martha Walker b9/13/1789 - d8/3/1848- Resided in Solebury Twp., of Bucks Co., PA - Burial: Doylestown Menn. Church Cem.

YB22-Annie Yoder b1744 - d11/11/1822 - m6/29/1768 Jacob Cassel Kulp/Kolb b3/1745 - d8/3/1820 Lived Montgomery Co.,PA. Mennonites (Had eight children) - Children of Annie& Jacob were Henry Y. Kulp, John Y. Kulp, Maria Y. Kulp, Elizabeth Y. Kulp, Barbara Y. Kulp, Barbara Kulp, Catharine Y. Kulp, & Jacob Y. Kulp.


YB23-Casper Yoder, Jr. b ca1750 - mBarbara ? - 1790 Census for Upper Saucon Twp., Lehigh Co.,PA lists Casper Yoder and family.


YB24-John Yoder b ca 1755-d yeoman. 5/6/1814 Rockhill Twp.,Bucks,PA - mMary B. Gehman (daughter of the preacher Gehman at Rockhill, PA) b ca1765-d1837 He bought 60 acres of land in Richland Twp. From his father and later sold the land and bought a farm in Rockhill Twp., Bucks Co.,PA. He and his wife were members of the Rockhill Mennonite Church. Mary's father was the minister at the church. Bur: Rockhill Mennonite Cemetery next to the Gehmans.8.447. - Wills: Abstracts. Book 8 Bucks County, 1808-1850, John Yoder, Rockhill Twp., yeoman. May 6, 1814. Proved January 16, 1815. Son Abraham and Isaac Berkey exrs. Wife Mary. Sons Abraham and Samuel, Plantation and 120 Acres adj. Isaac Berkey, David Sorver and others. Children: Abraham, Samuel, John, David, Henry and Barbara. Wits: Michael Shoemaker and Peter Roudenbush.


YB241-Jacob G. Yoder d1793 - Single

YB242-Abraham G. Yoder b2/1/1789-d1864 m1814 Susanna F. Freed b11/8/1790-d7/18/1874

YB243-Barbara G. Yoder

YB244-Samuel G. Yoder/Joder b1795-d2/27/1846 mMaria C. Moyer b6/28/1794-d4/8/1870 - On the 8th of April, in Rockhill township, Bucks county, Pa., of cancer, MARIA YODER, aged 75 years, 9 months and 10 days. She was buried at Gehman€™s burying-ground. (Herald of Truth, June 1870,p95) - Samuel is buried at Rockhill Mennonite Cem., Rockhill, PA and the stone reads Samuel Joder. (Russell Yothers Yoder)

YB2441 - Jacob M. Yoder (Russell Yothers Yoder) b - mHannah (Anna) Springer (Russell Yothers Yoder) - Bur: Rockhill Mennonite Cem., Rockhill, PA (Russell Yothers Yoder)

YB24411 John S. Yoder (Russell Yothers Yoder) b - d1954 - Bur: Plains Mennonite Church Cem., Hatfield, PA (Russell Yothers Yoder)

YB244111 - William Yoder (Russell Yothers Yoder) b - Bur: Plains Mennonite Church Cem., Hatfield, PA (Russell Yothers Yoder)

YB244111 - Norman Yoder (Russell Yothers Yoder) b - d1983 - Bur: Towamencin Mennonite Church Cem.,

YB24416 - Jacob S. Yoder b6/23/1854 BucksCo.,PA - d1/17/1929 - mElizabeth H. Moyer - Bur. Souderton Menn. Ch. Cem.  (Herbert Hoover Yoder Cht 11/98/1900-Mgm Co.Pa)

YB244161 - Enos M. Yoder - b8/18/1880 - d - mEmma Landis Bergy - bur: Souderton Menn. Cem.  (YNL Online Site)

YB244162 - Hannah M. Yoder - b3/2/1882 - mWilliam D. Fretz - bur: Blooming Glen Cem. (YNL Online Site)

YB244163 - Jacob M. Yoder - b1/1885 (YNL Online Site)

YB244164 - Laura M. Yoder - b5/1887 (YNL Online Site)

YB244165 - Lizzie M. Yoder  - b2/13/1890 - mWilliam Nice (YNL Online Site)

YB245-John G. Yoder b1797-d1877 m1/13/1824 Tohickon Union Church,Kellersville,Bucks,PA Susanna C. Souder b11/17/1794-d3/27/1868

YB2452 - Aaron S. Yoder b1826 Bucks,PA - d9/9/1898 River Styx,OH - m1854Wayne,OH Katherine Traster? b1832 - d1/26/1884 River Styx,OH (Wayne Co. Marriages)(Yoder Newsletter Apr.2006)

YB24521 - Susan Yoder b11/8/1856 - d12/8/1826 m12/6/1879 Medina,OH William B. Good (Yoder Newsletter Apr.2006)

YB24522 - Reuben Yoder b4/1858 (1900 Lee,DixonTwp.,IL) - m2/23/1882 Medina,OH Mary S. Rickert b10/1857 (1900 Lee,DixonTwp.,IL) - 1920 Census they are still living there but in the household of Christopher E. & Ova Buzzard. (Yoder Newsletter Apr.2006)


YB24523 - Sarah Yoder b - m11/2/1879 Medina,OH Jefferson McFadden (Yoder Newsletter Apr.2006)

YB24524 - John Yoder b (Yoder Newsletter Apr.2006) · YB246-David G. Yoder b1800-d1823 (single)

YB247-Henry G. Yoder b1802 mCatherine Latschar (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records]) - Burial: Menn. Cem., Franconia,PA

YB25-Abraham Joder b10/20/1761 - d4/9/1836 - m4/15/1794 Goshenhoppen Ref. Church (PA German Marriages, p593) Elizabeth Maurer b10/20/1771 - d1/31/1843. Her ancestors were members of the Goshenhoppen Reformed Church. Abe and Lizzie owned a farm and mill in Upper Hanover Twp., Montgomery Co., PA. From the diary of David Schultze, surveyor in Montgomery Co., PA-1783: Abraham Yoder buys land Douglas Twp., Montgomery Co. May 22, 1786: Surveyed 10 acres of John Heists alnd on the €œManor for Abraham Yoder. Abraham & Elizabeth were members of the Hereford Mennonite Church. Bur: Hereford Mennonite Church near Bally,PA

YB251-Barbar M. Yoder b1795 - m? Seasholtz (Yoder Newsletter Online Site [Spousal Records])

YB252-Elizabeth M. Yoder b7/27/1796-d7/17/1854 (single) · YB253-Maria M. Yoder b3/28/1798-d2/7/1875 m c1820 Abraham Y. George b1800-d1879

YB254-John M. Yoder b3/11/1800 - d8/9/1887 Medina,OH (Medina Co. Obits) - mMagdalena (Delia) C. Nice b10/23/1811 PA - d1/6/1859 - Went by wagon to Medina Co.,OH - 1970 Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists John, with children Mary age 29, Philip & George living at one residence. Philip and George are both 24 years old and farming.

YB2541-Abraham Yoder b2/18/1834 PA - d8/27/1908 Wadsworth,Medina,OH, age 74y,7m,9d of chronic nephritis. (Medina Co.,OH. Deaths pre1909,V3,p629) - m12/17/1860 Wadsworth,OHMary Ann Ruth (Daughter of Eli & Nancy Ruth) b6/20/1843 Bucks Co.,PA - d11/12/1928 Medina,OH - YODER, Abram, born 1834 died August 27, 1908 at 74 years, lived S. Main St, wife Mary Ann RUTH, survived by 1 brother and 3 sisters (Wadsworth Banner Press, August 27, 1908) -

YODER, Mary- Born June 20, 1843 in Bucks County, PA, daughter of Eli and Nancy RUTH, died Monday, November 12, 1928, at the home of her niece, Mrs. Jennie Mench, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Detweiler. Mrs. Yoder was the sister of Mrs. Detweiler who died 10 years ago. Married in 1860 to Abraham YODER, he died 20 years ago. Her mother and father were dead by the time she was fifteen years old. (Wadsworth Banner Press, 11/15/1928) No Children. Lived on S. Main St. in Wadsworth,OH - 1870 Wadsworth,Medina,OH Census lists Abraham & Mary Ann. Abraham is a Sawyer and Farmer. - 1900 Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists Abraham and Mary Ann together and Abraham is a Lumber Dealer.


YB2542-Elizabeth Yoder b5/28/1835 PA - d12/17/1909 - m10/25/1857 Abraham K. Pennepacker - Had five children.

YB2545 - David N. Yoder b5/26/1842 PA - d6/18/1917 - m10/11/1868 Medina,OH Amanda Gehman (daughter of Michael & Anna Gehman) b1/1/1849 Guilford Twp.,Medina,OH - d5/29/1922 - Children of David& Amanda were Archery Yoder, Lewis C. Yoder, Margaret Yoder, & Mary M. Yoder. (Medina Co.,OH Courthouse Births 1867-1908) - YODER, Amanda, born January 1, 1849, Guilford Twp., Medina County, died May 29, 1922, 73 years, daughter of Michael and Anna GEHMAN, married October 11, 1868 to David YODER, survived by 2 sons, Lewis Claude and James D., 6 grandchildren, 3 brothers, and 1 sister. Preceded in death by husband, 2 sons, and 2 daughters. (Obit Source not labeled,Wadsworth Enterprize or Banner Press) -1900 Census,Medina,OH lists David, Amanda, & James living at the residence; David is working at a Flour Mill; James is working at the Salt Works. - 197 Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH states David, Amanda, & Archie living at one residence.


YB25451 - Archery (Archie) L. Yoder b8/29/1869 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Births 1867-1908,V1,p7) - d4/1/1900 at age 30 of fever, Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Deaths, V2,p225)

YB25452 - Lewis Claude Yoder b10/27/1871 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Births 1867 -1908,V1,p23)

YB25453 - Margaret Yoder b1/7/1874 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Births 1867-1908, V1,p43)

YB25454 - Mary Maggie Yoder b1/25/1879 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Births 1867-1908, V1,p98) - d7/11/1880 age 18 months of Cholera infantum at Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Deaths, V1,p52)

YB25455 - James D. Yoder b7/1883 (1900 Census) mElsa Moore (Medina Co. Births 1867-1908, V3,p194)

YB254551 - Anna Lara Emma Yoder b9/16/1908 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co. Births 1867-1908, V3,p194)

YB254552 - Son Yoder 5/1916 - YODER, Infant, May 1916, son of Mr. and Mrs. James YODER (Newspaper Obit)

YB2546 - Philip N. Yoder b12/1845 PA (1900 Census) - d10/20/1904 age 58y,10m,1d of tuberculosis, Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Deaths, V3,p629) - mLucy Ruth b9/1874 OH (1900 Census) - dLakewood,Cleveland,OH - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. -

YODER, Lucy ROTH, died Sunday at the home of her son Ben in Lakewood/Cleveland, age 77, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, also survived by 3 sisters. Preceded in death by her husband, Philip and 1 son, Oliver. (Wadsworth Banner Press, 4/21/1932, p1) - 1900 Census Wadsworth,Medina,OH lists Philip, Lucy,


YB25461 - Oliver R. Yoder b8/1875 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (1900 Census) - d9/18/1904 Wadsworth,Medina,OH at age 29y,26d of cerebritis (Medina Co.,OH Deaths, V3,p629) - Oliver was a Typewriter. (1900 Census)

YB25462 - Benjamin R. Yoder b8/14/1877 Wadsworth,Medina,OH (Medina Co.,OH Births 1867- 1908,V1,p88) - m8/24/1901 Wadsworth,,Medina,OH Lillian M. Huffman (Medina Co.,OH Marriages 1818- Present,V1,p246) - Benjamin was a Bookkeeper. (1900 Census)


YB2547 - George Yoder bMontgomery Co.,PA - d10/5/1873 at age 28, Wadsworth,Medina,OH of Consumption (Medina Co.,OH Deaths, V1,p19) - YODER, George, died October 5, 1873, age 27 years of consumption at the residence of A. YODER (Wadsworth Enterprise, 10/9/1873)

YB255-Abraham M. Yoder, Jr. b3/1/1802 - d4/30/1879 (single) Burial: ? Men. Cem.,Wadsworth,OH -

YB256-Jacob Maurer Yoder b1/2/1804 - d6/26/1854 mAnna/Nancy Eschbach b4/22/1808 - d12/17/83 - Jacob & Anna had 7 sons and 9 daughters. Jacob was a successful farmer in the PA Dutch community of Gilbertsville,PA (YNL)

YB2562 - Abraham E. Yoder b11/17/1829 - d6/16/1913 - m8/26/1858 Sarah H. Borneman - Burial: Fairview Cem.,Boyerstown,PA

YB2562? - Elizabeth E. Yoder - From the files of Berks Co., PA, Elizabeth Yoder, daughter of Abraham & Sarah Yoder, died in the opera house first in Boyerstown. There were 171 people who died in the fire on Jan. 13, 1908. They were attending a play sponsored by St. Johns Lutheran Church, Boyerstown, PA. Of the 171, 25 were never identified. In their haste to answer the fire call, the firemen decided to pull the pumper by hand rather than wait for the team of horses, the pumper got away from them going down hill and killed one of the firemen.

YB2566 - Hannah Yoder b - m1/18/1862 Ruben Beitenman (Falkner Swamp Lutheran Ch., New Hanover Twp. Montgomery,Pa Records)


YB2567 - William Yotter b - m10/21/1860 Mary Ann Gresh of Douglas Twp. (Falkner Swamp Lutheran Ch., New Hanover Twp. Montgomery,Pa Records)

YB2568 -   Jacob Eschbach Yoder b2/22/1838 Gilbertsville,PA - m6/28/1871 VA Anna Frances Whitaker Jacob was trailed to be a tailor and he did this briefly to earn money to attend the State Normal School at Millersville in Lancaster Co. In March of 1866, Jacob went to Lynchburg, VA as an Pennsylvania Freedmen€™s Relief Association Superintendent Assistant for that region. Later he was appointed the Superintendent. He married Anna who was a missionary with the American Home Mission Society of the Northern Baptist Church. Jacob & Anna had 7 children. For more on Jacob, see the Yoder Newsletter, Issue 38, Oct. 2001, Article: Jacob Eschbach Yoder, p1.


YB25681 - Wayland Whitaker Yoder

YB256811 - Sterling N. Yoder, Sr.

YB257-George M. Yoder b9/23/1805 - d5/5/1869 Medina Co.,OH - Bur: Wadsworth Mem. Cem. - mChristina S. Yothers - d7/30/1894 - Resident of Fayette Co., PA 1850 Census time.

YB2574 - Caroline Y. Yoder b8/26/1841 Greensburg,PA d5/5/1922 Wadsworth,OH - m10/26/1858 Medina Co.,OH Jacob Stoll - They had 10 children. (Could Jacob be a relative of Mary C. Stull/Stoll [YB13453] - b7/5/1842- d2/4/1903 Leetonia,Columbiana Co.,OH (Columbiana Co., OH deaths 1893-1908)

YB2576 - David Y. Yoder b 6/1846 Westmoreland,PA (1900 Census,Medina,OH) - d3/18/1921 - Burial: Mennonite Church Cem. - - m1868 Christina G. Krupp b2/1845 PA (1900 Census,Medina,OH) - d9/3/1915 Blake - Buried: Lower Mennonite Cem. - YODER, Mrs. David (Christina KRUPP), died September 3, 1915 in Blake,buried lower Mennonite Cemetery, survived by husband, 1 son, 1 daughter (Wadsworth Banner Press, 9/9/1915) - YODER, David Y., born Westmoreland, PA, died March 18, 1921 at his daughter, Mrs. Aaron Brubaker's home in East Lewistown, OH, buried Mennonite Church Cemetery son of George and Christina YODER, married in 1868 to Christina Krupp who precedes him in death as do 3 of 6 children. Survived by 3 children, 1 sister Christiana Stoll of Wadsworth. (Wadsworth Banner Press, March 24, 1921) - 1870 Fed. Census, Wadsworth,Medina,OH states David, Christina, & Pierson of the same household; David is working for Sawyer Lab.

· YB25761 - Pierson Yoder (male) d9/11/1887 Guilford Twp.,Medina,OH at age 17 of a railroad accident (Medina Co.,OH Deaths, V2,#3634)

YB25762 - Eli Yoder of MI

YB25763- Sadie Yoder b7/1871 OH (1900 Census,Medina,OH) - d7/13/1919 North Lima,OH at 48 yrs of cancer - Burial: Maple Hill Cem. - YODER, Sadie, born at Blake, daughter of David and Christiana YODER, (YB2576) died July 13, 1919 at North Lima, 48 years, of cancer, buried Wadsworth Twp. Cemetery (Maple Hill), Survived by her father, 2 brothers Eli of Michigan and Ira, of Blake, 1 sister Mrs. A. S. Brubaker. (Wadsworth NewsBanner 7/17/1919)


YB25764 - Ira I. Yoder b4/1878 OH (1900 Census,Medina,OH)

YB25765 - George Yoder b4/1889 OH (1900 Census,Medina,OH)

YB258-Anna M. (Nancy) Yoder - mPeter Lievengood

YB3-Magdalena Yoder b ? -w2 Michael Shell (1693-1769) d? · · · ·




Saucon Mennonite Church: In 1735, the early German Mennonite settlers, who came from Europe seeking religous freedom, built their first log meetinghouse here in the present-day town of Coopersburg. It had a swinging partition in the center dividing the room used for services and the one used for church school. The name Saucon came from the Indian word sawkink or sakink meaning the €œmouth of the creek. It supposedly was the name of the large Indian village located at the north end of today€™s Saucon Creek which flows next to the church property. It is believed that at one time some of the Indians worshiped at Saucon. They would leave their bows and arros outside while in church. There may be some unmarked Indian graves in the cemetery. Earliest date of deed to the grounds was during the reign of King George II of England and was part of a land grant of William Penn. (Source: The History of Saucon Mennonite Meetinghouse & Church) The building now standing was constructed after the 1847 division. During the Armerican Revolution, all the men of this congregation were arrested and imprisoned at Easton because they refused to fight. Cemetery names include Yoder, Geissinger, Bachman, Newcomer, Kauffman, and Landis. Take 309 north from Souderton to Fairmount Stree5treet in Coopersburg. Turn left on Fairmount to Main St. Turn right on Main Street and follow Main Street to the meetinghouse. (E.D.)


Swamp Mennonite Church: At the time of the Mennonite 1847 split that resulted in the Eastern District leaving the Francona Conference, the Swamp congregation was formed. The more traditional Franconia Conference Mennonites of Milford Township found themselves without a meetinghouse. Without a house of worship or ministers, the "Old Mennonites struggled along for a few weeks in the summer of 1847, until building the Swamp church between the other two Swamp meetinghouses. At Quakertown, take 663 west for one half mile to Old Bethlehem Road. Turn right onto Old Bethlehem Road for two miles. Turn left on Rosedale Road off Old Bethlehem Road. The Swamp congregation is one mile on the left. (F.C.)


East Swamp Mennonite Church: East Swamp Road, Quakertown, PA (E.D.)

West Swamp Mennonite Church: In 1847, John H. Oberholtzer began offering Bible classes here at West Swamp. The congregation€™s history goes back to al least 1727 when the church was formed. The first meetinghouse was built in ca 1735 on land donated by William Allen. In 1795, the old Swamp building was erected on the site of the present church. At Quakertown, take 663 west to Allentown Road, turn right to meetinghouse. (E.D.) (F.C.) Franconia Conference; (E.D.) Eastern District (Information taken from: An Index and Description of The Mennonites of Southeastern Pennsylvania 1683-1983)


**Yoder Swiss Heritage

The Yoders are Swiss. To Switzerland, that little republic in the very heart of Europe, which has contributed so much of liberty and faith to the world, we owe our origin as a family.


Swiss Encyclopedia: The family of Joder is a very ancient family of the village of Steffisburg on the edge of the Oberland in Canton Berne, Switzerland. The twentieth-century authority on Swiss family names traces them also to the village of Muri, a rich farming area nearer to the Swiss capital city of Berne. A little volume on the history of the Emmenthal-where Swiss cheese comes from as well as many of our Pennsylvania Mennonite families-lists the Joders among the early residents. So we are not only Swiss, we are basically a Bernese family.

The name Joder derives from the saint's name Theodore. Saint Theodore was one of the missionary saints who in the early middle ages came up into the Swiss Alps bringing the message of Christ. The medieval Swiss loved their St. Theodore, and in their prayers to him, abbreviated his name into St. Joder. St. Joder's picture is always portrayed standing on a little devil, to symbolize his triumph over evil. The Joder family name came from St. Joder. As a family name in Canton Berne, the name Joder begins to appear in records in the 14th Century. There are early references to our family in the Bernese Archives at Berne, also in the parish registers of Steffisburg and Muri. At Steffisburg, the Joders begins to appear around the year 1529, at Muri slightly later.

When the Reformation broke out in Switzerland, Canton Berne became reformed, but a minority of mountain folk in the Oberland and elsewhere reverted to the simple gospel of the Anabaptist missionaries. These devoted ministers of Christ, who spread out from Zurich as a center, taught a faith which attempted to restore the ordinances and spirit of the New Testament Church. Because they stressed the baptism of adults-who in the first generation had already been baptized as infants into the Catholic faith-they were called by their enemies Anabaptists or Rebaptizers. In German this became Wiedertaufer (Rebaptizers) or simply Taufer (Baptists).

These simple Christians of the Oberland stressed holiness of life based upon Christ€™s direct commands in the Sermon on the Mount. Because Christ told his deciples to love their enemies, they refused to fight and kill in time of war. Because he told them to €œswear not at all, they refused to take oaths in court or to participate in the world's governments. But their greatest contribution to the western world was not their pacifism nor their nonconformity with the €œworld. It was their emphasis on religious freedom. For they were the first Christian group in modern times to insist that faith is something individual and personal, and the state cannot force the conscience of its subjects into any one pattern of faith. In fact, to the Anabaptists as to the majority of American Protestants, the Church is a voluntary association of men seeking God, and it has no connection with the civil government at all. To the Anabaptists and to their direct and indirect descendents, the Baptists, the Quakers, the Protestant liberals and mystics in general, we owe our modern concepts of religious liberty, upon which our American theory of church-state relations is based.

When the Anabaptist faith had spread down the Rhine Valley and reached the Netherlands, it was shaped further by a Catholic priest named Menno Simons, whose name was eventually given to the majority of the continental Anabaptists and their descendants in America, whom we generally call Mennonites.

While some of the Swiss Joders remained in the Reformed Church, and helped to bring this faith to Pennsylvania, others rejected both Catholicism and the Swiss Reformed interpretation of religion and became Anabaptists. Among those first imprisoned for defying the Reformed state and spreading Anabaptist doctrines is the name of Heini Joder, who was imprisioned at Basel in the year 1531, six years after the Anabaptist movement had begun in Zurich. In the Bernese records, we read of other Joders who became Anabaptists in the 17th Century. Sometimes the new faith came into the Joder families through marriage. There is a record in the Bernese Archives of one Jacob Joder, who about the middle of the 17th Century, had a mother-in-law who was under surveillance by the state authorities because she was a €œhartnackige Tauferin-a €œstubborn, hardshelled Anabaptist.

So tenacious were the Anabaptist Joders of their faith that when the persecutions of dissenters increased in the 217th Century, we find families of Joders moving down the Rhine to the hospitable, sunny land northwest of Heidelberg known as the Rhine Palatinate. Some found their way also into Alsace. In such areas, they were given land to farm on the large estates of the local nobility and with that they were happy for awhile. Two of these estates were the Brandschweilerhof near Neustadt and the Vogelstorkerhof in a pleasant green valley near Annweiler, a tremendous stone farmhouse with its gambrel roofs and its gracious double stairway was built by and for the Joders of the 18th Century, both in the Palatinate. There some of the Joders stayed, while our forefathers came on to Pennsylvania.

When William Penn opened the gates to his province in the New World to the continental emigrants, some of the Joders of the Palatinate and Alsace, Reformed and Amish, decided to come to America, or to the "Island of Pennsylvania", as some of them naively called it in their letters. There they could own land instead of renting it. There they could have, so they were promised and they trusted Penn's promises, complete freedom of conscience. This was their Promised Land, flowing, they hoped, with the milk and honey that offered a new life for themselves and their children and their children's children. So they set sail. (Origin of the Pennsylvania Yoders, Don Yoder, Ph.D.)


***Tombstones-Saucon Cemetery {Row 1 on east side of church is the family of Abraham & Maria Yoder, the area north of the church was the members of Jacob (YB12) & Casper's (YB11) families. NW side of the church about seven and eight rows over are descendents of Casper's (YB11) family.


· · Row 1 (East Side of Saucon Church, reading from left to right

{YB13~Abraham Bachman Yoder & Maria Schells Sell with their children & grandchildren}) YB135~Abraham Sell Yoder YB135 [Maria (Schells Sell) Yoder YB13; Abraham Bachman Yoder YB13] [Jacob Sell Yoder YB139, Elisabeth (L. Meyer) Yoder YB139] Abraham Meyer Yoder YB1321 Samuel Meyer Yodder YB1322 Maria Yoder [b2/28/1824-d10/25/1828]? Anna Yodder [no info] This could be the first Anna Yoder, stone was older than the rest and very simple (last stone)


North Side of Saucon Church YB116~Barbara Yoder 9/29/1780-d9/23/1852 (Stayed Single) YB11~Fronica (Sell) Yoder (Joder) YB12~Jacob Bachman Yoder Susanna? Yoder d12/10/1820 or 29? (Stone laying down & broke in half) {I am supposing that YB11 Casper Yoder, Jr. & YB12 Eva M (Landis) Yoder are also buried in this spot. Few stones were there, and some laying down. Guessing through time their stones have disappeared}


West Side of Saucon Church (Approx. 7 rows NW of building, in a row) Elizabeth (Geissinger) Yoder(1st wife of Jacob M. Yoder) YB1134; Barbara (Newcomer) Yoder (2nd wife of Jacob M. Yoder) YB1134; Jacob M. Yoder YB1134 {Descendants of YB11)

(Center of Row 8 in front of above tombstones) John Yoder YB1131[flag by tombstone]; Catherine (Moyer) Yoder YB1131; Johanes M. YoderYB11312; {Descendants of YB11}

S - Burial in Saucon Church Cemetery, Coopersburg, PA; N - Nold Men.  Cemetery, Fairfield Twp., Columbiana Co., OH; E - An Elkhart Co. Resident at some time.

 Credits: Charlotte Hess, Randy Roberts, Tammy Roberts, Karolyn Roberts, Jerry Roberts, Keith Key, Goshen Mennonite Library, Saucon Church Pastor & History Book, Mennonite Information Center of Lancaster, PA, Bucks Co., PA Library, Russell Yothers Yoder, and Raye Kanzenbach.



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