Thomas Johnson & Helena ? (English, Roberts Genealogy)


Thomas Johnson

& Helena ? (English, Roberts Genealogy)




Impression is of Grandson David Johnson (1835-1863)


    By Karolyn Roberts



Thomas Johnson - b1615 Hull,Yorkshire,England - d4/1640 NewHaven,NewHaven,CT - Burial: NewHaven,NewHaven,CT - m1Helena ? bEngland - m? ? - bHull,Yorkshire,England (FamilySearch) Thomas Johnson is listed on the 1669 Census for the Twp. of New Haven, CT


WW - William/Wingle/Windle Johnson b3/14/1640 NewHaven,NewHaven,CT - d8/1/1716 NewHaven,NewHaven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: NewHaven,NewHaven,CT - m12/1664 NewHaven,NewHaven,CT Sarah Hall (New Haven Vital Records) (dau of John Hall & Jane/Jeanne Wollen) b8/9/1646 NewHaven,NewHaven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - d9/2/1721 NewHaven,NewHaven,CT - Burial: NewHaven,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch) - Windle Johnson is listed on the 1669 Census for the Twp. of New Haven, CT - Came to America exprox. 1660 to New Haven. One of the founders of Wallingford in 1670. He is a husbandman and a planter. The will is recorded at New Haven.

WW 1 - William Johnson b9/15/1665 NewHaven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - m1Elizabeth Mansfield (dau of Joseph Mansfield & Mary Potter) b9/12/1666 New Haven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - m 2Sarah Gilbert b(dau of Matthew Gilbert & Sarah Peck) b3/10/1685/86 NewHaven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW 11 - Elizabeth Johnson (Families of Ancient New Haven) b3/15/1692 NewHaven,CT (New Haven Vital Records)- d4/1756 - m3/1/1720/1 New Haven,CT Josiah Thomas (son of John Thomas & Lydia Parker) (Families of Ancient New Haven) - b1/15/1679 NewHaven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - d1751 (New Haven Vital Records) - Children of Elizabeth & Josiah were Elizabeth Thomas, Josiah Thomas, Lycia Thomas, Samuel Thomas, Abigail Thomas, & Jesse Thomas. WW12 - William Johnson b8/5/1695 NewHaven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - m12/27/1721 NewHaven,CT Elizabeth Sperry (dau of Thomas Sperry & Elizabeth Farnes) (Families of Ancient New Haven) - b11/25/1695 NewHaven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW121 - Thomas Johnson b12/21/1724 NewHaven,CT - d1785 - m9/20/1748 Woodbridge Susanna Perkins (dau of Nathan & Abigail Perkins) b5/13/1726 NewHaven,CT - d2/2/1789 Bethany - no children.

WW122 - William Johnson b of Sheffield,MA

WW123 - Elizabeth Johnson b - m8/12/1762 Woodbridge 1John Turner - m 2Ebenezer Bishop

WW124 - Eden Johnson b - d6/1/1826 Bethany - m 1Mary Matthews b10/29/1751 Wallingford,CT - d4/25/1775 Bethany - m 2Sybil Thorpe (dau of David Thorpe & Hila Bishop) b8/1/1757 NewHaven,CT - d2/21/1826 Bethany (Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW1241 - Elizabeth Johnson b - m8/12/1762 NewHaven,CT John Turner (son of Isaac Turner & Abigail ?) (Families of Ancient New Haven) - b8/4/1704 New Haven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - d1770 (Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW 13 - Anna Johnson b8/5/1697 NewHaven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - m11/19/1717 Branford,CT Joseph Foote (Branford Vital Statistics)

WW 14 - Sarah Johnson b New Haven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - m3/18/1724/25 NewHaven,CT Zebulon Carrington (son of Dr. Peter Carrington & Anna Wilmot)(Families of Ancient New Haven) b3/6/1698/99 Milford,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - Children of Sarah & Zebulon were Sarah Carrington, Rachel Carrington, Rhoda Carrington, Mercy Carrington, & Mabel Carrington. All were baptized at Woodbridge.

WW 15 - Lydia Johnson b8/1701 NewHaven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) and died young

WW 16 - Stephen Johnson b8/28/1704 NewHaven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - d1797 (Families of Ancient New Haven) - m1725 NewHaven,CT T (New Haven Vital Records) 1Mercy Wilmot (dau of John Wilmot & Sarah Clark) T(New Haven Vital Records) b2/3/1698 NewHaven,CT T (New Haven Vital Records) d1751? - m10/25/1752 Second Congregational Society,NewHaven,CT 2 Sarah Hull (dau of John Hull & Mercy Jacobs) (Families of Ancient New Haven) b1/26/1707/08 NewHaven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - Children of Stephen & Mercy were Jonathan, Stephen, Phineas, Eunice, & Jabez. Children of Stephen & Sarah were Ann, Ebenezer, Lydia, Mercy, Sarah, & Lois. (Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW 161 - Jonathan Johnson b9/13/1725 NewHaven,CT

WW 162 - Stephen Johnson b7/28/1727 - mSybil Johnson (dau of Abraham Johnson & Sarah Gilbert) b8/1/1727 - d4/4.1803 WestHaven,CT

WW 163 - Phineas Johnson b1/10/1729/30 - d9/1819 Oxford - m 1Mary ? - d4/11/1788 Oxford - m5/9/1791 Oxford 2Sarah Terill - d12/25/1840 Salem

WW 164 - Eunice Johnson b3/7/1732 - m8/12/1756 Hezekiah Bradley

WW 165 - Jabez Johnson b6/2/1734 - m11/8/1764 Abigail Darrow (dau of Ebenezer Darrow & Lydia Bradley) b7/29/1745 EastHaven,CT

WW 166 - Ann Johnson b5/5/1736

WW 167 - Ebenezer Johnson b3/26/1738 - mHannah ?- Lived at Wolcott

WW 168 - Lydia Johnson b2/11/1740 - m5/27/1762 Woodbridge Abraham Payne

WW 169 - Mercy Johnson b6/24/1741 - d12/26/1822 - m5/14/1765 John Baldwin

WW 16a - Sarah Johnson b12/30/1741 - d10/12/1832 - m1/16/1766 John Ball

WW 16b - Lois Johnson b5/15/1745 - mOliver Wright (Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW 17 - Amos Johnson b3/29/1708 New Haven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - d5/8/1766 Cornwall,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - mMary (Amy) Palmer (dau of Daniel Palmer & Elizabeth ?) b7/8/1713 Branford,CT (Branford Vital Statistics) Lived at Cornwall.

WW 171 - Amos Johnson b - m9/11/1755 Cornwall Elizabeth ?(New Haven Vital Records)

WW 172 - Solomon Johnson b9/28/1758 Cornwall

WW 173 - William Johnson b - m5/31/1759 Cornwall Mercy How (dau of Zachariah How & Mary Frisbie)

WW 174 - Amy Johnson b - m9/11/1755 Cornwall Joshua Pierce (New Haven Vital Records)

WW 18 - Timothy Johnson b

WW 2 - John Johnson b7/20/1667 New Haven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - 1744 (New Haven Vital Records) - m 1Abigail Sherman (dau of Daniel Sherman & Abiah Street) b9/5/1665 New Haven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - d10/4/1739 NewHaven,CT(Families of Ancient New Haven) Burial: City of New Haven, CT - m11/19/1741 Meriden 2Joanna Gaylord (dau of Joseph Gaylord & Sarah Standley)(Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW 21 - Abraham Johnson b1694 - d1775

WW 22 - Abigail Johnson b1695 - d1778

WW 23 - John Johnson b1696 - d1774

WW 24 - Hanah Johnson b7/1/1716 Wallingford,CT - d2/16/1777 m11/12/1739 Ephraim Hough

WW 25 - Esther Johnson b1/20/1718d - d9/6/1750 Wallingford - m3/17/1740 Andrew Andrews

WW 26 - Lydia Johnson b11/20/1719 - d3/1748 Wallingford,CT - m10/8/1740 Ebenezer Cowles - d1774

WW 27 - Sarah Johnson b4/4/1723 - m5/12/1742 Wallingford,CT Nehemiah Manross (Families of Ancient New Haven)

WW 3 - Abraham Johnson b1669 - died young

WW 4 - Abigail Johnson b1670

WW 5 - Isaac Johnson b1672 - 1750

WW6 - Sergt. Jacob Johnson b9/25/1674 NewHaven,NewHaven,CT - d7/26/1749 - Burial: 7/27/1749 Congregational,Wallingford, New Haven,CT -m12/14/1693 Wallingford,New Haven, CT 1Abigail Hitchcock (dau. of John Hitchcock & Abigail Merriman) - b4/10/1674 New Haven,New Haven,CT - d1/9/1726 Wallingford,New Haven,CT - m6/20/1726 Wallingford,New Haven,CT 2Dorcas/Dorothy Phippen (FamilySearch)

WW61 - Rueben Johnson b8/27/1694 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d1778 - m3/11/1718 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT Mary Dayton (dau of Isaac Dayton & Rebekkah Tuttle) bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

  • WW611 - Jerusha Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT - d11/17/1817 - Burial: Northford,,CT - (FamilySearch)
  • WW612 - Ephraim Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)
  • WW613 - Reuben Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)
  • WW614 - Ephraim Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)
  • WW615 - Zachariah Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT - d1776 (FamilySearch)
  • WW616 - Mary Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)
  • WW617 - Patience Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)
  • WW618 - Justus Johnson b4/6/1720 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d5/13/1720 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)
  • WW619 - Justus Johnson b3/26/1721 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d1/20/1748/1749 - Burial: Center St. Cem.,Wallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)
  • WW61a - Rebecca Johnson b7/14/1723 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d5/13/1811 Meriden,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

WW62 - Dea. Isaac Johnson b2/21/1696 Wallingford,CT - d4/29/1779 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - m11/24/1723Wallingford,CT 1Sarah Osborn (dau. of Joseph Osborn & Mary Bennett) b5/1702 New Haven,CT - d11/16/1766 Wallingford,NewHavenCT - m4/16/1767 2Elizabeth Hitchcock (dau. of Nathaniel Hitchcock & Sarah Jennings) b1/26/1707 Wallingford,CT - d11/22/1773 Wallington,Ct - m1/6/1774 Wallington,CT 3Phebe Tuttle (dau. of Capt. Daniel Tuttle & Ruth How) b1/8/1719 Wallingford,CT - d3/3/1790 - Burial of Isaac & Sarah: Center St. Cem.,Wallingford,CT

  • WW621 - Joseph Johnson b1/1/1725 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d1803 (Derby,CT Vital Records) - mPhoebe ?
    •    WW6211 - Phebe Johnson b - No heirs
    •    WW6212 - Eunice Johnson - mNathaniel Andrews (son of Amos Andrews & Content Morgan) b7/22/1761 Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d2/5/1829 Cheshire,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Old Graveyard,Cheshire,CT
    •    WW6213 - Rebecca Johnson b
    •    WW6214 - Sarah Johnson b - mEphraim Royce (Online) Ephraim Royce.
    •    WW6215 - Merab Johnson b
    •    WW6216 - Elizabeth Johnson b - mJohn Ashley b12/18/1777 - d10/15/1843 ,,Greene,NY
    •    WW6217 - Joseph Johnson b - d3/23/1838 Hamden,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Old Graveyard, Mt.Carmel,Hamden,CT - m12/3/1789 Mt.Carmel,Hamden,CT Sarah Doolittle (dau. of Benjamin Doolittle & Esther Tuttle) (Families of Ancient New Haven) - b7/20/1761 NewHaven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) - d11/15/1826 Hamden,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Old Graveyard, Mt.Carmel,Hamden,CT
    •    WW6218 - Isaac Johnson b - mFanny Doolittle
      •   WW62181 - Chauncey Johnson b (Families of Ancient New Haven)
      •   WW62182 - Lewis Augustus Johnson b (Families of Ancient New Haven)
      •   WW62183 - Lucina Johnson b (Families of Ancient New Haven)
      •   WW62184 - Uri Johnson b (Families of Ancient New Haven)
      •   WW6219 - Rhoda Johnson b - m2/27/1809 James Alford Gleason (son of David Gleason & Abigail Alvord) b11/26/1781 Windsor,CT - d9/30/1839 Sherman,Chautaqua,NY - They resided in Farmington in 1811; Simsbury 1816. (Families of Ancient New Haven)
      •   WW621a - Lent Johnson b - d1866 ,,,Broome,NY - mEsther Tuttle (dau. of Isaac Tuttle & Esther ?) bNew Haven,CT - d1866 ,,Broome,NY - Lived in North Haven. (Families of Ancient New Haven)
      •   WW621b - Lowly Johnson b
      •   WW621c - Clarissa Johnson b - d4/22/1862 - Burial: Old Graveyard,Mt.Carmel,Hamden,CT - m3/26/1823 New Haven,CT (New Haven Vital Records) Amos Frost (son of Amos Frost & Esther Doolittle) b9/1788 Hamden,CT - d9/17/1868 -
    • WW622 - Abigail Johnson b1727 - d1759
    • WW623 - Sarah Johnson b1727 - d1819
    • WW624 - Isaac Johnson, Jr. b6/23/1731 Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) mAbigail Shipman (Marge Kukuwich)(dau. of Stephen Shipman & Mary Pellet) b12/1731 East Hartford,CT -
      •    WW6241 - Abigail Johnson d9/17/1834 North Haven, CT - m8/24/1774 Congregational Society, North Haven,CT Daniel Doolittle (son of Daniel Doolittle & Elizabeth Dayton) b11/10/1741 Wallingford,CT (Vital Records of Wallingford) - d12/17/1808 North Haven,CT (Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald L. Jacobus) - Burial: Old Graveyard,NorthHaven,CT - Daniel served in Capt. Samuel Hull’s Co. for the relief of Fort William Henry, 1757; Col. Nathan Whiting’s 1st Co., 2nd Regt., Apr- Nov 1758; Capt. Amos Hitchcock’s 7th Co., 2nd Regt., Apr -Nov 1759. Commissioned Ensign of the 10th Co., 1st Regt., Conn. Troops, Apr 1775; later was a member of the North Haven militia.(Donald Lines Jacobus, The Bulkeley Genealogy) Their children were: Rhoda Doolittle, Isaac Doolittle, Mary Doolittle, John Doolittle, Stephen Doolittle, Lois Doolittle, Elizabeth Doolittle, Abraham Doolittle, Hannah Doolittle, Jacob Doolittle, Hannah Doolittle.

Greene County, New York History - Formed from Albany and Ulster March 25, 1800, Greene County comprises the most of that famous mountain resort area, known as the Catskills. It is on the west bank of the Hudson, about thirty miles south of Albany, and has an area of 686 square miles. The relatively low bank of the river rises through a set of hills with an abrupt ascent to the mountains. Here the Catskills reach heights of 3,000 to nearly 4,000 feet above the sea level, and on their east and north sides are almost precipitous and cliff-like in their descents. The western slopes are more gentle in their rolling uplands, and it is in this part of the county that agriculture has attained some importance. Much of the soil is so rocky that when Horace Greeley was addressing the farmers of the county, and was interrupted with a question as to what one could do on land in which a plow could not be used, he answered simply, “Raise sheep.” - The mountains have clefts through which the streams make their ways, known as “cloves,” many of them having cliffs a thousand feet high, with a swirling brook or creek racing its way down the mountainside in splendid cascades. These “cloves” were the original roads of the Indians through the Onteoras, the “Mountains of the Sky,” as they called the Catskills. And it was through these same gaps that the pioneers of the region made their way. - Besides agriculture, which in Greene takes the form of hay, milk, fruit and vegetable growing, there are few industries. Probably there is no county in the State that has had more disruptions of its industrial life. Before the opening of the Erie Canal a great part of the commerce of the western part of the State poured through Greene. The old Indian trails became the thoroughfares by which the products of the region reaching even to Lake Erie were brought to the Hudson. Catskill village was not only a great grain market, but the flour mills at the falls of the Catskill Creek were the most important in New York. Canals and railroads confined the trade of Greene County to those living in it. When new methods of tanning were put into use, just after the War of 1812 tanners bought great tracts of hemlock in the Catskills and built extensive leather making plants. It is said that Greene County made more leather in the few years before 1835 than was produced by all the rest of the State. But the trees were destroyed and when the needed bark was no longer to be gotten, tanning moved into aWW624oining counties or went West. The busy, well-populated villages of that day dwindled in size almost as rapidly as they grew. - The “Hardenburgh Patent,” granted by Queen Anne in 1708, covered almost all of the county west of the mountains, and litigation over its lines did much to retard immigration into the region. Stephen Day, of Connecticut, secured a large tract of the Hardenburgh land at some early date, which led to the coming of quite a group from this State, who in a measure took the place of the displaced Dutch. - It was the private turnpike, rather than the State road, that opened up this hilly area. The Susquehanna, Little Delaware, Coxsackie, and a dozen others, were all put into commission in the third of a century following the year 1811. Stage routes were established, and one of these, started by Erastus Beach, in 1823, was the first to make it easy for the tourist to enter the Catskills. (Greene County History Online)

  • WW6242 - DAVID JOHNSONb6/24/1758 Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) -d3/20/1836 Age-78 years; Lot 152 (Jewett Heights Cem. Records) Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY- m11/23/1780 Wallingford,West Haven,CT 1Lois Johnson (daughter of Dayton Johnson & Hannah Beadles) b12/29//1761 Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) -d6/23/1823 64 years Lot 152 (Jewett Heights Cem. Records) Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY - m11/17/1823 2Rebecca Chittenden Lived near the Catskill Mts., near the Hudson River where the Brittish encamped and fighting was bitter and stubborn-During their childhood the French and Indian War ended-First Colonial Congress met in their day-Stamp Act passed-Boston Tea Party occurred-Revolutionary War-Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Had 10 children - Bur: Jewett Heights Cem., Green Co.,NY (Abstracts of Graves of Revoluntionary Patriots v2, Serial:12260,v.5) - David Johnson, Private in the Connecticut Continental, received an annual allowance of $96.00 effective July 19. 1819, total amount received was $109.93, was granted the pension on January 13, 1819. Dropped from the pension roll under the Act of May 1, 1820. Pensioned again under the Act of June 7, 1832, when he received an annual pension of 53.33 effective March 4, 1831. Was granted the pension December 6, 1832 at the age of 73. (Greene Co. Revolutionary War Pensioners 1835) - Rec - Thu 24 March 1836, At his residence at Lexington Heights, February 20, David Johnson, in 78th year, a soldier of the Revolution. (Catskill Newspaper) (Picture of David Johnson; donated by Marge Kukuwich)

In The Name of God, Amen. I, David Johnson, of the Town of Lexington in the County of Greene and State of New York, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding do hereby make, publish, and declare my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following . . . . . First. I order and direct that my Executor herein after named, pay all my just debts and funeral charges as soon after my decease as conveniently may be. Second. I hereby direct that my Executor procure a suitable tombstone at the expense of my estate as soon as convenient after my decease. Third. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Amanda Smith, one feather bed which I now own and also the sum of forty dollars be paid to her within one year after my decease. Fourth. I give and bequeath unto my son Miles Johnson to be paid to him within one year after my decease the sum of fifty dollars. Fifth. I give, desire, and bequeath xxx unto my son Orrin Johnson and unto my daughter Hannah Johnson all my real estate and a ll my personal estate of every description which I shall own or be possessive of at the time of my death. These heirs, executors, administrators, & assigns forever, equally be divided between them . . . . . Sixth. I do hereby direct that the above mentioned legacies after debts and funeral expenses be first paid out of my personal estate by sale or other resources? at the discretion of the Executor. Seventh. I do further direct that the legacies herein mentioned, as to be paid to Amanda Smith & Miles Johnson, be paid in the proportion following. Pay if my estate should be valued at six hundred dollars after paying my debts and funeral charges. Then the said Amanda Smith and Miles Johnson are to be paid their legacies in full as above states. But if it should fall short of that sum, then a deduction be made from these two legacies in the proportion that it may fall short of that sum. Eighthly. I do hereby nominate and appoint Henry Gostie, executor of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby voiding all former Wills and Testaments by me made. Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the above named David Johnson, his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have here unto subscribed and named as witnesses in the presence of the Testator, _______ Munson Buel, of Lexington, County of Greene, State of New York. Isaac Buel, Lexington of Greene County, State of New York}(The blank was not filled in on the will before the word Munson) State of New York, Greene County. Be it known that at a Surrogate held at the town of Catskill in the said county of Greene on the 31st day of May, 1836, before Dorrance? Kirtland Surrogate of the said county of the Last Will and Testament of David Johnson late, of the town of Lexington in the said county Greene, whereof is here unto annexed, was admitted to Probate after a citation to the w idow and the next of kin to the said deceased. First, if said served according to law, returned and filed, where upon I the said Surrogate, to go and get to the proof of the execution of the said will and there upon Isaac Buil, one of the subscribing witnesses to the said will, after being first duly sworn, testifies that he signed his name as a witness to the said Last Will and Testament of David Johnson, late of the town of Lexington, County of Greene, declared which said will is here in court produced, his request that he was the said David Johnson, signed his name as a witness to the said will, and at the same time heard him declare this form to be his last Will and Testament. T hat Monson Buel, the other subscribing witness confirms and at the same time, and subscribes his name as a witness. And that as well, he the said Isaac, is the said Monson, subscribed these names as witness to the executor to the said will as a witness and in the presence of and at the request of the said David Johnson, the testator and in the presence of each other and that the said testator at the time he executed the form in health and of sound mind __ly and understanding. Where upon, I the said Surrogate, being satisfied of the genuineness and validity of the said will do therefore order that the ____ be admitted to probate and letters Testamentary there on granted to Henry Gostie, executor in the said will, named after the expiration of thirty days from the time of making this order, on his taking and subscribing the Oath of Office prescribed by law. Dorrance? Kirtland (Copy of Original donated by Lisa Orecchio; transcribed by Karolyn & Randy Roberts)

  • WW62421 - Isaac Dayton Johnson b10/1/1781Wallingford Twp., New Haven,CT (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - d4/13/1828 age 46y - Lot 197 Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY (Jewett Heights Cem. Records) - mMary (Polly) Cook (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - Grave at Lodi,Columbia,WI. (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) 1850 U.S. Census states Mary age 54 living with Augusta & Fanny Carr [daughter] along with Whitney & Lois Johnson, Whitney being a son with his wife.
    •    WW624211 - Jacob Johnson (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) WW624212 - Luanna M. Johnson (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - mJames H. Beers (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) WW624213 - Olgeran B. Johnson b3/1805 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - d7/31/1810 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) age 5y3m (Jewett Heights Cem. Records) WW624214 - Luzerne Johnson b4/27/1808 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - d10/6/1830 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) age 22y6m9d - Lot 195 (Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • WW624215 - Lucius Johnson babt1809 - d5/30/1876 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - mElvira A. Carr d12/6/1904 ,,Columbia,WI (2nd husband of Elvira: Frank Chandler) (Columbia Co. Death Records; Res. of Marge Kukuwich) Lived in Prairie du Chien, WI (Family Letters) Elvira went to Columbia Co. after Lucius died and married Francis who was married to Lois Johnson before her death. - Elvira buried at Lodi,Columbia, WI (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - 1850 Census Prairie du Chien, WI, Lucius 41, wife Alivira 35. 1860 census in Prairie du Chien, Lucius 50, Eliza 43. 1870 Census Praire du Chien,WI 61, Elvira 52. 1880 Census Bridgeport,Crawford, WI Elvira 63 bNY, living with daughter Emma 29, listed as Johnson E.H., mother-in-law.
  • WW624216 - Mary Johnson babt 1813 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - 1/23/1853 aged 41y4m23d (Tombstone)- mElWW624ah Gilbert Smalling (Census Records) d4/9/1879 aged 67 (Tombstone) - Burial of Mary: North Settlement Cem. in (Records of Lisa Orecchio) - Most censuses, ElWW624ah is listed as ElWW624ah G., but on the 1850 Census he is listed as Gilbert. (Research of Lisa Orecchio)
  • WW624217 - Fanny Johnson babt 1814 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - d1857 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - mAugustus H. Carr (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) Children of Fanny & Augustus were Hellen Carr, Munson/Monroe Carr, Henry Carr, Mary Carr, Elvira Carr, Seth W. Carr, & Whiting A. Carr. (1850 U.S. Census; 1855 NY State Census) 1855 NY Census: Jewett, hshld #60, Carr, Augustus laborer 39 yrs, lived in area 39 years. - bGreene, Fanny [wife] 38 yrs/lived in area 38 years - b Greene Co. Children: Ellen 19, Monson 12, Henry 8/8 LEW, Mary 6, Seth W 4, Whiting A. 2 [family living with Nicholas P. Russ [uncle by marriage], or on his land as Nicholas Russ is listed as a landowner and living at #59]. (Research by Lisa Orecchio)
  • WW624218 - Sophia Johnson babt 1816 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - mMartin B. Bailey (Res. of Marge Kukuwich)
  • WW624219 - Henrietta Johnson babt1817 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - d2/1/1845 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich)
  • WW62421a - Olgeran B. Johnson b4/25/1814 (Birth Calculator) - d9/25/1819 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) age 5y5m (Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • WW62421b - Isaac Johnson b3/27/1824 (twin to Lois) (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) Lexington,Greene,NY - d5/1/1903 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) Wazeka,,Crawford,WI - m11/18/1848,Watson,Lewis,NY (Online) Hannah Jane Conley (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) b8/27/1829 Green,NY - d9/27/1911 Wazeka,,Crawford,WI - - Lived in Prairie du Chien (Family Letters) Buried: Prairie du Chien (Tombstones)
  • WW62421b1 - Lucien Johnson b1854 (Family Search)
  • WW62421b2 - Lottie May Johnson b4/17/1871 Wazeka,,Crawford,WI - d4/27/1874 Wazeka,,Crawford,WI (Family Search)
  • WW62421c - Lois Johnson b3/27/1824 (twin to Isaac) (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - d10/11/1878 ,Columbia,WI (Columbia County Death Records; Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - mFrancis W. Chandler (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) b1825 - After Lois died, Francis married Elvira A. Carr, former wife of Lucius Johnson. - Lois buried at Lodi,Columbia,WI (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - 1870 U.S. Census, Mazomanie,Dane,WI, Francis Chandler 45 bNY, Lois 46 bNY, children are George 12, Fanny 11, Walter 8, & Sherman 4, all born in WI. 1880 U.S. Census, Lodi,Columbia,WI, Francis W. age 53, Elvira 40, Sherman 13.
  • WW62421d - Whitney Johnson babt1826 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - dabt 12/20/1879 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - mLois ?(Records of Marge Kukuwich) 1850 U.S. Census states Whitney age 24, & his wife Lois age 26, living with Augusta & Fanny Carr and also was a farm laborer. Fanny is a sister to Whitney.
  • WW62422 - Amanda Johnson b9/15/1783 - mAmos Smith

Note: Most of the Johnson’s belonged to the Lexington Temperance Society that was started in 1834.

  •         WW62423 - b5/12/1785-d9/21/1853 age 68 y (Lot 151; Jewett Heights Cem. Records) Jewett Heights ORRIN JOHNSON,Hewett,Greene,NY - m at age 32 to CLARRISSA HENSON (Dau. of Samuel & Sally Hanson [East Kill Valley Genealogy by Olive Woodworth]) Valley Genealogy) -d11/20/1884 at age 83 (Lot 150; Jewett Heights Cem. Records) - Lot 150; Jewett b8/17/1801 (East Kill heights Cem., and known as Lexington Heights Cem. Tr 17 & 23 C Town of Jewett,Green Co.,NY - Clarrissa was seventeen years younger than Orren. Orren was born just after the Revoltionary War, just after Gen. Washington left his army and retired to his home at Mt. Vernon. When Orren was four years old, George Washington became our first president. When he was fifteen, Washington died. After Orrin married Clarrissa, they lived at Windham Centre. (Early Settlers of East Jewett, by Beach, Catskill Examiner, 8/17/1871) (Picture of Clarrissa Henson Johnson Beebe; donated by Marge Kukuwich)
    •    WW624231 - Warren Johnson b11/22/1819-m1 Julia d1/22/1882 at 60 y [East Kill Valley Genealogy by Olive Woodworth] Burial: Beach Farm Cem.,Greene,NY (Beach Farm Cem. Records) - m2 5/28/1884 Sarah
      •   WW624232 - Jane E. Johnson b11/4/1820-d1/11/1868 ,,Fulton,OH age 45y9m7d (v2,p103 Tombstone Inscriptions of Fulton Co.OH records) -mNelson Soles b7/18/1810 NY (U.S. Census,SwanCreek,Fulton,OH) - Resided in OH - Nelson was a farmer, and married to Biancy ? who was born in MI, had children Theodosia & Clarance, ages 8 & 5 according to the Census. - Burial: Raker Cem., Swan Creek,Fulton,OH (Picture of Jane Johnson Soles; donated by Marge Kukuwich)
        •   WW6242321 - Seth Soles
        •   WW6242322 - Sylvester Soles b1844 - d1921 - Burial: Raker Cem., Swan Creek,Fulton,OH (v2 Tombstone Inscriptions of Fulton Co.OH records)
      • WW6242323 - Birdet D. Soles -b - d shortly after 1853
      • WW6242324 - Ellen Soles WW6242325 - Alvin M. Soles b1/6/1841 - d9/19/1909 (v2 Tombstone Inscriptions of Fulton Co.OH records) WW6242326 - Clarrissa Soles
        WW6242327 - William (Willie) Soles b - d12/17/1862 age 13y9m17d son of N. & J.E. Soles. Burial: Raker Cem., Swan Creek,Fulton,OH (v2 of Tombstone Inscriptions Fulton Co.OH records) WW6242328 - Oscar Soles (Twin to Ossro) b1861- d1912 - (son of N. Soles) Burial: Raker Cem., Swan Creek,Fulton,OH (v2,p103 Tombstone Inscriptions of Fulton Co.OH records)
      • WW6242329 - Ossro Soles (Twin to Oscar) b1861 OH was a farm laborer. (U.S. Census,SwanCreek,Fulton,OH)
      • WW624233 - John Burdet Johnson b5/17/1825-d 9/25/1853 aged 28y (Lot 148; Jewett Cem. Records) WW624234 - Teressa Johnson b6/15/1827-d7/1830 age 2y (Lot 149; Jewett Heights Cem. Records) WW624235 - Bynthrony Johnson b2/3/1829 WW624236 - Sarah Johnson b6/6/1830-d9/6/1834 aged 4y (Lot 149; Jewett Heights Cem. Records)

WW624237 -  BENAJAH JOHNSON (Source:Mable Johnson’s Bible)  (son of Orrin Johnson & b9/6/1832 Catskill,Green,NY-d11/21/1906 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Tombstone) - m4/1/1858 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Bible; Pre-1920 Columbia Co. Marriages) SOPHIA ROWLEY b12/3/1835 Mina,Chautauqua,NY - d9/12/1908 Caledonia,Columbia,WI (Source: Tombstone)- - Benajah was 5′ 10″ tall, blue eyes, dark hair. He first settled in Prairie du Chien, then Portage. Funeral was held in the Welsh Church in Caledonia,WI, Rev. Meikle officiating. Note: Benajah came to WI in 1858 Note: Benajah was a soldier of the Union Army for four years during the Civil War, passing part of the time in the notorious rebel military prisons. [He enlisted on 9/11/1861 as a Private with Company H. 11th WI Volunteers, 2Ills. L. Art’y (Reora Batty) and mustered out on 8/16/1865. (Roster of WI Volunteers) On 4/10/1864 he became a prisoner at Pleasant Hill, LA and was sent to Camp Ford near Tyler, TX. In July of 1865 he was released from prison] Bur: Welsh Cem.,Portage,WI (Source: Obit) Death certificate says he died of apoplexy. (Document of Sophia requesting a Civil War Pension)

  • WW6242371 - IVA EULILLIA (LILLY) JOHNSON b2/27/1859 Calendonia,,Columbia,WI -d4/1914 Portage,WI-m7/4/1877 Caledonia,Columbia,WI JOHN WILLIAM ROBERTS (TR12613761) (Source: Margaret Watling’s Family History)(son of William Roberts and Catherine Williams) b6/12/1854 Calendonia,,Columbia,WI-d9/7/1917Portage,Columbia,WI - Occupation: Masonery-Brick and Stone, Portage Area John W. wrote of his holiness experience in “The Free Methodist” which was the old publication of the Free Methodist Church. We do not know the year, and only have half of the article. But he states in it, that his father was a member of the Church of England, and his mother was a Calvinistic Methodist. Bur: Welsh Cem.,Portage,WI
  • For descendants of Iva Johnson & John Roberts see: Index Page
  • WW624238 - David Johnson b4/29/1835 - d1/8/1863 in Service at Falmouth,VA , age 26 yrs. & 10m - Jewett Heights Cem. Lot 146 and also called, Lexington Heights Cem. Tr 17 & 23 C Town of Jewett,Green,NY - mMary Armsfield (Source: Marge Kukuwich) Served in the Civil War. He was a member of Co. F., 120 Regt NYSV (Jewett Cem. Records) DAVID JOHNSON of Jewett, Will Probated June 1, 1863. Heirs: wife, Mary A., Executrix: wife. Witnesses: David M. Hosford and Jonathan Howard (Wills of Greene Co.,NY Abstracts)
  • WW6242381 - Platt B. Johnson (Source: Marge Kukuwich) d5/23/1862 age 5yrs8m4d - died within a few weeks of Romaine - Jewett heights Cem., Lexington Heights Cem. Tr 17 & 23 C Town of Jewett,Green,NY, Lot 146. (Jewett Cem. Records)
  • WW6242382 - Romaine B. Johnson d5/9/1862 age 2y1m15d (Jewett Cem. Records) (Source: Marge Kukuwich) d5/9/1862 age 12 years - Jewett heights , Lexington Heights Cem. Tr 17 & 23 C Town of Jewett,Green Co.,NY (Jewett Cem. Records)
  • WW624239 - Truman Johnson probably born in 1839 (Name is in family letters) (Picture of Truman Johnson; donated by Marge Kukuwich)
  • ·  ·
  • WW62424 - Mary Johnson babt1787 (Res. of Marge Kukuwich)
  • WW62425 - David Johnson, Jr. b1/28/1787 - d11/25/1835 age 49 years at Lexington (Catskill Examiner Deaths 1832-1841), Jewett Heights Cem. Lot 121,Jewett,Greene,NY - 1mSarah ? - m 2Charlotte Beach (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - Cemetery located near the intersection of Routes 17 and 23C in the Town of Jewett. It is said to contain most of the remains of of the area’s earliest settlers. The land for this cemetery was donated by Laban Andrews. This cemetery is also known as the Lexington Heights Cemetery.
  • WW624251 - Diana Johnson b - d5/3/1915, aged 1m - Burial: Lot 121 family plot, Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY (Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • WW624252 - Eliphalet Johnson b - Mother was Charlotte. - d7/1/1839 at age18 (Catskill Examiner Deaths 1832-1841) (Lot 121; Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • Old Windham consisted of all the land west of the “summit of the mountains” to the Delaware line, or what now is in the towns of Windham, Ashland, Prattsville, Lexington, Jewett and Hunter. Settlement of this territory began about 1786 by people, mostly form Connecticut, who were from Puritan stock and were as a class a hardy, industrious, patriotic, Christian people. They soon made this country to “blossom as a rose.” With a virgin forest of hemlock and plenty of water-power, industry soon started in the form of tanneries and sawmills. Grist mills followed with the clearing of the land for the plow. Still later other forms of manufacturing were started. In less than twenty years, every farm was occupied, the wheels of industry were turning, taverns and hotels filled with travelers, and the route from the west was through here to the Hudson River. The Hudson then was the sole means of transportation and shipment. By it, this manufacturing and enterprising country was made and maintained, till the coming of the railroads some fifty years later. This then was the country in which Methodism was to gain its foothold. The first settlers were of different denominations and naturally they wanted to see their different faiths established in this new country. They first had traveling preachers of their faiths stop at their homes for worship. Later services were held at schoolhouses and taverns. These services were largely attended, with the people coming to spend the whole day, the services being held in the morning and afternoon. This custom was continued even after the building of churches and meeting-houses. Windham was a part of the Albany Circuit in 1805, with the M. E. Church at Coeymans, as the Mother Church, and its is supposed that the church at East Jewett was also connected with it. This Circuit also covered a part of Delaware County. Methodist itinerant preachers first came to this locality about 1807 and classes with class-leaders were soon formed. Circuit preachers were then appointed to make regular trips. Thus we have the formation of different Churches and societies. A Quarterly Conference of the Albany Circuit was held in Windham Dec. 17, 1811, according to Albany Circuit records. The first M.E. Church to be built was the one at North Settlement in 1826. The following year a quarterly conference was held there. The minutes of which follows: Minutes of a Quarterly Conference of the M. E. Church, held on Durham Circuit, Windham Meeting House North Settlement, November 16-17, 1827. Present: P. Rice, Presiding Elder; Moses Amadon and David Poor, Circuit Preachers. (The following was prepared by Donald F. Munson; Methodism in Windham; Windham Jour. 12/6/1934)
  • WW62426 - Miles Johnson b12/19/1788 NY - daft1870 - -mAnna/Lana ? bNY (1880 U.S. Fed. Census,Hunter,Green,NY) - 1820 NY Fed. Census listed Miles Johnson as newly married, living next door to Cyrus Smalling in Lexington,Greene,NY. 1830/1840 Lexington,Greene,NY Censuses. 1850 Fed. Census of Hunter,Greene,NY. 1860 Fed. Census living with Phililus Johnson, Windham,Greene,NY. 1870 Fed. Census, Cairo,Greene,NY living at the Poor House. (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  • WW624261 - Chauncey Johnson b1831 (1880 U.S. Fed. Census,Hunter,Green,NY) Halcott[in 1834 known as Lexington],Greene,NY - d2/14/1904 WindhamVillage,Windham,Greene,NY - Burial: Windham Cem.,Windham,Greene,NY - mMary A./E. (1880 Census) Mallory b8/7/1841 (Birth Calculator) East Jewett,Greene,NY - d6/8/1931 Home of dau. Cora, Windham,Greene,NY at 89 y,11m - Burial: 6/11/1931 Windham Cem,Windham,Greene,NY (Records of Lisa Orecchio) 1850 Fed. Census, Hunter,Greene,NY listed in father’s household, Miles Johnson. 1860 Fed. Census Jewett,Greene,NY listed living with Anson Mallory. 1870 on the census, Jewett,Greene,NY Anson Malloy is in the same house. Chauncey was a farmer according to the 1880 Census and living with sister, Nancy Benjamin. - 1880 Census says Mary was born in 1845 and was 35 years old. 1900 Census was of Windham,Greene,NY - 1920 Census, Mary is living with dau. Cora Davis, Windham,Greene,NY (Records of Lisa Orecchio) (Is there a Chad Johnson or is Chad a nickname Chauncey used??

Free Methodist Church of Big Hollow-This society was organized June 24th 1871, with the following charter members: Ezra Holcomb and wife, Robert Winter and wife, Francis Maynard and wife, B. A. Ferguson and wife, Nelson Hitchcock and wife, John McGlashan and wife, Sarah Barker, Susan Mills, Monroe Mallery, Sally Rood, Isaac Chapman, Chauncey Johnson, Homer Barker, and Sylvester Winchell. The church building was erected in 1875. The first quarterly meeting was held in the grove in Big Hollow, June 8th , 9th and 10th 1871.

  •         WW6242611 - Emmery Johnson b6/6/1859 - d6/9/1862 at 3y3m3d (East Kill Valley Gen. by Olive Woodworth) - Burial: Beach Cem., Farber Farm,EastJewett,Jewett,Green,NY WW62461 - (Records of Lisa Orecchio) Located on Route 23C about a mile west of the junction with Maplecrest Road, in the Town of Jewett. The cemetery is a small plot situated on the J.J. Farber Farm. It is in excellent condition, well maintained and surrounded by a stone wall with an iron gate. A number of fieldstones were visible. (Beach Cem. Records)
  •         WW6242612 - Cora Alice Johnson bEast Jewett,Greene,NY - d1/23/1945 - Burial: 4/1945 Windham Cem.,Windham,Greene,NY or 1/25/1945 Cedar Grove Tomb,Dorchester,Boston,Suffolk,MA - mAlonzo A. Davis b7/5/1851 Mt.Pleasant or Shokan?,Ulster,NY - d3/10/1917 Windham Village,Twp of Windham,Greene,NY - Burial: 3/10/1917 Windham Cem.,Windham,Greene,NY (Records of Lisa Orecchio) 1880 Census lists Alonzo as a farm laborer.
  •         WW62426121 - Arthur A. Davis b1878,NY (1880 Census) - mRose M. ? b CT (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW62426122 - George Edward Davis b1879 Windham,Greene,NY (1880 Census) - d8/4/1939 Charlesgate Hosp.,Cambridge,MA - resided in Somerville,MA - Burial: Cremated,Urn in Forest Hills Cem.,JamaicaPlain,Boston,MA - m11/15/1900 Methodist Church, Windham,Greene,NY -Edith Lettie Cooke - b3/10/1879 Ashland,Greene,NY - d12/7/1943 Boston City Hosp., Boston,MA - resided at 24 Pearson Rd.,West Somerville,MA - Burial: 12/10/1943 Cremated, Urn in Forest Hills Cem.,JamiaicaPlain,Boston,MA (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW62426123 - Albert Irving Davis b7/15/1885 Windham,NY - d7/1969 (S.S. Death Index) - m1/13/1909 Somerville,MA Gertrude Eunice Steeves - bHillsboro,NewBrunswick,Canada (Records of Lisa Orecchio) - Resided in Malden, Maplewood, & Oak Grove of Middlesex,MA (S.S. Death Index)
  •         WW62426124 - Erwin Emery Davis b11/1/1902 Windham,Greene,NY - d7/13/1969 Saugus Gen.Hosp.,Saugus,Essex,MA - m3/20/1926 20 FlorenceSt.,Malden,MA Irene S. Wright b5/8/1899 Boston,MA - d10/25/1972 58 SpringSt.,Wakefield,MA - Burial: 10/27/1972 Forest Dale Cem.,Malden,MA (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242613 - Elmer E. Johnson b 1865,NY (1880 Census) - mAlice ? bCT (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6246131 - Gertrude A. Johnson bCT (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242614 - George A. Johnson b1867,NY (1880 Census) - d1950 - Burial: WindhamCem.,Windham,Greene,NY (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242615 - Emma Eugenea Johnson b1868 (1880 Census) East Jewett,Greene,NY - d4/9/1887 Vill. of Windham,Windham,Greene,NY - Burial: WindhamCem.,Windham,Greene,NY (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242616 - LeRoy [Monroe] Johnson b1872,NY (1880 Census) - mMary ? bNY (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW62426161 - Freidia Johnson b - m (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242617 - Claudius Johnson b1877,NY (1880 Census) - mEdith ? (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW62426171 - Clifford Johnson b - m (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW62426172 - Maurice I. Johnson b - m (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  • WW624262 - Sophronia Johnson d8/22/1850 aged 21 y (Lot 147; Jewett Heights Cem. Records) WW624263 - Phililus/Philetus Johnson b7/1831 NY - mPhebe Jane ? b7/1835 NY - Occupation: 1860 a farmer; 1870-1880 Carpenter; 1900 a contractor builder - 1850 prob Hshld Stephen Meade, Jewett,Greene,NY; 1860 Fed. Census Windham,Green,NY; 1870 Catskill,Greene,NY - 1880 Fed. Census Shandaken,Ulster,NY; 1900 NY Fed Census Main St.,Kingston,Ulster,NY (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  • WW6242631 - Amasa M. Johnson bNY (Records of Lisa Orecchio
  •         WW6242632 - Charlie Johnson bNY (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242633 - Sophronia Johnson b7/1868 NY (Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242634 - Mary (Libby) Johnson bNY(Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  •         WW6242635 - Alice Johnson bNY(Records of Lisa Orecchio)
  • WW624264 - Nancy Johnson b ,Greene,NY - mAugustus Benjamin b,Greene,NY [Nancy is circumstantial evidence by Lisa) Nancy is listed on the 1880 Fed. Census Hunter,Greene,NY as Nancy Benjamin, widow, and living in the same household as Chauncey.

WW62427 - Ransom Johnson b10/10/1791 - d8/13/1846 age 54 y10m. Lot 156; Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY - (Jewett Heights Cem. Records) - mSally Beers (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) d5/14/1850 age 54y Lot 157; Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY Jewett Heights Cem. Records) - RANSOM JOHNSON of Lexington. Will Probated September 3, 1846. Heirs: Wife, Sally; daughter, Malinda and son Austin. Executor: son, Austin. Witnesses: C.T. Mallery, Chaunsey Heaford and Edwin C. Johnson. (Wills of Greene Co. Abstracts)

  • WW624271 - Justis Johnson b12/17/1817 (Birth Calculator) d3/19/1819 aged 1y3m2d Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY; Lot 154 - (Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • WW624272 - Harriet E. Johnson (Broken Stone) b1820/1821 - d3/1/1839 aged 19 y of Lexington Heights (Catskill Examiner Deaths 1832-1841) - Lot 155; Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY (Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • WW624273 - Sarah A. Johnson b11/9/1828 (Birth Calculator) d3/9/1834 aged 5y4m - Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY; Lot 154 - (Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • WW624274 - Lucinda A. Johnson b5/31/1834 (Birth Calculator) d7/5/1839 age 5y1m5d (Catskill Examiner Deaths 1832-1841) - Lot 155; Jewett Heights Cem.,Jewett,Greene,NY (Jewett Heights Cem. Records)
  • WW624275 - Malinda Johnson b (Wills of Greene Co. Abstracts)
  • WW624276 - Austin Johnson b (Wills of Greene Co. Abstracts)

WW62428 - Lois Johnson b7/17/1794 -
d3/9/1874 Res. of Marge Kukuwich) - mEbenezer Beers Res. of Marge Kukuwich)

  • WW62429 - Abner Johnson b1/19/1797 - dabt 1837 - mIves ? of Marge Kukuwich)

WW6242a - Hannah J. Johnson b6/11/1802 Res. of Marge Kukuwich) Greene Co.,NY (1855 State Census) - dabt1860 - mNicholas P. Russ (Res. of Marge Kukuwich) 1855 NY State Census states: Jewett hshld #59 Russ, Nicholas P., landowner, laborer 48 yrs/45 yrs at location - b REN - Hannah [wife] 52/52 b Greene Co., NY - Children of Hannah & Nicholas were Myron Russ, and Jake Russ.

  •     WW6243 - Mary Johnson b2/14/1760 Wallingford, CT (Wallingford Vital Records)
  •     WW6244 - Lois Johnson b12/29/1761 Wallingford, CT (Wallingford Vital Records
  •     WW6245 - Stephen Shipman Johnson b10/22/1763 Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d12/1/845 - mSarah Lyman (dau of Israel Lyman & Rachel Beals) b9/12/1770 - d9/19/1835
  •     WW62451 - Alfred Johnson b12/1/1795 - d11/4/1886 - mDrusilla Hall (dau of Aaron Hall & Sarah Richardson) - b7/30/1805 .
  •     WW62452 - Sally Johnson b10/28/1799 Hadley,MA - mAnsel Pomeroy - Children of Sally & Ansel were born at Amherst: Sarah C. Pomeroy, Lorenzo H. Pomeroy, George A. Pomeroy, Emily J. Pomeroy, Charles E. Pomeroy, Rachel J. Pomeroy, Mary Chester Pomery, Susan M. Pomeroy, Adeliza J. Pomeroy, & Francis Lyman Pomeroy.
  •     WW62453 - Stephen Johnson b1802 - d1882 -of Hadley, MA - m3/25/1829 Catherine Root (dau of George Root & Laura Parsons) b6/24/1809 - d1870
  •     WW6246 - Isaac Johnson, III b1/2/1766 Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records)
  •     WW6247 - Warren Johnson b11/9/768 Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records)
  •     WW625 - Hannah Johnson b9/13/1733 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d11/24/1760 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - m7/23/1752 ,,Wallingford,CT Robert Royce (son of Sergt. Nathaniel Royce & Phebe Clark) b11/16/1729 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d1794 (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - Children of Hannah & Robert were Bennett Royce, Hannah Royce, Chauncey Royce, and David Royce.
  •     WW626 - Esther Johnson b11/30/1735 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - m11/18/1756 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) 1Caleb Todd (son of Sergt. Stephen Todd & Lydia Ives) b4/15/1733 ,,Wallingford, CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d11/14/1769 ,,Northford,CT (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Graveyard,Northford,CT - m4/14/1773 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) 2Benjamin Merriam (son of Joseph Merriam & Deborah Royce) b12/23/1730 Wallingford,CT - d2/14/1802 ,,Meriden,CT - Children of Esther & Caleb Todd were Ruth Todd& Caleb Todd.
  •     WW627 - Lois Johnson b2/15/1738 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d1807 (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - m1/9/1758 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) 1Lud Munson (son of Dea. Abel Munson & Sarah Peck) b5/5/1736 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d3/28/1779 (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - m 2Enoch Culver (son of Samuel Culver & Ruth Tyler) b1/30/1724/5 ,,Wallingford,CT - d9/22/1822 ,,Wallingford,CT - Abigal Hitchcock was Lois’s step-grandmother (see WW62), & Margery Hitchcock was Lud’s grandmother and the two ladies were sisters. - Children of Lois & Lud were Rhoda Munson, Isaac Munson, Amzi Munson, Abigail Munson, Lois Munson, Benjamin Munson, & Eunice Munson.
  •     WW628 - Rachel Johnson b3/6/1740 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - m2/11/1759 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) Ste;phen Todd (son of Sergt. Stephen Todd & Lydia Ives) b3/23/1735 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d12/23/1811 Salisbury,Herkimer, NY - Children of Rachel & Stephen were Rebecca Todd, Jehiel Todd, Lydia Todd, Stehen Todd, & Bethel Todd.
  •     WW629 - Rhoda Johnson bWallingford,CT (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - d7/4/1772 North Branford,CT (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Graveyard, Northford,CT - m2/11/1759 Samuel Munson (son of Merriman Munson & Esther Johnson) b12/8/1741 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d8/18/1791 North Branford,CT (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Graveyard, Northford,CT
  •     WW62a - Rebecca Johnson b8/4/1744 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d2/28/1774 North Haven,CT (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Old Graveyard,North Haven,CT - m Daniel Doolittle (son of Daniel Doolittle & Elizabeth Dayton) - b11/10/1741 ,,Wallingford,CT (Wallingford Vital Records) - d12/17/1808 North Haven,CT (Jacobus; Families of Ancient New Haven) - Burial: Old Graveyard, NorthHaven,CT - Daniel’s Military Record: 1775; Ensign Company 10, Regt. 1, 5/1/1775 - 12/1/1775. 1779; Minute man for the alarm list & militia, parish of North Haven, CT - Children of Rebecca & Daniel were: Giles Doolittle, Isaac Doolittle, Johnson Doolittle, Sarah Doolittle, Daniel Doolittle, Michael Doolittle, Rebecca Doolittle, & Nathan Doolittle.

WW63 - Enos Johnson b6/1697 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d1/31/1786 Wallingford,CT (FamilySearch)

  •     WW631 - Benjamin Johnson bWallingford,NewHaven,CT - d3/21/1761 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - mEsther Brockett (dau of Isaac Brackett & Elizabeth Culver) b10/16/1739 CT (FamilySearch)
  •     WW6311 - Benjamin Johnson b7/22/1761 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d9/19/1828 Burton,,OH - mSusannah Hull b7/17/1771 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d3/26/1843 Burton,,OH (FamilySearch)
  •     WW63111 - Polly Johnson b8/11/1804 Burton,Geaco,OH - d9/25/1878 Burton,Geaco,,OH - mWilliam C. Bartholomew (son of John Bartholomew & Abigail Lucia Smith) b5/12/1803 Bristol,,CT - d4/26/1872 Burton,,OH - Child of Polly & William was Cordelia Bartholomew. (FamilySearch)

WW64 - Abigail Johnson b1699 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d11/4/1742 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - m12/14/1726 Benjamin Holt bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

WW65 - Abner Johnson b8/2/1702 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d12/28/1757 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - m12/14/1726 Charity Dayton bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

WW66 - Caleb Johnson b1703? Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d10/13/1777 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - m1/28/1731 Rachel Brockett bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

WW67 - Isreal Johnson b1705? Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d9/20/1747 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - Burial: Center St. Cem.,Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - m1/26/ 1732 Sarah Miles bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

WW68 - Daniel Johnson b1707? Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d10/14/1780 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - m12/24/1734 Joanna Preston bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

WW69 - Sarah Johnson b1710 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - bef1752 - m5/9/1734 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT Daniel Bartholomew (son of Andrew Bartholomew & Hannah Frisbie) b10/16/1708 Branford,NewHaven,CT - d10/15/1777 Harwinton,Litch,CT - Burial: 11/10/1778 CT - Children of Sarah & Daniel Bartholomew were Jacob Bartholomew, Daniel Bartholemew, William Bartholemew, Samuel Bartholemew, Abigail Bartholemew, Susannah Bartholemew, Sarah Bartholemew, Jacob Bartholemew, Benjamin Bartholemew, & Reuben Bartholemew. (FamilySearch)

WW6a - Jacob Johnson b4/4/1713 Wallingford,NewHaven,CT - d3/15/1797 Wilkes-Barre,Luzerne,PA - mMary Giddings bWallingford,NewHaven,CT (FamilySearch)

WW 7 - Sarah Johnson b1676 - 1732

WW 8 - Samuel Johnson b1678 - 1755

WW 9 - Mary Johnson b1680

WW a - Lydia Johnson b1681

WW b - Elizabeth Johnson b1683 - 1683 Didn’t live long

WW c - Hope Johnson b1685 - 1685 (twin) died soon

WW d - Elizabeth Johnson b1685 (twin) 1685 -

WW e - Ebenezer Johnson b1688 - d1732

  •     Note: 1771-1815-The Methodist Societies was organized by Francis Asbury in Virginia, New York, Pennsylvanis, Maryland, Ohio, Massachusetts, and other states. Then the Society became a demonination in 1784, the day after Christmas at Baltimore, MD. By some of the letters saved from these relatives, they were attending some of these Society Meetings.
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