Rev. John Knowles & Elizabeth Willis (Pollock/Amerson Family)


 Descendants of


  Rev. John Knowles

 & Elizabeth Willis

of England


    By Karolyn Rae Roberts

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JK - Rev. John Knowles (Records of Dawn Kurth) (Son of William Knowles & Grace Clavell) (Online) b11/1/1596 Waltham,Lincolnshire,England - returned to England and d1685 Bristol,England (Online) - mElizabeth Willis (Records of Dawn Kurth) (Daughter of Thomas Willis & Mary Tomlins) (Online) Of the Old Colony, Plymouth, MA (Online)

€¦The only university graduates during the early decades were ministers€¦(Plymouth Colony by Stratton)

English people with the Knowles surname are known to be among the first settlers of New England having arrived as early as 1635 aboard the ship Susan and Ellen-. They were British subjects taking up homesteads in a colonial territory and dutifully signed an oath of allegiance to the King and the Church of England. Others of the name arrived soon after and included the Rev. John Knowles who settled in Plymouth in 1639; his son Richard was a master ship-builder. Another JOHN Knowles settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1650 and later purchased a home in Northampton, New Hampshire. [History of Knowles name developed by RBN based on an article appearing in the Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY, October 14, 1970, by Charles Guarino & Albert Seddon in their What's in a Name?- column]

William Bond purchased a farm, originally settled by Capt. William Jennison, who sold it to Rev. John Knowles. After the return of Mr. Knowles to England, and while he resided at Bristol, he executed a deed, dated Mar. 15 1654/5, conveying his estate in Watertown, for the sum of 200 pounds, to William Bond, in the possession of whose descendants it remained more than 170 years. It is now owned by John P. Cushing, Esq., of Watertown, whose taste and princely liberality have made it one of the most elegant residences in New England. (Old Plymouth Records)


JK1 - Richard Knowles b9/17/1614 Lancashire,England (Online) Shipbuilder - d1675 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m8/15/1639 Plymouth,MA Ruth Bower (American Marriages Before 1699) (Daughter of George Bower& Barbara Smythe; Bower name goes back to England) b1620 Dorset,England - d1687 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Online) - Knowles, Richard, d1675 Eastham,MA 1-010F (America's First Families, Online) HISTORY of CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 1630-1877, PREFACE, p 445, Knowles, Richard, of Plymouth 1637-8, m. Ruth Bowers, 15 Aug. 1639, in Camb.

RICHARD KNOWLES, of Plymouth and later of Eastham, in the Plymouth Colony, shipmaster. He was one of the surveyors of highways at Eastham in 1670 but probably did not outlive either his son John who was slain by Indians near Taunton 3 June 1675, or his son James , the inventory of whose estate was dated 10 Oct. 1678, the father's name not appearing in connection with their estates. He married 15 Aug 1639, Ruth Bower, daughter of George and Barbara Bower of Plymouth and sister of Rev. John Bower (Bowers in Harvard Quinquennial Catalogue), A.B. (Harvard, 1649), who died in 1687. The first appearance of Richard Knowles in the Plymouth records,was when he was haled into court at Plymouth for bringing a barke from Greenes Harbor [Winslow settlement in Marshfield was then called] on the Lords day.- The record of the judgment, 2 Jan. 1637/8, is brief: Discharged.- Nineteen months later he married a Plymouth girl, recently come thither from Scituate; and before his marriage he had been granted, 7 Jan. 1638/9, a garden place next to John Barnes.- This was on the Eele River side- of Plymouth, next to Duxbury. Whether George Bower or Richard Knowles came there first may be doubtful. The next spring he was granted a parcel of meadow ground at the head of George Bower ' s meadow by the Eele river head.- He must have planted crops on his own and the adjoining land, for in 1642 John Groome received a grant of a garden place next to his, on condition that he should build on it, but with the stipulation: for the present cropp Richard Knowles to have it except John Grooine compound with him for it.- In 1641 he was improved as a juryman. In 1643 his allowance from the keep of the towns cows- was one pottle, which represented a two-quart measure. The same year his name was listed among Plymouth men able to bear arms.On the removal of the Bower family to Cambridge, about 1643 (vide p. 288, footnote), the Knowleses apparently went there also. In the Cambridge records, under date of 4 Nov. 1646,' is the entry: Goodman Knowles for his swine divers times going without keeper is fined Is. 6d.- His son James was born 17 Nov. 1648, while the father was living in Cambridge. The birth was entered in the Suffolk County records, but was not printed as a Boston birth by the Boston record commissioners because it was sent in from Cambridge. In the Cambridge records the birth is entered as occurring in Boston.- But in Dec. 1649 Richard Knowles was back at Plymouth, for according to the Plymouth records of 1 Dec. 1649 he was prosecuted for denying passage of cattell in the highway.- While a navigator by occupation, Richard Knowles evidently carried on business on land also. His wife was prosecuted 7 Oct. 1641 for retailing of strong waters contrary to order- and for selling strong waters for five or six shillings a bottle that cost but 35s. the case,- and she was fined 10s., to be bestowed on the town's poor. At the meeting of the Council of War at Plymouth, 12 May 1653, when public apprehension was aroused of armed conflict with the Dutch of New Amsterdam, two barques were pressed for the service, one the vessel in which George Watson sailed, and himself to go as master, and also - the Barkqe in which Richard Knowles sayleth, with him the master thereof, was pressed for the same purpose, with John Younge and Willam Walker, and all things nessearie for theire use belonging to the said barkqe.-There is nothing in this record suggestive of residence in Eastham. It was the same month in which his daughter Mehitable was born, whose birth was-twice recorded at Plymouth, once with an error of a year (Plymouth Colony Records, vol. 8, p. 15) and once correctly, 20 May 1653 (ib., vol. 8, p. 30). Her birth was also entered in the Eastham records, at the same time with that of her sister Barbara, who was born 28 Sept. 1656. Richard Knowles was not one of the, first company to go out to the settlement which was to be the future home of his family. On 1 Oct. 1651 he was explicitly of the town of Plymouth.- His name first appears at Eastham on 13 May 1654, in a record of a town grant of two acres of meadow at the head of Little Namskaket- and a year later, in a town meeting, 22 May 1655, all the settlers were by vote divided into groups of five, and every group of five men amongst them was to keep a bull. Richard Knowles headed one group, which included, besides himself, Joseph Rogers, George Crisp, Thomas Roberts, and Richard Booshop. These must have been his nearer neighbors at that time. The first town book has an undated List of the mens names of the Towne,- revised by crossing off and adding names during a period of years. About half way down this list are the names of John Bangs, Steaven Atwood, Richard Knowles, John Doane, and Thomas Williams.Whether Richard Knowles made trans-Atlantic voyages or traded with the West Indies is not known, but it is more likely that his occupation was that of so many others, and that he went on trading voyages up and down the coast. The probate papers of a Boston merchant, Joshua Foote, in 1655, show Richard Knowles as one of his customers for goods. His elections to minor town offices at Eastham prove his retirement from the sea in later life. In 1667 he twice served on coroner's juries. In 1669 Richard Knowles and William Walker were elected surveyors of highways, and in the next year Richard Knowles and Samuel Freeman were elected to the same office.The records of the Eastham town meetings contain several references to the land of Richard Knowles and his sons John and Samuel. In 1667 is the entry: (FTM CD#171, The Knowles Family of Eastham, MA by Charles Thornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, ME)


JK11 -John R. Knowles b1641 Plymouth,MA - d6/3/1675 Taunton,MA (Records of Dawn Kurth) - m12/28/1670 Eastham,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MAApphia Bangs(B(14) (Twin to Mercy Bangs) b10/15/1651 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d6/12/1722 Eastham,MA - Apphia m6/1676 Eastham,Barnstable,MA 2Stephen Atwood, Jr. on 3/6/1677 (Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33) -Apphia & Steven had the following children: Stephen Atwood, Michael Atwood, Eleazer Atwood, Joseph Atwood, Hannah Atwood, Apphia Atwood, Joshua Atwood, & Thomas Atwood. (Online) m 3Joseph Atwood - Mercy & Apphia were twins and must have had a double wedding according to the dates. John was slain by Indians near Taunton 3 June 1675.

JOHN KNOWLES The earliest appearance of the name of this John Knowles may have been while he was still a minor. In the court held 3 March 1662/63 Ephraim Doane, Thomas Ridman, John Knowles, and John Wilson were tried and were fined 25s each for trading of liquors with the Indians at Cape Cod. In the same court Ephraim Doane and John Knowles were bound over under heavy bonds, pending investigations into the circumstances of the death of Josiah, the Indian sachem at Eastham. This matter was dropped. Soon after his marriage his name appears at the head of a cattle page, the entry reading: John Knowles 1 mare colt 4 Aug. 1671.- His earmark was transferred to his grandson, Willard Knowles, 28 June 1737. In June 1675 Taunton suffered an attack by Indians, in which the houses of James Walker and John Tisdell were burned and later was killed. At the same time two soldiers from Eastham, who were on duty there, were killed. Capt. John Freeman, whose daughter Samuel Knowles afterwards married, was in command of the Barnstable County company, and in his report to Governor Winslow, under date of Taunton, 3 June 1675, said: This morning three of our men are slain close by one of our courts of guard, (two of them, Samuel Atkins and John Knowles, of Eastham); houses are burned in our sight; our men are picked off at every bush.-Three Indians (Timothy Jacked, Nassamaquat, & Pompacanshe) were tried, 6 March 1676/77, for murder of John Knowles, John Tisdell, Sr., and Samuel Atkins. The jury found grounds of suspicion against two and aquitted one, but all three were sold into slavery as prisoners of war.- The sum of 10 pounds was presented by the Colony to Apthya widow of John Knowles lately slain in the service.- In 1676 Lieut. Jonathan Sparrow and Jonathan Bangs were delegated by the Court to assist the young window in settleing her husband' affairs.(The Knowles Of Easham, Ma. by Charles Thornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, ME, FTM CD #171)

JK111 - Edward Knowles b7/10/1671 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d11/16/1740 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m2/27/1699 Eastham,Barnstable,MA 1Ann Ridley (Daughter of Mark Ridley) b1671 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m2/27/1711 2Sarah Elkins - babt1675 Salem,MA - d2/28/1753 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - Burial: Cove Burying Ground,Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records)

  •   JK1111 - Elizabeth Knowles b10/6/1700 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d3/6/1761 Eastham,Barnstable,MA
  •   JK1112 - Thomas Knowles b4/1/1702 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d3/2/1759 Eastham,Barnstable,MA
  •   JK1113 - Mercy Knowles b11/16/1704 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d1/23/175
  •   JK1114 - Ann Knowles b4/19/1707 Eastham,Barnstable,MA

JK112 -Col. John B. Knowles, Jr. (EB(14)2) b7/10/1673 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d11/3/1757 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m12/28/1693 Eastham,MA 1Mary Sears (Daughter of Paul Sears b2/8/1637 Marblehead,Essex,MA - d2/20/1707 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA - m1658 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA & Deborah Willard b9/14/1645 Scituate,Plymouth,MA - d5/13/1721 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA) Mary's line goes back to Henry III of England) b10/24/1672 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA - d11/7/1775 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Files of Dawn Kurth) - Burial: Cove Burying Ground (Rootsweb Files) m5/6/1746 2Mrs. Rebecca Chauncy bEastham, MA (Ancestral Records)

  •   JK1121 - Joshua A. Knowles, I b7/6/1696 Eastham,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA - d5/27/1786 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m3/13/1718 Eastham,Barnstable,MA 1Sarah Paine MA Marriages) (Daughter of Deancon John Paine & Bennett Freeman) b4/14/1699 Eastham,Plymouth,MA - d7/12/1772 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m12/27/1774 Truro,Barnstable,MA 2Phebe Atwood (Druro VR:108)
  •   JK11211 - Jesse Knowles b4/13/1723 ( - m1/30/1752d Eastham,Barnstable,MA Sarah Walker (MD 25:42)
  •   JK11212 - Rebecca Knowles b5/23/1726 ( - m1/15/1746/47 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Isaac Sparrow (MD 24:190) (Son of Richard Sparrow) (MD 24:190)
  •   JK11213 - Sarah Knowles b3/10/1725/26 ( - Intentions 9/17/1757 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Elkanah Higgins (VR 182)
  •   JK11214 - Joshua Knowles, II b4/27/1730 Truro,Barnstable,MA - d5/7/1779 North Truro,MA - m5/23/1754 Truro,Barnstable,MA Mary Harding (Truro VR:79) b4/15/1735 Truro,Barnstable,MA - DAR #76278 Joshua Knowles (1730-79) served as private, 1776, in Capt. Isaiah Higgin's Co., Col. Thomas Marshall's MA Regiment. (The Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass, Publication: NEHGR, Vol. 80, Jan. 1926, Repository:, Call Number:,Media: Family Archive CD, P12) (Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books, Author: The Society, Washington, DC, 1896-1921, Pub: Harrisburg, Pa. Harrisbueg Pub. Co. 166 Volumes, Repository: Call Number: Media: BookP: v.77) (Mayflower Ancestral Index, 1981, Repository: Call Number: Media: Book)
  •   JK112141 - Joshua Knowles, III b11/4/1756 Truro,Barnstable,MA - d3/8/1822 Truro,Barnstable,MA - m12/21/1780 Truro,Barnstable,MA Hannah Atkins (The Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass, Publication: NEHGR, Vol. 80, Jan. 1926, Repository:, Call Number:,Media: Family Archive CD, P12) (Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books, Author: The Society, Washington, DC, 1896-1921, Pub: Harrisburg, Pa. Harrisbueg Pub. Co. 166 Volumes, Repository: Call Number: Media: BookP: v.77) - Served in the ranks from Truro, where he died in 1822 at age sixty-six. (DAR)

JK1121411 - Joshua Knowles, IV bTruro,Barnstable,MA - mMary Atkins (Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books, Author: The Society, Washington, DC, 1896-1921, Publication: Harrisburg, Pa. Harrisbueg Pub. Co. 166 Volumes, Repository: , Call Number: Media: Book)

  •   Joshua D. Knowles, of Truro, may take the name of Daniel A. Knowles; 1780 - 1892 List of Persons Whose Names Have Been Changed in This Commonwealth p 9899100101 (Which Joshua above is being referred to?)
  •   JK11214111 - Delia Collins Knowles b5/29/1826 Truro,Barnstable,MA - d3/3/1896 Salem,MA - m12/19/1847 Boston,Suffolk,MA Shebnah Rich b8/7/1824 Truro,Barnstable,MA - Child of Delia & Shebnah was Evelyn Rich.
  •   JK112142 - Martha Knowles b12/24/1760 Truro,Barnstable,MA - d2/12/1845 Truro,Barnstable,MA - m4/21/1785 Truro,Barnstable,MA David Dyer (Truro VR:135) (Son of Elisha Dyer& Hannah Atkins) b9/27/1760 Truro,Barnstable,MA - Children of Martha & David were David Dyer, Sarah Dyer, Hannah & Rebecca Dyer; twins, Elisha Dyer, Henry Dyer, & Reuben Dyer.(The Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass)
  •   JK112143 - Hannah Knowles b1/25/1769 Truro,Barnstable,MA - m8/10/1789 Truro,Barnstable,MA Paul Knowles (MA Marriages) (Son of Paul Knowles& Mary Atkins) b6/24/1762 Truro,Barnstable,MA - d12/25/1804 Cohasset,Norfolk,MA - Drowned off Cohasset,MA. Paul & Hannah were 2nd cousins. (New England Historical and Genealogical Media: Family Archive CD P: V 80, Jan.1926, P12, The Knowles Family of Eastham, MA)
  •   JK112144 - Mehitable Knowles m11/17/1774 Ephraim Lombard (Truro VR:108)
  •   JK11215 - Sarah Knowles b6/3/1732 (
  •   JK11216 - Josiah Knowles b5/24/1735 ( - m10/29/1761 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Rebecca Higgins (VR 6:17d)
  •   JK11217 - Simeon Knowles b8/11/1737 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d12/31/1787 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m8/12/1758 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Eunice Mayo (VR:181) (Daughter of Joseph Mayo [VR:181)& Abigail Merrick) b4/7/1738 Harwich,Barnstable,MA - d8/8/1814 Brewster,Barnstable,MA - Eunice married 9/12/1760 Harwich,Barnstable,MA Nathan Winslow. (
  •   JK11218 - Susanna Knowles b3/21/1739 ( - Intentions 4/11/1760 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Zoeth Smith (VR:174)
  •   JK1122 - John Knowles b6/28/1698 Eastham,Barnstable,MA ( - d9/22/1752 Haddam,Middlesex,CT - Burial: Old Cemetery,Haddam,CT (Rootsweb Files) - m3/25/1721 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Mehitable Walker (MA Marriages) babt 1700 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Title: Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, vol. 6 (Note: highly accurate research Repository: Call Number: Media: Book, P 236) Burial: Haddam,Middlesex,CT (Ancestral Records)
  •   JK11221 - John Knowles babt1721
  •   JK11222 - Elisha Knowles babt 1724 Eastham,Barnstable,MA
  •   JK11223 - Richard Knowles b3/1/1724/25 Haddam,Middlesex,CT
  •   JK11224 - Mehitable Knowles babt 1728
  •   JK11225 - William Knowles b6/9/1732
  •   JK1123 - Seth Knowles, I b8/7/1700 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d8/23/1752 Chatham,CT - m10/3/1723 Barnstable,MA Martha Remick (MA Marriages) (Daughter of Abraham Remick & Elizabeth Freeman) b1702 - d1760 Pocotoque Lake,East Hampton,CT (Files of Dawn Kurth) - Occupation: Miller - Buried:East Hampton,Middlesex,CT (Ancestral Records)
  •   JK11231 - Seth J. Knowles, II b1728 CT - d9/28/1773 Chatham,CT - m1/2/1749 East Middleton,CT - m1/2/1749 Portland,E Middletown,CT (Online) 1Catherine Hobbs b1723 - d12/8/1774 Portland,CT - (Files of Dawn Kurth) Catherine died with smallpox (Online) Burial: Portland,CT (Online) - m 2Ruhamah Schellinx babt1732 Of Middletown,Middlesex,CT - No children. (Online)
  •   JK112311 - Lucy Knowles b2/13/1752 Portland,Chatham,CT (Rootsweb Files) - m12/30/1779 Chatham,CT Samuel Stocking (Online)
  •   JK112312 - Hannah Knowles b3/30/1754 Middletown,Middlesex,CT - d11/29/1780 Portland,Middlesex,CT - m3/18/1779 Portland Ch. of Midlothian,Portland,Middlesex,CT John Shepard (Son of John Shepard & Silence penfield) b11/22/1757 Chatham,Middlesex,CT - d8/8/1825 Portland,Middlesex,CT - John married Elizabeth Colton on 10/19/1784 following the death of Hannah. (Rootsweb Files)
  •   JK112313 - Christian Knowles b4/19/1756 Portland,CT - m4/6/1775 Samuel Bidwell (Online)
  •   JK112314 - Lydia Knowles b1760 - Christened 8/23/1773 Portland,CT - d9/19/1791 - m1/3/1783 Stephen Penfield (Online)
  •   JK112315 - Thankful Knowles b1761 - Christened 8/23/1773 Portland,CT (Online)
  •   JK112316 - Mercy Knowles b1762 - Christened 8/23/1773 Portland,CT (Online)
  •   JK112317 - Seth Knowles, III b5/25/1763 Portland,CT (Files of Dawn Kurth) - d10/20/1832 Clarendon,Orleans,NY (Files of Dawn Kurth) - m1/22/1784 Portland New Have Second Church,Chatham,CT Lucius (Lucy) Ranney (CT Marriage to 1800, 4th Book,p101) (Daughter of George Ranney & Hannah Sage or Achsah Sears who was daughter of Paul Sears & Eleanor Smith) b9/6/1763 Middletown,CT (Files of Dawn Kurth) - d7/23/1836 (Files of Dawn Kurth) Burial: Manning Cem.,Clarendon,NY (Online)
    •    JK11231713 - Elizabeth Knowles b5/12/1831 - d3/8/1910 - m1/1/1848 Collins Arnold (son of Elestus Arnold & Electa Langworthy) b3/20/1822 MA - d10/1897 - Children of Elizabeth & Collins were Minerva Arnold, Candace Jane Arnold, Clara Arnold, Alvin Collins Arnold, Ida Arnold, Bertis Abner Arnold, Amy Arnold, & Ora Richard Arnold. Before marriage to Elizabeth, Collins was married to Laura Dunwell & Nancy R. ?. (
    •    JK11231714 - John W. Knowles b1/16/1834 Warrensville,Cuyahoga,OH - d6/24/1863 Freedom,Outagamie,WI - m4/22/1860 Freedom,Outagamie,WI Julia A. Holsa (
  •   JK1123171 - George Ranney Knowles b11/3/1803 Buckland,Hampshire,MA (Files of Dawn Kurth)- d7/31/1873 Warrenville,Cuyahoga,OH (Files of Dawn Kurth) - m2/16/1826 Cuyahoga Co.,OH by Justice of the Peace, Henry Wetherbee Elizabeth Wetherby/Wetherbee(Marriage Cert. Copy owned by Dawn Kurth) (Daughter of John Wetherby [Wetherbee] & Eunice Ripley) b11/2/1802 (Files of Dawn Kurth) Knowlesville,Orleans,NY ( - d10/7/1870 Warrenville,OH (Files of Dawn Kurth)
  •     JK11231711 - George Ranney Knowles, Jr. b5/23/1827 Clarendon,Orleans,NY - d1/27/1917 Fairhope,Baldwin,AL - m2/13/1851 Palmyra,WI Elizabeth Walker (
  •   JK11231712 - Henry O. Knowles b2/11/1829 Clarendon,Orleans,NY - d10/11/1864 Andersonville,GA - m Parmela (
  •   JK11231715 - Lucy Jane Knowles b4/26/1836 Warrenville,OH - d1901 (Tombstone) - m8/22/1855 Cuyahoga Co.,OH by Justice of the Peace, Henry Wetherbee. (Marriage Certicate)(OH Marriages) Amaziah (Amazi) Pollock - (Son of Davis Pollock of Mercer Co.,PA) (Dawn Kurth) - b8/1826 PA (1900 Census) - Amazi was orphaned at an early age. State Case #14, March of 1840, is a minor under 14 and has no person to see to his person or estate. March 14, 1840, James W. Brown was listed as guardian. Later in June of 1840, James Koonce was named guardian for Amazi. In Amazi's brother, Albert, the Orphans Court Case states that father left state and mother died. Charles Koonce was named guardian for Albert. - Lucy & Amazi moved to Outagamie Co., WI where Evelyn was born. (1880 Census, Hutchins, Shawano, WI listed under Amazi Pollicka as a farmer, Lucy J. wife; Evelyn 23; Albert V. 21; George G. 20; Hyatt A. 17; and Cora A. 4. All the children born in WI, their neighbors were listed as Jacob Hansen and Hulversons; 1890 Census: Hutchins, Shawano, Wisconsin; Roll: 115; Page: 1; Enumeration District: 36) Amazi was drafted into the Civil War and states Freedom,WI as his home, but he didn't muster in until Aug. 5, 1862. Served at Murfeesboro, TN (Letter written by Amazi to Lucy; Dawn Kurth has copy) In 1900, Amazi & Lucy farmed in the Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co.,Wi. Amazi was 73 years old at the time of the census and Lucy Jane was 64 years old and they had been married 45 years. (1900 Census, WI,Shawano,Hutchins,District 166,Sheet 12) - Lucy & Amazi lived at the Veterans Home at King,WI (Dawn Kurth) Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 7-68-1&2, Twp of Hutchins, Shawano,WI - Civil War Pension was applied for on 7/29/1889, Cert. #902754.
  •   JK112317151 - Evelyn Pollock b10/31/1856 ,,Outagamie,WI - or 11/1/1857
  •   JK112317152 - Albert V. Pollock b10/31/1858 WI (Records of Dawn Kurth) - d1926 (Tombstone) - 1900 Twp. of Hutchins Fed. Census lists Albert Pollock. - Burial: Woodlawn Cem., 3-42-5, Hutchins,Shawano,WI
  •   JK112317153 - Hyatt A. Pollock b1/1863 WI (1900 Census) - mGenevieve (Jennie) Esler b6/1863 WI - In 1900 Hyatt was a farmer in the Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co.,WI. Hyatt and his wife had 7 children, but only 5 living at this time. (1900 Census, WI,Shawano, Hutchins, Dist.166, Sheet13) - Hyatt at 17 was a carpenter. (1880 Census under Amazi Pollicka)
  •   JK1123171531 - Fred Pollock b1/1885 WI (1900 Census) JK1123171532 - Joseph Pollock b12/31/1887 WI (1900 Census) - Birth taken from WWI Draft Card Reg. 191701918 at Antigo. He was
  •   living in Elcho, married with 2 children.
  •   JK1123171533 - Isabelle Lucy Pollock b4/8/1888 Kaukauna,Outagamie,WI (1900 Census) - ( - d9/30/1938 Mattoon,Shawano,WI - m1/6/1906 Mattoon,Shawano,WI David King Bossell (son of Joseph Bossell & Mary Bergin) b1886 Twp.Hutchins,Shawano,WI - d4/12/1951 Shawno,Shawno,WI ( - Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Hutchins,Shawano,WI JK1123171534 -Erma Pollock b3/1893 WI (1900 Census) JK1123171535 - Millie Pollock b11/1896 WI (1900 Census)
  •   JK11231715351 - Ina Knowles? Came home to her mother's with TB and died with it. (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   JK1123171536 - Evan A. Pollock b10/16/1902 Hutchins,Shawano,WI (FamilySearch) - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 7-68-5,Twp.Hutchins,Shawano,WI
  •   JK112317154 - George Greely Pollock b2/1860 WI (1900 Census) - d1930 - mAugusta(Gusty) Rachel Fischer b10/1864 WI (Parents were born in Germany) - d1937 (Tombstone) - Greeley was a farmer in the Twp of Hutchins in 1900. In 1900 they had had 7 children of whom 6 were living. (1900 Census, WI,Shawano, Hutchins,Dist.166,Sheet12) - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 6-61-2&3,Hutchins,Shawano,WI
  •   JK1123171541 - Elmer T. Pollock b11/30/1881 ,Shawano,WI (FamilySearch) - d1885 - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 6-61-4, Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Cem. Records)
  •   JK1123171542 - Hattie Pollock b8/1884 WI (1900 Census) - mBill Slater (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   (Birthday of Hattie Slater)
  •   JK1123171543 - Laura Pollock b12/1886 WI (1900 Census) - mFrank Kesson (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   JK1123171544 - Nina (Ninie) Pollock b11/26/1888 WI - d12/2/1969 Antigo Mem. Hosp,Antigo,Langlade,WI . - m10/17/1907 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Henry A. Slater (Antigo Journal, 1976 Obit) Nina was on the 1900 Census.
  •   JK11231715441 - Elmer John Slater b4/9/1909 Twp.Hutchins,Shawano,WI - d3/28/1994 Wittenberg,Shawano,WI - m2/21/1929 Esther Schlais (dau. of Ellen Emma Schlais & Anton Schlais; Obit of Ellen Schlais) (Obit of Elmer)
  •   JK112317154411 - Elwin John Slater b - mVera ?(Obit of Elmer)
  •   JK1123171544111 - Nancy Slater b - mPhillip Malueg (son of Hilbert & Jean Malueg) - Nancy & Phillip lost a 4 year-old daughter, Heather Marie, at the Star Lake Campsite in the Twp. of Almon 8/8/1980. Burial in Woodlawn Cem. (Obit of Heather) They also have a son Ryan. JK1123171544112 - Billy Russ Slater b died young (obit of Ellen Emma Schlais
  •   JK11231715442 - Arthur Slater b - mLillian ?(Obit of Elmer)
  •   JK11231715443 - Orval Ezra Slater b8/30/1917 Twp.Hutchins,Shawano,WI - d8/8/1995 Bowler,Shawano,WI - m7/14/1945 Shawano,Shawano,WI Violet Fandrey d8/28/1972- Orval was a U.S. Army Vet, WWII. - Burial is Forest Cem.,Birnamwood,Shawano,WI (Obit of Orval)
  •   JK112317154431 - Ronald Slater b (Obit of Orval)
  •   JK112317154432 - Betty Slater b - mMichael Poskie (Obit of Orval) JK112317154433 - Shirley Slater b (Obit of Orval)

JK11231715444 - Ross Slater b (Obit of Elmer)

  •   JK11231715445 - Valders Slater b (Obit of Elmer)
  •   JK11231715446 - James Slater b - mGeraldine (Geri) ? (Obit of Elmer)
  •   JK11231715447 - Evelyn Slater b - mHarold Diestler of Skanee,MI (Obit of Elmer)
  •   JK11231715448 - Eleanora Slater b (Obit of Elmer)
  •   JK1123171545 - Edgar Arvin Greeley Pollock b3/15/1902 Hutchins Twp.,Shawano,WI - d1/29/1977 (FamilySearch)

    JK1123171546 - L. T. Lee Pollock b10/15/1891 WI (WWI Draft Reg. 1917 -1918; 1900 Census) - d1967 (Tombstone) m6/7/1913 St. John's Luth. Ch., Mattoon,WI (St. John's Luth. Ch.,Mattoon,WI) 1Maida Kruger b1893 - d1919 - Burial: Woodlawn 4-36-1,Hutchins,Shawano,WI - m2Hulda Marie Matilda Brandt (Tombstone; Carrie Amerson Mosher) b1894 (Tombstone) - d1947 (Tombstone) - Burial of L.T. & Hulda: Woodlawn Cem. 3-59-4E&5E, Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Karolyn Roberts) - 1920 Twp. of Hutchins Fed. Census, lists L. T. Lee Pollock - 1930 Fed Census,Twp. of Almon gives L.T.'s name as Alta L. several times, and wife as Hulda M. (  Pictures of the tombstones of L.T. Lee Pollock & Hulda Pollock, Woodlawn Cem.,Hutchins,Shawano,WI; Karolyn Roberts)

  •   JK11231715461 - George H. Pollock (mother was Maida) (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   JK11231715462 - Leonald Pollock (mother was Maida) - Leonald lived with Laurie & Frank Kessen, but they never adopted him. (Carrie Amerson Mosher) - mEvelyn Gasser (Carrie Amerson Mosher) - 1930 Census for Almon Twp., states Leonald as 13 and living with his uncle and Aunt, Frank H. & Laura Kessen.
  •   JK11231715463- Ralph G. Pollock (1930 Fed. Census, Almon Twp.)
  •   JK11231715464- Adeline B. Pollock (1930 Fed. Census, Almon Twp.; mother was Hulda) (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   JK11231715465 -Corabelle D. Pollock (mother was Hulda) (1930 Fed. Census, Almon Twp.; Carrie Amerson Mosher) - m4/15/1942 Shawano Co.,WI Alfred Rickert (son of Roy & Irene Rickert) b1/4/1923 Shawano Co.,WI - Alfred was a member of the Bowler School Board. (Antigo Daily Journal Obit, 1942 of Alfred)AlmonTwp,Shawano,WI - d2/27/1992 (FamilySearch)

JK11231715466- Mable E. Pollock (1930 Fed. Census, Almon Twp.; mother was Hulda)

JK11231715467 -David Ernst Pollock (mother was Hulda) b7/8/1930 Hutchins,Shawano,WI (FamilySearch) - d12/14/1999 (S.S. Death Index) - Resided in Shawano, WI. - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 3-59-1, Hutchins, Shawano, WI

JK11231715468 -Wanda Dala Pollock (mother was Hulda) - b3/19/1932 3171547 - Gena Pollock b7/1893 WI (1900 Census) - mWilbert Clauss (Carrie Amerson Mosher)

  •   JK11231715481 - Marion L. Clauss b8/4/1912 Town of Hutchins,Shawano,WI - d9/11/1978 Birnamwood,TwpHutchins,Shawano,WI (Obit) - mHenry Wickman Almon,Shawano,WI - Children are Robert Clauss, Dorothy (Raymond) Wickkiser. (Obit) Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Hutchins,Shawano,WI
  •   JK11231715482 - Lillian Clauss mHerbert Wickman (Obit of Marion)
  •   JK11231715483 - Margaret Clauss mEarl Vaughn (Obit of Marion)
  •   JK11231715484 - Doris Clauss mCharles Allen (Obit of Marion)
  •   JK11231715485 - Joyce Clauss mRoyal Kielman (Obit of Marion)
  •   JK1123171549 - Edna MaudePollock b11/20/1896 Twp. Hutchins,Shawano,WI (1900 Census, Antigo Daily Jour. Obit) - d1/9/1987 - m8/28/1918 Menominee,Menominee, MI George Allen Owen (son of Henry Owen) - b10/2/1899 Hunting,,Waupaca,WI d1/24/1973 (FamilySearch) - George was a dairy farmer, & a milk hauler. They were members of the United Methodist church. George was the President of the Woodlawn Cemetery Association for 15 years; a member of the Hutchins Township Board, and was President of the Mattoon School Board in the past. (Antigo Daily Journal Obit)
  •   JK11231715491 - Jean Owen m? Klemp (Antigo Journal Obit of Edna Owen)

JK11231715492 - Isabel Owen - mArleigh Hutchins (Antigo Journal Obit of Edna Owen)

  •   JK11231715493 - Calvin Owen (Antigo Journal Obit of Edna Owen)

JK11231715494 - John Owen (Antigo Journal Obit of Edna Owen)

JK11231715495 - Wayne Owen (Antigo Journal Obit of Edna Owen)

JK11231715496 - James Owen (Antigo Journal Obit of Edna Owen)

  •   JK11231715497 - ? Owen (died young) (Antigo Journal Obit of Edna Owen)

JK112317154a - Clifford M. Pollock b12/19/1905 Mattoon,Shawano,WI - d1968 Iron Mt., MI (Antigo Daily Journal Obit) - m6/14/1925 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (Antigo Daily Jour. Obit) Edna E. Schlais (dau. of Ellen Emma Schlais & Antone Schlais; Obit of Ellen Emma Schlais) (Carrie Amerson Mosher) - d1909 (Tombstone) - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 6-16-4&5,Hutchins,Shawano, WI

  •   JK112317154a1 - Lucille Pollock (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   JK112317154a11 - Dusti Pollock (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   JK112317154a111? -Junior Clifford Pollock (Edna emphatically said his name as listed, Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   JK112317155 - Cora A. Pollock b9/2/1875 WI (1900 Census) - In 1900, Cora still lived at home and was 24 years old at the time of the census. In 1903, Cora's father, Amazi, asked the court to admit her to the home for the feeble minded, stating he could no longer could care for her. She had epilepsy and perhaps diabeties. Dawn Kurth's mother told of Cora's brothers feeding her large amounts of sugar and she collapsed and was never the same. Sounds like a diabetic coma and could have brought on the epilepsy. She was admitted to the home in 1903. (Letter copy owned by Dawn Kurth) Her brothers were 13, 16, 17 years older than she. (1880 Census under Amazi Pollicka)
  •   JK11231716 - Remick O. Knowles b5/24/1838 Warrenville,Cuyahoga,OH (Files of Dawn Kurth) - d2/17/1900 Mattoon,Shawano,WI (Files of Dawn Kurth) - m11/24/1861 Cuyahoga Co.,OH 1Adaline A. Winchester (OH Marriages) (Daughter of Sylvester N. Winchester & Rosella Eldred) b1844 - d7/10/1877 Bedford Heights,OH - Burial: Mt. Hope Cem., Nt Solon,OH - m1/29/1891 ( 2Daisy E. Walsh b5/27/1875 Stockbridge,Calumet,,WI (File 5 #126) (Daughter of Louis Walsh bNY & Hope Moore bWI) - d12/1944 at age 69 (Aunt Hazel Carver). Daisy was American Indian, White & other mixed blood (Dusti Scheibe) - Knowles, Remick: Private, Co. D, 21st WI Inf, Aug. 11, 1862 - June 30, 1865 (Civil War Records of WI) - Remick received from the Bureau of Land Management on June 5, 1889 land he applied for under the Homestead Act and was signed by President Benjamin Harrison. - Civil War Pension Index, Image 153, Widow, Daisy E. Knowles of WI filed for pension. - When Daisy was married to Remick Knowles (Private in 21st WI Inf, Aug. 11, 1862 - Jun 30, 1865, 2 yrs,10mos,20dys of Hutchins, WI, Hse 127,No. 134 [1890 Special Census of Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, & Marines, & Widows, etc]), she was step-grandmother to Margie Pollock who became the wife of Harry Amerson. So this family always called her Aunt Daisy. (Carrie Amerson Mosher) Daisy had a sister called Freelove Walsh. (Dusti Scheibe) After Remick died, Daisy married Anton (Tony) Amerson was was father of Harry Amerson, thus becoming Margie's mother'in-law, but still referred to as Aunt Daisy. - Remick was a Justice of Peace for the Twp. of Hutchins and his signature can be found on marriage licenses such as Anna Cecelia Johnson's and August Swanson. (Karolyn Roberts)
  •   JK112317161 - Sylvia Knowles b1863 Cleveland,OH- d5/1886 - m4/17/1881 Cleveland,OH Charles McSpadden - Burial: Mt. Hope Cem., Nt. Solon,OH
  •   JK112317162 - Lona A. Knowles b8/11/1865 Cleveland,OH - m4/23/1882 Cleveland,OH Christopher Ayer
  •   JK112317163 - Gertrude P. Knowles b5/4/1867 Cleveland,OH - d10/26/1926 Mattoon,Shawano,WI - mabt 1885 William Edward Dabill, Jr. (Son of William Edward Dabill, Sr. [bEngland] & Katherine Green [bNY]) b2/17/1861 MI - d5/12/1949 Mattoon,Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Gene Pool Ind. Records) (William was a farmer in the Twp. of Hutchins, Shawano Co.,WI in 1900. They had been married for 15 years.
    •    Birthday Party of Mrs. Augusta Pollock: On left, Margie (Pollock) Amerson holding her baby, Harley, and standing beside her is Lyle. Writing on back of this postcard is: Dear friend, I know before this, you thought my word was no good but I haven't forgotten you. Well, how are you this war times? Orval is way down in Camp Johnston in Fla and now Clarence, one of the twins has been called. Tough, but we have to beat the Huns. Sincerely, Gertgrude D. (Dabill) This postcard was addressed to Mrs. Lester Barnes, Onro, Wis, Box (Gertrude made the postcard and at the top of the card she wrote: This isn't very good. Hyatt was in too beg a hurry to pull it off.)
    •    JK1123171631 - Floyd Newton Dabill b5/19/1886 Mattoon,Shawano,WI - d12/12/1934 Mattoon,Hutchins,Shawano,WI - m4/24/1918 Mary Louise Nickel (Gene Pool Ind. Records)
    •    JK1123171632 - Orvil Dabill b12/1887 WI (1900 Census)
    •    JK11231716313 - Floyd Newton Dabill b5/1886 WI (1900 Census)
    •    JK11231716314 - Son Dabill b12/1889 WI (1900 Census)
    •    JK11231716315 - Kenneth Dabill (twin) b5/1896 WI (1900 Census) - mAlice E. Stillman b10/18/1902 Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI - d8/28/1982 Mattoon,Shawano,WI - Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Antigo Daily Jour., 1982 Obit)
    •    JK11231716316 -Clarence Dabill (twin) b5/1896 WI (1900 Census) - dGrand Pass, OR - m1924 Cora Frazier (Antigo Journal Obit, 1975) - twin to Clara Frazier who married Harry Amerson. (Carrie Amerson Mosher)

JK112317164 - D. D. (Deed) Knowles b5/7/1869 Wrightstown,WI - d7/16/1903 Mattoon,Shawano,WI - m10/9/1895 Appelton,WI - mMildred (Millie) Grace Betts b6/1874 (1900 Census) - D.D. was a farmer in 1900. Resided in Green Bay. Later Millie married George Weyenburg.

  •   JK1123171641 - Howard Knowles b7/1897 WI (1900 Census)
  •   JK1123171642 - Roy Knowles b5/1899 WI (1900 Census)
  •   JK1123171643 -Donald D. Knowles b4/29/1901 - d11/24/1986 (Blaney Funeral Home Memorial) m12/23/?? Vivian Bossell (Aunt Nellie's oldest daughter) (Birthday book of Iris Bossell) (Carrie Amerson Mosher) b12/23/?? Yes born and married on the same date. (Birthday book of Iris Bossell)
  •   JK11231716431 - James (Jimmy) Knowles (Carrie Amerson Mosher) m?? - Last known residence was CA. When his mother passed away, he could not be found. He was also a Ham operator. (Karen Bossell)

JK112317164311 - Karla Elaine Knowles b1967 (Birthday book of Iris Bossell)

  •   JK11231716432 - Karen Mildred Knowles b12/22/1943 m? Held (Carrie Amerson Mosher; Chantelle Held) Karen was adopted
    •    JK112317165 - Bertha Edith Knowles bb6/28/1871 Outagamie Co.,WI (Files of Dawn Kurth) - d12/8/1941 Twn. of Hutchings,Shawano,WI (Files of Dawn Kurth) - m8/2/1886 Appleton,WI Albert Verdine Pollock (Son of Amazi Pollock [bPA] & Lucy Jane Knowles) (Files of Dawn Kurth) - b10/31/1858 Freedom,WI (Files of Dawn Kurth) - d9/26/1926 Twn. of Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Files of Dawn Kurth) Albert was a painter and in 1896 they lived at 761 Madison,Appleton,WI (Appleton,WI Directory) In 1900, Albert was a farmer in the Twp. of Hutchins of Shawano Co., WI. (1900 Census, WI,Shawano,Hutchins,Dist. 166,Sheet 13) -1920 Fed. Census,Twp. of Hutchins lists Albert V. Pollock. Burial: WoodlawnCem. 3-42-4,Hutchins, Shawano,WI
    •      ( Picture of Bertha Knowles Pollock with her children: Clyde, Edith, Ethel, Clarence, & Margie contributed by Carrie Amerson Mosher;   picture of rocking chair owned by Bertha, and later owned by Carrie Amerson Mosher)
    •    (Picture of Bertha Knowles Pollock, and Daughters, Ethel & Margie, also the Dabil twins, Clarence & Kennth)  Looks like a revival with a minister who was traveling through, probably around 1915 range.  Donated by Laurel Larson Collins and identifying done by Bertha Amerson Serio)
    •    JK1123171651 - Clyde Rue Pollock b12/28/1886 Outagamie Co.,WI (WWI Draft Card Reg 1917-1918 Shawno Co.; 1900 Census) - d7/14/1947 Peoria,IL - m 1Blanche Eaton - m 2Maggie Smith
    •    JK1123171652 - Edith Irene Pollock b2/21/1889 (1900 Census) Appelton, WI - d3/29/1971 Homme Home,Wittenberg, Shawano,WI - m6/24/1909 Twn of Hutchins,Shawano,WI John Fred Slater
    •    JK11231716521 -Arlie Slater b - mKenneth Krueger
    •    JK11231716521 - Eldridge C. (El) Slater - b10/12/1924 Twp. Almon,Shawano,WI - d5/18/2013 Homme Home, Wittenberg,Shawano,WI - Served in the U.S. Marine Corps & U.S. Air Force, retiring from the Air Force.   (Strasser Fun. Hom. Obit.)

JK1123171653 - Ethel Arabell Pollock b12/18/1890 (1900 Census) Appleton,WI - d1/16/1954 Shawano Co.,WI - Single. - Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 3-57-5,Hutchins,Shawano,WI

  •   JK1123171654 - Clarence Eugene Pollock b7/29/1892 (WWI Draft Registration 1917-1918; 1900 Census) Almon,Shawano,WI (1930 Fed. Census) Appleton,WI - d6/29/1945 Twn of Hutchins,Shawano,WI - m12/24/1923 Mattoon,Shawano,WI Eva F. Guenthner (dau. of Edward Guenthner) b10/23/1899 Twp of Almon,Shawano,WI - d4/15/1980 Twp of Almon,Shawano,WI - No children. Clarence was a farmer. Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 3-42-4,Hutchins,Shawano,WI (Antigo Journal, 4/15/1980 Obit) Burial: Woodlawn Cem. 3-42-1,Hutchins,Shawano,WI
  •   JK1123171655 - Margie Jane Pollock b10/9/1897 (1900 Census) of Hutchins,Shawano,WI - d10/11/1957 Antigo,Langlade,WI - m10/1/1913 Twn of Hutchins,Shawano,WI Harry Amerson (Amerson being derived from Amundson) Burial: Woodlawn Cem.,Twn of Hutchins,Shawano,WI - Midwife to Margie for all her children except Paul was Ellen Emma Schlais. However, Paul's birth certificate states his birth a day ahead of when he was born with Ella Schlais's name as witness. But she never signed papers with Ella even though she was called Ella, and always signed Ellen. She could not be there for the birth according to family. (Carrie Amerson Mosher)
  •   (Picture donated by Carrie  of minature doll furniture owned by Margie and later owned by Carrie Amerson)
  •   See Descendants of Antone Amerson for descendants of Margie & Harry Amerson
  •   JK112317166 - Hortense (Tensie) Knowles b11/13/1873 OH - d2/6/1924 (Gary W. Allen) - mFrederick Lewis Allen b12/31/1867 Amherst,WI (Gary W. Allen) - d10/14/1945 Amherst,WI (Gary W. Allen) - Lived in WI (Gary W. Allen)
  •    (Picture of Hortense Knowles Allen contributed by Carrie Amerson Mosher)     
  •   JK1123171661 - Otis O. Allen - b3/15/1892 ,Marathon,WI (Gary W. Allen) - d2/2/1961 Neenah,Winnebago,WI (Gary W. Allen) - mElsie Josephine Conrad b2/12/1891 WI (Gary W. Allen) - d6/1974 Neenah, Winnebago,WI (Gary W. Allen)
  •   (Picture of Otis & Elsie on their wedding day contributed by Gary Allen)

JK1123171662 - Neil Allen - b (Gary W. Allen)

JK1123171663 - Dewey Allen - b (Gary W. Allen)

  •   JK1123171664 - Thayer Allen - b11/26/1907 WI - d5/1980 WI - mMargaret M. Blenker b2/16/1913 - d11/16/1995 Neenah,Winnebago,WI (Gary W. Allen)
    •    JK11231716641 - Barbara L. Allen - b
    •    JK1123171665 - Hazel Allen - b (Gary W. Allen)
    •    JK1123171666 - Adeline Allen - b (Gary W. Allen)
    •    JK1123171667 - Fay Allen - b (Gary W. Allen)
    •    JK1123171668 - Florence Allen - b (Gary W. Allen)
    •    JK1123171669 - Blossom Allen - b (Gary W. Allen)
    •    JK112317167 - Remick E. Knowles b1/7/1896 (Mother was Daisy E. Walsh; Gary W. Allen) (S.S. Death Index) - d11/1964 (S.S. Death Index; SSN 381-24-3210) - Resided in MI
    •    JK112317168 - Averill Knowles (Carrie Amerson Mosher) Mother was Daisy E. Walsh. (Gary W. Allen)
    •    JK11231717 - Martin Van Buren Knowles b8/8/1840 Warrensville,Cuyahoga,OH ( - m5/15/1861 Cuyahoga Co.,OH 1Minerva B. Trask - m 2Mary ? (OH Marriages)
    •    JK11231718 - Seth B. Knowles b10/24/1843 Warrensville,Cuyahoga,OH ( - d10/1932 ( - m7/4/1867 Cuyahoga Co.,OH Alice M. Rowe (OH Marriages)
    •    JK11231719 - Philus Simeon Knowles b7/2/1846 OH JK11231718 - d1855 (
    •    JK1123171a - Eunice Catherine Knowles b3/14/1849 OH - d5/12/1902 - mJames Faragher (
    •    JK1123172 - Catherine Knowles b1/1/1785
    •    JK1123173 - James Knowles b9/6/1786
    •    JK1123174 - Ansel Knowles b6/14/1794 Buckland,Hampshire,MA - d8/19/1875 Geneva Lake Cem.,Geneva Lake,Walworth,WI - mElizabeth Bostwick b5/1796 Galway,Saratoga,NY - d10/12/1880 Geneva Lake Cem., Geneva Lake, Walworth,WI (Ancestral Records)
  •   JK11231716611 - Charles (Chuck) Allen (Carrie Amerson Mosher)(Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK11231716612 - Clifton Willis Allen b4/27/1921 ,Waupaca,Waupaca,WI - Lives in Neenah,WI - mNora Bertha Behm b7/1/1923 Farmington,Waupaca,WI (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK112317166121 - Gary Wayne Allen b11/21/1944 Waupaca,Waupaca,WI - m2/17/1968 Kathleen Ann McCormick b7/1/1948 Ishpeming,Marquette,MI (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK1123171661211 - Jeffrey Patrick Allen b6/5/1971 Davis Monthan AFB,Tuscon, Pima,Arizona (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK1123171661212 - Christopher Sean Allen b11/29/1972 Lackland AFB,SanAntonio, Bexar,TX (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK112317166122 - Glen Clifton Allen b9/4/1948 Neenah,Winnebago,WI - mSandra L. Oehlke (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK1123171661221 - Michelle L. Allen b9/29/1974 Neenah,Winnebago,WI (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK1123171661222 - Alyssa A. Allen b9/26/1979 Neenah,Winnebago,WI I (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK11231716613 - Charles O. (Chuck) Allen b1915 - d1989 - mDoty Klaus (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK11231716614 - DeLoyde (Joe) Allen b1917 - d1960 - mGladys Reinhart (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK11231716615 - Bernadine Allen b1919 - d1938 - mRay Boushley (Bernadine & Ray were the parents of James Boushley) (Gary W. Allen)
  •   JK11231716616 - Nioleta Allen b1923 - d1943 (Gary W. Allen)

JK1123174 Elizabeth M. Knowles b1823 (Ancestral Records)

  •   JK1123175 - Seth Knowles b7/10/1790 CN,Portland - d1848 Hopewell Twp.,Ontario,NY - mHannah Reynolds babt 1794 CN - Occupation: Stone Mason (Text: Hufbauer, Virginia Knowles, Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973- San Diego: Ventures International, 1974,P 212)

French's Gazetteer of New York - SPRINGW ATER-was formed from Sparta and Naples, (Ontario co.,) April 17, 1816. It is the S. E. corner town of the co. Its surface is very hilly, the highest summits being 600 to 1,000 ft. above the valleys. The principal stream is the inlet of Hemlock Lake, which flows N. through the town, W. of the center. Conhocton River rises in the S. E. part and flows S. into Steuben co. The soil is a sandy and gravelly loam. Springwater, (p. v.,) a R. R. station, N. W. of the center, contains 2 churches, a sash and blind factory, a sawmill, and 62 houses. East Springwater, (p. o.,) in the N. E., is a hamlet. The first settlement was made by Seth Knowles, from Conn., on Lot 18, about 1807.9 The first church (Bap.) was formed in 1816.

  •   JK11231751 - Peter Cline Knowles b1811 Clarendon,Orleans,NY (Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973)
  •   JK11231752 - Ann Katherine Knowles b NY (Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973)
  •   JK11231753 - Reynolds Knowles bRensselaer Co.,NY (Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973)
  •   JK11231754 - Lewis A. Knowles b1832 Oppenheim,Montgomery,NY (Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973)
  •   JK11231755 - Maria Knowles b1833 NY (Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973)
  •   JK11231756 - Eber A. Knowles b1833 St. Johnsville,Montgomery,NY (Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973)
  •   JK11231757 - William Knowles b1835 NY (Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1673-1973)
  •   JK1123176 - Hannah Knowles b8/8/1792
  •   JK1123177 - Ansel Knowles b6/14/1794
  •   JK1123178 - Remick Knowles b3/15/1796
  •   JK1123179 - Phillus Simeon Knowles b7/2/1846
  •   JK112317a - Eunice Catherine Knowles b3/14/1849
  •   JK112318 - Samuel Knowles b3/12/1798
  •   JK112319 - William Knowles b2/13/1800
  •   JK11231a - Lucy B. Knowles b3/19/1802
  •   JK11231b - Sarah Knowles b8/22/1806
  •   JK11232 - Danial Knowles b1732
  •   JK11233 - Mary Knowles
  •   JK11234 - Martha Knowles b1738
  •   JK11235 - Abraham Knowles
  •   JK11236 - Elizabeth Knowles
  •   JK11237 - Rachel Knowles
  •   JK11238 - Mercy Knowles b1747
  •   JK1124 - Paul Knowles b8/8/1702 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d4/11/1775 MA (
  •   JK1125 - James Knowles b11/4/1704 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d1732 MA (
  •   JK1126 - Jessie Knowles b4/1/1707 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - dMA (

JK1127 - Mary Knowles b10/1709 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - dMA ( - m2/21/1728 Eastham,Barnstable,MA John Wing, Jr. (MA Marriages) b4/3/1702 Of Harwich,Barnstable,MA (

  •   JK1128 - Willard Knowles b11/6/1711 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d3/11/1786 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (
  •   JK113 - Rebecca Knowles (EB(14)3 ) b3/2/1674 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d3/4/1758 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - m11/18/1709 Of Eastham,Barnstable,MA Mehitable Tobey b1701 Yormouth,Barnstable,MA - d7/29/1769 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records)

JK1131 - Thomas Tobey b1704 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - dbef 8/9/1791 (Ancestral Records)

  •   JK1132 - Rebecca Tobey b1707 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d3/7/1786 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   JK1133 - Desire Tobey b1707 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d7/28/1781 (Ancestral Records)
  •   JK1134 - Seth Tobey babt1716 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d8/31/1801 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records)
  •   JK114 - Deborah Knowles b3/2/1674 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records
  •   JK115 - ? Knowles b3/2/1674 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Twins?) (Ancestral Records)
  •   JK12 - Mercye Knowles babt1644 Plymouth,MA - dabt 1692 Eastham,Barnstable,MA -m 2/5/1667 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MA Marriages) Ephraim Doane (Son of John Doane; (Plymouth Colony by Stratton) b Plymouth,MA - dEastham,MA (Descendant, Volume VI, Eastham and Orleans, Mass., Vital Records, ©TheLearning Company, Inc., July 28, 1999) (Mayflower Families, G-Pa, Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass-, by CharlesThornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, ME) Child of Mercy & Ephraim was Hezakiah Doan (Online)

JK13 - James B. Knowles b11/17/1648 Middlesex,MA - d bef 10/10/1678 Barnstable,MA (CD V709-01, Vol. 09, World Family Tree, @@1997, Broderbund Software,Inc., Pedigree File #3736) (Mayflower Families, G-Pa, Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass-, by CharlesThornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, ME)

JK14 - Esq. Samuel Knowles b9/17/1651 Plymouth,Plymouth,MA - d6/19/1737 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - m12/16/1679 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Mercy Freeman (MD 6:205) (Daughter of John Freeman & Mercy Prence who was the daughter of Thomas Prence [MD 6:205]) (Notebook on the descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26) b7/1659 Barnstable,MA - d6/19/1737 Backhamsted,CT (Notebook on the descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26) (Online)

  •   JK141 - James Knowles b8/13/1680 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 6:205) - d11/23/1704 Billingsgate,Barnstable,MA - Drowned at Cape Cod. (Notebook on the descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26) Unmarried (Online)
  •   JK142 - Mercy Knowles b9/13/1681 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 6:205) - d6/5/1732 (Online) - m7/23/1702 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Rebecca Rich, Ruth Rich, & Cornelius Rich. (Descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26) Thomas Rich (MA Marriages) (Son of Richard Rich & Sarah Roberts) (Online) - b Barnstable,MA - d9/5/1753 Barnstable,MA (Online) Children of Mercy & Thomas was: Thomas Rich, Mercy Rich, James Rich, Joseph Rich, David Rich, Sarah Rich, John Rich, Thankful Rich, Samuel Rich, Rebecca Rich, Ruth Rich, & Cornelius Rich. (Online)
  •   JK143 - Samuel Knowles b1/15/1682 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 6:205) - d1/30/1750 Boston,Granery, g.s. - m11/7/1709 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Bethiah Brown (MD 7:239) b9/9/1685 ( Barnstable,MA - dBarnstable,MA (Online)
  •   JK1431 - Enos Knowles b4/30/1712 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 7:187) - d1784 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 7:187) - m4/12/1733 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Sarah Sparrow (MD 17:37) Daughter of Rebecca Merrick) (MD 17:37)

JK14311 - Bethiah Knowles b1/12/1734/35 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 17:37) - m1/23/1752 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Ichabod Higgins (MD) (Son of Hannah Mayo) (MD) Bethiah& Ichabod had a son John Higgins. (MD)

  •   JK14312 - Jerusha Knowles (NEHGR 80:119)
  •   JK14313 - Nathaniel Knowles (NEHGR 30:119)
  •   JK1432 - Azubah M. Knowles b2/6/1713/14 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d3/1762 ( - m9/30/1736 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Josiah Sears (MA Marriages) of Chatham (Son of Josiah & Mercy Sears) Children of Azubah & Josiah were: Mercy Sears, Martha Sears, Jerusha Sears, Josiah Sears, Azubah Sears, Bethia Sears, David Sears, & Samuel Sears. - BIOGRAPHY: Courtesy of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, T B Smith Collection of Queens County Families, Sears Family (MG 1, Vol 853), #S7, dtd 8 Jun 1989; 1767-1789; Public Archives of Nova Scotia; Sears, Josiah m Knowles, Azubah, a descendant of Rev John Knowles of the Old Colony
  •   BIRTH-SPOUSE_DEATH: Letter from Donna Snow, Mason, OH, to Ray Sears; 1756-1824; Letter dtd 6 Apr 1995; ; copy in possession of L. Ray Sears III; The patrilineal descent of my great-grandmother, Agnes Diane (Smith) Snow Currier is the line which includes: Martha Sears born 23 Aug 1737 Eastham MA d. 1823/4 Barrington, N.S. daughter of Josiah Sears and first wife Azubah Knowles.
  •   JK1433 - Samuel Knowles b10/6/1715 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD) - m10/16/1735 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Hannah Freeman (MD 17:143)
  •   JK14331 - Prince Knowles b10/30/1736 (MD 15:141)
  •   JK14332 - Samuel Knowles b9/14/1738 (MD)
  •   JK14333 - Azubah Knowles b11/11/1740 (MD)
  •   JK14334 - Hatsel Knowles b11/5/1742 (MD)

JK1434 - Nathaniel Knowles b10/6/1717 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD)

  •   JK1435 - Jerusha Knowles b3/9/1719/20 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - dbef 1/13/1750/51 (MD)
  •   JK1436 - Seth Knowles b1/20/1721/22 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (The Knowles Of Easham, Ma. by Charles Thornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, ME, FTM CD #171; MD) - d3/18/1787 Orleans g.s. (MD) - m2/21/1744/45 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Ruth Freeman (MD)(Daughter of Nathaniel Freeman [MD])
  •   JK14361 - Freeman Knowles b11/24/1745 (MD) - m11/23/1769 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Esther Myrick (MD)
  •   JK14362 - Nathaniel Knowles b3/14/1750 (MD)
  •   JK14363 - Seth Knowles b4/20/1732 (MD)
  •   JK14364 - Ruth Knowles b8/3/1754 (MD)
  •   JK14365 - Samuel Knowles b11/6/1756 (MD)
  •   JK14366 - Amasa Knowles b4/15/1758 (MD)
  •   JK14367 - Abiathar Knowles b2/5/1760 (MD)
  •   JK14368 - Mary Knowles b12/14/1762 (MD)
  •   JK14369 - Hannah Knowles b10/4/1764 (MD)
  •   JK1436a - Chloe Knowles b12/28/1766 (MD 33:15)
  •   JK1436b - Jerusha Knowles b10/15/1768 (MD 33:15)
  •   JK1436c - Abner Knowles b2/1/1770 (MD 33:15)
  •   JK1436d - Exxa Knowles b11/2/1773 (Daughter) (MD)

JK144 - Nathaniel Knowles b5/15/1686 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 20:158) - d1732 Provincetown,MA (Descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26) - d1732 (Descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26) - m 1Beriah Smith Of Provincetown,Barnstable,MA - mb2/17/1706 Windham,Barnstable,MA 2Mary Hunt b2/18/1687 Of Chilmark,Martha's Vineyard,MA - d6/10/1716 Windham,MA - m4/25/1717 Windham,CT 3Elizabeth Bacon

JK145 - Lt. Richard Knowles b7/1688 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 6:205) - dabt 1769 Chatham,Barnstable,MA (DAR Application of Helen D. Smith Dunbar, DAR #68661) - m pre 7/2/1712 (MD 18:194-6) Eastham,Barnstable,MA Martha Cobb (Daughter of James Cobb & Sarah Lewis-Sparrow) ( 2/6/1682 Barnstable,MA - d10/31/1763 (Online)

  •   JK1451 - Martha Knowles b1/28/1713/4 Chatham,Barnstable, MA (MD 4:182) - d1/1/1755 East Haddam,Hartford,CT - m1729 John Shaw Of Eastham,Barnstable,MA (The Descendants of John Shaw of Plymouth & his wife Alice by Margaret Johnson Drake) - Martha& John had a child, George Shaw. (
  •   JK1452 - Richard Knowles b3/26/1715 Eastham,Barnstable, MA (MD 8:238) - d8/20/1736 Chatham; g.s.,Barnstable,MA (MD 8:238)
  •   JK1453 - Mercy Knowles b8/9/1717 Eastham,Barnstable,MA(MD 8:237) - d5/14/1758 Chatham,Barnstable,MA (MD 8:237) - m11/1/1733 Chatham,Barnstable,MAGeorge Godfree (Godfrey) (MD 4:185)(Son of Deborah Cook [MD 4:185] b1707 Chatham,Barnstable,MA - d12/4/1768 Chatham,Barnstable, MA (MD 8:237) - Children of Mercy & George were: Richard Godfrey & Knowles Godfrey. George was also married Jean Collins (Daughter of John Collins & Hannah Doane) on 11/9/1758 following the death of Mercy. (
  •   JK1454 - James Knowles b11/11/1719 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d1781 Chatham,MA (Notebook of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p100) - m11/25/1742 Eastham,Barnstable,MA 1Sarah Doane (MA Marriages) b1720 - d12/26/1748 Chatham,Barnstable,MA, g.s. (dMD 8:238) - m7/20/1749 Eastham,BArnstable,MA 2Ruth Mayo (MA Marriages) b7/30/1721 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d9/17/1766 Chatham,Barnstable,MA (MD 8:238) - m11/19/1767 Eastham,Barnstable,MA 3Sarah Linnell - m12/12/1775 Eastham,Barnstable,MA 4Alice Paine d4/18/1777 (MA Marriages)
  •   JK1455 - Cornelius Knowles b8/10/1722 Chatham,Barnstable, MA (MD 4:183)
  •   JK1456 - Rebecca Knowles b3/2/1723/24 Chatham,Barnstable,MA (Descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p100)

JK146 - Rebecca Knowles b3/15/1690 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26; MD 6:205) - dbef12/8/1755 Plymouth,Plymouth,MA - m Thomas Wetherell (Son of John Wetherell & Hannah Pincen) b3/3/1681/82 Scituate,Plymouth,MA - d4/21/1743 Plymouth,Plymouth,MA - Children of Rebecca& Thomas were: Rebecca Wetherell, Thomas Wetherell, William Wetherell, James Wetherell, Mary Wetherell, John Wetherell, Mercy Wetherell, Lemuel Wetherell, & Hannah Wetherell (

JK147 - John Knowles b4/15/1692 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Notebook on the descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26; MD 6:205) - d12/12/1753 Hartford,CT - m 1Rachel Olcutt b10/28/1701 Hartford,CT - d12/30/1739 Hartford,CT - m 2Hannah Wells (

JK148 - Ruth Knowles b11/1694 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Descendants of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, p26; MD 6:205) - d11/1/1745 Barbstable,MA - m6/26/1734 Eastham, Barnstable,MA Rev. John Avery (MD 17:140) b2/4/1685 MA - d4/23/1754 Truro,MA (Online) Ruth was John's second wife. His third wife was Mary Rotch. (MD)

JK149 - Capt. Cornelius Knowles b10/1695 Eastham,Barnstable, MA(MD 6:205) - d12/28/1764 Chatham,CT - m10/31/1723 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MA Marriages) Elizabeth Remick b9/12/1700 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d1789 Chatham,CT (Online)

JK14a - Amos Knowles b1702 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 6:205) - d12/9/1788 Orleans,Barnstable,MA, g.s. (MD 6:205) - m1/29/1729 Harwich,Barnstable,MA Rebecca Dillingham (MA Marriages) (Daughter of John Dillingham & Lidia Chapman) b6/24/1709 - d11/3/1772 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Eastham Church, South Parish,Bill of Mortality)

  •   JK14a1 - Amos Knowles b12/18/1730 Eastham,Barnstable, MA (MD 17:149) - d11/30/1796 Orleans, g.s.
  •   JK14a2 - Lydia Knowles b8/1/1733 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 17:149) - d4/16/1764 Barnstable,MA - m12/29/1752 Eastham,Barnstable,MA William Crocker (MA Marriages) b12/8/1730 - d5/3/1819 Barnstable,Barnstable,MA (
  •   JK14a3 - Rebecca Knowles b4/20/1736 Eastham,Barnstable, MA (MD 17:149) - d Truro,Barnstable,MA - m11/15/1783 Joshua Freeman b7/4/1717 - d9/22/1795 Truro,Barnstable,MA (
  •   JK14a4 - Ruth Knowles b12/10/1738 (MD 17:149)
  •   JK14a5 - Isaac Knowles b6/3/1741 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 17:149)
  •   JK14a6 - Rachel Knowles b1/15/1743/44 Eastham, Barnstable,MA (MD 17:149) - d5/21/1777 - m9/18/1766 Eastham,Barnstable,MAGideion Baty (MA Marriages)
  •   JK14a7 - Richard Knowles b9/22/1746 Eastham,Barnstable, MA (MD 17:149) - d3/11/1781 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (
  •   JK14a8 - John Knowles b6/1/1749 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (MD 17:149)
  •   JK14b - James Knowles b1705 (Descendants of Elder William Brewster, p100) Barnstable,MA - d10/10/1765 Weathersfield,CT - mMartha Allyn b10/22/1710 Weathersfield,CT - d6/19/1786 Pittsfield,MA (Online)
  •   JK15 - Mehitable Knowles b5/20/1653 Barnstable,MA - dBarnstable,MA - mGeorge Brown b1/16/1651 Plymouth,MA - d8/3/1721 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (CD V705-01, Vol 05 World Family Tree, dated ©1996, BroderbundSoftware, Inc., Pedigree #0751. , Pedigree Files #0935 and #4564) (Mayflower Families, G-Pa, Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass-, by CharlesThornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, ME)
  •   JK16 - Barbara Knowles b9/28/1656 Plymouth,MA (Online) - d2/23/1715 Barnstable,MA (Online) - m6/13/1677 of Eastham,Barnstable,MA Thomas Mayo (MD 8:94) (Son of Nathaniel Mayo & Hannah Prence) b12/7/1650 Barnstable,MA - d4/23/1729 Barnstable,MA (Online) - Children of Barbara & Thomas were: Thomas Mayo, Mercy Mayo, Theophilus Mayo, Mary Mayo, Ruth Mayo, Judah Mayo, Lydia Mayo, Richard Mayo, & Israel Mayo. (Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers)

JK17 - Ruth Knowles b11/3/1657 Plymouth,MA - d8/28/1714 Barnstable,MA - (CD V171-01, Genealogies of Mayflower Families, 1500s - 1800s fromGenealogical Publishing Company Incorporated @@1997, Broderbund Software,Inc., from CD V703-01, Vol. 03, World Family Tree, @@1996, BroderbundSoftware, Inc., Pedigree File #6579, from source data of Eileen RichVanderpool, deceased, currently held by daughter Kathleen VanderpoolDawson, and from CD V709-01, Vol. 09, World Family Tree, @@1997,Broderbund Software, Inc., Pedigree File #3736) - m3/20/1671 Joseph Collins (MA Marriages) b Lynn,MA - d2/28/1723 Barnstable,MA (Mayflower Families, G-Pa, Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass-, by CharlesThornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, ME)


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