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 Ancestors of

Anna Geissinger Kauffman

(Married to John Sell Yoder)

Page 2 

    By Karolyn Roberts


  •  JK11111234 - Martin Stauffer Kauffman/Coffman, Jr. (Coffman on deeds) b1743 Hawksbill,Page,VA (Ancestry.com) - d1805 - m 1Mary Bar Lionberger (The Mill Creek Church History) (daughter of Hans Ulrich [Leuenberger] Lineberger& Barbary Frederick Beyer) - m 2Mary Taylor (The Mill Creek Church History) (daughter of John Taylor [alias Snyder) - d4/27/1820 - The Mill Creek Church History (Hamburg,Page,VA) by Richard A. Pence at http://www.rootsweb.com/~vagspc/millcreek.htm Part IV - The Rev. Martin Kaufman (Coffman) Excerpts from a book by Charles F. Kaufman - May 6,1760, Lord Fairfax granted 240 acres of land to Martin Coffman. This land was in Frederick County, Va., adjoining land Martin Coffman already had. It was on easterly side of South River of Shenandoah, adjoining lands of Jacob Burner, Christian Herzberger, and Christian Maggert. See Va. Patent Book 0, p. 140. Fairfax required an annual payment of one shilling per 50 acres. This 240-acre tract adjoined the 300-acre tract gotten by his father in 1736 of Ludowick Stone and totaled 540 acres. Nov. 21, 1770, for the sum of 5 shillings he and his wife Mary deeded 270 acres or half to his brother David Kaufman. - Martin Kaufman was commonly known as White house Martin Kauffman to distinguish him from Hawkbill Martin Kauffman. He was a preacher associated with Rev. John Kountz. When the Primitive Baptist Church was organized at “Whitehouse” in 1770, Martin Kaufman and many who were of Mennonite ancestry, and still maintained it was wrong to take up arms joined religious forces. However, when the Revolution came on, the church became divided. One faction followed Rev. John Kountz holding services at Kountz's home. The other meeting at the Whitehouse under Martin Kaufman as their pastor. An echo of this religious difference as well as a bit of local history of the section may be gleaned from the will of Philadelphia Woodman dated Dec. 31, 1787, Massanuttam, Shenandoah County, VA. To Martin Coffman. Sr., 5 pounds; my walnut chest to Martin Coffman, son of Martin; my cow to David Coffman, son of Martin; my sheep to Peter Coffman; my big Bible to Anna Bungerman; my other books to Martin Coffman; a fine apron and handkerchief to Martin Coffman's daughters, Mary and Magdalene; 50 lbs. of hemp to Mary Pence [probably the wife of Henry]; 100 lbs. of hemp to Mary Bellows [quite likely the mother of Elizabeth, who married Adam Pence, the son of Adam]; to Mary Coffman 20 yds. of linen and 10 yds. of lindsey; to Amelia Boon one white silk handkerchief; to Bartlet Bennette if he comes back from Caintuck [Kentucky] 5 pounds. The rest of her property to be sold and the proceeds divided: 1/2 of the money to Martin Coffman’s church to relieve the poor. 1/2 to John Kountz's church to relieve the poor. Her executors were David and Martin Coffman. The witnesses were John Coffman and Ann Bongerman. Martin Kaufman's will was witnessed by Abraham Strickler and David Beaver. His executor was John Roads. His will says that sons Martin and Peter had already gotten their legacies. That son John was to hold the home place until Joseph, Benjamin, and Isaac were 21. Son David was to get the Hawkbill tract of 192 acres coming from the Lionbergers. Joseph was to get home place but pay his sisters Maria [married Jacob Pence, son of Henry (Sr.)], Magdalena [married Joseph Pence, son of Henry], Anna and Christina. A number of Mennonites joined the Baptist Church, one being Martin Kauffman, Jr. soon after the Baptist revival inPage County. Later, Martin started his own congregation in the White House. He was beaten on a couple of occassions for his faith.
    • JK111112341 - Barbara Lionberger Kauffman - mAbraham Kneissly Beaver (son of Conrad [Bieber] Beaver & Mary Kneissly) b1758 - d1824 (Ancestry.com)

JKl 11112342- Moderator Martin Coffman, III b1799 Of MadRiver,Fairfield,OH (mother was Mary Taylor) (Mill Creek Ch. Hist) - m Phoebe ?? - Excert From a Book by Hervey Scott - Alfred Mesnard has kindly furnished me the original and continuous books of record of the Pleasant Run Regular Baptist Church, of which he is the present Secretary. It will be seen by the following extract from the first page, that the church was first constituted in the year 1806: April the 19th, 1806, then met according to appointment and opened our meeting with prayer and praise. Second - proceeded to business, with. choosing our Moderator, Martin Coffman. We ended our meeting with praise and thanksgiving. Martin Coffman, Moderator. Samuel Coiner, Clerk. (The Mill Creek Church History by Richard A. Pence) (FamilySearch)

JK1 11112343 - Peter Coffman b (Mill Creek Ch. Hist) - m5/27/1794 ,Shenandoah,VA lAnn Strickler (daughter of Joseph & Barbara Strickler) b12/20/1776 Egypt Plantation,Shenandoah,VA - dl/22/l 846 ,Page,VA and burial at the home on plantation??- m 2Sally [Weaver] Weber (Ancestry.com)

JK111112344 - David Lionberger Kauffman - mElizabeth [Busswit] Buswell (Ancestry.com)

  •   JK1111123441 - Eliza Coffman mHarrison Ruffner (Ancestry.com)
  •   JKl111123442 - Maria Kauffman mGeorge Kite (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123443 - Martin Kauffman bl/21/1817 - d1879 - mMary Jane Strickler Burner (daughter of John Rhoades Burner & Elizabeth Brubacher Strickler) (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111234431 -Susan Elizabeth Burner Kauffman - mAmbrose Coffman Rothgeb (son of Isaac Spitler Rothgeb & Barbara Maggart Kauffman)(Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123444 - Emanuel Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123445 - John Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123446 - George Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123447 -Nancy Busswit Kauffman mJohn Brubacher Strickler b6/24/1790 - Child of Nancy & John was Elizabeth Kauffman Strickler. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112345 - John Kauffman (Mill Creek Ch. Hist) b1765 - dl 845 - mAnna Miller Brubacher (daughter ofAbraham Ernst Brubacher & Barbara [Muller] Miller) (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123451 - Mary Brubacher Kauffman - mNathan Long (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123452 - John Brubacher Kauffman - mMartha Hughes (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111234521 - Andrew Hughes Kauffman - mMary Elizabeth [Seler] Saylor (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123453 - Reuben Brubacher Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111123454 - Jonas Brubacher Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112346 - Joseph Kauffman babt 1787 (Mill Creek Ch Hist) - ml0/17/1815 Of Shenandoah Co.,VA Elizabeth Bucher Windle (daughter of John Augustine Windle & Anna Margaret Bucher) b1790 - Elizabeth was also married to John Jacob Sprenckel, Jr. on 1/1/1784. (Family Search)
  •   JK1111123461 - Sirena Coffman b1816 (Family Search)
  •   JK1111123462 - Andrew J.Coffman b1818 - mMary ?(Family Search)
  •   JK1111123463 - Sarah Coffman (Family Search)
  •   JK1111123464 - Mary Coffman (Family Search)
  •   JK1111123465 - Martha Coffman b1827 (Family Search)
  •   JK111112347 - Maria Kauffman b1778 MadRiver,Shenandoah,VA (mother was Mary Taylor) - dl/26/1816 UrbanaTwp,Champaign,OH - m6/15/1802 Jacob Pence (son of Henry Pence Sr.(The Mill Creek Church History by Richard A. Pence) son of Johann Heinrich Bullinger Pence& Mary Magdelene [Flowers] Blimly; (Ancestry.com) - b9/15/1767 ,Shenandoah,VA - d6/12/1828 UrbanaTwp, Champaign,OH - Burial: C. Steinberger,Champaign, OH - Children of Maria & Jacob were ? Pence, Lucinda Pence, Anna Pence, Elizabeth Pence, Katherine Pence, Jacob Pence, & Julia A. Pence. (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111112348 - Magdalena Kauffman bl/13/1777 - dl/6/1872 UrbanaTwp.,Champagne,OH (Ancestry.com) - inJoseph Pence - (son of Henry Pence, Sr., (The Mill Creek Church History by Richard A. Pence) /Johann Heinrich Bullinger Pence & Mary Magdelene [Flowers] Blimly; (Ancestry. com)
  •   JK111112349 - Anna Kauffman (Mill Creek Ch Hist) b12/3/1787 ,Rockingham,VA - d8/22/1851 ,Perry,OH - m5/3/1814 Of,,Shenandoah,VA Samuel P. Hite (son of Andrew Hite & Anna Taylor) b9/19/1787 ,Rockingham,VA - d12/1/1857 ,Perry,OH - Burial: Union Baptist Cem., Perry,OH - Children of Anna & Samuel were Anna Hite, Benjamin Hite, Martin Hite, Samuel Hite, Mary Hite, Isaac Hite, & Andrew A. Hite. (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234a - Christina Lionberger Coffman - (The Mill Creek Church History by Richard A. Pence) mJohn Rinehart (son of Jacob Rinehart) - Children of Christina & John were John Coffman Rinehart, Jacob Coffman Rinehart, & Samuel Coffman Rinehart. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111111234b - Benjamin Lionberger Coffman (Mill Creek Ch. Hist) (mother was Mary Taylor) b4/10/1779 VA - d4/15/1862 ,Page,VA - ml/27/1822 ,Shenandoah,VA Anna Gochnauer Groff/Grove (daughter of Christian Musselman, Jr. & Ma,y Griebel Gochnauer) b3/3/1 803 ,Shenandoah,VA - d9/23/l879 ,,IL (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111234b1 - Isaac Coffman b,Page,VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b2 - Elizabeth Coffman b1835 - Luray,Page,VA - d,Champaign,OH - m2/10/1859 James Robert Modsett bWestville,,OH - Children of Elizabeth & James were Anna B. Modsett, Clara Modsett, & Mary Ella Modsett. (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b3 - David J. Coffman b2/19/1839 Luray,Page,VA - d9/29/1918 - m6/20/1 867 Ellen Bell bLebanon,Warren,OH (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b4 - Joseph William Coffman b3/31/1829 - ,Page,VA - dl/13/1878 ,Logan,IL - Buried: Lucas Chapel,CorwinTwp.,Logan,IL - m3/15/1862 Mary Ann Hargadine (daughter of William Hargadine & Eliza Jane Wigginton) bl0/20/1842 ,Lincoln,Logan,IL - d7/24/1922 Holdrege,Phelps,NE Buried: Prarie House Cem.,Holdrege,Phelps,NE - (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b41 - Wert Coffman bLincoln,Logan,IL (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b42 - John Coffman bIL - mLettie McGrath (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b43 - Benjamin Franklin Coffman bLogan,IL - mEmma Lipp (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b44 - Martha Alice Coffman b2/28/1863 Lincoln,Logan,IL - d4/14/l 933 Holdrege,Phelps,NE - mlsaac Leffler (son of Samuel Leffier & Katherine Funt) b8/12/1849 Canton,,OH - d7/12/1915 Holdrege,Phelps,NE - Burial: Holdrege,Phelps,NE - Children of Martha & Isaac were Nellie May Leffler, Selar Franklin Leffler, Harry Willard Leffler, Dorothy Ann (Dora) Leffler, Charles James Leffler, Merwyn Noble Leffler, Mary Maurine Leffler, Minnie Belle Leffler, Minnie Kay Leffler, & Delbert Coffman Leffler. (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b45 - William Wirt Coffman b1866 ,Logan,1L - d2/24/1885 Logan,IL (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b46 - Anne Coffman b2/4/1868 ,Logan,IL - d2/15/1868 ,Logan,IL (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b47 - John Calvin Coffman b7/5/1869 ,Logan,IL - d7/5/1916 ,Logan,IL (Family Search)
  •   JKl 1111234b48 - Female Coffman b2/7/1878 ,Logan,IL - d2120/1878 ,Logan,IL (Family Search)
  •   JKl1111234b5 - Mary Ann Coffman b413/1833,Page,VA- m1852 Samuel Miller b1836 Luray,Page,VA - Children of Mary & Samuel were Anna Eliza Miller, David F. Miller, Girl Miller, William Miller, Henry Stage Miller, & Martha Euphenia Miller. (Family Search)
  •   JKl 1111234b6 - Elisha Albert Coffman b6/5/1831 ,Page,VA - d5/25/l908,Champaign,OH - ml 2/29/1859 Martha Louderback b,Page,VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b7 - Benjamin Franklin Coffman b12/24/1836 Luray,Page,VA - d8/10/1922 - mEuphemia Strickler b6/l/1842 Elkton,,VA - dl/4/1913 - (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b71 - John Martin Coffman (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b72 - William Coffman b,,VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b73 - David Edward Coffman b,,Of VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b74 - Mary Elizabeth Coffman bOf VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b75 - Elisha Burnham Coffman b Of VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b76 - Cora Virginia Coffman b,Of VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234b77 - Martha Ellen Coffman b2/26/1866 Of VA - d9/l1/1891 Rockingham, VA - Burial: Elk Run Cem, Of VA (Family Search)
  •   JK11111234c - Isaac Kauffman bI 799 Of MadRiver,,OH (mother was Mary Taylor) (Mill Creek Ch. Hist) - mPhoebe ? (Family Search)
  •   JK11111235 - Magdalena Kauffman bl 744 VA - mPage,VA John Strickler Child of Magdalena & John was Daniel Strickler.(Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111236 - Barbara Kauffman b1748 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111237 - Michael Kauffman b1750 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111238 - Nancy Kauffman b1761 - mJacob Strickler b1734 Egypt,Shenandoah,VA. Children of Nancy & Jacob were John Strickler, Samuel Strickler, Joseph Strickler, David Strickler, Ann Catherine Strickler, & Elizabeth Strickler. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111124 - Michael Joseph Kneisley Kauffman b6/21/1714 - d12/21/1788 - m 1Barbara Kneisley Haldeman (daughter of Christian Gerber Halteman/Haldeman & Christiana Hempstead Kneissley) bi1718 PA - d2/24/1764 VA - m 2Magdalena Stauffer (daughter of Daniel Stauffer [signed Letter to Holland also; see Michael Kauffman b1714]& Magdalena Brubaker) b1720 Muckenhauserhof,Germany - d3/7/1787 (A ncestry.com) - About 65 miles away from the city of Philadelphia and was parcelled out and patented for 40 pounds a hundred acres to Michael Kauffman at 118 acres..
  •   (Historic Background & Annals of the Swiss& German Pioneer Settlers of SE PA. .Conestoga Manor (Now Manor Twp) Parcelled Out. p256) - Was a minister in VA (Ancestry.com) (Historic Background & Annals of the Swiss & German Pioneer Settlers of SE PA.., Lancaster Co. Mennonites Assist VA Brethren, p325) Today, the 7th of September, 1758. Herewith we authorize our brother and co-fellow in the faith, Johannes Schneyder, who until now has been a good friend to the poor, and who contemplates a journey to the friends and brethren in Holland on account of the dark times in which we find ourselves at this time, owing to the tyrannical or barbarous Indians who have already killed so many people, and have taken many prisoners and carried them away; others were driven from their homes and lands, so that many people are now in great poverty and distress. We were thirty-nine Mennonite families living together in VA. One family was murdered and the remaining of us and many other families were obliged to flee for our lives, leaving our all and go emptyhanded. Last May the Indians have murdered over fifty persons and more than two hundred families were driven away and made homeless. We come, therefore, with a prayer to you, brethren and co-fellows in the faith for help, by way of charitable aid, if your love will persuade you to show mercy to us, so that we may with God’s help, and the aid of good friends, be guided through this Valley of Grief; the dear Lord will reward you for it, here in this life and finally in eternity for what you will do for us. Further, I do not deem it necessary to write much, as our friend and brother will give you a better report than I could in my simple and imperfect writing, for, he too, had been in danger of his life with his wife and four children, and was compelled to flee and leave his all behind. He had been so situated that he could make a comfortable living. He had a nice little farm, and besides he had begun the distilling of_____ and turpentine oil. He was always a good friend to the distressed in times of need. Further we request you to remember us in your prayers, as we are likeminded toward you, that we may have the comfort of good old Tobias, with which he comforted his son, when he said, “Even though we are poor, but if we fear God, we shall receive much good. P.S. This our friend desired a traveling companion from the congregation to accompany him on his journey, as he deems it best not to go alone. Upon our advice and with our Best Wishes, our minister and elder, Martin Funck, has consented to go. Until now he was found true and honest in all things by all. He is, however, still a single man, and by occupation a miller. He, too, was compelled to flee and leave all he had behind. This man was found by the grace and help of God, and will be a true traveling companion to our brother, Johannes Schneyder, on his journey to Holland. Further, in my simple-heartedness, I do not know what more to write, only to greetings from us all to all the brethren and congregation in Holland. Signed by us and many others, Michael Kauffman., Jacob Bonier, Samuel Bohni, Daniel Written by Benedict Hirsche, one mile from Lancaster town, Mennist Minister
  •   (Historic Background & Annals of the Swiss& German Pioneer Settlers of SE PA.., Holland's Friendliness to VA Mennonite Sufferers, p326,758 - Holland's Answer to the Appeal of the Virginia Mennonists, Which the Lancaster Co. Brethren Sponsored. Amersterdam,Holland, December 27, 1758. Michael Kauffman, Jacob Bomer, Samuel Bohn, Daniel Stauffer) Dear Friends: We have received your letter dated Sept. 7th, but without denomination of the place out of which it is written, by the hands of your deputies, Johannes Schnyder and Martin Funck, who have given us an ample account of the calamities you had suffered, which moved our hearts with due compassion, and since we do not doubt but their narration of your troubles were true and faithful, we have opened our hands to your assistance with fifty pounds English Sterling which according to the value of your money amounted to the sum of seventy-eight pounds, eleven shillings and five pence, Philadelphia money, which you may receive upon the enclosed Creditive from Messrs. Benjamin& Sam Shoemaker in Philadelphia. We hope that this sum will be sufficient to help and assist you until it pleases the God of Peace to restore the desired peace in America, as well as in Europe, and that you get restitution at the hands and properities you are driven out and enjoy there the same prosperities as before for ye sustentation of your families and the assistance of the poor, which the Almighty will grant you out of his all sufficient Grace! In the meanwhile we recommend you highly to keep fast the confession of your Holy Faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ, and be always thankful for the Goodness of God bestowed upon you by our compassionate hands and hearts for as we were unkown to you, it was only the good God, who makes this impression on our bowels and gave us the power to assist you. We hope the bearers of these, the above mentioned Deputies, will return soon and in good health to you, and find you and the other friends in a good condition. We have provided them all the necessities here and for their return till London. We leave you to the Almighty Providence of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, and we are with tenderes affection, Dear Friends, Your well±wish, in Friends, The committee of ye Baptist Congregation in Holland. P.S. When occassion offers we desire your answer that we may be sure that you have duly received the above mentioned money, and please to direct your letter to Mr. Hendrick Kops, Amsterdam.
  •   JK11111241 - Anna Kauffman b9/1/1743 Augusta,Hampshire,WV - mPeter Brenneman (son of Melchoir Brenneman & Anne Good) b1739 ConestogaTwp.Lancaster.PA - d1783 DerryTwp.,Dauphin.PA (Ancestry com)
  •   JK11111242 - David Kauffman bl2/5/1747 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111243 - Samuel Haldeman Kauffman bl0/30/I752 - d8/1828 - m lElizabeth Reist (daughter of John Reist & Elizabeth Longenecker) b1/21/1755 - m 2Anna Hoffman - m 3Barbara Brumbach (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112431 - Barbara Kauffman b9/7/1774 - mJohn Neff b2/20/1776 - d9/6/1828 - Children of Barbara & John were Mary Neff, Samuel Neff, Elizabeth Neff, Michael Kauffman Neff, Anna Kauffman Neff, Jacob Kauffman Neff, Daniel Kauffman Neff, Joseph Kauffman Neff, David Coffman Neff, Henry Kauffman Neff, John Kauffman Neff, & Catharine Neff (A ncestry.com)
  •   JK111112432 - Elizabeth Reist Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112433 - Marian Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112434 - David Kauffman b5/2/1779 - d9/9/1854 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112435 - John Kauffman b9/30/1783 - d2/21/l 841 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111244 - Elizabeth Kauffman b2/22/1755 -mAndrew Kauffman Correll (son of John A. Correll & Magdalena Kauffman) - d1828 - Children of Elizabeth & Andrew were Andrew C. Correll, John C. Correll, Mary C. Correll, Elizabeth C. Correll, Samuel C. Correll, Barbara C. Correll, Anna C. Correll, Frances C. Correll, Moses C. Correll, Michael Correll. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111245 - Magdalena Kauffman b3/27/1759 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111246 - Barbara Haldeman Kauffman b2/17/1761 ,Lancaster,PA - dl1/20/1786 - m1779 Rev. John Schenk/Shank (son qf Michael Schenk/Shank & Magdelena ?) b1747 ConestogaTwp,Lancaster,PA - d1813 - John was married to Mary Hershey first. - Child of Barbara & John was Magdelena Kauffman Schenk/Shank. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111247 - Michael Haldeman Kauffman b2/18/1764 - dl0/30/1812-m4/27/1795 Mary Kauffman Correll (daughter of John A. Correll & Magdalena Kauffman) b1770 - d1865 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112471 -Naney C. Kauffman bl797 - d1820 - mChristianAdams b7/l/1791 -d7/11/1836 - Children of Nancy & Christian were Catherine Adams, Amanda Melvina Adams, & Anna Marie Adams, (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112472 - Michael Kauffman b1800 - d1820 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112473 - John C. Kauffman b1803 -d1890 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112474 - Samuel Kauffman b1806 - d1839 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125 - David Kneisley Kauffman, I b1716 (Gen Pool Births) Landisville,Lancaster, PA -of St. Mark’s Parish,Orange,,VA - had moved to SC after Indian troubles - (Family Search) - m9/1806 lAnna Lionberger (daughter of Hans Ulrich [Leuenbergerj Lionberger & Barbara Barbary Bar) b1751 - dl2/2/1806 - m 2Mary ?? (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111251 - Martin Kauffman bLandisville,Lancaster,PA - d1809 Of St. Marks Parish,,Orange,VA - mMary Funkhouser (daughter of Johannes Funkhouser, II& Barbara?) dl 825 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11112511 - Jacob Funkhouser Kauffman - mBarbara Maggart dl8l4 VA (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125111 - Jacob Maggart Kauffman mJudith Hirt (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125112 - Barbara Maggart Kauffman mlsaac Spiller Rothgeb - Child of Barbara & Isaac was Ambrose Coffman Rothgeb. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112512 - Samuel Funkhouscr Kauffman b (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111252 - Christian Kauffman bLandisville,Lancaster,PA -d1828OH -Of St. Marks Parish,,Orange,VA - mMary ??? (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112521 - David Kauffman mCatherine Henry Spitler (daughter of Jacob Spitler of OH & Nancy Ann Henry) (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125211 - Jacob Spitler Kauffman (Ancestrycom)
  •   JK1111125212 - Barbara Spitler Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125213 - Anna Spitler Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125214 - Joseph Spitler Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125215 - Noah Spitler Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111125216 - Samuel Spitler Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112522 - Christian Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112523 - Barbara Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111253 - David Kauffman b1754 VA - d4/18/1830 Of Dayton,Rockingham,VA -mElizabeth Stickley Strickler (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112531 - Susanna Strickler Kauffman mSamuel Kauffman (son of George Kauffman) (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112532 - Anna Strickler Coffman mBenjamin Burner Ruffner (son of Benjamin Steinman Ruffner & Ann Burner) (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112533 - Mary Strickler Kauffman mWilliam Stephenson (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112534 - Dorothy Strickler Kauffman mJoseph Mahoy (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112535 - Esther Strickler Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112536 - Elizabeth Strickler Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112537 - Joseph Strickler Kauffman mAbigail Lincoln (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112538 - Catherine Strickler Coffman mAbraham Campbell Funkhouser, Jr. (son of Abraham Funkhouser& Mary Magdelena Campbell) b9/14/1778 - d1855 - Children of Catherine & Abraham were Willim Coffman Funkhouser, Joseph Coffman Funkhouser, Lydia Coffman Funkhouser, Amelia Coffman Funkhouser, Daniel Coffman Funkhouser, & David Coffman Funkhouser. (Ancestry. com)
  •   JK11111254 - Samuel Kauffman Of,Craven,SC (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111126 - Christian Kneissle Kauffman b1718 Lindisvi!Ie,Lancaster,PA - dabtl745 Lancaster.PA - m 1Magdalena Brubacher - m 2Magdalena Lein/Line (Ancestry com) About 65 miles away from the city of Philadelphia and was parcelled out and patented for 40 pounds a hundred acres to Christian Kauffman at 163 acres. (Historic Background & Annals of the Swiss & German Pioneer Settlers of SE PA. - Conestoga Manor (Now Manor Twp,) Parcelled Out. p256)
  •   JK11111261 - Rudolph Kauffman (mother was Magdalena Line) blO/3/1737 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA - d8/7/ 1821 Strasburylwp,Iipper Saucon.Lehigh,PA - Burial: Saucon Mennonite Cem.,Coopersburg,Lehigh,PA - mElizabeth Geissinger (daughter of Phi!lip Geissinger b6/22/l701 Palatinate,Germany & Anna Maria (Mary) Unk b9/17/1711 PfaIz,Germany) b10/23/1746 Upper Saucon.Bucks (now Lehigh),PA - d5/6/1813 PA - Burial: Saucon Mennonite Cem.,Coopersburg,PA (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112611 -Christian Kauffman b1771 - mCatherine Hottle b1775 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112612 - Anna Geissinger Kauffman b3/16/1776 - d6/9/1843 Fairfield,Columbiana,OH Burial: Nold Mennonite Cem.,Fairfield,Columbiana, OH - mJohn Sell Yoder (son ofAbraharn Bachman Yoder & Maria Schell Sell) b6/11/1777 PA - d7/11/1866 - Bought land near Letonia,Salem.Columbiana,OH in 1817 and farmed. In 1850, his farm was worth $5100
  •   JK111112613 - Barbara Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112614 - Elizabeth Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111112615 - Philip Kauffman (Ancestry com)
  •   JK111112616 - Susanna Kauffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111127 - Christina Kneissley Kauffman b1720 Lindisvilie,Lancaster,PA -rn1l/25/1739 John Casper Smith b1/20/1718 (Ancestry.com)

JK111113 - Christian Kauffman b3/11/1677 Erlenbach,Bern,Switzerland (Ancestry.com)

JK111114 - John Andreas (Andrew) Kauffman b11/13/1668 Freisenheim,Oberamt of Neust, Palatinate, Switzerland - d1743 ManorTwp,Lancaster,PA - ml 717 Millersville.Lancaster,PA Elizabeth Kneissle b1698 (Ancestry.com) - The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p196 says: Andrew Kauffman of Switzerland came to PA in 1717, arriving as Philadephia. Andrew had a son, Isaac (1741-1827), who was ordained as a Mennonite preacher, and this Isaac went to the Shenandoah Valley of VA with his young family. (Isaac was the twelfth son of his parents) Isaac in turn had a family of which the third child was Christian (1780-1852), and when Christian was but eight years of age, his folks decided to move across the Allegheny Mountains in the western part of VA. They settled in Greenbrier Co. (now in WV, but that state was nor formed until 1863). Land was cheaper in Greenbrier Co than in the Shenandoah Valley. Christian and his wife had six sons and four daughters. The seventh of these ten children was a man who was destined to play a major role in the life of the Mennonite Church, Samuel Coffman (1822 -1894) Samuel’s mother was Anna Wenger, also descended from a numerous family in Rockingham Co., VA. (Kauffman became Coffman through the error of a notary public.)

JK1111141 - Andrew Kauffman b1718 Millersville,Lancaster,PA (Family Search) -d1763 ,Berk,PA - m1742 Lancaster, PA (FamilySearch) Magdalena Martin (daughter of Christian Martin) bMillersville,Lancaster,PA - d,Washington,MD (Ancestry.com)

  •   JK11111411 - David Harmon Coffman, Sr. bLancaster,PA - d7/12/1833 ,Limestone,AL - mElizabeth Lovell bTN - d1860 ,Limestone,AL (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114111- Lovell Coffman b,Giles,TN -d1842 ,Giles,TN (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114112 - Robert Coffman b ,Jeff,TN - d7/I0/1893 (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114113 - William Coffman b ,Jefferson,TN (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114114 - Elizabeth Coffman b1779 ,.VA - d1833 ,Limestone,AL (Family Search)
  •   JK111114115 - Sarah (Sallie) Coffman b1785 ,Greene,TN -d1895 (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114116 - Rebeckah Coffman b1797 ,Jefferson,TN - d1861 ,Limestone,AL (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114117 - Markham Marshall Coffman b1798 ,Jefferson,TN -d,,AL (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114118 - David Harmon Coffman, Jr. b1/3/1791 ,Greene,IN d8/I0/1869 ,Lauderdale,AL - Burial: Anderson Cem.,Anderson,AL (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114119 - Jacob Coffman b2/22/1777 ,,VA - d ,Cherokee,AL (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111411a - Mary Ann Coffman b3/2/1789 ,Greene,TN - d7/1/1868 ,Limestone,AL (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111411b - Nancy Coffman b4/22/1787,Greene.TN -d10/5/1863 ,Limestone,AL (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111411c - Andrew Coffman b12/22/1784 ,Greene,TN - d9/1/1864.Hamblen,TN (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111412 - Magdalene (Annie) Kauffman b1753 - d8/1822 Washington,MD - mMillersville,Lancaster,PA John Schenk - Children of Magdalene & John were John Schenk, Abraham Schenk, Andrew Schenk, Christian Schenk, Anne Schenk, Henry Schenk, Jacob Schenk, Magdalena Schenk, & Daniel Schenk. (Ancestry corn)
  •   JK11111413 - Andrew Kauffman b10/16/1760 Granger,TN -d6/3/1845 -m 1???-m5/5/1790 2Elizabeth Kincaid Ramsey b9/9/1770 - dl/12/1833 - Elizabeth had first been married to Robert Ramsey. (Ancestry corn)
  •   JK111114131 - Rev. David Coffman b1/9/1787 - d7/22/1838 ,Polk,MO - m8/20/1813 ,Grainger,TN Susanna (Mary) Bunch b1796 ,Louisa,VA -moved to Aldrich of Polk County, MO in summer of 1833 to start a Baptist Church. The town of Aldrich is under water now. David & Susan homesteaded on high ground about 3 miles away and are buried there. They had 8 children and 2 stayed in Grainger Co., of TN. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111141311 - Andrew David Coffman b1824 ,Grainger,TN (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111141312 - John H. B. Coffman b1824 ,Grainger,TN (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111141313 -? Coffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111141314 - ? Coffman (Ancestry.corn)
  •   JK1111141315 - ? Coffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111141316 - ? Coffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111141317 - ? Coffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111141318 - ? Coffman (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114132 - Nancy Coffman b5/6/1791 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114133 - Thomas Coffman b4/21/1793 - d,Knox,TN - m12/16/18I5 Jennie Kirkpatrick (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114134 - Elizabeth Coffman b10/29/1795 - d10/14/1852 - mGeorge Millican b6/24/1794 - d8/ 19/1864 Morristown,TN (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114135 - Andrew Coffman b9/16/1799 - mAnna Kirkpatrick bl803 - In 1884 he moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114136 - Barton Coffman b5/30/1805 - d4/11/1879-mMary White - Between 1836-38, moved to IN (Ancestry.com)

JK1111142 - Elizabeth Kauffman bI/10/1720 MiIIersviIIe,Lancaster,PA - d1779 Loganville,York. PA- mChristian Meyer (son of .Iohannes Meyer & Maria Leonhardt) b2/10/1708 Switzerland - b1778/9 SpringfieldTwp.,York,PA. Children of Elizabeth& Christian were Elizabeth Meyer, Maria Kauffman Meyer, John Kauffman Meyer, Christian Meyer, Andrew Kauffman Meyer, Michael Meyer, Martin Meyer, Henry Meyer, & Abraham Meyer. (Ancestry.com)

JK1111143 - Mary Kauffman b1727 ManorTwp.,Lancaster,PA - m1742 lUlrich Strickler dabt 1750 Hellam Twp.,York,PA - ml750 PA 2Christian Schenk (son of John Schenk b1696 Germany) bLancasterTwp.,Lancaster,PA - dStoneyCreek.SomersetTwp;,Somerset,PA - Children of Mary & UIrich were John Strickler, Henry Strickler, & Jacob Strickler. - Children of Mary & Christian were Andrew Schenk, John Schenk, Christian Schenk, Michael Schenk,& Catherine Schenk. (Ancestry.com)

JK1111144 - Christian Kauffman b1723 Conestoga,Manor,Lancaster,PA - d1806 - mBarbara Gochenauer/Gochenour (Ancestry.com)

JK11111441 - Anna Kauffman b10/6/1758 - d3/20/1834 - mAbraham Stoner (son of John Stoner & Elizabeth Herr) b1756 Lancaster Co.,PA - dl/5/1829 - Moved to Woodbury

Twp.,Bedofrd,PA in 1787. Many descendants Brethren in Christ. Children of Anna & Abram were Abraham Stoner, Christian Stoner, John Stoner, Barbra Stoner, Jacob Stoner. & Christianna Stoner. (Ancestry.com)

JK11111442 - Christian Kauffman bMillersville,Lancaster,PA - d1826 -m4/4/1773 Ann Herr (Ancestry.com)

  •   JK111114421 - Christian Kauffman - mEve Ellenberger (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114422 - Henry E. Kauffman b6/12/1783 - d6/12/1843 - mMary Herr b11/27/1790 - d2/17/1875 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111144221 - Abraham Herr Kauffman b11/4/1808 Letort,Lancaster,PA - dl0/3 1/1854 (FamilySearch)
  •   JK1111144222 - Elizabeth Herr Kauffman b11/5/1812 Letort,Lancaster,PA - d9/3/1867(Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111144223 - Catherine Herr Kauffman bl0/11/1814 Letort,Lancaster, PA - d2/2/ 1855 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111144224 - Henry Herr Kauffmanb6/16/1827 Letort,Lancaster,PA - d3/18/1861 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111144225 - Magdalena Herr Kauffman b8/18/1830 Letort,Lancaster, PA - d2/15/1904 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114423 - Joseph Herr Kauffman -d6/1824 -mFanny Herr (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111144231 -Joseph Herr Kauffman b9/25/1824 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA - d9/2/1874 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA - m1846 ,Lancaster,PA Anna Heidlauf b1/5/1823 - d8/3/l 905 (Ancestry.com) Obit: Kauffman-On the 30th of August,1905 near Spring Valley, Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., PA of a complication of diseases incident to old age, Anna Heidlauf, widow of the late Joseph Kauffman, aged 83 years. She was confined to her bed about four months. She is survived by six children. Burial: Masonville Mennonite Church on Sept. 2nd. (Herald of Turth, Vol.XLII, N.36,9/7/1905,pp287-288)
  •   JK1111144231 - Mary Ann Kauffman -b9/8/1842 - mBenjamin K. Souder (Deborah Bryant)

JK11111443 - Elizabeth Kauffman b Millersville,Lancaster,PA- mHenry Lichty (Ancestry.com)

JK11111444 - Andrew Kauffman b1750 MillersviIIe,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch) -d1836 GermanTwp.,Fayette,PA (FamilySearch) - ml 788 ,Lancaster,PA Mary Herr (daughter of

John Herr & Mary Myers) b1761 MillersviIIe,Lancaster,PA - dGermanTwp,Fayette.PA (FamilySearch)

JK11111445 - John Kauffman b4/18/1768 MiIIersviIIe,Lancaster,PA - d4/15/1827 (FamilySearch) - mElizabeth Stoner (Ancestry.com)

  •   JK111114451 - Henry Stoner Kauffman b,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114452 - Joseph Stoner Kauffman ,Lancaster,PA FamilySearch)

JK11111446 - Michael Kauffman b12/23/1765 - dl0/6/1825 - m3/20/1804 Anna Funk (Ancestry.com)

JK1111145 - Michael Kauffman b1726 - d1791 -mCatherine Gertrude Immel (Ancestry.com)

  •   JK11111451 - Mary F. Kauffman b2/16/1810 Millersville,Lancaster,PA - d6/3/1893 CoveIl,McLean,IL - m6/l/1830 Jacob Sholty (son of William Shaky & Sophie Christ) b9/l 0/1805 Harrisburg,Lancaster,PA - dl0/8/1880 Bloomington,McLean,lL - Children of Mary & Jacob were Samuel Benjamin Franklin Sholty, Susan Sholty, Christopher Sholty, Henry C. Sholty, Benjamin David Sholty, Sufia Sholty, Levi William Sholty, John Sholty, & Anne Marie Sholty. (FamilySearch)

JK1111146 - Jacob Kauffman b1729 of ManorTwp,Lancaster,PA - d1812 ManorTwp,Lancaster,PA - mMagdalena Heistand (daughter of John Hiestand) (Ancestry.com)

  •   JKI1111461 - John Heistand Kauffman b1753 -d1802 - mAnna Herr Hershey (FamilySearch)
  •   JK111114611 - Magdalena Hershey Kauffman b9/17/1779 - d5/29/1856 Stone Ridge,York,PA - Burial: Witmer Mennonite Cem.,Stony Brook,SpringettsburyTwp,York,PA - mDavid Engle Witmer (son of Peter Witmer & Catherine Brackbill Engle) b6/9/1772 ManorTwp,Lancaster, PA - d5/27/1843 StoneRidge,York,PA - Burial: Witmer Men. Cem.,StonyBrook,SpringettsburyTwp York PA - Children of Magdalena & David were John Kauffman Witmer, & Susan Kauffman Witmer. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114612 - Rudolph Hershey Kauffman - mElizabeth Summy (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111146121 - John Summy Kauffman bl2/11/18l0 - d12/28/l891 mColumbia,PA - 1Lydia McGill b6/11/1820 - d4/l 7/1908 - m 2Catherine Myers (Ancestry. com)
  •   JK11111461211- Anna McGill Kauffman
  •   JK11111461212 - Fanny Kauffman
  •   JK11111461213 - Barbara Kauffman
  •   JK11111461214 - Henry Kauffman
  •   JK11111461215 - Emma Kauffman
  •   JK11111461216 - Elizabeth McGill Kauffman b8/20/1837
  •   JK11111461217 - Mary McGill Kauffman bl838
  •   JK11111461218 - Sarah McGill Kauffman bl839
  •   JK11111461219 - Abraham Kaurfman b11/8/1842
  •   JK1111146121a - John Summy Kauffman b9/20/l844
  •   JK1111146121b-Hetty Kauffman b6/15/1859
  •   JK1111146121c - David Buchanan Kauffman b11/21/1859
  •   JK1111146121d - Freeman Kauffman bl864
  •   JK11111462 - Barbara Hiestand Kauffman - d1829 (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111463 - Henry Kauffman - d1798 of ManorTwp.,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111464 - Elizabeth Hiestand Kauffman - d1824 of ManorTwp.,Lancaster.PA (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111465 - Adam Hiestand Kauffman - d1827 of ManorTwp.,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch)
  •   JK11111466 - Andrew Hiestand Kauffman b10/1/1763 - d1828 of ManorTwp., Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch,) - mNancy Stauffer (daughter of Christopher Stauffer & Elizabeth Mann) b10/4/1775 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114661 - John Stauffer Kauffman b12/22/1801 - d4/7/1889 - mBarbara Witmer (daughter of Peter Witmer& Barbara Funk) b7/17/1806 - d8/18/1877 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111146611 - Fanny Witmer Kauffman b12/7/1840 - d2/13/l920 mPhiIip Felker b12/10/I 830 - d2/12/1899 - Child of Fanny & Philip was Abraham K.Felker. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111467 - Magdalena Heistand Kauffman b1767 - d1/27/1825 - mChristian Hershey (son of Christian Hershey & EstherEgil) b1731 - d1/4/1824 HeidelburgTwp,York,PA - Children of Magdalena & Christian were Ardilla Hershey, Christian Hershey, Elizabeth Hershey, Catherine Hershey, Mary Hershey, Nancy Hershey, Barbara Hershey, Daniel Hershey, Susanna Hershey, & Rudolf Hershey. Christian had previous been marred to Barbara Herr. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111468 - Jacob Kauffman b1769 - d3/4/1854 of ManorTwp.,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch) - mI0/17/1803 Catherine Slusser (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK11111469 - Joseph Kauffman b-dl8l6 of ManorTwp.,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch) - mCatherinc Huber (daughter of Rev. Martin Huber & Catherine Shirk) b1771 - d10/1833 (A ncestry.com)
  •   JK111114691 - Catherine Huber Kauffman b6/15/1799 - dl 1/3/1836 - mDaniel Witmer (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114692 - Joseph Huber Kauffman b6/10/1802 - d2/24/1867 -mSusanna Sprenkel (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK1111146a - David Hiestand Kauffman b3/3/1777 - d3/29/1858 of ManorTwp.,Lancaster,PA - mAnna Huber (FamilySearch)
  •   JK1111146b - Christian Coffman b1757- dl 822 (Ancestry.com)

JK1111147 - Anna Kauffman mJacob Christ - m 2Alexander Stocksleger (Ancestry.com)

JK1111148 - John Kauffman b1732 - d1810 -mCatherine Neff (Ancestry.com)

JK1111149 - Anna Barbara Kauffman b1730 ,York,PA - d1804 - mMichael Schenk (son of John Schenk) b1721 - d1804 MiIIersviIIe,Lancaster,PA - Children of Anna & Michael were John Schenk, Barbara Schenk, Elizabeth Schenk, Henry Schenk, Christian Schenk, Michael Schenk, Andrew Schenk, Jacob Schenk, Anna Kauffman Schenk, & Mary Schenk (Ancestry.com)

JK111114a - Veronica Kauffman dl 818 - m.Jacob Witiner (Ancestry corn)

JK111114b - Magdelcna Kauffman m.John Correll (Ancetry.com)

JK111114c - Isaac Kauffman b2/7/1741 (Ancestry.com) - d1827 - m lUnknown - m 2Esther ??? b4/13/1742 -  The Yellow Creek Mennobites by J. C. Wengcr, p196 says Andrew had a son, Isaac (1741-1827), who was ordained as a Mennonite preaeher, and this Isaac went to the Shenandoah Valley of VA with his young family. (Isaac was the twelveth son of his porents.) Isaac in turn had a family, of which the third child was Christian (1780-I 852), and when Christian was but eight years of age, his folks decided to move across the Allegheny mountains to the western part of VA. They settled in Greenbrier Co (now in WV, but that state was nor fbrmed until 1863. Land was cheaper in Greembrier Co than in the Shenandoah Valley.

  •   JK111114c1 - Elizabeth Coffman (Mother was first wife of Isaac) b2/24/1775 Greenbrier,VA - d4/23/1846 - ml0/11/1803 Peter Burkholder b8/27/1773 ,Lancaster,PA - Children of Elizabeth & Peter were Margaret Burkholder, Esther Burkholder, David Burkholder, & Martin Burkholder. (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114c2 - Frances Coffman (mother was Esther) b7/23/1772 - dI0/16/1859 - m.John Thomas Whanger b6/12/1773 - d9/7/1839 (Ancestry.com)
  •   JK111114c3 - Christian Kauffman (mother was Esther) b8/2/1780,Greenbriar,VA - d7/22/1852 Greenbriar,VA (Ancestry.com) - m12/180? Anna (Annie) Wenger b6/12/1788 - dl 1/13/1861 (The Yellowcreek Mennonites by J. C. Wenger,p197) The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wcnger, p197 says: Christian and his wife had six sons and four daughters. The seventh of these ten children was a man who was destined to play a major role in the life of the Mennonite Church, Samuel Coffman(1822-1894). Samuel' mother was Anna Wenger, also descended from a numerous famdy in Rockingham Co.,,VA (Kauffman became Coffman through the error of a notary, public)
  •   JK111114c31 - David Kauffman, Jr.? b12/15/1825 Greenbrier,VA - d2/15/1899 - mIsabel Hedrick d7/1885 - David Coffman, Jr., was born in Greenbrier Co., then Va., near what is now Ronceverte, W. Va., Dec. 15, 1825, and died in the same place, Feb. 15, 1899. The deceased was held in high esteem as a husband, father, neighbor, friend and Christian. He was greatly beloved by all who knew him. He was a son of Christian and Anna Coffman and a brother of the late Bishop Samuel Coffman of Rockingham Co., He belonged to a family of ten children, three of whom survive him, - Mrs. David Hedrick of Bunger's, W.Va., Mrs. Susan Claypool, and Mrs. Jehu Hedrick of Ft. Spring, W. Va. Mrs. David Hedrick is in her eightieth year, Mrs. Susan Claypool in her seventy-first year and Mrs. Jehu Hedrick in her sixty-seventh year. These three surviving sisters are lingering on the shores of time waiting for the messenger to take them home also. The deceased identified himself with the Methodist Episcopal Church about forty-six years ago. To this church his loyalty never wavered; he delighted in her communion privileges and blessings and ever stood firmly at his post of duty and bore willingly the burdens of his church for nearly half a century, serving her in different capacities faithfully till called away to the church triumphant. He married Isabel Hedrick about forty-five years ago. To this union were born seven sons and four daughters, all of whom survive him, but one who died in infancy. His wife died in the faith of the gospel, July, 1885. He had been a sufferer for years, and yet the disease that took him away was sudden and unexpected, blood poison originating from a corn on one of his feet hurrying him from earth in a few days. Death’s messenger found him ready to go, he was calm, yet happy and cheerful to the last moment; his faith in God unshaken by the last of foes. He gave to those he left behind him unmistakable evidence of his readiness and willingness to die, and passed away peacefully and triumphantly. He was a man of sterling worth and a Christian gentleman. Pre. J. E. Allender, his pastor, assisted by Pre. D. C. Hedrick, P. E,, officiated at the funeral. Impressive and appropriate remarks were made from the 12th chapter of Romans at the house. The burial took place in the Coffman cemetery, Feb. 17th, in the presence of a large congregation of people notwithstanding the very unfavorable condition of the roads. (The Herald of Truth, V.XXXVI,N6, 3/15/1899,pp93,94)
  •   JK111114c32 - SusanCoffman m? Claypool

JK111114c37 - Bishop Samuel F. Coffman b6/2/1822,Greenbrier(West),WV (Obit) - d8/28/1894Enterprise,Rockingham,VA (Obit) Burial: Bank Meeting House, Rockingham,VA (Obit) - ml1/11/1847 Frances Weaver b4/27/1825 ,Smiths Creek Section,Rockingham,WV (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p197; obit) (daughter of Samuel Weaver) - d11/30/1912 near Rushville,VA at the home of son, Joseph (Obit) The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger, p197 says: Samuel’s mother was Anna Wenger, also descended from a numerous family in Rockingham Co., VA.In 1846, Samuel & his sister went to the Shenandoah Valley. Friends of Samuel & friends of Frances decided they should meet, but that didn' t

come about until the spring of 1847. Later that year they married. Frances was converted when she was 15, and Samuel at the age of 26 because of little gospel training in his home. In 1852, Samuel was made a minister and 4 years later an Overseer. Two of his sons became ministers, Joseph W. & John S., & Daniel H. became a deacon. His daughter Mary became the wife ofL. J. Heatwole [1852-1932]. - Bishop Samuel Coffman of VA preached at Blossers on 10/13/1867. A good number were present. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,pI00) The Conference in 1882 met at the Holdeman Congregation near Wakarusa, IN and on 10/13 the Conference sermon was preached by Overseer Samuel Coffrnan of VA. Coffman was the father of Evangelist John S. Coffman (1848-1899). Samuel Coffman threw considerable weight behind a plan to form a General Conference. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p171-2) - Herald of Truth , V. XXXI, No19, 10/1/1894,pp 302, 303 says: Bishop Samuel Coffman of Rockingham, Co., Va., was born in Greenbrier Co., (now West) Virginia, June 2d, 1822, and died August 28th, 1894, aged 72 years, 2 months and 26 days. He came to Rockingham Co., Va., in the spring of 1847. On the 11th of November of the same year he was married to Frances Weaver, daughter of Bro. Samuel Weaver, who as a young man had emigrated from Lancaster Co., Pa., and settled near Harrisonburg, Va. On the 1st of September, 1848, Samuel Coffman was received into membership in the Mennonite congregation near Harrisonburg. In July, 1853, he was ordained to the ministry. In the spring of 1861 he was chosen bishop of the Middle District of Virginia. From this time till his death he had the responsibility of caring for the congregations in this district. The burden of his duties was at times a very heavy one, which is well known to the writer. Frequently did he hear him tell what his predecessor, Martin Burkholder, had said to him on one occasion. Bro. C. had been telling of the serious responsibilities that the work of the ministry placed upon him, when his senior brother said, "My brother, you do not know anything yet of the weight of responsibilities. Should it be your lot ever to bear the burden I have on me, then you might have some reason to complain." It was only a few years until the responsibilities of Bro. Burkholder fell on him. He said, “It was only then that I fully felt the force of the truth uttered by Bro. Burkholder."  As time passed and the church grew in numbers the heavier became the burden of responsibility, and the more severe his trials. Often was he seen before his congregation trembling and shedding tears, and was heard to tell of sorrow of heart and sleepless nights occasioned by the heavy duties devolving upon him. The writer heard him say that had it not been for a faithful body of ministers and deacons, his devoted companion who stood by him, and still more, the mighty hand of God that sustained him, he could not possibly have borne the burden. During his last illness, when he saw that the probability was that he would soon be called away from his congregation and his earthly labors, the welfare of the church and the interest he felt for her lay heavily upon his mind. His conversation in his rational moments was mostly concerning matters pertaining to the church. When his ministering brethren visited him this was usually the theme of his conversation. He admonished them to faithfulness in their ministry and especially to stand by the brother who bears the responsibility of caring for his congregation as bishop. Some of the ministers said that they received admonitions of such power and meaning by the bedside of their aged dying brother as they had never received before. In conversations concerning the plan of salvation he emphasized what he had so often taught in the course of his ministry: To Christ all must come; there is salvation alone by faith in Him. Concerning his own hope he said, My only hope is in Christ; all that I have to justify me before God is what Christ has done for me. On the 2nd of June he had a severe attack of neuralgia, which was followed by typhoid fever. For nearly three months he lingered, much of the time unconscious, finally passing away apparently without a pain, without a struggle. He was laid to rest in the cemetery at the Bank meeting house, in the presence of one of the largest congregations that ever met at that place. The services were conducted by C. B. Brenneman of Allen county, O., assisted by Christian Good and Jos. F. Heatwole. Text 2 Tim. 4:6-9. The church has sustained a great loss by the death of our brother, yet we mourn not as those who have no hope. We feel assured he is now enjoying his blessed rest in the Church triumphant. We are assured that if the congregation faithfully looks to God for divine assistance He will enable our younger Bishop brother to fill nobly-to the glory of God and the prosperity of the church-the place so long occupied by our beloved departed Brother. E.S.- Coffman. - On the morning of Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1912, Frances Coffman, the widow of the late Bishop Samuel Coffman of Rockingham Co., Va., was stricken with paralysis. and died after lingering for three days in unconsciousness on the 30th at the advanced age of 87 y. 7 m. 3 d.; sickness and death having taken place at the home of her son, Jos. W. Coffman, near Rushville, Va. The closing years of her life were marked by an oft expressed longing to be called out of this world, but in it all was willing to await patiently the Lord’s own time. She was born in the Smith’s Creek section of Rockingham Co., Va., April 27, 1825, and when yet but a child, her father, Samuel Weaver, located on a farm near Weaver’s Church, 3 miles west of Harrisonburg, same county. Here she grew up to womanhood and was married to Samuel Coffman Nov. 11, 1847, who later became an active minister and bishop in the Mennonite Church in Virginia. Through all these years of homemaking and the rearing of a large family, which fell centrally upon the trying and often harrassing period of the Civil War, she stood faithfully to her post as director and provider for the comfort of the family during the frequent and often prolonged absence of her husband in the Lord’s work. The first-born to this home was John S. Coffman, who in time became widely known throughout the Mennonite Church in America as the moving spirit that brought about the first evangelistic efforts in this denomination. Of her offspring the number is, 6 sons and 6 daughters; 72 grandchildren and 44 great-grandchildren. Of these 3 sons and 4 daughters survive. Of her own people, 2 sisters; Mary (Polly) Brunk, of Elida, O., and Sarah Sharpes of Harrisonburg, Va., are left of a family of 11. She had been a member of the Mennonite Church from early life and though enfeebled in late years as not being able to attend public worship regularly, she always made it a rule to be present at each communion meeting as it occurred annually with her home congregation. A largely attended funeral service was held at the Bank Mennonite Church on Dec. 2, with S. E. Allgyer and Chr. Good officiating. Text, Psa. 17:15.(Gospel Herald V5,N37,12/12/1912,p590,591)


  JK111114c371 -Evangelist & Teacher, the Rev. John S. Coffman b10/16/1848 ,Greenbrier,Rockingham,WV (Obit) - d1899 - Burial: Southside Cem. - m11/11/1869 Elizabeth (Bettie) J. Heatwole (daughter of John G. Heatwole & Elizabeth Rhodes) b7/31/1845 ,Rockingham,VA - d9/5/1919 (obit) - John was kind of a Mother’s Boy in that he would ask many questions of her and fellowship with her. . He loved to invent things as water wheels, and didn't like rough sports. He was converted at 15 years of age after earnestly praying for pardon and cleansing. He united with the Church on 7/4/1864 with water, in water, by immersion, in the Muddy Creek which flows close to the Bank Meetinghouse. Bettie grew up on a neighboring farm to John. John liked her, but he was only 16 and she was 3 years older, so he decided to write her a letter. Later he got her as a partner when the young people met for an apple "schnitzing" party which is paring and cutting apples into sections for drying. They married on the aniversary of John's parents and settled down on a little farm near Mole Hill near Harrisonburg in the Shenandoah Valley. John became a school teacher and then at age 26, while taking a short summer term at Bridgewater Normal School he received Ordination from the Mennonite Church on 7/18/1875. M. S. Steiner said of John: A young man, of special abilities and a mind to work, was called to preach the gospel to a people that were slow to recognize ability, and fearful of calling one who believed in an education to the responsibility of the ministry.   Usually sermons were done in a sort of monotone, but not so with John. He read clearly and distinctly, and preached the same way. Appreciation was seen on faces all over. Of course, it met opposition by some. John and Bette had seven children. In 1879 (p103), the family moved to Elkhart, IN to the Mennonite Publishing Co. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,pl97- 199) While in VA, John regularly made rounds of eighteen preaching points which were Bank, Weavers, Pike, Timber Ridge, Mount Pleasant, Franklin, Stonewall School, Sangersville, Brock’s Gap, Hildegrand's, Singers Glen, Mt. Clinton, Brenneman's, St. Johns, Wilbourn School, Mt. Carmet School, Trissels, & the Fairview School. He also taught school, farmed a small stony farm, taught singing schools, and fruit-tree grafting trips westward. When he moved to Elkhart, IN, he became the Assist. Editor of the Herald of Truth at $500 a year. (His Name Was John(by grandaughter, Barbara Coffman, daughter of S.F. Coffman) Many people were lead to Christ because of John's preaching. B. B. Warfield said this of John: "The weak churches needed someone who could and would protect their interests, scattered members needed encouragement, and the stronger congregations were in need of some plain, earnest teaching. Here was a large field white to harvest. For all this work Coffman, by nature and by a special infilling of the Spirit of God, was most admirably qualified. Well built, nearly six feet tall, weighing one hundred seventy pounds, graceful, neat, smooth shaven, with a clear winning gray eye, kind face, fluent speech, refined manner, and a great amount of ˜personal magnetism" he was fitted physically on the one hand, while his devoted pious character, good common sense, the experience of a conscious conversion, and of an outpouring of His Spirit upon him for service, fined him on the other hand spiritually for the work whereunto he had been called. People came to hear the gospel fresh from the lips of one whose heart was all aglow with the message of salvation - a plain, zealous, God-fearing man, who spoke distinctly and touchingly of those things that reconcile sinners with a just God. John loved nature and the beauty of it and thought it a voice of God. - John stood behind higher education and promoted it. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p202,208) ln earlier years, John had lasted and prayed and wept that God would open the door for evangelistic meetings, to gather in not only the sons and daughters of the families of the Church, but also the lost of our communities. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, plO3) John S. Colmian, 1848 - 1899, First great evangelist of his church, president of the Elkhart Institute Association, a man of much prayer, a man who could weep for the lost. The greatest figure of all in the institute to the Mennonite church was John. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p170,174,175) A good part of the success of the Elkhart Prairie St. Congregation was due to the coming of the godly preacher, John S. Coffman from the Shenandoah Valley of VA to Elkhart in 1879. He fasted, prayed, wrote, and preached with great effectiveness, he was an outstanding man of God, and a great peace-maker as well as evangelist and Bible teacher. He was father of Overseer and Pastor S.F. Coffman (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger, p191) - The Herald of Truth, V. XXXVI, No. 15, 8/1/1899 - pp 237,238 obit of - Pre. John S. Coffman was born on the 16th of October, 1848 in Rockingham Co., He was a son of the late Bish. Samuel Coffman. His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm. He received his education in the common schools and later in a Normal School at Bridgewater, Va. He owes his educational aspirations largely to Bro. David A. Heatwole, father of Bish. L. J. Heatwole of Dale Enterprise, Va. He taught successfully for about six years. His school life, no doubt, prepared him for the gospel work to which he was called afterward. He gave his heart to God in his youth and was baptized on the 4th of July, 1861. As the Civil War was then raging and the Southern Confederacy gradually forced every able bodied man over sixteen years of age into the Confederate ranks, Bro. Coffman and a number of other brethren, who in common with all other Mennonites, Quakers and Dunkards was opposed to slavery and the bearing of arms, became a refugee and moved northward with Gen. Sherman's army on its return from a raid up the Shenandoah Valley, and remained in Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland for two years, when he returned to the then desolate valley that suffered all the devastations of the two conflicting armies. He was married on the 11th of November, 1869, to Sister Elizabeth J. Heatwole. This union was blessed with five sons and two daughters, all of whom, with their mother, survive their father. He moved with his family to Elkhart, Indiana, on the 17th of June 1879, and entered upon the duties of Assistant Editor of the HERALD OF TRUTH, which position he held until he assumed the editorial work on the Lesson Helps, which position he ably filled until the time of his demise, his last editorial work having been done on the lessons for the Third Quarter, 1899. Aside from this work he was actively engaged in evangelistic work and traveled extensively in connection with this work, he having been ordained to the ministry in Virginia on the 18th of July, 1875. Notwithstanding his arduous labors he usually enjoyed excellent health, and had never been wholly unable to work until some months before his death. Several years ago, however, his health began to fail, although by a careful course of diet and life he was able to continue his labors almost without interruption until a few months ago when the disease, the nature of which was not then fully known, so reduced him that he was able to do but little. He could not take enough solid food to sustain strength, and in the hope of obtaining relief he finally went to the noted Sanitarium at Battle Creek, Mich. But even the treatment there, while it relieved him, did not strengthen him, and he returned home after a two weeks’ stay, accompanied by a trained nurse who ministered faithfully to all his wants. The last week of his life our brother suffered very much, the cause of which, as was learned at the post mortem, being cancerous or tuberculous growths on the stomach and intestines. He continued to grow weaker until Saturday, July 22, at about 5:30 P.M., after a final struggle with an attack of pain the physical forces relaxed and the tired body sank slowly and calmly into the dreamless sleep of death. He had reached the age of 50 years, 9 months and 6 days. His remains were laid to rest on the afternoon of the 25th in the South Side Cemetery. By request of our departed brother, Bish. Daniel J. Johns of the Amish Mennonite Church near Goshen preached the funeral sermon, the text used (Gal. 2:20) being one of Bro. Coffman’s favorite passages. The funeral services were attended by over one thousand people, friends from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada, Michigan, Illinois, among them over forty ministers, being present. The deceased had attended a number of the meetings of the Elkhart City Ministerial Association and the ministers of the same attended in a body, As the meeting house was too small to hold so large an assemblage, part of the congregation went across the street to the Elkhart Institute Hall, where the brethren M. S. Steiner and John Blosser spoke words of love and consolation. The church, the community, the ministry but most of all the happy family circle has lost a dearly loved one, a zealous worker, a tenderhearted, compassionate friend who will live in cherished memory in many hearts. God comfort the bereaved widow in her deep affliction and give her and her children grace to walk in the ways of the Lord, to fight manfully the good fight and keep the faith, until the end. Beside the widow and her five sons and two daughters all grown, and Sister Anna Sowers who has been as one of the family for a number of years, the deceased leave his aged mother, six sisters, three brothers and two grandchildren to mourn their loss. (P icture of John S. Coffman, the Evangelist and Preacher) - Elizabeth Heatwole Coffman, daughter of John G. and Elizabeth (Rhodes) Heatwole, was born in Rockingham Co., Va., July 31, 1845. At the early age of four weeks she lost her mother by death, but a tender-hearted colored woman cared for her through her infancy, lavishing upon her all the tender mother-love peculiar to that race. Sister Coffman always retained pleasant memories of this colored nurse’s care. In her maidenhood years she was an eyewitness to the ravages of the civil war in the devastation of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley by the contending armies. On the eleventh of November 1869 she was united in marriage with Bro. John S. Coffman, oldest son of Bishop Samuel and Frances (Weaver) Coffman of Rockingham Co., Va. The early years of their married life were spent upon a farm near Rushville, Va., although her husband continued for years to follow his then chosen calling of public school teacher, in addition to taking care of the farm. On the 18th of July, 1875, her husband was ordained to the ministry; both she and her husband having been members of the Mennonite church from their youth. On the 17th of June 1879, Bro. Coffman having been asked to assist in the editorial work on the Herald of Truth, they with their family, then consisting of six children, started for their western home in Elkhart, Ind. In later years, after they had moved on a farm just south of town on the Prairie Street Road, and her husband, by the urgent needs of the church, had been drawn into the evangelistic field of labor and was away from home a large part of his time, the care of the family, now of seven children, fell largely upon Sister Coffman,s shoulders, a duty she performed as only a prudent, devoted, and faithful Christian wife and mother can. On the 22nd of July, 1899, her beloved husband was called from her side by death. The happy family tie of almost 30 years was broken, and the loss was heavy to bear, but she bore the weight of her widowhood’s sorrows with the quiet courage, and fortitude and the unflinching Christian faith which characterized all her life. She spent the latter years of her life at the family residence, in Elkhart, No., 132 Garfield Ave., with her daughter Barbara. Her health began to fail in January of the present year, and notwithstanding all that willing hands and loving hearts could do, her life gradually ebbed until she quietly fell asleep in Jesus shortly after 2 A. M. on Friday the 5th of September, at the age of 74 y. 1 m. and 5 d. She leaves to mourn her loss all her seven children, William P. of Burbank, California, Bishop Samuel F. of Vineland, Ont., Jacob M. of Elkhart, Dr. Ansel V. of Evanston, Ill.; Fannie E. (Mrs. J. C. Landis) of Elkhart; Daniel J., and Barbara (Mrs. J. B. Bontrager). Besides these she leaves eleven grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. In Sister Coffman’s home she was a model wife and mother; in the church she was a devoted, faithful member; in the community in which she lived she was universally loved and respected. We mourn over the loss of a loving mother; we shall sadly miss her in our church and neighborhood; but we are comforted with the assurance that she has gone into the place prepared for all who love the Lord, and that we shall meet her there, if we too will walk in the Master’s footsteps as Mother Coffman did. Funeral services were conducted at the Mennonite Church on Sunday afternoon by John F. Funk and J. S. Hartzler from Rev. 14:13. The funeral services were largely attended. (Gospel Herald V XII,N26,9/25/1919, p487,488)

  •   JK111114c3711 - William P. Coffman b1/!3/1871 VA(The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p199) Of Burbank,CA - m6/9/1895 Lydia Hug b3/19/1868 Allegheny City,PA - d2/14/1904 Elkhart,Elkhart,IN - Lydia Hug Coffman was born in Allegheny City, Pa., March 19, 1868; died Feb. 14, 1904, at Elkhart, Ind., aged 35 Y., 10 M., 25 D. Her parents removed from Pittsburg, Pa., to Elkhart, Ind., when she was quite young. At the age of about thirteen years she commenced to work in the Mennonite Publishing House as compositor, and continued in this work until she was married to her surviving husband, William P. Coffman, June 9, 1895, a period of about fifteen years. She united with the Mennonite church in 1892. For about eight years she had been more or less afflicted, and about six months before he death the sickness took a more serious turn and her last days were days of severe suffering from convulsions. She was fully resigned to her heavenly Father’s will, and expressed herself ready and willing to exchange this world of sorrow and suffering for the brighter and better home beyond. The tie that seemed hardest to sever was the love for her children. Funeral services were conducted on the 16th at the home by S. Yoder and at the Mennonite church by Geo. Lambert in German and D.H. Bender in English. She leaves a deeply bereaved husband and three little daughters, two of them twins, father, mother, two sisters and four brothers, to mourn her early death. She was a granddaughter of the late Bishop Ulrich Hege of Reihen, near Sinsheim, Baden, Germany. May God comfort the sorrowing family and especially the aged father and mother, and may all of them be finally reunited in the better home above. (HERALD OF TRUTH V. XLI, N9, 2/15/1904 p71)
  •   JK111114c3712 - Bishop & Overseer F. (Samuel Frederick) Coffman b6/11/1872 VA - d6/28/1954 at home, Vineland,Ont. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J. C. Wenger,pI99, 191; Obit) - Burial: Moyer Church Cem.,ONT (Obit) - m11/20/1901 Ella Mann (daughter of Christopher & Magdalena Mann) b1/1/1873 ,Elkhart,IN (obit) - d2/9/1925 Vineland,ONT (Obit) - Gospel Herald - V. XLVII , Num. 32 - 8/10/1954 - pp 766, 767 - Coffman, Samuel Frederick, son of the late J. S. Coffman, died suddenly at his home in Vineland, Ont., on June 28, 1954. He was 83 years old. Having withstood the rigors of two operations during the early part of the year, he was enjoying good health, engaging in his Bible studies and preaching the Sunday previous to his death. Born in Virginia in 1872, he spent his boyhood days in Elkhart, Ind. He was ordained to the ministry in Chicago in April, 1895. The year following he came to Vineland, taking charge of the Moyer Mennonite Church. In 1903, he was ordained to the office of bishop, and served the Mennonite congregations in the Niagara district. From here he also assisted in other congregations at Selkirk, South Cayuga, Markham, Toronto, Ont., Clarence Center, N. Y., and others. His wife, the former Ella Mann, died in Feb.,1925. He is survived by five children (John E., London, England, David W., Beamsville, Lena, Barbara, and Ellen at home), 7 grandchildren, one brother (William P., Burbank, Calif.), 2 sisters (Mrs. J. C. Landis, Elkhart, Ind., and Mrs. Dillman Gingerich, Freeport, Ill.). He will long be remembered for his many interests and activities in the church. His wise counsel in congregation and conference made for spiritual progress. In 1907 he organized the Ontario Mennonite Bible School, and served as principal until his retirement in 1952. His funeral was largely attended from almost every district of the Ontario conference and several of the States. Short testimonies were given by chosen brethren representing the Ontario Mennonite Conference, the Bible School Board and faculty, Historic Peace churches, Board of Education, Publishing House and other early co-laborers. The funeral at the Moyer Church was in charge of A. Lewis Fretz, assisted by Willis Hallman, and Wayne North. Burial was made in the adjoining cemetery.- Coffman - Ella Mann,daughter of Christopher and Magdalena Mann, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Jan. 1, 1873; died in Vineland, Ont., Feb. 9, 1935; aged 62 y. 1 m. 9 d. She resided with her parents in Elkhart Co., Ind., and also for a time in Harvey Co., Kans., returning later to Elkhart Co., Ind. She was converted and united with the Mennonite Church, Elkhart, Ind., at the age of 19 years, and has been a devoted and active member during these past years. She spent some time in the Mission work in Chicago, while engaged in other employment in the city. On Nov. 20, 1901, she was united in marriage to S. F. Coffman, going with him to Vineland, Ont., in the same year. To them were born the following children: John E., Magdalena E., David W., Barbara F., and S. Ellen, who with her husband, survive her. On several occasions serious illness brought her near the door of her eternal abode, but God saw fit to restore her and grant her wish to be spared until her children reached mature years. In her passing over to be with the Lord she has met the experience for which she was always ready. Her faith in the Lord was not of oft-repeated profession. To her “To live was Christ, and to her " To die is gain." Besides her immediate family she leaves 3 sisters: Alice K. Miller, Adeline Stouffer, and Melinda King, and 2 brothers: Rufus K., and George A. The funeral was held Feb. 12. from her late residence to the Moyer Church, Vineland, Ont. Burial took place in the adjoining cemetery. A very large concourse of people gathered to mourn with the sadly bereaved family. The ministers who took part in the service were L. J. Burkholder, Harold Chambers, C. F. Derstine, J. B. Martin and Oscar Burkholder. The subject of the funeral message was "Christian Womanhood," and the texts chosen were Prov. 31:10-12, 28-30; Acts 16: 14, 15.
  •   (Samuel F. Coffman, 1872-1954 writer of the hymn, “We Bless the Name of Christ, the Lord.” Found on p503 of “The Covenant Hymnal,” copyright 1973 Covenant Press of Chicago.
  •   JK111114c37I21 - John E. Coffman bl902-of London, England. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p191; obit of father)
  •   JK111114c37I22 - David William Coffman b12/14/1905 of Beamsville (obit of father) - d2/27/1993 - mMargery G. Chambers (obit of John) - Coffman.- David William, 87, Vineland, Ont. Born: Dec. 14, 1905, to S. F. and Ella Mann Coffman. Died: Feb. 27, 1993. Survivors-wife: Margery G. Chambers Coffman; children: William, Lewis, Kate, John, Elizabeth; sister: Magdalena “Lena”; 9 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 2, First Mennonite Church, by Kevin Block. Burial: Vineland Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V 86, N 13 - 3/30/1993, p 18,19)
  •   JK111114c37I221 - William Coffman b (obit of father)
  •   JK111114c37I222 - Lewis Coffman b (obit of father)
  •   JK111114c37I223 - Kate Coffman b (obit of father)
  •   JK111114c37I224 - John Coffman b (obit of father)
  •   JK111114c37I225 - Eizabeth Coffman b (obit of father)
  •   JK111114c37I23 - Magdalena E. (Lena) Coffman b (obit of father)
  •   JK111114c37I24 - Barbara Frances Coffman b4/3/1907 - d11/16/1992 (obit of father)- Coffman.- Barbara Frances, 85, Vineland, Ont. Born: April 3, 1907, to S. F. and Ella Mann Coffman. Died: Nov. 16, 1992, of a stroke. Survivors-brother and sister: David, Magdalena (Lena). Funeral: Nov. 19, First Mennonite Church, by Kevin Block and John H. Coffman (nephew). Burial: Vineland Cemetery, (Gospel Herald - V 86, N 11 - 3/16/1993, p15)
  •   JK111114c37I25 - Ellen Coffman b9/24/1910 Vineland,ONT - d7/17/1980 Toronto Gen. Hosp. - Burial: First Mennonite Church Cem. (obit) - Coffman, S. Ellen, daughter of Samuel Frederick and Ella (Mann) Coffman, was born in Vineland, Ont., Sept. 24, 1910; died at Toronto General Hospital, July 17, 1980; aged 69 y. Surviving are 2 brothers (John E. and David W.), and 2 sisters (Magdalena E. and Barbara F.). She was a member of First Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held July 19, in charge of John P. Neufeld and Stanley D. Shantz; interment in church cemetery. (Gospel Herald - Volume 73, Number 35 - August 26, 1980, page 686)
  •   JK111114c3713 - Jacob M. Coffman b8/18/1873 Dale Enterprise,VA - d4/13/1932 at home, Elkhart,Elkhart,IN - m7/1/1900 Vesta Cole DeCamp - Coffman, Jacob M.,son of John S. and Elizabeth (Heatwole) Coffman, was born at Dale Enterprise, Va., Aug. 18, 1873. The family removed to Elkhart, Ind., in June 1879, where the deceased has since resided. On July 1, 1900, he was united in marriage to Vesta Cole DeCamp, who survives him. In his earlier life he was employed in the press room of the Mennonite Publishing Company and later at the Elkhart Review. For thirty years he was employed as a postal clerk in the Elkhart Post Office, and in 1926 had charge of a sub-station in the same city until his retirement owing to ill health. For the past two years he was more enfeebled on account of increasing extension of nervous malady. He passed away April 13, 1932, at his late home on South Prairie Street. He had given evidence of his trust in Christ as his Savior, leaving to his loved ones the hope which comforts the heart in the days of their bereavement. Funeral services were conducted at the home on April 16 by ? Sickerfoose of the United Brethren Church. Interment was made in Prairie Street Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V.XXV,N5,5/5/1932,p111)
  •   JK111114c3713 - Ansel V. Coffman b4/30/1875 VA (The Ye//ow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger.p 199) Of Evanston,IL, later of Los Angeles,CA (obit of mother)
  •   JK111114c3714 - Fannie E. Coffman bI/29/1877VA (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p 199) m C. Landis - Of Elkhart,IN (obit of mother)
  •   JK111114c3715 - Daniel Joseph Coffman b4/22/1879 ,Rockingham,VA (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p 199) - d4/7/1940 Logansport,IN - Coffman, Daniel Joseph,youngest son of John S. and Elizabeth (Heatwole) Coffman,was born in Rockingham Co., Va., April 22, 1879; died at Logansport, Ind., April 7, 1940; aged 60 y. 11 m. 16 d. In June of the year 1879 the family removed to Elkhart, Ind., the place of their residence for a number of years. Three brothers (Wm. P., of Burbank, Calif.; Samuel F., of Vineland, Ont.; and Ansel V., of Los Angeles, Calif.), and 2 sisters (Fannie E., wife of J. C. Landis; Anna B., wife of J. B. Bontrager, both of Elkhart) survive. His hope rested in Christ his Saviour. Funeral services were conducted at Elkhart on April 9, by J. S. Hartzler. Interment in the Prairie Street Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V XXXIII,N3,4/18/1940,p52,53)
  •   JK111114c3716 - Anna Barbara Coffman b3/12/188l Elkhart, Elkhart,IN (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p199) - m11/28/1917 Jacob Benjamin Bontrager b5/28/1869 near Howe,IN - d12/21/1945 (obit) Of Elkhart.- Bontrager, Jacob Benjamin was born near Howe, Ind., May 28, 1869, and passed away on Dec. 21, 1945. Brother Bontrager died of a heart ailment of short duration following many years of suffering from a spinal injury resulting from a fall. He was married to Barbara Coffman of Elkhart, Ind., on Nov. 28, 1917, who survives him. He is also survived by a sister and a brother (Mrs. T. T. Eash, Middlebury, Ind. and Menno Bontrager, Kalona, Ia.). Brother Bontrager was a member of the Prairie Street Mennonite Church of Elkhart, Ind., where the funeral service was held. The service was conducted by J. E. Gingrich assisted by S. C. Yoder. The text for the sermon was, “I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).(Gospel Herald - V XXXVIII, N 45 - 2/8/1946, pp863,864)
  •   JK111114c372 - Anna Margaret Coffman b10/12/1854 ,Rockingham,VA - d10/22/1931 near Elvira,OH — m10/7/1875 John S. Swartz(son of John & Rebecca Swartz) b5/13/1854 Rockingham,VA - d10/26/1929 Lima,OH - Of Elida,OH & Phoenixville,PA - Swartz. - Anna Margaret, beloved wife of late John S. Swartz, died at her late home near Elvira, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1931; aged 77 y. 10 d. She was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Oct. 12, 1854, the fourth child of Bishop Samuel and Frances Coffman. On Oct. 7, 1875, she married to John S. Swartz, who died four days less than two years before her demise. This union was blessed with a family of seven sons and five daughters, two daughters dying in their early years. Of her immediate descendants there are forty-five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Two brothers (Preacher Joseph W. Coffman of Virginia and Deacon Daniel H. Coffman of Indiana), and a sister (Sarah Heatwole of Virginia), also survive her. She united with the Mennonite Church in Virginia at the age of fifteen years, and has ever remained a faithful and active member of this body, devoted to her principles, and enjoying the fellowship of the brotherhood. She was greatly attached to her family and in her late years gave her constant attention and care to an invalid son. The family will keenly feel the loss of a devoted and loving mother; the Church has lost a faithful and exemplary sister; friends and neighbors, and all who knew her shall miss a warm and sympathetic friend. Owing to infirmities she retained her bed for a number of weeks, her death resulting from a stroke of paralysis. A few evenings before her passing she sang the lines of "Believer's Departure" from Harmonia Sacra. - What's this that steals, that steals upon my frame It is death, It is death. That soon will quench, will quench this vital flame?  It is death? It is death? If this be death, I soon shall be From every sin and sorrow free; I shall the King of glory see; All is well, All is well. Her own arrangements for the funeral services were carried out. The service at the home was conducted by Bro. Melvin Heatwole of Virginia, who read the 90th Psalm. Services at the Church were conducted by J. B. Smith and the sermon from the text Psa. 39:7, by F. Coffman and Ernest Coffman. Interment in the cemetery adjoining the Salem Church. (Gospel Herald 11/12/1931,V.XXIV,N33,p718,719) - Swartz, John S., son of the late John and Rebecca Swartz, was born in Rockingham Co., Va., May 13, 1854; died at the hospital in Lima, Ohio, Oct. 26, 1929; aged 75 y. 5 m. 13 d. Of a family of four brothers and five sisters, he was the only survivor. He was married to Anna Margaret, daughter of the late Bishop Samuel and Frances Coffman, Oct. 7, 1875. Of their family of seven sons and five daughters, seven sons and three daughters with the mother remain to mourn their loss. Forty-three grandchildren living and five deceased, and three great-grandchildren are included in their descendants. Bro. Swartz united with the Mennonite Church in 1883, remaining faithful and enjoying his Christian life especially in his later years. With his family he removed from Virginia to Allen County, Ohio, in 1903. Until recently he enjoyed good health. Owing to uremic poisoning he was obligated to enter the hospital for observation and treatment, after which he returned home and was anointed for his recovery, and experienced a blessing from the Lord. A necessary operation was undertaken at the hospital on Oct. 26, and he passed away in the evening of the same day. Funeral services were conducted by Gabriel Brunk and at the Salem Church by J. M. Shank, S. F. Coffman, and George Ross. The sympathy of the neighborhood and of the brotherhood way duly expressed and ardent prayers offered that the sustaining grace of God may be continued to the bereaved wife and family. (Gospel Herald V.XXII, N33, 11/14/1929, p687)
  •   JK111114c373 - Joseph W. Coffman (twin to Mary A.) b2/19/1857 near Springcreek,VA (Obit) -d4/25/1933 near Dayton,VA (The Yellow Creek Mennonites byJ. C. Wenger.p197; Obit) of near Rushville- m3/6/1879 Sarah Heatwole (daughter of Joseph Heatwole & Lydia Rhodes) b12/19/1859 near Dayton,VA - d11/15/1958 near Dayton,VA -Coffman - Joseph W., son of the late Samuel and Frances (Weaver) Coffman, was born near Springcreek, Va., Feb. 19, 1857; died at his home near Dayton, Va., April 25, 1933, of heart failure, caused by acute indigestion; aged 76 y. 2 m. 6 d. His health had not been good for a number of years. About five years ago he was stricken with paralysis, but recovered to the extent that he was again able to go about, faithfully filling his appointments when health and strength permitted. In his passing we have again been reminded of the great importance of being prepared to meet God at any moment. On Sunday morning, April 23, he preached his last sermon at the Bank Church (using for a text, II Tim. 2:19). On Sunday night of the same day he had an attack of acute indigestion. He was fairly good on Monday, but had another attack during the night, passing away early on Tuesday morning. "Be ye therefore also ready." He united with the Mennonite Church July 20, 1879, and was ordained to the ministry Aug. 11, 1907. He was persevering, of a kind disposition, an example of simplicity, a good counselor, and a faithful minister. He frequently made long tiresome trips across the mountains to carry the "good tidings" to various places of worship in West Virginia. A number of years ago, he, with his companion spent three months in the mission home at Job, W. Va., in the Master's service. Different times since then they were in the field at the same place for a shorter period of time. He helped to build the church at the above named place. They were also at Roaring, W. Va., several times just for a few weeks or a month at a time. On March 6, 1879, he was united in marriage to Sarah Heatwole. To this union were born 2 sons and 2 daughters. Their first child, an infant son, preceded the father in death. Surviving is his companion, and the following children: Homer W., Mollie (married to Melvin J. Heatwole) and Nellie. He is also survived by 18 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, 1 brother, and 1 sister. Funeral services were held from the Bank Church, April 27, conducted by Bro. S.H. Rhodes, assisted by the Brethren Lewis Shank, and J.S. Martin. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Peacefully sleeping in the cemetery near by.  (Gospel Herald V XXVI, N7,5/18/1933,p158,159) - Coffman, Sarah, (daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Rhodes) Heatwole) ; born Dec. 19, 1859, near Dayton, Va.; died of the infirmities of old age Nov. 15, 1958, at her home a few miles from the place of her birth; aged 98 y. 10 m. 26 d. She was a member of the Bank Mennonite Church for almost 80 years. She was ordained a deaconess early in the nineties and served in that capacity for many years. She married Joseph W. Coffman, who later became a minister. He preceded her death more than 25 years ago. Surviving are 2 children (Homer W. and Nellie Coffman, both of Dayton), 18 grandchildren, 57 great-grandchildren, and 9 great-great grandchildren. A daughter, Mollie-Mrs. Melvin Heatwole, preceded her in death. Funeral services were held Nov. 17 in charge of Lloyd Horst, Daniel Lehman, and E. Paul Good; Interment in Bank Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V LI, N 50 - 12/16/1958-pp1202, 1203)
  •   JK111114c3731 - Infant Son Coffman - b -
  •   JK111114c3732 - Mollie Grace Coffman b10/3/1883 - d7/14/1956 - m1/22/1903 Melvin J. Heatwole (son of Joseph F. Heatwole & Fannie Rhodes) b12/10/1878 near Dayton,VA - d7/9/1963 Dayton,VA - Mollie preceded her mother in death. (Obit of Sarah Coffman)- Heatwole. - John Coffman, infant son of Bro. and Sister Melvin J. and Mollie F. Heatwole, was born June 27, 1909; departed this life June 24, 1911; aged 1 y. 11 m. 27 d. He died of cholera infantum after lingering in great suffering for one week. - (Gospel Herald - V IV, N 17 - 7/27/1911, p271) Heatwole, Mollie Grace,daughter of the late Joseph W. and Sarah (Heatwole) Coffman,was born Oct. 3, 1883; passed away July 14, 1956; aged 72 y. 9m. 11 d. On Jan. 22, 1903, she was united in marriage to Melvin J. Heatwole, at present pastor of the Bank Church. To this union were born 12 children. Surviving are her husband, 10 children (Lora, Joseph, Martha, Esther-Mrs. Herman Knicely, Ina, Simeon, Melvin Jr., James, Hiram, Nancy), 34 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, one brother, one sister, and her mother, widow of the late Preacher Joseph W. Coffman, who now has reached her ninety-sixth year. She accepted Christ in her early life and served faithfully in many ways until her death. As deaconess in the church many lives were touched for good by her positive influence. She will be remembered also for her work in the local churches, in the mission field of West Virginia, as teacher in the Sunday school, and as helper in sewing circle activities. Funeral services were held at the Bank Church on July 16 in charge of Daniel W. Lehman, assisted by Hiram Weaver. Burial was made in the adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald V XLIX, N40 10/2/1956,p959, 960) - Heatwole, Melvin J., son of Joseph F. and Fannie (Rhodes) Heatwole, was born near Dayton, Va., Dec. 10, 1878; died at the home of his son Simeon, Dayton, Va., July 9, 1963; aged 84 y. 6 m. 29 d. On Jan. 22, 1903, he was married to Mollie G. Coffman, who preceded him in death on July 14, 1956. Surviving are 10 children (Lora, Ina, Martha, Nancy, Mrs. Herman Knicely, Joseph D., Simeon, M. J., James, and Hiram Z.). On Aug. 28, 1910, he was ordained to the ministry and served at the Bank Church, where funeral services were held July 11, in charge of Lloyd Horst, D. W. Lehman, Oliver M. Keener, and J. E. Kurtz; interment in Bank Cemetery.(Gospel Herald V LVI, N33 8/20/1963, p735)
  •   JK111114c3733 - Homer W. Coffman Of Dayton,VA (Obit of Sarah Coffman) b6/3/1881 Dayton,VA - d7/14/1979 Dayton,VA - m3/27/1907 Ella Frances Swope (daughter of John Robert Swope & Elizabeth Shank) b8/20/1882 near Dayton,VA - d12/22/1961 Harrisburg,VA (Obit) - Coffman, Homer, son of Joseph W. and Sarah (Heatwole) Coffman,was born in Dayton, Va., June 3, 1881; died in the same community, July 14, 1979; aged 98 y. He was married to Ella Swope, who preceded him in death. Surviving are 3 daughters (Sarah-Mrs. Raymond Campbell, Naomi-Mrs. Carrol Swartz, and Phoebe Coffman), 5 sons (Robert J., H. Amos, Samuel S., Paul E., and David A. Coffman), 21 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, one great great grandchild, and one sister (Nellie Coffman). He was a member of Dayton Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held on July 17, in charge of John R. Mumaw and Herman R. Reitz; interment in the Bank Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V 72, N 39 - 9/25/1979-p774) - Coffman, Ella Frances, daughter of John Robert and Elizabeth (Shank) Swope, was born near Dayton, Va., Aug. 20, 1882; died Dec. 22, 1961, of a heart condition at the Virginia Mennonite Home, Harrisonburg, Va., where she had been a patient for only 2 days; aged 79 y. 4 m. 2 d. On March 27, 1907, she was married to Homer W. Coffman who survives. Also surviving are 8 children (Robert J., Harrisonburg; Sarah-Mrs. Raymond Campbell, Dayton, Va.; H. Amos and Samuel S., Harrisonburg; Paul E., Raphine, Va.; Naomi-Mrs. Carroll Swartz and David A., Harrisonburg; and Phoebe F., Burton, Ohio), 21 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and 2 brothers (Perry, Dayton, Va.; and Homer, Virginia Mennonite Home). Four brothers and 2 grandchildren preceded her in death. She was a member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held from the Bank Church, Dayton, Va., Dec. 24, in charge of Lloyd Horst, Simeon Heatwole, and James Shank. (Gospel Herald - V LV, N5 - 1/30/1962 - pp111,112)
  •   JK111114c37331 - Sarah Elizabeth Coffman b9/24/1909 ,Rockingham,VA - - d7/27/2002 Rockingham,VA - m6/8/1932 Raymond Ercil Campbell, Sr. (Obit of Homer W.)(son of Herman T. B. Campbell & Mary F. Perret) - b8/12/1908 Waynesboro,VA - d7/25/1982Dayton,VA - Sarah Elizabeth Coffman Campbell, 92, of Dayton, Va., died July 27, 2002, at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. She was born Sept. 24, 1909, to Homer W. and Ella Frances Swope Coffman in Rockingham County. She was employed as a telephone operator at Bridgewater College. As a homemaker, she is remembered for her abilities in comfort making, sewing, family genealogy knowledge and enjoyment of family reunions. She served on the genealogy committee for the History of the Swope Family and Descendants of Rockingham County, Va., and the supplement to the history. She contributed several items for the Backroads periodical in Augusta County. Several of her hints and recipes were included in the printing of church cookbooks and also in the widely known book, "More for Less."  She was a member of Weavers Mennonite Church and Sunday school class. Her lineage began with Samuel Coffman, bishop of Virginia Mennonite Church, and Frances Weaver Coffman; Pastor Joseph Weaver Coffman and Sarah Heatwole Coffman; and her parents, Homer William Coffman and Ella Frances Swope Coffman. She contributed to and participated in the 1988 celebration of the John S. Coffman Endowed Chair at Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Evangelism and Church Planting. John S. Coffman was her uncle. On June 8, 1932, she married Raymond Ercil Campbell Sr. of Waynesboro, who preceded her in death on July 25, 1982. Survivors include three sons, R. Ersel and his wife, Frances, Heber C., and Lewis S. and his wife, Phyllis, all of Harrisonburg; three daughters, Barbara C. Showalter and her husband, William Jr., of Harrisonburg, Sarah C. Byler and her husband, James, of Montrose, Colo., and Dorcas C. Blair and her husband, Robert, of Stephens City; two sisters, Phoebe Coffman of Dayton and Naomi Swartz of Harrisonburg; two brothers, Paul Coffman of Harrisonburg and Samuel Coffman of Elkton; six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by three brothers, Robert, Amos and David Coffman. A memorial service was held at Weavers Mennonite Church. (Mennonite Weekly Review 12/30/2002, 8oth Year, N52,p8) - Campbell, Raymond Ercil, son of Herman T. B. and Mary F. (Parret) Campell, was born at Waynesboro, Va., Aug. 12, 1908; died at his home in Dayton, Va., July 25, 1982; aged 73 y. On June 8, 1932, he was married to Sarah Elizabeth Coffman, who survives. Also surviving are 3 sons (Raymond Ersel, Jr., Heber C., and Lewis S.), 3 daughters (Barbara-Mrs. William E. Showalter, Jr., Sarah Frances-Mrs. James L. Byler, and Dorcas-Mrs. Robert C. Blair), 6 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, 2 brothers (Herman S. and Harold P. Campbell), and one sister (Edna-Mrs. Marvin Kiser). He was preceded in death by one sister (Thelma-Mrs. Oren Kiser) and one brother (Lester B.). He was a member of Weavers Mennonite Church, where ; funeral services were held on July 28, in charge of James Stauffer and Robert Callis; interment in Weavers Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V75, N41, 10/12/1982, p702)
  •   JK111114c37332 - Naomi Coffman mCarrol Swartz (Obit of Homer W.) Of Harrisburg,VA
  •   JK111114c37333 - Phoebe Coffman (Obit of Homer W.) Of Burton,OH
  •   JK111114c37334 - Robert Joseph Coffman, Sr. (Obit of Homer W.) b1/19/1908 Dayton,VA - d3/4/1993 Harrisonburg,VA - mAmelia Mary Swartz (daughter of Ben & Dora Swartz) d4/17/2000 - Resided at Harrisonburg,VA -Coffman, Robert Joseph, 85, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Jan. 19, 1908, Dayton, Va., to Homer and Ella Swope Coffman. Died: March 4, 1993, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors-wife: A. Mary Swartz Coffman; daughter: Gladys Hedrick; brothers and sisters: Samuel, Paul, David, Sarah Campbell, Naomi Swartz, Phoebe; 4 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Robert J. Coffman, Jr. (son), and an infant son. Funeral: March 7, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Joseph Shenk, Edith Shenk, Chip Leatherman, and George Fletcher. Burial: Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V86, N14 - 4/6/1993, p18,19)- Coffman, Amelia Mary Swartz, 90, Harrisonburg, Va., died April 17. Spouse: Robert Coffman Sr. (deceased). Parents: Ben and Dora Swartz (deceased). Survivors: children Gladys Hedrick; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: April 21 at Weavers Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg. (The Mennonite, 5/23/2000, pp12-13, V3, N20)
  •   JK111114c373341 - Robert J. Coffman, Jr. (Obit of father)
  •   JK111114c373342 - Infant Son Coffman (Obit of father)
  •   JK111114c373343 - Gladys Coffman m? Hedrick (Obit of mother)
  •   JK111114c37335 - Amos Coffman b12/22/1911 Dayton,VA - d1/27/1991 - m9/6/1932 1Naomi Blosser (daughter of Jonas H. Blosser & Myrtle Showalter) b10/23/1910 ,Rockingham,VA - d4/11/1988 Harrisonburg,VA - m2Martha K. Kauffman- Coffman, H. Amos 79, Coatesville, Pa. Born: Dec. 22, 1911, Dayton, Va. Died: Jan. 27, 1991. Survivors-wife: Martha K. Kauffman; children: Ella M. Coffinan, Irvin J., Milton A., Norman B., Julia F. Schlabach, Alma R. Coffman, Joseph W.; 11 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; brothers and sisters: Robert J., Samuel S., Paul E., David A., Sarah E. Campbell, Naomi Swartz, Phoebe F. Coffman. Predeceased by Naomi Blosser (first wife). Funeral: Jan. 29, Maple Grove, Akron, Pa., and Jan. 31, Park View, Harrisonburg, Va., by Owen Burkholder, Luke S. Martin, Glendon Blosser. Burial: Bank Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V84, N8,2/19/1991,p15) - Coffman.- Naomi Ada Blosser, daughter of Jonas H. and Myrtle (Showalter) Blosser was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Oct. 23, 1910; died at Harrisonburg, Va., Apr. 11, 1988; aged 77 y. On Sept. 6, 1932, she was married to H. Amos Coffman, who survives. Also surviving are 3 daughters (Ella Coffman, Julia Schlabach, and Alma Coffman), 4 sons (Irvin, Milton, Norman, and Joseph Coffman), 11 grandchildren, and one sister (Ruth Blosser). She was a member of Park View Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held on Apr. 14, in charge of Owen Burkholder, Herman Rietz, and Ira E. Miller; interment in Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V81, N18,5/3/1988, pp316,318)
  •   JK111114c37336 - Samuel S. Coffman (Obit of Homer W.) Of Harrisburg
  •   JK111114c37337 - Paul E. Coffman (Obit of Homer W.) Of Raphine,VA
  •   JK111114c37338 - David A. Coffman (Obit of Homer W.) d2/23/1999 - mVivian Burkholder- Coffman, David, 78, Harrisonburg, Va., died Feb. 23. Spouse: Vivian Burkholder Coffman. Parents: Homer and Ella Swope Coffman (deceased). Other survivors: children Glenna Hertzler; four grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 26 at Harrisonburg, Va. (The Mennonite V2,N14,4/13/1999,pp16,17)
  •   JK111114c3734 - Nellie Frances Coffman b12/23/1896 - d10/26/1986 - Of Dayton,VA (Obit of Sarah Coffman)- Coffman, Nellie Frances, daughter of Joseph W. and Sarah (Heatwole) Coffman, was born on Dec. 23, 1896; died on Oct. 26, 1986; aged 89 y. She was a sister of Homer W. Coffman and Mollie Heatwole, deceased. She was a member of Bank Mennonite Church, Dayton, Va., where funeral services were held on Oct. 29, in charge of James Goering, James T. Shank, and Lloyd Horst; interment in the Bank Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V80,N1,1/6/1987,p4)
  •   JK111114c374 - Mary A. Coffman (twin sister of Joseph W.) - b2/19/1857 Spring Creek,Rockingham,VA - d2/18/1926 - m11/11/1875 Bishop Lewis James Heatwole (son of David A. Heatwole & Catherine Driver) b12/4/1852near Dale Enterprise,VA - d12/26/1932 - Succeeded his father-in-law, Samuel Kauffman as Mennonite Overseer south of Harrisonburg,VA. He was also a historian and an astronomer and almanac calculator. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J. C. Wenger,p191) Of Dale Enterprise, VA - Heatwole - Quietly, peacefully, and without a struggle, at an early hour on the morning of Feb. 18, 1926, Mary A. Coffman Heatwole of Dale Enterprise, Va., breathed her last from paralysis of twenty-nine hours’ duration from the beginning of which she never rallied to speak again. Her place of birth was Spring Creek, Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 19, 1857. Her death occurring on Feb. 18, she lacked but one day of being 69 years of age. Within the period of a year after she and a twin brother were born, the family moved from Spring Creek and located on a farm near Dale Enterprise. She was the third daughter in the family of the late Bishop Samuel and Frances Coffman and is survived by three brothers and three sisters: Jacob B. and Joseph W. Coffman, Dayton, Va.,; H. Coffman, Goshen, Ind.; Anna M. Swartz, Phoenixville, Pa.; Sadie C. Heatwole, Dayton, Va.; and Rebecca S. Hartman, Harrisonburg, Va. On Nov. 11, 1875, she was united in marriage to L. J. Heatwole and for a period of a little more than fifty years she has walked by his side as companion and mother, in which she never failed in words of comfort and good cheer to all about her, while occupying the sphere of a minister’s wife. Of her immediate family she is survived by husband, one son and five daughters (Katie Grove, Nellie V. Suter, Bessie P. Wenger, Justus B., Annie L., and Elizabeth M. Grove. She united with the Mennonite Church in her fourteenth year, and in her removal from us, God’s will be done. Approximately three years of her life were spent with husband and family at Garden City, Mo., where warm-hearted friendship was established among those whose kindness she has long cherished and held in grateful remembrance; while with comrades, friends and kindred in the land of her birth, she never shrank from sharing with each a full measure of the joys and sorrows of this life. On Feb. 20 she was carried from the home by six ministers, who also acted as pall-bearers at Weavers Church, where an impressive service was conducted by Bishops Lewis Shank of Broadway, Va., and S. H. Rhodes of the home congregation. Text, Jno. 14:1: “Let not your hearts be troubled.” By her husband. (Gospel Herald, V.XVIII,N50, 3/11/1926, p1038,10039) - HEATWOLE. LEWIS JAMES, son of David A. and Catherine (Driver) Heatwole, was born near Dale Enterprise, Va., Dec. 4, 1852; died Dec. 26, 1932; aged 80 y. 22 d. With the exception of about three years, when he lived in Cass Co., Mo., and the many times he was called to the other fields to labor in the vineyard of the Lord, he spent his entire life in the community in which he was born. In early life he gave his heart to the Lord, united with the Mennonite Church, and remained a faithful member till the Lord called him home. Nov. 11, 1875, he was united in marriage with Mary A. Coffman. She was a daughter of Bishop Samuel Coffman, a twin sister of Joseph W., and also a sister of J. S. Coffman, pioneer Mennonite evangelist. Bro. and Sister Heatwole lived together nearly fifty years, when the wife and mother was called home. To them were born six children (Katie, married to C. M. Grove; Nellie, married to E. C. Suter; Bessie, married to O. E. Wenger; Elizabeth, married to Earl Grove; Justus and Anna, at home), who survive. That this faithful couple ordered well the affairs of home is evident from the fact that all their children and grandchildren have accepted Christ as their personal Savior and united with the Mennonite Church. He also leaves three brothers and one sister (Aldine J., Timothy O., Cornelius J., and Mrs. J. W. Deputy), ten grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and many relatives and friends. May 2, 1887, he was ordained to the ministry at Weavers Church near Harrisonburg, Va., and two years later he with his family moved to near Garden City, Mo. It was at this latter place that he was ordained a bishop, in May 1892. But because of ill health they moved back to Virginia in 1895. From the beginning he was active in the ministry, and as a bishop he was noted both for his loyalty to his church and kindness in his dealings with others. Though not without faults or without critics, he was the possessor of qualities that drew the masses of the people to him; and the fact of his consecrated loyalty and interest in the welfare of others made him a man who was generally beloved by his people and gave him a large place in the work of the Church. He received his education in the common schools and in Valley Normal at Bridgewater, Va. For many years he was a school teacher, but in later years his many other activities compelled him to drop this line of work. He was whole-hearted in his support of Church schools, and the Eastern Mennonite School owes its beginning largely to his untiring efforts. He was a prolific writer, contributing numerous articles for religious and secular papers, and his contributions on scientific subjects were always read with interest. He is author of a number of books, among them “Moral Training in the Public Schools,” “Key to the Almanac and the Sidereal Heavens,” “Mennonite Handbook of Information.” He is also the compiler and writer of a series of Moral Standard Readers, which are still in manuscript form. As a pioneer weather observer, in which he had a record of about 64 years, and also as an almanac calculator, he had a field all his own, supplying calendars for as many as 60 almanacs in the United States and Canada. He was both a pioneer and an authority on such matters, and a number of years ago published a perpetual calendar that attracted wide attention. While he was well and favorably known in his own community, he was scarcely less known throughout the entire brotherhood. For years he was a member of the Mennonite Publication Board and of the Publishing Committee. While he was physically able he was a regular attendant at the meetings of the Mennonite General Conference, serving at times in an official capacity, and his voice was always listened to with interest and respect. Through his preaching, his books, and his numerous contributions to the Gospel Herald and other Church periodicals he was well known far and wide. His name was a household word in thousands of homes. And the same qualities that won him a place in the affections of his own church people also made friends outside of Church circles. Now that he has been called home, his influence is still with us and cherished by those who remain. He had never been robust in body, yet was sufficiently strong to attend to his duties, in pulpit and elsewhere. But in his declining years his health became impaired, so that during the past six years he has been unable to carry on his work as he had in former years. But it was only within the past few months that he was considered very ill, suffering several slight paralytic strokes. He retained his consciousness until near the close of his life, left a bright testimony, and his going on was but a leading of the way for others to follow as the Lord calls them home. Funeral services were conducted Dec. 28 at Weavers Church by his associate bishop, Bro. S. H. Rhodes, assisted by H. B. Keener and Daniel Kauffman. Text, I Thes. 4:18. Buried in adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald V.XXV,N40,1/5/1933,p846,847)
  •   JK111114c375 - Deacon Daniel H. Coffman b4/4/1859 Dale Enterprise,VA - d8/29/1941 near Goshen,Elkhart, IN - m2/11/1883 Sarah R. Guyer (daughter of Jacob & Mary Guyer) - b2/21/1860 ,Rockingham,VA - d12/4/1943 - Became a Deacon at Clinton Brick in IN. Deacon at the Prairie Street Congregation. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J. C. Wenger.p197,198, 193) The first regular session of the Mennonite Central Conference was held at the Holderman Meetinghouse near Wakarusa, IN with Daniel Kauffman, age 33, the promising young leader (then a widower), serving as moderator. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J.C. Wenger,p179,80) - Coffman,Daniel H., son of the late Bishop Samuel and Frances Coffman, was born at Dale Enterprise, Va., on April 4, 1859; died at his home near Goshen, Indiana, Aug. 29, 1941; aged 82 y. 4 m. 25 d. On Feb. 11, 1883, he was united in marriage with Sarah R. Guyer. To this union were born 11 children of whom 2, namely Anna and Grover, have preceded him in death. There remain to mourn his departure his wife and the following children: Mattie Eldridge, Lizzie, Clara, and Ruth Coffman, Eva Eaton, Dorothy Shoup, Mary Prough, Victor, and John Coffman; 1 sister, Mrs. Sadie Heatwole of Dayton, Va., a number of grandchildren, with other relatives and friends. In the spring of 1888 he with his wife and several children moved form Virginia to Elkhart, Indiana and was employed by the Mennonite Publishing Co., for a year and later began working at the carpenter trade which he followed for a number of years. At the age of twenty years he accepted Christ as his personal Saviour, chose to have his Christian fellowship with the Mennonite Church, and was received by water baptism upon the confession of his faith on July 21, 1879 in which he continued unto the end. On March 9, 1893 he was called to the office of deacon and accordingly was ordained by Bishop J. F. Funk to serve in the Elkhart congregation. Some time later he purchased a farm in the Clinton Brick district and by his moving into the district was accepted as a member and deacon with said congregation where he served until health would not permit. Upon his request in his advancing years he was provided with an assistant and Bro. Harold Lehman was ordained to the same office and continues these duties. His late affliction was a stroke of paralysis from which he suffered but a few days. Funeral services were conducted at the Clinton Brick Mennonite Church, in charge of Bro. O. S. Hostetler, assisted by Bros. Samuel S. Miller, Amos Nusbaum, and D. D. Troyer. ‘Tis hard to break the tender cord, When love has bound the heart,’Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words, “We must forever part.", Dearest loved one, we must lay thee, In the peaceful grave’s embrace, But thy memory will be cherished, Till we see thy heavenly face. (GOSPEL HERALD - V. XXXIV, N25,9/18/1941, pp534,535) - Coffman, Sarah Rebekah Guyer, last survivor of Jacob and Mary Guyer family, was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 21, 1860; departed this life Dec. 4, 1943; aged 83 y. 9 m. 13 d. On Feb. 11, 1883, she was united in marriage to Daniel H. Coffman. Together with their 3 children, they moved to Indiana and became residents of Elkhart and vicinity. Almost 40 years ago, they moved to the farm east of Goshen, Ind., where they had resided until the past year which was spent in the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C. Victor Coffman in Ligonier. Nine children survive (Victor and John Coffman, Mattie Eldridge, Eva Eaton, Dorothy Shoup, Mary Prough, and Lizzie, Clara, and Ruth Coffman), 23 grandchildren, and 8 greatgrandchildren. Two children (Grover and Anna) and her husband preceded her in death. She united with the Mennonite Church over 50 years ago, remaining true to that faith to the end. Her entire life was spent in a quiet unassuming religious way. She was ever mindful of the family, the home, and her friends. She accepted the labors and cares of life in a motherly, faithful way. She had been seriously ill for about only 48 hours when she quietly fell asleep and went to be with the Lord. Funeral services were conducted Dec. 7, 1943, at the home by Bro. Samuel Miller and at the Clinton Brick Church by Bro. Amos Nussbaum and Bro. Oscar Hostetler. Burial in the adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald V XXXVI,N39,12/23/1943,p814,815,816)
  •   JK111114c3751 - Anna Coffman b
  •   JK111114c3752 - Grover Floyd Coffman b1/25/1885 Dale Enterprise,VA -d11/11/1923 Millersburg,IN - mMabel Pletcher - Coffman, Grover Floyd, son of Daniel and Sarah Coffman, was born at Dale Enterprise, Va., Jan. 25, 1885; died at his home in Millersburg, Ind., Nov. 11, 1923; aged 38 y. 9 m. 16 d. When he was 3 years old, his parents with their three children moved to Elkhart, Ind., and when Grover was 20 years old he moved with his parents to Clinton township, and later moved to Millersburg to take charge of a lumber yard. On June 19, 1915, he was united in marriage to Mabel Pletcher. Surviving him are his wife, one son (Roy Willis), his father and mother, 2 brothers, and 7 sisters, besides many other relatives and friends. In May of this year his health began to fail and gradually grew worse until death relieved him of his suffering. Only a very short time before his departure he accepted Christ as his personal Savior and was received into the Church by water baptism, having expressed full confidence in the forgiveness of sin and acceptance into the family of God. Funeral services were held at the Clinton Brick Church by J. H. Fyke and J. S. Hartzler. He was laid to rest at the Forest Grove Cemetery to await the resurrection of the just. (Gospel Herald V.XVI,N35,11/29/1923,p717)
  •   JK111114c37521 - Roy Willis Coffman (obit of father)
  •   JK111114c3753 - Mattie Coffman b- m? Eldridge
  •   JK111114c3754 - Lizzie D. Coffman b11/16/1886 Dale Enterprise,VA - d8/24/1967 Elkhart,Elkhart,IN - Coffman, Lizzie D., daughter of Daniel H. and Sarah (Guyer) Coffman, was born at Dale Enterprise, Va., Nov. 16, 1886; died at the Elkhart General Hospital. Elkhart, Ind., Aug. 24, 1967; aged 80 y. 9 m. 8 d. Surviving are 5 sisters (Mrs. Mattie Eldridge, Mrs. Paul Eaton, Mrs. Earl Shoup, Clara Coffman, and Ruth Coffman) and one brother (John). She was a member of the Prairie Street Church, where funeral services were held Aug. 28, with Russell Krabill officiating. (Gospel Herald V.LX, N37 9/19/1967 pp858,859)
  •   JK111114c3755 - Clara Coffman b2/12/1897 Elkhart,IN - d5/7/1989 Goshen,Elkhart,IN - Coffman, Clara, daughter of D. H. and Sarah Coffman, was born in Elkhart, Ind., Feb. 12, 1897; died at Goshen, Ind., May 7, 1989; aged 92 y. Surviving is onesister (Ruth Coffman). She was preceded in death by 6 sisters and 3 brothers. She was a member of Prairie Street Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at Yoder-Culp Funeral Home on May 10, in charge of, Dorsa J. Mishler; interment in Clinton Brick Cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V.82,N24,6/13/1989,p446)
  •   JK111114c3756 - Ruth Coffman b4/28/1901 Elkhart,IN - d6/8/1989 Goshen, Elkhart,IN - Single - Coffman, Ruth, daughter of Daniel H. and Sarah Coffman, was born in Elkhart, Ind., Apr. 28, 1901; died at Goshen, Ind., June 8, 1989; aged 88. She was preceded in death by 7 sisters and 3 brothers. She was a member of Prairie Street Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at Yoder-Culp Funeral Home on June 10, in charge of Dorsa J. Mishler and Russell Krabill; interment in Clinton Brick Cemetery. (Gospel Herald,V82-N27,7/4/1989,p494)
  •   JK111114c3757 - Eva Coffman b - mPaul Eaton Resided at South Bend
  •   JK111114c3758 - Dorothy Coffman b - mEarl Shoup - Resided in Middlebury,IN
  •   JK111114c3759 - Mary Coffman b11/4/1898 near Elkhart,Elkhart,IN - d3/8/1960 near Goshen,Elkhart,IN - m3/27/1920 Perry E. Prough -Prough, Mary, daughter of Daniel H. and Sarah Coffman, was born near Elkhart, Ind., Nov. 4, 1898; died at her home near Goshen, Ind., March 8, 1960, after an illness of 16 years; aged 61 y. 4 m. 4 d. On March 27, 1920, she was married to Perry E. Prough, who survives. Also surviving are 3 daughters and 2 sons (Kathleen -Mrs. Willis Stahl and Grace-Mrs. Richard Wyse, of Archbold, Ohio; Mary Marie, at home; Earl, Goshen; and Harry, Middlebury), 2 brothers and 6 sisters (Mrs. Mattie Eldridge, Goshen; Lizzie and Clara, Elkhart; Eva-Mrs. Pal Eaton, South Bend; Ruth, Norristown, Pa.; Dorothy- Mrs. Earl Shoup, Middlebury, Ind.; Victor, Ligonier, Ind.; and John, North Webster, Ind.). Besides her parents, one sister, one brother, and one grandchild preceded her in death. She was a member of the Clinton Brick Church, where funeral services were held March 11, in charge of John Yoder and Amsa Kauffman; burial in Forest Grove Cemetery. (Gospel Herald, 7/19/1960, VLIII,N28,p639, 640)
  •   JK111114c375a - Charles Victor Coffman b6/21/1888 Elkhart,IN - d7/14/1965, Fort Wayne,,IN - m9/13/1919 Vinetta May Garber (daughter of Samuel Garber & Alwilda Shoup) - b5/3/1894 Millersburg,IN - d10/1/1979 Kendalville,IN - Coffman, Charles Victor, son of Daniel H. and Sarah (Guyer) Coffman, was born in Elkhart, Ind., June 21, 1888; died at the St. Joseph Hospital, Ft. Wayne, Ind., July 14, 1965; aged 77 y. 23 d. On Sept. 13, 1919, he was married to Vinetta May Garber, who survives. Also surviving are 3 sons (John E., Donald, and Samuel), one daughter (Evelyn - Mrs. Kenneth Blosser), 12 grandchildren, one brother (John W.), and 6 sisters (Ruth, Lizzie, Clara, Mrs. Mattie Eldridge, Mrs. Paul Eaton, and Mrs. Earl Shoup). He was a member of the Shore Church. Funeral services were held at the Forks Church, July 17, in charge of O. H. Hooley, Homer J. Miller, and Cornelius Vlott; interment in Shore Cemetery. Gospel Herald V.LVIII,N32,8/17/1965,p729,730) - Coffman, Vinetta,daughter of Samuel and Alwilda (Shoup) Garber, was born at Millersburg, Ind., May 3, 1894; died at Lutheran Homes, Kendalville, Ind., Oct. 1, 1979; aged 85 y. On Sept. 13, 1919, she was married to Charles V. Coffman, who died July 14, 1965. She is survived by 1 daughter (Evelyn-Mrs. Kenneth Blosser), 3 sons (John E., Donald, Samuel), 12 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren. She was a member of Shore Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held Oct. 3, in charge of Harvey Chupp and O. H. Hooley; interment in church cemetery. (Gospel Herald V72,N44,10/30/1979,p862)
  •   JK111114c375a1 - John E. Coffman b
  •   JK111114c375a2 - Donald Coffman mMargaret Mishler
  •   JK111114c375a2 - Donald Eugene Coffman b3/27/1956 - dINDY,IN 1956 - Coffman, Donald Eugene, son of Donald and Margaret Coffman, was born March 27, 1956, at the Riley Children’s Hospital, Indianapolis, following heart surgery, where he had been a patient three weeks. Donald Eugene was born with a congenital heart ailment. Surviving are his parents, 2 sisters (Barbara Ann and Carolyn Jane), his paternal grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Victor Coffman, Ligonier), and maternal grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mishler, Shipshewana). Funeral services were held May 5 at the Shore Mennonite Church in charge of Lee Miller and Percy Miller. Burial was made in the church cemetery. (Gospel Herald V.XLIX,N24 6/12/1956, pp573,574,575)
  •   JK111114c375a3 - Samuel Coffman b
  •   JK111114c375a4 - Evelyn Coffman mKenneth Blosser (obit of Charles)
  •   JK111114c375b - John Coffman b
  •   JK111114c376 - Sarah (Sadie) Christina Coffman b3/29/1863 near Dale Enterprise ,Greenbrier,WV - d4/24/1950 Dayton,VA m11/25/1883 John Thomas Heatwole d11/1920 - 12 children. (Obit of Sarah) -Children of Sarah & John were Stella Heatwole, Mattie Heatwole, Ruth Heatwole, Hazel Heatwole, John L. Heatwole, Emergy B. Heatwole, Paul V. Heatwole, Joseph W. Heatwole, and 4 others. - Heatwole, Sarah Christina, daughter of the late Samuel F. and Frances (Weaver) Coffman, was born March 29, 1863, near Dale Enterprise, Va., died April 24, 1950, at the home of her daughter (Mrs. Stella Rhodes) , Dayton, Va.; aged 87 y. 24 d. In early womanhood she united with the Mennonite Church and lived a faithful consecrated life through the years. She was a woman of genuine Christian character and possessed a cheerful disposition which endeared her to many. On Nov. 25, 1883, she was united in marriage to the late John Thomas Heatwole, who preceded her in death in November, 1920. Of the twelve children born to this union, eight survive. When she was thirty-two, one side of her body was paralyzed and she was bedfast for some months. Having learned to walk again, she was able to assist with household duties and mastered difficult situations despite her handicap. Her speech was impaired to the extent that she spoke only in words or phrases, making it difficult to give her children the counsel she wanted so much to give them. Form 1923, she resided with her daughter (Stella). In September, 1939, she became totally blind and her hearing became very poor. During the last years she was confined to a chair. Much of this time she prayed. Through her misfortune and trials she was patient, pleasant, and cheerful. Four brothers and 5 sisters (John S., Dayton, Va.; Jacob, Dayton; Daniel, Elkhart, Ind.; Fannie-Mrs. Abe Shank, Denbigh, Va.; Mary-Mrs. Lewis J. Heatwole, Dale Enterprise, Va.; Lizzie-Mrs. Wallace Minnick, Dale Enterprise; Rebecca-Mrs. Perry Hartman, Harrisonburg, Va.; and Ann-Mrs. John Swartz, Elida, Ohio), preceded her in death. Surviving are 4 daughters (Mrs. Stella Rhodes, Dayton, Va.; Mrs. Mattie Snyder, Front Royal, Va.; Mrs. Ruth Hill, Youngstown, Ohio; and Mrs. Hazel Wine, Lebanon, Pa.), 4 sons (John L., Arlington, Va.; Paul V., Weyers Cave, Va.; Joseph W., Washington D. C., and Emery B., Harrisonburg, Va.), 51 grandchildren, and 50 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Bank Mennonite Church, near Dayton, April 29, conducted by Harold Eshleman, assisted by Samuel H. Rhodes. Burial was made in the near-by cemetery. (Gospel Herald - V. XLIII, N36,9/5/1950, pp893,894)
  •   JK111114c377 - Fannie/Fanny Virginia Coffman b10/31/1865 (Computed) ,Greenbrier, WV - d10/3/1904 near Mohea,VA - mDeacon Abraham (Abe) Shenk (son of Henry Shenk & Susanna Brenneman) b2/15/1862 near Elida,OH - d4/29/1949 Denbigh,VA - Shenk ­ On Oct. 3, 1904, near Mohea, Va., of consumption, Sister Fanny Virginia Shenk, wife of Bro. A. P. Shenk and daughter of Bish. Samuel Coffman, deceased; aged 38 Y., 11 M., 3 D.. She leaves a husband and six children to mourn her departure, yet they have the comforting assurances that she is at rest with loved ones gone before, where those who are left behind may by the grace of God meet her again. Sister Shenk's health had been failing for a number of years and she was confined to her bed for about a year before she died. She was fully resigned to the will of God and has a desire to depart and be with Christ. She was laid to rest on October 4th in the Warwick River cemetery. Services by Andrew Shenk of Oronogo, Mo., and Jacob Hahn. . S. P. YODER (Herald of Truth V XLI, N45, 11/3/1904, p359,360) - Shenk, Abraham P., son of Henry and Susanna (Brenneman) Shenk, was born near Elida, Ohio, Feb. 15, 1862; passed away at his home, Denbigh, Va., April 29, 1949; aged 87 y. 2 m. 14 d. He was the last of his family. Bishops John M. Shenk, Elida, Ohio; Andrew Shenk, Oronogo, Mo.; and Preacher Daniel Shenk, Denbigh, Va., were his brothers. He was one of the pioneer settlers of the Warwick River community, having moved there with his family in 1898. In 1906 he was ordained to the office of deacon and in this capacity faithfully served the growing church until July, 1946, when he suffered a stroke of paralysis, which rendered him bedfast. He had also served as church chorister for many years and took delight in singing. During his long illness he remained mentally keen and greatly appreciated visits and tokens of esteem from friends and neighbors. His first wife (Fannie Coffman) passed away in 1904. His second wife (Samantha Showalter) passed away in 1944. Surviving are 10 children (Coffman, Biglerville Pa.; Jacob and Ezra, Harrisonburg, Va.; Mabel-Mrs. Jason Brunk, and George, Baltimore, Md.; Henry, Mary, Phebe-Mrs. Clyde Kraus, Martha-Mrs. Ralph Palmer, and Lydia, all of Denbigh), 29 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral services in charge of Truman H. Brunk and George R. Brunk, were held May 2 at the Warwick River Church. Interment was made in the church cemetery. (Gospel Herald V XLII, N26, 6/28/1949, p630,631)
  •   JK111114c378 - Rebecca S. Coffman b3/24/1868 DaleEnterprise,Greenbrier,WV - d12/23/1926 - m10/19/1888 Perry D. Hartman (Obit of sister Sarah} (son of Samuel Hartman & Frances Burkholder) b9/30/1866 near Harrisonburg,VA - d10/20/1948 ParkView,Harrisonburg,VA - Rebecca S. Hartman, daughter of the late Bishop Samuel Coffman, was born near Dale Enterprise, Va., Mar. 24, 1868, died Dec. 23, 1926. On Oct. 19, 1888, she was married to Perry D. Hartman. To this union were born 11 children, 2 of whom preceded her in death. Those surviving her are: Lewis Hartman, Mrs. Peter Showalter, and Mrs. Ward Rhodes, of near Harrisonburg, Va.; William and Jacob Hartman and Mrs. Ira Shank of Elida, Ohio, Mrs. David Ramer of Duchess, Alta., and Paulina and Dorothy Hartman at home. She also leaves the following brothers and sisters: Jacob and Joseph Coffman and Mrs. Thomas Heartwole of near Harrisonburg, Va.; Mrs. J. S. Swartz, of Elida, Ohio, and Daniel Coffman of Goshen, Ind. The brothers and sisters who preceded her in death were: Pre. J. S. Coffman, J. W. Minnich, Mrs. L. J. Heatwole, and Mrs. A. P. Shenk. Sister Hartman united with the Mennonite Church at an early age and remained faithful during her life. For many years she faithfully filled the office of deaconess. By her passing, the home has lost a loving wife and mother, the church a faithful member, and the community a kind and generous neighbor. Funeral services were conducted at Weaver’s Church in the presence of a large audience. Those conducting the services were Bros. Samuel Rhodes and J. S. Martin. (Gospel Herald V XIX, N43, 1/20/1927, p910,911,912) - .Hartman.-Perry David, son of the late Samuel and Frances (Burkholder) Hartman, was born near Harrisonburg, Va., Sept. 30, 1866; passed away at his late home in Park View, Harrisonburg, Oct. 20, 1948; aged 82 y. 20 d. He became ill on Aug. 5 and one week later was admitted into the Rockingham Memorial Hospital, where he was a patient for nearly four weeks. On Oct. 19, 1888, he was married to Rebecca S. Coffman, who preceded him in death on Dec. 23, 1926. To this union were born 11 children (Fannie E., who died in infancy; Leanna C.-Mrs. Peter S. Showalter, who died Aug. 16, 1941; William F. and Wilda F.-Mrs. Ira A. Shenk; Mary M.-Mrs. Ward A. Rhodes; Daniel W., who died Nov. 30, 1903; Lewis S.; Jacob C.; Irene S.-Mrs. David Ramer and Pauline R.-Mrs. Roy Kauffman; and Dorothy R.-Mrs. Rudy Diller). On Thanksgiving Day, 1928, he was married to Annie (Berry) Stine-spring, who died Nov. 18, 1941. On Dec. 24, 1942, he was married to Lessie (Landes) Meyers, who survives. Also surviving, besides his wife and his 8 children, are 35 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren, and a number of nieces and nephews. One brother, one half brother, and one half sister preceded him in death. At the age of forty he became a member of the Mennonite Church and remained a member until death. Funeral services were conducted at the Weaver Church, near Harrisonburg, by S. H. Rhodes, Daniel W. Lehman, and B. S. Landes. Text: Ps. 17:15. Burial was made in the Weaver Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V XLI, N50, 12/14/1948, pp1198)
  •   JK111114c379 - Deacon Jacob B. Coffman b8/I8/1873 ,Greenbrier,WV (The Yellow Creek Mennonites by J. Wenger,p199)d2/23/1930 of Elkhart,IN - m10/11/1875 Sallie Showalter - Jacob B. Coffman, affectionately known throughout a large family connection as "Uncle Jake", and next younger brother to the late Pre. John S. Coffman and second son of Bishop Samuel and Frances Coffman of near Rushville, Va.; died Feb. 23, 1930, of neuralgia of the heart at the age of 79 y. 6 m. 2 d. Some years after his marriage to Sallie Showalter on Oct. 11, 1875, he became an active member of the Church of the Brethren, serving on the official staff as deacon and member of its General Mission Board, and frequently joined with members of his family connections and the young people of his church in singing the songs and hymns of childhood friends and home. Up to the closing years of his life he was one of the active promoters of the Old People's Song Service held jointly by people of his own church and the Mennonites in their churches at various points in the Shenandoah Valley, and in the call for him to join the choir above, his absence from our annual song services in future years will be sadly missed. He leaves two surviving brothers and two sisters (Pre. Jos. W. Coffman, Dea. D. H. Coffman, Annie M. Swartz, and Sarah C. Heatwole), his widow, two sons (Pre. E. F. Coffman and Frank Coffman), a large circle of nephews and nieces, and many other relatives and lifetime friends who are left behind. The funeral service held at the Bank Mennonite Church was largely attended. Services were in charge of Pre. J. S. Martin of the Mennonite Church and J. W. Hess of the Church of the Brethren. Psa. 17: 15. (Gospel Herald V XXIII, N5, 5/1/1930,p110,111)
  •   JK111114c3791 - E. F. Coffman b (obit of father, Jacob)
  •   JK111114c3792 - Frank Coffman b (obit of father, Jacob)
  •   JK111114c38 - Anna (Annie) Coffman b1/19/1820 ,Greenbrier,VA - d10/28/1910 Greenbrier,WV - m1840 1George Wilson d1849 -mDec 2David Hedrick d12/1907 (obit of Annie) - Hedrick, Annie Hedrick was born in Greenbrier Co., (then) Va., Jan. 19, 1820. She was a daughter of Christian and Annie (Wenger) Coffman. In 1840 she was married to George Wilson who died in 1849, she was married to David Hedrick in Dec. After remaining a widow twenty-one years, his death which occurred in Dec., 1907. She lived with him forty years, until she died in Greenbrier Co., W. Va., Oct. 28, 1910; aged 90 y. 8 m. 19 d. In the days of her youth she became a Christian and united with the Mennonite Church, of which she remained a member till her death. She was a consistent, useful Christian woman, proving her loyalty to Christ by a devout Christian life and by helpful deeds to those around her. To her husband with whom she lived so many years, she proved to be a true and helpful wife, and a kind and useful step-mother to his large family of children. She took great interest in listening to preaching and in helping to promote the interests of Christianity. She was the last surviving member of the Mennonite Church in Greenbrier Co. Her father,s children numbered 5 brothers and 5 sisters, all of whom preceded her to the spirit world except her youngest sister, Fannie Hedrick, who still lives near Fort Spring, W. Va. Her brother, Samuel Coffman of Rockingham Co., Va., was for years a bishop in the Church. After appropriate funeral services, her remains were laid to rest in the Coffman graveyard near Ronceverte, W. V (Gospel Herald V.III,N37,12/15/1910,p594,595,596)
  •   JK111114c39 - Fannie Coffman m Jehu Hedrick (obit of sister Annie)
  •   JK111115 - Christina Kauffman b3/19/1679 Erlenbach,Bem,Switzerland (Ancestry.com)

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