Jon Knutsson & Barbro Andersdotter Part 1 (Family of Hulda Olson Swanson) (married John Swanson)


  Jon Knutsson


Barbro Andersdotter


Great-Grandmother of Karolyn Rae Roberts

Part 1

    by Karolyn Roberts

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  Church of Järnskog (Parish), Sweden:

In this church yard rest many members of our Swedish family:

Anna & Olof Andersson (Parents of Hulda)

Olof Olsson (Brother of Hulda) & Kristina Allen and two daughters; Nils (Brother of Hulda) & Anna Allen & daughter Agnes;    Anders & Karin (Olsdotter Nilsson) (Sister of Hulda),  &   Gottfrid & Olga Nilsson.


In Ancient Times – According to tradition, the population in Järnskog didn’t have a church closer at hand than in Medskog, Norway, during the first Christian period. At the end of the 14th century – a so called wooden redkyrka was built on the homestead Stommen along the river between Beted and Slärteg. This old church was destroyed in the 18th century, but the old churchsite and – yard are still taken care of by the church council. The Present Church – The number of parishioners increased and a new, bigger church was needed. “On the 4 June, 1695, the new stonechurch in Järnskog was built in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, in honour of his holy name.” The tower was finished in 1729. This and the main building were built of granite that was delivered from all the farms in the parish. The vestry was built in 1835. The Chandeliers, altar-piece, pulpet, etc., were carved at different years by different people. The first organ was received in 1896, was mechanical and included five stops. In 1951, the organ was rebuilt to include 20 stops. – The Tower Bells – The tower has three bells. The Small Bells from the old Stommen Church and bears the inscription, “The words of the Lord remain forever.” The Middle Bells was founded in Karlstad in 1724 and bears the attempted translation of the inscription, “If you always keep the end of your life in mind, you will never do any harm,” and The Big Bells was founded in Stockholm in 1929 and bears the inscription, “My soul shall praise the Lord, my tongue shall praise his name.” – – (Phamplet, The Church of Järnskog) (Picture contributed by May Dahlbeck: Notice the cemetery at closer range and how it is laid out)





Great-Grandmother of Karolyn Rae Roberts

  The ancestors of Hulda Olson Swanson have lived in Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden since the 17th century. The grandparents of Gunnar Persson were neighbors to Olof and Anna Andersson; Gunnar is also related coming through an earlier ancestor. Nine persons moved from Erikesstugan, Korsbyn on 10/17/1882 to Övre Garse, Söpple. They were Olof & Anna Andersson and their children, Gustaf with wife Britta, Hulda, Olof, Jr., Karin, Emil, & Nils. All the children were born in Erikesstuga, Korsbyn. Erikesstuga was tore down in the beginning of the 1900’s. Between 1868 – 1927, twenty-four people emigrated from Söpple to the USA, but fourteen of them in the 1880’s. Most of them were young men but seven of the emigrants were women. Only five people went back to Sweden to live. Nineteen people settled in America and sent letters back to relatives now and then and some came back to visit. (Söpple, p171, History of Emigrants) Of the eight children of Olof Andersson& Anna Andersdotter, six of them had went to America, these being Gustaf, Hulda, Abel, Charles, Olof, & Emil. Olof went back to Sweden after a two year stay in Minneapolis. Nils and Karin stayed in Sweden.(Söpple, p174) The starting place for the emmigrants (Hulda, Gustaf & Britta, & Emil) that came to America was from Övre Garse (Söpple, p59). Abel & Charles started to America from Korsbyn. (Picture: (Söpple,p8) Ordinary route for immigrants of west-Värmland. From Söpple/Korsbyn by horse and wagon for about 15 miles to Åmotfors railroad station. The train crossed the Norwegian border to Christiania (now Oslo), and at this point they boarded the ship (S/S Hero of the Wilson Line) to Hull of Great Britian. They would travel by train across Great Britian to Liverpool and then board a ship to New York. (Map / information is given by May Dahlbeck, Sweden) I think they would have traveled by train then to their destination from New York, to Minneapolis, MN; Sioux City, IA; & Lead, ND. In the magazine “Arvika Nyheter, Friday 14th, June 2003” written by Kjell “Keeper” Emanuelsson states that the first from the west part of Värmland in the Deadwood area of SD were Abel Olsson and his twin Hulda. Trip from Christiania (Oslo), Norway to Hull, Great Britian Segment: The S/S Hero ws built in 1866 in Hull, Great Britian. In 1895, this ship was badly damaged in a collision in the English Channel and was sold for scrap. Here is an ad for travel from Christiania to Hull. The transatlantic steamship companies from 1865 on which operated out of British ports took a larger percentage of the emigrants coming out or Norway every year. The main reason was the much better conditions on these ships and the fact that they were much faster. Many people had suffered and many died during the transatlantic crossing on the sailing ships. The passage fee on the steamships becamer lower each year due to competition between the steamship lines. Along with the emigrants, the ships brought all kids of cargo such as fish, live cattle, timber, & pyrites. Some times they carried textiles and coal from Hull to Norway. By 1867, the Wilson Line had a weekly service from Christiania to Hull for every Friday. The Wilson Line did not have much competition and started out with poor conditions for the passengers but improved over the years. After the Civil War, more immigrants made there way to America and with that development more Steamship lines gave service to Norway. In 1881, Charles P. Wilson, Principal Officer for the Government of Great Britian, made a trip from Christiania to Hull to evaluate the conditions aboard the ship for immigrants. His evaluation is as follows: The sleeping accommodations had two shelves on each side of the vessel running the entire length of the compartment with no curtains for privacy. They were not divided in any way for individual berths and the shelf was too short to stretch out full length. On the outer edge of the board was an 8″ high board and a similar board against the iron ship wall. The area was well ventilated and enough light. There were two ladders with handrails down to the area. Agents came on board from the Atlantic Lnethat would eventually take them to America to supervise the immigrants. They tried to keep the families together, and make sure they had ample space. There were police authorities were in attendance at the gangways and only those with tickets boarded. Half an hour after sailing, they ate a meal of coffee, bread, biscuit and butter. At midnight when I made my rounds, many of the sleeping shelf area was vacant, with families huddled together and no one undressed. The area was well lit. Breakfast was served at 7:30 a.m. with bread, butter, coffee, milk, sugar, salt, biscuit, & raw salt herring. Dinner was served at 11:30 a.m. with pea soup or mixed vegetable soup thickened with pearl barley and flour with beef or mutton bioled in the soup, potatoes, bread or biscuit, and herring. Supper was at 5 p.m. and was the same as breakfast. The food was well cooked and enough. The was a good supply of water to be had whenever one chose. The privy arrangements were usually small, cramped, dark, no water, and to close together for the men’s and the women’s. The entrances sometimes were not protected from the weather, and evil smelling. The decks were sprinkled with carbolic acid and dusted with sawdust. They could use more sawdust and swept every day to keep a better odor and a little cleaner. Sometimes the sexes were not separated but later were in keeping the single men and single women in different compartments, the single women with the families. Later, light was added to the privies. The steamer arrives on Sunday at Hull, Great Britian.        

JK – Jon Knutsson– Born in the 1600’s – Lived in Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. – mBarbro AndersdotterbLived in Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. – Olof, the following was Child 4 of Jon & Barbro.

JK4 – Olof Jonsson b1705 Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Brårud,S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Died of ålderdomssvaghet 1-23-1789 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) – mMarit Rasmusdotter (daughter of Rasmus Rasmusson & Elin Knutsdotter) b1718 N.Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,(S). Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Brårud,S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Died of håll och sting 12-17-1797 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).

  • JK41 – Elin Olofsdotter b1738 Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Lian,Järnskog,(S). Died of magsjuka 3-10-1795 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
  • JK42 – Anders Olsson b1740 – Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,Sweden. Lived in Lian,Järnskog,(S) – d10-1-1817 of ålderdomsbräcklighet in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). – Buried 10-12-1817 Järnskog,(S).
  • JK43 – Böret Olofsdotter b1742 Bottner,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Lian,Järnskog,(S). – dca1810 S. Lian,Järnskog,(S).
  • JK44 – Ingeborg Olofsdotter b1747 Korsbyn,Järnskog,Sweden. Lived in Lian,Järnskog,(S). Lived in L.Koppom,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Bottner,Östervallskog,(S). Lived in Korsbyn,Järnskog,(S).
  • JK45 – Jon Olofsson b1751 Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Lian,Järnskog,(S). Svågern Anders Elofsson i hans hem. – d1827 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
  • JK46 – Per Olofsson Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,Sweden. Lived in Beted,Järnskog,(S). Lived before 1785 in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Lived after 1785 in Ulfshuvdane,Järnskog,(S).
  • JK47 – Olof Olsson b1763 Ivarsbyn,Östervallskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Lian,Järnskog,(S). – d8-10-1842 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) – mKerstin Andersdotter (daughter of Anders Persson & Marit Andersdotter) b1764 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S) – d12-17-1839 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
    • JK471 – Böret Olsdotter b1789 Lian,Järnskog,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). d of moderspassion 6-13-1816 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
    • JK472 – Marit Olsdotter b8-21-1791 Lian,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
    • JK473 – Anna Olsdotter b10-24-1793 Lian,Järnskog,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
    • JK474 – Karin Olsdotter b12-26-1796 Lian,Järnskog,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
    • JK475 – Anders Olsson b3-13-1799 Lian,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden – Lived before 1811 in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Lived after 1811 in Mosstakan,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Saxebyn,Järnskog,(S) – m Sweden Marit Gunnarsdotter (Daughter of Gunnar Hansson / Marit Bengtsdotter)b7-20-1803 Mosstakan,Järnskog,Sweden. Lived in S.Lian,Järnskog,(S). Died 4-28-1839 S.Lian,Järnskog,(S).
      •   JK4751 – Olof Anderssonb4/17/1827 Saxebyn,Järnskog,Sweden (S) – d3-26-1913 Söpple,Järnskog,(S) – m12/26/1854 Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden) Anna Andersdotter(daughter of Anders Andersson & Karin Halvardsdotter) b11-4-1829 Erikesstuga, Korsbyn,Järnskog,(S) (Jarnskebygda, N9,Korsbyn,Järnskogs Hembygdsförening 1995) – d4-14-1909 Söpple,Järnskog,(S) – Olof &Anna lived in Korsbyn,Järnskog,(S).Olof and Anna Andersson were awarded a medal for horsebreeding from the King of Sweden.There is a Contract of Sale for   Övre Garse property on 10/10/1890 to Olof & Anna Andersson for the price of 4.700 sw. crowns. This was a fortune. (Söpple,p60) (Perhaps Olof brought money back from his stay in America; also, the other children were successful in America, and custom back then was to send money regularly to help support the parents, Speculation) Olof& Anna, Gustaf & Britta, Hulda, Olof, Jr., Karin, Emil,.& Nils moved from Erikesstugan, Korsbyn to Övre Garse, Söpple on 10/17/1882. (Church, Jernskog) Acoording to a deed of gift for Olof Andersson on 10/17/1900, his house and 1/3 of his property was to be willed to Olof Olsson Allen with the stipulation that he and his wife ,Anna, would be taken care of until death. The other 2/3rds of the property were to go to the siblings Nils Olsson Allen, & Karin Olsdotter. (Söpple,Ägare 1900) (By the time of this deed, their children, Hulda & Abel were already deceased; we know Gustaf, Charles & Emil was still residing in Minneapolis)
      • (Picture of tombstones at the top of page: Olof [4/17/1827-3/26/1913] & Anna [11/4/1829 – 4/14/1909] Andersson; Erikesstuga,Värmland,Sweden)
      • (   Home of Olof & Anna Andersson 1882, photo taken 1998; (Söpple,p59)    
      •   (Picture of Olof & Anna Andersson with three of their children, from left to right, Olof, Jr., Karin, & Nils; (Söpple,p60))
      •     (Picture taken in 1999: Övre Garse, Söpple – Home of Anna & Olof Andersson from approx. 1890. Karin, Olof, Jr., & Nils grew up here. A grandson of Olof, Jr. owns it now – May Dahlbeck)
        •   (Picture: The Gustaf Allen home, 2542 Taylor St., Minneapolis, MN, taken in 1998 (Söpple, p175) contributed by May Dahlbeck)
        • JK47511 –Gustaf (Gust) Olsson Allén b1/30/1856 Korsbyn,Järnskog,,Varmland, Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden)Christening: Gustaf Olofsson 2/1/1856 Järnskog,,Varmland, Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden)d12/18/1935 Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN (Death Certificate) Burial: Gust Allen, Allen-Olson Family Plot Lot 266, Section C, Grave 3, 12/21,1935, Hillside ,Mnapls, Hennepin,MN (Hillside Cemetery Records) – Moved 2-22-1884 from Söpple,Järnskog,(S) to Amerika . Snickerifabriksägare in Minneapolis,MNAddress: 2542 Taylor St.,Minneapolis, MN m 1BritaJonasdotter(Daughter of Jonas Jonsson& Brita Persdotter) b9-4-1857 Malung,Kopparberg,Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden) – Christening: 9/7/1857 Malung,Kopparberg,Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden) Lived in Malung,(W). Lived in Söpple,Järnskog,(S). Moved 4-18-1884 from Söpple,Järnskog to Amerika(Söpple,Ägare 1882)Used name of Allen in America instead of using Olson as Hulda& Abel used Olson. – Gustaf was a carpenter in Sweden and continued his profession in Minneapolis.(Söpple,p175) Address for Gustaf was 2542 Taylor Street, Minneapolis,MN – He visited relatives in WI one time, went to see his neices & nephews, children of his sister Hulda Olson Swanson (Rena Johnson McAuly, 2/2/2002) – m 2? ? (Trevor A. Owen) – – m 2Emma ?b – dage38 Mpls,Hennepin,MN Burial: May 6, 1899, Grave 2, Lot 266, Section C- Allen-Olson Family Plot, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN (Hillside Cemetery Records) – m 3Ingeborg Olson (Death Cert of Vera) babt1882 – Burial: 9/13/1973; 91 years old; Allen-Olson Family Plot, Grave 4, Lot 266, Sect. C,, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin,MN (Hillside Cemetery Records)(Informant on death certificate for Gust) (1900 Fed Census, Dist. 104, Ward 9, p243, Sheet 18,Line 21, Gustaf Allen at 2542 Taylor, can’t read the occupation, no wife listed at this time [for lookup use Gustav Allen], however, on Sheet 14, Line 10 is the same address listed with a Mr. & Mrs. Leonard, with a note to see sheet 18, Line 21 [must have changed hands at that point]) 1902 Minneapolis City Directory at the above address.(1910 U.S. 13th Census, Dist. 171, 9th Ward, Sheet 8 [Image 15] Gustaf working for the Pyaisel? Furniture Store, married to Ingeborg for 8 years, 54 years old, Ingeborg is 28 years old and her first marriage, was born in Sweden, living at 2542 Taylor while brother to Gustaf, Charles C. Olson, lived at 2538 Taylor, next door)The 1914, 1921, & 1929 telephone books of Minneapolis lists Gustaf as a finisher and that he worked at the firm A. J. Carlberg. Later he became a cabinetmaker in the same company and in 1929 a patternmaker at the firm of Herman Berg. (Söpple, p178) In the 1916 Minneapolis City Directory, Gustaf is still at the same address and is listed as a Cabinetmaker. – January 5, 1920 Census of MN, Gustaf is living with his wife, Ingeborg, age 36, & 2 daughters, Vera S. Allen, age 16; & Anna V. Allen, age 15;& his mother-in-law, Caroline Olsson, age 76, Karoline’s Burial: Allen-Olson Family Plot, Grave 5, Lot 266, Sect. C,, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin,MN (Hillside Cemetery Records) (Ingeborg & Caroline were born in Sweden with Swedish parents. Gustaf became a U.S. citizen in 1894. Ingeborg immigrated in 1900 & Caroline in 1902. Gustaf was a wood finisher in an Antique shope. Still living at 2542 Taylor St. in Minneapolis. – Gustaf wrote a letter to Sweden in 1926 saying his daughter Anna is engaged and will move to Chicago in the spring of 1927. And on 10/10/1929 Gustaf wrote saying he is now lonely since Carl has left. He reports that Carl’s children are all well and none of them are married yet. His own son, David, has moved to Los Angeles, and David’s sister, Vera, has visited him. (May Dahlbeck: L’s written to Sweden) In the 1930 U.S. MN Census, Hennepin County, District 181, Listed as Gust Allen. Gustaf & Ingeborg are still living at the same address, Gustaf is 74 & Ingeborg is 47. and so are their daughters Vera & Ann. Apparently, Anna did not marry as planned. Vera is now 27 years old and working as a stenographer in an office. Ann is 25 years old and working as a bookkeeper for a roofing company.Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN – Alice G. Allen is listed b1/1897 MN (adopted) Parents both were born in Norway (1900 Fed Census, Dist. 104, Ward 9, p243 under Gustaf Allen)(Not listed in 1910 Census)     (Picture of Gustaf & Britta Allen [first wife], & David soon after arrival in Minneapolis (Söpple, p171) (Home in Minneapolis, MN)
        •   Picture of Cradle made by Gustaf Allen for his son David while in Sweden, still in existance and is being used right now for a baby, gg grandson of Karin, sister to Gustaf, and the babies name is Gustaf. March 2007; May Dahlbeck)
        •   (Picture of Gustaf, David, & Emma contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly)
      • JK475111 – David Emanuel Allen b1-23-1883 Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland, Sweden. Moved 4-18-1884 from Söpple,Järnskog to Amerika. Antecknades som odöpt i kyrkoböckerna – Lived in Minneapolis,MN – Ett foto med ettÅrige David sittande i föräldrarnas knä finns i Söppleboken. Ett amerikabrev från tioårige David finns i Såppleboken. Newsagent vid Soo Line 1921. (Söpple, p178) – mapprox 1906 Madaline ? (Trevor Allen) – 1900 Fed Census, Dist. 104, Ward 9, p243, David E. listed at same address as father, and occupation was Clerk [probably at the business of his father] – David E. Allen, listed in the 1902 Minneapolis City Directory as living at 2542 Taylor, Minneapolis, (Home of his parents) and is an Elevator Operator; 1916 Directory, he is not listed) In 1921 (information probably gathered a year ahead of time as he is in the CA 1920 Census) he is still at his father’s address and working as a News Agent for the Soo Railroad Line. (Söpple,p178) He moved to Los Angeles shortly after this and he was known to be working at a railroad depot there as of 1929. (May Dahlbeck)– David married but never had children, and he owned the newspaper stand and was selling newspapers there in a large department store. (Trevor A. Owen) Vera died in 1975 and David is not mentioned in the obit; I would assume he has already died br this time. U.S. 1920 Census of Los Angeles City, Los Angeles,CA, Emun. Dist. 359, states: David E., 36 years old, born in MN, 815 W 47th St., Los Angeles. Manager of a News Co; Wife is Madaline, age 35, born Ohio. – U.S. 1930 Census of Los Angeles City, Los Angeles,CA, Emun. Dist. 19-474, Sheet 13A, L23&24 states: David E. Allen married to Madeline ?, Ages when first married, 23 for David & 22 for Madaline. Madaline was born in OH as well as her parents. David lists himself as born in MN but both parents born in Sweden. His address is 815 W 47th St. of Los Angeles. Lists his age as 43?, and his wife as 42?. His occupation is listed as proprietor of a News Stand.Never had children.
        •     (Picture: David Emanuel Allen with instrument, Minneapolis. Donated by May Dahlbeck)
      • (Picture: Letter from David Allen to Sweden when he was about 10 years old. It says: I have had very fun. All of us are healthy and in a few weeks will uncle Charlie come. I like him very much. He is so kind to me. Many dearly greetings to the Uncle and all of you from Daddy and Mummy. David Allen. My address is 830 18 1/2 Ave., N.E.)(Söpple,p173
      • JK4751112 – Vera Sonora Allen b2/8/1903 Mpls,Hennepin,MN (Birth Cert. #1903-32862)(Death Cert. of Vera S. Owen #19757-MN-021309; 1910 Census) (Söpple) – d8/6/1975 Villa Maria Nursing Home,Mpls,Hennepin,MN (Death Cert. #19757-MN-021309) – mW. Glynn Owen (Death Obit of Gust Allen; Obit of Alice Olson) b12/13/1894 (SS Index, W. Owen) – d7/18/1978 Allegany County,MD (Lakewood Cem. Records; SS Index)– 1910 Census: Elvera is 7 years old. 1920 Census, Vera is age 16, and living at home with her parents. Vera is working as a bookkeeper in a furniture store, possibly the same as her father. – Vera was a housewife as well as worked in an office. W. Glynn & Vera lived at 5105 Russell Ave. S 55410, Mpls. Vera died of Widespread Metastise from ca. pancreas. Burial was in Lakewood ,Mpls,MN – Albin Funeral Chapel, 2200 Nicollet Ave.,Mpls,MN (Death Cert) – Owen, Vera S., age 72, of 5105 Russell Ave. S. Survived by husband W. Glynn, son Trevor A., Elkins, WV. 2 grandchildren, Alexander & Stephen. Sister, Mrs. Ann Foss, Mpls. Member of Lake Harriet Baptist Church. Services Sat. 10:30 a.m. Lake wood Chapel. Interment: Lakewood Cem. Visitation 7-9 p.m. Fri., The Albin Chapel, Paul, Ralph & Jack Albinson, Directors, 2200 Nicollet Ave. Memorials pref. to American Cancer Society or Lake Harriet Baptist Church. (Obit, Mpls. Tribune, Thurs. Aug. 7/1975, p6D) 1930 Census for W. Glynn Owen states he was single and living with his brother-in-law, Fred Billings at 3204 16th Ave. S, Mpls,Hennepin,MN. He was working as a Public Accountant, 36 years old, and was born in Wales. (Obit of Vera Owen) Burial: Lakewood Cem.,Mpls,Hennepin,MN Lot #366-40-5&6. (Lakewood Cem. Records) Vera wrote beautiful poetry says her son, Trevor A. Owen, and we hope to get one some day.
      •   (Picture of Anna & Vera with Ingeborg given by May Dahlbeck)
        • JK47511121 – Dr. Trevor Allen Owen (Obit of Vera Owen) Cumberland,MD b2/24/1932 Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN -d7/11/2015 Cumberland,MD –  mPatricia Leslie (Trevor A. Owen) Live in Cumberland, MD. – Trevor received his PhD from the Univ. of MN.  College professor at Potomac State of West Virginia Univ., and was a professor at Davis and Elkins, Hampton Institute and American Univ. in Cairo.  Enjoyed reading, writing, literature and his family.   Member of the Christ Lutheran Church – Interment:  Restlawn Memorial Gardens.  (Obit of Trevor)
          • JK475111211 – Alexander Donald Owen (Obit of Vera Owen, Trevor Owen) mLisa ?Has 4 children.
          • JK475111212 – Trevor Stephen Owen (Obit of Vera Owen, Trevor Owen)
          • JK4751113 –Anna Viola Allen (Birth Cert. #1904-33165)(1910 Census; Söpple) b9/24/1904 MN (MN Death Index; Cert. #1990-MN-001047) – d1/20/1990 MN (MN Death Index) – mRussell Foss (Obit of Alice Olson) b8/30/1901 MN (MN Death Index; Cert. #1979-MN-000661) – d1/25/1979 Hennepin,MN (MN Death Index) – 1910 Census Ann is age 5. 1920 Census, Anna is 15 years old and living at home with her parents. Ann’s SS# was SS469-09-9497. Russell’s SS# 473-01-4269. – Never had children.
            •   (Picture: Gustaf Allen’s daughters, Anna & Verna, play violin & piano at home in Minneapolis, MN; (Söpple,p174)
          •    Picture donated by Gunnar Persson, owned by Bernth: CARLSON & ALLEN SASH AND DOOR COMPANY, Minneapolis, MN with 50 employees. To the left, Owners are Aron Carlson with his son & Gustaf Allen with son David. Olof Allen was also in the business when in America. Picture taken aprrox. 1890. Gustaf sent picture to his brother Olof in Sweden. Gustaf & Olof were immigrants to the USA from Sweden, but Olof being in America 1884-1886, returned home to Söpple. (In the 1902 City Directory & the 1916 Directory the Aaron Carlson Sash& Door Co. was listed on 15th Ave., NE, near Central Ave., Minneapolis; Claudia Schuman of Hennepin Co. Web Site) The factory today is “Aaron Carlson Co. Sach & Doors.” We do not know why the partnership was broken. The present owners are grandchildren to Aron Carlson, original owner. [Source: Bengt Erlandsson,Töcksfors, Värmland; (Söpple,p176-177]
          •   (Picture donated by Rena Johnson McAuly of WI of the Gustaf Allen Home Interior)(Picture of Gustaf Allen with second wife, Emma ?,  


  (Picture contributed by Rena Johnson McAuly: Gustaf with Ingeborg)

  • JK47512 – HuldaOlson/Olsdotter (Olofsdotter,IGI Record of Sweden) (Twin to Abel),b1/2/1858 Korsbyn,Järnskog, ,Varmland,Sweden, Lived in Söpple,Järnskog, Varmland,Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden) – Christening: 1/3/1858 Järnskog,Varmland, Sweden (Vital Records of Sweden) Moved 2-22-1884 from Söpple,Järnskog,(S) to Amerika – Sioux City, IA (Söpple,Ägare 1882) – d1/16/1900 Lead,Lawrence,SDof Typhoid Pneumonia. Bur: West Lead Cemetery  Sec. M, Block 1, Lot 2  (Old Masonic Cemetery) Lead,SD – m10/1/1884 Sioux City,IA John (Johan) Magnus Swanson (Svenson) (see MM14 at for family Of John & Hulda)b11/25/1849 Säbyholm,Malmohus lan,Skåne,Sweden d2/12/1914 Twp. of Hutchins,Shawano,Wi – Burial of John & Emil side by side: Woodlawn Cemetery Block 4, Lot 17 Hutchins,Shawano, WI – John Magnus was in the 1880 Dakota Territorial Census, Lawrence Co., p. 203. – John Swanson is nicely fixed in his new quarters at Lead. (Black Hills Daily Times 6/17/1881,p1,c5) Occupation: Blacksmith, sharpened sharpened miner’s tools for the Gold State Mine,Lead,SD., Logger in WI- John and his brother Nels were blacksmiths. They learned their trade in Sweden by working five years without pay as apprentices. Nels left for America in 1869 and worked in Philadelphia for Bladwin Locomotive (and John?) John and his brother Nels went to Wisconsin and did smith work for the Green Bay and Western Railroad. They also worked for the Union Pacific, tunneling through the mountains to Bakersfield, CA. I am sure that this must be what is now known as the Tehachapi Grade. Home Address: 338 White St., Lead, SD Lot 9-Block 4 of Washington Addition Purchased: 9/14/1893 Recorded: 5/15/1897 in Deed Index Grantee #4, p.174. (Also see Lead Book 107, p. 535) located at City Hall, Deadwood. Present Owner 1980’s: Fletch Calvert, 10113 Carefree Dr., Santee, CA 92071 Seller of Property: Frans & Emma Johnson of Lead. – The community of Washington increased by arrival of a little girl, presented to Mrs. John Swanson. (Black Hills Daily Times 5/2/1885,p4,c2) – Mrs. John Swanson of Lead is confined to her room with a severe cold that may result in pneumonia. (Black Hills Daily Times, 3/12/1887,p2,c3) Mrs. John Swanson of Lead is seriously ill with pneumonia. (Black Hills Daily Times, 3/27/1888,p4,c3) John Swanson of Lead, is the papa of a 15 pound boy. (Black Hills Daily Times, 6/17/1886,p2,c4) Hulda was in bad health while she was expecting Lilly, she took the children and spent the remainder of her pregnancy in FL at the home of Nils Swanson; thus, Lilly was born in FL. Hulda knew she was not going to live before Christmas in 1899. She sewed by hand each child his or her clothes worn in the picture below. She then had their picture taken together and each one individually. (The picture below)Note: After sending the children to WI, John stayed on for a couple of years in Lead, but got so lonesome that he quit his job and went to WI to be with his family. He built the farm pictured below. Later, he and Emil went logging. Lillie and Abel missed them and went looking for them. They found them both crushed beneath the same tree, something about one tree getting hung up in another. Every bone in John’s body was crushed. John was a very good friend of the local undertaker. The undertaker was so shook up at the awful condition of John’s body, the he drank a lot of coffee before he got up the nerve to work on the body. – John was on the Town Board of the Town of Hutchins Twp. And also the head of the Board of the Lake May School. He held local offices even though not a naturalized citizen. – Hulda boarded the ship s/s Hero on March 14, 1884 from Christiania, Norway to Hull, Great Britian. Her ticket was #1208:462. Destination: Sioux City,IA (Source: EM.reg.,Karlstad) (Picture contributed by May Dahlbeck;
  •   Wedding of John & Hulda; married in Sioux City, IA)
  •   Cemetery Comments: Hulda’s twin brother, Abel Olson is buried by Hulda.
  •   Baby Carrie buried by Hulda. Bur: West Lead Cemetery Sec. M, Block 1, Lot 2  (Old Masonic Cemetery) Lead,SD – Cemetery located in Lead, SD, across from Lead High School, Junction of Hwys 14A & 85. Graves lie across drive and to left of figure of woman dropping flowers.
  •   Picture: John & Hulda Olson Swanson taken in Lead,SD)
  •       (Picture: Tombstone of Hulda contributed by LeeAnn Paananen, Library Director of Lead,SD) On the bottom is written: I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy) (2nd pic of Aunt LaVerne Blodgett by grave)
  • (For Children of John & Hulda see Manssons:


  •   Every outfit of the children was handmade by Hulda, and each child also had a picture taken separate to keep. Hulda knew she was in bad health and this picture was taken a few weeks before she died.
  • (Picture: Baby Carrie’s Tombstone, Masonic Cemetery, Lead, SD. Buried next to Hulda & Abel, contributed by LeeAnn Paananen, Library Director of Lead,SD)
  •   (Picture: John & Hulda Swanson Home in Lead, SD around 1900. Picture taken around 1980’s. Contributed by Leonard Johnson; I think they built in a new subdivision later)
  •   (Picture of Hulda in casket in their home with the family gathered around, donated by ? Karpf)

    (Picture of John Swanson Farm,Twp.  of Hutchins, Shawano Co., WI) 

  • JK47513- Abel (Axel) Oleson (twin to Hulda)b1-2-1858 Korsbyn, Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Abel Olofsson, Vital Records Index of Sweden) – Christened: Olofsson 1-3-1858 Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden (Abel Olofsson, Vital Records Index of Sweden) Moved 8-2-1881 from Korsbyn,Järnskog,(S) to Amerika (Söpple,Ägare 1882) – d7/22/1889 at 31 yrs,7mo,22d (Tombstone Inscription) – Abel Oleson, Lead City, August 24, 1889 of typhoid fever. Abel Oleson, aged 31 years, 7 months and 21 days. Funeral Monday at 2 p.m. from Lead City to Masonic Cemetery. The decesed had been sick since August 7 and suffered severely. He leaves a brother (according to legal records of Lead, SD, Charles Oleson took care of the estate as Administrator of Abel which also verified Olof Anderson of Sweden as father of both boys, County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, 9/11/1889), a resident of Lead, who has been unrelenting in his attention to the deceased, and to whom the sympathy of the community is extended. (Black Hills Daily Times, 8/1889) Funeral of Abe Oleson yesterday, with remains buried in Bur: West Lead Cemetery Sec. M, Block 1, Lot 2  (Old Masonic Cemetery) Lead,SD (Mason’s Grave Ledger) – Masonic Cemetery of Lead,SD (Black Hills Daily Times, 8/27/1889,p3c3, Obit of Abel)   (Never married and no children.
  • (Pictures contributed by May Dahlbeck: Front of Funeral Home Obit is picture of Abel Olson and the  back)
  • (Picture:,    Abel Olson & Hulda Olson Swanson, twins taken at Albert Pollocks Studio, Deadwood,,SD contributed by May Dahlbeck)
  •   (Picture: Tombstone of Abel Oleson, Masonic Cemetery, Lead,SD, contributed by LeeAnn Paananen, Library Director of Lead,SD))
  •                                    (Buried in front of his twin, Hulda, and her baby)
  • Lead, SD: High above the Black Hills, surrounded by ponderosa pine forests, meandering trout streams and magnificient mountain meadows, stands one of South Dakota’s most memorable communities. Founded with the great gold rush of 1876 and sustained by one of the richest veins ever unearthed. (Lead Area Chamber of Commerce Phamplet)
  • JK47514 – Olof Olsson Allén b5/7/1860 Korsbyn, Järnskog, ,Varmland,Sweden- Christened: 5/9/1860 Järnskog, Varmland,Sweden(Vital Records of Sweden)(Jarnskebygda, N.9, Korsbyn) Moved from Söpple,Järnskog,(S) to Amerika in 1884. Moved 12-23-1886 from Amerika to Söpple,Järnskog,(S). Lived in Söpple,Järnskog,(S) (Söpple,Ägare 1882) – d7-11-1944 Söpple,Järnskog,(S). – mKristina Nilsdotter b10-10-1867 Ulfshuvdane,Järskog,(S). Lived in Ulfshuvdane,Järnskog. – d12-12-1950 Söpple,Järnskog. (Söpple,Ägare 1900, p60) Olof returned after two years in American and settled down at Övre Garse, he married Kristina and had two daughters. (Söpple, p174)
  • (Pictures:   Olof Allen & Kristina contributed by May Dahlbeck; Picture of Olof’s / Kristinaäs grave marker, cemetery in Järnskog, reads Olof Allen 1860 – 1944, Kristina Nilsdotter 1867 – 1980, Söpple contributed by May Dahlbeck))
  • (Picture donated by May
  • Dahlbeck: Olof Olsson Allen taken during his short stay in Minneapolis, 1884 -1886)
  •     (Picture: Kristina& Olof Allen standing at the fence of their home at Ovre Garse, Söpple, p59)
  •   (Picture of Ovre Garse an aerial view; picture taken approx. 1906, House on left, Lennart & Sonia Olsson bought this house and remodelled it as a summer house. Söpple, p59)
  •   Picture: Back Row: Algot Olsson, Olga Nilsson, Albert pä Gustäs (Algot’s father). Front Row: Anna Olsson (daughter of Olof Allen) with son Volmar, Klara (Blind), & Kristina Allen (wife of Olof Allen, mother of Anna, & aunt to Olga), Klara & Kristina were “Söpple, p89)

    JK475141 – Anna Cecilia Allén b11-23-1905 Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden. – d8-23-1980 Söpple,Järnskog – m12-7-1834 Olof (Algot) Olsson b3-29-1900 Söpple,Järnskog – d7-9-1959 Söpple,Järnskog. (Söpple,Ägare 1900, Sweden)

  •   JK4751411 – Olof Volmar Olsson b2-21-1929 Söpple,Järnskog,,Varmland,Sweden – d12/2/2011 Varmland,Sweden (May Dahlbeck)– mGunborg Alice Nilsson b2-15-1926 Skillingmark,Sweden – d8/29/2011 Varmland, Sweden  May Dahlbeck)(Söpple)
  •   (Picture of Gullviva, Summer Home of Volmar’s & Gunborg built by Volmar & son, Göthe in 1975, Söpple, p65)
  • (Picture: Gunborg & Volmar Olsson in summer home, p65)
  • JK47514111 – Olof Albert Göthe Olsson b8-17-1948 mMona Yvonne Jansson b6-1-1954 – Lived in Spesslanda,Säffle,(S). (Söpple)
  • JK475141111 – Jenny Linnéa Olsson (Söpple)
  • JK475141112 – Anders Göte Olsson (Söpple)
  • JK47514112 – Bodil Gunbritt Ann-Marie Olsson b12-12-1949 – mDick Leo Livendahl – Lived in Åbo,Finland. (Söpple)
  • JK475141121 – Anna-Maria Bodil Gabriella Livendahl (Söpple)
  • JK475141122 – Daniel Dick Olof Livendahl (Söpple)
  • JK4751412 – Bernth Martin Olsson b3-19-1935 Nerstuga,Söpple,Järnskog,,Varmland,,Sweden – Lived in Uddevalla (O) – Moved 1959 from Uddevalla (O) to Söpple,Järnskog(S) – mMärta Elisabeth Larsson b11-1-1934 – Lived in Karlanda(S). (Söpple)
  •   (Picture: Bernth Olsson Home, S:a Nestugafrom, Söpple, p89)     (Picture: Bernth & Märta Olsson, Söpple, p90)
  • JK475151 – Paul Emanuel Olson b8/8/1894 MN; Mother’s Maiden Name : Erickson (Death Cert. #1967-MN-002111)1900 U.S. Census) – d1/11/1967 Abbott Hospital, Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN (Death Cert. #1967-MN-002111) – S.S. #469-10-3094 Lived in Minneapolis, St. Anthony, & St. Anthony Village, Hennepin ,MN (SS Death Records)– 1910 U.S. Census, Paul was 15 years old. (May Dahlbeck: L written to Sweden) -8/2/1918-1/5/1919 U.S. Army, Vet (Veteran Records of MN) – In 1920, Paul was a Bookkeeper in a Factory, living at his father’s house, age 25 (1920 U.S. Census, Dist. #185, Ward 9, Sheet 3, Image 6) Bookkeeper in a large firm in Minneapolis in August of 1923. (May Dahlbeck: L written to Sweden) Letter of Gustaf’s to Sweden on 10/10/1929 saying that the children of Charles, none are married. 1930 U.S. MN Census, Henepin County, District 181, lists Paul as the head of the household at the same house as his parents had at 2538 Taylor St., and his sisters Alice, & Ruth are living there also. Paul is listed as 35 years old, a cashier at a paint company; Alice is 33 years old and listed as a stenographer at a lumber company, & Ruth is 31 years old and listed as having no job. {SSDI: Paul Olson Paul never married. – He had a huge stamp collection. Trevor Owen) He was a Credit Manager for the Pitts Plate Glass Co., and at the time of his death, he was living at 2538 Taylor St., N.E. He died of Subordinal Hemorhage, had cereborlaterosclerosis, & Diabetes Mellitus. Burial: Fort Snelling National Cem., Sect I, Site 1319, 7601 34th Ave., S. Minneaspolis,MN (Death Cert) Paul E. Olson, age 72, of 2538 Taylor St., N.E.. Survived by sister, Miss Alice Olson. Funeral services at Gearhart-Buchinger Funeral Chapel, 2535 Central Ave. N.E. on Mon.(Picture contributed by Rena   Johnson McAuly of Paul Olson as an adult;   Picture of Paul E. Olson as a child donated by May Dahlbeck
  • JK475152 – Alice A. Olson b7/10/1896 Mpls,Hennepin,MN (Death Records, 1900 U.S. Census) – d6/9/1968 Abbott ,Mpls,Hennepin,MN (Hennepin County Death Record #1968-MN-015971; Miss Alice A. Olson) Burial: 6/12/1968; age 71; Allen-Olson Family Plot Grave 6, Lot 266, Sect. C, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN (Hillside Cemetery Records) – S.S. #473-01-8582; Lived in Minneapolis, St. Anthony, & St. Anthony Village of Hennepin County,MN (S.S. Death Records) – 1910 U.S. Census, Alice was 13 years old. – In 1920, Alice was a stenographer, 23 years old, and living at her father’s house. (1920 U.S. Census, Dist. #185, Ward 9, Sheet 3, Image 6)Alice was a shorthand writer in Minneapolis in August of 1923. (May Dahlbeck: L written to Sweden) Letter of Gustaf’s to Sweden on 10/10/1929 saying that the children of Charles, none are married. {SSDI: #473-01-8582 – b7/10/1896 – d6/1968 55418 ,Hennepin,MN} – Alice never married, was a Secretary for Jones Press Inc., lived at 2538 Taylor St.,N.E., Mpls with her sister & brother after her parents died. She died of Artexis Scleratic Heart Disease and she also had Diabetes. All three children had diabetes. Burial: Hillside Cem., Mpls,Hennepin,MN (Death Cert) – Olson, Alice A., of 2538 Taylor St.,N.E. Survived by 2 cousins, Mrs. Russell Foss & Mrs. W. Glynn Owen of Mpls. Funeral Services at Gearhart-Buchinger Funeral Home, 2535 Central Ave.,N.E. on Wednesday 3 p.m. Interment: Hillside. Reviewal begins 4 p.m. Tuesday. (The Mpls Tribune, Tues., 6/11/1968,p26)       
    (Picture of Alice A. Olson donated by May Dahlbeck)
  • JK475153 – Ruth N. Olson b12/4/1898 Mpls,Hennepin,MN (Death Record #1966-MN-030051) – d11/21/1966 Abbott ,Mpls,,Hennepin,MN (Death Cert)1900 U.S. Census, she is listed with her parents – 1910 U.S. Census, Ruth is 11 years old. – In 1920, Ruth was a housekeeper for a private family and age 21, and living at her father’s house. (1920 U.S. Census, Dist. #185, Ward 9, Sheet 3, Image 6)Ruth was a housekeeper at home in August of 1923. (May Dahlbeck: L written to Sweden) Letter of Gustaf’s to Sweden on 10/10/1929 saying that the children of Charles, none are married. {SSDI: #474-54-4019 b3/15/1898 – d8/1981 Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN} Ruth never married and lived at 2538 Taylor St.,N.E. Mpls. Her occupation was listed as Housekeeper. She died of a Cerebrovascular Thrombosis due to Cerebrovascular Arterisgelerosis, and also had Diabetes Mellitus Thyrotosicosis. An autospy was performed. Burial: Hillside Cem.,Mpls,Hennepin,MN (Death Cert) Olson, Ruth N., of 2538 Taylor St.,N.E. Sirvived by 1 sister, Miss Alice A. Olson & 1 brother, Mr. Paul E. Olson, both of Mpls. Private funeral at Gearhart-Buchinger Funeral Home, 2535 Central Ave.,N.E. at 1:30 p.m. Wed. Open reviewal beginning 4 p.m. Tues. Memorials preferred to favorite charity. (Mpls. Tribune,Tues,11/22/1966,p28)  Burial:  11/23/1966. Allen-Olson Family Plot, Grave 9, Lot 266, Sect. C,, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin,MN (Hillside Cemetery Records)February 2014
    • JK47514121 – Tony Christer Mikael Olsson – Sambo Gudrun Antonsson (Söpple)
    • JK47514122 – Mona Carina Olsson – mTorbjörn Nilsson (Söpple)
    • JK475141221 – Anders Fredrik Martin Nilsson (Söpple)
    • JK475141222 – Emma Caroline Cecilia Nilsson (Söpple)
    • JK475141223 – Robin Andreas Nilsson (Söpple)
    • JK4751413 – Tord (Lennart) Olsson b5-3-1942 Nerstuga,Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden – mSonia Maria Larsson b4-13-1947- Lived in Karlanda,(S) (Söpple, Ägare 1973)
    • JK47514131 – Camilla Charlotta Olsson Sambo to Per-Anders Olsson (Söpple)
    • JK475141311 – Emma Isabelle Olsson (Söpple)
    • JK47514132 – Patrik Stefan Olsson – Sambo to Ing-Marie Wahlberg (Söpple)
    • JK4751414 – Lars-Erik Ellert Olsson b5-18-1945 Nerstuga,Söpple,Järnskog,Varmland,Sweden – mMainy Albinsson (Söpple)
    • JK47514141 – Catarina Marianne Olsson (Söpple)
    • JK47514142 – Reine Håkan Olsson – Sambo to Annika Skerget (Söpple)
    • JK475142 – Maria (Maja) Kristina Allén b12-20-1908 Söpple,Järnskog, Varmland,Sweden. Telefonstationföreståndare between 1925 and 1930 in Garse,Söpple,Järnskog – d9-19-1934 Söpple,Järnskog. Telephone station at Garse. In the beginning of 1920, came the first telephone service to this part of the country. Maja at Garse was the first switchboard operator in this area. Maja Allen served the owner of phones between 1925 and 1930. Never married. A poem written for her on 9/26/1934 following her death “By Maja Allen’s bier” by her uncle Nils Olson Allen, p63 of Sopple. (Söpple,Ägare 1900, Sweden)
    •   (Picture: Maja Allen with her sister Anna’s child, Volmer Olsson (JK4751411); Söpple, p62)
    • JK47515 – Carl Charles Olson (1910 U.S. Census) Charles Carl Olsson Allen b7-23-1863 Korsbyn,Järnskog,Varmland, Sweden (Jarnskebygda, N.9, Korsbyn) d3/17/1925 Swedish Hosp., Hennepin,MN (Death Record ID #1925-MN-018618 of Charles Olson) Burial: 3/20/1925; Allen-Olson Family Plot, Grave 7,Lot 266, Sect. C, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN – (Hillside Cemetery Records) m9/11/1893 Hennepin, Minnesota Anna (Annie) Erickson (Minnesota Marriage Index, 1849-1950, Film #1380433) (daughter of Erick Peterson & Johannah Erickson Johnson, Sweden [Burial:  5/3/1904, Age 79,  Lot 266, Sect. C, Grave 1, Allen-Olson Family Plot, Hillside Cem.l, Minneapolis, MN, Hillside Cem. Records]) (Death Cert)– b5/16/1864 Sweden – d3/17/1917 Mpls,Hennepin,MN Buried: Anna Olson 4/28/1917; age 52, Allen-Olson Family Plot Grave 8, Sect. C, Lot 266, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN (Hillside Cemetery Records) – Moved 4-21-1882 from Korsbyn,Järnskog to Amerika. (Söpple,Ägare 1882) – mAnnie b5 1864(1900 U.S. Census) 1900 U.S. 12th Census, Sheet 14, Line 14, 2538 Taylor, Charles is a blacksmith at this time. 1910 U. S. 13th Census, April, Dist. 171, 9th Ward, Sheet 8&9, [Images 15&16], Charles is 46 years old and has been married for 17 years. He was working at Machine ? ? ? ? , Annie was 45 years old and her first marriage, and they had 3 children. Living with them was Johana Erickson, mother-in-law to Charles, and is 76. Also, living with them is Rena Mann age 40 and single, a boarder. Their address was 2538 Taylor, N.E. for 35 years, Minneapolis,MN, next door to brother Gustaf Allen)- 1920, at same residence, Charles was a Wedge Worker in a Factory, no wife listed. (1920 U.S. Census, Dist. #185, Ward 9, Sheet 3, Image 6) August 6, 1923: Karl wrote a letter to Sweden saying he had been a widower for more than six years. His wife died of a kidney disease after having been sick only 2 1/2 months. (May Dahlbeck: L written to Sweden) In April of 1925, a letter was written to Sweden saying Charles Olson was dead. Letter from Gustaf to Sweden on 10/10/1929 saying since Charles has left (died),he is lonesome. – Charles would bring his violin out onto the lawn and play it while watering the lawn. (Trevor Allen) Charles was a Blacksmith at the Crown Iron Works. He died of a Cerebral Certeris Sclerasis thrombosis and Enciphalomalaris, and had pnemonia. (Death Cert) – Charles had fell from a car to the pavement by trying to get out too soon in front of his house. He died a few days later as a result of the fall. (Trevor Owen) – Olson, Charles, age 61, of 2538 Taylor at N.E. Survived by 2 daughters, Alice & Ruth and son Paul, all of Mpls. Services Friday, 2:30 p.m. at the home. Interment: Hillside Cem. (Mpls Morning Tribune, Thurs.,3/19/1925,p26) – Anna died at age 52 years, was a housewife, and died of Perinephretic ?, Colon Bacillus of which she had for 3 months. A note attached to death cert. said, “Patient refused to have absess ? until the last day and general intoxication & debility resulted causing death. (Death Cert) – Olson, Anna, age 52, died at her home Sat. Services Tues. 2:30 p.m. from 2538 Taylor St.,N.E. Interment, Hillside. (Obit; Mpls. Morning Tribune, Tues.,3/20/1917, p15)
    •   (Picture of Carl donated by May Dahlbeck)      (Picture: Carl & Annie Allen donated by May Dahlbeck)

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