Kristina (Kjersti) Lindgren


 (Mother's side of family of Mans Mattsson)


Ancestors& Descendants of Hanna Ingemarson


Matts Olson  


       by Karolyn Roberts



Nils Olofson Olson b -mTora Nilaon Olofson

  • Ingemar Nilsson b9/9/1692 Tunby,Skone,Sweden - Anna Olsson b12/21/1689 Tunby,Skone,Sweden - d11/27/1759
  • Hanna Ingemarson - bFeb. 20, 1728 Tunby,Skone,Sweden - dFeb. 13,1806 - mMatts Olson bFeb. 23,1728 Tunby,Skone,Sweden - dOct. 29,1765 (Parents of Matts were Oluf Mattsson & Bolla Hakanson)

Mans Mattsson bNov. 10,1759 Tunby,Skone,Sweden - Christening 11/18/1759 Smedstorp, Sweden (IGI Record v.4.01) -dApril 21,1879 - mMay 2,1790 Smedstorp,Sweden Bengta Ingemarsdatter bDec. 26, 1763 Tunby,Skone,Sweden (IGA Record) Mons Mattsson was a farmer. They lived in the village of Tungby (Lund,Sweden Archives). Parents of Mons were Matts Olson & Hanna Ingemarson. (See: for more on this family)


  MATTS MANSSON -b1/9/1791- Smedstorp,Skone,Sweden- d4/21/1879Parish ofHorslov (Landsarkivet I Lund) m4/3/1816 Hammenhog,Skone,Sweden KRISTINA (Kjersti) LINDGREN Parish of Hammenhog(Landsarkivet I Lund) b.3/29/1794, Hammenhog,Skone,Sweden (Parents of Kristina were Sven Lindgren b6/30/1763 Gislostra Nobbelov,Sweden [Shoemaker] - d7-24-1821 Hammenhog,Sweden & Maria Justina Zimmerdal b8/18/1768 Stora Kopinge,Ystad,Skone,Sweden[Lennart Andersson,Ystad,Skone,Sweden, descendant] d4-19-1826 Hammenhog,Sweden [Lennart Andersson,Ystad,Skone, Sweden, descendant]. - In the household record at Hardeberga 1825-1830 Matts Monsson is recorded being born on January 9, 1791 as a son of the farmer Mons Mattsson & his wife Bengta Ingemars-daughter. However, the birth record of Smedstorp, records the date as 1/16/1791 from Tungby in the parish of Smedstorp. (Shirley M. Morisson, Canada; info from research done in Sweden) They lived in the village of Tungby at the time (Lund,Sweden, Archives). According to the birth record of the parish of Hammenhog, a girl named Kersti (Kjersti) was born on March 29, 1794 as the daughter of the shoemaker Sven Lindgren and his wife Maria Justina Zimmerdal (Lund,Sweden Archives). Note: The farm man Matts Monsson and the maid Christina [Kjersti] Lindgren got married in Hammenhog. According to the household records from the parish of Horslov 1840-1844, vol. A 1:24, Matts and his wife and nine children are noted as living at Horslov No. 1 7/8 Brostorp.    [See picture above of Matts]



Ancestors &  Descendants of


Kristina (Kjersti) Lindgren EN113

by Karolyn Roberts

EN - Erland Nilsson b - mMaria Christiansdotterb1708 ,,Simrishamn,Skone,Sweden - Erland was a Carpenter. [Lennart Andersson, Ystad, Skone,Sweden, descendant] EN1 - Christian Erlandsson Zimmerdal b2/15/1745 ,Simrishamn,Skone,Sweden - d2/1/1816 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden - mKjerstina Jonsdotter Lundberg (debate about who her parents were) abt1743/33 ,Simrishamn,Skone,Sweden - d11-28-1817 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden. - Christian was a shoemaker. [Lennart Andersson]

  • EN11 - Maija (Maria) Justina Zimmerdal b8/18/1768 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden - d4-19-1826 Hammenhog,Sweden [Lennart Andersson, Ystad,Skone,Sweden, descendant] - mSven Lindgren (son of Ola Nilsson & Karna Persdotter) b6/30/1763 Gislov,o–stra Nobbelov,Sweden- d7-24-1821 Hammenhog,Sweden - Sven was a shoemaker. [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN111 - Ola Lindgren b5/10/1791 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - d5-24-1791 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon, Skone,Sweden . [Lennart Andersson]

En112 - Maria Lindgren - b5-11-1792 Hammenhog,Skone,Sweden - d3-17-1841 o–stra Sallerup , Skone,Sweden - mOla Olsson b12-17-1758 o–stra SallerupSkone,Sweden - d2-11-1839 o–stra Sallerup,Skone,Sweden - Ola had previously been married to Hanna Ericksdotter b1755 [Lennart Andersson]

EN1111 - Ola Olsson b1-6-1828 o–stra Sallerup,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson] EN113 - KRISTINA (Kjersti) LINDGREN - Parish of Hammenhog,,Skone,Sweden (Landsarkivet I Lund) b.3/29/1794, Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden (Parents of Kristina were Sven Lindgren b6/30/1763 Gislov ,o–stra Nobbelov,Sweden [Shoemaker] - d7-24-1821 Hammenhog,Sweden & Maria Justina Zimmerdal b8/18/1768 Stora Kopinge,Ystad,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson] d3-27-1867 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon, Sweden [Lennart Andersson]. m4/3/1816 Hammenhog, Malmohuslon, Skone, Sweden MATTS MONSSON-(son of Mons Mattsson & Bengta Ingemarsdatter) b1/9/1791- Tunby,Smedstorp, Malmohauslon, Skone,Sweden- d4/21/1879Parish ofHorslov,Malmohus,Sweden (Landsarkivet I Lund;Records of Lennert Andersson gives birthdate as 1/16/1791) - In the household record at Hardeberga 1825-1830 Matts Monsson is recorded being born on January 9, 1791 as a son of the farmer Mons Mattsson & his wife Bengta Ingemars-daughter. However, the birth record of Smedstorp, records the date as 1/16/1791 from Tungby in the parish of Smedstorp. (Shirley M. Morisson, Canada; info from research done in Sweden) They lived in the village of Tungby at the time (Lund,Sweden, Archives). According to the birth record of the parish of Hammenhog, a girl named Kersti (Kjersti) was born on March 29, 1794 as the daughter of the shoemaker Sven Lindgren and his wife Maria Justina Zimmerdal (Lund,Sweden Archives). Note: The farm man Matts Monsson and the maid Christina [Kjersti] Lindgren got married in Hammenhog. According to the household records from the parish of Horslov 1840-1844, vol. A 1:24, Matts and his wife and nine children are noted as living at Horslov No. 1 7/8 Brostorp. (For Descendants of Kristina, see )

EN114 - Karna Lingren b9/28/1795 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - mMaths Olsson [Lennart Andersson] EN115 - Brita Elisabet Lindgren b3-14-1797 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - d3-30-1799 Hammenhog, Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN116 - Erland Lindgren b10-27-1798 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - d5-8-1800 Hammenhog, Malmohuslon, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN117 - Sven Lindgren b4-28-1800 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - mGustava Fogelberg b8/22/1801 Tryserum,Kalmar lon - Sven was a shoemaker. [Lennart Andersson] EN1171 - Anna Maria Lindgren b7-16-1825 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1172 - Christina Lindgren b10-17-1827 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1173 - Sophia Petronella Lindgren b12-19-1829 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1174 - Sven Peter Lindgren b9-17-1832 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - [Lennart Andersson]

EN11741 - August Fredrik Lindgren b1865 Horslov,,Malmohus,Sweden [Lennart Andersson] EN11742 - Anna Sofia Lindgren b1871 Tofta [Lennart Andersson] EN1175 - Per Lindgren b1-13-1835 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1176 - Per Olof Lindgren b1-29-1836 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - mHanna Persdotter b1851 Borrby,Simrishamn,Skone,Sweden - Per was a shoemaker. [Lennart Andersson]

EN11761 - Anna Carolina Lindgren b1879 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone, Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1177 - Bengta Lingren b9-28-1838 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone, Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1178 - Gustava Lingren b1842 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone, Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN118 - Petronella Elisabet Lindgren b11-14-1801Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - d5-22-1810 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN119 - Johanna Lindgren b12-27-1803 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - m9-6-1828 1Per Persson - m12-31-1840 2Per Porsson[Lennart Andersson]

EN1191 - Ola Persson b5-29-1829 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1192 - Kerstina Persdotter b8-21-1831 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1193 - Per Persson b10-8-1833 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1194 - Sven Persson b11-12-1835 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN1195 - Johanna Persdotter b7-20-1844 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

  • EN11a - Christian Lindgren b8-14-1805 Hammenhog,Malmohuslon,Skone,Sweden - d1-31-1855 Stiby,Sweden - m5-30-1830 Annika Mattsdotter Ekelund (daughter of Mattis Christiansson Ekelund 1747-1799 [farmer & miller]& Karna Torsdotter 1762-1831) b7-26-1797 Stora Ramnakulla - d12-12-1856 Stiby,Skone,Sweden - Christian was a soldier in 1827, Corporal in 1834 in Stiby. - Annica was married to Jons Andersson Gren [1791 - d1828] before she married Christian. Children of Annica & Jons were Christian Jonsson, Anders Mathias Jonsson, Eric Jonsson, Thore Jonsdotter, Thore Jonsdotter Gren, Karna Jonsdotter & Gren.[Lennart Andersson]
  • EN11a1 - Maria Lindgren b4-26-1831 Stiby,Skone,Sweden - d2-28-1905 Brosarp, Skone, Sweden - m2-27-1858 Per Mortensson Winqvist b9-21-1835 Ingelstorp - d8-3-1902 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden - Per was a soldier at Cavalry in 1855 Brosarp och Ravlunda. [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN11a11 - Mortin Winqvist b6-15-1858 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden - m12-27-1888 ? ? [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN11a12 - Anna Winqvist b10-6-1860 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden - d5-10-1954 Tomelilla,Skone, Sweden - m5/25/1879 Anders Hansson b1-11-1843 Andrarum,Skone,Sweden - d1925 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - Anders was a shopkeeper. [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a121 - Nils Alfred Hansson b5/28/1880 Andrarum,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a122 - Anders Oscar Hansson b11/28/1881 Andrarum,Skone,Sweden - d10/1953 Tomelilla,Skone, Sweden - mHulda Maria Nilsson b1888 - d1943 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a1221 - Erik Oscar Valdemar Hansson b1/15/1911 Gladsax, Skone,Sweden - d10/9/1984 Tomelilla, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a1222 - Greta Anna Maria Hansson b7/1/1912 Borrby,Skone,Sweden - d5/2/1989 Benestad,Skone,Sweden.- m10/11//1941 Armin Winkelmann b5/22/1909 Tyskland - d1/6/1977 Benestad,Skone,Sweden. [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a1223 - Walda Linno©a Elisabet Hansson b7/24/1914 Borrby,Skone, Sweden - d5/24/2001 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - m6/28/1936 Bror Birger Magnus Ohlsson b10/26/1913 Limhamn,Skone,Sweden - d9/29/1987 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a1224 - Anders Uno Gunnar Hansson b1/20/1916 Borrby,Skone, Sweden - d6/3/1971 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - m ? ? [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a1225 - Inga Viktoria Kristina Hansson b12/17/1916 Borrby,Skone, Sweden - d1/29/1997 ,Varberg,Sweden - m ? Bergfeldt d6/10/1968
        • EN11a1226 - Hans Folke Reinhold Hansson b12/13/1917 Borrby,Skone, Sweden - d4/5/2001 ,,Malmo,Sweden
        • EN11a1227 - Morta Maj-Britt Hansson b5-20-1920 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - mJohn Sture Persson b5-27-1911 S:t Pauli,Sweden
        • EN11a1228 - Living Hansson b
        • EN11a1229 - Gurli Hansson b1923 Tryde,Skone,Sweden - d1924 Tomelilla, Skone, Sweden
        • EN11a122a - Living Hansson b - mBengt Gosta Ekberg b10-7-1923 Ystad,,Skone, Sweden - d7-26-1993 Tryde,Skone,Sweden
        • EN11a123 - Gustav Adolf Hansson b8-27-1883 Andrarum,Skone,Sweden - d4-25-1965 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - mMaria (Maja) ? b1889 - d1946 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
          • EN11a1231 - Anders Lennart Hansson b7/8/1911 ,Ludvika,Skone,Sweden - d8/19/1990 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden
          • EN11a1232 - Erik Gustav Hansson b6/9/1912 Hossleholm,Skone,Sweden - d10-28-1992 Tomelilla, Skone, Sweden - m4-11-1940 Ella Gunhild b6-13-1914 Tryde,Skone, Sweden - d6-17-1977 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden
            • EN11a12322 - Jan Eskil Hansson b7-12-1940 - d1-13-1998 Tomelilla,Skone, Sweden - m? b1967 (divorced)
        • EN11a124 - Anna Karolina Hansson b4-27-1885 Andrarum,Skone,Sweden - d12-21-1971Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - m? Persson d1/31/1948 [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a125 - Frans Josef Hansson b9/25/1887 Andrarum,Skone,Sweden, - Loroverkslorare (Teacher at a Senior High School) i Goteborg - mNanna ?[Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a126 - Elin Julia Hansson b5/24/1890 Trydem,Skone,Sweden - d12/8/1978 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden . m? Thuresson d10/19/1918 - Elin was a Microscopist. [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a127 - Hans Edvin Rudolf Hansson b2/10/1894 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - d12/13/1970 Tomelilla- d1970 - Hans was a violinist. He was a muscian of folk music. [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a128 - Erik Hjalmar Hansson b5/21/1898 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - d12/7/1990 Nosaby - m11/14/1929 Erika Wilhelmina Maria P - b4/24/1905 Tyskland - d5/23/1994 Kristianstad - Erik was a Typographer at Kristianstad. [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a129 - Herta Maria Hansson b4/2/1901 Tomelilla - d6/1/1991 Borrby, Skone, Sweden - m7/8/1922 Gerhard Ohlsson b2/7/1900 Borrby,Skone,Sweden - d6/3/1985 Borrby,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
          • EN11a1291 - Bengt Olof Ohlsson b3/19/1923 Ullstorp,,Skone,Sweden - d2/6/1987 Rogla - m11-18-1944 Inga Kerstin - Bengt was an elementary school teacher, and a Special Education Teacher. [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a13 - Ingrid LWinqvist b5/8/1863 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden - d8-2-1953 Horby,Skone, Sweden - m12/31/1888 Truls Andersson Krantz b3-12-1865 Magleham - d5-27-1934 Horby,Skone, Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a131 - Franz Josef Krantz b3/19/1889 Maglehem,Skone,Sweden - d10/19/1889 Maglehem,Kristianstad,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a132 - Elna Maria Krantz b11/15/1890 Maglehem,Skone,Sweden - mKarl Hartman bBerlin [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a133 - Anna Albertina Krantz b8/30/1894 Maglehem,Skone,Sweden - d1968 [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a134 - Axel Edvin Krantz b9/13/1896 Maglehem,Skone,Sweden - d1/25/1974 Roby,Skone,Sweden - m3-9-1935 Gunhild Alfrida b1-10-1900 ,Lomma,Skone,Sweden - d8-5-1982 Horby,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a135 - Albert Ossian Krantz b10-14-1898 Maglehem,,Skone,Sweden - d10-10-1995 Halmstad - m1? ? - m 2Signe Alida b6/26/1905 Ronneby - d6/27/1974 Vitemolle [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a136 - Ture Vallentin Krantz b5-12-1901 Maglehem,Skone,Sweden - d9-3-1988 Sofielund, Malmo,Sweden - m4-13-1929 Svea Augusta Ingeborg b9-9-1908 Laholm [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a14 - Christian Winqvist b5-12-1866 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a15 - Anders Winqvist b12-2-1869 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden - d ca 1944 - m9/25/1898 Augusta Pettersson b2-19-1870 Landskrona [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a16 - Christina Winqvist b5-26-1873 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden - d5-19-1967 Kovlinge, Skone,Sweden

- m9/21/1902 John Jonsson Hallborg b12-2-1864 - d1915 - Lagerbitrode (Worked at a store) [Lennart Andersson]

  • EN11a161 - Herta Maria Winqvist b5/8/1896 Brosarp,Skone,Sweden - d12/13/1982 Kovlinge,Skone,Sweden - m5-28-1924 Nils Albin Norrbring b12-30-1899 St. Pauli,Skone,Sweden - d12-13-1982 Kovlinge,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN11a2 - Christina Lindgren b1-17-1834 Stiby,Sweden - d8-28-1865 Komstad,Sweden - m1858 Per Mortensson (son of Morten Andersson [1793-1838] & Hanna Nilsdotter [1792 - 1866] of Komstad,Stiby) b9-30-1832 Komstad,Stiby, Sweden - d3-15-1914 Komstad,Sweden. - Per was the Church-Beadle [bell ringer & the verger at Komstad,Stiby] - Per married Anna Christoffersdotter [1836-1878] following the death of Christina. [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN11a21 - Johanna Persdotter b9/4/1859 Stiby,Sweden - d4/14/1926 Komstad, Sweden - m12/19/1882 Mons Nilsson b1-26-1848 - d4-24-1923 Komstad, Sweden - Mons was a carpenter. [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a211 - Nils Monsson b4/27/1884 Komstad, Sweden - d3/22/1971 Komstad,Sweden - m1917 Anna Karlsson b11/23/1886 Borringe - d9-25-1954 Komstad, Sweden - Nils was a carpenter. [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a2111 - Elsa Anna Maria Ingeborg Monsson b8-31-1917 Komstad, Sweden - d6-16-1985 Komstad, Sweden - m3-23-1974 Sture Gosta Sigvard Olsson b2-26-1916 o–stra Ingelstad, Tomelilla, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a2112 - Ivar Monsson b3-26-1920 Komstad, Sweden - d10-6-1957 Komstad, Sweden - Ivar was a carpenter. [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a212 - Kristina Ingeborg Monsson b2-4-1886 Komstad,Sweden - d1-2-1914 Komstad, Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a213 - Ture Magnus Monsson b8-18-1888 Komstad, Sweden - d10-15-1964 Borrby,Skone,Sweden - m1925 Alma Linderoth b12-18-1900 Skepparslov,Kristianstad,Skone,Sweden - d2-4-1973 Borrby,Skone,Sweden - Magnus was a carpenter. [Lennart Andersson]
          • EN11a2131 - Nils Lennart Monsson b10-8-1926 Komstad, Sweden - d1933 Vallby,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a214 - Gerda Dorotea Monsson b11-27-1891 Komstad, Sweden - d7-23-1975 Maria, Skone,Sweden - mKarl Nilsson b1886 - d6-26-1959 Helsingborg,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a215 - Anna Elisabet Monsson b9-7-1894 Komstad, Sweden - d4-4-1917 Komstad, Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a216 - Emma Amalia Monsson b7-23-1896 Komstad, Sweden - 7-12-1981 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - m4-19-1919 Gustav Dahlin b10-19-1892 Anderslov,Skone,Sweden - d11-15-1962 ,Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
          • EN11a2161 - Hans Kurt Janne Dahlin b1-6-1920 St. Johannes,Skone,Sweden - d9-3-1995 Slottsstaden,Skone,Sweden - m6-30-1951 Gunvor Ingegord Helsingborg Rix b5-9-1925 Korsberga,Sweden - d7-3-2001 Slottsstaden, Skone,Sweden - Hans was a shopkeeper.
      • EN11a22 - Anna Persdotter b3-4-1862 Stiby,Sweden - d8-20-1942 Tomelilla, Skone,Sweden - m12-13-1890 Nils Persson b11-5-1864 Bostekille,Skone,Sweden - d4-13-1954 o–ved,Skone,Sweden - Nils was a small farmer. [Lennart Andersson]
        • EN11a221 - Alma Karolina Nilsson b10-18-1892 Korrby,Sweden - d4-20-1981 Tomelilla,Skone,Sweden - m6-14-1919 Johan Fredrik Andersson b6-1-1891 Lovestad,Skone,Sweden - d3-4-1971 ,Tomelilla,Skone, Sweden - Johan was a railwayman in Tomelilla. [Lennart Andersson]
          • EN11a2211 - Nils Agne Bertil Andersson b5-31-1920 Korrby,Sweden - d12-1-1992 ,Ystad,Skone,Sweden - m4-9-1955 Anna Rose-May Andersson [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a23 - Elna Persdotter b2-12-1864 Komstad,Sweden - d11-28-1865 Komstad,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN11a3 - Sophia Lindgren b10-4-1836 Stiby,Sweden - d12-2-1890 Rorum,Skone,Sweden - m1864 Per Nilsson b10-13-1829 - Torpare (Crofter)po Rorum [Lennart Andersson]
      • EN11a31 - Nils Persson b1865 Rorum,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN11a32 - Anna Persdotter b1866 Rorum,Skone,Sweden - d1874 Rorum,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson] EN11a33 - Hanna Persdotter b1868 Rorum,Skone,Sweden - d1874 Rorum,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN11a34 - Anders Persson b1870 Rorum,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN11a35 - Christina Persdotter b1873 Rorum,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN11a36 - Hanna Persdotter b1876 Rorum,Skone,Sweden - d1886 Rorum, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN11a37 - Per Persson b1878 Rorum,Skone,Sweden - d1878 Rorum, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

EN11a38 - Per Persson b1880 Rorum,Skone,Sweden - d1891 Rorum, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]

  • EN11b - Bengta Lindgren b9-16-1807 Hammenhog,Skone,Sweden - d11-01-1807 Hammenhog, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN11c - Bengta Lindgren b11-13-1808 Hammenhog,Skone,Sweden - d12-03-1808 Hammenhog, Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN12 - Johanna Zimmerdal b4/25/1770 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden - mo…ke Olsson [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN13 - Erland Zimmerdal b3-26-1772 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden - d177? Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN14 - Elisabet Zimmerdal b9/18/1774 Stora Kopinge,Sweden - mAnders Lundberg [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN141 - Anna Wilhelmina Lundberg b5-1813 Sjorup,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN15 - Botilla Zimmerdal b12-29-1776 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden - d1811 [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN151 - Lars Christian b1810 [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN16 - Erland Zimmerdal b2-22-1779 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden - mAgneta ? [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN17 - Jons Zimmerdal b2/19/1781 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN18 - Nils Zimmerdal b6-10-1783 Stora KopingeSkone,Sweden - mUlrica Reuterdahl b3-26-1779 [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN181 - Carl Gustaf Zimmerdal b6-22-1812 [Lennart Andersson]
  • EN19 - Christina Zimmerdal b9-25-1787 - mRasmus Nilsson b1779 Tranos,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN191 - Anna Rasmusdotter b1812 Ystad,Skone,Sweden [Lennart Andersson]
    • EN192 - Nils Rasmusson b1818 [Lennart Andersson]
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Ancestors & Descendants of Sven Lindgren EN113

by Karolyn Roberts


Ola Nilsson - mKarna Porsdotter - Resided in Gislov [Lennart Andersson] Sven Lindgren (son of Ola Nilsson & Karna Persdotter) b6/30/1763 Gislov,Sweden- d7-24-1821 Hammenhog,Sweden - Sven was a shoemaker. [Lennart Andersson] mMaija (Maria) Justina Zimmerdal (daughter of Christian Erlandsson Zimmerdal & Kjerstine Jonsdotter) b8/18/1768 Stora Kopinge,Skone,Sweden - d4-19-1826 Hammenhog,Sweden [Lennart Andersson, Ystad,Skone,Sweden, descendant]

  • April   2014
  • Credits: [Lennart Andersson, Ystad, Skone,Sweden, descendant]

Karolyn Roberts

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