Genealogy of Karolyn Roberts


Genealogy of My Family

by Karolyn Roberts


Genealogy of my Swedish families:

Matt Mansson, Johnson, Hulda (Olson) Swanson, Olofsson, Olson, Halvard Bryntesson (maternal family of Hulda Olson Swanson)

Genealogy of my Swiss ancestors:

Yoder, Kauffman, Huber/Hoover, Lehman

Genalogy of my English ancestors:

Vining, Stooksberry

Genealogy of my sons, Randy & Ron:  

Roberts, Zinke, Rowley, Johnson (English), Griswold

Genealogy of the Amersons:

Amerson, Pollock, Remnick, Sears, Knowles



BOOK:  Mom Chose Life by Karolyn Roberts

September 2017


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