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HL33 – Bishop Peter Hege Lehman b1726 (Files of Joseph Hoover) Palatinate,Germany (PA Men. Heritage,vIII,#4,Oct.1980) – d1/1807 – m1Ann Reiff (Daughter of Hans Reiff) b1728 -d1773 (Files of Joseph Hoover) – m2Mary Fox – Peter came to American in 1727 on the “James Goodwill” with his parents and two siblings. Lived in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. In the deed of 10/10/1765 (Patent AA-10-245 Harrisburg)Peter’s parents granted him 34 acres of land. His father willed him the homestead portion of his father’s farm of 120 acres. Peter was a minister and a bishop and was one of the first turstees of the Erb Mennonite Church in Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co.,PA. The deed for the first land for this congregation was given by Joseph & Barbara Erb on Nov. 6, 1794 to Peter Leman, a minister of the gospel, for the Baptists called Mennonites, and to Peter Erb, a trustee of the same order (Deed L-3-348, Lancaster) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)

  • HL331 – Anna Lehman b11/23/1768 – d4/22/1815 – mJohn Strickler b10/28/1763 – d1/1/1832 (Son of Ulrich Strickler and Elizabeth Funk; his second wife was Barbara Kahler) Resided at Manheim, PA. Children were: John C. Strickler b10/27/1797 – d6/12/1881 – mCatharine Rohrer; Maria Strickler b8/16/1799 – d7/29/1822 – mJohn Shenk; Ulrich Strickler b2/3/1801 – d11/7/1864 – mSarah Miller; Peter Strickler b8/13/1804 – d1/8/1829 Single; Abraham Strickler b4/24/1807 – d9/2/1883 – mMartha Rohrer(Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL332 – Maria Lehman b2/28/1773 – d9/1/1838 – mJoseph Burkholder b1772 – d7/1826 (Son of John and Esther Burkholder) Maria and Joseph resided on her father’s farm granted them by his will dated Aug. 3, 1804 (Will I-1-306, Lancaster) Joseph was a deacon in the Hernley congregation. They are buried in the family graveyard on the farm where they lived. This graveyard has since become overgrown with briars and has now been obitereated. Their tombstones were removed to the new Danville Mennonite Cemetery in Pequea Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Children are: Esther Burkholder – mPeter Witmer (Peter along with Benjamin Keyser & Jacob Hege purchased 73 perches of land across from the Brown Mill Schoolhouse for the sum of $27.37 1/2 and erected a brick church building and became the Brown’s Mill Meeting House (   The Old Brown’s Mill School, Mennonite Family History, vVIIIn4)) whose children were Joseph Witmer and Peter Witmer (Subscribers at the Brown’s Mill School in Franklin Co., PA (The Old Borwn’s Mill School, Mennonite Family History, vVIIIn4)); John Burkholder mNancy Lehman whose children were Mary Burkholder and Fannie Burkholder; Peter Burkholder b1802 -d2/19/1850 -mBarbara Lehman in New Holland, PA b1804 – d1873 and children were Anna Burkholder, Joseph Burkholder, Abraham Burkholder, Martha Burkholder, Christian Burkholder, Peter Burkholder, Martin Burkholder, Maria Burkholder, and Jacob Burkholder; Joseph Burkholder – mElizabeth Reiff and Bishop Joseph Burkholder was ordained a Mennonite minister in 1846 and a bishop on 1/8/1864. His district comprised the churches in the area of Conestoga and Manor Twps., Children of Joseph were Samuel Burkholder who maried Martha Huber, Abraham R.Burkholder – mElizabeth Charles, Anna Burkholder – mChristian Snavely, Daniel Burkholder- mAnna Weidler, David Burkholder – mFannie Haverstick, Eliza – mSamuel Leaman, Maria Burkholder – mJacob K. Fisher, and Susan Burkholder; Jacob Burkholder b1805 – d1871 – mElizabeth Ensminger b1806 – d1888 who had one child Henry Burkholder; Mary Burkholder b1812 – d1888 – mUlrich Shaffner who had children Amos Shaffner and Abraham Shaffner; Christian Burkholder – mAnna Springer and had children, Maria Burkholder, Anna Burkholder, Harriet Burkholder, Henry Burkholder, Reuben Burkholder, and Christian Burkholder; Abraham Burkholder b11/2/1814 – d9/8/1896 – mEsther Hess b10/16/1823 – d2/12/1872 had children Henry H. Burkholder & Abraham H. Burkholder (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL34 – Mary Lehman mMichael Boehm – Had children. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL35 – John (Hans Jr.) Lehman b1733 – d1802 – m1Unknown – m2Christina ?(Widow of Abraham Bowman, Sr.) John was known as Little Hans because he was small in stature. Bought a farm in Mount Joy Twp., Lancaster Co., PA in 1771, resided there til 1795, sold his farm and bought another in Letterkenny Twp., Franklin Co., PA.(Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL351 – Elizabeth Lehman b3/6/1765 – d12/15/1827 – m1784 Martin Nissley b12/29/1763 – d10/6/1825 (Son of John Nissley & Mary Sechrist) Resided in Dauphin Co.,PA – Children were John Nissley mElizabeth Rupp; Maria Nissley mJacob Heigart; Catharine Nissley mJohn Oberholtzer; Samuel Nissley mNancy Wisler. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL352 – John Lehman b4/23/1767 – d8/8/1844 – mChristina Shirk b4/23/1772 – d1/1852 (Daughter of Joseph Shirk & Barbara Kauffman) Resided in Letterkenny Twp.,Franklin Co.,PA (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3521 – Samuel Lehman b7/12/1798 – d10/21/1883 near Upper Strasburg,Franklin,PA – mElizabeth Kauffman b9/30/1797 – d11/28/1880 (Daughter of John Kauffman & Catharine Koop) Samuel was known as Blue Sam. Resided at Upper Strasburg in Letterkenny Twp., Franklin Co., PA. Burial: Old Strasburg Mennonite Cemetery (Eight Children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Samuel Lehman near upper Strasburg, Franklin county, Pa, departed this life on Sunday evening, Oct. 21st, aged 85 years, 2 months and 9 days. The subject of this notice was a man of a peculiarly strong and healthy constitution, having known little of sickness, except such as rheumatism etc., the results of exposure, until the last six weeks of his allotted time, he suffered severely from pulmonary and asthmatic affections, but bore his afflictions with much patience; but the time came when human aid and all that loving hearts and hands could do, could no longer keep him and a merciful God permitted the soul to leave its earthly tabernacle, for a better Home not made with hands, where sufferings and sorrows are left behind, and where our tears shall be wiped away. Of this hope our departed father left us a bright evidence, having spent his latter days in much prayer and supplication, expressing nothing of condemnation. Truly, “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Father Lehman, since a young man was a member of the Mennonite Brotherhood in Christ, and a regular attendant at the Church near his home: he having been born, lived and died on the same farm. His parents also lived and died there. His long intercourse with his fellow-men in general, was ever pleasant and unobtrusive, being often sought after to fill places of responsibility. Ever generous to the needy, his removal will be felt by many. Like the uplifting of the oak, with its numerous and long roots, intermingled with many lesser ones which stood around it which will be more or less affected by its removal. The The interment took place on the 23rd , when impressive remarks were made from 2 Tim.4:6, 7 by Pre. Peter Wadle and Hunsecker in German, and Isaac Sollenberger in English. Thus has our father and grandfather gone before us. Which among us will be the first to follow him? (Herald of Truth, Nov. 1883)
  • HL3522 – Catharine Lehman b9/5/1807 – d9/1/1870 – mGreene Twp.,Franklin,PA (IGI Record) 11/17/1835 John L. Lesher (HL369) b9/15/1808 – d3/16/1872(Son of Joseph Lesher & Fannie Lehman) (Four Children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3523 – Elizabeth Lehman b? – d1/20/1854 – mSamuel L. Detwiler b12/6/1804 – d8/26/1884 (Son of Jacob Detwiler & Barbara Lehman) (Eight Children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL353 – Anna (Nancy) Lehman – mChristian Shirk b5/6/1771 – d1831 (Son of Joseph Shirk & Barbara Kauffman) Christian was ordained in 1813 as a minister for the Chambersburg & Strasburg Mennonite congregations in Franklin Co.,PA. During the winter months of 1830 and 1831, Christian served at the Brown’s Mill Meeting House as minister until the time of his death (The Old Borwn’s Mill School, Mennonite Family History, vVIIIn4). Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Letterkenny Twp.,Franklin,PA. Children are: Henry Shirk; Nancy Shirk m? Kissel; Catherine Shirk mAbraham Lehman   (HL3544), she was Abraham’s first wife; Elizabeth Shirk mJohn Boyer who was the son of Martin Boyer & Esther Huber (Ten Children; Lydia Shirk mBishop John Hunsecker who was the son of Abraham Hunsecker & Elizabeth Hege, and he was ordained as a minister and a bishop at the Chambersburg Mennonite Meetinghouse and buried there (Thirteen Children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL354 – Rev. Jacob Lehman b6/11/1772 – d6/14/1831 mCatherine Bowman b12/6/1774 Labanon,Lancaster,PA ( – d5/21/1851 (Daughter of Abraham & Christina Bowman) Resided in Letterkenny Twp., Franklin Co.,PA. He was ordained a minister in 1805 at Chambersburg Mennonite Meetinghouse. Jacob preached mostly at Strasburg Meetinghouse. Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Letterkenny Twp., Franklin, PA (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3541 – John B. Lehman b3/13/1794 – d2/22/1862 – mElizabeth Wingert b4/21/1802 – d1/27/1854 (Daughter of Abraham Wenger & Catharine Sollenberger) Lived in Letterkenny Twp.,Franklin,PA (Seven Children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3542 – Catherine Lehman b5/5/1795 – d3/10/1866 – mAbraham Lehman (HL36(13)) b3/23/1789 – d1/2/1864 (Son of Daniel Lehman & Maria Newcomer) Resided in Mahoning Co.,OH. Burial: Midway Mennonite Cem.,Columbiana Co.,OH (10 Children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • [Children: See HL36(13)]
  • HL3543 – Elizabeth Lehman b3/17/1797 – d3/26/1876 – mSamuel H. Lehman b7/28/1797 – d8/2/1851 (Son of Rev. Daniel Lehman & Anna Huber) Sister Anna (Nancy) and brother Peter H. of Samuel married children of Barbara Lehman & Jacob Detwiler ( HL365) Resided near Scotland,Greene Twp.,Franklin,PA. Burial: Lehman Graveyard. (Ten children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Children of Elizabeth & Samuel were Daniel Lehman, Catherine Lehman, Nancy Lehman,& Samuel B. Lehman. (
  • HL3544 – Abraham Lehman b3/25/1800 – d10/22/1868 Canal Winchester,Franklin,OH – m1Catherine Sherk b1807 – d1828 (Daughter of Christian Shirk & Nancy Lehman, HL353) Two children. – m2Olive Smith d9/19/1883. Eleven children. Moved with his second wife to Canal Winchester,OH in 1842. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) On the 22nd of Oct., in Canal Winchester, Franklin Co., Ohio, ABRAHAM LEHMAN, aged 68 years, 7 months and 22 days. He was a member of the Mennonite church. He was formerly of Franklin County, Funeral sermon was preached by Pre. Hefly, from 1st Peter 1-3. He died very suddenly. His last words were “I am getting very sick.” and in a few minutes he was dead. He died sitting in his chair. Let us so number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom, for such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh. (Herald of Truth, 1868, p190-191)
  • HL3545 – Adeline (Anna) Lehman b6/2/1802 – d1/21/1845 – m2/7/1827 George Hoffman b1803 – d1857 (Four daughters) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Child of Adeline & George Hoffman was Elizabeth Hoffman. (
  • HL3546 – Frances B. Lehman b8/17/1807 – mAdam Bechtel b1812 – d9/5/1849 (Nine children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3547 – Christina Lehman b1810 – d1858 – mSamuel Herr (son of John Herr/Hare & Magdalene Shearer) b1/19/1809 ( – d1/16/1876 (Changed his name to Hare) Children of Christina & Samuel were John Hare, Jacob Hare, Katherine Hare, Samuel Hare, Abram Hare, Christian Hare,& David Hare. Setlled in Franklin Co. near Columbus,OH – Burial: Mennonite Cem. (
  • HL3548 – Mary Lehman b4/3/1812 – d12/23/1893 – m3/23/1837 Bishop Jacob Bowman b2/13/1813 Franklin Co.,PA – d5/18/1884 Madison,Franklin,OH (Son of John Bowman & Barbara Lehman [HL3549]) (Six children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) On the 18th of May, at his residence in Madison township, Franklin Co., OH, Bishop Jacob Bowman; aged 71 years, 2 months and 22 days. The deceased was born in Franklin Co., PA., on the 13th of February, 1813, and in 1842 came to Ohio and settled in the neighborhood in which his life was brought to a close. He was married to his now sorrowing widow on the 23d day of March, 1837. To them were born eight children, five sons and three daughters. On the 12th of March, 1846, he was received into full communion with the Mennonite Church. In 1849 he was chosen to the office of deacon; in 1853 he was ordained to the office of the Gospel ministry, and in 1879 was invested with office the of * Bishop. Father Bowman was held in the highest esteem and enjoyed the confidence of all who knew him. During the past year his health had been gradually failing, and for several months before his death he had been confined to his room. His sufferings, at times, were great, but were endured with wonderful patience. He spoke with calmness of his approaching death, for he had learned to know Him in whom he had put his trust. His funeral, which was largely attended, took place on the forenoon of the 20th inst*, the services being conducted at the Asbury M. E. Church, by J. Heffley of the Reformed Church, assisted by the brethren Brenneman and Martin of the Mennonite Church. (Herald of Truth, 6/1/1884,p173) Children of Mary & Jacob were Absalom Bowman, Jacob Bowman, Samuel Bowman, Benjamin Bowman, Mary Bowman, & Catherine Bowman. ( Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3549 – Jacob B. Lehman, Jr. – b10/1815 – d8/1/1893 – mEsther Huber b2/17/1820 – d3/24/1885 (Daughter of Benjamin Huber & Esther Risser) (Two children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL355 – Barbara Lehman – mJohn Bowman d10/1820 – Lived in Guilford Twp.,Franklin Co., PA (Six children) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Children were Abraham Bowman, Anne Bowman, Catharine Bowman, Elizabeth Bowman, Bishop Jacob Bowman who married Mary Lehman (HL3548) daughter of Jacob Lehman & Catherine Bowman, and John Bowman. (


HL36 – Bishop Daniel Hege Lehman Fb6/4/1742 Rapho,Lancaster,PA (AFN:1HL35-4QT) -d9/22/1804 Rapho Twp.,Lancaster Co., PA – m1762 (Carl A. Lehman) 1Susan Shelly (daughter of Christian Shelly and Magdalena Kauffman.) babt1744 Franklin,PA (AFN:1HL35-4L1) d1778. Susanna was the mother of seven children. Susanna is buried in the Lehman family Cemetery near Manheim,PA now oblitereated. Note: It is evident that Daniel was the first resident minister to serve the congregation of Mennonites in Letterekenny and Greene Twps. Daniel lived on the southern portion of his father’s plantation with the gristmill. Daniel sold his farm in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA on 4/13/1786 to his older brother Jacob. He bought a farm in Greene Twp., Franklin Co., PA on 5/7/1786. It is likely the family moved to Franklin Co. in 1786. They settled on what was known as Penn Hall Farm just north of Chambersburg. Daniel built a fulling mill and fulled home-made cloth for settlers in addition to farming. (Photos of his house) Daniel Lehman had been ordained as a Mennonite minister at the Hernley-Lehman Church (1766) in Lancaster Co. about 1765. By the time he arrived at Charmbersburg, there were enough Mennonites to form a congregation. He donated land for the Chambersburg Mennonite Meetinghouse (July 17, 1804 Daniel Lehman deeded for one dollar to Michael Wenger and Jacob Stauffer, the first trustees, a parcel of ground for the people of the Mennonite faith. Deed Book 6,p281,Franklin Co. Courthouse,Chambersburg,PA) Soon a log church was erected on the east end of his farm. September 4, 1804, he preached the first sermon and announced another meeting in four weeks. He died before it happened. Before moving to Franklin Co., he was ordained bishop to have oversight of the Mennonites in Franklin Co., PA and Washington CO., MD. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) But at that time Henry Funk who died in 1787, was still serving as bishop in Washington Co., MD. Source: “Mennonites of Washington Co., MD Conference & Franklin Co., PA p71-72, p62-64, by Daniel R. Lehman Burial: Daniel and his second wife,m1780 m2 Maria Nissily (Naukumet) Newcomer/Neukommer b1/9/1751 d12/18/1820 (daughter of Christian Newcomer (Neukommet,Naukumet) & Catharine Nissley who were married about 1747 in Bethel Twp.,Berks,PA (IGI Record)) Maria was the mother of seven children. Note: Bishop Daniel Lehman and Maria are buried in the Wenger Family Cem north of the farm where they lived. Some of these children moved to OH and IN. Others went to Ontario, Canada. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)**Siloam Cem.,Wenger Cem., Brinzer Cem., Branger Cem., Zook Cem., Lehman Cem, near Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA. A detailed history of the cemetery is given in “Conococheague Mennonist” published by Mennonite Historical Association of the Cumberland Valley, Apr 1997.

b1/9/1751 PA –

( Pictured:   Tombstone of Daniel Lehman 1742-1804 : Cemetery known as any of the following names: Siloam Cem.,Wenger Cem., Brinzer Cem., Branger Cem., Zook Cem., Lehman Cem, near Chambersburg of Franklin Co., PA. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,n4,p20)

In 1827, five more of Bishop Daniel Lehman’s children moved to OH. They were John, Esther, Magdalena, Abraham, & Susanna. They settled in Fairfield Twp., Columbiana Co., OH and were part of what is today called the Midway Mennonite Church. (Mennonites of Washington Co., Maryland Conference & Franklin Co., PA by Daniel R. Lehman, p71,72)

  • HL361 – Anna Lehman Fb12/26/1765 – d1840 – mChristian Witmer (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p72) b1762 -d1807 ( – Christian contributed the the 1875 building fund for the Holdeman congregation in 1875where a varity of congregations contributed. (The Yellow Creek Mennonites, p72) Children of Anna & Christian Witmer were John Witmer, Nancy Witmer, Daniel Witmer, Christian Witmer, Jr., & Anna Witmer. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL362 – Maria Lehman b2/21/1767 – d3/12/1842 F– mJacob Burkholder b1768 Lebanon Co.,PA near Campbelltown – d6/9/1832 (Son of John & Esther Burkholder) Located in Franklin Co.,PA after 1790 until 1826. They moved to Markham Twp.,York,Ontario. Burial: Oldl Mennonite Cemetery on the Eighth Concession of Markham Twp. (Source: Burkholder, Ulrich Burkholder, pp91-92) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Children of Maria & Jacob were Susannah Burkholder, Esther Burkholder, Daniel Burkholder, Jacob Burkholder, John Burkholder, Joseph Burkholder, Mary Burkholder, Samuel Burkholder, Christian Burkholder, & Abraham Burkholder. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL363 – Daniel Lehman Fb9/14/1768 Rapho,Lancaster,PA – 4/19/1824(Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) – mCatherine Shirk(Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) /Sherk (daughter of Wendle Sherk) b9/19/1770 – d11/2/1831 ( Lived in Franklin Co., PA. The children went to OH. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3631 – Benjamin Lehman – Went to Fairfield Co., OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)

HL3632 – Nancy Lehman mJames Young (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)

  • HL3633 – Daniel Lehman – Went to Ashland Co., OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)

HL3634 – Jacob Lehman – Went to Ashland Co., OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)

HL3635 – Magdeline( (Matty) Lehman – Went to Mahoning Co., OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)

  • HL3636 – Elizabeth Lehman bFranklin,PA – m abt1829 Marion,Hocking,OH (FamilySearch) Solomon Welty b8/25/1802 – d1854 Marion,Hocking,OH (Welty Family Album Online) – Children were: Noah Welty, Mary Welty, Nancy Welty, Joseph Welty, Lucinda Welty, Elizabeth Welty, Louisa Welty (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) – ??April 14th, in Fairfield Co., O., of old age, Elizabeth Welty, aged 93 years and 9 months. She has been a member of the Mennonite church for sixty years; was born in Lancaster Co., , emigrated to Ohio in 1811, and settled in Fairfield county, were she has since resided. She leaves many friends to mourn her departure. Her family consisted of 14 children; 113 grand-children; 230 great-grand-children; 50 great-great-grand-children; total, 407. Funeral on the 15th, services by Jacob Good and Benjamin Huber, from 2 Kings 20, last part of the first verse. (Herald of Truth, May 1881)
  • HL364 – Elizabeth Lehman Fb9/19/1770 – d11/2/1831 Single. Burial: Wenger Cemetery near Chambersburg,Franklin, PA (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL365 – Barbara Lehman Fb1/5/1772-d3/23/1813 Buried: Wenger Cem. near Chambersburg, Franklin,PA- mabt 1792 Franklin Co.,PA Jacob Detwiler(IGI Record) (Son of Rudolph (Rudy) Detwiler) Lived in Franklin Co.,PA. Sister to Barbara was Jacob’s second wife. His first wife was Catherine Wenger. Children of Barbara & Jacob were: Susan L. Detwiler mPeter H. Lehman (his first wife) (Son of Daniel Lehman & Anna Huber); John L. Detwiler mAnna (Nancy) Lehman Daughter of Daniel Lehman & Anna Huber); Samuel L. Detwiler mElizabeth Lehman (Daughter of John Lehman & Christina Shirk). (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL366 – John Shelly LehmanF b11/21/1773 Franklin,PA (AFN:1HL35-4M7)11/6/1773 (Carl A. Lehman) -d6/3/1849 – mabt1796 Gertrude Good Hoover (Huber) ((HH11) Hans Ulrich Huber Files) b3/15/1777 Nr Columbiana,OH (AFN:1HL35-4HD) – d11/27/1860 (Daughter of Samuel Huber & Barbara Good) Moved to OH in 1827 with other brothers and sisters. He became a part of what is now the Midway Mennonite Church. (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) Burial: Midway Mennonite Cemetery near Columbiana,OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Gertrude’s brother, David Hoover (HH13), moved in with the family. He later married Esther Lehman, who was John’s sister
  • HL3661 – Barbara H. Lehman b5/16/1797 – d10/10/1877 ,Mahoning,OH (Obit) – m1820 Lancaster, PA (IGI Record) Peter Lehman (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) (son of John & Maria Lehman) b3/9/1793 based on data of obit – d3/1/1868 ,Columbiana,OH LEHMAN.-Oct. 10th, in Mahoning co., Ohio, Widow Sister BARBARA LEHMAN, of the infirmities of aged, aged 80 years, 4 months and 26 days. Buried at Nold’s burying-ground the 11th. Services were conducted by Joseph Bixler and Jacob Kolb, from Rev 14:13. (Herald of Truth 1/1878,p16,17) – On the 1st of March, 1868, in Columbiana Co., Ohio, PETER LEHMAN aged 74 years, 5 months, and 28 days. He was buried at Nold’s Meeting-house. Funeral sermons were preached by the brethren Jacob Culp and Joseph Bixler, from Rev. 14: 12-13. (Herald of Truth6/1868,p95)
  • HL36611 – John Lehman b6/27/1822 – d1/3/1852 – Was single (
  • HL3662 – Elizabeth Lehman b2/27/1799 – d2/21/1890 (Carl A. Lehman) – near Washingtonville,Green,Mahoning, OH (Obit of Elizabeth) – m Joseph Zimmerman (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Zimmerman, On Sunday the 23d of Feb., near Washingtonville, Ohio, Elizabeth Zimmerman, aged 91 years, less 4 days. She was buried on the 25th at the Binder meeting house. Funeral services by Abram Brubacher in German and Solomon Beery in English. Text, Heb. 4:8-13. (Herald of Truth 3/15/1890,p92)
  • HL3663 – Daniel H. Lehman b1/28/1801 – d6/1/1885 (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) – mElizabeth Gift Files of Donald B. Miller) – Moved to Ashland Co., OH in 1855. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3664 – Nancy H. Lehman b8/13/1803 – d2/10/1848 – mDaniel Witmer (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) (Son of Christian Witmer & Anna Lehman) b2/11/1803 based on Obit age – d-1/2/1872 ,Mahoning,OH – Resided in Mahoning Co., OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) – On the 2nd of January, in Mahoning county, Ohio, Daniel Witmer, aged 68 years and 2 months. He was buried on the 4th at Metzlers burying-ground, where Jacob Culp and Peter Basinger spoke impressively from the latter part of the 4th chapter of Hebrews. – My children here are yet seven, That yet on earth do live, beg and pray you so to live: That we may meet in heaven. (Herald of Truth 2/1872 p29,30)
  • HL3665 – John Lehman b12/12/1805 (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) – d8/10/1881 (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) – mSarah Oberholtzer (Files of Donald B. Miller) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980
  • HL36651 – Samuel Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL36652 – Mary Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL36653 – Jacob Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL36654 – David Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL36655 – Henry Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL36656 – Magdalena Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL36657 – Christian Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3666 – Samuel H. Lehman b1/3/1808 – d9/20/1887 (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) – mNancy Hardman (Files of Donald B. Miller) Lived in Mahoning Co., OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3667 – Rev. Jacob H. Lehman b2/13/1810 – d9/2/1875 (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) Mahoning Co.,OH – m12/3/1835 Columbiana,OH Mary Yoder b6/6/1817 or 1816 d12/26/1881 Windsor,York,PA – They had 14 children, first one born in 1836. Resided in Beaver Twp.,Mahoning,OH (Non-Amish Index #2) Burial: Bixler Cemetery,MahoningCo.,OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) 2nd, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, JACOB LEHMAN, aged 65 years, 6 months and 19 days. He was the father of 15 children, 13 of whom are still living. His remains were interred in Bixler’s burying-ground, at which time appropriate remarks were made by Peter Basinger, and Jacob Culp.(Herald of Truth, Oct. 1875) LEHMAN – Dec. 26th, in Windsor Township, York Co., PA. Mary, wife of the late Rev. Jacob Lehman, aged 77 years, 2 months, and 24 days. Buried at Witmers Meeting House on the 29th. Funeral services by Daniel Witmer, Martin Root & Bishop Stauffer. (Herald of Truth 1/15/1882,p29,30) –
  • HL36671 – Bishop Peter Y. Lehman b10/2/1836 ,Mahoning,OH – d3/31/1925 Goshen,Elkhart,IN – m11/23/1863 Lydia Ann Good (daughter of Bennival Good) b10/1/1844 ,Mahoning,OH – d3/30/1920 ,Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN – Lehman – Peter Y. Lehman was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Oct 2 1836; died March 31, 1925; aged 88 y. 5 m. 29d. He came to Elkhart Co., IN in 1857 at the age of twenty-one years. He was united in marriage with Lydia Ann Good on Nov 23, 1863. She preceded him in death five years ago. This union was blessed with seventeen children, of whom thirteen are still living, twelve of whom were present at the funeral. He leaves also fifty-eight grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. Brother and Sister Lehman both united with the Mennonite Church in 1863. Brother Lehman was ordained to the ministry many years ago, and later also to the bishop’s office, and rendered good service. But his work was beset with many trials and difficulties, and now that he has gone to his reward, we trust he has found and obtained the reward of the righteous in those heavenly mansions which Jesus has prepared for all His true followers, where there is joy and fullness of joy for everymore. Peace to his ashes. He was buried at the Yellow Creek Mennonite Cemetery on April 4, 1925. Funeral services were conducted by J. S. Hartzler and John F. Funk. His funeral was largely attended. (Gospel Herald 4/16/1926,VXVIII, n3,p62,63) -Lydia Ann, daughter of Bennival Good, was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Oct. 1, 1844; died in Wakarusa, Ind., Mar. 30, 1920; aged 75 y. 5 m. 29 d. She was united in marriage to Peter Y. Lehman, Nov. 3, 1862. To this union were born 17 children, of whom four preceded her to the eternal world. She leaves her husband, 13 children, 53 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, 3 sisters, 3 brothers and a host of friends. The children are as follows: David G., Isaac G., Reuben, Mrs. S. L. Blough, Mrs. Harrison Miller, Noah A., Amos C., Harrison, Mrs. Amos Hartman, Peter G., Alpheus, Mrs. Henry Huber, and Mrs. Martin Stutzman. All of these children were present at the funeral. She with her husband united with the Mennonite Church in 1863, and she lived a consistent Christian life, always manifesting a strong, clear faith to the end of her life. For 15 years she suffered much pain, most of the time being unable to walk, but was always patient, and when told that death was imminent, said: “It is all right; I am ready any time.” She passed away quietly and without pain. This was the first death in the entire Lehman family in a period of 25 years. Funeral services were conducted in the Yellow Creek M. H. Thursday, Apr. 1, by J. F. Funk and W. B. Weaver, of Elkhart. – “Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep! From which none ever wakes to weep; A calm and undisturbed repose, Unbroken by the last of foes.” J.F.F. (Gospel Herald 4/15/1920, p62,63)
  • HL366711 –David G. Lehman (Obits of parents) b1864 IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366712 – Sarah Lehman b1865 – mSamuel L. Blough (Obits of parents) (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366713 – Isaac G. Lehman (Obits of parents) b1867 IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366714 – Noah A. Lehman (Obits of parents) b1869 IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366715 – Elizabeth Lehman b7/8/1870 Cullom,IL – d12/9/1930 ,Elkhart,IN – m11/26/1892 Harrison Miller (Obits of parents)-Elizabeth Lehman, wife of Harrison Miller, was born July 8, 1870, at Cullom, Ill.; died Dec. 9, 1930. She was the daughter of Peter Y. and Lydia Lehman. She came to Elkhart Co., Ind., with her parents when she was 2 years old. She was united in marriage to Harrison Miller of Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov. 26, 1892. To this union were born 1 daughter and 3 sons. She was converted in her youth, and later united with the Methodist Church at Jamestown where she retained her membership until death. She leaves her husband, and children, 4 grandchildren, 4 sisters, 6 brothers, and many others relatives and a host of friends. Funeral services were conducted at home by D. A. Yoder and at the Olive Church by — Menaugh and Frank Kreider. Burial in Olive cemetery. (Gospel Herald 12/25/1930, p831,832)
  • HL366716 – Harrison Lehman (Obits of parents) b1871 IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366717 – Amos C. Lehman (Obits of parents) b1873 IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366718 – Margaret Lehman b1874 IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366719 –Susan (Suzie) Lehman b1875 IN (Files of Al Lehman) – mAmos Hartman (Obits of parents)
  • HL36671a – Peter G. Lehman (Obits of parents) b1876 IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b – Jonas G. Lehman b1880 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN – d3/7/1888 8yrs6mos10days – A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has recalled, Who born his love and grace: And though the body ? here, The soul is safe in heaven. (Rememberance Card) (Files of Al Lehman)
  •   (Picture of the Rememberance Card of Jonas donated by Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b – Rev. Alpheus David Lehman (Obits of parents) b5/10/1884 Wakarusa, Elkhart,IN – d11/13/1955 Des Moines,IA – m10/16/1914 Beechwood,WI Lilah Ethel Bacon (daughter of Ferdinand Wesley Bacon & Margaret Jane Culligan) b1/13/1892 Sheboygan,Sheboygan,WI – d7/28/1986 Phoenix,AZ SS#473037858 (Files of Al Lehman) – Burial: Resthaven Cem,West DesMoines,IA – Alpheus was a Methodist minister from abt 1910 to 1932 in Clear Lake, WI & MN. Following this, he managed apartments until abt 1945 and then sold health insurance for about five years and then managed a motel in West Liberty, IA and retired about 1953. SS# 354030222 (Files of Al Lehman, grandson)
  • HL36671b1 – Allison Wesley Lehman b3/18/1916 Clear Lake,WI – d5/26/1974 Hawaii – m7/31/1936 Zimmerman,MN Lucille Margaret Larson (daughter of Arthur Benjamin Victor Larson & Anna Bertha Otilda Pinz) b5/16/1918 Princeton,MN – d10/5/2001 Des Moines,IA – Creamated Des Moines,IA – Allison had moved to Hawaii in 1959. (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b11 – Allen Arthur Alpheus Lehman b10/9/1938 Chicago,IL – Graduate of State Univ. of IA – m11/23/1958 Des Moines,IA Sandra Louise Allen (daughter of Jack Edward Allen & Varina E. Hedberg) b12/25/1939 Des Moines,IA – Attended State Univ. of IA (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b111 – Carlin Renee Lehman b8/11/1962 Fort Wayne,IN – m7/30/1988 Phoenix,AZ Mark Alan Eichman (div) Children of Carlin& Mark were Alan Walton Eichman. (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b112 – Allen Arthur Lehman, Jr. (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b12 – Gerald Brian Lehman b11/24/1943 Chicago,IL – m3/22/1975 Bonnie ? b12/9/1942 (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b121 – Tracy Lehman b2/13/1982 (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b122 – Brian Lehman b7/25/1982 (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671b123 –Rafaela Lehman b6/7/1987 (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671c – Rhoda Lehman bIN (Files of Al Lehman) – mMartin Stutzman (Obits of parents)
  • HL36671d – Luella Lehman bIN (Files of Al Lehman) – mHenry Huber (Obits of parents)
  • HL36671e – Henry Lehman bIN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671e1 – Lyall Lehman – Drugist and owned two drug stores in Elkhart,IN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671e2 – William Lehman – Drugist in South Bend,IN and owned two drug stores there. (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671e3 –Marie Lehman mAlfred Kelly HL36671e1 – Lyall Lehman
  • HL36671e4 – Alice Lehman – mGlen Holdman (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671e5 – Valeen Lehman (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36671f – Lydia Ann Lehman bIN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366713 – Reuben M. Lehman bIN (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36672 – Nancy Lehman b12/18/1837 – mSol Weaver (
  • HL36673 – John Lehman b11/18/1839 – d9/25/1859 Age 19y 10m 2d – Burial: East Yellow Creek Cem., Row 13 (Record of the Old Yellow Creek Cemetery, Entry 294)
  • HL36674 – Elizabeth Lehman b1/18/1841 – m12/25/1859 ,Mahoning,OH 1John L. Blosser b1/10/1836 – d8/1891 (Files of Al Lehman) – m 2Solomon Culp – m3 ? Krider (
  • HL36675 – Jacob Y. Lehman b8/22/1844 – mHattie Baker (
  • HL36676 – Isaac N. Lehman b9/27/1847 ,Mahoning,OH – d7/6/1905 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN – m12/27/1875 Elkhart,IN Matilda Snyder (daughter of Abraham S. Snyder & Magdalena Bauman) b2/22/1851 ,Waterloo,ON,Canada – d3/9/1941 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN (Obit) – Matilda Snyder, widow of the late Isaac N. Lehman, passed away suddenly Sunday, March 9, 1941, at the home of Tobias Ramer, the farm on which she spent most of her married life. She had celebrated her ninetieth birthday on February 22 last. She was the daughter of Abraham and Magdalene Bauman Snyder. On Dec. 27, 1875 she was married to Mr. Lehman, who preceded her in death, July 6, 1905. Ten children were born to this union, of whom 3 preceded her in death, namely, Bertha, who died in infancy, Eli at the age of 10, and Charles at 55 years. She is survived by the following children: Mrs. Daniel (Lydia) Leinbach of near Goshen, Abraham S. Lehman of Wakarusa, Mrs. Frank (Martha) Martin of near Goshen, Mrs. Tobias (Salina) Ramer of near Nappanee, with whom she made her home, Walter Lehman of Hawthorn, N. Y., Mrs. Joel (Emma) Weaver of near Goshen, and Oscar S. Lehman of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She also leaves 35 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, a sister, Mrs. Lydia Musselman of Saskatchewan, Ca., a brother, Noah Snyder of Brutus, Mich., and a host of relatives and friends. In her youth she united with the Mennonite Church and ived a faithful Christian life until death. Funeral services were held at the Yellow Creek Frame Mennonite Church with Bros. William Ramer and Paul Hoover in charge. Burial was in the adjoining cemetery.
  • HL366761 – Charles Lehman b8/27/1881 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN ( – d3/6/1936 near Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN – m12/20/1911 ,St. Joseph,IN Bertha Holdeman b10/6/1891 Mishawaka,Elkhart,IN – d4/30/1983 Goshen,Elkhart,IN –-Charles, son of Isaac and Matilda (Snyder) Lehman, was bornAug. 27, 1881; died at his late home near Wakarusa, Ind., March 6,1936; aged 54 y. 6 m. 9 d. His entire life was spent in the communityin which he died, with the exception of a few years when he labored in IL and IA. On Dec. 20, 1911, he was united in marriage toBertha Holdeman. Their home was blessed with a daughter (Mildred) anda son (Russel). He with his companion united with the Yellow CreekMennonite Church about 21 years ago, of which he was a member at the time of his death. He leaves his griefstricken companion, 2 children, an aged mother (Mrs. Matilda Lehman), 3 brothers (Abraham, Wakarusa,Ind.; Walter, New York; Oscar, Cleveland, O.), 4 sisters (Mrs. DanielLeinbach, Mrs. Tobias Ramer, Mrs. Frank Martin, Mrs. Joel Weaver).Funeral services were held March 8 at the Yellow Creek Church incharge of Bro. H. F. Yoder, assisted by J. W. Christophel. Burial in Yellow Creek Church cemetery
  • HL3667611 – Mildred Lehman (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL3667612 – Russell Lehman – mCleo Lucille Weldy b5/11/1925Wakarusa, Elkhart,IN – Burial: Yellow Creek Church Cem. (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36676121 – Gloria Jean Lehman James Howard Reynolds (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366761211 – James Howard Reynolds, Jr. (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36676122 – Dean R. Lehman (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366761221 – Amy Ann Lehman (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL36676123 – Bruce Lamar Lehman Sharon Faye Yoder (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366761231 – Mark Andrew Lehman (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366762 – Eli Lehman b2/6/1884 – d1/20/1894 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN at age 10 (mother’s obit) (Files of Al Lehman)
  • HL366763 – Bertha Lehman (mother’s obit) b 12/1887 d6/18/1888 – LEHMAN – On the 18th of June, in Elkhart Co., IN, Bertha, daughter of Isaac and Matilda Lehman, aged 6 months and 20 days. Buried at Yellow Creek Meeting-house on the 20th. (Herald of Truth 8/1/1888,p237)
  • HL366764 – Abraham Lehman of Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN (mother’s obit)
  • HL366765 – Oscar S. Lehman of Cleveland Heights,OH (mother’s obit)
  • HL366766 – Walter Lehman/John K. Meyers ( – Changed his name to John K. Meyers and lived in Hawthorn, NY.(mother’s obit)
  • HL366767 – Salina Lehman (mother’s obit) – m11/24/19414 Tobias Ramer (son of Martin Ramer & Lydia Shaum) b11/20/1888 near Wakarusa,IN – d12/14/1953 – Ramer, Tobias, son of the late Martin and Lydia (Shaum) Ramer, was born near Wakarusa, Ind., Nov. 20, 1888; departed this life Dec. 14, 1953; aged 65 y. 24 d. Although in failing health for the past year, he appeared as usual on Sunday when all the family spent the day together. Little did we realized that the end was so near. He, with four other brethren accepted Christ as Saviour and was received into the fellowship of the Wisler Mennonite Church on May 18, 1912. He is the first of the group to go on to his eternal reward. On Nov. 24, 1914, he was united in marriage to Salina Lehman. To this union were born 2 sons and 2 daughters who, with his companion survive. Berneice-Mrs. Paul Weaver, Nappanee, Ind.; Monroe, Goshen; and Merle and Virginia, at home); also surviving are 4 grandchildren, 5 brothers and 3 sisters (Amanda-Mrs. Elias Martin, William, John, and Edward, all of Goshen, Ind.; Lewis, Elkhart; Isaiah, Nappanee, Ind.; Mrs. Anna Wenger and Martha-Mrs. Elias Weaver, of Wakarusa. One brother preceded him in death. The funeral was held at the Yellow Creek Mennonite Church with Fred Nighswander and Abram Good in charge. (Gospel Herald 1/19/1954,p70,71)
  • HL3667671 – Bernice Lehman – mPaul Weaver of Nappanee,IN (Obit of Tobias)
  • HL3667672 – Monroe Lehman of Goshen,IN (Obit of Tobias)
  • HL3667673 – Merle Lehman (Obit of Tobias)
  • HL3667674 – Virginia Lehman (Obit of Tobias)
  • HL366768 – Emma Lehman (mother’s obit) – m12/23/1912 Joel S. Weaver (son of John B. Weaver & Lydia Blosser) b1/15/1889 UnionTwp.,Elkhart,IN – d11/24/1949 and resided near Goshen,IN Weaver, – Joel S., son of John B. and Lydia (Blosser) Weaver, was born in Union Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., Jan. 15, 1889; passed away Nov. 24, 1949; aged 60 y. 10 m. 9 d. On Dec. 23, 1912, he was united in marriage to Emma Lehman, who survives. Also surviving are 2 daughters (Evangeline-Mrs. Charles Stouder and Verna-Mrs. Ray Hartman), 3 sisters (Cora Weaver, Mary-Mrs. William Ramer, and Effie-Mrs. Henry Bechtel), 4 grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. Two sisters and a brother preceded him in death in early childhood and one son (Joel Jr.) in 1949. On Nov. 8, 1919, he and his wife united with the Salem Mennonite Church and gave many years of faithful service. Funeral services were conducted by F. E. Freed and R. F. Yoder Nov. 27 at the Yellow Creek Church. Burial was made in the adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald 1/10/1950 p46,47) – Of Foraker,IN Obit of Martha Martin)
  • HL366769 – Martha Lehman b10/8/1882 Union,Elkhart,IN – d7/19/1951 – m8/5/1909 Frank H. Martinof near Goshen,IN (mother’s obit)Martin, Martha,daughter of Isaac and Matilda (Snider) Lehman, was born Oct. 8, 1882, in Union Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind.; died July 19, 1951; aged 68 y. 9 m. 11 d. Aug. 5, 1909, she was united in marriage to Frank H. Martin. To this union were born 3 children (Van, Titus, and Violet-Mrs. Marvin Culp, all of Goshen, Ind.). Surviving are her husband, 3 children, 10 grandchildren, 2 brothers (Oscar, Cleveland, Ohio, and Abe, Wakarusa, Ind.), 3 sisters (Mrs. Daniel Leinbach, Wakarusa; Mrs. Tobias Ramer, Nappanee, Ind.; and Mrs. Emma Weaver, Foraker, Ind.), and many other relatives and friends. In her youth she accepted Christ and united with the Mennonite Church, remaining a faithful member until death. Funeral services were conducted July 22 at her late home by Oscar Leinbach and at the Yellow Creek Church, in charge of R. R. Smucker, J. C. Wenger, and Charles Stouder. Interment was made in the adjoining Yellow Creek Church cemetery. (Gospel Herald 8/7/1951,p774)
  • HL36676a – Lydia Lehman b5/11/1877 ,Elkhart,IN – d12/28/1962 – m12/15/1898 Daniel Leinbach (son of Isaac Leinbach & Catherine Bare) b2/17/1875 ,Elkhart,IN – d4/18/1955 Wakarusa,Elkhart,IN at home – Leinbach, Lydia, daughter of Isaac and Matilda Lehman, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., May 11, 1877; died Dec. 28, 1962; aged 85 y. 7 m. 17 d. On Dec. 25, 1898, she was married to Daniel Leinbach, who died April 18, 1955. Surviving are 5 sons and 3 daughters (John, Mrs. Laura Miller, Ruth-Mrs. Harold Hartman, Ralph, Paul, Oscar, Edith-Mrs. Nelson Stauffer, and Earl), 22 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, one brother (Oscar), and 2 sisters (Selina-Mrs. Tobias Ramer and Emma-Mrs. Joel Weaver). She was a member of the Wisler Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at the Yellow Creek (frame) Church in charge of Jos. Martin and Paul Hoover (Gospel Herald 1/22/1963,p95,96) – Leinbach, Daniel, son of Isaac and Catherine (Bare) Leinbach, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Feb. 17, 1875; passed away at his home in Wakarusa, Ind., April 18, 1955; aged 80 y. 2 m. 1 d. He was married to Lydia Lehman on Dec. 15, 1898. To this union were born 5 sons and 3 daughters. He is survived by his wife, all 8 children (John, Mrs. Laura Miller, Ruth-Mrs. Harold Hartman, all of Wakarusa; Ralph, Elkhart; Paul, Goshen; Oscar, Clark Lake, Mich.; Edith-Mrs. Nelson Stauffer, Goshen; and Earl, Hamlet, Ind.), 18 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 4 sisters (Mrs. Linden Blosser, Harrison, Mich.; Mrs. Mary Fisher, Elkhart, Ind.; Mrs. Noah Welty, Nappanee, Ind., and Mrs. Leander Garber, Goshen), and 3 brothers (Henry, North Lima, Ohio; Jonas, Portland, Oreg.; and Noah, Goshen). He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother (Christ), and one sister (Mrs. Charley DeFreese). He united with the Wisler Mennonite Church in his early life and remained faithful until death. He was in failing health for about 2 years. In charge of the services was Abram Good of Wadsworth, Ohio assisted by home ministers of the Yellow Creek Church. Burial was made in the adjoining Yellow Creek Church cemetery.u (Gospel Herald 6/14/1955,p574)
  • HL36677 – Joseph Lehman b2/6/1846 (Twin to Benjamin) (
  • HL36678 – Benjamin Lehman b2/6/1846 (Twin to Joseph) (
  • HL36679 – Eli Y. Lehman b5/3/1849 ,Mahoning,OH – d3/8/1925 North Lima,,OH – mJennie Patterson b1856 Youngstown,,OH – d3/17/1931 Youngstown,,OH – Eli Y. Lehman was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, May 3, 1849; died March 8, 1925 at his home in North Lima, O. Aged 75 y. 10 m. 5 d. Nearly 50 years ago he was united in marriage with Jennie Patterson, to which union three daughters were born, namely, Mrs. Oscar Elser, Mrs. Clark Whisler, and Mrs. Jacob Stauffer. Twelve grandchildren, two of whom are dead, and three great-grandchildren, together with three sisters and three brothers, remain to mourn the sudden departure of Bro. Lehman. About 47 years ago he with this companion united with the Mennonite Church, remaining true to this faith till removed by death. He seemed to realize of late that his days were rapidly approaching and expressed himself as ready to go to his heavenly home. He had been suffering from a complication of diseases during the winter, but had again recovered so that he was able to be up and about and attend to the duties of his home. On Sunday previous to his death, in face of rain he attended services at the North Lima Mennonite church, wishing to see the church which was recently remodeled. His was the first funeral to be held in it since the change was made. He was a successful farmer in his time, from which he retired to make his home in North Lima about twelve years ago. Brief funeral services were held at the home March 10, and at the North Lima Mennonite Church with interment at the Midway Cemetery. The services were in charge of the home, ministers brethren A. J. Steiner and E. M. Detwiler. Text Matt. 24:44. (Gospel Herald 3/26/1925, p1018,1019) – Jennie Lehman was born in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1856 and died at the home of her daughter (Mrs. Blanch Stauffer), Youngstown, Ohio, March 17, 1931; aged 75 years. Many years ago she was united in marriage with Bro. Eli Lehman of North Lima, Ohio, who proceded her in death six years ago. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. There were born to this union three daughters who, together with 12 grandchildren and 6 great- grandchildren, remain to mourn the loss of mother and grandmother. Funeral service March 20, at the home and at Midway Mennonite Church in charge of Bro. A. J. Steiner and Pre. Wolfinger of Youngstown. Burial in Midway cemetery. Tex, Matt. 24:44, used at the funeral services of the late husband, was by request used at this service also. (Gospel Herald 4/2/1931, vXXIV,n1,p15)
  • HL366791 – ? Lehman – mOscar Elser (Obit of Eli)
  • HL366792 – ? Lehman m 1Clark Whisler (Obit of Eli)
  • HL366793 – ? Lehman m 1Jacob Stauffer (Obit of Eli)
  • HL3667a – Mary Y. Lehman b12/6/1850 – d1/7//1912 at home,North Lima,,OH – mJohn Hardman Lehman b3/13/1845 ,,Columbiana,OH – d6/12/1925 North Lima,,OH – Sister Mary Y., wife of Bro. John Lehman, died at her home at North Lima, O., Jan. 7, 1912; aged 61 y. 1 m. 1 d. She was ill only a few days, the cause of her death being sciatic rheumatism and heart trouble. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. Her husband and nine children survive her. One son preceded her to the spirit world nearly a year ago. Funeral services were held at the Midway Church, Jan. 10. Services were conducted by E. M. Detweiler and A. J. Steiner. (Gospel Herald 1/25/1912, p691,692) – John Hardman Lehman, eldest son of Samuel and Nancy Lehman, was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, Mar. 13, 1845; died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Daniel F. Hahn, North Lima, Ohio, June 12, 1925; aged 80 y. 3m. For many years he was successfully engaged in farming on the place now owned by his son, Edward. Having retired from farming some years ago, he moved to North Lima, where he has resided ever since. The end came on Friday evening, after a lingering illness covering several years. He suffered considerable pain but bore his affliction patiently. He was married to Mary Y. Lehman, to which union were born 7 sons and 3 daughters, 2 sons and his wife having preceded him in death. There remain to mourn his departure 5 sons, 3 daughters, 27 grandchildren 4 great-grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends. Owing to scarlet fever being in the home of Bro. D. F. Hahn, where he was making his home, the body was removed to the home of his son, Edward, where, on June 15, brief funeral services were held. Further services were held at the Midway Mennonite Church (of which he was a faithful member) in charge of Brethren A.J. Steiner and E. M. Detwiler. Text, Jno. 14:1-3. Interment in the Midway Mennonite cemetery. (Gospel Herald 7/2/1925,p286-288)
  • HL3667a1 – Edward Lehman Resided in North Lima, OH (Obit of John)
  • HL3667a2 – Eva Ellen Lehman b1/7/1883 ,Mahoning,OH – d8/30/1964 Reedley,,CA – m2/3/1906 Daniel F. Hahn son of Jacob Hahn & Ann Eyman) b6/22/1873 near Clarence Center,,NY – d9/4/1947 south of Columbiana,OH – Resided in North Lima, OH (Obit of John) -Daniel Franklin, son of Jacob and Ann (Eyman) Hahn, was born near Clarence Center, N.Y., June 22, 1873; died at his residence, south of Columbiana, Ohio, Sept. 4, 1947; aged 74 y. 2 m. 12 d. Death resulted unexpectedly from a heart condition. In 1896 he was united in marriage to Christina Blosser, who preceded him in death in 1901. On Feb. 3, 1906 he was united in marriage to Eva Lehman, who survives. To this union were born 3 children (Lyman J., and Mrs. Mary Levich, Los Angeles, Calif; and Elmer D., at home), all of whom survive. Also surviving are 3 grandchildren, one brother (Emmanuel, Denbigh, Va.), and many friends. His parents, 2 brothers, and one sister (Sarah-Mrs. Mahlon Lapp, missionary to India) predeceased him. At the age of eighteen he was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church. He was active in church work, having served as Sunday School teacher and superintendent and as church trustee. He and his family lived at various times in Virginia, California, and Oregon. Funeral services were conducted at the home and at the North Lima, Ohio, Church, in charge of Paul Yoder and S. A. Yoder. Burial was made in the Midway Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 9/30/1947) Hahn, Eva Ellen, daughter of John H. and Mary Lehman, was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Jan. 7, 1883; died at Reedley, Calif., Aug. 30, 1964; aged 81 y. 7 m. 23 d. In Feb. 1906, she was married to Daniel F. Hahn, who died Sept. 4, 1947. One daughter and one grandson also preceded her in death. Surviving are 2 sons (Lyman and Elmer), 3 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, one sister (Mrs. Ora Longanecker), and 3 brothers (Edwin D., Homer F., and Howard J.). She was a member of the Midway Church. Funeral services were held at the Warrick Funeral Home, in charge of Paul Yoder; burial in Midway Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 10/6/1964,p877-879)
  • HL3667b – Sarah Lehman b7/22/1852 (
  • HL3667c – Leah Lehman b7/7/1854 (
  • HL3667d – Martha Lehman b4/7/1856 – d1940 (
  • HL3667e – Lydia Lehman b10/15/1859 – mDaniel Huntsburger (
  • HL3668 – Susanna (Susan) Lehman b1812 (Files of Donald B. Miller) – d1886 (Files of Donald B. Miller) – mAbraham Moyer (Menn. of Wash. Co., MD Con. & Franklin Co., PA by DRL, p71,72) b10/3/1796 Bucks Co.,PA – d1/30/1886 Columbiana,OH (AFN:1HGV-SDP) (Son of William Moyer b1763-d1831 & [YB131] Anna S. Yoder b4/22/1771 Springfield,Bucks,PA – d7/15/1862 [AFN:1HGV-5B9) Resided in Columbiana Co.,OH (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) MOYER – On the 22d of Jan., at the house of her son-in-law, Peter Metzler, in Columbiana Co., Ohio, Susanna, wife of Abram Moyer, aged 73 years, 10 months and 6 days. She was buried on the 24th at Nold’s graveyard, where services were held by Joseph Bixler and Jacob Stauffer from Rom. 6:16. She was a member of the Mennonite Church, and leaves a husband, now in his 90th year, five children and many friends to mourn her death. (Herald of Truth Feb. 15, 1886, p62) MOYER – On the 30th of Jan., in Columbiana Co., Ohio, at the residence of his son-in-law Peter Metzler, of the infirmities of old age, Abraham Moyer, aged 89 years, 3 months and 27 days. He was buried on the 2d of Feb. at Nold’s Meeting-house, where many friends and relatives were present. Services by Jacob Stauffer and Peter Basinger from John 14. Deceased was for many years a member of the Mennonite Church. His wife, Susanna, was buried just six days before he died at which time he was up and around, but suffering from a bad cough and loss of appetite. He kept growing worse until death came on Saturday evening of the above date. (Herald of Truth Feb. 15, 1886, p63)

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