Bishop John (Hans) Lehman & Anna Hege (I)

Descendants of

Bishop John (Hans) Lehman

    & Anna Hege

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Scenes in Switzerland


HL – Peter Leeman (Lehman), I b1655 Verchigen,Bern,Switzerland – d Ibersheim,Germany – m1679 Barbara Jung (Files of Joseph Hoover) (Daughter of Hans Jung, b1630 & Anna Urner) b11/14/1658 Oberdiesenbach,Bern,Switzerland – dIbersheim,Germany – Children were Maria, Peter, & John.


HL1 – Maria Lehman (Daughter of Peter Lehman & Barbara Jung) – mHans Hege, Sr. – Maria& Hans sailed on the ship “James Goodwill” on September 27, 1727 with Hans & Anna Lehman, and Hans and Anna’s three children. Henry Lesher and his two sisters came along; they were orphans. They all were Mennonites. Maria & Hans had a child named John Hege, Jr.

HL2 – Peter Lehman, II b1680 of Friedelsheim,Germany – d1741 Lampeter Twp.,Lancaster Co.,PA (Son of Peter Lehman &Barbara Jung) – mAnna ?

  • HL21 – Peter Jung Lehman, III b1702 – d1758 YorkTwp.,York,PA – mBarbara ? – Will of Peter Lehman, Sept. 14, 1751. Proven Date: 1/3/1758. Executors: Barbara Lehman & Peter Freed. York Co. Wife is Barbara ?, and children are Peter & Barbara. Son-in-law is Abraham Blasser. (York Co.,PA Wills 1749-1819)
  • HL211 – Barbara Lehman (Will of father Peter: York Co.,PA Wills 1749-1819) b1723 – mAbraham Blaser, II b1724 – Children of Barbara & Abraham were Peter Blosser, Abraham Blosser, Jacob Blosser, John Blosser, & Mary Blosser.
  • HL212 – Peter Lehman, IV (Will of father, Peter: York Co.,PA Wills 1749-1819) – d1773 – mMaria ? (Will of Peter) – Peter made a will on 1/22/1772, and was proven on 7/13/1773. Executor was Mary Lehman. York Co. Wife was Maria ?. Children listed as Jacob, Mary, & 8 others, names not listed. (York Co.,PA Wills 1749-1819)
  • HL2121 – Jacob Lehman (Will of Peter, the father)
  • HL2122 – Mary Lehman (Will of Peter, the father)
  • HL2123 – Elizabeth Lehman
  • HL213 – Anna Maria Lehman b1736 HellamTwp.,York,PA (Gen Pool Ind. Records)

HL3 – Bishop Hans (John) Jung Lehman b1702 Eberston-Heff Schauffausen,Switzerland – d2/1776 near Manheim,RaphoTwp.,Lancaster,PA (Files of Donald B. Miller) -m1725 Anna Hege babt1704 Switzerland (AFN:1HL35-4PM) PA. Early German Pioneers, p192. Hans, a bishop, settled near the present Hernley Mennoite Meetinghouse in 1727. (There is another Hans Lehman that lived about four miles nortwest of this Hans, and his children have similar names) Hans was born in the canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, about the year 1702. Hans & Anna had lived near Zweibucken at Eshterholf in the Palatinate region of Germany prior to their emigration to America. They sailed on the ship “James Goodwill” on September 27, 1727. Others that traveled with them were: Hans Hege and wife (Hans sister Maria Lehman);Hans sister, Maria Lehman; and Hans and Anna’s three children. Henry Lesher and his two sisters came along, they were orphans. They all were Mennonites. Hans settled in the now Rapho Twp. of Lancaster Co.,PA. He bought 197 acres nw of Manheim known then as Stickelstown, between the present-day Colebrook St. and Hernley Rd. The land was surveyed on Dec. 22, 1735 and patented to John Leman on February 20, 1743. Hans served as a minister in the Hernley Mennonite Church and became its first bishop. He is mentioned in its first deed. The ground for the Hernley Meetinghouse and burial plots is one of the few meetinghouses or cemeteries now owned by a Mennonite congregation in Lancaster Co. which was deeded directly from the sons of William Penn as proprietary governors of PA to any of the church fathers. (First known as Rapho Mennonite Meetinghouse, then Lehman, now Hernley). The deed cantained the names of Thomas and Richard Penn. The first house also served as a schoolhouse for the community. Hans had evidently built a gristmill on his property and had constructed a dam and race to provide waterpower for it. Hans will was written January 1, 1772. On the homestead portion of the farm is a Lehman family cemetery where three generations of Lehmans are buried. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)

  • HL31 – Jacob Hege Lehman (Files of Joseph Hoover) b1722 Switzerland or Germany d1796 Derry Twp.,Dauphin,PA – m1Catherine Longenecker – His parents had lived near Zweibucken at Eshterholf in the Palatinate region of Germany prior to their emigration to America. They sailed on the ship “James Goodwill” on September 27, 1727. Jacob moved to Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., PA near the Stauffer Mennonite Meetinghouse and helped start the congregation. He purchased the southern portion of his father’s farm from his brother Daniel on April 13, 1786. – (Deed E13-293, Lancaster Co. Courthouse, Lancaster, PA. Daniel Lehman and wife, Mary, of Rapho Twp. granted 114 acres for the sum of £650 to Jacob Lehman of Londonderry Twp.) – m2Elizabeth ?
  • HL311 – Maria Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1754 – d1811 – mMichael Gingerich (son of Joseph Gingerich & Anna Huber) b1754 ,Lebanon,Lancaster,PA – d1803 Manchester Twp.,York,PA – Daughter of Maria & Michael Gingerich was Anna Gingerich baptized at the Trinity Reformed Church, City of York,York,PA (Records of Tri. Ref. Ch.,York,York,PA 1801-1853)
  • HL312 – Barbara Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) – mJacob Moyer
  • HL313 – John Lehman b1/11/1761-d1/27/1839 – known as John “The Fuller.” – m1Barbara Strickler b6/14/1762 – d10/9/1805 (Barbara was the daughter of Ulrich and Elizabeth Strickler) John lived on the original Hans Lehman land near Manheim, Lancaster, PA and operated a fulling mill there. – m2Mary ? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3131 – Elizabeth Lehman b3/4/1789 – d11/25/1854 – mPeter Hernley b3/5/1789 – d7/8/1842 (Peter was the son of Christian Hernley) Peter was a deacon of the Hernley Church of Manheim,Lancaster,PA . Children were: Mary Hernley mJohn Cassel; Isaac Hernley; Anna Hernley mChristian Leib; Barbara Hernley mJacob Cassel; Peter L. Hernley mBarbara Hershey; Elizabeth Hernley mDaniel Rhoades; and John Hernley.(Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3132 – Abraham Lehman b6/10/1792 – d10/13/1869 – mElizabeth Lehman b9/4/1796 – d2/4/1852 – They resided in Manheim, Lancaster,PA. Burial: Hernely Mennonite , Manheim,Lancaster,PA. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31321 – Jacob Lehman – mMary Helt (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1821 Of Rapho,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch)
  • HL31322 – Benjamin Lehman -mAnn Helt (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31323 – John Lehman – mMaggie Gantz (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31324 – Joseph Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1825 Rapho,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch)
  • HL31325 – Mary Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31326 – David Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1834 Rapho,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch) – mMary Buchter (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31327 – Daniel Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1842 Rapho,Lancaster,PA (FamilySearch) – mAnna Berkheiser (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3133 – Jacob Lehman b9/6/1795 – d7/12/1881 – Single. Jacob walked to Mannheim,Ontario,Canada in 1819 from the Old Line Rd., NW of Manheim,Lancaster,PA . He kept a diary of his journey. Burial: Hernley Mennonite , Manheim,Lancaster,PA (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) LEHMAN.-July 12th, near Manheim, Lancaster county, Pa., Brother Jacob Lehman, aged 85 years, 10 months and 6 days. Funeral on the 15th. Text, Rom. 6: 23. Buried at Hernley’s meeting-house. Brother Lehman was a quiet peaceable brother. (Herald of Truth,9/1881,pp161,162)
  • HL3134 – Ulrich Lehman b9/25/1799 – d3/19/1854 – mCatherine Fretz b4/14/1808 – d6/18/1873 – Ulrich lived on the Manheim Reservoir farm, Lancaster,PA. He died when most of his children were still young. His farm was sold and the children were placed with guardians. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980).
  • HL31341 – Elizabeth Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b3/5/1828 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31342 – Fannie Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b7/21/1831 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31343 – Samuel Lehman – mMargaret Hull (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b9/27/1834 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31344 – Esther (Hettie) Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)b11/8/1837 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31345 – John Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)b4/26/1840 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31346 – Daniel Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b10/24/1842 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31347 – SusannaLehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b10/23/1845 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31348 – Rebecca Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b8/31/1847 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL31349 – Abraham Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1/12/1850 Ralpho,Lancaster,PA (Family Search)
  • HL3135 – Henry Lehman b9/25/1799 – Single (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL314 – Jacob Longenecker Lehman b10/17/1763 – d6/21/1827 Frankfort Twp.,Cumberland,PA – mRosanna Shank d1-1-1850 – Jacob is buried in the Stauffer Mennonite Cemetery. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3141 – Deacon Benjamin Lehman b4/21/1791 – d5/11/1867 – mMagdalena Wissler Overholtzer b4/3/1791 – d5/21/1854 (Magdalena was the daughter of Samuel Overholtzer and Anna Wissler) Moved to Frankford Twp., Cumberland Co., PA. Benjamin was a deacon at the Diller Mennonite Church near Newville, Cumberland Co., PA (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)(Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) On the 11th of May, in Frankfort Township,Cumberland Co., Pa., Bro. BENJAMIN LEHMAN, aged 73 years and 17 days. Funeral sermons were preached by the brethren Abm. Burkhardt and Joseph Bomberger from 2 Tim. 4:7, 8. (Herald of Truth Obits, June 1827)
  • HL31411 – Nancy Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b3/10/1817 – d1/10/1892 (
  • HL31412 – Samuel O. Lehman b9/7/1819 – d10/4/1878 ( – mCatharine N. Martin (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b9/17/1818 – d12/17/1886 ( – Buried: Dillers Mennonite Church Cem.,Newville,Cumberland,PA (
  • HL314121 – Esther Lehman (twin to Magdalena) b9/3/1847 – d8/25/1857 – Buried: Dillers Mennoite Church Cem., Newville,Cumberland,PA (
  • HL314122 – Magdalena Lehman (twin to Esther) b9/3/1847 – 9/16/1847 – Buried: Dillers Mennoite Church Cem., Newville,Cumberland,PA (
  • HL314123 – Abram M. Lehman b7/9/1849 near Blosserville,Cumberland,PA – d5/18/1907 at home near Oak Grove,Franklin,PA – mMagdalena (Mattie) Cockley b1854 – Buried: Old Strasburg Mennonite Cem.,Franklin Co.,PA ( d1/20/1910 at home near Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – Lehman.-Abram M. Lehman was born near Blosserville, Cumberland Co., Pa., July 9, 1849; died at his home near Oak Grove, Franklin Co., Pa.. on May 18, 1907; aged 57 Y., 10 M., 9 D., of cancer of the stomach, from which he suffered greatly for ten weeks. He bore his afflictions very patiently and died leaving a bright hope of eternal glory, often saying that he felt like Paul, when he said, “I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better.” He leaves to mourn his departure a sorrowing wife, three daughters and one sister; but we need not mourn as those who have no hope, but we can rejoice through our tears that his sufferings are over and he is safe with Jesus. Funeral was held on the 21st by Pre. Henry Bricker at the house, and Pre. Abram Burkholder and Pre. Geo. Ernst at the Strasburg M. H., where the house was filled to overflowing with relatives and friends who came to pay their last tribute of respect to the dear departed one. The text, which was chosen by himself, was 2 Cor. 4:17, 18 and 5:1. May this dispensation of God’s providence be the means of drawing us closer to Christ. HIS DAUGHTER. (Her. of Truth 6/13/1907, p215,216) LEHMAN. -Near Strasburg, Pa., May 18, of cancer of the stomach, Bro. Abram M. Lehman died: aged 57 y. l0in. 9d. Bro. Lehman was born and raised in Cumberland Co., Pa., near Bloserville. He moved to Franklin Co. about ten years ago. He united with the Mennonite Church 30 years ago. About a year later he was united in marriage to Sister Mattie Cockley of the same county. To this marriage were born three daughters: Sadie, wife of James Jones of Chambersburg; Annie C. and Fannie D. at home, all of whom with their mother survive him. The family has lost an affectionate father and the church one who was ever at his place and ready to assist in praising the Lord. Our loss is, we believe, his eternal gain. Funeral services on May 21, by Bro. Henry Bricker at the home and by brethren Abram Burkholder and George Ernst at the church from II Cor. 5:1, 17, 18 as selected by the departed. (The Gospel Witness 6/12/1907, p175,176) – Lehman.–Mattie E. (Cockley) Lehman, widow of the late Abram M. Lehman, died at her home near Chambersburg, Franklin Co., Pa., on Jan. 20, 1910; she was born Oct. 22, 1854; aged 55 y. 2 m. 28 d. She was for many years a member of the Mennonite Church, and is greatly missed in the home as a kind mother. She suffered nine months from paralysis, having three strokes in that time. She is survived by her aged father and three daughters, her husband having died about three years ago. Funeral was held at the Strasburg Church on Sunday, Jan. 23. Services were conducted by W. W. Hege and Jos. Martin from the Text, “Behold thy mother” (John 19:27). May our loss be her eternal gain. (Gospel Herald 2/10/1910, v2,n47,p735,736)
  • HL3141231- Sadie Lehman mJames Jones of Chambersburg (Obit of Abram Lehman)
  • HL3141232 – Annie C. Lehman (Obit of Abram Lehman)
  • HL3141233 –Fanny D. Lehman (Obit of Abram Lehman)
  • HL314124 – Catherine (Katie) Lehman b1/21/1858 Newville,Cumberland?,PA – d4/25/1946 near Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – m10/27/1887 Bishop John Sollenberger Burkholder (son of Joseph Burkholder& Barbara Sollenberger) b1/8/1861 Hamilton Twp.,Franklin,PA – d2/8/1935 – John served as a bishop for 26 years and was ordained a minister on 6/7/1901& always preached his sermons in English. He farmed his father’s farm. Children of Catherine & John were Samuel Joseph Burkholder, Solomon Oyer Burkholder, Martha Ellen Burkholder, Barbara Ann Burkholder, Emma Catherine Burkholder, & Harry Lehman Burkholder. Burial: Old Strasburg Mennoite Church Cem.,,Franklin,PA Burkholder – Katie A., daughter of the late Samuel and Catherine Lehman, was born near Newville, Pa., Jan. 21, 1858; passed away at her late home near Chambersburg, Pa., April 25, 1946; aged 88 y. 3 m. 4 d. On Oct. 27, 1887, she was married to John S. Burkholder, who preceded her Feb. 8, 1935. She leaves 5 children (Solomon O., Martha E. – Mrs. Charles Bless, Barbara A., Emma C. – Mrs. Henry Sollenberger, and Harry L.), 17 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and 8 stepgrandchildren. One son (Samuel J.) preceded her. In her youth she united with the Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until the Lord called her home. She had a deep concern for the future welfare of her posterity and for the cause of Christ. Funeral services were held April 29 at the home and at the Chambersburg Church, in charge of Walter Lehman, C.V. Martin, and Harvey E. Shank. Text, Rom. 8;18. The body was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald 5/14/1946, p158,159)(Obit) Bishop John S. Burkholder, son of the late Joseph and Barbara (Sollenberger) Burkholder, was born Jan. 8, 1861; died suddenly of a heart attack on Feb. 8, 1935; aged 74 y. 1 m. He is survived by his widow, Kattie Burkholder (nee Lehman), 6 children – Samuel J., Solomon O., Martha E. (wife of Chas. Bless), Barbara A. (at home), Emma C. (wife of Henry Sollenberger), and Harry L.; also 3 sisters and 1 brother—Maria Kuhns, Elizabeth Frey, Annie Lehman, and Amos Burkholder. He was ordained to the ministry on June 7, 1901, and served in that capacity until June 16, 1909, at which time he was ordained bishop of the Mennonite churches of Franklin Co. He officiated at over 100 funerals, and nearly 100 marriages. His funeral was held on Feb. 12, at the Strasburg Mennonite church; burial in adjoining cemetery. The officiating ministers were Bro. Geo. Ernst, Bishops Henry Lutz and Denton Martin. Texts, II Tim. 4:6-8, I Sam. 20:18b.(F stands for Father, a God-given blessing; A stands for all things he has done for us;T is for tears he shed in our behalf;H is for heart of pure love. E is for his eyes that looked upon us; R is for right for which he always stood. Put these all together—they spell F-A-T-H-E-R, A word with heavenly meaning to us. – The Family. (Gospel Herald 2/28/1935, p1026,1027)
  • HL31413 – Barbara Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b11/6/1821 – d5/25/1888 (
  • HL31414 – John O. Lehman – b7/10/1823 ,Cumberland,PA – d4/25/1887 ( – mElizabeth Burkholder (daughter of Rev. Joseph Burkholder& Mary Whisler) b11/4/1828 ,Cumberland,PA – d10/14/1906 John was ordained a minister at the Diller Mennonite Meetinghouse in Cumberland Co., PA. He moved to Franklin Co., PA in 1867 and served the Strasburg Mennonite Church. (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Buried: Old Strasburg Menn. Cem.,,Franklin,PA
  • HL314141 – Mary B. Lehman – (
  • HL314142 – Joseph B. Lehman – b8/11/1853 – d11/21/1913 north of Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – mFannie W. Ernst/Ernest (daughter of Jacob Schwardtley Ernst& Barbara M. Wenger) b11/13/1851 ,Lancaster,PA- d2/21/1937 at her daughters near Hanover,PA Joseph B. Lehman was born Aug. 11, 1853; died Nov. 21, 1913; aged 60 y. 3 m. 10 d. He suffered from a stroke of paralysis, which resulted in his death after a short illness of a few days. He lived for many years near Guilford Springs and last spring moved to his new home north of Chambersburg, Pa. He united with the Mennonite Church many years ago and was a strong advocate of the doctrine of simplicity and greatly interested in the welfare of the church. Bro. Lehman is survived by his wife, Fannie, who was the daughter of the late Jacob S. Ernst, and these children: Geo. S., John H., and Levi E., of Lancaster and Jacob E., of near St. Thomas (all married), Joseph S. and Bessie at home, and one brother, Levi, near Pinola, Pa. Interment at the Chambersburg Church. Services at the house by Joseph E. Lehman and at the church by W. W. Hege. Text, Job 14:1,2, selected by the family. (Gospel Herald 12/4/1913,p575) – Fannie Lehman, widow of Joseph B. Lehman, formerly of Chambersburg, Pa., died Feb. 23, 1937, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Emanuel Bair, near Hanover, Pa.; aged 85 y. 3 m: 10 d. She was born in Lancaster Co., a daughter of the late Jacob S. and Barbara Wenger Ernst. She was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. She is survived by 6 children (George E., Lancaster, R. 1; Jacob E., Chambersburg, R. 3; John H., Levi B., and Joseph S. of Lancaster City, and Mrs. Bair with whom she resided), 39 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, and 2 brothers (George Ernst, Chambersburg, Pa., and Jacob Ernst, Lancaster). A brief service was held at the home of Mrs. Bair Friday morning, Feb. 26, after which the body was brought to Chambersburg, Pa., Church where further services were held. Burial in the adjoining cemetery. Services were in charge of Bros. Richard Danner of Hanover and Harvey E. Shank of Chambersburg. – Her chair long used is empty, Her glasses laid aside; Her Bible left to others, She’s gone with Christ to abide. (Gospel Herald 4/1/1937,vXXX,n1,p14,15)
  • HL3141421 – George E. Lehman – b10/7/1880 – d4/21/1956 – m1/16/1906 Leah Z. Martin (daughter of Jonathan W. Martin & Elizabeth Zimmerman) b3/3/1884 ,Lancaster,PA – d5/6/1954 Lancaster Gen. Hosp.,Lancaster,PA – Lehman, Leah, W., daughter of Jonathan W. and Elizabeth (Zimmerman) Martin, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., on March 3, 1884; died in Lancaster General Hospital, May 6, 1954, after a prolonged illness; aged 70 y. 2 m. 3 d. She was a faithful Christian wife and mother. On Jan. 16, 1906, she was married to George E. Lehman. To this union were born 12 children, one of whom (Kenneth V.) is deceased. Surviving are these sons and daughters (Ray J., Holtwood, Pa.; Edna M.-Mrs. Titus Sensenig, Ephrata, Pa.; Lester M., Bird in Hand, Pa.; Paul M., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Ruth E.-Mrs. Walter O. Leatherman, Lancaster; G. Irvin, Harrisonburg, Va.; Maurice E., Bareville, Pa.; G Clair, Gordonville, pa.; Earl S., Goshen, Ind.; Gladys V., at home; and Loretta Jane-Mrs. Raymond K. Stoltzfus, Parkesburg, Pa.), 31 grandchildren, and the following brothers and sisters (Mrs. J. Clair Witmer, Marysville, Pa.; Mrs. Lester Ebersole, Sterling, Ill.; C. Z. Martin, Mountsville, Pa.; Mrs. Clair R. Ressler, Lancaster, pa.; Mrs. Joseph Wargo, Lancaster, Pa.; and Mrs. Merle Price, Dixon, Ill.). Funeral services at the Chestnut St. Mennonite Church were conducted by Noah Good. Interment was made in the Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 11/9/1954,p1078,1079)
  • HL31414211 – Roy/Ray Jacob Lehman – b1906 ( – Lived at Holtwood,PA (Obit of mother, Leah)
  • HL31414222 – Edna May Lehman – b1/4/1909 ( – mTitus M. Sensenig – Lived at Ephrata,PA (Obit of mother, Leah) – m 2Titus M. Sensenig(son of Henry M. Sensenig & Mary Martin) b2/22/1911 Blue Ball,PA – d5/22/1996 ,Lancaster,PA – Sensenig, Titus M., 85, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Feb. 22, 1911, Blue Ball, Pa., to Henry M. and Mary Martin Sensenig. Died: May 22, 1996, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors – wife: Ruth E. Lehman Leatherman Sensenig; children: Richard E., Kenneth V., Lamarr L., Daniel L., Ruth E. Burkholder; sisters: Lena Schnupp, Ruth Shirk, Phoebe Wenger; 19 grandchildren, 34 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Edna Mae Lehman Sensenig (first wife). Funeral: May 26, Ephrata Mennonite Church, by M. John Nissley and Jeffrey High. Burial: Groffdale Mennonite Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 8/6/1996)
  • HL31414223 – Ruth E. Lehman – b – m9/24/1939 1Walter J. Leatherman b10/9/1910 ,Bucks,PA – d5/23/1967 Lancaster Gen. Hosp., Lancaster,PA (son of Jacob Leatherman & Laura Kratz) – m 2Titus M. Sensenig(son of Henry M. Sensenig & Mary Martin) b2/22/1911 Blue Ball,PA – d5/22/1996 ,Lancaster,PA – Leatherman.- Walter J., son of Jacob and Laura (Kratz) Leatherman, was born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 9, 1910; died at Lancaster General Hospital, May 23, 1967; aged 56 y. 7 m. 14 d. On Sept, 24, 1939, he was married to Ruth E. Lehman, who survives. Also, surviving are one son (W. James), one daughter (Lois Marie), 2 brothers (Quintus and Allen), and 2 sisters (Naomi-Mrs. Walter Schull and Orpha). He was ordained to the ministry in 1947 and served as supply minister for the Lancaster Conference. He was a member of the East Chestnut Street Church, Lancaster, where funeral services were held May 27, with James M. Shank and Myron Ebersole officiating; interment in Mellinger’s Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 7/4/1967,p606,607) Sensenig, Titus M., 85, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Feb. 22, 1911, Blue Ball, Pa., to Henry M. and Mary Martin Sensenig. Died: May 22, 1996, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors – wife: Ruth E. Lehman Leatherman Sensenig; children: Richard E., Kenneth V., Lamarr L., Daniel L., Ruth E. Burkholder; sisters: Lena Schnupp, Ruth Shirk, Phoebe Wenger; 19 grandchildren, 34 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Edna Mae Lehman Sensenig (first wife). Funeral: May 26, Ephrata Mennonite Church, by M. John Nissley and Jeffrey High. Burial: Groffdale Mennonite Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 8/6/1996)
  • HL3141424 – Earl Samuel Lehman – b2/20/1921 ( Lived at Goshen, IN (Obit of mother, Leah)
  • HL3141425 – Kenneth V. Lehman
  • HL3141422 – Jacob E. Lehman – b5/16/1883 ,Franklin,PA – d4/11/1960 ,Harrisburg,PA – m1/22/1907 Salome Ebersole (daughter of John L. Ebersole & Mary Emma Witmer) b7/8/1886 near Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – d12/4/1957 Chambersburg Hosp., Chambersburg,PA – Lehman, Jacob Ernst, was born in Franklin Co., Pa., May 16, 1883; died at the Harrisburg, Pa., State Hospital after several years’ illness; aged 76 y. 10 m. 26 d. He was married to Salome Ebersole who preceded him in death. Surviving are 6 sons and 6 daughters (Arthur, Lloyd, John, Virgil, Anna, Frances, and Mildred, of Chambersburg, Pa.; Marlin, minister at the Pond Bank Church, Fayetteville, Pa.; Emma– Mrs. Daniel Diller, Maugansville, Md.; Louella– Mrs. Lesher Horst, Paradise, Pa.; Leroy, Versailles, Mo.; and Dorothy–Mrs. Elvin Hege, Homestead, Fla.), one sister, 2 brothers, and 39 grandchildren. He was a member of the Pleasant View Church, where funeral services were held April 14, in charge of Walter Lehman and Harvey Shank. (Gospel Herald 5/24/1960,vLIII,n21, p486,487) – Lehman, Salome, daughter of the late John and Emma (Witmer) Ebersole, was born near Chambersburg, Pa., July 8, 1886; died Dec. 4, 1957, at the Chambersburg Hospital after an illness of six years; aged 72 y. 4 m. 26 d. She was united in marriage to Jacob E. Lehman Jan. 22, 1907. They lived together over fifty years and were blessed with 13 children, of whom 6 sons and 6 daughters survive. They are: Loyd, Frances, Mildred, and Anna, at home; Arthur, John, Mrs. Lesher Horst, Marlin, and Virgil, Chambersburg, Pa.; Mrs. Daniel Diller, Maugansville, Md.; Leroy, Gordonville, Pa.; and Mrs. Elvin Hege, Tavernier, Fla. She is also survived by 3 brothers, 3 sisters and 36 grandchildren. She united with the Mennonite Church May 5, 1905, and remained a faithful member until death. She took an active interest in promoting missions, which resulted in many of her family being actively engaged in mission work of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at the Chambersburg Mennonite Church, Dec. 8, in charge of Amos Martin, Harvey Shank, Walter Lehman, and John Sollenberger. Burial in the adjoining cemetery, . (Gospel Herald 1/7/1958,p22,23)
  • HL31414221 – Aaron Arthur Lehman – b1907 – m12/30/1933 Bertha Landis Caufman (daughter of Samuel Caufman & Fannie L. Landis) b1910 (
  • HL31414222 – Lloyd Jacob Lehman – b1909 – Single (
  • HL31414223 – Frances Mary Lehman – b8/24/1910 – d4/16/1975 – Single – Burial: Culbertson Menn. Ch. Cem.(
  • HL31414224 – Emma Grace Lehman – b8/18/1917 – d8/2/1980 – m9/30/1937 Rev. Daniel Samuel Diller (son of Albert Franklin Diller & Fannie Elizabeth Shank) b3/24/1916 Greencastle,PA – d1/29/1966 near home, MountainCity,TN – DILLER, Daniel S., son of Albert and Fannie (Shank) Diller, was born at Greencastle, Pa., March 24, 1916; died in his burning car alongside the road about six miles from his home, Mountain City, Tenn., Jan. 29, 1966, aged 49 y. 10 m. 5 d. He suffered a heart condition for the last three years. On Sept. 30, 1937, he was married to Emma G. Lehman, who survives. Also surviving are 4 sons and 3 daughters (Duane A., Lehman E., Dennis R., J. Daniel, Miriam D. – Mrs. Donald Thomas, Joanna M., and Ruth Elaine), his mother, 3 brothers, 3 sisters and 2 grandchildren. He served the church in the Willow Hill, Pa., area, at Maugansville, Md., and at Salem Ridge, Greencastle, Pa. Then he served as licensed pastor at Rainbow Chapel, Mountain City, Tenn., where on May 17, 1964, he was ordained as minister to serve at this place. Funeral services were held at the church with J. Edward Lehman, Aquila Stoltzfus, and Paul Mast officiating, and then the body was taken to Greencastle, Pa., where services were conducted at the Salem Ridge Church, with Harvey Shank, Aaron Stoltzfus, and Omar Kurtz officiating. (Gospel Herald 4/5/1966,p314,315) Burial: Salem Ridge Menn. Ch. Cem,,Greencastle,PA
  • HL31414225 – Marvin Samuel Lehman – b12/24/1918 ( – d10/14/1919 at home near Lititz,PA – Lehman. – Marvin Samuel, son of Bro. Jacob E. and Sister Salome Lehman, died at his late home near Lititz, Pa., Oct. 14, 1919, aged 9 m. 20 d. His suffering, though intense with bowel trouble and convulsions, was borne with much patience, and passed peacefully away seeming to behold beautiful sights as he was entering heaven’s portals. He is survived by his parents, 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Funeral at the Chambersburg Mennonite Church by Bros. John Mosemann and William W. Hege. Interment in adjoining cemetery. – “Sweet little darlings, light of the home, Looking for some one beckoning come, Bright as the sunbeams, pure as the dew, Anxiously looking loved ones. for” (Gospel Herald 12/4/1919,p670,671) – Burial: Chambersburg Menn. Ch. Cem., Franklin,PA
  • HL31414226 – Bessie Luella Lehman – b7/5/1920 – 3/12/1979 – m1/10/1942 Lesher Baer Horst (son of Abraham G. Horst & Susan H. Baer) b1921 – Burial: Salem Ridge Menn. Ch. Cem.(
  • HL31414227 – Noah Leroy Lehman – b4/8/1922 – d11/9/1980 – m1/31/1948 Maria Louisa Brendle (daughter of Israel W. Brendle & Leah Sauder Martin) b1925 (
  • HL31414228 – Dorothy Mae Lehman – b7/4/1923 – d3/24/1993 – m7/24/1943 Hagerstown,MD Elvin Martin Hege (son of Henry E. Hege & Naomi H. Martin) b1921 – Burial: Hagerstown,Menn.Fellowship Ch. Cem.,Hagerstown,MD (
  • HL31414229 – Rev. Marlin David Lehman – b8/14/1924 ,Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – d11/13/1996 Fayetteville,PA Auto Accident – m10/14/1945 Pond Bank Menn. Ch. Catharine Elizabeth Burkholder b1925 – Burial: Strasburg Menn. Cem.,, Franklin,PA ( Lehman, Marlin D., 72, Chambersburg, Pa. Born: Aug. 14, 1924, Chambersburg, Pa., to Jacob E. and Salome Ebersole Lehman. Died: Nov. 13,1996, Fayetteville, Pa., in an automobile accident. Survivors – wife: Catherine E. Burkholder Lehman; daughters: C. Louise Ervin, Nancy E. Kuhns, Wilma J. Wadel, Darlene K. Detweiler, Brenda S. E by; brothers and sister: John, Virgil, Anna; 10 grandchildren. Predeceased by: an infant son. Congregational membership: Pond Bank Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: Nov. 18, Chambersburg Mennonite Church, by Menno B. Sollenberger, Roger I. Martin, and Charles A. Ness. (Gospel Herald 5/13/1997)
  • HL314142291 – Marlin Lee Lehman, Jr. – b7/27/1954 Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – d2/6/1955 Chambersburg Hos., Chambersburg,PA – Lehman, — Marlin Lee, Jr., was born July 27, 1954, at Chambersburg, Pa.; passed away Feb. 6, 1955, at the Chambersburg Hospital; aged 6 m. 10 d. He is survived by his parents, Marlin and Catherine Lehman, and three sisters (C. Louise, Nancy E., and William J.), also his grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Lehman and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burkholder). Marlin’s stay was here was short, but it was long enough for his loved ones to become attached to him. Funeral services were conducted at the Chambersburg Church, Feb. 9, by Harvey E. and Luke J. Shank, with burial in the adjoining cemetery. (Gospel Herald 3/15/1955,p262)
  • HL3141422a – Other Living Children
  • HL3141423 – Joseph S. Lehman – (
  • HL3141424 – John Henery Lehman – b8/4/1884 Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – d9/28/1945 ManheimTwp.,Lancaster,PA (Don Ludwig) – m9/6/1906 GreeneTwp., Franklin,PA Irene Anna Horst (dau. of Levi Lehman Horst & Susannah (Susan) M. Kuhns)– b3/29/1886 GreeneTwp.,Franklin,PA – d11/16/1989 EastHempfieldTwp.,Lancaster,PA (Don Ludwig) – LEHMAN, John H., son of the late Joseph B. and Fannie Ernst Lehman, was born at Chambersburg, Franklin,Pa., Aug. 4, 1884; departed this life Sept. 28, 1945; aged 61 y. 1 m. 24 d. He is survived by a bereaved companion, 5 children (Pearl – Mrs. Paul E. Smith; Goldie – Mrs. Jacob H. Smith; Esther – Mrs. Josie Rehkugler; Helen, at home; and Beulah – Mrs. David Troyer), 4 brothers (George, Levi, and Joseph, Lancaster, Pa.; and Jacob, of Chambersburg), and one sister (Mrs. Emanuel Bare, Thomasville, Pa.). He was a faithful member of the Vine Street Mission congregation, Lancaster. His absence is keenly felt, but our loss is his gain. (Gospel Herald 11/16/1945,p639) Both buried in Chambersburg Mennonite Church Cem., Chambersburg,PA
  • HL31414241 – Frank Henery Lehman – stillborn of dystocia (birth complications such as turned the wrong way) 6/30/1907 GuilfordTwp.,Franklin,PA – Burial: Chambersburg Mennonite Church Cem., Chambersburg,PA (Don Ludwig; Death Cert. #204)
  • HL31414242 – Pearl Frances Lehman – b8/10/1908 GreeneTwp.,Franklin,PA – d12/17/1986 Dayton,Howard,MD (Don Ludwig) – m12/23/1934 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA Paul Elwood Smith (son of Samuel Amos Smith & Rebecca Jane Emenheiser (Don Ludwig) )(Obit of father John) – b1/9/1915 Lower Windsor Twp.,York,PA – d6/2/2007 York,York,PA – Burials: Pearl, Chambersburg Mennonite Church Cem., Chambersburg, Pa; Paul, Indiantown Gap National Cem., Annville,PA (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142421 – Esther Mae Smith – mJames Ezra Whitman, Jr., Dr. – Children are: Rodney Kevin Whitman (b8/25/1957 Niles,Berrien,MI – d12/17/1969 Lansdale,Montgomery,PA, burial: Ebenezer Cem., Ebenezer,Lebanon,PA; Robbin Cynthia Whitman; Randall Kirk Whitman(Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142422 – Betty Jane Smith – m1 Richard Edward Steinhauer (son of Charles William Steinhauer & Rose Marie Vossler) – m2 Charles Max Frido Ludwig, DDS – (son of Karl Erich Ludwig & Gertrud Charlotte Elisabeth Schulz) b4/12/1929 Jersey City,NJ (Oibt) – d7/23/2010 Manheim Twp.,Lancaster,PA (Death Cert. #5747024)– – St. Peter’s College B.S.; Temple Univ. Sch. Of Dentistry, D.D.S.; served in U.S. Navy Dental Corps 1954-1956 – Charles had been married and divorced 2times before this marriage – Betty’s children are: Patricia Diane Steinhauer, Richard Douglas Steinhauer (Don Ludwig) – Charles children are Donald Charles Ludwig & Carol Elizabeth (Ludwig) Bell. (Obit; Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142423 – David Samuel Smith b4/14/1938 Windsor Twp.,York,PA – d4/14/2008 Akron,Lancaster,PA – cremated, buried Norbeck Memorial Park, Norbeck,Montgomery,MD (Don Ludwig) – m Diane “Diana” Frances Ketch – Children are: Trina Lynn Smith b11/23/1960 Washington D.C. – d3/13/1999 York,York,PA – mMichael Alan Himelfarb (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142424 – Gloria Ann Smith – m1 Tyrone Lee Tonden – m2 Richard Kinsey Talbott Children are: Darrell David Tonden, Alan Carson Tonden(Don Ludwig)
  • HL31414243 – Esther Susan Lehman (Obit of father John) b9/16/1910 Chambersburg,Franklin,PA (Don Ludwig) – d4/10/2010 Lancaster,PA (Obit) – m6/4/1938 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA Josie Weaver Rehkugler (Obit of John H. Lehman) (son of Joseph Johnson Rehkugler & Bertha V. Weaver) b6/9/1908 East LampeterTwp.,Lancaster,PA – d4/18/1965 Lancaster Gen. Hosp.,Lancaster,PA – Rehkugler, Josie W, son of Josie W. and Bertha V. (Weaver) Rehkugler, was born June 9, 1908; died at the Lancaster (Pa.) General Hospital, April 18, 1965 (Don Ludwig); aged 56 y. 10 m. 9 d. Surviving, besides his wife (the former Esther S. Lehman), are 2 sons (John E. and Gerald L.), 2 daughters (Vesta and Sharon), one grandchild, one brother (Elvin W.), and 2 sisters (Mrs. Gladys Andrews and Grace E.). He was a member of the Calvary Independent Church. Funeral services were held at the Young Funeral Home, Lancaster, Pa., April 22, in charge of Rev. Harrison; interment in Keener Cemetery,RaphoTwp.,Lancaster,PA. (Gospel Herald 5/18/1965,p443)
  • HL314142431 – John Elvin Rehkugler b4/13/1939 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA – d3/5/1996 Lancaster Co.,PA – m1 Evelyn J. Skidmore – m1/14/1983 Upper Leacock Twp., Lancaster,PA – m2 Shirley Irene Clark b- Children of John & Evelyn are Sherri & Suzanne(Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142432 – Vesta Joy Rehkugler (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142433 – Gerald Lehman Rehkugler – m Susan Jeanette Chapman – Children of Gerald & Susan are: Paul Nathaniel, Lori Ann, Jonathan David, Christopher James (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142434 – Sharon June Rehkugler – m Don Edward Hutchinsson – Children are Adam S., Korin D. (Don Ludwig)
  • HL31414244 – Goldie Irene Lehman – b7/15/1912 Chambersburg,Franklin,PA – d12/12/1988 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA (Don Ludwig) – m5/16/1931 Lancaster,Lancaster,PA Jacob Hess Smith (son of Christian H. Smith & Catherine (Kate) M. Hess) b3/10/1911 ManheimTwp.,Lancaster,PA – d10/24/1994 ManheimTwp.,Lancaster,PA (Obit of father John; Don Ludwig) Burials: Graybill Church of he Brethren Cem., East Hempfield Twp., Lancaster,PA (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142441 – Virginia(Ginny) EllenSmith – mKenwyn Fuhrman Bailey – is Cherlynn S. (Don Ludwig)
  • HL31414245 – Helen Mae Lehman – b11/28/1913 ,Lancaster,PA – d3/19/1990 Columbia,Lancaster,PA (Cremated) (Obit of father John; Don Ludwig)
  • HL31414246 – Grace (Beulah) Beulah Lehman – bLancaster,Lancaster,PA (Don Ludwig) – mDavid Emmanuel Troyer b ,Ford,KS (Don Ludwig; Obit of father John)
  • HL314142461 – David Emanuel Troyer, Jr. – m1 Barbara Jean Hines m2 Ann Ligon m3 Cheryl Matthews (Don Ludwig) Children of David and Barbara are Angela Sue, Glen David. (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142462 – Joyce Princess Troyer – m Mark Edward Cain Children are Bradley Mark, Charlene Joy & , Michele Rose. (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142463 – Jonathan Edward Troyer – m Karen Leah McEfee Children are Jeremy Jonathan, & Mark Philip (Don Ludwig)
  • HL314142464 – Philip Larry Troyer – m Janel Laura Johnson Children are Laura Marie, Christiana Joy, & Joel Philip(Don Ludwig)
  • HL3141425 – Bessie Frances Lehman – mEmanuel S. Bair (
  • HL3141426 – Levi E. Lehman – b9/19/1886 ,Franklin,PA – d8/22/1972 Lancaster Osteopathic Hosp.,Lancaster,PA – m12/29/1910 Catherine Brubaker (daughter of Martin Brubaker & Barbara Brubaker) b3/7/1886 McAlisterville,PA d7/11/1963 Lancaster,PA –- Levi E., son of Joseph B. and Fannie (Ernest) Lehman, was born in Franklin Co., Pa., Sept. 19, 1886; died at Lancaster Osteopathic Hospital, Aug. 22, 1972; aged 85 y. 11 m. 3 d. On Dec. 29, 1910, he was married to Catherine Brubaker, who preceded him in death on July 11, 1963. Surviving are 2 sons (Titus I. and Richard N.), 2 daughters (Esther F.-Mrs. Harold L. Myer and Grace D.), 11 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, and one sister (Mrs. Bessie F. Bair). He was a member of the East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held on Aug. 24, in charge of James M. Shank and Luke J. Shank; interment in Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 9/12/1972,p730)Lehman, Catherine, daughter of Martin and Barbara (Brubaker) Brubaker, was born at McAlisterville, Pa., March 7, 1886; died at Lancaster, Pa., July 11, 1963; aged 77 y. 4 m. 4 d. On Dec. 29, 1910, she was married to Levi E. Lehman, who survives. Also surviving are 2 sons and 2 daughters (Titus I., Esther F.-Mrs. Harold L. Myer, Grace D., and Richard N.), 11 grandchildren, and one sister (Amanda-Mrs. John Heckman). She was a member of the East Chestnut Street Church, Lancaster, where funeral services were held July 14, in charge of James M. Shank and Frank M. Enck; interment in Mellinger Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 8/13/1963,p709,710,711)
  • HL31414261 – Titus Irvin Lehman – b11/30/1911 Manheim,Lancaster,PA – d2/3/1996 Lititz,PA Lehman, Titus Irvin, 84, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Nov. 30, 1911, Manheim Twp., Pa., to Levi E. and Catherine Brubaker Lehman. Died: Feb. 3, 1996, Lititz, Pa., of a heart attack. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Richard N., Esther L. Myer, Grace D. Congregational membership: East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church. Funeral: Feb. 7, Landis Homes Chapel, by Melvin H. Thomas and Donald Good. Burial: Mellinger Mennonite Church Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 10/19/1996)
  • HL31414262 – Richard N. Lehman – (Obit of Levi Lehman)
  • HL31414263 – Esther F. Lehman – mHarold L. Myer (Obit of Levi Lehman)
  • HL31414264 – Grace D. Lehman – (Obit of Levi Lehman)
  • HL314143 – Annie B. Lehman – (
  • HL314144 – Levi B. Lehman – b10/23/1856 – d4/5/1921 at home,Pinola,PA – m11/16/1876 Barbara H. Horst (daughter of Isaac & Anna Horst) b9/11/1853 of Shippensburg,PA- d5/1/1921 – No children. ( – Lehman. – Levi B. Lehman was born Oct. 23, 1856; died April 5, 1921, at his home at Pinola, Pa., from a short illness of paralysis and grippe; aged 64 y. 5 m. 12 d. On Nov. 16, 1876, he was married to Barbara Horst of Shippensburg, Pa., by whom he is survived. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years and was always an active participant in the work of the church. The funeral was held April 8 with services at the Row Mennonite Church in charge of the Brethren C. V. Martin and W. W. Hege. Text Heb. 4:9. Interment in the cemetery adjoining.- “O the bliss of loved ones resting, By the crystal river bright; ‘Neath the shade of trees immortal, Where no shadows dim the light; Resting, resting, sweetly resting, Where no shadows dim the light.” A nephew. (Gospel Herald 4/21/1921,p63)-Barbara H. Lehman was born Sept. 11, 1853. She was brought up near Shippensburg, Pa., being the daughter of Isaac and Anna Horst. On Nov. 16, 1876, she was united in marriage to Levi B. Lehman who preceded her in death only about a month. She passed peacefully away on May 1, 1921, after a lingering illness of several months; aged 67 y. 6 m. 20 d. She was a member of the Mennonite Church from her youth and remained faithful till death. Funeral May 5. Services and interment at the Row Church, conducted by W. W. Hege. (Gospel Herald 7/28/1921, p334,335)
  • HL31415 – Elizabeth Lehman b12/8/1824 – 9/28/1877 ( – m10/12/1848 Abraham N. Martin (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b4/18/1820 – Children of Elizabeth & Abraham were Martin L. Martin, David L. Martin, Maria Magdalena Martin, Martin L. Martin, Benjamin L. Martin, Samuel L. Martin, Abraham L. Martin, Jacob H. Martin, & Emanuel M. Martin. – Burial: Diller Menn. Cem.,Cumberland,PA (
  • HL31416 – Benjamin Lehman b2/22/1828 – d5/21/1908 near Newville,PA – mSusannah M. Whisler (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b10/12/1837 – d1/3/1897 ,Cumberland,PA – No Children – Burial: Diller Menn. Cem., Cumberland,PA ( Lehman died May 2l, 1908, at the home of his niece, Sarah Burkholder, near Newville, Pa., aged 80 y. 2 m. 29 d. Bro. Lehman had been in failing health for the last two years but was bedfast only eleven days. He bore his afflictions with patience. Funeral on Sunday, May 24. Services at the Diller Church by Bish. Benj. Zimmerman and Bro. Abram Burkholder, where a large concourse of relatives and friends assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed. He was the last of his family and is survived by no nearer relatives than nieces and nephews. (Gospel Herald 7/25/1908,vI,n17,p271,272) LEHMAN – On Jan. 3d, 1987, in Cumberland Co., Pa., Sister Susannah, wife of Ben. Lehman, aged 59 years, 2 months and 10 days. She had been a great sufferer from that dreadful disease, cancer, for some years. But she looked forward to that heavenly mansion that is prepared for all those that put their trust in the living Son of God. She leaves a bereaved husband, two brothers, and one sister who resides in York Co., near Hanover, viz. Pre. Martin, Emanuel and Maria Whisler. Funeral services conducted by Bish. B.F. Zimmerman of Shiremanstown, and Pre. Abm. C.R. Burkholder. Text, Tim. 4:6-8. Buried in the Diller Mennonite burying ground, where a large concourse of people assembled to pay the last tribute of respect. Peace to her ashes. (Herald of Truth 2/1/1897,p45,46)
  • HL3142 – Jacob Lehman b10/5/1795 – d5/30/1867 Londonderry Twp.,Dauphin,PA – mElizabeth L. Risser b9/26/1800 – d6/12/1856 (Daughter of Christian Risser and Elizabeth) (Note: Tombstone says age of 73 years, 7 months, and 25 days, if 1867 was year of death, than 1793 would be the year of birth) (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) Possibly another child beyond what is listed below. – 1850 Fed Census for Londonderry Twp.,Dauphin,PA lists Jacob as a farmer, age 57; Elizabeth, age 50, Benjamin age 28; Peter 25; Nancy 19; Catherine 13, & George 9 months. On the 30th of May, in Londonderry Township, Dauphin County, Pa., JACOB LEHMAN, aged 73 years, 7 months, and 25 days. He was a brother in the Mennonite church more than forty years. He was buried on the 1st of June. Funeral services were conducted by John Risser, Peter Ebersole, Daniel Schop, John Stauffer, and John Strickler, from 2 Cor. 4:16-18. (Herald of Truth, June, 1867)
  • HL31421 – Benjamin Risser Lehman b1822? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31422 –Deacon Peter Risser Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b3/21/1826 ConewagoTap.,Dauphin,PA (Obit) – d10/9/1911 ,Dauphin,PA (Obit) – mFanny ? (1880 Census) b12/16/1830 Calculation – d2/9/1897 near Gainsburg,Dauphin,PA (Obit) – 1880 Fed. Census, Londonderry,Dauphin,PA lists Peter R.,age 54 born PA, a farmer; wife is Fanny, age 50, born in PA, Fanny age 22 born PA, Jacob 21 born PA, doing Farm Work; Elizabeth age 19 born in PA, & Peter age 17 born in PA, Farm Work. – Peter R. Lehman was born in Conewago Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., Mar. 21, 1826; died at the place where he was born Oct. 9, 1911, of infirmities due to old age; aged 85 y. 6 m. 18 d. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church and was a deacon for the Stauffer congregation for 27 years. Of late years he could not attend to his duties. His wife preceded him to the spirit world some years ago. He is survived by 2 sons, Peter of Elizabethtown, Pa., Jacob living on the homestead farm; also 2 daughters, Lizzie, wife of Aaron Witmer and Fannie wife of John Ebersole; also 12 grand children to mourn their loss. Funeral Oct. 13. Services at the house by Bro. Levi Ebersole and at Stauffer’s M. H. by Bros. John Ebersole and Samuel L. Oberholtzer. Text, Luke 2:25-32. Interment in the adjoining burial grounds. (Gospel Herald V.IV, N30,10/26/1911, p479) On the 9th of February, 1897, near Gainsburg, Dauphin Co., Pa., – Fannie Lehman, wife of deacon Peter Lehman, aged 66 years, 1 month and 24 days. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church and will be greatly missed. Her remains were laid to rest in the Stauffer cemetery and services were held in the church near by, conducted by Martin Rutt and John Ebersole, text, Rev. 7:16, 17. (Herald of Truth, V.XXXIV, N6, 3/15/1897, pp93,94,95)
  • HL314221 – Fannie Lehman b1/10/1858 – d2/6/1924 – mJohn Ebersole (Obit of father)Fannie Lehman, wife of Bro. John Ebersole of Elizabethtown, Pa., was born Jan. 10, 1858; died Feb. 6, 1924; aged 66 y. 27 d. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, one son, and 7 grandchildren. Funeral services were held Feb. 9, at Elizabethtown Mennonite Church, conducted by Noah W. Risser and Simon B. Landis. Text, Heb. 9:27.(The Gospel Herald V.XVI,N50,3/13/1924, p1020,1021)
  • HL314222 – Jacob Lehman b1859? – mHarriet Haldman bPA – living on the homestead farm. (Obit of father) – 1910 Fed Census Londonderry Twp.,Dauphin,PA: Jacob is 51 and a farmer, Harriet is his wife age 45 bPA; Agnes is 19, George is 17, Ammon is 16, Edna is 13; & Mabel is 10.
  • HL3142221 – Agnes O. Lehman b1891? (1910 Census) – mCharles Foxof Hershey, PA (obit of brother George; Edna)
  • HL3142222 – George Frank Lehman b7/20/1892 near Elizabethtown,Londonderry Twp.,Dauphin, PA (1910 Census;Obit)d5/24/1949 – m3/1915 Jennie V. Longenecker (daughter of John Longenecker & Alice McBride) – b6/26/1890 Conewago Twp.,,PA – d8/24/1977 Lehman’s Nursing Home, Rheems,PA – George Frank, son of Jacob and Harriet (Haldman) Lehman, was born near Elizabethtown, Pa., July 20, 1892; died May 24, 1949; aged 56 y. 10 m. 4 d. Death was caused by a cerebral hemorrhage after more than a year’s illness. At the age of fifteen he united with the Elizabethtown Mennonite Church, of which he was a member at the time of his death. He served as a director of the South Londonderry Twp. School Board for sixteen years. On March 21, 1915. he was married to Jennie V. Longenecker, who survives. Also surviving are 6 children (Wayne P.; Alice E Gall, and Ruth L. Givens, all of Elizabethtown; Mahlon L., Glenn L., and Ammon L., at home), 3 grandchildren, and 3 sisters (Mrs. Agnes O. Fox, Hershey, Pa.; Mrs. Edna E. Shope, Middletown, Pa.; and Mrs. Mabel Smith, Mt. Joy, Pa.). One brother preceded him in death. Funeral services were held at his late home and at the Elizabethtown Mennonite Church by Clarence E. Lutz and Noah Risser. Text: II Tim. 4:6-8. Burial was made in the Sheaffer Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V.XLII,N.30,7/26/1949, p734,735)Jennie V., daughter of John and Alice (McBride) Longenecker, was born in Conewago Twp., Pa., June 26, 1890; died at Lehman’s Nursing Home, Rheems, Pa., Aug. 24, 1977; aged 87 y. In March 1915, she was married to G. Frank Lehman, who died on May 24, 1949. Surviving are 4 sons (Wayne P., Mahlon L., Glenn L., and Ammon L.), 2 daughters (Alice E. Gall, and Ruth-Mrs. Clarence Givens), 28 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and one brother (Elmer Longenecker). She was a member of Elizabethtown Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held on Aug. 28, in charge of Richard H. Frank and Walter L. Keener; interment in Elizabethtown Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V.70, N.37 – 9/20/1977, p710)
  • HL31422221 – Wayne P. Lehman b – of Elizabethtown (obit of father)
  • HL31422222 – Alice E. Lehman b – m? Gall – of Elizabethtown (obit of father)
  • HL31422223 – Ruth L. Lehman b – mClarence Givens – of Elizabethtown (obit of father)
  • HL31422224 – Mahlon L. Lehman b (obit of father)
  • HL31422225 – Glenn L. Lehman b3/11/1932 ,Dauphin,PA (obit of father, obit) – d2/8/1997 ,Lancaster,PA – mMiriam WitmerLehman, Glenn L., 64, Manheim, Pa. Born: Mar. 11, 1932, Dauphin County, Pa., to George F. and Jennie V. Longenecker Lehman. Died: Feb. 8, 1997, Lancaster, Pa., of a heart attack. Survivors – wife; Miriam Witmer Lehman; children: Frank E., Dennis W., Glenn W., Hobert A., Carolyn L. Hoover, Charlene K. Shelly, Jennifer M. Witmer, June L. Rohrer; brothers and sisters: Mahlon L., Ammon L., Alice E. Gall, Ruth L. Givens; 19 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Feb. 12, Hernley Mennonite Church, by George M. Hurst, Jay M. Peters, and Donald Nauman.(Gospel Herald – V.90, N.13 4/1/1997, p15)
  • HL31422226 – Ammon L. Lehman b (obit of father)
  • HL3142223 – Ammon Haldman Lehman b1894? PA (1910 Census) – mJennie ?b8/12/1897 PA (S.S. Index) – d2/22/1992 (S.S. Index) 1930 U.S. Fed. Census, Swatara Twp., Dauphin,PA lists Ammon H. as 36 born in PA, and his wife Jennie age 33, born in PA. Also says Ammon was an auto mechanic in auto repair.
  • HL3142224 – Edna H. Lehman b5/10/1896 (1910 Census; obit) – d3/6/1950 ,Lancaster,PA – mEli C. Shopeof Middletown, PA (obit of brother George) Shope, Edna H.,daughter of the late Jacob and Harriet Lehman,was born May 10, 1896; died at the St. Joseph’s Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., March 6, 1950, after six-weeks illness; aged 53 y. 9 m. 26 d. Surviving are her husband (Eli C. Shope,Middletown, Pa.), 2 sons (Harry and Lehman), 4 stepsons (Arthur, Clair, Robert, and Donald Shope), and 2 sisters (Mrs. Samuel Smith, Mt. Joy, Pa.; and Mrs. Charles Fox, Hershey, Pa.). She was a faithful member of the Shope and Strickler Church for many years. Funeral services were held at Stricklers March 10, conducted by Noah W. Risser and Russel Zeager. Text: II Tim. 4: 6-8. Burial was made in the Hummelstown Cemetery. (Gospel Herald – V.XLIII, N.22 5/30/1950 p526,527)
  • HL3142225 – Mabel M. Lehman b11/1/1899 Londonderry Twp.,Dauphin,PA (1910 Census; Obit) – d8/16/1988 ,Lancaster,PA (Obit) – m1/10/1922 Samuel G. Smith (son of Norman H. Smith & Lottie Groff) b11/30/1899 ,Bainbridge,PA – d11/21/1989 ,Lancaster,PA – of Mt. Joy, PA (obit of brother George, sister Edna) – Mabel M. Lehman, daughter of Jacob and Harriet (Haldeman) Lehman, was born at Londonderry Township, Pa., Nov. 1, 1899; died at Lancaster, Pa., on Aug. 16, 1988; aged 88 y. On Jan. 10, 1922, she was married to Samuel G. Smith, who survives. Also surviving are 3 sons (Norman, Lehman, and Ammon), a daughter (Ruth Wenger), 10 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren. She was a member of the Mount Joy (Pa.) Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held on Aug. 19, in charge of Shelley R. Shellenberger, Charles Henry, and Joe Sherer; interment in Elizabethtown Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V.81, N.37 – 9/13/1988, p632-634) – Smith,Samuel G., son of Norman H. and Lottie (Groff) Smith, was born in Bainbridge, Pa., Nov. 30, 1899; died at Community Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., Nov. 21, 1989; aged 89. On Jan. 10, 1922, he was married to Mabel M. Lehman, who died on Aug. 16, 1988. Surviving are 3 sons (Norman J., Lehman A., and Ammon L.), one daughter (Ruth Wenger), 10 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, and one sister (Grace Brubaker). He was a member of Mount Joy Mennonite Church, where funeral services were held on Nov. 24, in charge of Shelley R. Shellenberger, Charles W. Henry, and Joe Sherer; interment in Elizabethtown Mennonite Cemetery. (Gospel Herald V.82, N.50, 12/12/1989 p886)
  • HL314223 – Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lehman b8/15/1860 – d5/25/1922 ,Lancaster,PA – mAaron Witmer (Obit of father)Lizzie L. Witmer (nee Lehman) was born Aug. 15, 1860; died May 25, 1922, after an illness of several weeks. She died at the Lancaster Co., Pa., Hospital. Her husband (Aaron Witmer), a daughter, and one grand child survive her. Funeral services were held at her late residence near Elizabethtown, Pa., Sunday, May 28, and at the Mennonite Church at Elizabethtown. Brethren Noah Risser and S. B. Landis preached from the text, Luke 23:28. Sister Witmer lived such and exemplary life that she will be missed everywhere. (Gospel Herald V.XV,N12,6/22/1922, p239)
  • HL314224 – Peter Lehman b1863? – of Elizabethtown, PA (Obit of father)
  • HL31423 – Nancy Risser Lehman b1831? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31424 – Catharine Risser Lehman b1837?(Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31425 – George Risser Lehman b1849 (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL3143 – Peter Lehman b3/18/1798 – d7/6/1873 – mChristianna G b2/12/1805 – 9/27/1878 – Burial: Stauffer Mennonite Cemetery (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) – 1850 Fed Census for LondonderryTwp.,Dauphin,PA lists Peters as a farmer, 52 years old’ Christianna as 45, Fanny as 19, Elizabeth as 16, Peter as 14, George as 12, Christian as 7, Nancy as 5, and Jacob as 1.
  • HL31431 – Fanny Lehman b1831? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31432 – Elizabeth Lehman b1834? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31433 – Peter Lehman b1836? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31434 – George G. Lehman b8/19/1838 – d11/24/1922 – mEmma Bechtold/Bechtel (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980; Obit; obit of Daughter Annie) George G. Lehman was born Aug. 19, 1838; died Nov. 24, 1922; aged 84 y. 3 m. 5 d. His death was caused by pneumonia. He is survived by his wife, and following children: Sadie, at home; Annie, wife of Samuel Longenecker; and one son, Allen. He was a member of Stauffer’s Mennonite Church. Funeral services were conducted at Stauffer’s Mennonite Church by Brethren John G. Ebersole, Noah W. Risser, and Samuel Oberholtzer. Text Rev. 14:13. Interment was made in the adjoining cemetery. May our loss be his eternal (Gospel Herald V.XV, N.41, 1/11/1923,p814,815)
  • HL314341 – Sadie B. Lehman (Obit of father) – Still living in 1960 single, and of Middletown.
  • HL314342 – Annie B. Lehman b8/5/1882 near Middletown,PA – d3/3/1971 Marietta,PA – mSamuel L. Longenecker (Obit of father)Annie B., daughter of George and Emma (Bechtold) Lehman, was born near Middletown, Pa., Aug. 5, 1882; died of heart failure at Marietta, Pa., Mar. 3, 1971; aged 88 y. 6 m. 26 d. On June 13, 1909, she was married to Samuel L. Longenecker, who survives. Also surviving are 3 daughters (Erma-Mrs. Herbert K. Maust, Esther-Mrs. Andrew K. Stoner, and Anna Lois-Mrs. Elmer S. Miller), 3 sons (A. Lehman, G. Mervin, and Harold L.), 21 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren. She was a member of the Steelton Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at the Elizabethtown Mennonite Church Mar. 6, in charge of Clarence E. Lutz, Russell J. Baer, and William Yovanovich; interment in Shope Mennonite Cemetery, Highspire, Pa. (Gospel Herald Vol.LXIV,N.12 3/23/1971, p279,280)
  • HL314343 – Allen B. Lehman (Obit of father) b6/8/1887 near Middletown,,PA – d11/9/1960 Hershey,,PA – m11/11/1915 Ada R. Miller Lehman, Allen B., son of George G. and Emma (Bechtel) Lehman, was born near Middletown, Pa., June 8, 1887; died after a four-day illness, at the Hershey (Pa.) Hospital, Nov. 9, 1960; aged 73 y. 5 m. 1 d. On Nov. 11, 1915, he was married to Ada R. Miller, who survives. Also surviving are one daughter (Rhoda-Mrs. J. Frank Zeager, Middletown), 2 grandchildren, and 2 sisters (Annie B.-Mrs. Samuel Longenecker and Sadie B., both of Middletown). He was a member of the Stauffer Church, where funeral services were held Nov. 12, in charge of Noah W. Risser and J. Harold Forwood. (Gospel Herald V.LIV, N.8 2/21/1961, p182,183,184)
  • HL3143431 – Rhoda Lehman (Obit of father) – m Frank Zeager – Of Middletown,PA (Obit of fahter, Allen)
  • HL31435 – Christian Lehman b1843? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31436 – Nancy Lehman b1845? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL31437 – Jacob Lehman b1849? (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980)
  • HL315 – Elizabeth Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1768 ,,Lancaster,PA – d2/9/1845 – m ,,Lancaster,PA Rev. Abraham Grove b1770 ,,Lancaster,PA -d2/22/1836 Markham,York,ON – Wideman Mennonite Church of Markham – Children of Elizabeth & Abraham were Anna Grove, Barbara Grove, Jacob Grove, & Abraham Grove.
  • HL316 – Peter Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b6/5/1837 – d6/5/1837 – mElizabeth ?
  • HL317 – Anna Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) – mChristian Snyder, Jr. (son of Christian Snyder, Sr.) b10/27/1768 ,,Dauphin,PA – d9/20/1839 ,York,PA – Child of Anna & Christian was Henry Snyder – Burial: Manchester,York,PA
  • HL318 – Daniel Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) d2/19/1846
  • HL319 – Abraham Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1772,,Dauphin,PA – d3/20/1827 MarkhamTwp.,York,ON,Canada – mabt1799 Maria  (Mary) Stewig b1/11/1778 ,Lebanon,PA (Indian (Canadian Census), don’t know the tribe, and raised by a Mennonite family)  – d2/11/1864 Pickering,Ontario,ON,Canada – Abraham was one of the early Lehman families in Ontario. (The Lehman Family Book 1702-1988) Abraham was the first to be buried at the Wideman  Mennonite Cemetery., Markham,York,ON,Canada (Obit of grandson, Abraham)- Some time around the year 1826 this whole family along with other Mennonite families, moved from PA to the area around Markham in York County of Upper Canada as Ontario was then known.   The main reasons for moving was for economic opportunity, religious freedom, and political stability.  the same reasons for leaving Switzerland.  Following the American Revolutionary War, many Mennonite families were disenfranchised (until 1790) and socially marginalized in new ways.  Many began to look to the unsettled lands in the north.  They became farmers, mill owners, carpenters, and store owners.  The family was not here long, when Abraham died at the age of 55, and was bured in the Wideman Mennonite Cemetery, being the first person buried there, located one and a half miles north of Markham.  (Gwen Patterson)
  • Notes from Ezra Eby & L. J. Burkholder state that” – there were three main reasons for the migration from PA to Upper Canada (Ontario):  economic opportunity, religious freedom, and political stability.  Much the same reasons that caused them to leave Switzerland.  Following the American Revolutionary War, many Mennonite families were disenfranchised (until 1790), and socially marginalized in new ways.  Many began to look to the unsettled lands in the north.
  • In 1803, Henry Wideman, a Mennonite minister, and his family from Bucks Co., Pa arrived in Markahm Twp., York Co., U.C.  The following years, they were joined by several other Mennonite families.
  • HL3191 – Rev. John Lehman b1802 ,Dauphin,PA – d1850 ,Markham,York,ON,Canada – mabt1829 Anna Wideman b1811 – Mennonite minister at Altona, Pickering Twp., Ontario, Canada (not far from Markham).  Before 1850, he went missing one night on his way home from services.  His whereabouts was never learned.
  • HL31911 – Samuel Lehman b8/7/1830 ,Markham,York,ON – d11/25/1893 Akron,Tuscola,MI – m12/13/1853 Katharina Ziegler b9/3/1837 Baden,Wilmot,Waterloo,ON – d2/24/1924 Mason,Arenac,MI (
  • HL31912 – Benjamin Lehman b5/23/1832 – d4/11/1903 near Akron,Tuscola,MI – m10/3/1854 Markham,York,ON Ann Grove (daughter of Abraham Grove & Anna Strohm) b4/28/1832 Markham,York,ON – d12/10/1904 Columbia,MI – Burial: Akron,MI ( – On April 11, 1903, in Tuscola Co., Mich.,, near Akron, Benjamin Lehman, aged 70 Y., 10 M., 19 D. He leaves a sorrowing widow, six children, and 16 grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted by Pre. Peter Ropp, from Berne Mich., from Job 14:10, 14. (Herald of Truth 4/23/1905,p135,136)
  • HL3192 – Jacob Lehman b10/2/1803 ,Lancaster,PA (1881 Canadian Census) – d8/31/1880 San Francisco,CA – m2/20/1827 1Anna Kreider (daughter of Daniel Kreider & Elizabeth Moyer) b8/17/1808 ,Lancaster,PA – d5/9/1851 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – Burial: Altona Cem.,PickeringTwp., Ontario – Mennonites – Anna Kreider immigrated between 1822 – 1825. – Jacob & Anna Kreider had 8 children. m21Sarah Srigley bEngland (1881 Canadian Census) – m 3Barbara Wideman immigrated between 1822 – 1825. – Jacob & Anna Kreider had 8 children. (“The Lehman Family Book 1702-1988” pub. by Shirley Dunkeld in 1989 [out of print; Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) On the 1881 Canadian Census, Markham,York East, Ontario Jacob is 50 and Sarah is 46, Jacob is a laborer, Jacob was born in Ontario, Sarah born in England and they are of the Church of England.
  • HL31921 – Mary Kreider Lehman b8/16/1827 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d10/4/1915 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL31922 – Daniel Kreider Lehman b4/18/1829 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d3/29/1885 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL31923 – Jacob Kreider Lehman b1830 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d6/18/1916 Markham,YorkEast,Ontario (Ont. Vital Stats Reg. #03885316) – mSarah Clarke (daughter of Joshua Clark & Eliza Sprunt) b9/1923/1835 Bedfordshire,England (Death Cert. #43,122) – Christened 9/27/1835 Henstead,Suffolk,ENG – d1/6/1920 (Death Cert. #43,122) (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) – Jacob built a gorcery store on the west side of Hwy 48 (Main St), Markham (Mount Joy). Later, his son Chester run the store. (Book of Markham) – Sarah immigrated in 1836, was a housewife. (Death Cert. #43,122) 1881 Census of Markham,York East,Ont, Dist. 135, Sub E,p15,Hshld #77 lists Jacob, German, age 50 Ontario, Laborer, Religion as Church of England; Sarah, English, 46, born England, Lewis, German 24 Ontario, Chester, German 17 Ontario, Artist; Elizabeth, German, 15 Ontario, School; Joshua, German, 12 Ontario, School; Ida, German, 10 Ontario, School; & Lucy, German, 7 Ontario, School. – 1861 Census, Markham Twp., Div. 17, York Co states: Jacob K., sawyer, 28; Sarah, spinster, England W. M., age 26; Lewis age 5; Mary age 3; Esther age 1. Occupation was a storekeeper (Canadian German Folklore-Mor Pioneer Hamlets of York, v9, 1985) and religion was Anglican. Burial: Both are buried in Wideman Mennonite Cem., MarkhamTwp.,ONT (Cem. Record 581 Markham Library)
  • HL319231 – Louis Clarke Lehman b1856 (1861 Markham Twp.Census) – d1897 – mAlice Cora Vanbemmlin/Van Bemmenlen (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins; FamilySearch)
  • HL3192311 – Frank Vanbemmlin Lehman b1884 – d1916
  • HL3192312 – Walter Vanbemmlin Lehman b7/28/1886 (SSDI) MI (1930 Census)– d7/1964 MI (SSDI)– mEdith Garlic – mFrances Vandernoot bMI (1930 Census) – 1930 Fed Census, MI,Ottawa,Grand Haven, Dist.12, says Walter is age 43, works in a hardware store, Frances is 36 and parents born in MI.
  • HL31923121 – Louis M. Lehman b1927? (1930 Census)
  • HL3192313 – Willetta Marion Lehman b5/22/1888 Grand Haven,Ottawa,MI (FamilySearch) – d1892
  • HL3192314 – Joseph Vanbemmlin Lehman b7/6/1891 Grand Haven,Ottawa,MI (FamilySearch) – d5/20/1976 (FamilySearch) – mKathryn Christopher (Parents born in Denmark; 1930 Census) bMI (1930 Census) – Resided at Caro,Tuscola,MI (FamilySearch) 1930 Fed. Census, MI,Ottawa,Grand Haven, Dist.11 states that Joseph is a barber, Katherine is wife.
  • HL31923141 – Joseph Lehman, Jr. b1921? (1930 Census)
  • HL31923142 – Patricia Lehman b1924? (1930 Census)
  • HL3192315 – Jennie Vanbemmlin Lehman b1894 – mLaurene Miller
  • HL3192316 – Louis Vanbemmlin Lehman b8/31/1896 (SSDI) – d11/1978 (SSDI) – mNell Schornagel – Resided at Grand Haven,Ottawa,MI (SSDI)
  • HL319232 – Mary Clarke Lehman b1858 (1861 Markham Twp.Census) – d1954 – mTillman Nighswander (son of Michael & Susannah Nighswander, Mennonites) b1851 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census,Pickering,Ontario South,Ontario) – Child of Mary & Tillman was Otto Nighswander. (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) On the 1881 Census Tillman was 27 years old and a farmer, not married at the time.
  • HL319233 – Esther Clarke Lehman b7/26/1860 (1861 Markham Twp.Census) – d2/22/1939 – mThomas Beare b2/25/1859 – d10/26/1925 – Children of Esther & Thomas were: Willetta M. Esther Beare, Ida Rosamond Zuleika Beare, Edward Lewis Beare, Fredrick Cecil Beare, Willie G. Beare, William Gordon Beare, Gertrude N. Beare, Bertha Blanch Beare, Eva Myrtle Beare, Lillian Inez Beare, John Thomas Beare, & Minnie Merle Beare.(Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) Of Locust Hill,York,Ontario (FamilySearch)
  • HL319234 – Anna Clarke Lehman b1862 – d1863 (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL319235 – Chester Clarke Lehman b1864 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d1952 – mIsabel Armsden (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) On the 1881 Canadian Census for Markham,York East,Ontario, Chester is 17, an artist, and the family is of the Church of England.
  • HL319236 – Elizabeth Clarke Lehman b1866 Markham,Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d1/1899 – mMatthew Sydney Smith (son of Matthew Smith & Emily Dodd) b9/10/1864 Ont – d7/1939 – (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) Burial: Fairview Cem.,Dutton,Ont – Religion: Anglican (Census of Dunwich Twp.,Elgin,Ont, 1901) – Obit For Matthew: Newspaper Publisher – Children of Elizabeth & Matthew were Bertram Smith, Ella Byrl Smith, Laura Blanche Smith, Gertrude Smith, Harry Leroy Smith, Sarah Emily Smith, & Reva Smith.
  • HL319237 – Joshua Clarke Lehman b1867/9 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d1947 – mMinnie ? – d1934 (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL319238 – Ida Clarke Lehman b1871 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d1941 – mJacob Heisey b1856 – d1933 (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL319239 – Lucy Clarke Lehman b3/17/1874 Ontario (1901 Dunwich Twp.,Elgin,Ont Census) – d1954 – m2/20/1900 (Marriages in 1900, Part II, Rootsweb) Dutton,Ont Matthew Sydney Smith (son of Matthew Smith & Emily Dodd) b9/10/1864 Ont – d7/1939 (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) Elgin Co Marriages?: Matthew Sidney Smith, 36, widower, publisher, York Co., Dutton, s/o Matthew Smith & Emily Dodd married Lucy Lehman, 24, York Co., Dutton, d/o Jacob Lehman & Sarah Clark,Witnesses: Bertram Smith & Mrs. S. P. Irwin, both of Dutton, 2/20/1900. – On the 1901 Dunwich Twp., Elgin,Ont Census, Matthew is listed as born in 1862 and his obit said 1864. Children of Lucy & Matthew are Raymond Smith, Jean Smith, Vera Smith, & Claude Lehman Smith.
  • HL31923a – Nell Clarke Lehman b1883 – d1967 – m Dearborn (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL31924 – Ephraim Kreider Lehman b3/15/1832 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d1/2/1913 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) – mMary E. ? bOntario (1881 Canadian Census) Both were born in Ontario. Ephriam was a laborer and both were Dutch origin and their religion was listed as Christian.
  • HL31925 – Abraham Kreider Lehman b9/11/1833 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d11/10/1890 Mindemoya, Ontario,Canada – mONT Anna Long Yake (daughter of John Yake & Sarah Long) b10/26/1835 (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) Ontario (1881 Census) – d10/3/1909 Mindemoya,ONT (Darlene Lewis) – Buried: Mindemoya,Ontario (FamilySearch) 1881 Canadian Census for Bidwell & Sheguiandah, Algoma,Ontario lists Abraham as a farmer, age 47, Anna is 45 and the family is Baptist. – Anna’s father was holding her when he was struck by lightning and died, and Anna was thrown from his arms unharmed. (Online)
  • HL319251 – Jonathan Yake Lehman b4/14/1858 East YorkCo.,Altona(,Markham,ONT – d3/13/1922 Manitoulin Island,Manitowaning,ONT (Darlene Lewis) – Burial: Manitowaning, Ontario – m11/7/1881 North Dummes,Waterloo,Ontario Mary Ann Bucknell b9/16/1856 Blenheim,Waterloo Co.,ONT -d4/10/1933 Manitoulin Island,Manitowaning,ONT (Darlene Lewis) 1881 Canadian Census for Bidwell & Sheguiandah, Algoma,Ontario lists Jonathan as 24 years old, living with his parents, a farmer, and the family is Baptist.
  • HL3192511 – Florence May Bucknell Lehman b10/12/1882 Sandfield Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d5/29/1920 – Burial: Hilly Grove Cem.,Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island,ONT – (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319252 – Alice Yake Lehman b4/20/1859 Altona,,ONT – d5/10/1863 Altona,Algoma,ONT – Burial: Yake Cemetery (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253 – Joshua Yake Lehman b7/7/1860 ,East York,Altona,Pickering,ONT – d7/26/1949 Dixons Hill,Markham,ONT – m3/16/1882 Manitoulin Island,Manitowaning,ONT Lucy Louisa Pipher b10/26/1860 East York,Markham,ONT – d7/28/1960 Dixons Hill,Markham,ONT – 1881 Canadian Census for Bidwell & Sheguiandah, Algoma,Ontario lists Joshua as 21 years old, living with his parents, a farmer, and the family is Baptist. – Buried: Dixon Hills,Ontario (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192532 – Joshua Pipher Lehman b11/3/1881 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d3/24/1937(Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192533 – Lucy Pipher Lehman b1/5/1882 – d10/14/1937 Markham,ONT – mEli Mantle b5/20/1882 Stouffville,ONT – d6/20/1954 – Children of Lucy & Eli were Jesse Mantle, Harry Mantle, Walter Mantle, & Willis N. Mantle. (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192534 – Jack Pipher Lehman b1886 – d1950 in WWII – mMary Regina Fischer (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925341 – Nancy Fischer Lehman b (Darlene Lewis) and 3 more children.
  • HL3192535 – Willis Pipher Lehman b7/26/1889 Canarvon Twp.,Mindemoya,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192536 – Hiram Pipher Lehman b9/18/1892 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d4/5/1936 – mVera May Zeller b1891 – d1956 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925361 – Evelyn May Zeller Lehman – mErnie Francis Ward (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925362 – Norman William Zeller Lehman – mWinnifred Maud Tyler (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253621 – Vera Maud Tyler Lehman – mDouglas Norman Vincent (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253622 – Kenneth Earl Tyler Lehman – b – d1977 Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253623 – Reginald Allan Tyler Lehman – mSandra Aletha Sine (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192536231 – Debra Anne Sine Lehman – mBrian Cataford (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192536232 – Allan SineLehman (Darlene Lewis) HL3192536233 – Howard Douglas Sine Lehman – (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192537 – Annie Pipher Lehman b1893 Canarvan Twp.,Mindemoya,ONT – d1956 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192538 – Jonathan Pipher Lehman b2/16/1894 Carnarvon Twp,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192539 – Norman Frank Pipher Lehman b11/11/1895 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d3/20/1964 ,Markham,ONT – m1 Jessie Cockburn b9/28/??m2Pearl O Donnelly (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925391 – Lorne Jack Cockburn Lehman b11/5/1925 Sacramento,CA (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253911 – Laura Lehman m? Hobson (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253912 – Beveley Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925392 – Norman John Cockburn Lehman b12/12/1931 – mShirley Marshall (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253921 – Leanne Marshall Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253922 – Norman Marshall Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253923 – Gordon Marshall Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925393 – Frank Joshua Cockburn Lehman b2/1/1935 – mBeverley May Epps (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253931 – Frank John Epps Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253932 – Robert Gordon Epps Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925394 – Allan Cockburn Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925395 – Audrey Cockburn Lehman – m Teaubeau (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925396 – Dorothy Cockburn Lehman b1919 – d12/15/1997 – mRobert Wilson (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925397 – Harold Cockburn Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925398 – Helen Cockburn Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925399 – Jean Cockburn Lehman m? Shaw (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192539a – June Elinor Cockburn Lehman mRobert Allard (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192539b – Marguereta Cockburn Lehman m Hervey (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192539c – Marjorie Cockburn Lehman mGerry Flintoff (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253a – Ada May Pipher Lehman b7/22/1898 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – m1918 Joseph Shinners b1895 – (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253b – Nancy Lavina Pipher Lehman b2/17/1900 Canarvan Twp., Mindemoya,ONT – m3/15/1916 Olaf Thomasson b9/8/1882 Manitoulin Island,ONT – dEdmonton,Alberta,Canada (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319253c – ?? Pipher Lehman b(Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319254 – Mellier William Yake Lehman b8/15/1862 Pickering,East York,ONT – d12/27/1921 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT- m4/28/1882 Assigianack Twp.,Manitowaning,Manitoulin Island,ONT Isabelle Robinson b2/12/1865 Collingwood Twp.,Simcoe,ONT – d11/171920 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT – They were of Uxbridge Twp.,,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192541 – John Wesley Robison Lehman b11/7/1882 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d7/1958 – m 1 Mary Minnie Pembertson b10/26/1889 ONT – d1954 – m6/17/1902 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT -m2 Nancy Laura Mastin b7/1/1882 ONT – d1910 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925411 – Howard L. Mastin Lehman b12/27/1902 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d1/18/1903 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925412 – Gladys Mastin Lehman b10/6/1904 Billings Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925413 – Wilbert Russell Mastin Lehman b1/10/1907 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925414 – Laura Mastin Lehman b3/1910 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192542 – Abraham Robinson Lehman b10/27/1885 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192543 – Wilfred Russell Robinson Lehman b9/30/1888 ONT – m2/26/1913 West Toronto,ONT Estella Hanley (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925431 – Revel Hanley Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925432 – Twin Hanley Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192544 – Annie Robinson Lehman b12/4/1891 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT – mHebbert H. Suddeby – No children(Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192545 – Gladis Robinson Lehman b10/1894 (Darlene Lewis) – d7/1958
  • HL3192546 – Russell Robinson Lehman b3/1907 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192547 – Larra Robinson Lehman b3/1910 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319255 – Francis Frank Yake Lehman b11/15/1864 Altona,ONT – d1948 Downsview,ONT – m7/17/1883 Manitowaning,Assiginack Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT Elizabeth Robinson b1869 London,England – d7/17/1946 (Darlene Lewis;1881 Ontario Census) – d1948 – Of Downsville, Ontario
  • HL3192551 – Charles Robert Robinson Lehman b8/1887 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d7/5/1971 Sudbury,ONT – m5/28/1906 Little Current,Manitoulin Island,ONT 1Arabella Henry b6/25/1888 Minto Twp.,Wellington,Harriston,ONT – m9/28/1931 Church of the Epiphany,Sudbury,ONT 2Cecile Bouffard b11/27/1911 Sudbury,ONT – d3/25/1995 Sudbury,ONT(Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925511 – Eunice Lehman b7/1910 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925512 – Gladys Shirley Bouffard Lehman b11/1951- m1/28/1967 Sudbury,ONT Marcel Gascon (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925513 – Irene Shirley Bouffard Lehman b12/16/1938 Sudbury,ONT – m? Obansawin (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925514 – Lisa Bouffard Lehman b – adopted child, mother was Irene above. (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL3192552 – Rose Ann Robinson Lehman b5/20/1887 – d3/6/1965 – m1/14/1904 Manitoulin Island,ONT Richard MIddaugh b12/20/1882 ONT (Darlene Lewis) HL3192553 – Sarah Alice Robinson Lehman b1891 Carnarvon Twp.,Manitoulin Island,ONT – m12/3/1902 Sandfield,Manitoulin Island,ONT Andrew Eli Aclick b1/22/1875 Uxbridge,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319256 – Willis Yake Lehman b3/26/1867 ,,,ONT – (1881 Ontario Census; Darlene Lewis) – d7/18/1960 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319257 – Ada Yake Lehman b6/10/1869 ,,,ONT (1881 Ontario Census) – d1/16/1952 Mindemoya,Manitoulin Island,ONT – m1886 Ontario George E. Campbell b1/10/1857 Nottawasaga,Grey,Collingwood,ONT – d1/16/1924 Mindemoya,Manitoulin Island,ONT They had children. (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319258 – Charles Yake Lehman b5/11/1871 ,,,Ont – d5/19/1872 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL319259 – Daughters Yake Lehman b1873 – d1873 – Twins (Darlene Lewis) Family Search says daughter & son.
  • HL31925a – Jesse Yake Lehman b11/30/1874 Altona,ONT (1881 Ontario Census) – d5/24/1968 Kagawong,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis) – Burial: Kagawong,Ontario – m8/12/1896 Billings Twp.,Kagawong,Manitoulin Island,ONT 1Catherine Mabel McLeod b2/23/1877 Kagawong,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d9/27/1928 Kagawong,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis) – m12/2/1929 2Ruth Austin b1880 – d6/6/1956 (FamilySearch)
  • HL31925a1 – Frank Bertrand McLeod Lehman b5/23/1897 Billings Twp.,Kagawong,Manitoulin Island,ONT – d5/17/1954 – Little Current,Manitoulin Island,ONT -m 1Mary Kreider b8/16/1827 Pickering Twp,ONT – d10/24/1915 Pickering Twp.,ONT – m1915 2Mary I. Stewart b4/7/1894 – d1/10/1986 Little Current,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a11 – Floyd Franklin Lehman b2/11/1916 – mHelen Stringer – No children. (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a12 – Stewart Jesse Lehman b3/24/1917 – d5/12/1971 – Of Espanola, Ontario – m1/27/1940 1Elizabeth Winton (Darlene Lewis) m9/1947 2Mary Eloise (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a121 – Linda Eloise Lehman b1/1/1949 – mAllan Sokoloski (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a122 – Mary Louise Eloise Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a123 – Kenneth Eloise Lehman (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a13 – Kathleen Lehman b1919 – m9/18/1939 Chester Burns b2/9/1910 – d1997 Gore Bay,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a14 – Mary Marguerite Lehman b3/22/1922 – m6/28/1943 Den Minor (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a15 – Leonard Wilfred Lehman b10/27/1923 – d11/6/1943 England – m1/2/1943 Toronto,ONT Gladys Truax bToronto,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a2 – Nellie May McLeod Lehman b11/25/1898 Kagawong, Manitoulin Island,ONT – d6/16/1899 Kagawong,Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis) – Burial: Kagawong,Ontario –
  • HL31925a3 – James Ralph McLeod Lehman b2/9/1903 Billings Twp., Manitoulin Island,ONT – d2/7/1980 Little Current,Manitoulin Island,ONT – m2/25/1928 Georgina Bennett b5/16/1908 – d8/1/1979 (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a31 – Gerald Grant Bennett Lehman b8/8/1929 Manitoulin Island,ONT – dLagoon City,New Orleans,GA,USA – m9/3/1949 Toronto,ONT 1Jeanne Olive Jones b6/5/1930 Toronto,ONT – d7/7/1991 Toronto,ONT (div. 1953) – m 2Kathleen Byrne Byers (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a311 – Beverley Georgina Jones Lehman b1/16/1952 Toronto,ONT – m10/14/1972 Scarborough,ONT John David Hiram Finley b10/28/1948 Peterborough,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925a4 – Annie Irene McLeod Lehman b1/11/1911 – m10/1/1934 Killarney, ONT Lorne R. Bousquet b1911 – d9/20/2003 Little Current, Manitoulin Island,ONT (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31925b – Nancy Yake Lehman b7/28/1877 Carnarvon Twp.,Mindemoya,Manitoulin Island,ONT (1881 Ontario Census; Darlene Lewis) – d12/3/1963 – mJames Mastin b9/1875 Canada (Darlene Lewis)
  • HL31926 – Samuel Kreider Lehman b7/9/1835 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d5/20/1841 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins) – Died at 8 yrs, 10 mo. 10 days (Cem Records)
  • HL31927 – Elizabeth Kreider Lehman b10/4/1840 Pickering Twp.,Ont,Ontario – d1/1/1844 (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL31928 – Jesse Kreider Lehman b1843 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL31929 – John Kreider Lehman b2/3/1844 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d12/21/1844 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL3192a –Benjamin Lehman b1846 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – d7/27/1919 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario – mChristiana Stover b1842 (daughter of Henry & Barbara Stover) ( Benjamin was a clock mender. He and Christena were both born in Ontario and Mennonite. They had two children on the 1881 Canadian Census, Pickering,Ontario South, Ontario.
  • HL3192a1 – Simoen Lehman b1880 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census)
  • HL3192a2 – John W. Lehman b1876 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census)
  • HL3192b – David Kreider Lehman b1851 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL3192c – Esther Kreider Lehman b1851 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL3192d – Joseph Kreider Lehman b1851 PickeringTwp.,Ont,Ontario (Records of Rev. Andrew Hawkins)
  • HL3193 – Daniel Lehman b9/19/1805 ,Labanon,PA – d1/22/1867 PickeringTwp, Ontario,Ontario – Burial: Wideman Mennonite Cem.,Markham,York,Ontario  – mabt1838 Susanna (Susan) Byer (daughter of David Byer & Anna (Nancy) Doner) b10/11/1818 ,Markham, York,ON – d7/31/1883 ( Daniel came from Pennsylvania with the migration to Ontario (Obit of son Abraham)  – Daniel was a deacon of the Mennonite Church. (D. B. Huber) (Gwen Patterson)
  • HL31931 – Samuel Lehman b3/22/1839 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d2/15/1923 – m1865 Francis (Fanny) Hoover (daughter of John S. Hoover & Elizabeth Reesor) b12/1/1844 Ontario – d1/14/1938 – Burial: Wideman Cem., Markham,York,ON ( – 1881 Canadian Census for Markham, York East, ONT says Samuel is 42, born in Ontario, is a Carder by trade, and the family is Mennonite. Francis is 36, born in Ontario, Herman is 14, Elva is 12, Sarah is 7, Alberta is 4, & John W. is 3 and all born in Ontario.
  • HL319311 – Herman Lehman b1867? Ontario (1881 Canadian Census)
  • HL319312 – Elva Lehman b11/28/1868 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) (1881 Canadian Census) – d5/27/1942 – mThomas Meyers b1861 Zephyr – d1943 – Children of Elva & Thomas were Clarence Meyers, Preston Meyers, & Benson Meyers. (FamilySearch)
  • HL319313 – Sarah Elizabeth Lehman b10/30/1873 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d2/2/1943 – Burial: Peache’s Cem., Markham Twp.,Ontario – m3/6/1893 Markham Twp.,Ontario Jacob S. Wideman (son of David Wideman & Elizabeth Stouffer) b9/1/1867 ,,Ontario – d6/19/1953 – Children of Sarah & Jacob were Clarence Wideman, Carson Wideman, Elizabeth Wideman, Harry Wideman, and others. (FamilySearch)
  • HL319314 – Alberta Lehman b8/22/1876 Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d12/20/1967 – m12/15/1901 George W. Baker b7/2/1876 – d11/18/1961 – Children of Alberta & George were Lorne Gormly Baker, Frances Verena (Rena) Baker, & others (FamilySearch)
  • HL319315 – John Willis Lehman b5/4/1878 Markham Twp.,Ontario (1881 Canadian Census) – d11/24/1954 – Burial: Dickson Hill Cem.,Ontario – mAda Hoover (daughter of Samuel Hoover & Susanna Wideman) b5/23/1880 Dixon Hill,Ontario – d1/24/1978 – Burial: Melville Cem.,MarkahmTwp., Ontario (FamilySearch)
  • HL31932 – Abraham B. Lehman b8/10/1847/1850 – d1/15/1933 Athe,York,ON – m10/17/1871 Elizabeth Berkey/Barkey (daughter of Joseph Berkey & Veronica (Fanny) Raymer) b12/28/1846 ,York,ON – d9/16/1904 York,ON ( LEHMAN, ABRAHAM B., son of Daniel and Susanna Lehman was born Aug. 10, 1847; died at Athe, Ont., Jan. 15, 1933; aged 85 y. 5 m. 5 d. The funeral was held Jan. 17 at Markham, Services were conducted by Thomas Reesor and S. Cressman (Texts, II Tim. 4:6-8 and Psa. 8:4) and at the house by Levi Grove (Text, Eccl. 12). The deceased was married to Elizabeth Barkey Oct. 17, 1871. She predeceased him 28 years. To this union were born 4 sons and 6 daughters. Two sons and 4 daughters survive (Mrs. Jacob Smith, Mrs. Thomas Dunkeld, Mrs. David Nighswander, Isaac and Eli Lehman), also 30 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years and one who because of his age was often consulted by the younger members having read much in his later years, chiefly from the Bible. His father came from Pennsylvania with the migration to Ontario, while his grandfather, also Abraham, was the first to be buried at the Wideman Cemetery. (Gospel Herald 2/2/1933,p942,943)
  • HL319323 – Nancy Lehman b – mDavid Nighswander (son of Enos Nighswander & Elsie Burkholder) b6/23/1886 – d6/14/1961 while visiting Hagerstown,MD – Nighswander, David, son of Enos and Elsie (Burkholder) Nighswander, was born June 23, 1886; died June 14, 1961, while visiting friends near Hagerstown, Md.; aged 74 y. 11 m. 22 d. On Dec. 14, 1910, he was married to Nancy Lehman, who survives. Also surviving are 2 sons and one daughter (Fred L., Joseph M., and Mary-Mrs. Wilbur Barkey), 12 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. One daughter preceded him in death. He was a member of the Markham Church. Funeral services were held at the Altona United Missionary Church, June 17, in charge of Abraham Smith, D. Sargent, and David Weaver. (Gospel Herald 8/15/1961 p726,727)

HL3194 – Samuel Lehman b11/22/1807 ,,Lancaster Co.,PA – d2/22/1836 Markham,York,Ontario – Burial: Wideman’s Cem., Markham,ON – m12/29/1829 Markham Twp., York,Ontario Mary Ann Cook (dau. of John Cook & Margaret ?)  b3/11/1812 Osnabruck,Stomont,Ontario, Canada – d7/23/1875 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – Burial: Zurich Mennonite Church, Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario (Gwen Patterson) – In 1826, Samuel traveled with his family to Markham Twp, York Co., Ontario. – Mary Ann remarried, Jacob Licty Wideman, and had 8 more children and is buried by her second husband in the Zurich Mennonite Cem., Goshen Line, Hay Twp., Huron,Ontario.   The second family had farmed in Blandford Twp.,Oxford,Ontario  (Gwen Patterson)

HL31941 – Abraham Lehman b10/26/1830 Markham Twp.,York,Ontario – d3/19/1913 Zuich,Ont.,Canada – Burial for both: United Church (E.U.B.) Bronson Line Cem., Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – m1/3/1854 Blandford Twp.,Oxford,Ontario Jessica McKie (dau. of William McKie & Isabella Hogg)  – b- d4/11/1921  at her youngest daughters home in Blake.  – Their farm was not far from Zurich where a number of German speaking Swiss Mennonite families were settling.  Farmed and at retirement, lived in the village of Zurich about 1905.    (Gwen Patterson)

The Exeter Times – March 27, 1913 in Zurich, on March 19, Abraham Lehman, aged 82 years.  In death of Mr. Lehman, our village loses one of the oldest and most respected citizens.  The deceased was in usual heealth up until a short time ago and had reached the age of over 82 years.  He is survived by his widow, 2 sons, William of London, Abraham of Michigan, and four daughters who have the sincere sympathy of their loss.  The funeral took place on Good Friday.  The interment is in the Bronson Line Cem.

HL319411 – William Lehman b12/19/1854 Blandford Twp.,Oxford,Ontario – d10/24/1930 London,Ontario  – Occupation: Machinist – Residence:  Hay Twp.,London,Ontario and by 8/24/1918 in Caledonia, MI (Gwen Patterson)

HL319412 – Jennett Lehman b11/17/1856 Blandford Twp.,Oxford,Ontario – d4/9/1905 Tuscola Co.,MI – Burial:  Brookside Cem.,Fairgrove,Tuscola,MI – m12/26/1878 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario Gavin Browning (son of Gavin & Jane Browning)  b12/12/1857 Welgate St.,Larkhall,Scotland, United Kingdom –  d8/26/1889 Tuscola,MI – Residence:  1881 in Hay,South Huron,Ontario,Canada – Religion:  Presbyterian – Residence in 1871 Oxford North,Ontario, abt. 1881 in Huron South, Ontario, 1900:  Fairgrove Twp.,Tuscola,MI,USA  – Children were Jessica Browning, Robert Browning, John Browning, Isabella J. Browning.  (Gwen Patterson)

HL319413 – Isabella Lehman b5/23/1859 ,,Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario  – d6/15/1864 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario, age 5 – Burial:  United Church Cem.,Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario (Gwen Patterson)

HL319414 – Elizabeth (Betsey) Lehman b8/8/1861 Hay Twp., Huron, Ontario – d2/25/1939 Farm Home,Fairgrove Twp.,MI  – m10/14/1885d Fair Grove, Tuscola,MI Leonard Jacob Ruso b1861 Michigan – d2/15/1929 Fair Grove, Tuscola,MI of Appoplexy.  – Farmed in this area for 40 years.  – Burial: Riverside Cem.,Vassar,MI – Children:  Jacob Ruso, Earl Ruso, Cora L. Ruso, Claton Ruso.   (Gwen Patterson)

HL319415 – Mary Jane Lehman b5/17/1863 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d1/24/1919 Bad Axe,MI – m2/20/1889 Home of the bride’s parents David Gottschalk babt 1865 Zurich, Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – Occupation:  Shoemaker and shoe merchant; Repair Dept. at Blakely’s Shoe Store, Bad Axe,MI.   Resided in Bad Axe. – Burial  Colfax Twp. Cem.,Bad Axe,MI –  Children:  Gorman Gottschalk, Verus Erena Gottschalk, William Gottschalk, Luella Gottschalk (two children did not survive childhood)  (Gwen Patterson)

Exeter Times, 1, March 1889, “Marriage – Gottschalk – Lehman; at the residence of the bride’s parents on the 20th Feb., by the Rev. W. J> Artwein of Dashwood.  Mr. David Gottschalk of Zurich and Mary Jane Lehman of the Bronson Line.

HL319416 – Isabella (Bella) Lehman b4/13/1866 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d1944 Fair Grove, Tuscola, MI – m2/26/1890 Zurich,Ontario Charles Bosenberry (son of William Bossenberry & Lydia Garber)  b6/20/1865 Zurich,Ontario – d2/19/1941 Vancouver,B.C.   – Children:  Percy Alvin Bossenberry, Adella Maud Bossenberry, Pearl Olive Bossenberry, Austin Lehman Bossenberry.(Gwen Patterson)

HL319417 – Abraham K. Lehman b3/20/1869 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d11/23/1913 Calendonia,Kent,MI – m9/20/1899 Grand Haven,,MI Maria E. Bowman b5/1867 Canada – d? – Residence: Caledonia,Kent,MI – Occupation: Tinsmith – Burial: Caledonia Cem.,Kent,MI  (Gwen Patterson)

HL319418 – Dianna Katherine Lehman b4/27/1876 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d3/10/1953 Seaforth,Ontario  – m12/18/1894 Dashwood,Huron,Ontario Henry Conrad Zapfe (son of Johann Frederick “Christian” Zapfe & Maria (Mary) Elizabethe Rauh) b10/4/1868 Hay Twyp.,Huron,Ontario – d5/16/1945 Brucefield,Ontario – Occupation: Farmer, Tailor, Grocer in Detroit, and Mill worker in Breucefield. – Residence: Blake, Ontario, Detroit, MI, and Brucefield, Ontario – Burial:  Baird’s Cem.,Stanley Twp.,Huron,Ontario – Children:  Pearl Zapfe, Ethel Mae Zapfe, Clara Zapfe, Abraham William Zapfe, Eva Elizabeth Zapfe, Austin Henry Zapfe, Orrin Lehman Zapfe – (Gwen Patterson)

HL31942 – William Lehman  babt 1833 Markham Twp.,York,Ontario – daft 1910 in Michigan – Carpenter, farmer, contractor  – m2/6/1855 Presbyterian Church, Galt,Ontario Nancy Bauman b12/20/1832 Preston,Waterloo,Ontario – Residence: Petosky, Emmet,MI (Gwen Patterson)

HL319421 – Sophia Lehman babt 1855 (Gwen Patterson)

HL319422 – Mary Matilda Lehman b1969 Hay Twp,Huron,Ontario (Gwen Patterson)

HL31943 – Rev. Daniel Lehman b11/5/1834  Markham Twp.York,Ontario – d10/6/1919 Fairgrove Village,Tuscola,MI – cerebral hemmorage – Burial: Brookside Cem., Fairgrove,Tuscola,MI – m1 1/11/1859 Susanna Weil – Burial: Zurich Mennonite Cem.  Moved to Hay Twp.,Huron,Canada  – Had eight children, on five survived infancy, and Susanna died at age 30 one month after the youngest child was born.  – Daniel a preacher in the Mennonite Church and was a farmer and was located in Hay Twp. on the Goshen Line south of Zurich.  A plot from their farmland was given to the church and the first Mennonite Meeting House was built there in 1864.  It is now the site of the Zurich Mennonite Church Cemetery.  – After Susanna’s death, he hired Catherine Wanner as a housekeeper and to help with the children.  m2 9/21/1873 Zurich,Ontario  Catherine Wanner – b11/5/1832 – d10/28/1912 Fairgrove Village,Tuscola,MI .   Catherine& Daniel had one child, Isaiah.   (Gwen Patterson)   

Further info on Daniel:  Tuscola Co., MI is the site of an extinct Mennonite settlement about 30 miles SW of Pegion in Huron Co., where a permanent settlement was made.   Daniel had been ordained 9/22/1861 in the Hay congregation in Ontario.  Other families also moved there from Ontario, but in the course of time, most of them moved elsewhere.  Daniel lived at Fairgrove until his death.  Attitudes seem to resemble those of the Wsler body of Mennonites.   (Gwen Patterson)

HL319431 – Mary Ann Lehman b1/1/1860 – d1.1881 – m5/4/1879 Isaac Martin – Their child was Josiah Martin. (Gwen Patterson)

HL319432 – Lovina Lehman b8/12/1861 – m12/3/1885 Guliford – Thomas J. Smith b7/14/1856 Richmond Hill,Ontario –  (Gwen Patterson)

HL319433 – Elizabetha Lehman b5/25/1862 – d8/6/1863 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario (Gwen Patterson)

HL319434 – Jacob Lehman b7/9/1864 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d12/15/1916 – m12/14/1892 Elizabeth Purcell b12/15/1867 – d5/24/1945 (Gwen Patterson)

HL3194341 – Mildred Lucilla Purcell Lehman b6/17/1898 – m9/7/1921 Cecil Kelly (Gwen Patterson)

Hl3194342 – Theron Percell Lehman babt1900 (Gwen Patterson)

HL319435 – Peter Lehman b8/13/1868 Hay Twp.,kHuron,Ontario _ d3/27/1869 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario (Gwen Patterson)

HL319436 – David Weil Lehman b7/23/1869 Hay Twpo.,Huron,Ontario – d5/23/1947 Pontiac,MI – Occupation:  Harness Maker – m7/27/1901 Elizabeth Schempp b10/2/1882 – d12/12/1965 (Gwen Patterson)

HL3194361 – Florence Lehman b2/21/1903 Tuscola Co.,MI – d3/1978 – m10/15/1927d Lawrence H. Smith b7/6/1901 Mesic,MI (Gwen Patterson)

HL3194362 – Walter Lehman – b12/21/1904 – m7/23/1927 Nina Sovey b7/28/1907 (Gwen Patterson)

HL3194363 – William Morris Lehman b4/3/1910 – d11/26/1976 – m3/3/1936 Elvena Tofalsky b11/16/1912 (Gwen Patterson)

HL319437 – William Lehman b7/28/1870 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d11/4/1941 – mMyrtle A La France b8/21/1889 Bay City,Bay,MI aft 1964 (Gwen Patterson)

HL319438 – Sarah Lehman b8/1872 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d in infancy 2/1/1873 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario (Gwen Patterson)

HL319439 –   Esiah (Isaiah) Lehman (son of Catherine & Daniel) b4/12/1875 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – d9/8/1946 – m1/11/1859 Sebastopol,Oxford,Ontario Susanna Weil b8/28/1842 South Easthope,Perth,Ontario – d3/14/1873 Hay Twp.,Huron,Ontario – Residence: Fairgrove Villiage, Tuscola,MI (Gwen Patterson)

HL3195 – Anna Lehman b1808 PA – d8/17/1861 – Burial: Wideman Mennonite Cem.,Markham,York, Ontario – mChristian Hoover (Gwen Petterson)

HL3196 – Elizabeth Lehman b1809 PA – d1847 Pickering Twp.,Ontario,Ontario – Burial: Wideman Mennonite Cem.,Markham Twp.,Ontario  – m1842 John Blough Barkey (Gwen Patterson)

HL3197 – Barbara Lehman b1811 PA – d1842 – mJacob Holdeman Strohm (Gwen Patterson)

HL3198 – Mary Lehman b12/14/1815 PA – d2/4/1885 – mBenjamin Oberholzer (Gwen Patterson)

HL3199 – Magdalena Lehman b9/17/1817 PA – d12/18/1895 Elkhart,dElkhart,IN – mabt1837 Markham Twp.,York,Ontario Abraham Stump (Gwen Patterson)

HL319(10) – Catherine Lehman b10/24/1819 PA – d4/6/1889 Union,Elkhart,IN – m5/1838 Vaughan Twp.,York,Ontario Joseph Edmund Stump (Gwen Patterson)

HL319(11) – Abraham Lehman b5/22/1824 PA – d10/22/1900 ,,York,Ontario – mMary Lehman (Gwen Patterson)

HL32 – Anna Lehman (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, vIII,#4,Oct. 1980) b1724 prob. Palatinate region of Germany where the parents had settled from Switzerland before coming to America.


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