August Wilhelm Zinke & Dorothea Louise Zinke


August Wilhelm Zinke & Dorothea Louise Zinke (Dorothy Zinke Roberts family)

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    by Karolyn Rae Roberts


    The land along this road was farmland when the Zinkes owned it. However, today in 2002 it has tall beautiful pine trees planted in even rows with beautiful moss covered ground beneath the trees. Benjamin & Nathaniel loved playing in the trees and walking the lanes along with their daddy (Randy Roberts) and Grammy (Karolyn Roberts). When the Zinkes arrived in the Wisconsin Dells area, the main crop was hops. Dorothy Zinke Roberts as a little girl would walk over the fields with her brothers and sisters to go to school. On the way, they had to crawl under a bobwire fence and Dorothy would purposely tear any dress she didn't like on that bobwire fence so as not to have to wear it again. She said she had many dresses and her mother never scolded her for this act.

by Karolyn Rae Roberts




  Picture of Silver Lake Cemetery Entrance taken by Karolyn Roberts where Robert Zinke and others are buried. Location is on Cemetery Road in Portage, WI. Across the road is Oak Grove Cemetery where Frank & Bertha Zinke are buried as well as other Zinkes.


AZ -  AUGUST WILHELM ZINKE b3/19/1814 Alt Wuhrow,Pommern,Preussen (Family Search) Prussia d11/25/1891 m11/24/1867 Portage,Columbia,WI (FamilySearch) Dorothea Louise Zinke b7/31/1820/1814 Portage,Columbia,WI (FamilySearch) d10/21/1871- Resided in City of Portage, WI, (Fifth Ward) Note: August had owned a large Tailor Shop in Germany. He owned the one balse-oven in the small community and the neighbors brought their loaves of bread and baked them in his oven. August was an ultra-stylish, stern, arrogant gentleman who was always stylishly dressed and always carried a fine walking stick more for style than the usual use, age. He was always seen (after his wife Dorthea died) with his friend, a wealthy man, who had a daughter whom the two gentleman thought was a fine match for Herman Zinke, son of August. But, Herman had other plans. (Info. From letter written to David & Diane Zinke from Gertrude contributed by Lauranne Bailey, 3/1999) 1870 U.S. Census, Columbia, Portage, Ward5 states that August Cinke is 56 and a laborer, Dora is 49, Frank is 18, Emma is 16, Herman is 11. 1880 U.S. Census, WI,Columbia,Portage,Dist. 35 lists August as living at home, a widower, age 66, born in Prussia, and his parents born in Prussia.

Stories handed down, how true to the real facts we do not know, but usually a truth or two is embedded in the stories. Old Man Zinke (August or Julius) had a picture of Hazer Wilhelm over the fireplace in their home as well as a sword with engraving on it. August has been referred to in an undesirable way by relatives because of his sterness and arrogancy. This line of Zinkes is supposed to be descended from the Kaisers Court of Noble blood lines. It was handed down that they left the country of Prussia due to fueds back and forth with other countries trying to over run Prussia. (Told to Lois Reetz by her aunt)


And yet another story: A Zinke descendant has visited Germany and did research on the Zinkes. Hitler hadn't been very well liked, and he was put into a position where they could keep an eye on him, and he managed to climb to the top. In the voting of his getting to a higher position, a Zinke cast a negative vote, which meant this Zinke had a good position within the Prussian government I would suppose. When he came into power and overtook the country of Prussia which became a part of Germany, many Zinkes lost their lives in the Holocaust. (Told to Suzanne Zinke Crist)

  •   AZ1 Julius Zinke b7/1842 ,,Preussen (IGI Record of Germany) d1902 mEmelina ? b1840 Prussia d1909 (Lois Reetz) 1870 U.S. Census, WI,LaCrosse,Shelby, Julius is 28 and listed as a brickmaker, and living at a Boarding House. 1880 U.S. Census, WI,Dodge,BeaverDam,Dist.4 states Zinky, Julius is age 40, born in Prussia, Emma is 40 and born in Prussia, Matilda is 14, Otto 9, August 7, Emma 6, Louis 4, Martha 3, Julius 1,& Frank is 4 months. Julius is a Railroad Section Foreman.
  •   AZ11 Matilda Zinke b1866? WI (U.S. 1880 Census)
  •   AZ12 Otto Zinke b1871? WI (U.S. 1880 Census)
  •   AZ121 Ester Zinke b mRobert Hawke Robert had been married before and had a son he and Ester raised. (Records of Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ13 August Zinke b1873? WI (U.S. 1880 Census) August was an actor. He took part in the early talkies doing singing. (Records of Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ14 Emma Zinke b1874? WI (U.S. 1880 Census) mHerman Haase Emma and Herman had a son named Sylvester b1907 and d1989, never married. Emma was a published poet writer. (Records of Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ15 Louis Zinke b1876? WI (U.S. 1880 Census) m ? ?
  •   AZ151 Kathleen Zinke b (Records of Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ16 Martha Zinke b1877? WI (U.S. 1880 Census) mAdolph Gallun d11/1993 New York Lived and Park Ave. in NY Martha and Adoph had a daughter named Charlotte, lives in Pewauke,WI (Records of Lois Reetz) Their son, Raymond Z. Gallun, was a science fiction writer. (Elizabeth Terlind)
  •   AZ17 Julius Zinke b1879? WI (U.S. 1880 Census) Passed away around 1898 as a child. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ18 Frank Robert Zinke b1/25/1880 WI (U.S. 1880 Census) d1942 at home of a heart attack. Marion, his daughter found him in bed dead. mElizabeth McCarthy b1880 d11/11/1940. Had a stroke and a tumor. Birthdate is probably wrong, since it was known she was older than her husband. Their address in 192? was 1208 The Strand, which was a prominent German/Italian neighborhood. Frank worked for the RR. and lived at 939 Aurora St., Waukesha, WI. (Waukesha's Hist. Soc., City Census 192?, 1936) Frank and Elizabeth had seven children. Frank invented the cement railroad ties and Lois has the patent information, but not the patent copies. Lois thinks he sold the patent and bought his house on Aurora St. with the proceeds. Frank had as a child fell on a pair of scissors which went 2 inches into the side of his head. As an adult he had a very bad temper. It was thought that the accident may have had something to do with it. In fact, because of his temper and physical fights he got himself fired several times and he also liked to drink and swear alot. (Potental went to waste) Elizabeth was a small woman and invited people in, but never wqent out much. Grandma did all the work and the children never were taught how to work. James and Clarence wasn't taken to the Dr. in time to save their lives. and died of either mumps or scarlet fever. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ181 Clarence Zinke b1904 d1914 of mumps of scarlet fever. Marion, Clarence, and James all were sick at the same time. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ182 Roy Zinke b1905 d1965 Milwaukee,WI of throat cancer. m 1? ? Irish background, divorced m 2Mary ? Roy and his first wife had no children, she had a drinking problem. Roy and his second wife adopted 2 girls. Roy was a steamfitter. (Waukesha's Hist. Soc., City Census 1931)(Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ183 Edward Zinke b1907 d1972 with cancer of the lungs mViola Baumbeck b3/10/1905 Eau Clair, WI d3/4/1987 Cancer of the Pancreas. . Worked for the phone company. Both are buried at WI Rapids,WI. Edward was a foundry worker. (Waukesha's Hist. Soc., City Census 1934) They had no children. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ184 Marion Zinke b12/28/1908 d9/10/1987 of coaler rectal cancer mHenry Beilke bApr d7/2/1981 of congestive heart failure in his 80's Henry was a carpenter. They never had children. Marion worked as a telephone operator for WI Tel. Co. (Waukesha's Hist. Soc., City Census 192?,31,34,36). During part of the depression, Marion was the only one working, and it looks as if the whole Zinke family lived together during the depression. The family would have been homeless, if it hadn't been for Marion's job. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ185 James Julius Zinke b1910- d1914 also of the mumps or scarlet fever as did Clarence. Buried in Milwaukee in an unmarked grave. It was known that little James could swear like a trooper copying his father. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ186 Thomas Zinke b1/24/1916 d7/22/1996 of bone cancer m12/27/1952 Kathryn Schmackle b4/19/1928 d8/18/1999 had diabetes, died from Kidney issues Thomas graduated from the Waukesha High School during the depression. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ1861 Lois Zinke b10/26/1954 m11/10/1978 Bernard Reetz b6/14/1948 Lois and Bernard have two children, Rebecca and Patrick. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ187 Margaret Zinke b1921- d1922 of a blood disorder, was told the blood was pink. (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ19 Annie Zinke b Annie was called "Box Car Annie", a nickname given because she would hop boxcars to ride to her grandmother's and help her out when needed. Annie never married, was on the masculine side and had a dog.
  •   AZ1(10) Louise Zinke b m? ? (Lois Reetz)
  •   AZ2 Huldah Augusta Zinke b4/1844 Alt Wuhrow,Pommern,Preussen d11/15/1928 m6/27/1868 Portage,Columbia,WI Julius E. F. Manthey (IGI Record)
  •   AZ3 Franz Robert Zinke b9/24/1846 (Tombstone) Alt Wuhrow,Pommern,Preussen (FamilySearch) Prussia d10/13/1894 ,Columbia,WI (Tombstone) m11/24/1867 Portage,Columbia,WI (WI Marriage Records) Augustina Klug (IGI Record)b9/29/1840 (Tombstone) d4/1/1913 ,Columbia,WI at 73 years (Tombstone) Resided at 131 River St., Portage,Columbia,WI (Fifth Ward)- Burial: Silver Lake Cemetery on Cemetery Rd.,Portage,Columbia,WI 1870 U.S. Census for WI, Columbia, Portage, Ward 5 states that Robert Cinke is 24 and a laborer, Augustina is 29, Julius is 2, and Anna is five months. 1880 U.S. Census for WI,Portage,Columbia states that Robert is 35, born in Prussia and is a laborer. Augustina is 40, born in Prussia, Julius is 12, Ella is 10, Emma is 9, Huldah is 5, Leana is 3,& Tina is 1.
      (Picture of Roberts & Augustine's gravestone taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ31 Julius Zinke (twin to Otto) b3/13/1868 ,Columbia,WI (WI Birth Records, Reel 264,Record323) M2/19/1890 Columbia Co.,WI (WI Marriage Records)Minnie ? 1920 WI Federal Census for Clifton Twp., Monroe County, lists Julius as 51 years old, a farmer, born in the old country, and his wife is Minnie, age 47. Both Minnie & Julius came to the U.S. in 1883.
  •   AZ311 Louis Zinke age 25 (1920 Fed. WI Census,CliftonTwp.,MonroeCo)
  •   AZ312 August Zinke age 22 (1920 Fed. WI Census,CliftonTwp.,MonroeCo)
  •   AZ313 Elwin Zinke age 18 (1920 Fed. WI Census,CliftonTwp.,MonroeCo)
  •   AZ314 Walter Zinke age 14 (1920 Fed. WI Census,CliftonTwp.,MonroeCo) Walter was a farmer on the 1930 U.S. Fed. Census, WI,Monroe,Clifton,Dist.6, and single, age 24.
  •   AZ315 Esther Zinke age 12 (1920 Fed. WI Census,CliftonTwp.,MonroeCo)
  •   AZ32 Otto Zinke (twin to Julius)b3/13/1868 Germany (WI Birth Records) d1870 (2 years old)
  •   AZ33 Anna Zinke b1870? Is five months old on the 1870
  •   AZ34 Robert Zinke b3/1/1870 d1870 (3 months old)
  •   AZ35 Dorothy Zinke b3/1/1870 (Twin to Robert) d1874
  •   AZ36 Ella Zinke b1870? (1880 Census)
  •   AZ37 Emma Zinke bJan/1871 (1880 Census)
  •   AZ38 Hermann Zinke b8/31/1873 (Tombstone) -d4/10/1874 Columbia Co.,WI (Back of Parents tombstone info by Karolyn & Randy Roberts) Burial: Silver Lake Cemetery,Cemetery Rd.,Portage,Columbia,WI 
  •     (Picture of Backside of the tombstone of Robert & Augustine Zinke is the information for their baby Hermann taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ39 Hulda Zinke b 1875? (1880 Census)
  •   AZ3a Leana Zinke b 1877? (1880 Census)
    • AZ5   Franz (Frank) A. Zinke b2/1852 Alt Wuhrow,Pommern,Preussen (Family Search) Prussia d11/6/1924 (Tombstone) m Bertha Roehder (Miller?) b1856 Germany d1929 (Tombstone) They had fourteen children. Resided at 122 Franklin St.,Portage,Columbia,WI (Fifth Ward) Note: Bertha had a twin brother John Rheader who had a club foot. Frank & Bertha lived out on what is now Zinke Rd. which is located by taking Hwy 16 out past Hwy O and make a right onto Peterson Rd going past Newport Church, continue on and road runs into Hwy O, continue and Zinke Rd is the 1st road on left after the curve. 1880 U.S. Census, Columbia,Portage, Ward 35 lists Frank as a laborer, ge 28, Bertha age 24, Anna is 5, Herman 4, Louisa 3, and William is 1. City of Columbus Directory for 1890 Lists Frank Zinke as a Teamster, residence of S.S. River, 3 w.,WI. 1906 Newport,WI   Directory lists Frank & Bertha as residing on Kilbourn Rd.,Rt.3 and lists Frank as a farmer. Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on Cemetery Rd.,Block1,Lot193,Grave3&4 Lots 1,2,&5 Empty (OakGroveCem.Records)
    • (Pictures of   Bertha Zinke &    Frank Zinke;   Tombstones in Oak Grove Cemetery by Karolyn Roberts) 
  •   AZ3b Tina Zinke b 1879? (1880 Census)
  •   AZ4 Emma S. E. Zinke b 4/12/1854 /55Alt Wuhrow,Pommern,Preussen (IGI Record) Prussia dabt 1934 Milwaukee,WI m10/23/1870 Portage,Columbia,WI Carl August William Klabunde b11/1846 (Son of Christlieb& Caroline Klabunde who came from Germany in 1868)(Records of Donna Poyzer) d8/16/1922 Milwaukee,,WI Her family resided with her father, August Zinke at the time of the 1880 Census in Portage,WI (Fifth Ward) 1880 Census, WI,Columbia,Portage,Ward 35 lists August as 33 and a laborer, Emma as 25, Richard as 8, William as 6, Clara as 5, Herman as 3, Minnie as 10 months. The family is living with Emma's father, August. Emma & August had the following children: Richard H. Klaubunde, William O. Klabunde, Herman O. Klabunde, Minnie Klabunde, & Emma Klabunde who were all born in Prussia.
  •   AZ41 Anna Sophia Elizabeth Zinke b abt 1875 Prussia m2/8/1893 ,Columbia,WI Freid Josiah Forbes (WI Marriage Records) Anna & Freid had Viola Forbes, & Florence Forbes.
  •   AZ49 Rose Zinke (never married) 
  •        (Picture of Rose Zinke from the album of Dorothy Zinke Roberts)

 Front Row: Frank (father), Leona, Bertha (mother), Robert, Rose, Dorothy, Mary, & Fred. Back Row: Laura, Louise, Elsie,& Anna (Children not in Photo: William, Herman, George, & Tony 

  •   AZ52 Herman Zinke b12/25/1875 Portage,Columbia,WI (Tombstone;IGI Record,Batch #8413501, Sheet 14) d12/4/1904 (WI Death Records; Tombstone) Herman was killed by a train. Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on CemeteryRd., Block1,Lot193,Grave6 (OakGroveCem.Records)
  •   (Picture of Baby Anthony's gravestone and Herman's, brothers, taken by Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ53 Louisa Zinke b abt 1877 mAustin C. Stowers b9/4/1874 Adam Co.,WI (WI Birth Records) Louisa & Austin had Orville Stowers, & Edward Stowers.
  •        (Picture of Louise & Austin from the album of Dorothy Zinke Roberts)
  •   AZ5a Dorothy Amanda Zinke b4/2/1895 Portage,Columbia,WI(Obit.,Effingham Daily News,7/19/1967) d7/19/1967 Effingham,Effingham,IL (Certificate of Death) m4/2/1915 Monroe,Green,WI(Witnesses were Eulilla Roberts and Miriam Melrose)(Marriage Certification #3391, Green Co.,V.9,p.1261) Cadwallader Wesley Roberts b8/24/1889 ,Columbia,WI,USA d5/9/1970 Battle Creek,Calhoun,MI (Certificate of Death) Resided in Evanston,IL S. Oak St., Effingham,IL 1939-1942, Park Ave., Effingham 1942-1944 & Summit Twp.,RR #2,Effingham,IL 1944-1970. bur: Arborcrest Mem. Park,Summit Twp. Accountant in Chicago,IL;Carpenter in Effingham,IL Mortgage Release, vol. 161 of Mortgages page 439. Note: Real Estate. SW quarter (S.W.1/4), of the SE quarter (S.E.1/4), and also five (5) acres in the SW corner of the SE1/4 of the SE1/4, all in Section No. Thirty-five (35), Town No. Eight (8) North, Range No. Five (5), E of the Third P.m., in the County of Effingham. Dated: 11/20/1940 Known as the C.W. Roberts Farm. On March 26, 1970, he sold the farm to Lloyd L. Kyle and Nancy L. Kyle. Cadwallader died in a MI hospital while staying with his daughter Dorothy in Battle Creek,Calhoun,MI.
  •     (Picture of Dorothy Zinke from the album of Dorothy Zinke Roberts)
  •   (Picture of C. W. Roberts & Dorothy Zinke on their wedding day from the album of Dorothy Zinke Roberts)
  •   AZ5c   Fritz (Fred) Albert Zinke b3/17/1899 Kilbourn,WI d10/12/1979 bur: Newport Cem. m7/21/1923 Cudahy,Milwaukee,WI Emma L. Nelson bKilbourn,WI 4/12/1899 d10/31/1969(daughter of Nels Nelson & Sina Larson)- Resided at Wisconsin Dells,Columbia,WI Note: Fred's youth was spent on a farm in Newport. As a young man, he worked as a "gandy-dancer" on a maintenance gang for the railroad. When he married Emma, he was employed at a tire factory in Cudahy, WI. About the time of the depression, the tire factory closed and later was tore down. Fred went to Wisconsin Dells where his wife was taking care of her ill father. He found employment in a meat market and learned the butchering and meat cutting trade. Note: Fred was the founder of what is now known as Zinke 's Shop Rite. In 1932, Fred took over his first food store, Modern Meat Market, which was in the Tru-Value Hardware building on Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, WI. His partner for one year was Ingebert Soma. Later, Fred formed a partnership with meat man Todd Bartness. Fred set out for himself in 1942 by starting a store in the present Gaffney Building on Oak Street. Five years later, he bought out Louie Meklic's Store also on Oak Street. This building provided additional space for the expanding business. Fred became partners with his son, Gordon on January 1, 1951 and together they engineered several remodeling projects. The present store on Washington Ave. was completed in 1964 and is known as Zinke's Shop Rite (Present Location: 1996 216 Washington Ave, WI Dells,WI) On January 1, 1968, Fred sold his half of the partnership to another son Kenneth. A new addition was added to the present store in January on 1978. Note: In retirement, Fred was an avid sportsman and was well known for his fishing and hunting. Notes taken from the Columbia County History of 1982, p347Entry348
  •   (Picture of Kenneth in the groc
  • ery store with Randy Roberts & son Benjamin  (Zinke descendants) when we visited)
  •   AZ54 William R. Zinke b abt 1879 WI (1930 U.S. Census) m ?10/22/1903 Emma ?,Columbia,WI (her parents were born in Germany) (WI Marriage Records) 1830 U.S. Census, WI,Columbia,Newport, Dist.20 states that William is 51 and a farmer, his wife Emma is 45, born in WI, Melvin W. age 26, Milton age 24, Raymond R. age 18, and all the boys are single and living at home. 1906 Newport City Directory lists William & Emma residing at Levee and William is a farmer. 1900 U.S. Census, WI, Columbia, Portage City, Ward 5 states William is
  •   AZ541 Melvin Zinke b2/14/1904 WI d7/1977 Wisconsin Dells,Columbia,WI (SSDI) When Melvin was 26 he worked as a laborer at a resort and was single, living at home. (1930 U.S. Census) (never married)
  •   AZ542 Milton Zinke b5/23/1905 WI d12/1986 Wisconsin Dells,Columbia,WI When Milton was 24, he worked as a farm laborer and was single, living at home. (1930 U.S. Census) Was a railroad employee. (SSDI) (never married)
  •   AZ543 Raymond R. Zinke b1912? WI When Raymond was 18, he worked as a laborer at a resort, was single, and living at home. (1930 U.S. Census)
  •   AZ55 George C. Zinke b9/5/1885 WI d12/20/1972 Wyocena,WI ( m11/22/1911 Bertha Marie Jones (daughter of Elias Hanson born in Norway & Paulina Oleson born in Christainia,Norway) b12/29/1890 Blanchardville,WI ( d2/26/1955 WisconsinDells,Columbia,WI ( George was 43, a Section Foreman for the Railroad on the 1930 U.S. Fed. Census, WI,Columbia,Newport, Dist.20, and married to Bertha M. age 38. Ella was 17, living at home and single.
  •   AZ551 Ella (Elsie) Zinke b1912 WI d11/5/1932 mEarl Alvin Rihn Note: Ella died from a furnace explosion along with Leone Rihn, her daughter. (Files of Ken Zinke) Children of Esie & Earl were Harold Earl Rihn, Sr., Gregory George Harold Rihn, Harold Earl Rihn, Jr., Teresa Alice Rihn, Michael John Rihn, David Harold Rihn, & Leone Rihn.
  •   AZ56 Mary A. Zinke b1888? WI mIsadore Lee Resided at Wisconsin Dells,Columbia,WI Mary on the 1930 U.S. Fed. Census, WI,Columbia,Newport, Dist.20, was single, age 42, and living with her brother Robert.
  •   AZ57 Laura Zinke m ? Walthers
  •   AZ471 Lawrence Walthers
  •   AZ572 Louise Walthers mCliff Kubly
  •   AZ58 Anthony (Tony) Zinke b1891 d1891 (Tombstone) Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on CemeteryRd.,Block1,Lot193,Grave7 (OakGroveCem.Records)
  •   AZ59 Robert Carl Zinke b9/3/1893 (Tombstone) ,Columbia,WI d9/23/1954 (Tombstone) (never married) WI PVT CO M110 Infantry, WWI Robert was a farmer on the 1930 U.S. Fed. Census, WI,Columbia,Newport, Dist.20, and single. His sister, Mary A. was living with him, age 42, at this time. Rob discovered that attaching a small piece of metal to the mouth of a bait made the bait swim and wiggle as if it were alive. The new bait, called Zinke Bait, was the first of its kind and became so popular with the area's fishing crowd that even with Fred's help, the hundreds of orders they were receiving could not be filled. Fred proposed a partnership to market the invention, but Rob declined, and the bait was never mass produced. A few Zinke baits can still be found and are considered collector's items. Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on Cemetery Rd., Block1, Lot193, Grave8 (OakGroveCem.Records) (Karolyn Roberts)              
    (Picture of Robert Carl's Tombstone taken by Karolyn Roberts)  
  •   (Picture of Elsie Zinke from the album of Dorothy Zinke Roberts)
  •   AZ5(10) Elsie Zinke mPeter Johnson

AZ5a1 Dorothy Leona Roberts b4/9/1916 WI -d6/12/1993 Battle Creek,Calhoun,MI (SS Death Benefit Records) m1 IL Gile Rodgers div Note: Gile was known as a chicken thief. (Info from C.W. & Dorothy Roberts) m5/1/1948 Battle Creek,Calhoun,MI 2Darrell William Bell b3/19/1919 Cornland,IL (son of William R. Bell & Ada F. Danks) d8/15/2002 at home,Battle Creek,Calhoun,,MI Attended Coyne Electrical School following High School at Williamsville, IL where his sister Eva was his teacher. Served in WWII, 1943-1945 as an Army Signal Corpsman- Worked for Kellogg Cereal Co. of Battle Creek. Burial: Floral Lawn Mem. Gardens, Battle Creek,Calhoun,MI. (Battle Creek Enquirer 8/18/2002,Obit) Darrell had two children, Kenneth Bell, & Francis Bell from a previous marriage.

  •   AZ5a11 Darrell Lane Bell b12/6/1949 m10/20/1973 Dianna Marie Linhart b3/24/1954 (divorced) m 2Sandy ?(Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •   AZ5a111 Gary Mathew Bell b3/31/1976 1996 Killed first day on the job by a piece of equipment.
  •   AZ5a112 Steven Michael Bell b12/29/1977 mMartha ?(Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •   AZ5a12 Lois Elaine Bell b3/4/1952 m8/9/1969 Dennie Lee Howard div: 8/7/1975
  •   AZ5a13 Thomas Edward Bell b10/10/1953 m8/25/1973 Peggy Lynn Reed
  •   AZ5a131 Lisa Marie Bell b1/11/1981
  •   AZ5a132 Daniel Bell (Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •   AZ5a133 Tommy Bell (Obit of Darrell Bell)
  •   AZ5a2 Lloyd Harold Roberts b7/29/1917 WI (CA Health Services Office of Health Inf. & Research Vital Stat. Section) d 5/18/1992 Los Angeles,CA(CA Health Services Office of Health Inf. & Research Vital Stat. Section) d m1Jeannie ? Resided in Washington,USA (Source: C.W. Roberts) m2Marcella J. Richards b10/23/1932 Resided at 972 Vernon Ave., Venice,Ca in 1961. . Lloyd was in the Navy while married to Jeannie. Lloyd resided in Santa Monica, CA on Ocean Blvd. at time of death. Occupation: McDonald-Douglas Aircraft Corp. of Santa Monica on Ocean Park Blvd. (Source: Dorothy Bell)
  •   (Lloyd with his first family, Jeannie, Donnie,& Gregory from scrapbook of Dorothy Zinke)
  •   AZ5a21 Donnie Roberts (mother was Jeannie) (C.W. Roberts)
  •   AZ5a22 Gregory Roberts (mother was Jeannie) (C.W. Roberts)
  •   AZ5a23 Kenneth Alan Roberts b5/17/1953 ,Los Angeles,CA (CA State Birth Records)
  •   AZ5a24 Ronald Lee Roberts b10/17/1954 ,Los Angeles,CA (CA State Birth Records)
  •   AZ4a25 Roberta A. Roberts b12/20/1957 Los Angeles,CA (CA State Birth Records)
  •   AZ5a3 Lois Elaine Roberts b5/5/1921 Footville,Rock,WI-d10/17/1990 Wellington,Lorain,OH m12/23/1939 St. Louis,MO John (Jack) Charles Oakley, Sr. (John was the son of Francis Warren Oakley & Mary Ellen Berry) b8/4/1922 Woodbury,Cumberland,IL-d12/18/1997 Wellington,Lorain,OH-bur: Greenwood Cem,Wellington,OH (Janice Oakley) John's service flag was presented to David Oakley. John spent 35 years in management in the steel industry,Plant Manager at Former Armco Steel Co.,Wellington,OH Resided :in Wellington,OH & Ashland,KY (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a31 Lola Elaine Oakley b1/17/1941 Effingham,Effingham,IL-m 6/17/1960 Wellington,Lorain,OH 1William (Bill) Wells Brumfield b1/27/1940 Lorain,Lorain,OH div.4/1980 m2 3/2/1986 Ocoee,FL Philip Roy Jones b3/16/1962 Wooster,OH (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a311 Patricia (Pati) Elaine Brumfield mTroy Elliot (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a3111 Zack Brumfield Elliot (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a3112 Molly Rose Brumfield (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a312 William Robert Brumfield (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a32 John Charles Oakley, Jr. b2/28/1942 Mattoon,Coles,IL-m6/20/1964 Wellington,Lorain,OH Janice Elaine Kert b11/18/1942 Oberlin,Lorain,OH (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a321 John William Oakley b11/6/1965 (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a322 Cathy Elaine Oakley b10/12/1966 mTony James Pulizzi, Jr. (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a323 David Warren Oakley b4/5/1970 (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a324 Seth Daniel Oakley b7/28/1979 (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a33 Barbara Jo Oakley b7/13/1952 Mason City,Cerro Gorda,IA m1971 Ashland,KY 1Paul Borders m2 7/19/1974 Wellington,OH Thomas Martin Gray b9/21/1952 Oberlin,Lorain,OH (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a331 Paul (Spunky) Borders, Jr. b2/7/1972 (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ4a332 Meredith Anne Gray (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a333 Michelle Kay Gray (Janice Oakley)
  •   AZ5a4 Cadwallader Wesley Roberts b (baby) bur: Memorial Cem.,Evanston,IL (C.W. Roberts)
  •   AZ5a5 Gerald Lee Roberts b1/6/1939 Effingham,Effingham,IL (Birth Certificate) m5/25/1963 Karolyn Rae Amerson b6/11/1941 Mattoon,Shawano,WI,USA (Birth Certificate) Note: Jerry: Ewington School, RR #2, Effinham High School-1956. Gerald's first job was with DeLong Mobile Communications Service of Effingham, IL. Jerry was a graduate of National Radio Institute, Washington, DC, August of 1960. Did three years in eighteen months. Later followed with more course work. (His picture with blurp Advertisement for the school was carried in the school brochure, as well as various electronic magazines for many years, etc.) FCC License w/Ship Radar Endorsement. First job was with the Coordinated Science Laboratory of the Univ. of IL. Engaged in basic and applications research in physics and electrical engineering, sponsored by the military service, NASA, and National Science Foundation. Was responsible for layout, Simple design and construction of experimental electronic chassis for high-precision navigational instruments. Helped supervise grad students on research projects. Cross-country trips to Wallops Island, VA for the purpose of being on location for the launching of CSL's first rocket at NASA in a series of experiments probing the ionosphere. Was busy with construction, maintenance, and operation of the mass of electronic equipment necessary for such a complex program housed in a trailer at the site. Following was involved with the data processing of the abundant supply of magnetic telemetry tape recordings from the rocket shots. Later, Jerry worked the Computer Lab at the Univ. of IL where he worked on Note: Also invented a few electronic devices that he refused to patent. (Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ5a51 Randy Lee Roberts b10/28/1964 Urbana,Champaign,IL,USA (Brith Certificate) m6/11/1988 Tammy Louise Robertsb11/7/1964 ,GA,USA (Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ5a511 Benjamin Wesley Roberts b11/11/1997 USA (Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ5a512 Nathaniel Thomas Roberts b3/28/2000 USA (Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ5a513 Brianna Loren Roberts 1/2002 USA (Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ5a52 Ronald Gary Roberts b5/10/1967 Urbana,Champaign,IL,USA (Karolyn Roberts)
  •   AZ5b Leona Zinke mMoody Bragg b12/11/1891 (SSDI) d6/1975 ChippewaFalls,WI (SSDI) Resided in Chippewa Falls,WI 
  •    (Dorothy Zinke, Leona Zinke, & Leona's child from album of Dorothy Zinke Roberts) 
  •   AZ5d1 Bob Bragg
  •   AZ5c1 Alice Zinke b1924 d1924 (about two weeks old) Note: At about two weeks of age she was dropped by a nurse, went into convulsions and died. (Ken Zinke)

AZ5c2 Gordon Frederick Zinke b5/2/1926 mGeraldine Leona Johnston b8/23/1926 d3/10/1995 -Resides at Wisconsin Dells. (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)

  •   AZ5c21 Suzanne Lorraine Zinke b5/3/1947 mDavid T. Crist b4/7/1946 (div.) (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c211 Angela Beth Crist b10/27/1966 d10/28/1966 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c212 Pamela Annette Crist b10/27/1966 d10/28/1966 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c213 Tamara Renee Crist b8/18/1968 m 1Kirk Jones (div.) m 2Robert N. Bernal (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c2131 DeMarlo Antwon Shavers b5/24/1987 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c2132 Jordan Alexander Jones b7/17/1991 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c2133 Josiah David Jones b11/7/1992 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c2134 Trinity Colette Bernal b9/29/2006 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c214 Darius Michael Crist (father Donald Jackson) b4/29/1986 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c22 James Roland Zinke b2/18/1948 d2/18/1948 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c23 David Frederick Zinke b9/18/1950 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c24 Barbara Jeanne Zinke b1/15/1952 mWilliam (Bill) Guy Roll b11/6/1952 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c241 William Gordon Roll b1/26/1973 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c242 Chad Eric Roll b4/24/1978 d11/20/1978 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c242 Samantha Jeanne Roll b7/24/1981 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c25 Beverly Marie Zinke b6/18/1953 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c251 Nolan Zinke-Warrick (father George Warrack) b5/5/1983 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c26 Kathleen Emma Zinke b11/8/1954 mThomas Turbett b11/25/1952 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c261 Caleb Turbett 1/18/1983 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c262 Travis Turbett b1/22/1986 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c27 Robert (Bob) Gordon Zinke b12/31/1955 mJill Klepinger (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c271 Jessica Marie Zinke b6/28/1980 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c272 Jonathan Robert Zinke b8/23/1987 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c273 Benjamin James Zinke b12/5/1988 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist))
  •   AZ5c274 Genevieve Leona Zinke b6/1/1996 (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c28 Patricia Ann Zinke b1/17/1958 mDonald Harms (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c29 Marlene Louise Zinke b8/4/1960 mEdward Moore (div.) (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c291 Jenny Nicole Moore Quilty b9/22/1983 mJon Quilty (Suzanne Lorraine Zinke Crist)
  •   AZ5c3 Kenneth R. Zinke 4/24/1929 mJeannine R. Lambkin b5/4/1930 (Ken Zinke)
  •   AZ5c31 Debra L. Zinke b8/30/1952 mRobert Weitzel (Ken Zinke)
  •   AZ5c32 Daniel G. Zinke b4/2/1958 mCharla Partlow b10/19/1964 (Ken Zinke)
  •     (Present day Zinke Super Market, WI Dells, WI with Randy Roberts & sons standing in front in 2002) (Inside of Zinke's Super Market stand Ken Zinke, Benjamin Roberts, Randy Roberts; Ken-Randy, second cousins; Ken-Benjamin, 3rd Cousins)

AZ5c33 Chad Zinke b1988 (Ken Zinke)

  •   AZ5c4 Donald G. Zinke b3/6/1942 (Ken Zinke)
  •   AZ5c5 Carolyn Zinke b3/18/1946 mJeremiah Murphy (Ken Zinke)
  •   AZ6 Otto Zinke abt 1856,,Preussen (Family Search)
  •   AZ7 Herman August R. Zinke b6/26/1858 Alt Wuhrow,Pommern,Preussen (IGI Index of Germany) Prussia d5/14/1938 (Cemetery Records) m10/6/1878 ,Columbia,WI (IGI Record, Batch #8413501, Sheet 16; WI Marriage Records) Hannah M. F. Boeck (daughter of Carl Boeck d12/3/1909 & ? Mieske ? d/2/19?, parents born in Prussia) b1860 Portage,Columbia,WI (1880 Census) d2/1935 WI Came to America when he was six years old with his family. Resided in Portage,Columbia,WI (Fifth Ward) When Herman was 10 years old, his mother Dorothea died. Note: Herman would sneak out through the window when he was thought to be in bed and courted Hannah Boeck, whom he married. They danced all night and Hannah's mud skirts (white) beneath her brown silk poplin basque dress were soiled to the knees. Their first little home still stands (1958) on West Herman's father, August, never quite heartily approved of the marriage. (Out of Letter written to Diane & David Zinke from Gertrude, Contributed by Lauranne Bailey) 1880 U.S. Census, Columbia,Portage, Ward35 lists Herman as 21 and a laborer, Hannah as 20, and a son, Eddie who is 10 months, and was born in Aug. 1906 Portage City Directory lists Herman as a laborer, and Hannah with him. Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on CemeteryRd., Block1,Lot17,Grave3 (OakGroveCem.Records)
  •   AZ71 Eddie Zinke b8/1879 (1880 Census)
  •   AZ72 Emma Zinke b1881 (Cemetery Records) d1885 (Cemetery Records) Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on CemeteryRd.,Block1,Lot193,Grave4 (OakGroveCem.Records) 1906 Portage City Directory lists Emma as a knitter.
  •   AZ73 Carl Arthur Herman Zinke b12/28/1892 Douglas,,Marquette,WI (Family Search; Cemetery Records on year) d3/1980 (Cemetery Records) m6/15/1918 Portage,Columbia,WI Edith I. Bain (Family Search) b1893 (Cemetery Records) d1972 (Cemetery Records) Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on CemeteryRd.,Block1,Lot17,Grave7&8 (OakGroveCem.Records)
  •   AZ731 Donald Bain Zinke b4/9/1922 Portage,Columbia,WI d4/22/1974 (Family Search)
  •   AZ732 Douglas Zinke d late 1960's or early 1970's
  •   AZ733 David Delano Zinke b1/30/1934 WI (SSDI) d7/25/1982 Los Angeles,CA (SSDI) Died of cancer of the brain. Source: Suzanne Zinke Linton) mDiane Davis d7/17/1989 div. prior to 1963 (Source: Suzanne Zinke Linton)
  •   AZ7331 Suzanne Lee Zinke m6/3/1978 1Glen Jahn 1993 Attended HS in Portage, graduated from the Univ. of WI in Accounting. (Suzanne Zinke Linton) m2Richard Linton b3/13/1958
  •   AZ73311 Patrick Edward Macaulay Jahn
  •   AZ73312 Brianna Leigh Jahn
  •   AZ7332 Lauranne Joy Zinke m6/3/1989 Merle Bailey Note: Merle was previously married with 2 children. (Lauranne Zinke Bailey) Attended HS in Portage, graduated from the Univ. of WI in Journalism. (Suzanne Zinke Linton)
  •   AZ74 Lillie Zinke b1895 (Cemetery Records) d1917 (Cemetery Records) mFred J. Dallmann Burial: Oak Grove Cem.,Porage,WI on CemeteryRd., Block1,Lot17,Grave3 (OakGroveCem.Records)


Credits: Dorothy Zinke Roberts, Gerald Lee Roberts, Karolyn Roberts, Kenneth Zinke, Harold E. Rihn, Lauranne Bailey, Suzanne Zinke Linton, & Suzanne Crist.


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