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Mary Sears


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Richard Sares/Sears

& Dorothy Jones

    by Karolyn Rae Roberts



The Ancient Sears Cemetery, West Brewster, Barnstable County, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The 124 headstones and footstones in the Ancient Sears Cemetery, W Brewster, Barnstable Co, MA are facing west. The older stones start at the NW corner of the 30 x 55 yd plot and the newest are in the SE corner. All 124 people are directly related to one another. The burying ground is entered through an iron gate held by granite posts which are labeled 1881 on the left and 1721 on the right. There is a granite and iron rail fence that was erected in 1881. The quiet knoll on which it is situated overlooks an unnamed pond which, is evidently the headwaters of Quivett Creek. Katherine Sears left money in her will to the town of Brewster for maintenance. Some stones are missing and other stones are unmarked. Could Richard the Pilgrim be buried under the big boulder on the west side? (Work of L. Ray Sears, III c1992 online at and

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(Script in Blue has not been proven yet according to the Sears Family, no proof has been given of Richards birthplace before he came on the Anne to the colonies, his birthplace is still a mystery)


John D. Sayre (Sears) babt1483 Colchester,England - d1562(Ancestral Records)


JS1 - Richard Sayer (Sears) b1509 Colchester,Essex,England - d1540 - mAnne Bouchier Knyvett (Daughter of Edmund Knyvett & Jane Bouchier) babt1509 of Ashwelthorpe,Norfolk,England - d11/12/1595 Holland (Ancestral Records)


JS11 - John Bouchier Sayer (Sears) b1528 of England - d Amsterdam, North Holland, Holland - mElizabeth Hawkins (Daughter of John Hawkins & Katherine ?) b1530 of England - d1595 Holland (Ancestral Records)


JS111 - John Bourchier Sayer (Sears) - b1561/1565 Plymouth,Devonshire,England - d1629 Holland - m1585 Holland Marie Lamoral van EGMOND (Daughter of Phillip Lamoral van Egmond of Amsterdam and Marie van Horne) b1564 of England (Ancestral Records)


JS1111 - Richard Sares/Sears b1590 Amsterdam,North Holland - d8/26//1676 at age 86 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA- m1632 Plymouth,MA Dorothy Jones (Daughter of George & Agnes Jones) (American Marriages Before 1699) - babt 1603 Queen Camel,England - d Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA at age 76. Burial: 3/19/1678/79 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - (Online) Husbandman, Freeman, Offices of Deputy from Yarmouth, Grand Jury, Tax Collector, Yarmouth Constable.


 (Picture:   Supposedly Richard Sears, typical Sears is sandy hair, blue high, high forehead, etc.)

RICHARD, said to have been son of John Bourchier Sayer and Marie L. Egmond, born about 1590, appeared in Plymouth 1630, and m., 1632, Dorothy Thatcher, as is perhaps erroneously stated in the genealogy prepared by Edward H. Sears. He moved to Yarmouth, and his children were Knyvet, 1635; Paul, 1637; Silas, 1639; and Deborah, m. Zechariah Paddock. Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families, GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES p 233

Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33 -

RICHARD SEARS - ORIGIN: Unknown MIGRATION: 1633 - FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth - REMOVES: Marblehead by 1637, Yarmouth by 1639 OCCUPATION: Husbandman. FREEMAN: Oath of fidelity at Yarmouth, 1639 [8:185]. Propounded for freemanship, 3 June 1652 [3:7]. Admitted a freeman, 7 June 1653 [3:31]. On the 1658 and 29 May 1670 lists of freemen from Yarmouth [5:274, 8:200]. EDUCATION: His inventory included 1 Great Bible and other booksvalued at £1 3s. OFFICES: Deputy (from Yarmouth), 3 June 1662 [4:14]. Grand jury, 7 June 1652 [3:9]. Tax collector, 1 March 1658/9 [3:155]. Yarmouth constable, 6 June 1660 [3:188]. In Yarmouth section of 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms [8:194]. ESTATE: Assessed 9s. in Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 [1:11]; omitted from list of 27 March 1634. On 1 January 1637/8 Richard Seereswas included in a Salem rate list for the inhabitants of Marblehead[1:63]. On 14 November 1638 Rich[ard] Searswas granted four acres at Marblehead where he had planted formerly[1:74]. On 23 November 1664 Allis Bradford the widow of William Bradfordsold to Richard Saresof Yarmouth, husbandman, two tracts of twenty acres each at a place commonly called Sasuet,one of which had been the lot of William Bradford deceased and the other of which had been the lot of Experience Mitchell [34: 23, citing 3:18]. In his will, dated 10 May 1667, with a codicil dated 3 February 1675/6, and proved 5 March 1675/6, Richard Sares of Yarmouthbequeathed to Sylas Sares my younger son all my land, that is all the upland upon the Neck where his house stands in which he now dwells after mine and my wifes decease,provided that my son-in-law Zachery Paddock shall have the house where he dwells and two acres within the above tract during the life of Deborah his now wife; also to the said Sylas Saresa tract of meadow and half of my land called Robins as is undivided; to my elder son Paule Sares all the rest and remains of my lands whatsoever; to Dorothy my wife all lands and goods during her natural life, she to be sole executrix, and do entreat my brother Thacher with his two sons as friends in trustas overseers; to my son-in-law Zachery Paddocktwo acres from land called Robins before it is divided between Silas and Paul Sears, and this two acres, along with the two acres mentioned above, to go to Ichabod Paddock, son of Zachary, at the death of Zacharys wife; witnessed by Anthony Thacher and Anthony Frey; in the codicil, dated 3 February 1675/6, Richard Sears bequeathed to my eldest son Paul Sares the house which I now live inand various moveables; witnessed by John Thacher and Judah Thacher; on 5 March 1675/6 deposed that he and his brother witnessed the codicil, and that when my uncle signed this appendix,he asked him [John Thacher] to redraw the will and to leave out of the new draft the legacy of land that is given to Ichabod Paddock, for saith he I have answered it in another way,but Thacher never did produce this new draft [3:2:53-54]. The inventory of the estate of Richard Sares,taken 8 October 1676 and presented at court on 15 November 1676 by Dorethy Sares the relict of Richard Sares and Paul Sares his eldest son,was untotalled and included his house and lands,valued at £220 [3:2:55; 5:213]. BIRTH: About 1595 based on age at death. DEATH: Yarmouth 5 September [1676] age 81y 4m[126]. MARRIAGE: By 1637 Dorothy Jones. She was born about 1603, daughter of George and Agnes Jones of Dinder, Somerset [58:244-46]. Cady [i.e., Goody] Seares was buried the 19th of March [16]78[/9]at Yarmouth [125]. CHILDREN: i PAUL, b. about 1637 (d. Yarmouth 20 February 1707/8 in 70th year [gravestone]); m. by 1659 Deborah (eldest child aged thirteen on 3 July 1672 [1], said to be daughter of George Willard. ii DEBORAH, b. about 1639 (d. Yarmouth 17 August 1732 within about one month of 93 years of age[155]); m. by 1661 Zachariah Paddock (eldest child aged seventeen on 2 February 1678 [6]). iii SILAS, b. say 1641; m. by about 1665 Anna, probably daughter of James Bursell of Yarmouth [5:212]. ASSOCIATIONS: Dorothy (Jones) Sears, wife of Richard, was sister of Richard Jones of Dorchester and of Elizabeth (Jones) Thacher, wife of Anthony Thacher of Yarmouth [58:244-46] COMMENTS: Although the earliest record of Richard Sears in Marblehead is in 1637, he may have moved there as early as 1634, since he is in the 1633 Plymouth tax list, but not in the list of 1634. On 2 October 1650, with a large number of other men, Richard Searesbrought an action against William Nickerson for slander [7:50].

BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: Various publications of the middle of the nineteenth century set forth an English pedigree for Richard Sears, and partly on the basis of this pedigree assigned to Richard Sears a son Knyvett Sears. In 1886 Samuel Pearce May carefully examined and analyzed this pedigree, and found it to have no merit; he further demonstrated that the proposed son Knyvett did not exist [40:261-68]. Four years later May published a genealogy of the family [The Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) of Yarmouth, Mass., 1638-1888 (Albany 1890)]. In 1948 Donald Lines Jacobus prepared a brief account of the family of Richard Sears [257-58].

  •  JS11111 - Knyvet Sears b1635 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d1686 England - mElizabeth Dymock/Dimmock (Daughter of Thomas Dimmock & Ann Hammond of Lavenhan,Suffolk,England)
  • JS11112 - Paul Sears, Sr. b2/8/1637 Marblehead,Plymouth Colony,MA - d2/20/1707 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA - m1658 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA Deborah Willard(American Marriages Before 1699) (Daughter of George Willard & Dorothy Dunster) b9/14/1645 Scituate,Plymouth,MA - d5/13/1721 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA (The Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) of Yarmouth, Mass. 1638-1888. by Samuel P. May. p42) Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d11/3/1757 Eastham,Barnstable,MA
  •   (Picture:   The Ancient Sears Cemetery Headstone of Paul Sears)

 Paul Sears took the oath of Fidellytein 1657. Held a commission as a captain in the militia and made a claim for a horse lost in the Narragansett war. He was one of the grand jury in an inquest held on the child of Nicholas Nickerson. He was one of the original proprietors of lands in Harwich between Bound and Stony brooks, known as Wings Purchaseas appears by deed of John Wing et als., to Paul Seers et als., dated April 16,1677, recorded at Plymouth.

In the name of God, Amen, the Twentieth Day of February, 1707-8. I, Paul Sears, Senr. of yarmouth, in ye County of Barnstable, in New England, being at this time ill and weak in body but of Disposing mind and memory, Praised be God, Do make, Constitute, ordain and Declare this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following: First, and principally. I Comitt my soul to God, most humbly depending upon the gracious Death and merits of Jesus Christ my only Lord and Saviour for Salvation, and to the free pardon of all my sins. And my Body to the Earth to be buryed in such Decent Christian manner as to my Executors hereafter named shall be thought fitt. And as for my outward Estate, as Lands, Chattels and Goods, I do order Give and Dispose in manner and form following; First, - I will that all those Debts and Duties that I owe in Right or Conscience To any perosn whatsoever shall be truly paid in convenient time, after my Decease by my Executors hereafter named, out of my movable Estate. Item,- I do give and bequeeath to my eldest son Samuel Sears, all that my land and meadow in the township of Harwich upon part whereof his house now stands as is comprehended within and between the boundaries now following: (that is to say ,) bounded on the east by Kenelm Winslows Land at ye known and accustomed bounds and on the west side beginning at a remarkable rock, (lying about four Rods eastward from Yarmouth bound Rock at bound brook,) and from the sd Remarkable Rock the line runs Southerly over the Swamp and up ye hill to a great Pine tree marked in sd Yarmouth line: and thence up ye same straight line Southerly to the highway: and thence eastward as the way runs to ye said Winslows Land, (the sd highway being the bounds on ye south side) And the beginning again att ye sd Remarkable Rock the line runs norhterly to a stone sett in ye ground: and thence easterly to the edge of ye marsh by a straight line to another stone sett in to the ground, and so bounded by the marsh to another stone sett in the ground northerly on a straight line to a bend of ye main Creek at a stone sett in the Maresh, and on the north side tis bounded by tyhe known and accustomed bounds and of my interest in the undivided lands in sd Harwich, viz.: that is my sd son Saml. shall sixteen acres to himself in ye next Division(ye proprietors make of the undivided Lands) and the one half of all the rest of my interest there. All which sd Lands and Meadows shall be to my sd son Samuel Sears, and to his heirs and assigns forever, he yielding to his mother, my wife, one third part of ye proffits thereof during her natural life, and also paying to his two brothers Richard and Daniel, forty and two pounds in money towards the paying their purchase at Manamoy. I do give him my Try pott and Kettle. It.- I do give and bequeath to my son Paul Sears and to his heirs and assigns forever, one piece of fresh meadow called the Green Meadow which lyeth on the north side of my old house and is bounded eastward at ye Well or Spring, then westward taking in all ye Marsh or ground to ye old cartway (which leads into ye neck) on Joseph Sears fence: thence northeastward as the old sd cartway and fence runs to Zachariah Paddocks fence or line which is ye bounds on ye north side to bound brook, the sd bound brook and well or spring being the bounds on the east side, and also one quarter part of my interest of the undivided Lands in sd Harwich (besides the above sd Sixteen acres given to my son Samuel,) and for the rest of my son Pauls land is in ye neck where he now dwells, and by me confirmed by Deed of Gift formerly, and my Will is that he shall yield to his mother, my wife, one third of the proffits or income of all I have given him, during her natural life, and that he shall pay to his two brothers Richard and Daniel, forty and four pounds in money towards the paying their purchases att Manamoy. My will further is that the Ditch which hath been the accustomed bounds in the in the marsh betwixt my son Paul, and my kinsman Josiah Sears shall remain for- ever; beginning southerly att ye upland and running straight northerly to the Creek which did run on ye north side of ye island, which creek shall be the north bounds: And my Will is, and I do give all that slip of meadow on the West side of ye sd ditch unto the said Josiah Sears, his heirs and assigns forever. It.- I do give and bequeath unto my son John Sears, and to his heirs and as- signs forever, all the rest of my Homestead, both housings, lands and meadows, also one quarter part of all my interest in the undivided lands in ye sd Harwich, excepting the sixteen acres before given to my son Saml.-he my sd son John allowing and yielding to his mother, my wife, the one third part of my Housing, and the third of the proffits of ye lands during her natural life, and he paying to his two brothers Richard and Daniel, forty and four pounds in mon- ey towards their purchase att Manamoy. It.- I do give and bequeath all my movable Estate as Cattle, sheep, horses, swine and household stuff &c, unto my loving wife Deborah, (my Debts and Funerall charges being first paid.) She shall have the rest for her comfort while she lives: and what she leaves at her death to be equally divided amongst my daughters to whom I have each of them given such parts or portions as I was able or thought fitt. Lastly,- I do nominate and appoint my sd son Saml Sears and my Loving Wife Deborah executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand and seal ye day and year in ye other side forst above written. - Signed, sealed & declared in The mark and seal of presence of Paul Sears, Senr. John Thacher Zachariah Paddock Samuel Howes

  •  JS111121 - Mercy Sears b7/3/1659 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records)

JS111122 - Bethiah Sears b1/3/1661/62 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d7/5/1724 Chatham,Barnstable,MA - m5/27/1684 John Crowell (Son of John Crowe & Mehitable Miller) b1662 - d10/11/1728 - Children of Bethiah & John were: Joseph Crow, Pall Crow, Bethiah Crow, Mehitible Crow, John Crow, Deborah Crow, Christopher Crow, Elizabeth Crow, & Meary Crow. (Ancestral Records)

JS111123 - Capt. Samuel Sears b1/1663 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d1/8/1742 West Brewster,MA - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m6/15/1701 Harwich,Barnstable,MA Mercy Mayo (Daughter of Samuel Mayo & Tamzin Lumpkin) b1664 - d1/20/1748/49 - Sears Cem. (Sears Cem.,W.Brewster,Barnstable, CapeCod,MA; (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) He was constable in 1702. He left a will on 7 Apr 1740 ; filed March 6, 1741, by Judah and Seth Sears, executors; names sons Joseph, Joshua, John, Seth and Benjamin; Samuel and Seth, sons of Samuel, deceased; and daughters Hannah Vincent and Tamsin Freeman; also grand daughters Abigail Hall, Mercy Hawes, Ruth Sears, Desire Freeman, Mary Snow, Hannah Foster and Sarah Sears (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears)

  • JS1111231 - Hannah Sears b7/1/1685 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online)

JS1111232 - Samuel Sears b9/15/1687 -dBrewster,Barnstable,MA - d11/22/1726 at age 40 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m11/2/1710 Harwich,Barnstable,MA Ruth Merrick (Online)

JS11112321 - Ruth Sears d3/27/1761 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mJoseph Sears [JS11112362] - (Son of Joseph Sears & Elesebath Paddock) d8/6/1779 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS11112322 - Isaac Sears d1/13/1724 at age 2 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS11112323 - Samuel Sears d8/13/1774 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)mDesire Howes - d1/6/1804 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS111123231 - Elizabeth Sears d10/23/1798 at age 34 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS111123232 - Mary Sears - d4/11/1794 at age 30 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS111123233 - Samuel Sears d7/31/1783 at age 20 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS111123234 - Hannah Sears d1/15/1835 at age 74 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS111123235 - Abigail Sears d12/13/1828 Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mFreeman Remick d11/30/1826 at age 71, Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) Daughter Sally Remick is also buried here along with husband Eben Ryder who was lost at sea 9/1803, and their child Nabby Rider. (Sears Cem.; (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - On Freemans tombstone is noted that two sons, Thomas & Abraham were lost at sea in February of 1810.

  •  JS1111233 - Nathaniel Sears b9/23/1689 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online)

JS1111234 - Tamsen Sears b11/13/1691 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online)

JS1111235 - Jonathan Sears b9/3/1693 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online) - d9/3/1738 at age 45 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mElizabeth Hawes d1/8/1748 at age 52. - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS11112351 - Joseph Sears - d3/14/1758 at age 30 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS11112352 - Prince Sears - d2/25/1829 at age 94 - Sears Cem (Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)- mBetsey Hall d7/1/1818 - Sears Cem (Sears Cem., W.Brewster, Barnstable,CapeCod,MA) - Tombstone Epitaph of Betsey: Here lies the dead from pain and sorrow free She has gone to heaven I trust O God to thee, Her bright examples let us make our own So far as she herself in Christ was known

JS111123521 - Joseph Sears d1/5/1846 at age 82 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mKeziah Hamblen d12/14/1838 at age 75, Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) -

JS1111235211 - Prince Sears d2/1810 in his 29th year - Son of Joseph & Keziah Sears - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) Lost at sea -

JS1111235212 - Benjamin Sears d4/15/1825 drowned in his 18th year - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS11112353 - Sarah Sears - d12/16/1749 at 19 yrs. - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS11112354 - Jonathan Sears - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

  •   JS1111236 - Joseph Sears b7/15/16985 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online) - d8/25/1765 at age 70 - (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mElesebath Paddock d6/11/1772 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112361 - (Isaac Sears d3/24/1759 at age 25 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112362 - Joseph Sears d8/6/1779 at age 72, Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mRuth Sears [JS11112321] - d3/27/1761 (Sears Cem; L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123621 - Isaac Sears d3/24/1759 at age 25 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123622 - Larned Sears d10/11/1760 at age 22 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123623 -Stephen Sears
  •   JS1111236231 - Levi Sears d12/5/1825 at age 54 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mJerusha Foster d4/10/1858 at age 106 - Sears Cem.; (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112362311 - Labon Sears d8/10/1819 at age 13 - Sears Cem. ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112362312 - Almira Sears d8/20/1863 at age 62 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112362313 - Jonathan Sears d7/18/1871 at age 73 - Sears Cem. (Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mSarah Crowell d7/16/1871 at age 71, Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112363 - Ruth Sears d3/27/1761 at age 46 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111237 - Joshua Nathaniel Sears b5/3/1697 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online) mMary ?
  •   JS11112371 - Nathaniel Sears d1/4/1724 at age 3 - Sears Cem ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111238 - Judah Sears b10/29/1699 Harwich,Barnstable,MA - dRochester,Plymouth,MA - m11/1731 Mary Paddock (Online)
  •   JS1111239 - John Sears b7/18/1701 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online)
  •   JS111123(10) - Seth Sears b5/27/1703 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online) - d3/5/1750 at age 48 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - d3/5/1750 in his 48th yr - mPriscilla Ryder d1/18/1743 at 36 years old - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123(10)1 - Priscilla Sears d4/12/1819 at age 89 - Sears Cem ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mDean John Sears (JS1111286) - was his second wife (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123(10)2 - Seth Sears d5/31/1733 at age 2 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123(10)3 - Rowland Sears d5/1/1750 at age 24 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123(10)31 - Thankful Sears d7/28/1793 at age 7 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123(10)31 - Rowland Sears
  •   JS111123(11) - Benjamin Heman Sears b6/16/1706 Harwich,Barnstable,MA (Online) - mLydia Ryder - d3/24/1734 at age 25 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mMarcy Snow d6/29/1736 at age 31. Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111123(11)1 - Heman Sears (Son of Benjamin & Lydia) d6/1729 at 3 months - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111124 - Lydia Sears b10/24/1666 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records) - mEleazer Hamblen (Online)
  •   JS111125 - Paul Sears, Jr. b6/15/1669 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d2/17/1740 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - Sears Cem. (Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m7/16/1693 Harwich,Barnstable,MA Marcy Freeman (Daughter of Thomas Freeman, SR., & Rebecca Sparrow) b10/30/1674 Harwich,MA - d8/30/1747 West Brewster,MA - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111251 - Ebenezer Sears b8/15/1694 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d East Hampton,Middlesex,CT - m5/26/172 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA Sarah Howes (Online)

JS1111252 - Paul Sears, III b12/21/1695 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d1771 Rochester,MA - m5/30/1721 Rochester,MA Chairty Whitredge (Online)

JS1111253 - Elizabeth Sears b8/27/1697 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d2/28/1728 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - m2/10/1725 MA Nathaniel Crosby - Elizabeth was 31 when she died.

JS1111254 - Thomas Sears b6/6/1699 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - dPlymouth,MA - m4/23/1752 Sandwich,Barnstable, MA 1Mehitabel Fish - m5/16/1734 Plymouth,Plymouth,MA 2Elizabeth Bartlett (Online)

JS1111255 - Rebecca Sears b4/2/1701 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d3/10/1791/90 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - m10/15/1719 Joseph Hall, Jr. (Online)

JS1111256 - Mercy Sears b2/7/1702 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d5/17/1780 New Marlboro,Berkshire,MA - m1/9/1724 Rochester,Plymouth,MA Joseph Blackmore (Online)

JS1111257 - Deborah Sears b3/11/1705 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d9/11/1781 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - m1723 Barnstable,MA Thomas Howes (Online)

JS1111258 - Ann Sears b12/27/1706 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Online)

JS1111259 - Joshua Sears b11/20/1708 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d9/27/1753 Middletown,Middlesex,CT - Burial: - m2/10/1731 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Rebecca Mayo (Online)

  •   JS11112591 - Rebecca Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112592 - Elkanah Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112593 - Joshua Sears b2/14/1735/36 Harwich,Barnstable,MA - Christening: 6/24/1739 - d Sadisfield,Berkshire,MA - Burial: - m11/28/1760 Tyringham,Berkshire,MA Sarah Blackmore b1744 Newburyport,Essex,,MA - d8/21/1824 Sandwich,Barnstable,MA (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125931 - Rhoda Sears b10/1/1761 Sadisfield,Berkshire,MA - d11/19/1761 - (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125932 - David Sears b10/2/1762 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125933 - Caleb Sears b11/4/1764 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - Died young (SearsFam.Assoc.) .
  •   JS111125934 - Joshua Sears b11/7/1766 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - Burial: (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259341 - Frederic Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259342 - Harvey Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125935 - Daniel Sears b2/2/1769 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - d5/30/1853 - Burial: - mEdy Bosworth (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259351 - Albert Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259352 - Sarah Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259353 - Marcus Aurelius Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259354 - Jason Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259355 - Mary Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259356 - Henry Morris Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125936 - Amos Sears b1/12/1771 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - d12/25/1861 - Burial: (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125937 - Sarah Sears b4/1/1774 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - Burial: (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125938 - Mary Sears b10/3/1776 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - Burial: (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS111125939 - Joseph Sears b1778 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - d9/8/1851 - Burial: - mLucy Smith - d10/4/1855 (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259391 - Daniel Sears b4/13/1801 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - Burial: - mM. Ross
  •   JS11112593911 - Joseph Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112593912 - Daniel Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259392 - Edy Sears b5/11/1804/Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - d5/1/1805 - Burial: (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259393 - Joshua Milton Sears b9/19/1808 Sandisfield,Berkshire,MA - Burial: - mCatharine Bosworth (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112593931 - Helen Marcia Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112593932 - Catharine Bosworth Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112593933 - Edmund Bacon Sears b (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS1111259394 - Edmund Hamilton Sears b4/6/1810 Sandisfield, Berkshire,MA - d1/16/1876 Weston,Middlesex,MA - Burial: - m11/7/1839 Barnstable,Barnstable,,MA Ellen Bacon (SearsFam.Assoc.)(Daughter of Ebenezer Bacon & Abigail Crocker) b4/11/1811 Barnstable,Barnstable,MA - d4/24/1899 Weston,MA - Edmund graduated from Union Collegein 1834, Schenectady,NY and Cambridge Theological School in 1837. He began preaching at Toledo, OH and served in Unitarian churches in Wayland, Lancaster, & Weston, MA. Edmund visited Europe in 1873 was was injured very badly by a tree falling in his orchard in 1874. His health hadnt been good. He didnt like personal display of any kind and as a preacher, writer, and man, he has left a memory of a saintly soul who had a sweet serenity of spirit in his whole demeanor. He was simple, modest, unassuming, and a beauty of holiness so pure and radiant. He helped edit the Monthly Religious Magazine.His works include: Regeneration (Boston,MA: Crosby, Nichols & Co., 1854); Pictures of the Olden Time, as showin the the Fortunes of a Family of Pilgrims, 1857; Athanasia, or Foregleams of Immortality, 1857; The Fourth Gospel, the Heart of Christ, 1872, & Sermons& Songs of the Christian Life, 1875. - Songs Edmund wrote: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear; Calm on the Listening Ear of Night, 1854. (Online)
  •   JS11112593941 - Katharine (Katy) Sears b2/25/1843 Lancaster,,MA - d1/12/1853 Wayland,,MA - Burial: - Died of Scarlet Fever. (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112593942 - Francis Bacon Sears b1/21/1849 Wayland,,MA - d7/1914 - Burial: - m1875, Boston,Weston,,MA Mary Elizabeth Sparhawk b1847 Boston,MA - d1923. (SearsFam.Assoc.) Vice-President of the National Shawmut Bank of Boston. Had a tin ear describing all music as an expensive form of noise.
  •   JS111125939421 - Katharine Sears b7/1876 Weston,MA - m1907 Henry Endicott
  •   JS111125939422 - Edmund Hamilton 2nd Sears b6/28/1878 Brighton,MA - d7/21/1946 - m1904 Leslie Buckingham - b7/3/1883 - d8/29/1911 - Harvard Univ. abt 1899, Junior Varsity Football, 2 yr Varsity Baseball. Edmund was very musical and overcoming his ill fitted piano hands, he learned to play very well. Both wives played reasonably well on violin and both of his sons played well on the piano, especially John. He was in shoe manufacturing at Brockton,MA, and later moved to textiles. Many years he was a Director of Wellington Sears Manufacturing .In a partnership with a Mr. Willett, they established the American Felt & Belting Co. of Boston. Among other products, they furnished felt for Mason& Hamler pianos which entailed furnishing the long hinge for the pianos. The same hinge was found useful on the hood of the Packard Motor Cars. The AF& B Co. flourished until a litigation came about.
  •   JS111125939423 - Francis Bacon Sears, Jr. b6/21/1882 Brighton,MA - d7/1943 - m1906 Marian Buckingham b6/17/1881 - d2/1943 - Harvard Univ. Directory 1910. Twenty years in dry goods and retired in 1924. He was Pres. of Waltham National Bank.
  •   JS11112593943 - Edmund Hamilton Sears b4/20/1852 - d1942 - Burial: - m6/1895 Helen Clark Swazey (SearsFam.Assoc.)(Daughter of George Washington Swazey, M.D.) - b1874 - Edmund attended Harvard Univ. and was an intructor of Latin & Greek at the Univ. of CA 1875-1883. Principal of the private school of Mary Institute of St. Louis. Author of several books:  (  Picture of Edmund Sears, Paul Sr., or Paul Jr.)
  •   JS11112593944 - Horace Scudder Sears b2/26/1855 ,,MA - d1923 - Burial: (SearsFam.Assoc.)
  •   JS11112594 - Betsy Sears b
  •   JS11112595 - Paul Sears b
  •   JS11112596 - Simeon Sears b
  •   JS11112597 - Thomas Sears b
  •   JS11112598 - Sarah Sears b
  •   JS11112599 - Hannah Sears b
  •   JS1111259a -Willard Sears b
  •   JS1111259b - Theophilus Sears b
  •   JS1111259c - Benjamin Sears b
  •   JS111125(10) - Daniel Sears b7/16/1710 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d11/28/1771 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m1/13/1736 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Mary Snow (Online) - d5/8/1790 at age 76 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(10)1 - Micajah Sears d2/1/1823 at age 85 - Burial: Sears Cem. (Sears Cem.,W.Brewster,Barnstable, CapeCod,MA) - mAnna Crowell d5/26/1785 at age 47 - Sears Cem. (Sears Cem.,W.Brewster, Barnstable,CapeCod,MA)
  •   JS111125(10)2 - Anna Sears - m?Crowell - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(10)3 - Daniel Sears d9/23/1776 at age 32 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mPriscilla Sears (Daughter of Sears) Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(10)31 - Keziah Sears d7/29/1787 at age 17 - Sears Cem. Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS111125(11) - Edmund Sears b8/6/1712 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d8/12/1796 West Brewster,Barnstable,MA - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m4/7/1743 Yarmouth,MA Hannah Crowell (Daughter of Sarah Matthews) - d6/22/1802 at 77 years. - Sears Cem.(L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Children of Edward & Hannah were: Edmund Sears, Elizabeth Sears, June Sears, Joshua Sears, Joshua Sears, Christopher Sears, Elkanah Sears, Mercy Sears, Temperance Sears, & Hannah Sears (Online) Edmunds tombstone reads: Remember me as you pass by, For as you are so once was I, And as I am now so you must be, Therefore prepare to follow me.

  •   JS111125(11)1 - Elkanah Sears d6/1/1836 at age 78 - Sears Cem.(L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mMercy Bray d7/9/1846 at age 83 - Sears Cem. (Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Mercy: Farewell my friends and children dear O Tombstone Epitaph of may you all live in Gods fear My Savior calls my soul away To brighter realms in endless day. - Epitaph of Elkanah: Farewell my wife & children dear I leave you all below O may you serve the Lord while here That home to glory you may go.
  •   JS111125(11)11 - William C. Sears d12/19/1904 at age 66 - Sears Cem (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(11)12 - Elkanah Sears, Jr. d1/20/1876 at age 75 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m1Clarissa Hall d4/11/1835 at age 32 Burial: Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m2Sallie Berry d3/18/1889 at age 87 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Tombstone Epitaph of Sallie: There is rest for the weary - Epitaph of Elkanah: An affectionate husband And a kind Father
  •   JS111125(11)13 - Susan Sears d6/2/1857 at age 63 - Burial: Sears Cem. (Sears Cem.,W.Brewster, Barnstable,CapeCod,MA) - Tombstone Epitaph of Susan: When Christ reveals his word, O may I read my name, Among the chosen of his love, The follower of the lamb.
  •   JS111125(11)14 - Thomas Sears d11/28/1891 at age 92, Sears Cem. ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mAzubah Crowell d1/4/1867 at age 66, Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Tombstone Epitaph of Azubah: Mother thou are gone to rest We will not weep for thee For thou art now where oft on earth Thy spirit longed to be - Epitaph of Thomas: Wafted on angel wings He has gone to the bosom of his heavenly father
  •   JS111125(11)2 - Edmund Sears d3/16/1832 at age 88, Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m Hannah Taylor d7/8/1828 at age 76 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(11)22 - Mary Sears d5/15/1785 at age 9 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(11)3 - Mercy Sears d1/27/1849 at age 89 (never married) - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(11)4 - Joshua Sears d3/31/1825 at age 73 - Sears Cem. ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) mSarah Sears d1/15/1792 at age 33 - Sears Cem. ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(11)41 - Betsey Sears d10/5/1787 at age 8 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111125(11)42 - Reuben Sears d6/2/1829 at age 28 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS111125(12) - Hannah Sears b3/6/1714 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d11/9/1739 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - m7/4/1734 Thomas Howes (Online)

JS111126 - Mary or Margery Sears Marys line goes back to Henry III of England) b10/24/1672 Yarmouth,Barnstable,Cape Cod,MA - d11/7/1775 Eastham,Barnstable,MA (Files of Dawn Kurth) - m12/28/1693 Eastham,MA JK112 -Col. John B. Knowles, Jr. (EB(14)2) b7/10/1673 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - d11/3/1757 Eastham,Barnstable,MA - Burial: Cove Burying Ground (Rootsweb Files) After Marys death, John married on 5/6/1746 to Mrs. Rebecca Chauncy bEastham, MA (Ancestral Records)

  •   JS111127 - Ann Sears b3/27/1675 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records) - d11/14/1745 Truro,MA - m1/28/1703 John Merrick (Online)
  •   JS111129 - Richard Sears b1680 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records) - d5/24/1718 Chatham,MA m5/15/1706 Hope Howes (Online) Purchased land in Manamoy, now Chatham. On March 30, 1708 the inhabitants gave Richard Sears leave to fence across the highway in two places, said Sears to make and maintain convenient gates on the highways, for those who wish to pass.He was on the grand jury; chosen Town Treasurer in 1713; Constable in 1714 and 1715; and Selectman in 1717 in 1710 (Ibid.). He estate was settled and Daniel Sears and Hope Sears administered the discharging. Hope Rich, formerly widow of the deceased was allowed lbs70 6 2, being her full part of the movable estate, and right of dower;Thankful Sears lbs70 6 3; Hannah Sears the other third part of the personal estate; Paul, the eldest son, one-third of real estate, his guardian to pay Hannah, lbs38 10 0. Daniel Sears of Chatham was appointed guardian of Samuel age 10; Thankful age 17, and Hannah; and John Rich of Eastham, guardian to Paul, age 13 on 19 Sep 1723 (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears.)
  •   JS111128 - John Sears b1677 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d4/9/1739 West Brewster,Barnstable,MA - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m6/1/1704 Eastham,Barnstable,MA Priscilla Freeman (Daughter of Samuel Freeman & Elizabeth Sparrow) (Online) - d5/8/1764 at age 78 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - John was chosen Surveyor 1714, 1718; chosen juror in 1712; fence viewer in 1720; Selectman in 1734-35. Was appointed one of the committee to receive from towns treasury, the towns portion of 50,000lbs on 7 Mar 1721. Military chosen Ensign of the militia; Lieutenant in 1726; Captain in 1736. Made a will on 4/1/1738; Called himself Yeomanbut in inventory referred to as Gentleman”; names wife Priscilla; sons Elisha, John, Willard, and Nathaniel; daughters Mary Paddock, Priscilla Howes, and Betty Sears. (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears.)
  •   JS1111281 -Elisha Sears d3/7/1790 at age 84, Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mSarah Vincent d4/12/1783 at age 75 - Burial: Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112811 - Constant Sears d6/27/1768 at age 19 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112812 - Enoch Sears d3/9/1767 at age 21 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112813 - Bethiah Sears d9/8/1736 at age 9 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112814 - Samuel Sears d3/18/1792 at age 56 - Burial: Sears Cem. (Sears Cem., W.Brewster, Barnstable,CapeCod,MA; (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) )
  •   JS11112815 - Elisha Sears d12/5/1822 at age 81 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mThankful Snow d12/10/1811 at age 44 - Burial: Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111128151 - Elisha Sears d12/14/1838 at age 42 - Burial: Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Tombstone Epitaph of Elisha: He livd a pleasant life, And did a peaceful death; His happy souls at rest, And numberd with the blest.
  •   JS1111281511 - Daughter Sears d5/12/1839 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111281512 - Keziah Sears d3/17/1833 at age 74 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111128152 - Constant Sears - Sears Cem. (Sears Cem. Records, W.Brewster, Barnstable, CapeCod, MA) No Stone.
  •   JS11112816 -John Sears d8/24/1812 at age 68 - Sears Cem. ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mKeziah Howes d9/4/1827 at age 57 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112817 - Mehitable Sears d5/19/1798 at age 48 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) Tombstone Epitaph of Mehitable: The time has come I cannot stay To sleep in dust & lye in clay Come my friends remember me In a short time you here will be. - Epitaph of John: Friends and Physicians cannot save The mortal body from the grave Nor can the grave conjure it here When Christ commands it to appear. - Epitaph of Keziah: Christ my redeemer lives, And often from the skies Looks down and watchs my dust Till he shall bid it rise
  •   JS11112818 - Noah Sears d9/23/1835 at age 85 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mDesire Merrill d9/1/1828 at age 62 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111128181 - Sarah Sears d6/23/1834 at age 29 - Sears Cem. (Sears Cem. Records, W.Brewster, Barnstable,CapeCod,MA; L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Tombstone Epitaph of Sarah: How sweet she sleeps in Christ her King, In life she gave her love And Death to her had lost its sting Her spirits soar above
  •   JS111128182 - Noah Sears d8/25/1828 at age 21 - Burial: Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111282 -Betty Sears d9/1755 at age 36 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) mJohn Webb (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111283 - Bithia Sears - d9/8/1736 at 9yrs10mo24d - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111284 - Bathsheba Sears - d4/19/1735 at 24 years of age - Sears Cem. ((L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111285 - Heman Sears - d8/1/1726 at age of 1yr7mo4d - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111286 - Dean John Sears - d12/5/1791 at age 79 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m1Deborah Crowell d9/18/1753 at age 34, Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m2Priscilla SearsJS111123(10)1 - (Daughter of Seth Sears) - d4/12/1819 at age 89 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112861 - Priscilla Sears - d - (Online)
  •   JS11112862 - John Sears - d6/9/1817 at age 72 - Was the Inventor of Salt Works - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112863 - Seth Sears (son of Seth & Priscilla) (JS111123(10)2) d5/31/1733 at age 2 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112863 - Seth Sears - d3/5/1806 at age 39- Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m1Hipzabah Hall d6/9/1793 at age 22 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m2Sally Hurd d9/29/1812 at age 40 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Tombstone Epitaph of Seth: With love divine & puer delight On faiths Celestial wing With Sweet repose he took in flight For death had lost its sting - Epitaph of Sally: Life is uncertain death is sure Sin is a word but Christ he cures
  •   JS111128631 - Seth Sears (son of Seth & Sally) - d3/11/1808 at age 8 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112864 - Bethia Sears - d11/10/1812 at age 81 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - mEdward Sears - Sears Cem., (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111128641 - Vienna Sears - b5/28/1799 (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - d6/27/1880 at age 82 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111128642 Samuel Sears - d1/29/1855 at age 63 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS111128643 - John Sears - - mHannah ? d1/15/1835 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111286431 - Maria Sears - d3/1/1823 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111286432 - Tamsen Sears - d8/20/1828 at 14 mos,11ds - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111286433 - Bethiah Sears - d8/15/1830 at 4 mos - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Epitaph of the three girls: They were taken from their world of sorrow to reign with Christ (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111286434 - Mercy Sears - (Online)
  •   JS111128644 - Susanna Sears - d2/8/1800 at age 2 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS1111287 - Willard Sears - d8/19/1765 at age 51 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m1Susanna Howes - d4/9/1763 at age 42 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - m2Margery Homer d8/1/1795 at age 60 - Sears Cem. (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992) - Margery later married Benjamin Higgins.
  •   (Tombstone; Margery Higgins)
  •   JS11112871 - Edward Sears - d9/14/1907 at age 61 - Sears Cem., no stone? (L. Ray Sears, III, c1992)
  •   JS11112872 -Reuben Sears - mRhoda Mayo d4/16/1784 at age 28 - Sears Cem. Ray Sears, III, c1992)

JS11112(10) - Daniel Sears b1682 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d8/10/1756 Chatham,Barnstable,MA (Ancestral Records) m2/12/1708 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA Sarah Howes (Online) Purchased land in Manamoy, now Chatham. Elected town clerk and served through 1721; Selectman from 1719-1730. chosen Ensign of the militia in 1722 and later Captain in 1714. Will on 1/20/1753 proved July 27, 1756 by Daniel Sears executor; menyions Daniel, Rebecca, Sarah, Mercy, and Deborah. Paul Sears, James Covel and Wm Nickerson appraised the estate September 14, 1756. (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears)

  •   JS11113 - Deborah Sears b9/1639 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d8/17/1732 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - mZachariah (Zachary) Paddock b3/20/1636/37 Plymouth,Plymouth,MA - d5/1/1727 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA at age 91 - Children of Deborah & Zachary were: Nathaniel Paddock (Paddack) & Zachariah Paddock. (Online)
  •   JS11114 - Silas Sears b1/13/1697/98 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d6/13/1697 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - mAnna Bursell (Daughter of James & Emott Bursell) d3/4/1725/26 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA (Online)
  •   Silas lived lived in the part of Yarmouth known as East Precinct, now East Dennis. Ensign, Oct. 28, 1681; Lieutenant July 7, 1682; Representive to the General Court at Plymouth, 1685-91; Selectman, 1680-94; Juryman, 1680-82 between 1681 and 1694 at Yarmouth, MA. He was made freeman on 6 Jun 1682. Silace Sears and others fined 20 for not appearing and attending at Court, or disorderly departing therfrom;fines later remitted, it being his first offense on 25 Dec 1689. His estate May ye 15th, 1698, by Barnabas Lothrop, Judge of Probate and granting administration
    in ye county of Barnstable, a settlement of ye Estate of Liut. Silas Sears late of Yarmouth deceased Intestate: and divided as hereafter exprest. (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears)
  •   JS111141 - Silas Sears b1661 Yarmouth,MA - m1692 1Sarah Crosby (Daughter of Thomas Crosby) - m2Elizabeth Killey (Daughter of David Killey) (Online) He lived; resided in the East precinct of Yarmouth, now Dennis. He left a will on 28 Jul 1727 (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears.) Silas & Sarah had several children. Silas & Elizabeth had no children. (Online)
  •   JS111142 - Richard Sears b1665 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - m10/21/1696 Plymouth,Plymouth,MA 1Bashua Harlow (Daughter of William Harlow & Mary Shelley) - m Lyme,CT 2Sarah (Graham) Marvin (Online) He lived in 1697; bought land in Plymouth, of Samuel Lucas, he sold it in 1699 to Eleazor Rogers, buying of him part of the Elder Brewster lot, which he sold in 1708 to Jonathan Barnes. (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears) Richard & Bashua had several children, Richard & Sarah had no children.
  •   JS111143 - Hannah Sears b12/1672 Eastham,MA - mThomas Snow (Online)
  •   JS111144 - Joseph Sears b1675 Yarmouth,MA - d5/7/1750 North Dennis,MA- Burial: Dennis Village Cem. - m9/19/1700 Hannah Hall (Online) - d7/8/1731 - Burial: Dennis Village Cem. -He left a will on 9 Dec 1746; names wife Hannah; sons Zachariah, Joseph, Peter if still alive”, and Rowland; daughters of son Stephen, deceased; Stephen, Hannah and Mary, children of Barnabas, deceased; also son Silas, and daughters Priscilla Gorham, Hannah Blackmore, Bethia Howes, and Thankful Taylor. (Samuel P. May, Descendants of Richard Sears)
  •   JS111145 - Josiah Sears b1675 Yarmouth,Barnstable,MA - d1727 Provincetown,MA - m4/3/1702 yarmouth,Barnstable,MA Mercy Howes(Online) - m8/18/1720 Judith Gilbert (Online)
  •   JS111146 - Elizabeth Sears - m11/22/1705 Yarmouth,MA John Cooke (Online)
  •   JS111147 - Dorothy Sears b1687 Yarmouth,MA - m2/8/1715/16 Yarmouth,MA James Staples (Online)


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