Karolyn Roberts Genealogy

by Karolyn Rae Roberts


Karolyn's Family Tree Ancestors Listed of Each Branch


MANSSON: - MATTS ANDERSON & AGDA TORSTENSON, HAKEN OLUFSON STUBS & PERNILLA NILSDOTTER, Oluf Matson & Bolla Hakanson, Ingemar Nilson & Anna Olson, Matts Olson & Hanna Ingem,arson, MÃns Mattsson & Bengta Ingemars, Sven Lindgren & Maria Justina Zimmerdal, Matts Mansson & Kristina (Kersti [Kjersti]) Lindgren (Sweden), Ake Mattsson & Maria Svensdotter, Swen (Sven) Nelson (Nilsson) & Carrie (Karna) Mathison (Mattsdotter), Mary (Maria) Swanson (Svensdotter)& James Johnson (JÃnsson), Nels Olaf (Nils Olof) (Svensson) Swanson & Charlotta Anderson, John (Johan) Magnus Swanson (Svensson) & Hulda Olson, Elna Swanson (Svensdotter)& Peter Johnson (JÃnsson), Peter C. (Petter) Swanson (Svensson) & Anna Christina Hanson, Charles James (Carl Gustaf) Swanson (Svensson) & Charsty (Karsta) Nelson (Nilsson), Andrew G. (Anders) Swanson (Svensson) & Botilda (Tilda) Larson (Larsen), August Swanson (Svensson)& Anna Cecelia Johnson (Jansson)

JOHNSON:  -   Descendants of JAMES (Jim) JOHNSON (JÃns JÃnsson), Peter Johnson (Per JÃnsson, Elna Maria Swanson (Svensdotter), Swen Johnson (Sven JÃnsson), Nellie Peterson, James Johnson (JÃns JÃnsson), Anna Cecelia Johnson (JÃnsson), August Swanson (Svenson), Fred Johnson (JÃnsson), & Peter Johnson (JÃnsson)

OLSON/OLOFSSON:- Descendants of MÃNS MATTSSON, Mats Olson & Hanna Ingemarson, Ingemar Nilson & Anna Olson, Nils Olofson Olson & Tora Nilaon Olofson

KNUTSSON:- Paternal Descendants and Ancestors of HULDA (OLSON) SWANSON, Olof Andersson, Anna Andersdotter, Anders Olsson & Marit Gunnersotter, Olof Olsson& Kerstin Andersdotter, Jon Knutsson& Barbro Andersdotter, Olof Jonsson.

HULDA OLSON Kin:- Maternal Ancestors of HULDA (OLSON) SWANSON, Anna Andersdotter& Olof Andersson, Anders Andersson & Karin Halvardsdotter, Anders Tohlsson & Gunilla Jakosdotter, Thol Halvardsson & Kerstin Rasmusdotter, Halvard Bryntsson & Sgri Tohlsdotter.

YODER:- Descendants of HANS YODER of Great Swamp (Complete Hans Yoder Descendants, see online Yoder Newsletter)

LEHMAN:- Descendants of Bishop HANS LEHMAN & ANNA HEGE, Bishop Daniel Lehman& Maria Newcomer, Esther Lehman & David Hoover, Magdalena Hoover & John H Yoder, & Samuel Yoder

VINING: -  Descendants of ROBERT VINING, John Vining, Samuel Vining, I & Sarah Devril, Samuel Vining, II & Mary Polly Gleason, Johnathon Vining & Rosanna Carter, Samuel Vining & Polly Miller, Minor Simeon Vining & Rebecca Catharine Stooksberry, & Susianna Vinning & Noah Yoder


Yoder Family Archives Shawano Co., WI Genealogy


BOOK: MOM CHOSE LIFE:   True story with the intent of helping others and give encouragement in similar situations.


John Wesley (Rare Book) JOHN WESLEY, A Study for The Times. PREFACE, 1891. The little book now offered to the public is not a Life of Wesley; much less is it a history of the great revival, of which, for more than half a century, he was the central figure. It is to certain features only of the great man's work and character that the author would direct attention.



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